Japan report: “Nuclear fuel has melted in three reactors” — Risk of “massive radioactive release”

Published: April 15th, 2011 at 7:17 pm ET


Japan Plant Fuel Melted Partway Through Reactors: Report, National Journal’s Global Security Newswire, April 15, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

Nuclear fuel has melted in three reactors at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and fallen to the lower sections of their container vessels, raising the specter of overheated material compromising a container and causing a massive radiation release, the Atomic Energy Society of Japan said in a report released on Friday…

Read the report here.

Fuel rod fragments at bottom of vessels, Japan Times, April 15, 2011:

Melted fuel rod fragments have sunk to the bottoms of three reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant and could theoretically burn through the pressure vessels if emergency water-pumping operations are seriously disrupted, the Atomic Energy Society of Japan said Friday.

If too many of the melted fuel fragments puddle at the bottom, they can generate enough concentrated heat to bore a hole in the pressure vessel, which would result in a massive radioactive release to the environment. …

Read the report here.

Published: April 15th, 2011 at 7:17 pm ET


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58 comments to Japan report: “Nuclear fuel has melted in three reactors” — Risk of “massive radioactive release”

  • Esrin

    I can’t thank you enough for providing so much up to date, accurate news and information.
    You are an inspiration for dedicating so much time and energy to finding real news and information.
    Your website is proof that one person can make a difference.
    Again, thanks so much.

    • Mudge

      Yes, I agree. Thank you. Who is it actually?

    • The chaos of collapse and delimitation is spreading. Another war, another broken cycle, tyranny remains. These last few years have always felt rushed. Gasping at all the incoming information. From the false elections and false flag attacks I’ve watched from the comfort of a drunken stupor, a emotionless gaze or an excuse not to seriously involve myself. The worst part about all this stuff is that were constantly conned. Hell, everyday someone is taking from me, you and your family. Slowly chipping away at those things that matter. We find ourselves hurling, compromising our way to our own personal hells. Inventing new tortures, creating new drama. Till finally there is no escape from all the fears. The clenched jaw and the racing heart. To what effect? What is the result of all this? We shrink away from being cheated because no one wants to admit they have been duped. By the end of the day only the numb remains. Till a point.

      Than when you realize how backwards everything is. The whole situation seems so obvious. Clear as day facts. PERIOD. You think the same rush you felt when you really dug up some truth. The realization of discovery. That blissful moment where you felt engaged in moment. Render out the deceptions, use the word and push through the veil. That tingly feeling of awe. So you take this feeling and try and give it to others. Show them the real world. Then you quickly realize, no body gives a shit.

      Better yet, those that do, are just as crazy as you. Either way, it becomes more isolating that when you started. So the score cards the same. There is a clear and rational grasp of the situation. The whole thing is playing out right in front of everyone, and they are bickering about some manufactured reality bought and paid for by the state. Isn’t that something! This is the time we should not squander, perhaps even, its time to do things in a totally new way. Hey, you just might take a second and really think about how to approach this event.

      We’re engaging in a war for hearts in a world ruled by madness. I often feel the separation. Often the most vulgar feeling is being able to accomplish nothing. Its so insane! The poison, the lies, the corruption and most of all. The slumber of the hard hearts. How do you approach them? To what effect? Do you ever just look into em? Try and figure out why its become so difficult to face a very adult world? The very nature of man is compromised. We lack the sheer faculties to even address a relevant situation. So hard to keep control. Wake up folks. God is not mad at you. You are and always are loved. Its strength to face fears. Its compassion that gets us through. Don’t try to act surprised. It is simple to find easy ways to fall. To befall the judgment of others that will scorn you when your down and out. To make foolish mistakes or even take reckless chances. Anything really just to feel like we have invested anything into this life. Though mostly it seems we settle for suffering. That is the very essence of what has held me hostage. I often think its what holds many others too.

