BBC Interview: “News about Fukushima… keeps getting worse” — Japan Professor: “Rash of disease” in Fukushima children, rate of cancer in thyroid up to “dozens of times higher than usual” — Expert: Forcible radiation exposure by gov’t (AUDIO)

Published: January 1st, 2014 at 8:50 pm ET


Professor Hiroaki Koide, Kyoto University Reactor Research Institute, Apr. 24, 2013: […] the Sendai High Court […] acknowledges a danger of low-level radiation exposure, it says no immediate risk on health.  In addition, it concludes the only solution is to evacuate or relocate; changing schools is not enough to avoid radiation exposure over 1mSv/y. Yes, that point of the conclusion is absolutely right.  In order to avoid radiation exposure over 1mSv/y, there’s no other way to evacuate from contaminated areas including Koriyama city.  The government has responsibility to do so, and I’ve been insisting so. In spite of that, the judgment dismisses a claim of plaintiffs saying they may be able to evacuate or relocate anywhere if they want safer environment below 1mSv/y. The problem is clear that the government is responsible for this forcible radiation exposure toward children; people in contaminated areas are not responsible for.  The Court which cannot recognize this point is very much like a slave of nation.

Yoshihiro Kaneda, Dec. 27, 2013: Cancer Rate in Fukushima Children — Recently, Ministry of the Environment in Japan and the Fukushima prefecture had the experts’ meeting. In the meeting, [epidemiology] Professor Toshihide Tsuda, Okayama University, said “An incident rate of thyroid cancer on children in Fukushima are from several times to dozens times higher than usual. This is a rash of disease. There is a possibility to increase more in future and we need a countermeasure.” […]

BBC’s Newsday interviews Mari Saito of Reuters, Jan. 1, 2014 (at 3:30 in): There’s a level of apathy in the Japanese public, I think, towards news about Fukushima because it just keeps getting worse.

Listen to the interview with Saito here

Published: January 1st, 2014 at 8:50 pm ET


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190 comments to BBC Interview: “News about Fukushima… keeps getting worse” — Japan Professor: “Rash of disease” in Fukushima children, rate of cancer in thyroid up to “dozens of times higher than usual” — Expert: Forcible radiation exposure by gov’t (AUDIO)

  • lickerface lickerface 1mSv/y is magical. Fools.

    • We Not They Finally

      The most undereducated idiot knows that A) the so-called "safe limit" was long since raised to TWENTY millisieverts per year, even for children; and B) it is WAY past that on a regular basis.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        We Not They Finally, I only wish the most undereducated knew the "safe" radiation limit was raised to 20mSv per year, even for children. & also that they knew radiation levels are much higher than that (as they average out), often & in many locales.

        'Don't know if I could go so far as to call the ignorant, idiots. I speak as someone who was an "uneducated idiot" by the standards above, until the tsunami hit the coast of Japan in 2011. Then I started to listen up. There is still hope for the ignorant.

        Think of all the ignorant people who (as I was) are not educated about nuclear energy because the truth was hidden for so long. Think of all the propoganda put out there to make ignorant people think there was no reason to question.

        Sometimes humans become complacent for awhile. It happens for various reasons.

        Some don't want to know; many just haven't been told. I'd heard a few stories here and there saying Chernobyl was bad. But until I'd heard a report about D.U. being used in Iraq, in 2005, I had no reason to question the "official" nuclear line (i.e., denial). I didn't even know what the Hanford plant was until about five years ago. of truth for the ignorant (but I maintain innocent) if we don't speak truth to their lack of knowledge?

        That doesn't mean we can't wake up. And atone for our missteps.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          WNTF, I'd never even heard of "peaceful nuclear energy" in Japan until 2011, even though I'd taken Univ. level International Business classes. And worked for a company doing business in Japan. And not even though I'd also studied U.S.-Japan relations. I guess it's a "boots on the ground" kind of knowledge you gain, unless you know a lot about Japan, or you have military or engineering experience (with Japan). It just isn't obvious.

          If you don't live near a nuclear plant, it's not something you hear about often, or think about. It just isn't discussed. May sound strange, but that was my experience. There is just a void where the space with that information in it should exist in one's world (the "modern" one).

          I lived in and near Eureka, California, for 14 years. The plant was being dismantled when I moved there. Hot spent fuel rods remain there until 2015.

          But I'm getting OT. Now the BBC is being told the disease rates and thyroid rates are skyrocketing. 'Wonder how many out there will be surprised?

          Well, WNTF, there HAS been a lot of MSM reporting on Fukushima and Japan. But there are so many limited hangouts & minimalizations it's little wonder some still slumber.

          It's amazing how blase people up there were about the nuke plant.

          Who will be the voice of truth, and who will wake up the ones living in darkness and ignorance? Will we be bold enough, kind enough to do it?

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            WNTF, the post above is truncated. The 3rd to last paragraph is supposed to be at the end.

            Good night, all. Live long and prosper.

    • socref

      1 mSv/yr is 100 mrem/year and 5x less than background radiation.

      • harengus_acidophilus

        So what?

        "and 5x less than background radiation"
        But it adds up!

        You have to realise the addition of artificial and
        natural radiation, there is no use to compare them.

        You have to look at (ar+nr) and your
        suggestion to look at (nr/ar) is deception!


      • Gradius

        The adding up 24/7/365 is just 100 billion times worse than the natural one. YES. 100 billion TIMES! The weak radiaction is much more worse than a high done in seconds.

        • Gradius

          I mean DOSE.

          • Ontological Ontological

            The "flash bulb" physics farce these "experts" expect us to believe makes me mad as hell too. This aint no flippin' x ray machine. Radiation treatment source, or nuclear bomb test that was over in seconds/minutes. Yes there was an immediate release, and yes that dose, is bad enough. The problem most are hoping we don't notice, is this exposure is direct and ongoing. How many freekin' "Hiroshima bombs has Fukushima equaled per day now since the Ides of March 2011?

