Japan Times: Fukushima fallout in N. America at 400,000,000,000,000 Bq of Cesium-137 — Study: Hazardous on a ‘continental scale’ — Physicist: “Cancer a certainty” if one radioactive particle ingested — CBS: Inaccurate internet reports stoked fear radiation had somehow come our way (VIDEO)

Published: May 10th, 2014 at 9:09 am ET


Japan Times, May 8, 2014: The team’s finding on the cumulative amount of cesium-137 is nearly 1.5 times more than the estimate by plant operator [TEPCO.] The team announced its findings on cesium-137 during an academic session of the European Geosciences Union […] Michio Aoyama, a professor at Fukushima University’s Institute of Environmental Radioactivity who is part of the team, told Kyodo News that TEPCO “underestimates” the amount of cesium-137 […] Scientists are trying to detect the levels of radioactive cesium due to the potential, long-term risks it brings to the land and sea. […] Aoyama said the release of radioactive cesium has a “big impact on the ocean” since the Fukushima nuclear complex is located near the coast. […] up to 400 terabecquerels fell on North America, while Europe was hardly affected.

European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Apr. 28, 2014: Severe accidents in nuclear power plants such as […] the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in 2011 have drastic impacts on the population and environment. The hazardous consequences reach out on a national and continental scale. […] One of the most significant uncertainty [is] quantification of the released spectrum of radionuclides during the course of the nuclear accident. The quantification of the source terms of severe nuclear accidents may either remain uncertain or rely on rather rough estimates of released key radionuclides given by the operators. […]

Vladimir Levchenko, physicist who worked in Chernobyl exclusion zone, Apr. 26, 2014: many of those who were members of our group died later […] The worst in an accident zone is not the level of radiation itself, but that the explosion blew out an enormous amount of fine radioactive particles that was spread around by wind as dust. […] Sometimes it’s just one speck of dust lying somewhere around. If you breathe it in by accident or swallow it when eating, cancer is a certainty.

CBS San Francisco, May 7, 2014: “California scientists have determined there are no signs of radiation detected on the West Coast shoreline. Inaccurate reports on social media, that’s what stoked the fears that radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster had somehow come our way!”

Watch the CBS broadcast here

Published: May 10th, 2014 at 9:09 am ET


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180 comments to Japan Times: Fukushima fallout in N. America at 400,000,000,000,000 Bq of Cesium-137 — Study: Hazardous on a ‘continental scale’ — Physicist: “Cancer a certainty” if one radioactive particle ingested — CBS: Inaccurate internet reports stoked fear radiation had somehow come our way (VIDEO)

  • dosdos dosdos


    This is from Yomiuri, the electric power newspaper in Japan, concerning the manga that had a character suffer a nosebleed after visiting Daiichi.

    "Ishihara also said Friday that doctors with special knowledge have denied a causal relationship between exposure to radiation after the nuclear accident and nosebleeds."

    Doctors with special knowledge….. Maybe that means knowing "lots of yen can be made by lying about radiation effects on the human body".

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    CBS = Constant Bull Shit…

    Is CBS STILL reporting that the earth is flat and that the sun orbits around it, or have they managed to report something more up to date, like the landing of the Mayflower colonists, or the great fire of London.

    Note to the CBS News desk…

    Breaking News :: Mankind discovers fire, burns down cave.

    • sweet pea sweet pea

      CBS =all U C is Bull Shit! they write: "Inaccurate reports on social media, that’s what stoked the fears that radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster had somehow come our way!” they are all f'ing liars!!
      they tried to say it was "background=natural" what a load of horse pucky! This is the truth:
      The powers that be do not want to look for radiation lest the junk that's already here will come to light. When it does make headlines it quickly fades from the center stage. Doesn't anybody give a shit? I saw interviews of people walking along the S.F> shoreline, they were all so damn clueless and not caring, it's like, they deserve what they get for being so complacent/compliant/capitulating! That'd be fine with me if it only hit the assholes but it's going to affect ALL LIFE! That's just not right! It's sad to think people will remain ostriches till there are bodies in the streets. obama care is going to go flat line when they see the bill for all the cancers this is going to cause.
      Some 'people' act like they do not care. I suggest checking them for a zipper up the back, maybe they are not human after all?

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        People see what they want to see Sweet Pea, and that invariably doesn't include anything that may mean change entering into their sad little sedentary grass-eating lives.

        Change scares them, it would mean that they'd have to start thinking for themselves, and the act of thinking is something that the majority of mankind has become ill-suited too, in in a lot of cases incapable of.

        Cut off the power, stop the deliveries to the 7/11, and other supermarkets, and within a week I guarantee that there'll be rioting and looting, within 10 years, the majority of the western world will be dead from starvation.

        I divorced the human race years ago, I only feel disgust, and a fair amount of nausea at the majority of mankind's actions.


        Totally unrelated ( unless you live in Wales 😉 )


    • rogerthat

      Davidh: ''Breaking News :: Mankind discovers fire, burns down cave.''

