Japan scientists say gov’t testing may be missing radiation threats

Published: July 26th, 2011 at 10:25 am ET


Japan Scientists Say Sea Radiation Tests May Miss Seafood Threat, Bloomberg, July 26, 2011:

“Depending on the species, fish have been known to accumulate as much as 100 times the amount of pollutants in the environment,” Jota Kanda, a professor at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology specializing in marine environment, said by phone yesterday. […]

The minimum detection limit is defined as 4 becquerels per liter for Iodine-131, 6 bq/l for Cesium-134 and 9 bq/l for Cesium-137, the report said.

“Which means that at 5 becquerels per liter the ministry will proclaim the water safe, but concentration in fish may exceed the 500 becquerel limit” per kilogram set by the government, Kanda said. […]

Published: July 26th, 2011 at 10:25 am ET


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119 comments to Japan scientists say gov’t testing may be missing radiation threats

  • FML

    Can anyone tell me if the building in the back on the TEPCO cam is on fire?


    • Whoopie Whoopie

      You see that?!?! They changed it TO BLACK AND WHITE!! Right at 1:20

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        What better way to HIDE A FIRE…than change it from Color to BLACK AND WHITE.
        Repost in case you missed it:
        Great Idea by CaptD at HP
        The BAD News Blackout:
        Japanese are pet lovers, so THEY/we could talk about pets!
        i.e. Using “Pets” that shed and or have their hair come out…
        … Or having to take your pet to the Doctor
        … Or ???

        ALSO A MUST LISTEN http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/rense_Shimatsu_072511.mp3

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        It’s only 12:24 a.m. JST now. What day are you talking about? You should post a link. Actually, they turned out the floodlights early tonight. But it was changed to B&W hours ago. There may be a fire there, but I don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of time, date, cam live or timelapse. Heart of the Rose said yesterday that it is an in-air chemical reaction over the Centralized Waste Radiation Treatment Facility. Or it could be a radiation signature. Now that the floodlights are out, it probably ISN’T a fire.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Or it could be just another smoke and mirrors dance from the Tepco Noh Drama masters.

          I, however, vote for ???

  • mungo mungo

    they are flood lights, doesnt mean there isnt something going on though, there usually is this time of night

    • FML

      Orange flood lights that get gradually brighter and smoke?

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Posting at HP. I want some other opinions too. I think they tried to hide a fire, dont you? Color to B/W?

        • FML

          Well the camera always goes to black and white at night but its weird how this happens to the building every night if you look at other days at the 19:00-20:00 mark.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            I don’t know what to think. I DO know our TRUST is gone. Can’t trust them at all.

          • FML

            Well TEPCO claims to have the plant under control so everything should be okay right? And the world is filled with gum drops and sugar plum fairies.

  • vaporlock vaporlock

    That is the cameras switching into night mode, my security cams do it as well. The IR sensors will switch when ambient light drops. The smoke started after the last series of 5.6 to 6.2 aftershocks over the last few days. They stopped back lighting it so it is harder to see. Radiation count up north here has increased again. Back up to 1.20 uSv/h again in my air samples.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Thanks for the explanation vaporlock. I OBVIOUSLY didn’t know that.
      That’s a high increase!

      • vaporlock vaporlock

        It’s down from 1.42 uSv/h around the 18th. I have a monitoring station set up, correlate my readings with the jet stream and weather conditions. The high up here after the accident was 3.45 uSv/h during heavy rain. All my samples are air particulates, not surface readings.

        • Darth

          Do you have car or air filters. If so Arnie Gundersen knows how to analyze them for hot particles. See fairewinds.com

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            Darth! Weren’t you talking about manure yesterday? There you have it:
            “Govt. bans compost made from manure in east Japan”

            (sorry for crashing into your conversation)

          • vaporlock vaporlock

            Sorry I didn’t see you’re reply earlier. I have a vacuum fan running 24/7 pulling air through a car air filter. At the end of July, I will go about getting it tested, and replace it with a filter for August. I did look at his site, he may be the fellow it goes to. Nobody up here will help with anything to do with this. You know, don’t worry be happy :/

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd


            Where are you located. I posted this earlier, but it got lost way down thread. I’m guessing you are in Canada somewhere.

            I’m in Berkeley, CA. This is important to me as our apartment management is trying to require us to bring all gear inside our apartments, even when it rains.
            I’m balking, but being threatened with eviction.