            I was out back tending to my rosemary bushes, bird feeders, etc. last night, I heard the alarm inside on the dosimeter go off, and smelled what was like metal being welded in the air. I am a bit stunned today, & feel like I do after we just flew back from California. My wife said, "It said 38 on the thingy display, and the waves looked like Monument Valley, and a really long mesa" her quote, inside the house. That translates to solid 30 to 40 seconds of 1050 cpm beta, inside. Were 4000 feet up on the East side of the Spring Mt range S Nevada. Those wave form patterns are not so good either. Outside this burst was mainly just like the peak of a 1 hour flight at 29000 feet. Ugh, it's no wonder they keep shutting off the RADNET.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Socref, background radiation as of when? At what level? And where?

    • Gradius

      ALL those childrens are DEAD. No question about it.

      100,000 dead children is just a bad joke. The real number will be million or more.

  • norbu norbu

    The disease is called Nuclear Power.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Exactly if you live near a nuclear facility chances are you are getting exposed to levels of 1 millisieverts per year as levels are consistently high at least where I reside on the east coast. Of course it's not as severe as places in Japan but it is certainly higher and not ideal. Once again we must acquire new methods of dealing with the radioactive storm facing all species. JMHO

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Quote: "There’s a level of apathy in the Japanese public, I think, towards news about Fukushima because it just keeps getting worse."

    They are all dying from radiation poison and they have PTSD from 3-11-11, maybe this is the reason for the apathy?

    All nuke activity must stop.

    • elenews

      Well, the Japanese do have a concept of 'it can't be helped'. As a student of Japanese for a couple years I did learn that. It can be a useful concept and one that we don't have at all. Not that I would preach defeatism, although that is how it sounds to Americans. I still want to fight fight fight for an answer and will always look, but I do realize at some basic level that this mess has been studied by many of the best. I have the feeling that every solution they can conceive of is unworkable. Put yourself through a mental list of what has been tried and suggested and why it would actually make matters worse. The soil crumbles. A barge sucking the water onboard would just become contaminated then where do you store that water?? Sideways frack drilling etc etc. three core meltdowns on a crumby coast on a major faulting with continual aftershocks.

      I am not too sure this can be helped at all. In fact, I think it is an ELE, full stop.

      • Shaker1

        Interesting concept for which I know you've little time to answer and discussion may not be appropriate for this thread, but the contribution to thought is personally appreciated.

        It is too bad that such a concept isn't applied proactively as part of the thought process that leads to such things as nuke plants. When one mates such concept with 'worst-case scenario' and 'beyond design-basis event' those euphemisms and their visions don't seem so easily bandied about, and makes building the plants seem that, despite the possession of candles and a good supply of matches, one chooses to wander in the dark.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I'm not sure it's apathy more like a lack of having the ability or means to relocate, simply stated

  • We Not They Finally

    The first guy quoted is insanely cracked in the head or has no working concept of reality. He thinks those people are within one millisievert a year of exposure? What universe does he living in? And he's calling himself a Professor?

    And a COURT has dismissed a claim granting plaintiffs the right to evacuate or re-locate? Because the concern is ONE (f-ing) millisievert a year?

    Shut down Japan! Have them put into international receivership! We no longer CARE whether they are psychopathic criminals or simply morons.

    • OldFool

      If you are referring to Professor Hiroaki Koide, then the English translation has perhaps made you misunderstand him. He is talking about the idiotic court decision and its idiotic assumptions. Based on the totality of what he has said over the last three years, he is probably one of the five most intelligent people in Japan. He wanted 10 million Japanese evacuated according to Japanese law. He more than anyone else in the world is fully 100% aware of all the consequences that are going to happen. His skeptical attitude to nuclear safety assertions is what has kept him at the lowly associate professor level for decades. He never sold out. He is one of the few people in the world who truly deserves total respect.

      • nedlifromvermont

        Thank you for the clarification you Old (not so) Fool!!!

        keep keeping us on track … there's a Troll afoot ….

        peace dudes …

    • mairs mairs

      He didn't say "within" 1mSv/y, he said "over" 1mSv/y.

      • socref

        thats what disturbs me. 1 mSv/yr is only 100 mrem. I dont know someone makes an adverse health case over 1/5th normal background levels.

        • dosdos dosdos

          Background radiation levels where? Here in eastern Texas, background is below 10 mrem/yr. There are lots of places where the background radiation is higher, and it is known to shorten lifespan. Also, the source of radiation for background matters a great deal. If it's fissionable products and fuel, it's more considerably more dangerous to the human body. You can't just hold up numbers without some qualification and expect an argument to hold water.

          • nedlifromvermont

            You can if you are pro-nuker Troll … they are magical …

            no need to hold water if you're pro-nuke, you are through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole, and up to your arse in lies and falsehoods …

            and responsible for Global Extermination aka GE …

            pun intended

    • micky thered micky thered

      I think China is getting ready to intervene. be interesting to see how the MSM spin it and what the official American response will be.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      You seem very angry today.

  • Radiation Spiking in Kauai

    450% increase in serious shark attacks in Hawaii since 2011

    How many dozens of pieces of information do we need, before a stalwart army of international proportion can go and properly attack Fukushima, like Chernobyl was attacked with an army of 500,000

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    until we safely remove all nuclear plants.

    • socref

      Im afraid nuclear will continue into the future. There is no putting the genie back in the bottle for all but the most Green Party countries.

      • nedlifromvermont

        this is defeatist; and it is a line the Global Exterminating Company, which we used to know as General Electric Company, wants us to buy … "It's too late to stop this nuclear train …"


        Shut them all down now. It is not necessary to have nuclear power now.

        It was never necessary to power the free world or the communist totalitarian countries in Asia.

        It was a lie from the beginning. A LIE so horrendous, it makes the Nazi follies in Hitler's Germany look tame.

        And I know that is over the top. But it is on point.

        Hitler never intended to wipe out all life forms on planet Earth.

        This is where GE and their nuclear power allies are taking us.

        Peace … if you want it.

        • flatsville

          You may want to keep your eye on the effort to promote SMRs…the newest reator "fashion" trend…smaller, easier to finance, seemingly less "dangerous." A lobbying briefing for the upcoming legislative effort tells me this is where the industry will push. If Max Baucus gets his way reconfiguring Fed PTCs, it will be a certainty.

          Shutting them down is one thing. Keeping new ones from being built another.