      – ha ha, no, cavemen didn't know how to burn down their caves. But not to fret, we know how to do it now.

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        Roger are you sure about that…

        Mankind never really left the caves, we just learn't how to build them out of other things than rock. Skins, cloth, wood, and now we've come full circle by using stone and concrete. Though of course we don't call them caves now, we call them apartments, houses, office blocks etc. BUT they're still caves, a floor, 4 walls and a roof. Why do you think we still use the term 'Man Cave'.

        But through out mankind's history, the one thing that we've always been a master of is burning down each others caves.


          push-comes-to-shove, davidh7426, can't help but agree with you. Way too much primitivism for my liking on this planet. To make matters worse, any which way you turn, it's glorified…

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Davidh7426, this is CLASSIC. Thank you.

          Q What do you get if you cross a goat with a sheep?
          A An animal that eats tin cans and produces steel wool

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Please call or write CBS and tell them (comment line or by e-mail) and tell

      Comment Line: (415) 765-8622
      Personal Appearances: (415) 362-5550 ext. 3013
      News Assignment Desk: newsdesk@kpix.com
      News Director – Dan Rosenheim: rosenheim@kpix.cbs.com
      Director of Digital Content – Brandon Mercer: bmercer@cbs.com | G+
      President/GM – Bruno Cohen: bcohen@cbs.com
      Director of Engineering – Jeff Jeandheur: jrjeandheur@cbs.com

      I just called and left 3 comments with citations for them, Michio Kaku's statement re: 1,000 cases of nuclear death stalking every man, woman, & child on earth, a source for the NILU private forecasts (Global Cooperative WordPress), & the recently released NOAA video showing the amount of radiation believed to have gone over the Northern Hemisphere in the first several weeks after 3/11.

      One of my comments said if they aren't aware of own their massive exposure, they are not protecting themselves nor their loved ones. I also said what TEPCO & those they're working with are doing is tantamount to global genocide.

      Please, please don't let these turkeys get away with this! Also said on the comment line I think their false reporting is tantamount to contributing to mass murder. Yeah, that's pretty raw, but we need to start getting in their faces over these lies, and STAY THERE.

      What do we have to lose? Right? Really, when you think about it, we have nothing to lose. The nucleocrats have already ripped us off, big time.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        CBS, KPIX

        Programming – Tom Spitz: tvprogram@kpix.cbs.com
        Communications/Public Affairs Director – Akilah Bolden-Monifa: amonifa@kpix.cbs.com
        Sales – Chris Flynn: crflynn@cbs.com
        Write Us:
        KPIX 5
        855 Battery St.
        San Francisco, CA 94111
        Social Media:

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Also mentioned the Cal Long Beach studies on radioactive iodine in kelp (Iodine 131, oft cited here, was an Enenews story in 08/2011 I think).

        Please, people, hit them hard with counterpunches to their disinfo. campaign. Maybe if a few of them realize they've been lied to and they, too, might die from this disaster, they might wake up and smell the coffee. TV journalism doesn't pay enough to buy people off for lying like that.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      davidh7426, enjoyed your comments re: CBS. I told them they have become irrelevant dinosaurs and anyone who isn't a total ignoramus isn't getting their news from TV. Thank God I quit watching TV about 10 years ago.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        RE: CBS, a "complicated" ownership arrangement. KPIX may still be owned by Westinghouse, builder of nuke plants). This might explain the Fuku-denialism & denial of radiation in West Coast waters of the U.S. Controlling interest now held by one individual. Fr. Wikipedia:

        "In 1994, Westinghouse signed a long-term affiliation deal to affiliate all five of its Group W TV stations with CBS.[113][114] Of the other four stations, two of the stations (KPIX in San Francisco and KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh) had been decades-long affiliates of the network, while KYW-TV in Philadelphia and WBZ-TV in Boston were NBC affiliates.

        The network decided to sell off existing O&O WCAU, which would eventually be purchased by NBC, despite at the time being much higher rated locally than KYW-TV. While WJZ-TV and WBZ-TV switched to CBS in January 1995, the swap was delayed in Philadelphia when CBS discovered that an outright sale of channel 10 would have forced it to pay massive taxes on the proceeds from the deal.

        To solve this problem, CBS, NBC and Group W entered into a complex ownership/affiliation deal in the summer of 1995. NBC traded KCNC-TV in Denver and KUTV in Salt Lake City to CBS in return for WCAU, which for legal reasons would be an even trade. CBS then traded controlling interest in KCNC and KUTV to Group W in return for a minority stake in KYW-TV. As compensation for the loss of stations, NBC and CBS traded broadcasting facilities in Miami …."

  • Cisco Cisco

    Yeah, surfs up! No data, no problem. Who ya gonna believe? We're all fu#ked, but West coasters are triple fu#ked…air, ocean, and spray.

    • Cisco Cisco

      It's not just the Cesium, stupid!

    • 4Yahshua

      5~12~5995 (out of 6000) in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!