            I’m trying to collect data which will make my point that we should not be reqwuired to take our rain soaked bikes, walkers, shoes, etc. inside our apts.

            Thanks for your help.

    • The Chernobyl evacuation limit was 0.57 µSv/hour.

      • When I tried going to the TEPCO camera link, I got a message saying my firewall is blocking some features of the program (first time I’ve had that message – using Google Chrome), so something is going on with the camera.

      • vaporlock vaporlock

        I know. I’m not impressed. But, my samples at over 1.0 uSv/h are particle hits, not a constant. Have a look here http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvp8wjR All my data from the last 3.5 months “accidentally” got deleted with my account.

        • Your data are incredible and I really appreciate the contextualization with the jet stream.

          Where are you taking measurements?

          • vaporlock vaporlock

            I built an air collector that sits between my inside window and storm window with air vents to circulate the air but keep the equipment dry. The area is the peace country. It is on the east side of the mountains which explains negligible readings in Vancouver, but similar readings in Edmonton, Red Deer and Lloydminster. I use a Geiger Muller Counter calibrated with thorium @ 158CPM beta & Gamma bg @ 24 / thorite @ 38000CPM and a mantle 24CPM @ 3.75 mR/h

          • I would like to post a link to your results, your methodology and location described above at my blog.

            Is that ok?

        • Mark

          Hey Vaporlock, why do you think radiation higher east of Rockies? I live in Vancouver and I thought (have no numbers to back my theory) radiation worse in Van as clouds get trapped by mountains and we get a lot of rain I figured radiation would rain out on Van and would be less east of rockies but you say different. I thought the mountains would protect you east of rockies. What is your take?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd


      Please tell us where.

  • vaporlock vaporlock

    Majia – Sure, I have all the data and xls feeds backed up offline and mirrored in Europe so if it gets deleted again, just a bit of time to re upload. Thanks, people need to know, but I hate when the fearmongers go nuts. We have enough going on they don’t need to panic over intermittent high readings :o)

    • There will be no panic because so few people will ever know, as they are shielded from reality by media fantasies.

      I don’t think people should panic but I do think people should be informed so they can take precautions, particularly for their kids.

      I am sick that my kids were exposed to high levels of radiation in April when the jet stream was over our heads because our government would not warn the public.

      • vaporlock vaporlock

        I agree, this is why I have done this. I have a daughter who I love and want to see have a good life.

        • sophiesChoice

          I keep seeing mention of taking precautions and mitigating damage from exposure and I’m curious as to what this means. I live on the west coast (bay area) and would like to shield my 3YO daughter from as much of this as possible, but what can I do other than curtail her dairy intake? I just can’t keep her locked up inside all day long, so what’s everyone’s protocol for dealing with this?

  • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

    I wonder if anyone is testing for radioactive chopsticks yet.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hot Tuna, I would be already happy if they tested the stuff we stick the chopsticks in….btw: tuna auction re-opened…suckers

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com


      I think the chopsticks are made from plundered OLD GROWTH Borneo, Malaysia and Indonesian tropical rainforest hardwoods, unfortunately., which are likely far less hot radiologically than the local foods, such as leafy greens, root crops, juicy veggies and juicy fruits. Apparently plants in hot zones, see research on food plants grown in radioactive soils, somehow partially or fully shield their seeds and nuts from radiation, which is mainly stored in the leaves, particularly in deciduous plants, and in the carb storing vacuoles of pith and in any other plant cells, aside from seed or nut tissues, that store carbs.

  • Fresh, unopened disposable chopsticks are mostly tulip poplar from South Georgia, USA (!!)

  • moonkai

    Evacuation of Tokyo foreign community and locals should be starting soon! Will triple check my sources, but it looks like 2 embassies silently already made the move to warn their citizens …

    A lot going on in the background … and it is getting bad ! Will keep you posted!

    Not trying to create panic, for all the people in ENENEWS that live in Japan. So trying to gather more info and will get back to you. Simply stay alert … it might be nothing !

  • moonkai

    Please, let’s keep it in house … don’t want to blow my sources, then they won’t tell me anything anymore. But I thought this is important !

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      TY moonkai for your important reports and info. And yes, let’s do as moonkai asks:


  • moonkai

    I guess I won’t have time to print my T Shirts “EVACUATE FUKUSHIMA” … by the way, rumors are floating in the embassies that the “meltout” has already begun a long long time ago! If it is true …it is game over !