        • Ontological Ontological

          Never needed 'em in the first place. @Nedlifromvermont. I used to live yup there in Vermont. When Vt Yankee first reared its ugly head, they destroyed vast forest/farm land for 1400 miles to construct a huge power line to provide James Bay with power. Oh wait the lines are power back up going TO the NPP FROM James Bay…oh Plutonium for the future. Let it sit there 100 years and then convert/purify the seasoned rods into PU 239. A few unmentionable Vermont politicians got involved with the wrong FEDS, over that power line and well disappeared, were poisoned, or became "hunting" accidents, while GE, who at the time practically owned the State's air force, and army due to Vermont hosted jet engine testing and the "burp gun" Vulcan aircraft weapons used in Vietnam; swindled New England into these murder machines. Farmers in Vermont when they encounter a new "bump" in the corn field where last year there wasn't one; just keep on with plowing their field, and do not stop to ask questions. Now Vermont's waterways, groundwater systems etc. near Vernon are T20(Di Tritium Oxide), the river fish aglow with Strontium 90 also. This shining example of disorder Vermont wound up with is a Mark One reactor, just like the ones in the FUKU FU.

          • nedlifromvermont

            great reply Onto! We miss you up here. You've nailed GE again … our "National Champion" 'Mengele Inc.' … Global Exterminators, Co.

            Hope you are well … things that go bump in the night …

      • Gradius

        Future? WHAT FUTURE?!

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      The failure of mankind…

      cascading effects worsen.

      Just watched "On Fuckoosheema Beach," and had an awful realization. Here we are at 2013 and some may ask why there was all the hype about the world ending in 2012…

      Now, the US learned a valuable lesson at Fukushima. An ally was injured, we went to their aid. Lied to and supposedly "unaware" of the radiation that the USS Reagan experienced. Our Ally lied, our soldiers died.

      In the face of really major catastrophe, what nation will risk coming into a country that has possibly had nuclear plant damage?
      All this "United Nations" talk seems to be quite empty. In the future, a wounded nuclear nation will be treated as a rabid dog, and left to die. Most likely. Woe.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        "our soldiers died." Speaking as a future historian. They are quite aware of their situation, and I wish the exposed sailors who are suing Tepco the best health. But…

        This is not a movie. This is real life and death.

        Nuclear nation is to be a real pariah in a major earthquake. Like the New Madrid in the heart of the United States. Who will come running from overseas to help us??

        Nuke plants busted all to hell, who will come? Who? Who will come? No one will come.

        • Cisco Cisco

          unincredulous…Yep, they won't come because the industry and our government will tell us not to worry, they have the situation under control. Maybe some minor suggestions like they gave those poor people downwind of the above ground tests in UT and AZ. "Close all windows and doors, stay inside until the danger has passed; and, we'll let you know when that is."

          Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Move along folks, nothing here for you to see.

        • eyefidelity

          Of course, during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill we were offered foreign assistance; it was turned down. Japan has weapons production facilities which MUST be kept secret. What a tangled web they've woven….

          • Cisco Cisco

            eyefidelity…It's the biggest story in the history of mankind, and the GP knows virtually nothing. How convenient for the psychopaths that brought you this ELE!

  • Ontological Ontological

    I feel like the victim prisoner, locked away by mistake, and the guard is eyeing me like candy.

    Lies bullshit, and deceit. Another year of this will KILL the earth and all life on her!

  • westpac99


    • WavyGravy unobtanium

      Please keep posting in all caps because your message is more important than anyone else's.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is just 'open containment'..
    This is being a prisoner…

    Torture -The Guantanamo Guidebook
    Aug 28 2012

  • westpac99

    when is there going to be a concentrated effort to turn things around at least letting experts in the field of nuclear diseaster mitigation as well as stoping any new nuke plants and decommissioning existing ones worldwide?

    • Mark Wonclunker

      Never, because the cover-up will go on to the end.

    • bf9 Fitz

      It hit me today that even if we hypothetically entombed fukushima forever permantely, same with all other nuke plants right this minute….there's likely been enough radiation released to collapse the world's biosphere as it is as of today. Hot particles radiate any other particles it contacts, and keeps going for thousands of years in a chain reaction of sorts with diminishing intensity each step. We've likely all inhaled at least a hundred lethal doses of plutonium, cesium, americium…etc. Soon to be worldwide if not already. Might as well focus on making our deaths as painless as possible.

    • socref

      People who are experts in radiation mitigation are usually called shills. So no matter what they say, people wont believe them.

      • Go Flying

        So are you an expert in radiation mitigation socref? You speak like you believe you are.

        Credentials please or gtfo.

      • m a x l i

        @socref, I think you are confusing radiation mitigation with information mitigation.

      • nedlifromvermont

        yeah … "radiation mitigation" … a useful concept for a pro-nuclear troll …

        You want to mitigate your exposure to UV radiation: Get out of the sun.

        You want to mitigate your exposure to radiation from man-made, poisonous radionuclides: Evacuate the Earth, stop breathing, don't drink the water, and eat no food.

        This would be "Progress" General Electric style!

        piss off … peace

      • bo bo

        Shills have returned from their xmas break, it seems. They are popping up all over enenews again.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    If all the nuke plants are shutdown worldwide, what is the income or investment loss for everyone invested. If it takes another stupid ass bailout, I would rather go ahead and do it. Just give them all our money.

    This is obviously a stick up, heist, robbery, kidnapping, whatever you call it.

    Better yet, take all the trillions the bankers got and just hand it over. Ever see one those movies where the successful robbers get jacked? History repeats itself.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      "Ever see one those movies where the successful robbers get jacked?

      Do you mean like "Assault on wallstreet " ?

    • The Feds just print money whenever they want.. out of thin air.

      They just don't know what to do over there.

      Give them a TRILLION, and the mob would just waste it.

      The UN is supposed to represent the world, but it has been taken over by corporations, and WHO, has totally sold out to IAEA, which is a marketing organization for the nuclear industry, nothing more.

      So how do we get a solution out that Gordian knot?

      Easy; get rid of all of it. Start over, with citizen councils, no corporations allowed.

      Focus on what works for seven future generations, without causing harm.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Jeeze…if the story of Fukushima Daiichi was a screenplay/movie (prior to 3/11), it would be dismissed as illogical, ridiculous, and unbelievable as to how governments, industry, the UN and other NGO's, and the media conspired to hide and not act on a probable tipping point, leading to a 15 to 50 year biosphere and disease extinction.