      Cisco, greetings from So. CA THE WEST COAST. The ones who are fu#ked are those NOT taking things to fight and eliminate
      radiation. These include daily at least one 12 mg. iodine capsule,boron, almonds made into milk, flour,and butter,or my favorite: whole almonds and dark chocolate!
      By the way, the Bible states that those sealed in the Names of the Father and Son (Original Hebrew: Yahweh and Yahshua)will survive even this! Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: Praise ye Yah!

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        "Japan Times: Fukushima fallout in N. America at 400,000,000,000,000 Bq of Cesium-137 — Study: Hazardous on a ‘continental scale’ — Physicist: “Cancer a certainty” if one radioactive particle ingested — CBS: Inaccurate internet reports stoked fear radiation had somehow come our way (VIDEO)"

        400 Trillion Bq. Did you get that, people? Have to go back to read the full article & study. Curious to know how they came up with that figure, and what it is supposed to be measuring.

        Cumulative? As of what point in time? Spread over what area? Released from what area in Fukushima? When? Over what duration?

        What other variables should be considered? (Surely there are many, many of them, so mathematical modeling of what this means is complicated.)

        Just as I'm getting ready to go and do soil amendments for my summer garden. Am for sure building plastic covers to make sure NO rain gets in this year. Probably going with raised garden beds with plastic coverings and the greenhouse.

        Am getting the sinking feeling everyone in the Northern Hemisphere (Hemisfear?) is being exposed to the most deadly slow motion nuclear "bomb" ever. Watched MsMilkyTheClown's video yesterday, the one discussing that's how we should be thinking of Fukushima – like a slow motion, massive nuclear detonation.

        Then I watched someone's post of one of the DOD movies documenting nuclear high atmospheric testing. I think it was no. 62.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          I don't know how those who are not people of faith (some kind of spirituality and a belief in a being who has set the universe in order & keeps it that way) can cope.

          If I weren't I'd likely kill myself. I feel so disenchanted and betrayed by the nucleocrats and all their cozy business and MIC buddies.

          Maybe it's time to take a break from reading these stories. "The big picture" is so horrible it gives me bad dreams if I give it too much space and contemplation in my head.

          There has never been ANYTHING I've learned of in my life which comes close to bringing on the loathing I feel toward the MIC and all things nuclear.

          GE Kills Things Dead As A Hammer

          TEPCO = Totally Explicate! Puzzled Company Operators

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        4Yahshua, 12mg of iodine per day is WAAAAAAAAY too much, IMO. Even Dr. Brownstein has revised his recommendations on daily iodine dosage downward.

        400mcg is said to be our daily requirement. That's probably far too low, but I think a person can do serious damage to his/her thyroid by ingesting 12mg per day.

        What kind of iodine are you recommending for people, that they could ingest such large amounts w/o harming themselves?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          4Yahshua, you are mis-quoting the Bible again. Please stop doing this, or I will report your comments.

          You are violating user policy. I am a Christian and it bothers me that you and some others here continuously mis-quote scripture to further your own personal agenda or private interpretation of the Bible.

          Am trying not to mention things of faith beyond the very general. Lots of people are offended by Christianity and Christian beliefs. (That, even though they seem to tolerate everything else, inc. atheism which IMO is a religion too.)

          The passage you quoted refers to the 144,000 people from the 12 tribes of Israel whom God will seal (and save) prior to the angel pouring out God's wrath on the earth and sea. That is Revelation 7:1-12.

          This is the 2nd time since yesterday I've read your mis-quotes. It's offensive to me as a Christian. You could be spiritually stumbling people by introducing false beliefs about what the Bible says. It's just as harmful IMO as having a gay person twist passages in Genesis and elsewhere to make it sound like the Bible (and ostensibly God) thinks homosexuality is A-OK.

          As to my personal position on that, I can only say it's complicated. If I condemn anyone for a "sin" then I have three fingers pointing back at me. So let's be clear, I don't have a homophobic agenda.

          Please stop introducing your own personal interpretation of Biblical eschatology into these conversations.


            tru dat, HoTaters. I was thinking of jump'n on him, then decided I can't improve on your measured words…

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            12 tribes of Israel? Sons of Jacob, and all jews professing that they are the chosen ones of god. Must be true, says so in their book. Hey the Queen got on that bandwagon too…I wonder if she is more favored, equally favored or less favored than jews?

            Offended? Ive noticed three types of people that are always getting offended; jews, christians and muslims. I think jews take offense to a kind of art form… whereas christians and muslims historically would take the heads off of the offender.

            What someone said about the abrahamic "people of faith"; challenged by a lack of spiritual depth perception… I didnt say it, so dont be offended! I want to keep my irradiated head perched on its bone and sinew pedestal, at least until I can test my aerodynamic project.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              All I find all the people on this blog offended not just the 3 religions you have mentioned. Atheists, and pantheists and everyone gets offended. And militia proponents and all the different political groups.