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com


      One would hope it’s game over (as in appropraite, even panic is very appropriate when there is a radioactive meltdown of a nuclear fission source); but, don’t ever underestimate the sociopathic or psychopathic nature of those running our wealthiest and most secretive profiteering institutions under capitalism. They will lie you into your grave, so to speak. It’s long passed time for beginning to chop from the top. I’m grateful that some Fukushima and northern Japanese prefecture residents are beginning to get that physical action against leaderships is required. They need to aim their ire and use their guillotines (literal or figurative), agianst the wealthiest at the very top and merely punish, kidnap and pressure the little puppets below the top. Remember that EVERYTHING in capitalism status quos is titularly controlled. Chop from the top!!!!

  • moonkai

    Pork is contaminated … South of Tokyo has shown high radiation level …. kids are getting nose bleeds all over the place … Fuck you Kan !! 😉

  • moonkai

    I’m sad ! Where is my bottle of wine ?

    • Hasn’t the melt-out been happening for months?

      What does this mean?

      Is the corium melting slowly through the concrete basement and cooling as it goes?

      Many physicists have said as much and that there is little risk of another explosion but I really don’t know.

      Dr. Neutron, who used to post here, felt the biggest risk came from the spent fuel pool in #4.

      However, NHK was reporting daily on efforts to inject nitrogen in unit #3 to ‘prevent a hydrogen explosion’

      All of those efforts seem to have been reported as unsuccessful…

      what do hear is the risk beyond slow poisoning through the never ceasing emissions of radiation at the plant?

      • moonkai

        No explosion needed … this is going to be much worse … the big blob might have already burnt through all of it and has reached the ground … and will make its way to the water table ! Hope it is not happening !

        People will evacuate because of food contamination … I own a restaurant and I can tell you the expats are freaking out ! Even the ones that thought I was “overreacting”. Now they are all so worried !

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      I hear you moonkai. stay strong. we’re waiting to hear from you…
      nosebleeds south of Tokyo does sound awful! I heard it’s holiday season now in Japan. It’s heartwrenching to imagine tha toddlers on the beaches, especially on Thursday/Friday to come:

  • moonkai

    I might have mentioned, I had a friend head writer for Bloomberg in charge of all TEPCO press conference coming to have dinner last week. Let say that, he is sad, dumbfounded, puzzled, pissed and scared! He imagined he could have bought a house in Japan and made plans to end his life here with his Japanese wife. Needless to say, like many of us, it has been turned upside down and must accept the inevitable while being so worried for all our Japanese friends and family.

    This is so hard !

    How do you get your wife out of there …and asking her to leave her family behind! It happens to so many of us ! So sad!

    • Please tell us if there is anything we can do in the US and Canada or elsewhere to help.

      I’ve written my representatives (lame attempt I know) and demanded that Japan be persuaded to assist, not exterminate, Fukushima refugees.

      Tell us what else we can do, if anything…

      • moonkai

        Thank you … At least as foreigners we have a way out … but the people, specially in Fukushima, I just cannot believe this could be happening in a “so called” civilized country !

  • a young man sacrificing his future to shut down Fukushima plant

  • moonkai

    Suicide Plague: Japan swept by Fukushima depression


    • Somebody please send moonkai a big crate of wine so she can feel happy and fight the radiation.

      Thanks for the good updates moonkai – I’m really curious about anything that goes in Tokyo, so I hope you’ll keep posting!

      • moonkai

        I am a HE …. but please, send me some wines anyway! lol

        • moonkai

          geeeez …now I realize I sound like an old woman ! Crap ! 😉

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Sending you virtual wine, moonkai! Congratulations on your impeding departure. Your wife and kids must be thrilled!

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            As an old woman myself, I must say there are some wonderful benefits to such a state. But wine for you regardless. the wine distributor is neither ageist nor sexist.

            And I will correct a typo by NoNukes:
            Not “impeding departure.” Try “impending.”

          • moonkai

            @dharmasyd …. yes there are plenty of benefits to such a state indeed ! 😉 Meant no disrespect ! 😉

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            I know moonkai. Your very wonderful spirit shows through your posts.

  • This appears to what’s in store for those who survive this ongoing genocide:


    • NoNukes NoNukes


      What did you think of UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering’s dismissive response to the recent levels of radiation in Canada?

      • These are nuclear engineers not health researchers and they have a vested interest in nuclear energy

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        BRAWN: The Berkeley Radioactivity Air and Water Monitoring team has been less than useless during this entire fiasco. They have been reporting “no detectable amounts” for weeks and months.
        Check here.