    If the writers were educated and professional, I say they couldn't make up a clusterfu#k as outrageous as this. Few people would believe their governments and the nuclear industry could be so reckless, corrupt and inhumane. There in, lies the problem.

    Corrupt data and concealment, working cooperatively with a purchased MSM, the emphasis has always been on PR versus human safety and protection. Unfortunately for us, the wake up call about our biological extinction, comes too late.

    The MOU's have screwed us all, but they will not escape what they have sown. FMFU!

    • bf9 Fitz

      Sir, you are correct. The movie would be laughed at. Unless we fix all these problems it would appear as there is no way out of this. I don't even think it is fixable…those that have the power to allow a remedy would rather die themselves than let it happen. My last question is, what song shall we play as the ship goes asunder? Something to keep the passengers' spirits up?

    • socref

      The movie would start with 20,000 people being killed by the tsunami. The real human tragedy people cant really comprehend.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Then, the tsunami of "oops, this doesn't work," at the power plant emergency control center and, "that doesn't work," followed by a tsunami of denial and lying lips. Big rolling white lips breaking on the shore. Someone pushing the "Never push" button they had in the movie, "Spaceballs." … But without the laughter.

      • nedlifromvermont

        A tsunami we CAN comprehend.

        A wave of invisible radioactive actinides, assaulting all carbon-based life, at the atomic level, against which we are defenseless, which starts the cancers and the leukemias growing in our children, our babies, our unborn descendants … our young mothers … our animals, contaminating our rice, our milk, our tuna, our salmon …

        These are the "real human traged(ies) people can't really comprehend" …

        Who is paying you socref? At this point you have no credibility. None. You are soft-soaping the nuclear disaster and the diseases caused by uncontained radioactive releases, ongoing.

        This line of thought is generally not welcomed here, but we see it from time to time.

        There are lots of mainstream sites where your myopia is applauded and accepted.

        Carry on and make a total fool of yourself. It is not illegal.

        And neither is killing people en masse, if you are a nuclear power operator or manufacturer.

        The US Congress okayed it in 1957, and they don't like to admit they were wrong. They still are wrong. It doesn't bother them.

        Why should it bother you?

        Criminal psychopathology is applauded when profits roll in, no matter how many were killed or poisoned in the process.

        Karl Marx is getting in his last laughs, after all.

        Communist ideology doesn't seem to help much, either, though.

        peace …

    • This movie comes closer to the reality of Fukushima than most actual news reports.

      IMO – Recommended, worth the watch!

      Great acting too.
      Winner of multiple awards.

      (Japanese Movie) 2012
      (2 hrs)

      🙂 72,000 have watched this upload. I wish it were 7 million.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    It will keep getting worse for at least 250,000 years. That is the nature of a nuclear accident. There have been over 400 nuclear accidents worldwide. This doesn't include the almost 3,000 nuclear tests. We don't even know how much nuclear waste has been dumped all over the world. All our land, air, and water has been contaminated with radioactive poison.

    We must stop mining uranium. We must decommission all nuclear reactors. We must outlaw any new building of a single new nuclear reactors any place in the world. We must try to save what is left of the human genome and any other species genome. Anything less is suicide. Anything less will contribute to climate warming. The heat from a nuclear chain reaction from uranium and plutonium lasts a million years. Stop before it gets even worse.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Anything less is total genocide.

      • nedlifromvermont

        anne, you are right. as usual.

        nuclear power is/was a Death Wish.

        And GE is the Death Star, revealed. And there are several others.

        Genocide, sanctioned by the US Congress, in 1957, is apparently a fine idea. To some.

        I will fight against this obscenity with allmI've got to the bitter end. No matter how long the road. No matter the jeers from the pro-nuclear Philistines. I know you will be there, by my side, fighting against the lies with simple truths.

        Abolish "civilian" nuclear power NOW. The military side can wait until the Rattle Traps are safely entombed. They actually take this shit seriously.

        Until they are sent in a la Operation Tomadochi. Then it's cover up and dissemble time. That disease couldn't come from radiation … it happened too soon!!!

        My ass.

    • socref

      I just did a calculation using the following document:

      Decay Heat in Power Reactors. This document and the calculations which A Gundersen probably is familiar says the decay heat goes as time to the inverse power of 1.2. Since the exponent is a negative number, the energy from decay heat will dissipate to almost nonexistent levels in 10 years.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Heck, how long did it take for the molten steel to cool at the WTC. … and that wasn't even "nucular". (as far as I know…) Probably hot down there for a few months. Can't trust mathematicians or scientists anymore, anyway.

        Example: If the WTC really collapsed from fire, the logical reaction would be to not build skyscrapers with steel anymore. Can anyone guess what the new WTC buildings were made from? (I don't know, nut I think I could guess.)

      • nedlifromvermont

        There goes the Philistine in our midst.

        Smile. Don't worry. Be happy. We are in control here. Just sit back and relax. No worries. Move along, people. There REALLY is nothing here for you to see.

        socref. so false. so insincere.

        peace …

    • lorenajazmin lorenajazmin

      Anne, Yes tell it like it is! That is it in a nutshell. Well said. Well said. Now what is our next move to make this real, to get this moving?

    • +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Ontological Ontological

    We will name this "rash of disease" Fuku Die Itchy.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Fuku Die Itchy….LOL !

    • OldFool

      Nice pun. Truly "sick" humor. Frontrunner for 2014 pun of the year.

    • Jebus Jebus

      There could be a secondary strain, Fuku Die Scratchy…

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Sorry, Jebus, I posted the same thing an hour after you did.

        Just above here. That is a sick little cartoon. Here is another, sicker one:

        • nedlifromvermont

          thank you unincredulous for the sick joke video.

          IAEA gets some credit.

          The Arabs cannot be this stupid. But they have leaders who can be, I suppose.

          Let's build some more nukes at sea level, 'cause we know the sea level won't change and nuclear power is safe. Operators can shut them down safely, why just take a look at Japan.

          No one has died. There is no thyroid cancer. And all the radioactive water is safely contained in the harbor.

          Shinzo Abe told me so.

          And Adolf Hitler was a really nice old man who was just misunderstood.

          And Reinhard Heydrich used to love Jewish folk tales.

          And Heinrich Himmler used to vacation at Ausschwitz.