              Yet we are all dying equally from nuclear radiation and all the other pollution and the decrease in oxygen and the increase in heat. It was 106 degrees (only May) in Southern California in the worst drought and the historic wildfires. Yet there are still people claiming that we are headed for an ice age. It doesn't seem that anyone will be left to experience nuclear winter.

              Those who predict that the entire southwest will totally burn up in less than 5 years seem to be accurate with all the increasing nuclear pollution and increase in drought and heat.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                We should not be polluting our precious, limited water resources with fracking, uranium mining, oil pipelines, and nuclear pollution. This is totally crazy.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  We should not be polluting our food with GMOs and pesticides and herbicides. Why can't they understand the suffix "cide". All these pollutants are murdering the whole world and all its biosystems. Didn't they learn the story of the Midas touch. All pursuit of money destroys all life.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                High Plains Burning Up as Record Heat Wave Bakes Area

                May 05, 2014

                “A blistering heat wave has set in across the drought-scorched Plains, with all-time record high temperatures set in Kansas and Oklahoma during the past few days. The hot, dry weather there has sparked deadly wildfires, and it contrasts sharply with the deluge that recently struck the Gulf Coast, as well as the cooler-than-average spring in the Midwest and Northeast, where 19% of the Great Lakes are still covered in ice.
                “In Wichita, Kansas, the temperature hit 102 degrees Fahrenheit on May 4, which broke the record for the earliest 100 degree or higher temperature on record there, beating the old record of May 9. Records in Wichita date back to 1888. Wichita has had its driest start to the year since the Dust Bowl in 1936, with just 2.01 inches of rain falling between January 1 and April 30.
                “Drought conditions are contributing to the early heat wave, since more of the sun's energy can go toward heating the ground and air when soils are dry compared to when they are wet, which diverts some incoming solar energy to evaporation.
                “According to the National Weather Service, if Wichita receives less than 0.36 inches of rain through May 8, it will officially be the driest start to a calendar year since records began, beating the Dust Bowl era when towering clouds of dust swept across the Plains, as a result of poor land management practices and a punishing multiyear drought….”

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                Worse drought, wildfires forecast for the Southwest
                May 6, 2014
                “Global climate change is baking Southwestern cities, intensifying wildfires and straining water supplies, and the worst is yet to come, scientists say in the latest National Climate Assessment released Tuesday.
                “The Earth is heating unevenly, and in recent decades, the Southwest has warmed by an average of 2 degrees Fahrenheit, said Gregg Garfin, a University of Arizona geoscientist who was a lead author of the report's Southwest section….”

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                Correction: Climate-Temperature Spike story
                Mar. 8, 2013
                “Recent heat spike unlike anything in 11,000 years
                “Study: In just a century, globe shifted from one of coldest decades in 11,000 years to warmest…”

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Buddhists are not often offended. Grand master taoists are never offended. Likewise, the greatest thinkers and scientists are rarely offended, because they have both humility and strength in their understanding. They dont have a word for heretic. One would like to think everyone is equally as offended, but some experimentation shows this is not true

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                As Arctic ice melts diseases spread
                June 7, 2013
                Of course, the rise in diseases is also due to nuclear radiation and also from the genetic diseases caused by nuclear radiation and by the loss of immunity protection caused by nuclear radiation.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                Faux Pause: Ocean Warming, Sea Level Rise And Polar Ice Melt Speed Up, Surface Warming To Follow
                By Joe Romm September 25, 2013

            • weegokiburi weegokiburi

              Gokiburis are never offended.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                but easily frightened


                  go easy, CodeShutdown, or you're sure to earn the ire of the holy ones. Just think how depressed you'll be, when you awaken to forced-labor presents under the tree.

                  You'll feel so slighted…

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas

    Forbes Magazine has a new subscription offer – for every new subscription, you get a 55 gallon drum of radioactive waste to use as a coffee table or you can simply bury it in your back yard. What a deal!

  • GQR2

    Does this mean its ok for the JapanTimes to say the truth about what is going down falling out on North America,but not Japan? Will take the information anyway we can get it. The Cesium is here and has been here and keeps coming here. That is reality.
    Its pitiful to watch the media attempt to destroy the internet. Its the global library now.
    It's not some cess pool, its the information highway or it used to be. Its the greatest library in our known universe. Access to it is now a necessity and a fundamental human right.
    it contains every book scanned by goog-gol and all the information people need to live. So they need to quit trying to convince the masses that the internet is misleading and unreliable in and of itself just so they can deny the massive contamination and nuking going on now. The internet is first and foremost an educational tool,later the smut and entertainment got added.

    • Cisco Cisco

      No disrespect to you…GQR2 Agreed, except porn was a big data consumer in the early stages of the Internet, and the big broadband providers like AT&T, Verizon, MCI, and various others gorged on porn's business.

