Japan Scientists: High radiation levels near West Coast after Fukushima disaster — Almost 30 Bq/m3 of cesium offshore — Secret documents reveal US gov’t previously ordered radiation test results in Pacific be hidden to avoid contamination fears

Published: June 10th, 2015 at 1:35 pm ET


Michio Aoyama (Fukushima University) et al. (pdf), European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Apr 2015 (emphasis added): The oceanic distribution of Cs-137 and Cs-134 released from [Fukushima Daiichi] were investigated… During the period from end of March to early of April 2011, extremely high activities of Cs-137 and Cs-134 in seawater were concentrated along the coast… The high activities area spread to the region of 165_E with a latitudinal center of 40_N in the western North Pacific Ocean. Atmospheric deposition is also cause to high activities in the region between 180º and 130º W in the North Pacific Ocean. The total inventory of FNPP1-released Cs-134 in the North Pacific Ocean is estimated to be 15.2 +/- 1.8 PBq… Leak of stagnant water induced by heavy rainfall would also cause the increase of the total…

Meteorological Research Institute (further detailed in Aoyama et al.): 137Cs and 134Cs activities in the North Pacific Ocean after Fukushima Nuclear power plants accident — MRI (Meteorological Research Institute) measured the concentration of radiocesium (134Cs、137Cs) in the seawater sampled in April – May 2011.

  • May 13 (42.72ºN, 151.12ºW): 27.3 Bq/m3 of 134Cs + 137Cs (13.5 + 13.8)
  • May 14 (40.97ºN, 141.46ºW): 19.3 Bq/m3 of 134Cs + 137Cs (8.1 + 11.2)

Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (special committee created by Executive Order of the President of the United States), 1994: The [Department of Defense] engaged in fallout data gathering. In the fall of 1954, the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project established a “Fall-out Study Group“… A December 16, 1954, memorandum from the chief of the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project stated… “The actual data obtained are SECRET and the sample collection should be discreetly handled.”… Another contemporary instance of selective disclosure of fallout-related research… is discussed in a February 1955 letter… Willard Libby, acting AEC chairman [reporting] on a proposed marine radiobiological survey in the Pacific… “The classification ‘Secret’ Defense Information has been assigned to the survey in order to avoid… unwarranted recrudescence [i.e. recurrence] of fears in Japan of radioactive contamination of fish… The fact of an oceanographic survey in the Pacific, however, is regarded as unclassified so long as purpose, content, and results are not revealed.”

Note the rather obvious gap in the center of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s map showing test results for the Fukushima radioactive plume from 2011-15. According to the WHOI website, they are attempting to “reveal the ongoing spread of radiation across the Pacific.” Perhaps samples from a location that’s in the projected path of the radiation spreading across the Pacific would help.

See also: NYTimes: Gov’t scientist not allowed to publish findings on Fukushima cesium levels in Pacific — Japan researchers pressured to downplay disaster’s impact — Professors obstructed when data might cause public concern

Published: June 10th, 2015 at 1:35 pm ET


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131 comments to Japan Scientists: High radiation levels near West Coast after Fukushima disaster — Almost 30 Bq/m3 of cesium offshore — Secret documents reveal US gov’t previously ordered radiation test results in Pacific be hidden to avoid contamination fears

  • Nick

    "The unrelenting torrent of outright fabrications, exaggeration, and hyperbole undertaken by Fukushima radiation hysteria promoters at EneNews (http://enenews.com/), or rense.com, or on every Leftist media outlet across America to pump up the unfounded assertion that Japan and the entire world is now engulfed in the death fog of a Fukushima radiation "catastrophe" that now is claiming to exceed (no less!) the radiation contamination caused by the Chernobyl disaster is an absurdity on steroids."


    Even the US Government hid actual readings.

    So…folks still think enenews exists to promote hysteria?

    • enenews and contributors (minus trolls/shills) exist to inform – those who make a living off nuclear will try to cause people to think otherwise.

      It's upon individuals to decide what they think of the news posted here. It's a lot like wikipedia – don't like the host, go to the source, then decide.

    • I just sent the owner of the educate-yourself website a piece of my mind. No holding back, either. No time to play once with liars and criminals. They don't deserve a polite response – hey deserve the same respect they have show to the children of Fukushima and all of the other people, animals and living organism dead or dying from this nightmare.

      • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

        I completely agree Kelly!

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        RIP Ken Adachi Educate-yourself.org January 28, 2014 By Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

        I have confirmed that Ken Adachi has been dead for over 24 years John W. Allman has hijacked Ken Adachi’s name and identity another Troll DHS Stooge exposed you Judge.

        John Allman is his real name among many alias in boxes below are the Trolls talking to each other creating and sharing their newly created identities for their group to begine to use new Troll names.

        The other email list are groups they target with their disinformation…

        How can someone who hijacks and uses another person’s identity and be trusted?