      • vaporlock vaporlock

        My response to the UC Berkley dudes is where is your data? Put up or shut up. If I am wrong, at least I tried which is more than I can say for the “geniuses” I’m not a rocket scientist. Just an IT guy.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Right on. And I ask again, where are you? Near Banff?

          • vaporlock vaporlock

            Sorry, never saw your first question dharmasyd. Work keeps getting in the way. I am between Fort St.John and Dawson Creek BC. It’s about a 20 minute drive to the Alberta border.

      • They did not address the question at all, but just sent me to links where the question was also not addressed directly.

        Basically, we’re trying to figure out all the pathways, all the “ways” that radiation can get to us and harm us:

        ocean water
        rain water
        municipal water

        and so on.

        They also haven’t explained how these readings – which are higher than the Chernobyl evacuation limit – compare with Chernobyl’s method of data collection and what the significance is.

        The only recourse is to take our own readings, note the high levels, and panic accordingly. The universities all work for government, or are trying to hold onto their nuclear jobs so have an interest in downplaying the incident.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Oh moonkai,…you CRACK me up! (I thought you were a Sheila too,…so sorry). Must be your gentle, compassionate nature,….yes I’m judging here!) 🙂
    Now I must go watch PU239’s video clip and have the crap scared out of me!

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    This is a great thread. Really good information here.

    • vaporlock vaporlock

      For clarity, Banff is 358.6 Miles to my SE

      • Mark

        Hey Vaporlock why do you think readings higher for you east of rockies then for me in Vancouver?

        I thought readings would be higher on this side of the mountains as they catch a lot of rain. You saying radiation blowing over mountains?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Lauren Moret says that a snow out in high altitude brings down the most radiation. The radiation sticks to the jagged snow crystals.

        • vaporlock vaporlock

          What seems to be happening is the jet stream is higher than normal, pushing the air up and over or through Alaska and the Yukon. It drops down and passes through us and into BC Alberta, Montana, Idaho etc. If you look at the readings they are high when the wind is N or NNW or SW, but low at .30 when coming from the east. I’m learning as I go. The clue for me was higher levels with a SSW wind, and another guys readings in Kamloops and Kelowna. The air circulates back north. It hits the mountains and heads up instead of over. Vancouver and Victoria readings were low. look at connectingdots1 on utube. His readings were short duration, each of my captures is a 6 hour period, then the counter resets.

        • Mark

          Seems like again you are on your own. Sad state of government when we are relying on some guy on You-tube (and others) for info. Better for Canadian gov to test and publish readings and let us decide. If everything OK why not reassure public?

          Back to the snow, mountains or no mountains it will snow at high elevations but once on the ground will look like rain. Not sure that the mountains induce snow just they are high enough to display it. Not good for drinking water supply as is snow run-off from mountains. Will have to get my own Geiger counter and test myself. Kudos to those who have done so all ready

          • vaporlock vaporlock

            Regardless of how you look at this, it sucks. I’m doing this for the kids, my daughter, people who aren’t able to help themselves or have access to equipment. Everyone needs to do what they can to help in whatever way. Remember, cops, soldiers, they have kids too. We need to get past that brainwashing and get them to use “OUR” equipment to help. We paid for it, not the government.

          • vaporlock vaporlock

            All it takes Mark is you, and a friend, then another friend and it gets better and better. We all help each other. We are dulled from their bs on TV, mainstream news is crap and the best way to toast them is don’t watch, don’t buy, hit them in the pocket book. They either report the truth, or go under.

          • Mark

            By the time government does anything it will be too late. We are on our own. Government is a puppet show. Respect you actually did something concrete in regard to this situation and now have a better idea how to protect your family!

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        TX vaporlock. Thanks both for your overall work in general and your response to me.

        I’m just trying to do what I can to get the information out, to show I’m not some Conspiracy Theory buff, but a Categorical Truth buff, and to show the others here that it is wise to protect ourselves.

        You’re way up there aren’t you.

        • vaporlock vaporlock

          dharmasyd Nope I’m not anything but scared for my kid. I grew up on my own, and had myself (and my dog) to count on. I hear how worried people are and said this is garbage. So I pardon the pun, nuked the credit card and got the equipment I needed. I love to learn. I learned a LOT about cancer before it finally got my wife, I’m not going to let that happen to my daughter, her friends, or good souls in general. I’m as selfish I guess as the next person. But!!! This is about our lives, our way of living and most important, the kids. They didn’t do anything, so hopefully they see us do something and maybe in the future there will be someone who can run things with some ethics, class and compassion. Not the guy with the best campaign manager.

