If we do nothing, even Tokyo could become off limits: Japan senior politician — “The government doesn’t tell the truth”

Published: May 27th, 2011 at 7:00 pm ET


Transcript of Interview With Ichiro Ozawa, Wall Street Journal by Yuka Hayashi and Toko Sekiguchi, May 26, 2011:

Japan senior political figure Ichiro Ozawa

[…] Anxiety and frustration are growing. People cannot live in the contaminated areas. These areas are becoming uninhabitable. Japan has lost its territory by that much. If we do nothing, even Tokyo could become off limits. There is a huge amount of uranium fuels in the plants, much more than in Chernobyl. This is a terrible situation. The government doesn’t tell the truth and people live in a happy-go-lucky…

See also: Ozawa: We may not be able to live in Japan someday — Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time

Published: May 27th, 2011 at 7:00 pm ET


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68 comments to If we do nothing, even Tokyo could become off limits: Japan senior politician — “The government doesn’t tell the truth”

  • Just tokyo…
    Not like… Idk
    All of japan. ?

    • Vickigirliee

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    • GI Justice

      That was quite a nap! 2 1/2 months…Some of the japanesse are starting to wake up! yawn.
      The first thing Japan did to solve their nuclear disaster was to inject money into TEPCO…cause they didn’t want their beloved power company to flounder….it didn’t occur to them that their country may have been compromised????? That’s hard to believe!!!! Coming to grips with Japans attitude about this disaster is harder than looking forward and understanding the challenges to come…..Have these folks been brainwashed by some application on their smart phone?

  • ocifferdave

    Ichiro Ozawa probably lives in Tokyo, has businesses in Tokyo, and banks in Tokyo.

  • Flip-flopping government shoots self in foot

    Nobutaka Kuribayashi / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

    ****Contradictory statements about emergency efforts to cool the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant’s No. 1 reactor have damaged the government’s credibility as a source of information, and will do nothing to improve Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s standing in the international community.****


  • farawayfan72

    Well, even if you do something, it might not make much difference. Sadly, 3 reactor cores have melted down. At least one (and probably all three) have breached both containment systems, leaving only concrete barriers.

    There’s no way to approach the meltdown. There’s no known way to cool a lump of reactor core, which isn’t a rod of known parameters. One of the cores has plutonium. Right now, only constant uncontrolled pouring of water through a cracked damaged system is all they have, and frankly, probably isn’t enough to prevent the melted nuclear sludge from continuing to self-heat. If they can even get the water to the proper areas (as Bill Cosby said about his Shelby car, just pour gas on it, it’ll sink in somewhere)…

    Chernobyl was the worst disaster so far, but there was no major meltdown. Now we have three meltdowns. Utterly unprecedented, and the press stays silent. Why? Japan and TEPCO refuse to release any real information, because they DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. And they want to prevent panic, so they’ve requested lousy coverage, basically.

    Japan is dying. The Pacific Ocean is at serious risk. What Chernobyl was to the air, Fukushima will be to the sea X 100.

    And yet, my friends in Japan insist this is nothing, everything is fine.

    I don’t even know what to say about that anymore……….

    • There’s no earthly way of knowing / Which direction we are going / There’s no knowing where we’re rowing / Or which way the river’s flowing / Is it raining? / Is it snowing? / Is a hurricane a-blowing? / Not a speck of light is showing / So the danger must be growing / Are the fires of hell a-glowing? / Is the grisly reaper mowing? / Yes, the danger must be growing / ‘Cause the rowers keep on rowing / And they’re certainly not showing / Any signs that they are slowing! ~Willy Wanka~

      • ocifferdave

        I totally sang that in my head just as I saw the TV do it when I was a wee child. Scarey.

    • rundmc

      laughs.no major meltdown at chernobyl you say? get your facts right dude before you print such bs.the whole core ,elted down to the basement,where it remains still glowing in the centre and unreachable.stop printing non facts ok.

  • madima

    the have ruined the land, the oceans, the air. they are passing time waiting for the next EVENT to happen. much BIGGER. then it will be to late to respond. Lies is all they know. thank you to all those who are giving good info.