      • GQR2

        very true Cisco. It must be more than 8 billion dollar business nowadays. Its all about the money now Cisco as you say and the telecoms are ready to gorge on other aspects of it.
        Can't forget iether, that the Military invented it, the CIA oracle and company brought it to the masses and the rest is history unfolding before us or contracting as the case may be.
        They are going to search for the corium in October and do fuel removal just around 2020 in time for the Olympics. One wishes this was a bad tv show vs. reality. http://nuclear-news.net/2014/05/10/fukushima-reactors-molten-fuel-cores-where-are-they-robots-might-find-them/

        It is no wonder at all why every other person has cancer. Not a mystery,not baffling. Look at the uncontrolled Nuclear Melt Downs.

        • Cisco Cisco

          Olympics? Tokyo will have been evacuated by then, and Honshu will be a no go zone, and Caroline Kennedy will be sick.

          • GQR2


            Will TPTB try to socially engineer a different attitude towards death cancers and the various symtoms of RAIDs ? We the people need to maintain compassion for the sick,and insist on humane treatment. The tsunami of RAIDs illness and death is not far off and it won't be small enough to hide.

            • Cisco Cisco

              Not to worry here in the States, we have the best medical care in the world, I hear ad nauseum.

            • We Not They Finally

              A different "attitude" towards cancer? Try a different POLICY towards cancer! Some time back, the National Cancer Institute (which is under the NIH) put out a statement that cancer was being "overdiagnosed." That it should only be called cancer when it is "life-threatening."

              Change the definition means change the STATS. Suddenly anything less than stage four isn't even cancer at all, plus many of the stage four people simply DIE, making further treatment not an issue.

              So recognizing and treating cancer not so big a problem, yes? [extreme sarc]

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                WNTF, that distinction is absolutely critical. Please keep posting re: this.

                I'll need to try and catch you in a more recent comment to remind you & ask you to post this again.

                Please don't let us forget about this reporting change!

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        Yeah , I read Chris Hedges book, Empire of Illusion and he said 80% of the money made from porn goes to AT&T and General Motors. Who knew. As I type on my AT&T smart phone. I feel dirty all of a sudden. Corporations, they're never going to have a moment of compunction and change their evil ways are they?

      • weegokiburi weegokiburi

        In the old video format wars (VHS/Betamax) VHS won cos the porn industry found it cheaper and easier.
        Betamax was technically superior.
        Hume v Kant.
        Hume wins.

    • itsanuclearwar

      I am surprised to see that no one else pointed out the "Japan Times" article is a total sham. I don't see anything that resembles the truth.

      The article states that Chernobyl released more than 4 times the amount of cesium than Fuku. That is total bull. Chernobyl is nothing compared to Fuku, like a kitten(Chernobyl) compared to a lion pride(Fuku). Lion pride as in a family of lions.

      The numbers used representing the terabecquerels from Fuku is way to low, claiming only 1 1/2 times more than what Tepco reports. A better estimate would be greater than 100 times more than the Tepco lies.

      Also it claims that "Europe was hardly affected". Not in ones wildest dreams! Fuku affects the whole world. Nothing will be left untouched and unaffected.

      Japan Times is MSM. MSM has not and never will report the truth about Fuku Chernobyl, WIPP, Hanford, etc, etc. period.

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas

    Forgot to mention…. the drums are hand signed by your fave Forbes Mag authors….James "There is No Radiation" Conca or everyone's fave night light, Tim "MOX" Worstall.

  • bo bo

    I bet they'll start mentioning enenews by name on CNN CBS NBC NPR – as 'misinformation site – please don't go!!!!'

    That to me would be proof we must be doing something right.

  • ftlt

    On the CBS report. It is fair to say that many on here choose to paint the actual amounts of radiation approaching as way too high without any real information on it.

    But to know that FUFU has been dumping radiation in massive amounts everyday for 3 years and will basically continue forever going forward, it is not a reasoned nor even a fully representative report from the science community to claim there is no signs of radiation – an out right lie. This is clearly propaganda from those who have a vested interest in the nuclear industry.

    The attacks on the resistance social media and justice activists are constant from the globalists forces everywhere in the world.

    This is little article is little different than the globalist's tactics used in their successful internal attacks on regimes and peoples of Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Libya, Honduras, Paraguay, Thailand and on and on. It points to the great expanse and reach of these dark forces. It is no surprise that these same dark assets are used to support their industries and profits interests like FUFU.

    Try reading Yahoo News or major corporate newspapers or listening/viewing to PBS or CNN or FOX or CBS – they are all just mouthpieces for the globalist's corpo agenda of world domination and filled with lies.

    There are not nice people just with a different viewpoints. They are hardened privileged class functionaries, baby killers and earth destroyers for personal profit. They are your enemies.

    • GQR2

      What's your point. You seem to be critiquing what you think people "here" think. Do you not feel similiarly? Are the earth destroyers not your enemy as well? You seem to be an observer of some type looking to stir things up in not so constructive ways. Been watching you a long time now. You enjoy when the site gets attacked you want to make sure we all know…Hey did you know…blah blah. Stop instigating get a day job.

      • ftlt

        GQ: You obviously read what you wanted to read and took it for a swim. And chose to personally attack me. How lame.