        John W. Allman and more Alias below who runs the website educate-yourself.org has been one of the websites attacking legitimate Whistleblowers and has been used by FBI Division #5 to put out disinformation to patriots and other groups for the past 13 years.

        Knowing the lies and defamation of character upon me a legitimate Federal Whistleblower and the DHS Trolls, Satanist and thief Pamela Shuffert, FBI Troll and Cross Dresser and thief Timothy Patrick White of Denver, FBI-CIA Child Molester and thief Ted Gunderson and other lies and disinformation about me on this site and the internet stalking of myself by these Trolls to gain attention on their disinformation sites I figured it was time to get my US Intel friends to confirm who this Ken Adachi aka John W. Allman really is to no surprise.

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          More Alias:
          FBI Division #5 Stooge educateyourself.org aka Ken Adachi. Amazing Ken Adachi has been dead for 20 years Ken Adachi aka Doreen Miller is his/her real name. Is this a crossdresser?

          Peter J. Boudreau alias Ken Adachi currently lives with mother, Patricia in Melbourne, Florida His father, Robert Arthur Boudreau is also connected to site Educate-Yourself.org and used the alias Curt Allan Kobylarz. Another alias is of a dead man named Joseph Bottaro who died 5/29/2003. He uses dead man’s social security number. Bottaro may be the legal name. His father, Arthur was born Born 9/1/1945. Peter is in his 30′s.

          So Robert Arthur Boudreau aka Joseph Bottaro may have actually died on 5/29/2003 He Declared bankruptcy on the dead man’s name in 1994. Patricia Boudreau, his mother lives in Melbourne Florida.

          Family moves around so much, could be gypsies, but military also moves around. Kids, Chris, Doug, Peter. They used to live near Quantico. That should tell you alot.It looks like a father and son COINTELPRO team here.

          Below a little internet research notice the email lists at the bottom where these DHS Trolls would target Activists. Notice another list is this more of the DHS Trolls.

          I only am putting this up to inform the public.
          read more at:

    • Nemo Me Impune Lacessit Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

      Sorry to jump in,somewhat o/t,recorded deaths in Scotland increase 18% over the last twelve months,no details given just a throwaway remark during the national (Scottish) news.

      Peace peeps.

    • jo

      From the March 16, 2014 NYT article: "Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s department of marine chemistry and geochemistry, in Massachusetts, who has worked with Mr. Aoyama, said he has spent much of his professional energy fighting the rumor mill. The cause is not helped, he added, by institutional attempts to gag Japanese professors.

      “Researchers are told not to talk to the press, or they don’t feel comfortable about talking to the press without permission,” Mr. Buesseler said. A veteran of three post-earthquake research trips to Japan, he wants the authorities to put more money into investigating the impact on the food chain of Fukushima’s release of cesium and strontium. “Why isn’t the Japanese government paying for this, since they have most to gain?"

      Ken Buesseler is one of those scientists who labels concerns over air and ocean plume contaminations of the USA, especially the west coast, as hysteria!! This has been reported in several US newspapers.

      Finally, and extremely revealing of the US posture, this is what the NYT added as a "correction" to the headline of the article:
      "Correction: March 17, 2014
      An earlier version of the headline with this article misstated the actions of the Japanese government. There are deep differences over how to determine the health impact of the Fukushima disaster. The authorities are not ‘‘squelching” efforts to measure the effects of the accident."
      How blatant can it…

  • what laws exist requiring EPA USDA et al. to alert people of the dangers of the nuclear radiation swamp they've been living in for four plus years?

    • papacares papacares

      @ ob – see my comment below on EPA release – evidently EPA believes the air we exhale is far more deadly than any nuke – thus the solution would be to get people to stop breathing and how does that happen – DEATH – so nukes are part of the solution not part of the problem – now you understand how everything looks to the insane

      • Thank you, I already understood, I just want to know how we can take them down….

        • curly

          How can we take them down? It's not gonna be with the ballot box or a violent revolution and don't count on a global awakening. One thing that hasn't been tried is to send a million cars to DC or Manhattan and clog the roads. I hate cars and drive as little as possible but cars could be used very effectively to grind thing to a stand still. I know it sounds crazy but not much crazier than our collective reality. Where there's bull shit happening send in the cars. At this point anything should be tried that's non violent.

        • papacares papacares

          @ob v – aw shucks – already knew you knew isn't it obvious? in my humble estimation the only way to take them down is to stop using their services – we cry and whine about these death machines then pay for the juice cause we are all hooked on it, gotta have the convenience of it all, regardless there will be hell to pay in the end, as the old saying goes follow the money and when they say it is not about the money, it is definitely about the money – just gotta have all that shiny crap everyone else does why should a person suffer, never mind watching that TV program produced enough toxic crap to kill 20 seals a whale and half the population of ???