      All hearts, all backgrounds. For this we must be brave! From this we draw upon one and other. Save judgements for they deny you. I find only hope when I look out. I see only the kind. Perhaps its somewhat idealist. To believe that even those with the compatibility for evil could also perhaps have the same ability to do otherwise. So, I guess really. This is both a confession and a plea, please forgive me, as I forgive you. We are all hurting. This world doesn’t leave us without scars. I am through with being ashamed. I know in my heart I cannot help everyone or even live like I hope, wish, strive to everyday. I fall short every time. The worst enemy I have is myself it seems. The nagging fatigue of everyday wears me, I make bad judgments. Its not for lack of effort. Well, not always. I used to long for wealth, power and lust. I was defined by my appetite. Ruthless and determined. If I could take those shameful days and take those moments back I would do so. Given that is not an option, I do take full responsibility.

      I hope by some small measure I have successfully reached out to you. I can hope by some measure I had helped at least one other traveler in this life. There comes a time and place to address important issues. In this day and age the revelings of independence, knowledgeable medicines and practical spread of vital information becomes compulsion. I intend to address these issues piece-mail for a foreseeable future. The underlying principal always resides with the community. This document is not about political agenda’s, religious principals or views.. This is an attempt at clear and open sharing of ideas and common needs.

      I find the under utilization, coverage and application of known free energy devices both devastating and very interesting. A vast technological revolution has been suppressed and dismissed. This is of great concern considering the immense impact of these devices. I have featured many of these devices via my website: thesandmanproject.com; as well as, developed many of these devices to enrich my life or those of my family. It’s amazing the vast unlimited potential we have, should we only implement the most basic of these tools. I highly recommend the development of GEET, HHO Boosters, and the SP500 fuel less generator. As these are the most basic and useful of the free energy suppression technologies. The fundamental information is available with a little bit of research.

      The restoration of prosperity to this community rests in the revitalization. The underpinning of a successful community is the willingness to develop “micro economic systems”. A few examples of fundamental systems include the local farmers market and flea markets. Centers where people can gather and exchange local goods and services. Simple non corporation events by and for the people help develop not only the economy but also the community. A simple and reliable barter system is easily established once the needs and accountability is established. This is easily done using freemans contracts (see the Redemption Manual). As the investment in the local community would be of better benefit to the future of or family than any continued government economic action has thus done.

      Now for the hard part. Time is up. The clock has silently clicked past midnight and our deepest fears are real. There is carnage and bitter dispute in the hearts and minds of men. Were sending our entire culture into Lucifer’s agenda. Dedicating every resource to deceit, slovenly irresponsible self destruction. Compassion becomes an ideal instead of an action. Lessons of the past are thrown from the mind. Only the innuendos of propaganda reach many of us. More over, the rationalization that our masters, tormentors have become comfortable. So.. What happens next?

      • johnlh

        Thanks for sharing your mind.

        Simply just using electric vehicles ,it can reduce upto 70% energy consumption, even with the conventional thermal power stations,burning coal and fuel.

        Micro economic system is good idea,but the madman ruling world ,will not allow it work alone to against them.

        the small and micro action should also included to destroy those few micro group and madman, those dictators around the world.

        Chinese dictators and Libiya’ and others, those madmen should be identified and put into the agenda of micro and free society in the future.

        The new age ,Period is coming ,formatting , mass of people are slavery day by day deep into that new Nazi way of life, with this Fuku nuclear Meltdown. Japanese again is playing the same role as they did in WW2. together with Chinese dictators and God knows whomever those dictators, May be Obama too, is waiting for the worst to happen in Japan, with crisis they can easily kept in power and do whatever they want to slavery all of the earth,by rubbering us life and money together.

        • Cuica

          I feel like I’m living in Sci-Fi novel….I wonder if it has a sequel.
          Most of the people I know feel very certain that this is nothing to be concerned about and I’m just a hysterical nut for even thinking twice about it…I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the hypnotist in grade school.