          And no one died in the Holocaust. It was all just made for TV.

          through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole we go.

          peace …

    • elenews

      Yeah lol! Thanks

  • w

    I live in the Los Angeles area. I believe I've been exposed to the Fuku radiation. I've been having the mysterious diarrhea for the last three days. With a little uncomfortableness in my stomach but no pain of any kind. my diarrhea just gotten worse on the third day, today. I haven't eaten anything all day today and I've gone five or six times releasing nothing but water… as if I had taken the medication for colonoscopy… shit, got to go again, and I just went.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I've had to take clay every day for the last 2.8 years. I can't even miss one day. And then there is bleeding…

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        What bleeding anne..?? Go see a doc please ..!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I don't have to go to the doctor. I just have to avoid pesticides, GMOs, irradiated foods, processed foods, and I have to avoid peanuts and chips, all animal products, and I am allergic to tomatoes, and I have to take clay.

          The radiation level is so high where I live, the EPA closed down the Gross Beta Count rate chart. My thyroid is still OK, and I don't have nosebleeds.

          I went to the food bank for 2 months and their non-organic food doesn't agree with me.

          Don't forget that I lived close to Rocky Flats for 30 years, and now I am close (10-15 miles) to Fort St. Vrain NPP (decommissioned, but still storing all the live fuel).

          Also I was 10-15 miles from the Santa Susana meltdown in 1959. It is 260 times worse than TMI. And I was near an above ground atom bomb test in Nevada in 1950.

          I almost died of cancer in 1989. But I don't have cancer now. I just have to be very careful. I'm not going to move because my daughter who also had a rare, inoperable cancer lives 2 miles from me. And she might need me, although at present she doesn't have cancer and her husband is taking care of her.

          I already know what I have to do to overcome cancer and to have perfect blood tests. I was experimenting with my diet and herbs and supplements from 1989 on and I read many, many books, and am still reading even more. I'm already 73 years old and have lived 24 years longer than my doctors thought I could. But one doctor told me that I would have to stick to my…

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            special diet for the rest of my life. So he really saved my life, although I canceled out the surgery he had prescribed when I went to a second doctor who said that I didn't need it. I went to 50 doctors at one 15-25 years ago, and I don't need any more opinions from the medical profession at the moment. I'm not going to live forever.

            The EPA has also shut down all the monitors in Colorado Spring, CO, because the radiation readings were so high.

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              You are one tough cookie anne , respect !

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              I check my lymph nodes all the time. They are fine.

              I did go to a dermatologist (Chinese) 3 years ago. He said I am fine. I had a sun spot, but it wasn't cancer.

          • demo demo

            ANNE, what kind of clay do you take and how much? Wheat in the US is not GMO, but i think other GM foods cause gluten intolerance. So glad you "know what I have to do to overcome cancer and to have perfect blood tests." Please share all details w/ us and keep thriving.

    • socref

      I think its the flu. Its going around.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        socref, Im wondering about your diagnosis of flu…I think its food intolerance…no, I think its antibiotics….no maybe its magnesium antacids…pfff, of course, its high blood pressure medication….or maybe quinine. Wait, laxatives! Probably irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease, sprue, whipples or lymphangiectasia, Crohns. Maybe hyperthyroidism, pellegra, cancer….hold on, its probably food poisoning, rotavirus, norovirus, giardia lamblia , entamoeba histolytica , cryptosporidium, ….no I think its radiation fallout….I mean your guess is as good as mine, or maybe not even!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          They have hybridized wheat so much and now GMO wheat as well, many people can no longer tolerate gluten (including me).

      • retali8 retali8

        socref; who sent you? luckily we haven't had to deal with these kinds of shills for a while.

      • nedlifromvermont

        socref, so insincere .. Of Course!! All radiation-linked maladies are simply "the flu" … "it's going around" …

        Thank you for clearing this up. We normal, feeling, humans just "simply can't comprehend …"

        socref, so inhumane, so reassuring, so wrong.

        please continue sharing. We need your help.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Hi w , diarrhea draines the body not only fluid but the whole mineral balance , i heard carrot juice is good for baby's with diarrhea because of the potassium amongst other thing's from a doc..
      Its not a cure but to keep damage somewhat under control..

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        TY, DID, I always used cooked carrots and the broth from cooking the carrots for all 3 of my children. And it always worked. I still use it for myself.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          Hi anne , i don't have much diarrhea in my life except when travelling or when my water intake is way too high..

          But when my stomach or guts hurt , i always take a extra dose of good gut-bacteria to beat the bad ones by numbers..
          I don't know whatelse to say.. or maybe brown rice truly tru cooked with just a litle bit of seasalt , is easy to digest and reasonable neutral on the troubled digestive system..

        • rakingmuck

          Thanks Anne. As I am now a body that has a boatload of symptoms I am taking all of your advice very seriously as in starting today. You are such an amazing person (crying) and have given so much of yourself to others her I wish for you a healthy New Year for you and family.

      • humptydumpty humptydumpty

        Rice is one of few solid foods that helps to stabilize diarrhea and is widely used in pulverized form and cooked to give to infants and children suffering from malnourishment and disease.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Eating avocadoes helps also. And one banana might help.

  • cooterboy

    I appreciate you anne, not only for your insight, but wisdom in a world full of disinformation and denial.

    There is a website called "Radiation Network" that has enlisted the help of private citizens, who posses a radiation detector, to post radioactivity data, real time, from their home. This site offers the software that integrates the streaming information from your detector and puts in on a world wide map, through your computer. Check this site out at;

    If our government won't, or can't for some STUPID reason tell us what the radiation levels are in your state or area, then the citizens of the world will do it. It registers, alpha, beta and gamma. Some reporting sites display the type of radioactivity, if their detector has this capability. The system updates every minute with real time radioactivity displayed and also posts TIMED radioactivity levels of 2-8+ hours for a more precise reading overall.

    An old saying goes "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". The writing is on the wall but those who are and can be prepared, this site will a least allow you the right to know the truth.

    I was searching on how to build a home made radiation detector and one tickled my tortured funny bone.

    The most inexpensive way to detect radioactivity is to take a bag of Orville Redenbauckers microwave popcorn, place on your kitchen counter, and if it pops your screwed. I apologize for that.


    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      TY, cooterboy. This site is just 1 02 miles from me:

      Radiation network closes down any site when the readings get too high.