          • BINGO! Stop using their services. It's going to be a pain in the ass for a time but nothing worth doing is ever easy to get done. Divestment is our only hope. A whole ocean is being laid waste and EVERY human is sucking on both barrels of the shotgun the nuclear industry is feeding you. I would think long and hard about their need to kill you and as many of the others on this planet before you turn up with the back of your head blown out.

  • papacares papacares

    bizarre is the only way to explain how things are coming down now,

    have any of you read this epa bulletin released today


    looks like epa can monitor so-called greenhouse gas (CO2)from aircraft(the very stuff humans exhale and trees inhale) but to blazes with monitoring the toxic mix of death serum produced by the nuke industries murder machines – sick b@$T~r&$

    no mention of chemtrails from aircraft wonder why

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, it's obvious why they don't measure CO2 coming out of the chemtrail pilots' aircraft. There isn't really any — just some "harmless" aluminum, barium, strontium…[sarc]

      • hadia hadia

        and dont´t forget lithium, which is lately said to be sprayed over europe and also mercury. they want us definitely to become like Alzheimer Patients or so. They are spraying us to death, day by day and accelerating. What are they really hiding or distracting from?

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        And niobium. I heard blood too, but surely that's tinfoil hat stuff.

      • Being homeless has brought some new insights into the chemtrail issue. I have noticed a large increase in landings of commuter turboprop aircraft on days that trails are being laid out and a noticeable lack thereof on high wind or clear sky days. I think that the main body of the flights doing the chem work are turboprop aircraft not jets.

  • We Not They Finally

    Love when they "avoid contamination fears." Too bad they can't avoid the CONTAMINATION!

    • papacares papacares

      @ WeNot, now that is some real wisdom right there – truer words are seldom spoken – way to go We Not, you rock, papacares says WeNot rules – awesome

  • razzz razzz

    Releasing fallout details from Daiichi melting out and blowing up doesn't fit the agenda. Taxing exhaust from jet engines does fit the agenda.

    • papacares papacares

      @razz – I spoke with a young father of 2 children the other day concerning the extinction of Sea Stars. The man was totally unaware anything was happening on the coast. I asked if he and his family had come to the coast much and he said once or twice a year but they never thought about why there were no Sea Stars, they just thought they were there but hidden by the water. So I asked about tide pools what did he think about them the last time they visited and he said they looked sterile but they just thought it was something they did not understand about how tide pools function. He said now that you mention this the place looked all but dead, then he asked what do you think is going on? I mentioned a few things like pollution, ocean acidification, industrial waste, etc. He looked at me with terror in his eyes and said it is Fukushima isn't it they are killing us all off, dam radiation those nukers are killing my family and my children's future – think he summed it up fairly well with nukes there is no future, only death – these stupid nuke powered generating plants are the Ultimate Death Machines

  • demise demise

    RED ALERT! I live south of Los Angeles in OC. It rained last night, very little <.10". The ground is littered with dead bees. Cannot find any insects on a warm day ~75F. I fear radiation rain is killing our 'canaries in the coal mine'.

    • We Not They Finally

      Do check out a website called "The HAARP Report" — they did a youtube with a documented study of how HAARP has been used to dissemble (they can tell because the swirls are going counterclockwise instead of the normal clockwise) any pressure system that was going to bring rain to California. California is being droughted out deliberately. Dead bees is a terrible ongoing problem anyway, and radiation makes things worse for ALL species; but also wonder if all the added EM pulses from HAARP might be causing additional damage[?]

      • sentinelle sentinelle

        WNTF, years ago I sometimes socialized with a local group of Mensa members. Oftentimes, the gatherings included playing the game RISK. Years later corporations began to turn our world into a global market for themselves for what appeared to be ways to evade paying taxes. These corporations now control many of the powerful governments of the world and there is no loyalty to the homeland, they think they own the earth. They can dry up Syria and California at will. Take out an ocean or two. It's all a power game for total control, total power and total wealth. The one who leaves with the most toys win.

        Weather wars? http://weather.climate25.com/project/thomas-friedman/

    • papacares papacares

      yes up here on central OR coast lots of dead critters laying around and the scavengers will not touch them – the critters know death when they face it – shame mankind does not

    • 4Yahshua

      We exist here, too. The last two days (11, 12) the driveway etc. very wet in places but no measurable rain. VERY STRANGE! Has not happened like this in 26 years. Skies now always look yellowish in a.m. Gloomy but compared to Colorado and Texas, we will take it!


  • Daisy207

    Hi demise. Have you heard of anyone around you getting thyroid conditions or loosing their hair or teeth? Any abnormal reports of still births or pre-mature births with defects? Have heart attacks increased? Any heresay regarding friends and family with sudden onset of cancers? None of the health departments are going to report any increases in any health problems in people – it's going to have to come from people like you and others who are getting concerned if friends and family are getting sick.