      • thanks very very very much.
        thank you very very very much


      • I am no one, therefore I am

        Hello Brother, there are many more of us than you think! I am fortunate to live in an area with plentiful water, sun, inexpensive hydro power and undeveloped land. I spent two months speaking with Christian church leaders about the need to start small individual farming sites in regular folks back yards…wow…I can’t believe that everyone “is” as numb as you say.

    • You better get the word out on the new data. Blow your mind stuff.
      Please enjoy! http://www.thesandmanproject.com/radioactive.htm

  • radegan

    I can just see Jack Lemmon shaking his head, “I tried to tell them, we tried…China Syndrome, here it is.”

  • Glowing potato

    These things have already melted through the bottom of the reactors and there has already bean a massive release of radiation. We always get a watered down version of whats really going on about four weeks after it happens. All they are doing is trying to keep the slag pools cool with water before they melt through the concrete and hit the ground water table below. Maybe avoiding a huge steam explosion when they do hit it.

    • dan

      Yep. I always figure things are at least an order of magnitude worse than what they’re saying. Their main priorities seems to be to maintain their control, and hide as much as possible to cover their own asses. Actually keeping us safe is secondary. Or thirdary (I think I just made up a new word).

    • Noah

      Game Changer: When Hot material meets ground water

      When not if. This process now underway follows the laws of physics and chemistry and cannot be halted, only slowed. It is a ticking time b#%!b. The time that is left before the material hits the ground water, needs to be used to prepare to live in permanently radioactive environment. After a week and a half of burn, Chernobyl left 40% of Europe’s land radioactive to this day. The scope and magnitude of a release of radioactive material spanning five decades is much more serious than anyone has imagined. It is Chernobyl times 1000+ in duration.

      • xdrfox

        A secret plan to dismantle Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the operator of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, is circulating within the government.

        There are also proposals to smash the company’s powerful influence on politicians and the mass media and force executives to give all their pay and severance settlements to victims of the earthquake


        • xdrfox

          U.S. offers unmanned chopper to help remove Fukushima spent fuel
          TOKYO, April 17, Kyodo
          The U.S. government has told Japan that it can use a U.S. unmanned cargo transport helicopter to set up cranes to remove spent fuel rods from storage pools at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japanese and U.S. sources close to the matter said Saturday.
          The K-MAX helicopter, developed jointly by Lockheed Martin Corp. and KAMAN Aerospace Group of the United States, is being considered to set up the huge cranes.

    • xdrfox

      The scale and complexity of the challenge is unprecedented. No nuclear reactor has ever been fully decommissioned in Japan, let alone the four certain to be dismantled at Fukushima, after being flooded with seawater to avert meltdowns, and after suffering explosions and other damage. The final fate of the two other reactors there has not been announced, but they too may need to be decommissioned.

  • whimbrel

    Japan Syndrome… the meltdowns already happened. Now its the shite hitting the fan so to speak and the explosions from this molten mass reaching the shallow water table and exploding high into the jet stream. When will people wake up. Everyone is clueless and not protecting themselves. Course unless you made your house a hepa filter and have a decon station for whenever you enter you are pretty much covered in rad at this point. And who did that? we are frikked. and so is the earth.

    • Noah

      “Everyone is clueless…
      and not protecting themselves”

      Whimbrel you speak the truth. I watched people walking around in the rainfall today without any protection. The radiation is accumulating in their hair follicles and forming a hot spot on their head (called dai-ichi top among the nuclear hygienist community.) Radiation can bio-accumulate externally as well as internally.

      “…this molten mass reaching the shallow water table and exploding high into the jet stream.”

      This is the game changer I have been posting about. It has not happened as of yet, but the clock is ticking. I am using this time to transition using what knowledge I have of how to live in a radioactively contaminated environment. It harkens back to military NBC training and CD education of the 50s and 60s. You may find the old manuals helpful to protect yourself and your family. They are available, some for free (as PDF) online. It is not too late to take protective action, as the fireworks have just begun and we all are yet alive.

      Posting comments here at this site is very helpful, as it helps me process the information into actionable protective plans. It is easy to be overwhelmed. The feelings I must combat daily, I mourn the loss of the pre-311 world I once lived in, and must constantly adjust to new surprises in this post-311 radiated environment.