      • Yep, I distrusted radiation network.

      • cooterboy

        Thanks for the information Anne. Another punch in the gut and a smoke screen to boot. I question any outfit that promotes their end product and software at $80. Now I know.

        That won't stop me from being a citizen scientist and strike out on my own.

        I sent my congresswoman Patty Murray documents about Fukushima, the quantitative reports that shows the true conditions of these plants.
        What I got back was an e-mail, the exact same e-mail as she sent me before. Expounding how our federal government is doing all it can to expose the truth and protect it's citizens from radiation.

        Pogo "I seeze the enemy and the enemy is us"

        Thanks ENE for the platform of free speech and the commentators for their knowledgeable insights.

        • Sparky Sparky

          @cooterboy, I've found to be a trustworthy radiation monitoring/posting site. [Disclosure: I have no financial or personal interest in]

    • name999 name999

      I was also interested in your posting on the pain medications that are now offered to the public via
      medical doctor. Iodine and extremely potent pain medications…hmmm….we are stocking up.

      Stock, wondering if you think they aren't trustworthy enough, radiation network? I like the grassroots effort…but not sure what to do with the information? But I have found it interesting to hear these reports on radiation levels on Enenews, so probably worthwhile…

  • weeman

    Why does the government not want to establish parameters for relocation, because the radiological realease is ongoing and radiation is dispersed by wind and water and if they set standards it will be binding and as time goes buy the area will get larger and larger, with Tokyo firmly in its sights?

    • socref

      I think the government feels its not at a level worth hassling over.

      • nedlifromvermont

        I think that most world governments are corrupted by the Big Nuke political money gravy train … which is responsible for sanctioning this death industry, this totally unnecessary genocide, this unnecessary and not clean and not safe boondoggle which amounts to pre-meditated mass murder … and … and …

        socref: I really don't care what you think, because you are soft-soaping the nuclear death porn, and you obviously have an agenda to downplay this disaster and promote the nuclear scam.

        socref, so obvious, so insincere …

        peace …

  • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

    "The time has come," the Walrus said,
    "To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings–
    And why the sea is boiling hot–
    And whether pigs have wings."

    -Lewis Carroll

  • Sol Man

    No doubt someone is making money as they naked-short the length of the human experience on earth. You know that the naked-shorters made boatloads during the financial meltdown of '08-'09.

  • Sickputer

    Quite a reversal in the doctors who bring up the thyroid epidemic now as opposed to August 2011:

    Enenews was there to record the liars:

    Radioactive Fukushima children given cancer all-clear, New Scientist by Rowan Hooper, August 16, 2011:

    According to a report by the Japanese national broadcaster, NHK, around half of 1149 children tested in Fukushima prefecture have radioactive iodine in their thyroid glands.

    Satoshi Tashiro of Hiroshima University told a meeting of the Japan Pediatric Society in Tokyo that the highest level measured was 35 millisieverts. Radiation doses below 100 millisieverts are not considered dangerous, and Tashiro said that thyroid cancer will therefore probably not increase in the future. […]

    Gerry Thomas, who runs the Chernobyl Tissue Bank at Imperial College London, sees no cause for concern as a result of Tashiro’s data. “I would agree with the Japanese that the levels they found do not pose a risk for future increases in thyroid cancer in that population,” she says.

    The only proven biological effect of radiation at Chernobyl was an increase in thyroid cancer among those who were children at the time of exposure. There have been 15 deaths from thyroid cancer attributable to Chernobyl so far, but Thomas says there probably won’t be a single death in Japan."

    • Sickputer

      BTW…that 2011 thread had the account of an Enenewser serving food to Edward Teller and other nuclear scientists and they didn't eat food items most commonly contaminated by nuclear fallout.

      4th posting from the last comment:

      August 17, 2011 at 12:50 am

      Did so, and I thank you for this find and sharing. I mentioned in a comment in a post a few weeks ago that I experienced the duplicity of the AEC first hand. While a student at UCB I worked as a banquet waitress . I had the exquisite delight sometime in the 1950s of serving the head table for an AEC banquet.
      This was when the AEC was putting out denial statements telling everyone to eat their veggies and drink their milk. Among the dignitatires at the head table were Glenn Seaborg (then AEC chair), Edward Teller, and more. They didn’t eat any of the dairy products nor the vegetables.

      So, what came out of their mounths contradicted what they put in them.

      • socref

        maybe they were all lactose intolerant and hated the vegetables. These nerdy head tables could be real finicky eaters.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Maybe they werent all lactose intolerant, and decided not to eat food with a health risk. Anyway things are not so good in Japan, and no doubt people are avoiding foods, and many foods have been banned. So thats really the important thing.

          an area of Japan of 34,000 km2 was contaminated by more than 40 kBqm-2 of 137Cs and 131I, to which 9.4 million people were exposed. Our model results indicate that a surface area of 60,000 km2 received a total deposition greater than 10 kBqm-2, a region inhabited by 46 million people.

    • NO reporting of radiation levels in milk since early 2012!!

      I suppose We know why. DON'T DRINK THE MILK!!!

  • name999 name999

    …do what I say not what I do…the usual suspects.

  • mSv/yr is 100 mrem/year and 5x less than background radiation…

    the jackals have no morale compass regarding murdering millions. Prior to 1952, background radiation was 3 cpm per year. Now it's up to around25 to 30. Something is really wrong with all this alleged "safe" data. Just saying.

    Fukushima Research blog on articles and videos since 3-11-11

  • 2ndTrumpet

    Greetings All, This is my first time to post on this site. Just want to say thanks to the handful of regulars for all of the truthful information. Without you, "we" the regular folks, would not know what is really happening in Fuku. Dear Anne, I am truly sorry for what you have had to endure. Just know that the wealth of knowledge and experiences that you have written about here are greatly appreciated, and I am sure they will help a vast number of people in these end times. I try to share the information on this site with as many people as possible, but the vast majority just do not seem to be interested – yet.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Welcome aboard 2nd. Many out here diligently search for the truth, and I also thank them for sharing it. Lurking here sure can gain a new perspective on said truth. Education on this dire matter is vital. Sort out what you feel by double checking all input from news sources adding to your personal feeling/theory. This way you have your mind made up however your science experience will allow it to be configured.
      A sudden onslaught of recent law changes have increased the vacuum; rarefying the atmospheric envelope of containing any new knowledge, and discovery. Be determined but be gentle using fact and figures about Fukushima when convincing others to at least be prepared. The new "Babel" effect propaganda has become ever quickened, and confusion is rapidly forming a new "normal".
      Too many people have been made against their will (lack of required education to be provided institutionally) ignorant as to what the cause is of something they have no clue about being in the water/air. I know a battle of wits with unarmed people is frustrating.