    • daisy207 i live in north san diego county, thyroid conds? i know of 3 in past year, loosing teeth-too many to count, still births-3 miscarrages in past year, heart attacks – i know of a 47 year old needs new heart immediately and another 55 year old heart attack, 2 strokes in young early 50's or younger in past 4 years and 1 at 59, cancers, many friends are being screened for and testing for now, autism and downs syndrome in children 4 and younger, i am now up to about 8 in the past month this is very unusual now becomming the norm. saw one last night at a fish taco shop (i only get their bean cheese burrittos), went to a pool tournament a week ago and the roach coach was selling "Kobe" beef! after i asked whether the beef was from Japan, they packed up and left.

      • We Not They Finally

        Those are terrible health stats! It would be good if someone would set up a website dedicated to California health stats "anecdotally." Since once scores of people have the same "anecdotes," it has to start ringing true even for those who have not been paying attention. It might also give a platform for organizing, or at least for support groups.

    • lana

      I am in San Diego. My father was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a few months ago, but I think he possibly had it before, although doctors said his tests were coming back normal until now. However, he has had 2 pulmonary embolisms in the last few years. My mom had a pulmonary embolism after a surgery. I was also really sick from a sinus/candida infection and actually had bleeding behind my eye for a while but I'm much better now. I've been taking cayenne pepper a lot and that really helps. Before fukushima no one in my family had anything that serious or life-threatening going on. My brother is the only that is okay but he seems like he has very low energy the last few years. Yes, I know of people with cancer, many dead unfortunately, no one in my family though. Look up the website healthwyze, it has great information on health issues.

  • demise demise

    The affects on our human relatives are not apparent yet expect for many of the older people in our neighborhood are getting sicker with a variety of illnesses, but that may simply be age related and cannot be attributed directly with radiation. I am concerned that the vegetables I grow and in the local grocery store is contaminated as well. It's embedded in the environment now and there is no way to get away from it.

    Anybody who says this is not already a global catastrophe is either bought off or dumber than dumb and loss all creditability instantly.

    I believe human issues will start arising after a bit of a delay, but the health pros who see it first will not ring the bells for fear of a loss of pay check or public panic, or both. They can do nothing about it anyway. It's too big a problem that will only get worse and worse. This will spawn the collapse of the US and emergent of the NWO. Obama's end game.

  • Majia's post today (10 June) on Alaska wolves unprecedented 60% decline in one year is a clue http://majiasblog.blogspot.com.au/

    Predators eating predators eating predators eating whatever low on the food chain – bioaccumulation of man made nuclear radioisotopes is lethal.

    Another year for humans who eat processed foods and bioaccumulating critters?

    • demise demise

      We have undeniable proof of many extinction events happening right now off the NA west coast. These are interconnected with the land ecosystem. When you see the first extinction events on land, then the human population will be directly effected physically, socially, financially and culturally. It is coming quickly and will be upon us with little or no warning and it will be too late after it starts to happen because you are a product of your environment.

      Like it or not, you are currently walking/running in, eating and drinking radiation contamination. Eating meat and bio accumulating. We feel fine today, but how much or how long does it take?

    • We Not They Finally

      Since wolves ARE predators, maybe their prey was already being killed off before the wolves got to them. Every balance is getting upset from every side.

    • General User General User

      It seems the Alaska fish&game commission knows the Southeast wolf pups "rely on salmon" more than wolves in the interior areas. Also stated is "wolves sometimes completely digest salmon bones"

      IMHO they got a big dose of FuFu poisoning.


      Manually copied from Linux browser

      Peace All

      • Strontium detection in Sockeye Salmon, any predator eating them would be seriously affected through bio-accumulation.

        16th January 2015 – Japan-Radiation Test Results: 5th Round – We’ve tested our seafood for a fifth time … and again received very reassuring results


        Strontium-90: None detected in king salmon, halibut, or albacore tuna. Sockeye salmon contained 1,760 pCi/kg of strontium-90, which is less than half (41%) of the FDA’s safety limit (DIL) of 4,300 pCi/kg.

        “Grains, leafy vegetables, and dairy products are the leading sources of dietary strontium-90 in the U.S. diet, and the concentration in U.S.-grown vegetables typically peaks at 9 pCi/kg.”


        My opinion.

        It is commendable that this company is testing sea food for radioactive contamination.

        I am surprised at the amount of Strontium-90 detected in the Sockeye salmon, considering the other isotopes tested for were below reliable equipment detection limits. Strontium-90 is a poison and does not have any dietary health benefit, at any level of contamination!

        From previous research the Sockeye salmon Strontium-90 contamination could affect Sockeye salmon fertility and and cause a crash in fish numbers. It will also be bio-accumulated up the food chain by all its predators, including Humans.