      The loss of ice-cream is especially hard.

      • Noah

        Ridding the Body of RAD particles
        Importance of
        “If you don’t heal yourself of the effects of radiation exposure and if you don’t bind radioactive particles and flush them out of your body if you’ve ingested them, then they’ll just stay there and slowly work at destroying your health. Eventually you will succumb to unexplained symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, a weakened immune system, tumors, unexplained illnesses, anemia, excessive bleeding, genetic damage, cancer, leukemia, cataracts, or possibly having children with severe birth defects. You can develop all sorts of conditions that just don’t seem to respond to medicine … and for which there doesn’t seem to be any explanation,” writes William Bodri.

        Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032087_radiation_sickness_symptoms.html#ixzz1JeSYk1c3

        • Noah

          Worldwide dispersion of fallout
          Important Wikipedia Quote

          Initially little was known about the dispersion of nuclear fallout on a global scale. The AEC assumed that fallout would be dispersed evenly across the globe by atmospheric winds and gradually settle to the Earth’s surface after weeks, months, and even years as worldwide fallout. Nuclear products were deposited in the Northern Hemisphere becoming “far more dangerous than they had originally been estimated[citation needed].”

          The radio-biological hazard of worldwide fallout is essentially a long-term one because of the potential accumulation of long-lived radioisotopes (such as strontium-90 and caesium-137) in the body as a result of ingestion of foods containing the radioactive materials. This hazard is less pertinent than local fallout, which is of much greater immediate operational concern.

          • Noah

            Personal Observation
            Based on reports from the Southern

            The dispersal of radioactive particles from Fukushima are not being dispersed evenly across the globe. But appears to be falling heavily and primarily on the Northern Hemisphere. The entire globe is not evenly absorbing an equal share. This phenomenon appears to be explained by global wind patterns, in particular the jet stream.

            On a long term basis, 50 year period, should this pattern of northern hemispheric distribution continue, the potential accumulation of Strontium-90 and caesium-137 by ingestion will be cause for concern. (Run around with hair on fire, screaming concerned.)

            Once again the primary problem is ingestion.

            Next week Wednesday, I will be using radiation detectors on various foods and produce available to me to scan at the supermarket. I hope to report my findings in the comments section of this site.

            I will be sure to scan the ice cream and cake section.

          • dan


            I’ll be doing the same, as soon as my geiger counters arrive. Also, I’m thinking of running a hepa filter inside, and one outside, and checking the charcoal filters for contamination. So even if there’s not a detectable amount in the air. There may be a detectable amount, after it’s been concentrated. Similar to what would happen inside your lungs, as you constantly breath the crap in, and it accumulates.

          • xdrfox

            Yes, it will be a multi life problem globally !

  • whimbrel

    To the person who does this website and the floridaoilspilllaw.com website…. YOU ARE AWESOME!

    • Mudge

      Yes, awesome. BTW: Who are you !

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I could not agree more with you all.
      Both of these sites have given insight of what is happening. This is where I get my information.

      I have no clue if this is one or more who have started these sites, but Thank You)))))

  • To the last person on EARTH please Shut OFF the Lights so we may then shut down the REACTOR!!!!!!

  • That is the saddest thing I have ever THUNK

  • FUCK FUCK FUCK I gotta clean my guns

  • xdrfox

    The reactor at Kashiwazaki Kariwa, the world’s biggest nuclear station, Three of seven reactors at the Kashiwazaki Kariwa station are closed while Tepco strengthens structures to improve their resistance to earthquakes. Work could continue at two units while unit 3 was restarted, Mr Shimizu said.

    Local government approval is required for a restart. There would be no progress on starting the reactors until Tepco resolved the problems at Fukushima,
    – –
    Aftershocks higher than expected at Onagawa nuclear plant.
    An April 7 aftershock that struck Tohoku Electric Power Co.’s Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Prefecture was stronger than the maximum seismic guidelines, the utility said.