      • rakingmuck

        I never thought I'd be saying this but I miss the old days (2.9 years ago) before all the carpetbaggers attached themselves to Fukushima and "information" was brought forth by credible people only. Now the "Babel" effect is in full force and it is more important than ever to be vigilante in sourcing news about Fukushima before spreading any confusing propaganda. Thank you Ontological. Your advice is good for new users and a refresher course for those of us who have been around for a while. I do not know what I would do without the brave and smart people who comment at ENE. Happy New Year to you.

        • Ontological Ontological

          @Rakingmuck, Thanks, and I also thank those who so diligently dig through all this to keep the truth on track when possible.
          When I woke up from 3 days of anesthesia after my surgery I was almost a bit angry I survived skull cancer, only to live in this contaminated world questioning why. I still have a long ways to go to heal, but I feel it is my calling to share info with others, and encourage education for those who seek wisdom, so they too can teach others about the dangers of today.

    • Howdy and welcome, 2ndtrumpet!

      "I try to share the information on this site with as many people as possible, but the vast majority just do not seem to be interested – yet."

      Yep. The futility of trying for individual education and confrontation is currently maddening. Hence we rely on reaching larger numbers through anonymity:

      Japan Radiation Memo to All Citizens PDF

      Japan Radiation Memo in JPEG (for social media upload)

      Vital1's Radiation Memo to Parents

      So go find yourself some bulletin boards … churches, bars, day cares, university campuses, coffee shops etc … and share with your social media activists. Much less taxing than the one on one approach and it will make you feel better.

  • Please do prepare to keep your body free from radiation exposure by taking potassium iodine (to help your body not absorb radiation) and also zeolyte to help if you do come in contact with radiation and want to make sure your body is not holding onto the highly toxic radiation particles. Check out this guide on how to monitor radiation levels locally and what to do if the levels are high. A little prevention can go a long way to keeping you safe and healthy.

  • JRaven

    There is NO escaping the radiation…been in our foodchain for 3yrs….and lots more to come…especially so here in NorCal…Most all reading this, it is in you…now. We cannot stop it. No one can….BUT….we CAN get it out of our bodies, stop (and reverse) any DNA damage. It was done AT the Fukashima Daiichi Plant within weeks of earthquake. The Japanese College of Intraveneous Therapy accomplished this through IV Vitamin C therapy: Tepco decided NOT to publish this…JCIT did. although IV therapy is impractical (daily)….Lipisomal Vitamin C absorbs 2 to 3 times more than IV therapy…you can make it. Protect yourself & loved ones…research it….How to make it: Absorbable Vitamin C, Selenium, Glutathion, A, D3, E, Alpha-Lipoic Acid; these are what worked for the Fukashima workers…no guessing,no opinion. check it out.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      "Lipisomal Vitamin C absorbs 2 to 3 times more than IV therapy"

      This is not accurate. Dont perpetuate this myth. Lipo C does not compare to IV if looking at blood levels of ascorbic acid. intravenous vitamin C may produce plasma concentrations as high as 15,000 µM

      apoptosis is induced even
      when ascorbate concentrations as low as 200 – 300 µM
      are maintained for one hour. This is achievable by taking oral doses every hour or two.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        I should add that the Hickey study showed plasma levels of 400 uM with large amounts of lipo C. This is 1/37th the IV level

  • demo demo

    copied last 2 comments to FORUM: Methods for combating radiation.
    careful re potassium iodide though. dose and timing are tricky so research thoroughly. it can make you sick.
    ANNE, glad you "know what I have to do to overcome cancer and to have perfect blood tests." Please share all details.

  • For new folks and those with children wishing to remediate radiation and protect themselves individually, here's the direct link

    • P.S. To those who keep saying there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves, perhaps you have no or know no children. We cannot leave them like this. We cannot leave them. We can't.

      The Children Beyond Chernobyl

      Tell me that baby in the beginning isn't conscious and doesn't understand the beat. Chernobyl is only a few decades on and look at the results. LOOK AT THE RESULTS!

      The Original Chernobyl Heart

      Fukushima is and will continue to be many times worse. Where will all our children do?! We all need to ask ourselves this and get out the rad word out and protect them and ourselves as much as we can. Look into the eyes of children and continue to alert your fellow citizens. Do you have or know any children? If you didn't know, would you want to?

      Let your heart break to action, People. Get the rad word out.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        "P.S. To those who keep saying there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves, perhaps you have no or know no children. We cannot leave them like this. We cannot leave them. We can't."

        Yep ..dear monkey ..this is where we 'throw down' for the children.

        • Ourself Ourself

          I hate when people say there isn't anything we can do. Of course there is.

          We can stop building more nuclear plants. That would be a great start.

      • pure water

        Chemfood, I am with you and Vital!I happen to know several post Chernobyl children who are aware where their problems originate from.It is an epic battle for them now, just beacuse their parents did not suspect what was the reality.

  • Floridaman Floridaman


    I am a first time poster on this site, but I have been a reader for about a year. There has been some really great information put out about Fukushima Daiichi and nuclear power in general and there has also been a lot of bad information put out.

    I have over 33 years of experience in the nuclear industry as both and operator and a trainer (although BWR’s are not my strong point!).

    I am not going to try to convince anyone of my opinions, but I do hope to post some facts both pro and con and I hope to be able to help clear up some misinformation or misconceptions if and when they arise.

    Thanks for letting me be a part of this group and I look forward to reading and writing posts.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Hello Floridaman! Welcome. We have many nuclear professionals who share their truths on this site, and who are appreciated.

      Tell me, if you can, why it is a good idea to have the Turkey Point NPP in Homestead, Fla, basically at sea level, in a coastal geology which wound render significant diking impossible, storing all its spent nuclear fuel (SNF) in pools, so that when the ocean comes up, the situation will not be salvageable …

      How is this idiotic situation not another planetary death wish?