        8th October 1971 – Fallout and Reproduction of Ocean Fish Populations E.J. Sternglass, Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,…

        • 8th October 1971 – Fallout and Reproduction of Ocean Fish Populations E.J. Sternglass, Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

          Nuclear Fallout causes Fish Population Decline extract:

          As will be shown below, very large declines of fish-populations after low-altitude nuclear tests followed by a gradual recovery to pretesting levels have been observed both in the Atlantic and Pacific, strongly suggesting that the eggs of fish and the developing young are far more sensitive to internal radiation from low-level fallout than had been anticipated, very much as in the case of the human-embryo and fetus.




          Radioactive food contamination reports like this are constantly being added to,

          "The Food Lab"


          and "Radiation Food Lab" data bases.


          • papacares papacares

            @V1 – also look at the increasing number of fishermen selling their boats – the smart ones know their industry is doomed – or are aware they are now selling death and will not stoop to supplying a contaminated product to an unknowing populace – however there still is a number of them out there who absolutely love the adventure and unbelievable amounts of money they take in for such a short work span, sort of like a whore or a lawyer, they will tell you anything you want to hear just as long as you pay them for it, oops I think I just nailed 98% of the population

        • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

          I've been buying greenhouse grown lettuce. Safer? Maybe.

        • The question is why did the Sockeye salmon bio-accumulate so much Strontium-90, and the other fish didn't.

          Knowing what are they eating and migration patterns, could answer this question.

          It may turn out that the Strontium source is not from Fukushima.

    • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

      Our choices just got slimmer with wheat being determined unfit for human consumption.

      I did not know it had an opiate molecule which makes it hard to remove it from the diet.

      Linked to all kinds of maladies. It would surprise you.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Just chock full of secrets.

    I would warn you about that bus that you're about to step in front of…but the manufacturer of the bus donates money to the party. We don't want to alarm anyone so…BAM! Sorry bout your luck.

    My Windows computer hard drive was going
    crazy when I got home. Shut it down and it said it was installing 6 of 8 updates. Turned it on when I woke up. It installed 4,945 updates.

    Got me thinking about the microsoft privacy policy Stock posted the other day. Hmmm 4945 updates.

    No telling. A sentinal for every keyword in all my files? I'll check my update history tomorrow.

    Maybe they think I saw the bus accident
    Maybe I shouldn't give a shit.

  • demise demise

    I have noticed recently a subtle but very real change is conservative TV/radio/commentators. All of a sudden they ALL
    backed off of Obama. It seems someone got to them. It's very
    fishy and stinks. They conspiracy runs very deeply and only a messiah would be able to sort out the massive world wide fraud and corruption. Stonewalling a dying Ocean and complete lack of a solution is just the tip of the iceberg. They will tell you after the collapse that it's for your own good and safety to accept the NWO. Our children are doomed!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This Nuclear Technology is now taking out some of our brightest! 🙁 Bam lost another one!

    Shut all this Nuclear Crap down.. now! 🙂

    See! Thanks Nuclear! 🙁

    They all leak Nuclear Poisons ..all of them! 🙁

  • Jebus Jebus

    Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station 'responsible for elevated risk of cancer,' claims academic

    The paper, published this month by Jacobs Journal of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, states: “Trawsfynydd is a ‘dirty’ nuclear power station. As it has carbon dioxide, gas-cooled graphite block reactors its releases to air are higher than most other types of nuclear reactor.

    “In addition, all the liquid releases are discharged to the lake, where they have accumulated to the lake body sediment.

    “Results show very clearly that the downwind population has suffered because of these exposures. This is most clear in breast cancer in the younger women below 60, where the rates were almost five times the expected…

    "Additionally we see a doubling of risk in those who ate fish from Trawsfynydd lake, which supports the conclusion that it is mainly a nuclear power station effect that is being seen.”

    Other forms of cancer showing elevated levels included prostate, leukaemia, mesothelioma and pancreas. Altogether, 38 people in the area researched were diagnosed with cancer between 2003 and 2005, against an “expected” level of 19.5.


  • We CAN see this Cesium pink Dragon’s breath with our own eyes!
    Today at 2 PM local time, the clouds were all aglow with a strange hue of reddish pink over the Mojave:




    The morning of Jan 31st 2011 I awoke after having my skull repaired from Sarcoma damage, the Western sky was aglow with an evil glow from a solar reflection in Barium, Cesium, etc. over the Pacific of the Sun in the East seeming like it was setting in the West, it was bizarre. Here is an ominous early morning image I managed to catch of that same effect on an ABC camera:


    Scattered rain yesterday here in S NV was metallic, it seemed like a tin can smell, and was accompanied by a strange electric arc scent like Ozone. Today things were a bit washed out from Barium etc. dust on plants and in the air in some images I snapped.