    The intensity of the Great East Japan Earthquake and aftershocks that have exceeded assumed maximum levels will likely lead to a review of the 2006 seismic guidelines, sources said.
    On Wednesday, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, a regulator of Japan’s nuclear industry, instructed the power company to conduct a detailed analysis.
    A quake with an intensity of…

  • dan

    The intensity of the Great East Japan Earthquake and aftershocks that have exceeded assumed maximum levels will likely lead to a review of the 2006 seismic guidelines, sources said.

    Yeah, if there’s anyone left to review the guidelines.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Lets’ just say this hits us straight on (good chance it will) This place and everything would probably be radioactive with many toxins for many many years. I’m going out with cake in one hand, ice cream in the other, and dancing in the rain.

  • dan

    And now I have to figure out when it’s safe to take my dog for a walk. It’s going to be challenging on days like today, when I’ll have to keep an eye on the weather radar, to avoid getting caught in the rain. And I’m not sure how long the radiation will linger, after it stops raining. And do I grow vegetables this year, or just spend my time preparing for a move to the southern hemisphere? On the bright side, I love Latin American food, so I guess it’s not all bad:) Also, I really need to start learning Spanish. Does anyone know a good website?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Seriously if you can go to South America, GO… Can never be to safe. If nothing happens here, then you just had a fantastic vacation.

      • dan

        I’m basically following my own advice to people who live near the gulf. And that’s to gtfo, while you still can. I know it’s easier said than done. But the alternatives are pretty risky.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Moving to a different State is a lot easier, than moving to another Country. The cost is quite different to do something like that.
          Good Luck and I hope this only turns out to be a great vacation.

          I agree, the alternatives are pretty risky.
          Go Now!!!!

  • Cee

    I don’t trust a thing ANY company says about radiation. They could be lying.

    People have no idea how deep the deception goes.

    Three sides to every story. The Lie, another Lie that seems like the Truth, and the Truth.

    Has anyone on here done any radiation readings? (If someone has then that’s an egg on my face.) Most of these so called “independent” news sources are run by the “elite”. Even this page could be. How would you know?

    The “elite” run the internet. They could be playing everyone. What is the difference between the MSM and online? It’s far easier to deceive on the internet. They are not scared of any “mass awakening”. Please.

    Understand that Japan has been having problems with the United States. Japan doesn’t want to be the bitch of the United States. It’s rumored that HAARP can create earthquakes.

    Use your head and put two and two together.

    Once again, unless you have a way to personally test for radiation, or you are over in Japan monitoring the reactors, you can’t trust what people say. You are not there, and they have every reason to fool you.

    All you can do is take precautions.

  • Shaneinaz

    Hi I agree great site! Hope it is non elitist run as we all do not like the elitist scum suckers… I am in az and worry everyday for my family. But at end of day. We are still in an area that is not destroyed we still have each other and we need to appreciate life as much as possible for as long as we can. I wonder if this is why Bush family has 100k acres in south America or if tptb already know a comets coming or if they just don’t care. Funny how many elites were vacationing in India as of March 15th I read about this at end of Feb and then all this stuff happened in Japan. Sorta ironic. Think…

    Well all good luck and stay safe.

  • Rica E

    I’ve been saying this for weeks but here we go again. coastal northern cal 40 lat area is so effing toxic right now that after staying indoors and only eating clean ( pre dated or low absorb foods) drinking clean water and following chernbl type protocols, I have never been in worse health . bags under everyones eyes grumpy or tired fatigue all around. the kids are the worst to see. babies out on days where there are no clouds but a colored luminescent haze. and yes the chemtrails are more than ever. the rain is a welcome sight as I feel I can avoid it easier than dry particulate laden air which are visible on my windsheild, I even clean it and check hourly for my own kind of readings for when I choose to say its worthit to be outdoors mornings the weird haze backs up to the hills east of the ocean, by af noon everyone is hacking and stuffy. the grass is not pollinating yet , nor are the redwoods the predominate tree here.found excuses to pull my kid out of school and am in oakland where lo and behold the air is a little better but the

    water will sting a cut?????? I don’t wan’t to sound presumptuous but an asian couple on the elevator looked like very fatigued -shell shocked travellers. I asked how they’re evening was and there was too much pain in their niceties……pray pray pray

  • WindorSolarPlease

    As much as we don’t want this happening, it is. This site has given us information pulling together what information that is out there.

