Japan Scientists: Truly unusual deformities in Fukushima — Forests may be evolving into different ecosystems — “There’s been a sudden, large change”

Published: February 27th, 2013 at 2:33 pm ET


Excerpts from ‘Radiant Wildlands‘ by Winifred Bird and Jane Braxton in the Spring 2013 issue of Earth Island Journal (Emphasis Added):

[…] When Joji Otaki began looking closely at the [pale grass blue butterflies] the size of a silver dollar, however, he was struck by abnormal patterns in the dark dots on their wings. Then he noticed dents in their eyes and strangely shaped wings and legs.

Otaki, a professor at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, was in the Abukuma Mountains west of the disaster site collecting butterflies to study their response to the accident [2 months after 3/11].

[…] the aberrations they found took them by surprise. Abnormalities in the first generation were within normal boundaries. But when Otaki bred these butterflies in his laboratory, mutations in the offspring increased to 18 percent. That suggested inherited genetic damage. Field samples collected in September 2011, representing the fourth or fifth generation of butterflies since the disaster, had even higher abnormality rates. The changes may not all have been caused by radiation; Otaki had previously found evidence that temperature can affect wing markings. But the deformities his team found in antennae, legs, and other body parts are truly unusual, says Hokkaido University entomologist Shin-ichi Akimoto, who is studying the impact of Fukushima fallout on aphids. The abnormalities are troubling not only because insects are commonly assumed to be more resistant to radiation than humans, but also because they suggest the Fukushima nuclear disaster may be changing individual species, even entire forests.

“There is no question that ecosystems as a whole are suffering,” Otaki says. “There has been a sudden, large change.”

[…] As plants and animals continue to live in these irradiated environments, forests themselves may be evolving into different ecosystems. […]

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Published: February 27th, 2013 at 2:33 pm ET


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19 comments to Japan Scientists: Truly unusual deformities in Fukushima — Forests may be evolving into different ecosystems — “There’s been a sudden, large change”


    "…mutations in the offspring increased to 18 percent. That suggested inherited genetic damage." is the canary in the coal mine. Future generations will look back on this age, with venomous hatred for what we did…and allowed…

  • Washington does a great job. he is getting some semi mainstream air time at ZeroHedge


    Visit and link to ENENEWS

    The coverup has been and continues to be criminal in nature.

    2 plants down, 102 more to go.

    Visit Nuke Pro (not pro nuke I tell ya!)


  • weeman

    Adapt or perish, survival of the fittest, I am sure there is something in our ecosystem that can withstand higher levels of radiation and will thrive, most likely bacterial or something certainly not Multi celled creatures and the beat goes on for ever.

    • We Not They Finally

      You don't get it, do you? What about people not having safe food to eat, whole countries breaking down from burdens on the medical system, the complete collapse of economies and of public morale? And what about when visibly "normal" people have deformed kids? What about when huge numbers of people go sterile (common with high radiation) or are afraid to bear children at all? Did you think through your comment before you made it?

      • weeman

        No you did not get it DARWIN, natural selection.

        • TNMamaBear TNMamaBear

          with respect, you are not getting it, this is not natural selection, this is a man made disaster of epic terminal proportions for the entire globe.

          you and the rest of us just got selected against our will and without our permission to be terminated, via a prolonged and horrific fallout that will last for millenia, not decades or centuries, but millenia.

          a bunch of educated morons played God with nuclear power. this is out of control already, NO solutions in sight, and coupled with the nuke problems in the states, well, stick a fork in us, we are done. 🙁


            agreed TNMamaBear…

          • weeman

            I agree to disagree with my humblest apologizes, you said it man made disaster of terminal proportions, we are doomed as all higher life forms, what is the difference if it is natural or man made, at the end of the day bacteria, virus's, etc will survive and as fast as you take a crack dealer of a corner another will take its place, well it is same in nature only it takes awhile and those that adapt will survive to evole, at sometime in the past mankind was a single celled organisim it's amazing what affect time has and maybe due to radiation was part of evolution by corrupting DNA?
            My statement was not directed directly at Japan but is a generalization of evolution.
            I want all reactors closed immediately as it is madness.

            • TNMamaBear TNMamaBear

              bro, I totally agree with you on closing ALL reactors globally! We may disagree on some points, but I do thank you for being respectful, as I do try to be respectful in return.

              Madness has, indeed, taken over the minds of those in power. Common sense has fled in the face of the insane pursuit of money, power, and control at any cost by any means at hand. Is there a way to stop this? I have yet to see any actual solutions put forth to prevent this doomsday scenario.

              • weeman

                We no longer control our own destiny thanks to nuclear energy, even civil war would not succeed no one could stand up to a modern army, the only solution is passive resistance on a global scale till it hits them in the pocket, good luck getting everyone on the same page, most people are all wrapped up in there own pathetic lives.
                Pick a day on that day go to your fuse box and go off grid everyone together, ever other person refuse to pay there hydro bill, they don't have enough people to disconnect us all, then next month the other parties don't pay there bill.
                We would soon get our message across.
                Insanity runs in the nuclear family.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Maybe evolving into different ecosystems..with life forms so mutated they are hardly capable of physical existence.
    A simple example..those butterfly with two different shaped wings..
    cannot fly.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The source is Fukushima, where the radiation emanates from, and spreads to Tokyo, United States, and beyond.


      brilliant compilation, majia. I hope others, out here, take the time to read this work…

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Great blog Majia. I agree with you, by the time we realize the impact of the radiation being spread daily, we will be hoping someone figures out time machines so we can go back and beat some sense into ourselves. With the announcement of the potential deep cuts in US welfare and education, I am even more apprehensive of the National healthcare that has been decided for us. Critics pointed at long lines and lack of service for the people in other countries with nationalized healthcare. I think the American version will have them pointing at us and saying how successful their program is in comparison.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    "The extinction rate of populations is predicted to rise under increasing rates of environmental change."


    The worldwide scientific community is well aware of where we are headed – total extinction.

    Our only hope is to 'evolve' IMMEDIATELY to withstand the effects of massive amounts of nuclear radiation on our DNA. Good luck.

    GE – killing the kids first. Then us.

  • Mack Mack

    When Plutonium and Cesium are washed onto the forest floor by rain and snow, the trees' roots can uptake this radiation.

    After Chernobyl, pine trees in the surrounding forest absorbed the radiation….. and died. Later, gigantism, radiomorphism and mutations were found in trees.


    Did you know that 20% of Earth's trees have already been deforested by man?

    Did you know that NASA has 2 satellites that criss-cross the earth and keep a daily count of trees on Earth?

    There are 400+ billion trees on planet Earth.

    400 billion trees doesn't seem like a lot, or enough, for a large planet, does it?

    Trees are essential. They have been called the "lungs" of the Earth.

    Trees produce oxygen, clean the air we breathe and absorb carbon dioxide.

  • We Not They Finally

    Throw the people who caused this into the reactors and no memorial services. They can eat money. Yum-yum, delicious…..

  • "…evolving into different ecosystems" – understatement!

    I would say it's that's a really weak way of trying to put a positive light onto something that is beyond horrific.

    Perhaps, there will be no ecosystem someday thanks to the insidious lies of the Nuclear Industry.

    Changing entire planets.
    (sounds like a new slogan for GE)

    🙁 It will SPREAD from the forests in ways yet unimagined.