Japan Teachers: Students being taught pro-nuclear propaganda — Told radiation risk is less than dying of old age (VIDEO)

Published: December 7th, 2011 at 12:46 pm ET


Revised textbooks spark row in Japan, Al Jazeera by Steve Chao, Dec 7, 2011:

For the first time in 30 years, Japan’s government is re-introducing the topic of radiation in classrooms.

Students living near the Fukushima nuclear plant have been given text books that include the topic but parents and teachers say the books are nothing more than pro-nuclear propaganda.

Transcript Summary

  • Education ministry released textbooks aimed at teaching about radiation
  • Not one page addresses severity of contamination
  • Textbooks are being used in Saitama
  • Taught Radiation can be found naturally
  • Kids told risk of being hurt by radiation is far smaller than smoking or dying of old age
  • Mother: “They don’t give us the full truth and that causes us to panic”

Watch the video here

Published: December 7th, 2011 at 12:46 pm ET


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24 comments to Japan Teachers: Students being taught pro-nuclear propaganda — Told radiation risk is less than dying of old age (VIDEO)

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    The risk of dying of old age is 100% if you don’t die earlier. Interesting reasoning.

    What they are doing is disgusting.

  • James2

    It’s about as bad as allowing the Nuke community to push the global warming agenda onto the ignorant public – and then manufacturing scientific opinion and data to support it.

    Tell the kids whatever you want at school – if you open up the internet, they will find out the truth on their own.

    They don’t even need the internet, really. They can already see the economic devastation the nuke plant meltdown has created. If the preliminary reports of cancers and sudden illnesses are for real – then there’s no need to even try to change public opnion.

  • arclight arclight

    its up to shools to take it further if they wish? we just teach the basics…..???

    schools have to follow the ministry of educations criteria!

    heres some earlier criteria i found from another schoool

    “Enforcing a Nazi curriculum on schools depended on the teachers delivering it. All teachers had to be vetted by local Nazi officials. Any teacher considered disloyal was sacked. Many attended classes during school holidays in which the Nazi curriculum was spelled out and 97% of all teachers joined the Nazi Teachers’ Association. All teachers had to be careful about what they said as children were encouraged to inform the authorities if a teacher said something that did not fit in with the Nazi’s curriculum for schools.

    Subjects underwent a major change in schools. Some of the most affected were History and Biology.”
    qoute from hitler!
    “………..”no boy or girl should leave school without complete knowledge of the necessity and meaning of blood purity.” Pupils were taught about the problems of heredity. Older pupils were taught about the importance of selecting the right “mate” when marrying and producing children. The problems of inter-racial marriage were taught with an explanation that such marriages could only lead to a decline in racial purity.”

    thinking polygon passports and genetic restrictions here?? the future of japan???

    so much for the “open” society idea… long dead methinks!!

    the military industrial complex is winning the war and feels emboldened…
    corporations do well when we do not!!


  • thelili

    You know at this point Japan needs to stop with all the honor and pride crap and admit that they are just as dirty and evil as America.

    Human beings are a problem that I think the Mother is about to take care of.

    Anyone else feel that there’s an ice age styled mandatory hibernatio coming from the universe for us?

  • Bones Bones

    Of course, this would happen. This is why the government has the department of education. Do kids in America learn the real reasons we goto war? I learned nothing about the Korean war or Vietnam and especially nothing about the CIA overthrowing democracies.

    I never learned one thing in school about Chernobyl, just that it was the second accident after TMI. Those are the only two accidents we learned about and all others were omitted as if they never happened. Did we learn about the military flying prisoners in cages up to bombing ranges to test radiation affects on live humans? Did we learn about the mutations in Chernobyl? There is a reason the government wants to control education and there is a reason education sucks. George Carlin said it best. The government needs slaves to keep the economy going.


  • Never mind Japan… how about all other countries around the world? Who really teaches about the dangers and risks of nuclear power, much less the dangers and consequences of carbon fuels, chemical laced foods that are empty of nutrition, and the risks of drugs/radiation/surgery, compared to natural methods that are largely risk free?

    It is all about the money… Even colleges are being bought and sold like cattle by huge corporations. The medical colleges were the first to go, sold to the highest bidding medical monopoly.

    Schools are after all, not much more than factory or military prep boxes.. Get your shots, sign in at the bell, memorize a few factoids, spit them back out to the leader, sign out at the bell. Get ready for the military, factory or store work, (which no longer exists), and then stay in your little box and do not complain. Follow orders, coming from the top down, even if those orders are lies, and make no sense at all.