    My prayers are that they can stop these plants…We have had sprinkles of radiation, not the big plume that could be coming if not stopped.

    Now I am not saying sprinkles are ok, because I don’t believe it is.

    I think the ones who can afford it, will get out. The rest of us will just have to go through this mess.

    Countries and people who have an over abundance should have pulled together and have done a humanitarian air lift for the people of Japan, so far I haven’t seen this happening.

    If I don’t see help there in Japan, don’t ever expect help here. We are on our own, hopefully helping each other out through this.

    Prayer sounds good to me. Keep your eye on the Lord and not the havoc that could be coming.

  • Anna

    THANK YOU to whoever you are for keeping this site updated.

    It is better to know than to not know.

    I feel profoundly sad.

    We will all do the best we can. Heaven help us all.

  • whimbrel

    Bush and Sun Yung Moon both bought about half of Panama, for bush probly partly to avoid extradition. The Panamanians hate them… then a liberal priest got elected head of panama and reversed the nonextradition status.. not sure what is happening now. sun yung moon helped bush to kill the US becasue he hates the us.. he alos owns usa today. he thinks all the women in the us are whores. as tom leher said the world is too bizarre to satirize anymore.

  • Cuica

    Live on the Gulf coast, but was in Rio de Janeiro when the quake struck. I was suppose to leave here on the 17th but I’ve decided to stay. If anyone would like info on traveling/staying to Rio, I’d be happy to help.

  • Fallout Man!

    Think about the above quote for a moment. Would they really shut down reactors when they are currently desperately short of electricity to just “strengthen them up a bit for the future”? Obviously they have some serious problems at Kariwa too.

    • Fallout Man!

      The quote being that the operators of the Kariwa nuke power plunt have shut down a couple of reactors there for “strengthening”. You only take power out of the grid when you are short of it if there are serious problems.

    • xdrfox

      Kashiwazaki Kariwa, Onagawa nuclear plant

      The reactor at Kashiwazaki Kariwa, the world’s biggest nuclear station, Three of seven

      reactors at the Kashiwazaki Kariwa station are closed while Tepco strengthens structures

      to improve their resistance to earthquakes. Work could continue at two units while unit 3

      was restarted, Mr Shimizu said.

      Local government approval is required for a restart. There would be no progress on

      starting the reactors until Tepco resolved the problems at Fukushima,

      – –
      Aftershocks higher than expected at Onagawa nuclear plant.
      An April 7 aftershock that struck Tohoku Electric Power Co.’s Onagawa nuclear power plant

      in Miyagi Prefecture was stronger than the maximum seismic guidelines, the utility said.

      The intensity of the Great East Japan Earthquake and aftershocks that have exceeded

      assumed maximum levels will likely lead to a review of the 2006 seismic guidelines,

      sources said.
      On Wednesday, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, a regulator of Japan’s nuclear

      industry, instructed the power company to conduct a detailed analysis.
      A quake with an intensity of…

  • xdrfox

    The Boeing-Rocketdyne Nuclear Facility, also referred to as the Santa Susana Field Lab, is located about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, near the Simi Valley area. And in 1959, a clogged coolant channel in a 20-megawatt nuclear reactor lead to the melting of 30 percent of the fuel elements in the reactor core. The Former Sodium Reactor Experiment Containment Building where the 1959 meltdown occurred (Courtesy of DOE).
    Iodine-131 – that is, radioactive iodine – was released in doses estimated up to 100 times that of Three Mile Island.

    The facility also released many other radioactive materials, as well as other toxic chemicals, over a period of years.