        Yes, I do believe there is an chicken little element on here that is over the top at times. But, I think their heads and hearts are in the right place – as yours probably is.

        And what are any of us who comment on here besides observers?

        Open your mind GQ. FUFU/Nuclear are symptoms of a much bigger problem. If you cannot grasp this – you are not even treading water – you are sinking.

      • ftlt

        I would add that if nuclear is your thing. Imagine!

        Where are the next decades even bigger Super Storms going to hit. Where are the next targets that will come in a great or even small war? Where is the next great pandemic that strikes to shutdown all things? Where is the coming great famine going to strike causing massive social breakdown? All of these and many others are coming our way soon. All of these are threats to future nuclear safety and so much more.

        I won't bother you with non human caused natural events which are not preventable.

        My point is, we have a new political/economic system that has entrenched itself over the past half century that is greatly exacerbating an already accelerating horrible situation and it is not all just a nuclear problem.

        I fully believe this system is the our biggest threat. I cannot and will not divorce it from the nuclear issue (which they own and control by the way)

        You said, I enjoy when this site attacked. How did you arrive at that conclusion. Other than wanting feel that way. I have been here on Enenews since the early days after 3/11. How long have you been here?

        I enjoy this site a bunch and think it is doing good.

        I never would stoop to accusing anyone of being a provocateur on here. Shame on you for doing it.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      well said!~


    should you trust – anything – that issues from – any – MSM venue, then you and your family deserve what's coming…

    • earthsmith earthsmith

      Thank you for the offer Aftershock, that is very kind of you. I will try to contact you but as I don't own a computer it may take a minute.

      As for this… it's all built up to fail, new governments, new countries, economies, "heroes", msm info loop is no different. Put it out there to get chewed up and shredded by the idolizing fools as "koo-koo" fodder. They have been doing.g this since the incarnation of radio/t.v. land. I don't see the internet as any different. I love my koo-koo flag.


        you are correct, earthsmith, in that it's about a controlled destruction of our world…

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    The lunatics have been let out and are being allowed to run free, from their asylums. Why this important information, is being suppressed by CBS is just totally. totally weird. I suppose it's to avoid a mass freak-out, as there is absolutely nothing anyone can do now? It will affect the whole of the US soon, not only the whole planet. It's beyond crazy as no one can prepare, or protect themselves, other than those who know what is really going on; a few thousand here and there…


      already in motion, ToBeExpected. The future is finally here…

    • mairs mairs

      Or it could be more banal. Someone at CBS got the assignment to do a piece and they called and interviewed someone at Berkeley who said there has been no fallout over the US and the only people reporting that there is are internet "social" groups.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    We must remember the airwaves are owned by the/your government and the US government is a very large huge massive corporation…it's a business and by far the largest corporation in the/this world.

    Do it as I say and not as I do it.. 🙁


      correct, obewanspeaks. Whoa unto those who eat from their master's bowl…

    • PaciFistic PaciFistic

      …..the system is rigged…but we are not.

      We can cut ourselves free anytime we wish! Mind you, you first have to be able to see it that way.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I seem to see some real homeless problems all over the USA and these people have cut themselves loose/free and how is that working out for any of them? 🙂

        • PaciFistic PaciFistic

          …."seem to see"?…where are you living? Homelessness in North America is pretty near everywhere, and that's because the system is dysfunctional. Some prefer that freedom and wouldn't have it any other way, and others don't. Some homelessness is connected with mental illness. Others have been rendered homeless as a result of the real estate subprime fallout. In certain places it's very organized, there's a sense of community and people cooperate. It's not always a dismal existence.

          Though mainly I'm talking about freeing ourselves internally. We don't have to be beholden to The System. It's attachments or insecurities that keep most chained, not to mention ignorance.

          If you're able to see the system is rigged (in favour of: __________/it's easy to fill in the blank space), then you should able to see where we're always being conned.

          obewanspeaks….you know all about the phoniness of our world ("Catcher in the Rye" and all that, from about 60 years back). That needn't make you bored or cynical. True freedom opens up a whole new perspective on life. We may still have our unavoidable commitments and obligations, but apart from that we are "footloose and fancy free." We can go to our demise in a relaxed way. That time is more than likely sooner than we think. So, hope you're ready for it!

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            The system you speak of is a trap, and we all know it is, and there is no freedom about it, unless you have inherited/made tons of money and can hire people to do all that you do not want to do. In either case, rich or poor, slavery has never left our side and it is now only an entrenched by law refined enslaved existence. 🙁

            We have allowed slavery to flourish all around us, willingly, and we did not even bat an eye as all the corral boards where erected/tightened around each of us. 🙁

            The Freedom you speak of is only an illusion created for our human feeble minds… 🙁

            None of us are free…

  • GQR2

    innacurate internet report stoked fears that radiation had "somehow" come our way. Somehow? Somehow come our way.
    That's a good one.

    • [radiation has] "Somehow come our way"

      The 'somehow' is called FALLOUT.