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            By way up there, I mean’t latitude-wise. But I think the other meaning gets points also, because you do this for your kid and out of compassion for the innocents.

  • StillJill StillJill

    This is for Sophieschoice out here on the west coast trying to protect her 3 y.o.,…and anyone else. Good, concise!


    • vaporlock vaporlock

      These are what we need to see. Name calling and being mad won’t help the kids. Research all the herbal supplements and natural radiation cleansing fruits and vegetables. Upload to blogs, wherever you can. I’m worried for my kid, but not worried that I can’t help her the best I can. It’s worth being up half the night.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      StillJill, Thanks for the link.

  • Sickputer

    FML writes:
    Can anyone tell me if the building in the back on the TEPCO cam is on fire?


    SP: We have cussed and discussed this supposition to death for about ten days. I am tending to believe now like IC that the lights are floodlights and welding torches. I think they are fabricating the framework for the tent structures, but I could be wrong. The high heat from many welding torches is meeting cooler air at night and glowing.

    Now that is not to say we don’t see smoke vapors rising from the wreckage of reactors 1,2,3, and 4. On some days I thought I saw reactors 2-4 smoking heavily. The releases from 4 have been almost a daily and nightly occurrence. The cumulative effects from all these releases are killing the enevironment in Japan and will have serious consequences in the movements of contaminated water, contaminated sea life, food exports and many other non-food items from Japan, and of course air flow throughout the world.

    I am amazed that the international nuclear industry has behaved with such a hands off attitude. I would think if the entire island of Japan is essentilly destroyed by radiation that that would be a death blow for the nuclear industry at least in most of the modern world countries. We shall see.

    • Mark

      Looks like it will be a slow death. Like smoking cigarettes. When large numbers of people start dying of cancer in 5 10 or 20 years time there will be more “spin”. But by the time that happens new reactors will have had funding approved by Oh Bum ah and others. Nobody is dying today so nothing really needs to be done except hire more spin docs

    • Thank you for your informed commentary Sickputer.

      I always appreciate your insights.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I think that behind the floodlights, in the Centralized Waste Radiation Treatment Facility they are incinerating radioactive debris.

  • Sickputer

    moonkai writes: “…the big blob might have already burnt through all of it and has reached the ground … and will make its way to the water table !”

    SP: From the geology information for the complex it appears there isn’t any ground water table nor an aquifer underneath. A few feet of construction soil lies underneath the concrete foundation. Below the soil is a layer many meters thick of fairly impervious sandstone (also called mudstone, but it not soft by any means). Below that sandstone layer is granite that extends very deep.

    Now they have poured millions of gallons of water into the buildings and directly on the grounds of the plant to cool hot radioactive debris that fell from the reactor 3 blast. That water has to go somewhere. They have pumped some out and some has leached into the sea through fissures in the soil or maybe just direct surface flow at times. That leakage was what they were trying to plug in the early days when there was so much news about the tremendous radiation levels in the ocean.

    Lately the filtering system has been attempting to slow the massive amounts of contaminated cooling water by reusing water they filter through cesium filters (wonder what else they think they are catching?) See a Tepco diagram here from June:


    So anyway…I don’t think there could be a tremendous pooling of water in ground fissures directly under the foundations due to compaction of the soil by the weight of the structure. Now all bets are off outside the building perimeters. Water could have accumulated in soil fissures and it could be significant.

    So yes, moonkai…this could be the proverbial water table in a sense…huge pools of water hanging around in underground cracks in the soil above the sandstone. Now what we don’t know is where the corium had melted to and if indeed the blobs have left the building. Have they been hanging around in the basements of the reactors submerged by water and boiling that water off in radioactive steam from the Tepco daily injections?

    We don’t know that because humans can’t get close enough to get readings and robotic efforts may not be so good either.

    Another plan of action that bears mention is the Tepco “proposal” to dig the mult-million dollar steel fence in the soil down to the bedrock and completely encircling the crippled reactors has never gone beyond a lot of talk about doing that. Gundersen proposed this months ago and I said in May they needed hundreds of thousands of workers if not millions to quickly complete this task. But Tepco stalls while Japan is dying and I guess they are just thinking if they wait long enough maybe the tooth fairy will show up and make everything better. They are sorely mistaken to think a miracle is going to save the complex.