      I keep asking this uncomfortable question, and I get no answers at all!

      Shouldn't we be hauling out the SNF, into dry casks, and carting the casks off to higher ground in, say, Georgia, or at least northern Florida?

      Are people in Florida really this stupid?

      Just asking, sincerely? I mean WTF?

      peace Floridaman, from southern Vermont!

      Or maybe the ocean rise will not occur in south Florida?

      Can we bring up the peninsula at the same rate as the ocean?

      Methinks not!

      • Floridaman Floridaman

        First off, thanks for the welcome. Secondly, I miss New England….as I grew up in Southern N.H.

        As far as PTN is concerned, being near the coast is not a problem, in my opinion. The plant already proved it could withstand a direct hit from a Cat 5 Hurricane. As far as sea levels rising….it is going to take years for the water to rise high enough to cause any kind of problem, which leaves lots of time to come up with a solution.

        • Tim42

          Oh, you are so, so wrong.. Hurricane Andrew went in north of the TP, and was only exposed to WEAK SIDE of the storm.(-35 to -60mph of sustained/peak wind speeds, where forward velocity is subtracted from, (instead of adding to), wind speeds).

          If TP had been hit by the 17ft storm surge+wave action that took out the Burger king headquarters, it would have been another Fukushima event. No if's and's or but's…

          Even though TP was on the weak side, it still suffered major damage. A >400 ft tall, >5000 ton smokestack for the Oil fired units was damaged. Main firefighting water tank ruptured, etc..

          Care to guess what was in the drop zone for that damaged smokestack? The emergency generators building for the reactors. A 5000ton smokestack dropping on the emergency generator building would have been a coupe de gras for TP reactors.

          Lastly, TP was cut off from all outside access, power and water supply for 6 days and nearly ran out of fuel for the backup generators (Less than 14 hours worth).

          In a nut shell, Unlike Japan, South Florida got Lucky..
          So don't go painting a rosy picture out of our lucky near miss. It was wayyy too close, if Andrew had tracked another 10 miles further south, South Florida, (home to 3-4 million) would have been closed forever!!

          • Tim42

            Link to photos of turkey point after being passed by the weak side of Cat-5 Andrew..


            • nedlifromvermont

              thank you Tim42 for the support …

              what I was looking for, however, was some realization from somebody that maybe we don't have all that much time before the water comes up …

              there are three scenarios for sea level rise of three to five meters, or more, in a relatively short time span: (weeks, months … perhaps several years)

              1) failure of East Antarctic ice shelf
              2) failure of West Antarctic ice shelf
              3) rapid release of low latitude Greenland ice sheet …

              But no worries. Nuclear didn't plan for anyone to be alive when their stupid shit hits their pre-meditated fan

              All we will get is shrugs from inhuman psychopaths like socref … so fake … so insincere

              peace …

    • weeman

      Floridaman your input would be greatly appreciated and needed, I don't care if you are pro or anti nuclear as long as you stick to the facts and the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth.
      I look forward to your post and hopefully gain understanding and knowledge from you.

    • byron byron

      Second request same questions as NedliFromVermont to Floridaman. Sea level NPPs?? We already know the ocean will be rising. Every update on Climate Change says, Wow, it's changing faster than we predicted. Do they expect the sea level rise to put out the nuclear fire? Maybe when the dikes around a NPP can't be built any higher, they will switch off the power generating part and let the water in to cool em down? Won't even need pumps! 😉

      • Floridaman Floridaman

        byron…..I understand your concern. As I said to nedlifromvermont, the rise in sea level is not going to happen overnight. If the sea level rises high enough to be a problem for a coastal nuke plant, there is plenty of time between now and when it happens to come up with a solution..which may include shutting the plant down and moving the spent fuel.

        • Ontological Ontological

          The way sea levels are rising 5 years may be when they will realize climate change is here to stay. Be it hot or cold. Mostly what these nuktards think is it will get cold again, and no one has to do anything. But we all know what this "it will never happen" thinking leads to. I agree you should be concerned, I still am wondering what exactly happened at the Fort Calhoun fuel pool flood. I won't feel safe until they launch these fuel rods world wide off the planet, and have figured out what to do with things like 25+ Sievert/hour vent pipe towers. And all of the decommissioned junk that is screaming hot from 50 year old NPP's world wide.

        • nedlifromvermont

          @Floridaman … "which may include shutting the plant and moving the spent fuel???"

          sounds like pre-tsunami disaster planning at Fuku Daichi!

          Howse about shutting it down and moving the spent fuel NOW before it's too LATE???

          Would this be apostasy in South Florida?

          We may not have the fricking time.

          Ever heard of an asteroid. Or an earthquake???

          Some geologic processes happen quickly, catastrophically, and NOT gradually.

          Ever think about this???

          What are five million Floridians doing living a sea level anyway?

          "Bring up the Palm Tree" (development built on sand slurry fill in Dubai???

          But … but … what if you don't have the time???

          "Brilliant Coffin!!!"

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Well..I am def not the welcoming committee…lol.
    Please bring your best game..

  • ftlt

    We need a countermeasure… By the sweet blistered nipples of the blessed virgin, will these science/technos never get it!!!…

    The nuclear fix is to shut them down now, change the way the world lives and accept the loses as permanent now..

    A victory will be to have learned from FUFU and the change in our outlooks towards our lifestyle expectations going forward

    Children are dying all over the world everyday and no one seems to care… Sadly, FUFU children are no better or different…

  • tlsridercase tlsridercase

    WWhere is russia in this mess??? They of all know what it takesbtonstop it!! Why havent russia and usa demanded japan start sending ppl to their deaths to stop this craziness!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THE WORLD POWERS ARENT FORCING MILITARILY A STOP TO THIS….WE STILL IMPORT JAPANESE SHIT?!?@?@? REALLY?!?!

  • tlsridercase tlsridercase

    Sorry all. Hi im new here. Been trolling it three years though. Invaluable source of info. My name is casey. Im just outside toronto. This hits close to home in a way. I live between a total of 7or8 reactors less than 5km on both sides. Apparently built over am ancient fault line. They are CANDU'S and I have no doubt what they can do. Im so mad id be willing to join some kind of movement to gwt these pansy politicians to do SOMETHING TANGIBLE