    Anyone who objects gets hammered in all kinds of ways..

  • arclight arclight

    “Kids told risk of being hurt by radiation is far smaller than smoking or dying of old age”

    kids start smoking young then in japan!! i thought they said smoking is good for you!! now there saying smoking is bad for you? talk about make it up as you go along….

    oh and tepco allowing 0.03 microsieverts for the strong sunlight…

    did a little test on this…

    0.13 mcsievert/hr during the day
    0.13 mcsievert/hr during the night

    erm! no difference or the reading increased in background as the sun isotopes dissapear???? tepco is talking a load of crap ! to go with statements of “the ministry of education and good thought”, a kind of enforced buddihsm if you like.

    why doesnt the imperial family get involved? the childrens last chance by the look of it.. unless the japanese people revolt en masse!! thats alot of pensioners though!! πŸ™

  • Link from above, embedded… Good video, good summary of what it is all about.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    I’m starting to wish that hell exists because these people pushing this nonsense to children deserve to go straight to the burning pits. Disgusting propaganda to distort an already progressing reality. The clock is ticking down on the corium and diseases are already showing up in the public. Waiting around for the blister to pop off is not a good feeling, but telling your kids everything is fine while the creeping death covers the land is not a solution it is an extermination. The information black out is like boarding the trains to Dachau while you wait for the gas over 6 months watching your friends and family die in front of you. If anyone had any reservations about saying this don’t because it is a nuclear industry driven holocaust with the barrel of the gun jammed in the mouth of the poor and voiceless. This time they came for all the children and elderly and those left in the middle will be left to watch in horror.

    • Just because no one is talking about this, does not mean it is not happening.

      During the reign of Hitler, no one talked about the ‘camps’. Despite this, millions were killed. Yes, if you wanted to know, you could find out, but it was not something announced on the evening news.

      Today, we have the same situation. Millions are getting sick and/or dying from pollution, chemicals, radiation, empty foods with no nutrition and more… but it is not in the news, because that would be bad for profits. Guess who owns the news outlets? Companies like GE, who profit from??????

      If you guessed nuclear power plants and nuclear devices, you guessed right. If you owned this company, would you allow your GE owned news media arm to talk about nuclear dangers, illnesses, and accidents? Hmmmmm, your bonuses, golden parachute and stock options are WAITING in the wings for your answer…

      All you have to do is tell everyone to just be quiet and not talk about it, and you get all of the gravy. You may instruct your news media arm to ‘mention’ stuff, but no details and no more than 15 to 30 seconds of info about anything around nuclear.. Anymore than that, and it might scare people and affect profits. Or, it might overwhelm many brains and cause seizures… Many brains cannot fit more than a 30 second soundbite into them..

      Guess what, reduced intelligence and brain size is also a sad side effect of…. drum rolll please…… radioactivity and exposure to all of those cute little things like cesium, iodine, strontium, continued through all of the elements on the elements chart, ad nauseum, down to lead.

  • James2

    People who are evil enough, and powerful enough to get their minions to suppress all information about the worst environmental disaster man could ever release ; people rich enough to have Presidents and congresspeople bow to their wishes – people that evil are not afraid of God or Hell.

    They are only afraid of losing their power and money.

    They are so afraid of losing their power and money that they will release death and destruction on humanity to keep it. They will turn armies on those who come to get them. They will turn the media on those who come to get them. They will turn the internet on those who come to get them.

    Wikileaks was an interesting thing to watch. For months they had been releasing embarrassing information about the United States Military and for weeks they had been releasing information about US state Department activity – with some very embarrassing details. Other than expressing outrage, and finding the source of the leak and arresting a low level soldier – the government took no action.

    One day, Wikileaks announced they had received thousands of documents on “a major US Bank” (at the time speculated to be Bank of America) and the documents would reveal the full details of the “criminal banking activity”, and would be released in a few weeks.

    Within the next few days some charges against the Wikileaks leader were trumped up. He was illegally arrested and detained in another country. The Wikileaks website host was pressured into dropping them – illegally. All the major banks and credit card companies refused to do business with them – illegally and millions of dollars in donations were confiscated – illegally, and the US government slammed through legislation that allowed them to shut down about any website they want.

    You never heard a word about Wikileaks after that.

    They will not be stopped by internet petitions, or peaceful protests or rhetoric – or a website that exposes the truth.

  • I made a video about pro-nuclear propaganda that is taught to junior high students in Japan a little while ago. I include some video clips and translation of the Japanese “educational” material too. Please check it out, it’s disturbing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeV0j06jAWA