Japan Professor: “I won’t eat any seafood, I’ve changed my entire diet” — Refuses to buy any fisheries product, from any market, anywhere in country after bringing detector to store and learning actual radiation levels (AUDIO)

Published: October 5th, 2013 at 11:00 am ET


Title: Linda Moulton Howe Interview
Source: Art Bell’s Dark Matter
Date: Oct. 3, 2013

At 15:15 in

Linda Moulton Howe, investigative journalist (Recipient of 3 regional Emmys, a national Emmy nomination and a Station Peabody award): The professor who is there, he has people who have gone into the supermarkets with radiation counters. They have said, and he has said to me, “I won’t eat any seafood. I’ve changed my entire diet.” That’s from somebody who’s living there. […]

A professor won’t eat any seafood, from any market, anywhere in Japan.

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Published: October 5th, 2013 at 11:00 am ET


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24 comments to Japan Professor: “I won’t eat any seafood, I’ve changed my entire diet” — Refuses to buy any fisheries product, from any market, anywhere in country after bringing detector to store and learning actual radiation levels (AUDIO)

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    The Japanese government is paying fisherman to catch and release; keeping a few for testing only.


    • dosdos dosdos

      The waters off Fukushima are currently being fished, and the catches are being sold in Tokyo fish markets.

      • We Not They Finally

        AND… since the U.S. FDA exclusions do NOT include Tokyo Prefecture, I wonder if re-labeling makes them free to then send the fish here. Cannot eat anything from Japan!

  • weeman

    I can't wait to see the disclaimers on future seafood, if you think the Pharmasuitcal companies cover there arse with disclaimers, what makes you think a industry that is even bigger will not do the same thing?
    Eat at your own risk, may cause or promote a multitude of diseases, etc, etc,etc.
    Produce may or may not come for country of packaging? Big problem.

  • Go Flying

    I changed my diet shortly after the beginning of this crisis.

    No tuna, no sushi, no pacific seaweed, no pacific salmon

    No Japanese food products whatsoever.

    No GE products

    No more Japanese consumer products

    No more Japanese automotive products.

    If Sony, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Panasonic, Toyota etc foreign sales dropped like a stone, the howls of corporate ire would rapidly bring the government of Japan to its' senses.

    • or-well

      OK, link no good. Just type Iitate farmer in the websites search box. The vid and article is a few entries down.

      • or-well

        The old farmer says buying Fukushima produce supports the government's campaign to convince everyone it's safe and leads to kids being served those products in their school lunches and hurts efforts to get people evacuated.

  • Wonder if anyone is funning statistics on the animal deaths in the zone of no return.
    Dogs cats all running about on their own….the veterinary data should be supportive of their levels of contamination…
    details of their tumors, lukemia, radiation illness…etc.
    Know of reports on insects and vegetables…but really!
    You don't run into many bead wearing buddhist with concern over insects…myself i care about them and miss them…they were so beautiful. Here in america they're either all dead or hiding from the horrible humans….
    I always thought mankind might irradicate themselves by one method or another but never imagined ever…that we wouldn't leave quietly that we'd have to kill every living thing.

  • dosdos dosdos

    I listened to the YouTube recording, and while Linda was correct on most issues, there were a couple that she repeated that were off the mark.

    • We Not They Finally

      Others may disagree, but we have serious problems with Linda Moulton Howe. She showed up on one of Hatrick Penry's fed transcripts that he got from the FOIA, for one thing. (Sorry don't have that handy.) And we heard her speak personally a year or so back when she said that HAARP had been discontinued in 2009, which has to be a flat-out lie. She speaks crisply and with apparent authority, but our instinct was not to trust her at all. But if someone thinks that that's wrong, just say so.

      Unfortunately, people can get "placed." There seem to be a lot of "placed" people in the environmental movement as well. So we'll think that carbon dioxide is the greatest evil the world has ever seen.

      • i don't think you're wrong i KNOW you're wrong…
        but wrong isn't the word,
        you've been polite and honest about your concerns…

        she's a well authenticated journalist of the highest standards…
        not many stand on every word they say and she most definitely does that…
        so yes , all the strange evil threads of human activity seem to surface everywhere and around everyone…they are around me,…
        and look…they are around you…

        try to separate the evil threads from the good hearts…

  • Anthony Anthony

    The cheaper fish in the market will be the ones with the Skull and Crossbones labels on them.

  • Go Flying

    In the not so distant future, fish will be dirt cheap and crematoria will be expensive.

    Lobster, shrimp, shellfish – all the filter feeders will return to being the food of the poor as they once were.

    Ditto For plaice, dab, flounder and other bottom feeding flat fish.

    Pelagic fish at the top of the food chain will eventually accumulate sufficient strontium that eating them will be far riskier than eating fugu.

    And the fishing industry of Japan will blame it all on…

    'Baseless rumors'.

    My heart is broken in tiny pieces to watch the destruction mankind inflicts upon the planet

    • We Not They Finally

      My heart is broken too. It seems to be a contest between human and in-human, and the latter (even though in the minority) may be winning.

  • razzz razzz

    He won't seafood because he has no idea where it comes from. Distrust.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    A I R . S O I L . W A T E R . S E A

    Can't even go out for a breath of fresh air.

    Beyond foolish, is what nuclear is.

  • pkjn

    Japan to file complaint to WTO for Korea’s fish import ban
    2013-10-05 The Korea Herald
    Japan is to file a complaint to the World Trade Organization on Korea for placing a partial import ban on Japanese fishery products, according to Japan’s public broadcaster NHK on Saturday.
    Such stern responses of the Japanese administration is largely seen as a means to press Korea to take back its all-out import ban.

  • Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Subaru, Mitsubishi, L E X U S. . . .
    Invest in geigercounter companies, and sell Real Estate stocks…, people are going to become scarce, housing to cheap to matter..