  • Nuclear plants urged to brace for biggest tsunami

    A senior member of a Japanese government council on disaster preparedness says nuclear plants must prepare for the biggest possible tsunami, no matter how small the likelihood of such an event.

    Kansai University Professor Yoshiaki Kawata, who heads the council’s survey team, briefed the Nuclear Safety Commission on the council’s new tsunami measures on Tuesday.

    Kawata said a nuclear plant…video

  • Sickputer

    Very good topical article here from Huffington in 2006 with many current similarities not only for Japan, but also the US and their Middle East occupations:



    […] But, the real significance of Chernobyl was that for the first time in the history of the USSR the leadership was forced to admit publicly to such a disaster. There had of course been massive losses of life in purges, wars and internal nuclear disasters before Chernobyl. But this time, CNN covered the story that first came from Swedish scientists who reported an enormous spike in atomic particulate. UPI reported, erroneously, hundreds of thousands of deaths. NPR and BBC picked up the story and, in the face of the typical Soviet news black out, reported lower estimated casualties, but continued to instill panic.

    The newly installed General Secretary of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, was forced to go on television a few days after Chernobyl to explain that an explosion had occurred, but that the situation was far less dire than many media outlets had suggested. In short, the existence of global media cracked the Communist grip on shaping of the news. This was really the end of the USSR.

    I worked for Armand Hammer in those days and remember exactly where I was when we received a call about Chernobyl. The US government offered aid, but the Russians declined. We offered to send in some medical experts and equipment; the Soviets said yes. They trusted Dr. Hammer, because he always talked to the Soviets, in good times and bad. We went to Moscow, Kiev and the environs of Chernobyl in early May, 1986. Gorbachev told Hammer he was livid at the Western press coverage, incredulous that we could not control our media.

    In time, Gorbachev and his colleagues understood that information cannot be contained, or not forever, but the time for keeping the Communists in power had passed

  • beamofthewave

    The Soviets have put America and the Japanese governments to shame.

  • Mark

    Vaporlock said “Name calling and being mad won’t help the kids. ” But it’s true Russia buried there mess while what Japan is doing with what appears to be a bigger mess is continual cooling with radio-active water leaking into the ocean and radio-active steam being released into the air.

    Nobody knows the status of the “blobs” as too radio-active for humans and robots.

    Surely nobody wants another Fukishima in their country

    • vaporlock vaporlock

      Mark: I wasn’t referring to people here. I was referring to another venue where the discussions degrade rather quickly. I’m impressed with the people here and the value of the information. I chose to share here because of that.

      • Mark

        Sorry didn’t mean to infer you were talking about people here. Poor writing on my part.

        • vaporlock vaporlock

          No worries, no apologies. I too have a pail of F-Bombs just waiting for some of these sorry government people 🙂

  • WhatNow

    I was hoping that this would post under Moonkai and Bread&Butters comments. Bread&Butter posted the following link:

    I have been regularly checking this site out and noticed that about 3 weeks ago the general wind direction started to change. Previously, it was predominantly to the east and out to sea. Now it’s generally shifted toward Tokyo. (I read on here where this is a normal shift in wind direction for this time of year.) This wind change along with the ongoing radiation releases (and fear of major surge releases) would support a move toward evacuation from Tokyo. The fact that you can’t trust the Japanese government to be fully honest about any radiation release would add to the desire to get out of Dodge. What a mess. Best wishes to Moonkai in his efforts to stay safe.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      WhatNow, too bad they announced to stop these forecast loops on Friday! I’ve written them various e-mails demanding to continually provide this info – no response.

    • arclight arclight

      they stopped the nilu forecasts as a plume was hitting china and another plume hitting mainland europe…now they stop this forecast as the winds change….not surprised, the internet is being sanitised of the contaminant word “RADIATION”! 🙁

      remember, be happy and you will be safe!
      qoute from famous japanese philosopher 2011 🙂

    • moonkai

      Got it! Thank you @WhatNow … Tokyo will not be spared any longer. It really sucks ! Not looking forward to that !

  • arclight arclight

    as were on the topic of testing!

    Japanese cars not radioactive – report
    23 Mar 2011

    “The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), which is composed of Japan’s major car manufacturers, has issued a statement saying that radiation levels that could harm humans have not been detected at any of its member companies.”

    noticed the top gear team haven’t done a follw up? “FAIR AND BALANCED” I am so reassured!
    and this….