      The CBS TV news story goes beyond BS and is more than misleading even with its few short words.

      IMO – It's criminal. It's immoral. It's sad. It's PURE PROPAGANDA!

    • American Phoenix57

      Thanks for the memories. . . love that album. Still have it. Slippin into darkness, city country city.The world is a ghetto. . . great tracks. so appropo.

  • 52Rockwell

    Look close at those rocks. Force recon USMC grade sniper in that nest.

    Let us Pray that when the shit hits the fan ,he will remember who he is fighting for , and His Oath to God,the Constitution, and the good folks of The USA.Like us.

  • GQR2

    CEMRC reported Cesium in 2011 specific to Fukushima. They reported it and published in their annual report at that time. Its a PDF on their web site. Not sure they said how much. Guess it was kind of akin to licking you cell phone charger, or a nickels worth or maybe a dime's worth on the legacy stuff. Hardy and company like the word "legacy" when describing Radiation Contamination.

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas

    Buddy of mine witnessed a military backpack laser pistol test in the underground wilds of northern Canada about 10 years ago.

    Guy comes out with backpack attached to laser pistol with big cord… He points and shoots laser pistol at a wall….test results come in…laser pistol penetrated 65 SOLID FEET of alternating concrete and steel in 6 inch sandwiches. Put another way, this thing shot through 32.5 feet of solid steel and 32.5 feet of solid concrete.

    All you have to do is point one of these in the general direction of the main reactor core, and 'pop' goes the weasel.


      why, 76MillionBananas, would anyone need to do so? Just look at what's transpired over the last seventy-five years, and you may notice the least of our worries is intentional stupidity…

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      And/but we are building more Nuclear Power Plant Targets all over the world just for such exotic weapons ..nice. 🙁

    • id8

      And if you believe that, I have a fine land deal for you on undeveloped Lovely Lake Karachay.

  • jec jec

    Tetrabq of Cesium. Wonder what else they are not confessing to-the other radiation products..like the PLUTONIUM from the MOX fuel rods.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

    Japan TV: Fukushima radioactive plume is circling earth every 40 days — Fallout still showing spikes (VIDEO)


    MsMilkytheclown: Fukushima Radiation Cycles Globe in 40 Days & Update 052812

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Fukushima Radiation Cycles Globe in 40 Days & Update 5/28/12

      Fukushima Radiation Cycles Globe in 40 Days & Update 5/28/12 (

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      radiation readings 1.4.14 ambient kakaako beach park hawaii
      “Radiation monitoring of myself and what I come in contact with: air/ambient, ground, plants, food, shelter, vehicles, etc.
      Looking for correlations between personal readings and contact materials to find cost effective solutions to remediate/mitigate internal radiation exposure.
      Since the human body is an osmotic membrane what goes in should be able to be removed. I plan to prove radiation poisoning is not permanent with the correct protocol based on environmental factors. The movie Radio Bikini and video of the Belarus children after Chernobyl were huge influences to undertake this personal study. Due to the fact that Japan has not stopped the radiation leaks of which a portion of the materials will take more than 2.5 million years to degrade into their equally harmful daughter products and more than 230 nuclear facilities exist in the contiguous 48 United States, personal preservation is the only safeguard to an ongoing and impending human health disaster. 25 years after the Chernobyl incident, the area is still uninhabitable but the area has always been green with trees, plants and grasses flourishing. Fuk-us-hi-ma is showing the same results and scientists agree that the radiation from the failed reactors circles the globe approximately every 40 days.”

  • amelero

    We need to spread the word & make as many aware as possible.We also need to take measures to protect ourselves. I use Zeolites in my smoothies daily. Zeolites ionic charge trap/remove cesium 137. Additionally they help w viruses, heavy metals, alkalizing, cancer prevention. More info here: http://miamiacupuncturetherapy.com/zeolitepure/

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas

    Ukraine is heavily dependent on its nuclear energy.

    The largest nuclear power plant in Europe, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, is located in Ukraine.

    What is going on now in Ukraine (war) threatens the safety and operation of these plants.

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas

    Aftershock, you are too kind. Forbes articles are good fodder for avatars.

    The way we will get around this is through decentralized intelligence. Like nature has. Share the information.

    Zeolites…good information. Thanks amelero!

    Also, who's your farmer? Get organized – we started a grower's coop in 2000, now has 46 farms in it. I know the source of about 80% of our food and the other we buy organic whenever possible.


      your thoughts, 76MillionBananas, to decentralization are spot-on. Drawing such parallel to nature is correct. I wish others were as insightful. And as I've not had the opportunity to do so yet, I'd like to welcome you to the site…welcome!

  • “I cannot understand the intention behind the story or what the author wants to say,” Ishihara said at a news conference.

    Can't understand?! More like….."say a little more, be a little more clear so govt can nail you good with violating the secrecy law".

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas

    Thanks Aftershock. I've been lurking here for years and finally hit the tipping point to talk, even though we have NSA caseworkers on us. Your avatar looks like a choice to follow the Green Road.