  • Regarding the post by admin (Thanks for your great work): "North Pacific distribution and budget of radiocesiumreleased by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident"

    Among the researchers who produced that presentation include one from the "Environmental Science Research Laboratory, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry" (UTILITY sponsored) and Japan's Atomic Energy Agency. Conflicts of interest?

    The presentation represents Fukushima's contamination as being significantly less than Chernobyl's:

    [excerpt]: "Our study also gives us that total amount of released radiocaesiumfrom the Fukushima NPP1 accident to the air was about 15–20 PBqfor both 134Cs and 137Cs."

    Figure of 60PBq 137Cs is given for Chernobyl, although presentation acknowledges far more fallout ended up in the ocean from Fukushima.

    How is it that everything can be dying along the Pacific North American coast (and moving inland) but the fallout from Fukusima was 1/3 as much as Chernobyl's?

    Nothing is adding up. We know it went into the air and down with the rain in Japan and North America. We also know there were direct spills and ongoing deliberate dumping continues.

    Does the presentation's low ball estimate derive from exclusive look at atmospheric contamination alone?

    Or are data being manipulated strategically?

    The fact that no one is connecting the dots across the species makes me suspicious.

    • demise demise

      It's all a big game. They screwed up badly, but want to keep their pay checks coming. The generation of honor is gone. They lie and falsify facts to save face and keep their jobs. They have sold their soles to the devil.

      In reality, it makes no difference what the readings are. The end result is the same, the early extinction of man from an
      unstoppable triple China Syndrome right on the beach. It can't even be imagined something this bad, even at the movies, but it actually happened and we are all screwed.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        You are very wise! 🙂

      • Downplaying and minimizing every nuclear disaster since the first one is in the 'playbook' of nuclear industry. They are just down sizing the disasters by many orders of magnitude as they get worse and worse..

        Fuku is their best work yet. They downsized something that is up to 180,000 times worse than Chernobyl, in part due to the plutonium release..

  • Jebus Jebus

    LCQ7: Safety of food products imported from Japan

    Published By Foreign Affairs Publisher / June 10, 2015

    MIL OSI –

    Source: Hong Kong Government special administrative region – Press Release/Statement:

    Headline: LCQ7: Safety of food products imported from Japan

    LCQ7: Safety of food products imported from Japan
    Following is a question by the Hon Chung Kwok-pan and a written reply by the Secretary for Food and Health, Dr Ko Wing-man, in the Legislative Council today (June 10)


  • Jebus Jebus

    And if you need to purge your lunch, read this.

    The Leakage of Contaminated Water at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and the Safety of Fishery Products

    (provisional translation)

    Jun. 2015 – Fisheries Agency of Japan


    I used the waste basket…

    If I could live to see the end of this Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, I would live forever…

  • 4truth

    I don't understand the different measurement units for radiation. In the first two citations, they use the word "activities" rather than "levels". What does this mean? Is that what the measurement they use signifies — Bq/m3?
    "extremely high activities of Cs-137 and Cs-134 in seawater were concentrated along the coast…"
    "Atmospheric deposition is also cause to high activities "
    "137Cs and 134Cs activities in the North Pacific Ocean after Fukushima Nuclear power plants accident "

    • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

      Bureaucrats…speak with forked tongue.

      Yes, and no depends on who you ask.
      Yes, but not radioactive.
      There is no normal background. There is a formula to calculate your background.
      Caesium levels detectable, a mockable test of =pre-fukushima.
      Yes, type nuclear testing in Nevada into your browser.

  • 4truth

    More questions.

    For cesium 134 and 137, is there a U.S. federal/EPA limit in Bq/m3?

    Are these elements naturally occurring or are they only artificial?

    If natural, what would be a "normal" background level? Like pre-Hiroshima/Nagasaki, pre-1950's Pacific nuke tests?

    What was the "normal" level in the years prior to Fukushima for these cesium elements?

    Is there a chart of the levels of these (and other) elements during times of nuclear tests and over time?

    Thank you everyone for all the info, research, and explanations pm ENE News.

    • Wyakin Wyakin

      Good questions.

      Advice, don't ask here, take initiative to begin your own investigation. Explore beyond propaganda dominating msm. Many toxic radioisotopes other than those cited to promote the Public Safety meme exist.



      All the crap being pumped out by NRs toxic and increase background.

      If you are motivated to understand, read this. Then you you will better understand normalcy.

    • razzz razzz

      Caesium-133 is stable (not radioactive) and the only natural occurring cesium, the rest are all radioactive and manmade, including some Cs-133 that is manmade during fission.

      Earth is old enough for all Radiocesium(s) (radioactive-cesium) to have decayed away in time after earth came into existence.

      Limits set for various types of radiocesium, that will vary since we initially had none before atomic testing and now are swimming in it from bomb testing and reactor venting esp. core melt fallout.