    The Scripps report gives the following contributing factors to this problem:
    ■Reports are mounting that manufacturers and dealers from China, India, former Soviet bloc nations and some African countries are exporting contaminated material and goods, taking advantage of the fact that the United States has no regulations specifying what level of radioactive contamination is too much in raw materials and finished goods. Compounding the problem is the inability of U.S. agents to fully screen every one of the 24 million cargo containers arriving in the United States each year.
    ■U.S. metal recyclers and scrap yards are not required by any state or federal law to check for radiation in the castoff material they collect or report it when they find some.
    ■No federal agency is responsible for determining how much tainted material exists in how many consumer and other goods. No one is in charge of reporting, tracking or analyzing cases once they occur.
    ■It can be far cheaper and easier for a facility stuck with “hot” items to sell them to an unwitting manufacturer or dump them surreptitiously than to pay for proper disposal and cleaning, which can cost a plant as much as $50 million.
    ■For facilities in 36 states that want to do the right thing, there is nowhere they can legally dump the contaminated stuff since the shutdown last year of a site in South Carolina, the only U.S. facility available to them for the disposal.
    ■A U.S. government program to collect the worst of the castoff radioactive items has a two-year waiting list and a 9,000-item backlog — and is fielding requests to collect an additional 2,000 newly detected items a year.

    and this…..
    “Russia stops 50 radioactive cars from Japan – …
    If authorities don’t make a decision about radioactive cars … Thailand posts record exports in…
    news.malaysia.msn.com/…/article.aspx [Found On: Yahoo! Search, Bing]”
    and heres the link…although the article has been removed!!!

    Originally published May 2, 2011 at 8:41 AM | Page modified May 2, 2011 at 12:29 PM

    Radioactive cars from Japan arrive in Chilean port

    Chilean Dock Workers Refuse to Unload Radioactive Korean Cars
    Traced to about 2 may 2011 (no date on page)
    “The cars were part of a delivery of more than two thousand used vehicles aboard the Hyundai No.106 cargo ship. The ship began its journey in the South Korean port of Ulsan before making stopovers in the Japanese ports of Osaka and Yokohama.
    According to the Sankei Shimbun, its cargo consisted of about 2,5000 used cars from South Korea. The cars were scanned for radiation, and 21 of them had low levels of contamination.
    I have not found information about the exact amount of radiation, but an AFP article notes that it was within Chilean safety standards:”

    Fears of radioactive cars in Australia By Joe Hildebrand From: The Daily Telegraph June 21, 2011 10:49AM

    “So far only one sample has been found to be radioactive, and that was below the international safety standard.”

    all in all trying to find links on this was difficult…maybe less than 100 links for the search term radioactive cars, some of them repeats…
    I got more links for the term radioactive carrot!
    Heres a link from that search term

    Radioactive Rabbit Found in Wash. Nuclear Site
    Posted by Kevin “the Intern” Otzenberger on Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    Blogtownie Todd Mecklem passed on a Tri-City Herald story stating that some time in the last week, a radioactive rabbit was trapped, killed and disposed of at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Wash. Health authorities are now combing the area for its contaminated droppings.
    The report does not say much beyond explaining the rabbit was “highly contaminated with radioactive cesium,” probably from sipping water around the wreckage of a Cold War-era facility that once produced nuclear weapons.
    Beyond that, it’s unclear how long that rabbit was loose, where it went, or who it’s been biting. All I know is, my roommate was in Richland last week, and he’s been acting weird ever since. My sister and I took him out to see a movie last night, and I have to say, he was just not himself.
    The Hanford Nuclear Reservation has a colorful history of working to contain its radioactive animals, as demolition and waste removal projects have caused recurrent radiation exposure to the wildlife.
    Last year, there were 33 contaminated animals or animal materials (such as droppings) found on the site. In 2007, a foot of soil had to be removed from a six-acre area because it was filled with radioactive mud dauber wasps — which is an absolutely horrifying reality for anyone scared of A) wasps B) radiation C) being impaled by the six-foot stinger of a giant, mutant, glowing, radioactive mud dauber wasp. (I believe “C” applies to everyone, ever.)””
    All right they didn’t mention carrot and its old but it was interesting anyway!

    so are some search terms censored or are the articles being censored at source or both! I seem to remember more hits about radioactive cars early on in the crisis, especially in the blogsphere!
    The question are
    Is there proper testing being carried out?
    Which countries are testing?
    What are the elevated tolerable limits in this emergency situation?
    What contaminants are being tested for, ie alpha, beta or gamma?
    In the case of cars, what parts of the car are tested and do they have alpha emitter dust inside?
    Why aren’t more people discussing this issue on the internet (it also effects a range of electronic items made in japan mp3, playstation, tv etc)?