  • ocifferdave

    I dont have a subscription to WSJ.com so here is an alternative article on this one above:


  • madima

    Nice and timely

  • rundmc

    whats happened to the live feed? its been like it for ages.blue

  • Blue

    Gundersen Gives Testimony to NRC ACRS http://vimeo.com/24312973

    • Man- I wish I could suss out some a’ them whispers. That is just plain rude; why am I surprised to find myself shocked, disappointed – again – that no one is listening. Thanks to the Gundersens- a thousand thanks.

  • mothra

    I’m grateful he’s openly facing it, willing to inform others and at least trying to take on severe adversity.

    I prefer that to lies and golf games. I feel less crazy with honesty. Acknowledging a problem is the first step toward any potential solution. he’s to be commended for speaking out, stating his values/direction and being willing to try.

    Are you receiving me US? (Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?)

  • Financial Times left the radiation part COMPLETELY out of their except. Uncanny.




    Fri May 27, 2011 1:44am EDT
    The Swiss government suspended the approvals process for three new nuclear power stations in March pending a review into safety after the disaster at Japan’s Fukushima plant.

    Last weekend 20,000 people rallied against nuclear power — the largest demonstration of its kind since the 1980s.

    On Thursday, the Swiss cabinet agreed to build no more nuclear reactors once the current power plants reach the end of their lifespan, with the oldest set to come offline in 2019, while the newest would remain in operation until 2034.

    “Existing nuclear power plants will be closed at the end of their operative life and not replaced by new nuclear power plants,” the government said in a statement.


    Alternative Energy Watch: Swiss Nix Nuclear Energy; Chinese Renewables Firm Withdraws IPO Again; Northeast Utility Sells Last Wind Farm (CHG, DUK, DATE, RENN)
    Posted: May 27, 2011 at 12:35 pm


    Today’s alt energy news begins with a decision in Switzerland to phase out nuclear power generation. A Chinese renewables firm has withdrawn its IPO for a second time and CH Energy Group, Inc. (NYSE: CHG) has sold a wind farm in Wisconsin to Duke Energy Corp. (NYSE: DUK).

    Following the disaster at Japan’s Fukushimi Daiichi nuclear plant, many countries reviewed their plans for continued development of nuclear power generation. Germany concluded that it would halt new development, while the US is gingerly considering going ahead with both relicensing of existing plants for an additional 20 years and with new nuclear plant development.

    Switzerland has decided to follow Germany’s lead and to phase out its nuclear generation fleet. The Swiss produce about 40% of the country’s electricity from nuclear power, so this is a big deal. Many of Switzerland’s utilities were surprised by the government’s decision, which must still be finalized by the Swiss parliament. One company, with plans to build two new nukes, has warned that energy costs will increase as a result of the decision.

    Read more: Alternative Energy Watch: Swiss Nix Nuclear Energy; Chinese Renewables Firm Withdraws IPO Again; Northeast Utility Sells Last Wind Farm (CHG, DUK, DATE, RENN) – 24/7 Wall St.


  • Novamind

    Mr.Ichiro Ozawa, There is an Information Black Out on this Subject in place since May 5th you surely must know this. I mention this because I wonder why you have not come forward sooner than this. Have you only recently become aware of this problem?
    I trust that your intentions are Honorable and that you are not mearly playing the WhistleBlower/Hero card that the timing of your announcement suggests to some.

  • xdrfox

    Yes ! I think their starting to “get it” !

  • Jack

    Thanks for those Swiss Cheesy articles. Hard to believe they’d
    endanger themselves for so long, continuing the risk.
    They’re supposed to be so Schmart!
    Reminds me of a poster here last month, detailing his food storage and
    gardening plan….he said he wouldn’t take anybody’s GOLD for his food.
    Alas Babylon.

  • xdrfox

    They really need to start shutting down all of the reactors and letting them cool !
    They need to arrange cold shipments of all the nukes off the Island, north to south !
    It may take year to do this but should be done faster if possible !
    Any abrupt reaction from the dangered plant could start a chain reaction and there would be no way to get them all into cold shutdown !

    “( They are like the monkey with the hand in the hole of the coconut that has rice in it and tied to the ground !
    They will not let go for they can not stand the lose of the rice in their fist !
    But the Tiger comes and will eat them if they do not let go ! )”

    No more profits, it time to prepare for the things they know are coming no matter how small or large !
    No more time should be lose or destruction to them will come and taking the world with it more quickly !
    Another quake and tsunami could further more reactors into violent chaos when they sink into the sea !