      If I remember right, a dimes weight of the Cs-137 (half-life of 30.17 years) spread evenly on the ground can render one acre of land worthless for farming until it decays away. Normally 10 would be the multiplier so, over 300 years to totally decay away even though I have seen 20 mentioned as a multiplier for Cs-137, that would make it a full decay span of 600 over years.

      Radiocesium is a potassium analogue, plants and animals can't tell the difference.

      'Other isotopes of caesium'

      "The other isotopes have half-lives from a few days to fractions of a second. Almost all caesium produced from nuclear fission comes from beta decay of originally more neutron-rich fission products, passing through isotopes of iodine then isotopes of xenon. Because these elements are volatile and can diffuse through nuclear fuel or air, caesium is often created far from the original site of fission."

      • Wyakin Wyakin

        Cs-137 is the most abundant long lived radionuclide released by the rupture of nuclear fuel rods, H2O soluble macronutrient, potassium mimicking, quickly becoming omnipresent/pervasive in contaminated ecosystems, a Specific Activity of 83 Ci/gm, etc.

        A dime 2.2 gm.

        Some argue as little as .3 gm of Cesium-137 as nanoparticles distributed over an area of one square kilometer will make that square kilometer uninhabitable.

        Consider, the difference between the calculations over a teaspoon or so of the toxin is relative, yet the destructive biological power of the radioisotope! Contrast to SA on SR90->139 Ci!!


        And the consequences of all the airborne nanoparticles from FU? Relatively few acknowledge or even comprehend the horrific scale.

        Only nuclearists believe their minds are large enough to "comprehend."

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    FYI-polyphenolic compounds-chlorogenic acid-in the peel can protect human red blood cells from oxidative damage. Talking taters here. This is good news for humans. The degenerates that rule the earth don't benefit 'cause they be considered noxious lifeforms.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    A real innovation in the smart phone would be for the device to expand from one size to another depending on the user preference. Yeah, I don't really care.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    What's wrong with asking here Wyakin? Do you think someone here would lead him/her astray? Your wolf avatar provides little insight into your agenda. Or maybe it does.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      Wyakin's agenda is to get rid of nuclear energy and, especially, to educate the dangers of nuclear waste and internal emitters of ionizing radiation. We all need to do research on enenews.com and elsewhere because the nuclear shills on enenews.com give deceptive answers all the time. And there are TEPCO shills that also give deceptive answers. All answers everywhere need analysis and good judgment on the part of the reader. Political operatives just want their candidate to win more than they want to get rid of nuclear energy.

      So asking questions on enenews.com is a very good place to begin, because if someone answers the question that person may be the most informed person in the world. But it is always good to compare other published information and to compare all the answers given in the articles referred to in the headlines of enenews.com and the various answers given by bloggers. The answers given by bloggers are many times rather heated debate.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

        Wyakin refers readers to:

        Low Level Radiation Campaign (LLRC)
        European Committee on Radiation Risk
        Comité Européen sur le Risque de l’Irradiation

      • Wyakin Wyakin

        PT-yes, you are correct and very perceptive. And thank you for adding those links to the inference.

        Bungalow Phil-relax, take it easy. Suggestions can be ignored as easily as taken.

        There should be no question at this point what my motives are. I've been very clear and consistent, like a broken record (probably to the annoyance of some) about where I stand on the matter.

        To be even clearer, I am assuming you know what a record is-round vinyl that has sound tracks embossed as grooves that produce music on a turntable with a stylus that sometimes gets stuck and repeats indefinitely…

        radiation is dangerous; ICRP models are flawed and intentionally left uncorrected to further scatter radioactivity into the environment; nuclear corporations are receiving obscene quantities of corporate welfare from hard working taxpayers which should be terminated; shut the dangerous rattletraps all down; get regulators interested in public safety instead of enhancing corporate profits, etc…

        Take care, ~W~

        • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

          What? Stop reading my comments Wyakin. They're not meant for your ilk. I see my signature in your replies and I find them both flattering and irritating.

          • Wyakin Wyakin

            Bungalow Phil-

            You are addressing "Wyakin" in your above posts.

            That appears to be addressed to me unless some else has that ID.

            We appear to be generally on the same team with regards to our stance on nuclear anything.

            No one here is your enemy. Your comments are valued.

            Take care, Wyakin

  • Nick

    The World will soon have a collective OSM.

    Those of us who are TATAL tellers have already had ours as we are fully cognizant of the spread of GMI.

    I will say it again; while I mourn the demise of creatures great and small, I am far more concerned about the effects of ionizing radiation on our own
    brain functions, and I am not certain that we will be able to rationalize our thoughts
    as they become increasingly irrational and laced with bi-polar type fluctuations in our hormone levels.

    Potent neuro-hormones that shape our very souls are being corrupted by the decaying atomic energies released into our precious biosphere.

    It's not going to be a pleasant ride.