    Points worth noting….
    Japan recycles all raw materials…..think tsunami and initial releases from reactors

    Stories like these are being removed (msm article above) or censored at source or via google

    Any info through msm is likely to be diluted (there are no articles discussing possible scenarios at all!!
    bit of overkill that as all things are debated and possible scenarios are discussed on the web! But not this disaster……!!

    • Amazing. Great research.

    • Novamind

      So knowing where Nissan vehicles are made in relation to Fukushima should one expect a killer deal on a new Nissan? Maybe a GC Sale?

      • arclight arclight

        i have to replace my rear wheel bearing 2 to 3 times a year! on a honda 700 deauville! amongst other things… i get through 6 sets of brake linings (very dusty) a year, nearly 2 rear brake discs, 1 shock absorber, six sets of tyres, air filters, plugs, oil filters etc etc etc, you probaly get the picture.. not all parts need to come from japan, but some do! especialy the rear bearing specifically! 🙁 . also, i get my brake linings from honda as they last for so much longer! and there safer too! merde!
        the motorcycle mechanics i know actually tense up when you mention about radioactive parts..and generally have made it clear that its not a subject that they want to talk about (quick change of subject, sort of thing!).
        your point about being near fukushima is moot as radiation was picked up by korean vessels that just passed by southern japan, after the initial release..
        and because of the economy globaly i am sure that you can pick up a cheap deal for cash anywhere! if you want a really good deal take a geiger counter with you 🙂

        • Mark

          Re: Japanese cars. Something to do with Japanese not driving much or laws translates to many good used cars coming from Japan. Here in Vancouver it has been a growing sector as people don’t mind having steering wheel on right if it means a unique reasonably priced car. So I think the concern is more with used cars which have been possibly travelling through radiated air and exposed to radio-active fall-out as apposed to new cars or even car-parts. Arnie Gunderson said in one of his recent videos (sorry can’t remember which one) that manufactured goods from Japan shouldn’t be a problem. But there is no screening for radio-activity that I know of so……..

          • arclight arclight

            i think that as japan are going to mix the irradiated tsunami cars with less irradiated , snelt them and make parts with it…if they do it may be feasable that you might get hot spots etc.. and as my above post stated that scrap metal coming from japan to the usa will not be tested, any way with all the things that need testing most of it wont be! the testing in japan to date is in the low thousands! mentined in an earlier post, qouting official figures of 2000 or so tests over two months approx i think?

          • Mark

            Totally agree with you, judging by what they are doing with the food. I have read that that is a common way of getting rid of nuclear scrap iron just dump it into the smelter. Probably not a big deal when disposing of a few hundred pounds but obviously situation in Japan is unprecedented. You will never know the source of “new” steel. I don’t even know if Japan has smelters or they rely on China or USA? Wonder where Japanese scrap metal goes to? Good idea to stock up on parts now or buy a Harley

      • arclight arclight

        Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Parts Supplies
        “Many key auto suppliers operate north of Tokyo, in the area most affected by the tsunami. Most auto assembly takes place south of Tokyo, an area unaffected by the tsunami. But many of the plants in the south suffered electrical power disruptions, and both Japanese domestic and the Japanese plants”
        Nice quick 3 page synopsis here
        as the winds have been changing and the reactors not quite sorted yet maybe the worst contamination is to come…i noticed nissan moving alot of stuff to china too..the honda plant is north east etc 🙁 🙁 🙁

        • arclight arclight

          the mileage i do it would have to be a bmw! fully nuclear free energy made! nearly!
          bmw very bullish!!

        • Posted an artical yesterday another auto maker Nisson has signed a 8 billion contract with China for making an electric car, Toyoto did one last month !
          China and Korea but came to Japan for a meeting dinner to work out new locations for maufactoring of many things that Japan can no longer provide, more to come !

  • moonkai

    Mushroom farmer lost 7,000,000 JPY income because of radiation → 3months behind his electricity bill → Tepco cut his electricity.



    • Steven Steven

      They should be giving it away under the circumstances, at least for anyone adversely affected by these events. Hard to understand why they haven’t been forcefully appropriated by the government and brought under proper control (maybe they are the government?)

  • vaporlock vaporlock

    Please update your links to the radiation readings.