  • ZombiePlanet

    If a politician tells me that the government “does not tell the truth,” then which one shall I believe now?

  • J. jackson

    All nukes can be converted to natural gas. No big deal. Carbon is natural nukes are not.
    Let the cows fart and the gas flow.

    • Major Domo

      ‘Let the cows fart and the gas flow.’
      If only we could extract that resource. Might anger a few cows though. Then again, we’ve already got them hooked up to mass production machines that suck the milk out of them, so what’s another machine? But then, wouldn’t the bioaccumulative effect make for radioative gas? I’d hate to be a cow reading this forum.

  • If we do nothing, even Tokyo could become off limits: Japan senior politician “The government doesn’t tell the truth”

    Anxiety and frustration are growing. People cannot live in the contaminated areas. These areas are becoming uninhabitable. Japan has lost its territory by that much. If we do nothing, even Tokyo could become off limits. There is a huge amount of uranium fuels in the plants, much more than in Chernobyl. This is a terrible situation. The government doesn’t tell the truth and people live in a happy-go-lucky…

  • xdrfox

    Fukushima school limit: 1 millisievert
    Saturday, May 28, 2011
    Staff writers
    The education ministry said Friday it has set a new nonbinding target to reduce radiation exposure of Fukushima Prefecture students while they are at school to 1 millisievert or less a year.
    An earlier — and binding — regulation that allowed more exposure has drawn strong criticism from parents and activists fearing that radiation from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant could harm children’s health.
    To achieve the new target, the ministry…

  • xdrfox

    Visual data updates
    Most recent earthquake (from tenki.jp)

    Interactive visualization of radioactivity levels

    Daily radiation levels in eastern Japan

    Radioactivity concentration in water by prefecture

    In RED, Middle of page links to !

  • Gager

    Mr Ozawa is a deputy from the Iwate Prefecture, one that was badly hit by the earthquake-tsunami and the Fukushima radioactivity: nevertheless, he did not visit it for a long time after the disaster, and he was nowhere to be seen in the media, keeping a very low profile . Does this man has some credibility except wanting to get the post of prime minister? During his term in office, the japanese government had developp the nuclear energy. In a few words, nothing will come out of this “elite” -a major international disaster is still used, seen and instrumentalized for petty politics

  • SteveMT

    The Japanese government is still in denial, except for the utterings of this man.

    Penny foolish and pound foolish is this time wasting attempt to remove radiative material from Fukushima schools. This makes no sense, but it does keep people busy and hopeful that all is improving.

    Fukushima begins to decontaminate school grounds
    Friday, May 27, 2011 19:45 +0900 (JST)
    Work has begun to remove radioactive contaminated topsoil from school grounds in Fukushima Prefecture, where efforts are continuing to bring the disaster-stricken nuclear power plant under control.

    The decontamination work began in 26 elementary and junior high schools in Fukushima City on Friday.


  • blackmoon

    Val Valano interviews Geo-Scientist MS. LEUREN MORET.

    Most of us have been seeking info and expert opinions of this ongoing disaster.

    This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE interview that I have heard regarding this on going EVENT. It is a radio interview of approx one hour and fifty four minutes.

    It covers (among many other things):

    1 – The prelude.
    2 – What caused it.
    3 – Who caused it.
    4 – What actually happened.
    5 – Why it was done.
    7 – What PRECAUTIONS we should take.

    I believe that this is something that we should all listen to and pass on to our family & friends. You might not agree with all of her conclusions (although I DO), but there is PLENTY OF VALUABLE INFO GIVEN IN IT.

    I hope that you will find it useful:

    Here is another interview whith Ms. Moret on Fukushima, HAARP and the Elite’s plans for destroying our food supply and de-population:

  • Japan Kaieda Calls For Government Probe Of Tepco’s New Version Of Key Event
    First Published Friday, 27 May 2011 09:57 am – © 2011 Dow Jones

    TOKYO -(Dow Jones)- Japan’s industry minister said Friday he was “stunned” by the revised account given by the operator of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and called for a government probe as confusion surrounding a key event has raised questions about the government’s control over stabilization operations at the plant.