  • Nick

    "So the US has been determined to play down the negative press about the Fukushima disaster, in order to avoid any close analysis of its own nuclear power plants back home, and protect its nuclear industry from facing a similar public backlash to Japan’s poor industry."


    The accident in Japan was partially the USA's doing/fault since we promoted
    the growth of Japan's nuke industry all along!

    • Nick, I added to your concept here

      stock here– I would like to add also, USA is not just responsible for promoting Japan's nuke industry, GE and the Corporate Hitmen sold Japan a real bill of goods when they sold Fukushima as one size fits all.

      Bottom line, rather than redesign the pumping system to accomodate high head (high elevation) pumping, GE forced Japan to accept their design as is, and thus forced japan to take down a mountain to make room for the plant at sea level. The easiest way to remove the mountain was by starting where part of the mountain was already gone, a river bed.

      This low elevation allowed the tsunami to complete the task that the earthquake started.

      Then in the aftermath, the coriums are now below the buildings and sitting in the wash water for the river which was simply forced to go underground.

      The story "Making of Fukushima" is here….

  • rogerthat

    here's the game plan: full speed ahead until the next meltdown.


    Japan needs 35 nuclear reactors operating by 2030, says industry minister
    June 11, 2015

    • rogerthat

      it elicited this comment:

      Paxus Calta-Star · Top Commenter · Minister of Propaganda at Acorn Community
      Rather than investing in unpopular nuclear reactors in a country plagued with earthquakes and tidal wave, Japan could do what Germany is doing and resort to real renewables and efficiency. To it's credit, last year alone Japan replaced 16 reactors worth of power using renewables and efficiency (mostly efficiency). With no place to store the waste, a failed breeder program and tremendous public opposition, it seems like nuclear in Japan is a fools errand. http://funologist.org/2014/10/02/should-japan-restart-its-reactors/

  • rogerthat


    Fukushima, Japan shaking During Large Earthquake June 11,2015

    Mary Greeley

  • rogerthat


    THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2015

    Webcam View

    Yesterday, early in the day, I noticed an uptick of emissions from unit 3, although emissions from units 1 and 2 still looked relatively low.

    Since that time I've had great difficulty opening the TEPCO cams. I am not sure whether it is my Internet, which I've had problems with, or the TEPCO cams' slow response.

    This morning I cannot open either of the TEPCO cams. TBS cam view looks yellow and is much more pixilated than 2 days ago when the view was clear. Emissions can be seen below from the unit 3 area, although less visible in the screenshot than when watching live:

  • I'm not having trouble loading the cams but windows media is giving me fits, not working properly. 🙂 BTW, the u-tube archive is great and yesterday several times the site was trembling…crane cable swaying, vertical shaking, independent of the actual earthquake timings in most cases. There must be very disturbed seafloor and land geology with ongoing effects from radiation interacting with this swarm.

    I'll post a couple current pics of the dense grey atmosphere that has a huge portion in and around Fukushima hazed out by increased emission and overcast. And no, in case anyone thinks Tepco is filtering. Filters make detail shadows look darker if there are any and no sunlight is getting through during this blanketing of the countryside…it was well into morning already in Japan. And I see I screwed up when photo shopping the pics and put afternoon. Arrrgh. I was looking at my clock time instead of the Japan time. 🙂 These are just of cam 1 and cam 4.


    • Ignore the duplicate C&P. I plead high rads. Having .15 to .18uSvs here on and on this past week. My ave is more like .06 for the low and occasional times of .18uSvs. Having a few pink skies too with black cloud streaks when no local burns were happening to blow in pollution.

  • hadia hadia

    @papacares that is right. But they in my opinion have found an easier genocide now for all of us: Spraying us to death via chemtrails.

  • hadia hadia

    hallo there all,
    I really do appreciate EnEnews, but sometimes I have the impression it´s kind of repeating copy and paste, which is good for new ones on this blog like for ex. myself. But could it be that you are only concentrating and chatting amongst US-citizins? There are questions asked like what could and can we do actually? But it turns to often repeated same. Please, correct me if I were wrong: but also non-physicists or non-biologists etc.would like to express their opinions and so on.But if answers get out only to american bloggers then you might have overseen that it HAS ALREADY ALSO comletely reached Europe as well. So I would like to get any suggestions regarding Chemtrails issue, rad issue, WHAT CAN we DO, WHOM SHOULD WE KICK IN THE A. of the politicians etc.
    SOLIDARITY IS A WEAPON and not a selfish american blogger site.So I am telling you: my collegues and I we r confronting politicians with every issue like that. The more ppl awake on the PLANET, not only in CA.!, the more we can open other ppl eyes and then take steps accordingly.I am travelling from Germany, to Austria to Chechoslovakia, to Italy etc. to just render the critical informtation to those, who maybe feel sth. but dont know what it exactly could be.

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