    “We need to find out why a different account was provided to the government,” industry minister Banri Kaieda told reporters. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano also expressed frustration over the incident, saying “it was extremely regrettable.”


    • radegan

      “We need to find out why a different account was provided to the government,”

      I’d start laughing, but I’d vomit.

  • Geiger counter is latest essential item in Japan

    Updated at 3:35pm on 27 May 2011

    The geiger counter is the hot, new must-have item in Japan.


  • tony wilson

    this is what the japanese need a little less prozac and a bit more anger…
    warning bad language.


  • Rica E

    It is totally worth checking out the conspiracy conference on june fourth in santa clara ca. lueren moret, dr. len horowitz and many more whistleblowers in areas that concern us all. look at all info pro or con then use your own little brain.

  • EBliss

    Fukushima, HAARP, earthquakes, tornados, sever storms, our food supply, de-population & the globalist agendea EXPLANED.

    This is a HIGHLY DETAILED lecture with slides, charts and illustrations. This is more ‘inside information’ than you have ever heard.

    This IS THE MATRIX! You can take the “blue pill” and not watch this, or take the “red pill” and be prepared to HEAR THE TRUTH.


    Two parts approx 3 hours:


    • radegan

      Free aluminum foil hats, too !

      • Jack

        You once were a poster with some merit around here. So, I wanna
        ask ya….?
        Since this thread Has to Do with LYING Govt.
        Do you know anything about the work of
        Leonard G. Horowitz?
        “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”
        All Governments have been badly corrupted.
        The people elevated to some level of status by power
        hierarchies treat the rest of us a slaves or worse.
        Do you do much READING, Radegan?
        “The River” by Edward Hooper.
        What a huge, shining example of a researcher,
        Hooper worked around the globe for 11 years writing
        this book.
        Radegan, to the issue of “aluminum foil hats”…OK!
        At least you didn’t just resort to the common “TIN foil hats”,
        so I want to ask you…Did you ever take any Chemistry and
        Physics and Materials science?
        It is interesting, to those who know a little, that different
        metals exhibit different Characteristics, as far as ACTUALLY
        providing Protection, or giving Toxicity.
        Do you know about the “Sacrificial Anode” which keeps your
        metal water heater from being eaten away by Electrolysis?
        Another interesting trend–elimination of LEAD PAINT,
        because THEY Don’t want you to have ANY radiation protection
        for your HOUSE. How about it, all you enenews community?

        • radegan

          Gee, Jack, you’re posting some facts instead of nonsense. Why not stick with that chemistry you and I studied and leave the unprovable baloney out of it.

          • whimbrel

            At this point after watching the govt stand by for 9/11, Katrina, the Gulf and now Fuky… and seeing ALL the evidence for govt management and creation of all these events… it is a no brainer: We all have targets on our backs. There is a TOTAL conspiracy to wipe out about 6 billion people. Question is what are we going to do about it besides quip back and forth? Public pressure can work if enough of us focus on few enough actions to make a splash. So what should we go for? what if we only have a few months to take any meaningful group action. then what should we go for?

  • paulie906

    well worth watching thanks.

  • Shout ing

    World pop will shrink 90% as planned; saya Ted Turner & wat-i-can-do-ilk

    But of course, there are ongoing parallel multiple plans; The Neuron Plan

  • Dr. Strangleglove

    From his villa in the southern Andes, the Japonese Emperor wished his subjects well.

  • Follow on to thread about China and Korea pressure on Japan…

    ….Both Choung and Shao underlined the importance of sharing information on disasters that may have an impact on international travelers such as the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last March and triggered extensive radioactive leakage from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Ohata said.

    ‘‘There is a strong sense of discomfort (in both countries) about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident,’’ Ohata said, adding that he promised to share all relevant information with the governments of both countries.

    If China and South Korea get proper information from Japan about the Fukushima nuclear power plant, both governments should be able to convince their people that it is safe to travel to Japan, Ohata said. ….


  • John M

    Japan is not a safe and livable country anymore what with the food all contaminated with radiation and the air and oceans polluted too. Leave especially if you have children. I can’t believe people still continue their lives as normal as if everything’s all peachy.