    It is patriotic to make others aware of the dangers of nuclear….maybe too late, but at least we can tell the future we tried.


      one thing, 76MillionBananas. Use the REPLY link when responding to another's comment. Makes a world of difference when others are deciphering a conversation.

      Speaking of ciphers: the NSA is the least of our worries. I'd think the dusting of our planet with nuke-toxins far exceeds any-other threat to our well being. So feel free to express yourself. We may not have all the time in the world to do so…

    • Yes…what a position we're in, eh? I have a personal fb page I use mostly to keep in touch with relatives but also for re-posting any activism articles or petitions. Mostly it had been all the other pre Fuku stuff and I already knew some of my friends regarded me as somewhat of a *Chicken Little* type.

      My family is 3rd generational with sustainability awareness but this latest stuff is SO heavy duty that we're having a hard time with how the young kids must feel if they happen on to the things we now know about our radioactive surroundings. Just so horrible and we want them to still have glimmers of hope for their own futures.

      • they need to live elsewhere for any hope. There will be very few places safe in the future in the US. Send the children where agriculture/water not so damaged. They will carry on….

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        …..IMO, safest places against Fuku and other plant fallout is Canada, Russia and lower half of South America, mainly Argentina. Probably easiest to immigrate to Canada. Many from the States in Alberta, BC, Ontario…a good influx during the Vietnam war of those avoiding the Draft. I can very well appreciate what an enormous change this would be for you and family. Be certain first of the present danger where you are now.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          The fallout went right over the north pole. Toronto had huge radioactive readings. The fallout in Canada is even higher than the US.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Fukushima Radioactive Rain falls in Toronto,Canada at DANGEROUS levels (20 000 CPM) Aug 14 2011
            Aug 16, 2011
            “Fukushima Radioactive Rain falls in Toronto,Canada at DANGEROUS levels (20 000 CPM) Aug 14 2011 re upped because this one will probably disappear and everyone needs to see it share it with the neighbor that's still in denial of the fallout in the rain at high levels thanks to all the people taking readings….”

            • ruis ruis

              Canada is not an escape from the fallout and it's not only Toronto, Ontario. Northern Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nunavut, Eastern Canada including Newfoundland have all had Fukushima fallout. Additionally, there nuke plants in Canada, not to mention nuclear waste dumped in the Atlantic, along with other issues, so moving somewhere else is not a solution, imo.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                It wasn't me who suggested that Canada is an escape:

                May 10, 2014 at 3:04 pm

                …..IMO, safest places against Fuku and other plant fallout is Canada, Russia and lower half of South America, mainly Argentina.

                • ruis ruis

                  I know, my only intention was to add to the list of areas in Canada. No offense intended.

                  • chevvvy chev

                    New Zealand is still clean and green, comparitively, unfortunately our guvmint is a tool of the US, and our prime munter, used to be on the board of the federal reserve, but at least we are anti nuke, even if we are not so bright (colectively).
                    you can buy citizenship for a mil, ask kim .com how thats working out though!!

                    Chev out

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                So. it sounds like all the children are now screwed. 🙁

                We should all let them know the truth, since this Nuclear Radiation Contamination Technology is what we have given to them all to eat, breath and live in.

                It wont be pretty for any of them and many of these young children will die from cancer and disease in the near future.. 🙁

                • itsanuclearwar

                  Is what "we" have given……. Most of us are not the "we". TPTB are responsible for this nightmare, not the people. The people are the victims. Don't blame the victims.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Fukushima, Raining Death on a State Near You!

          • PaciFistic PaciFistic

            …..these days, not where I am in the north, as readings are low. To be truthful, likely no place is fully safe. Generally and relatively speaking, I personally would prefer Argentina, despite how dysfunctional the government is there.

            But as I tried to explain to obewanspeaks, there is a state of mind which would be helpful to be able achieve at the time of one's demise or even before, and one doesn't have to go about it so dramatically, as in this illustration:


            It's a place beyond the illusions and delusions of this world, yet most people tend to deny its reality. Too bad…sorry to say…sad as it may be, and all that.

            • ruis ruis

              PaciFistic, you have a very valid point in your comments regarding state of mind.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Leaving one's hell/prison/corral for another, through personally burning one's body in a petroleum based human hell fire, is not any form of freedom and/or should such an act even be considered a rational state of mind/thought.. 🙁

              The illusion is the delusion.. 🙁

              • ruis ruis

                I don't think the meaning was literal.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Please then explain the your impression of the non literal aspects… 🙂

                  • ruis ruis

                    I can only give you my own personal interpretation, which may/may not/ or only partly be in line with what PaciFistic is speaking about. It is very difficult to give a short answer to your question.

                    PaciFistic says, "But as I tried to explain to obewanspeaks, there is a state of mind which would be helpful to be able achieve at the time of one's demise or even before, and one doesn't have to go about it so dramatically, as in this illustration."

                    The illustration is an extreme example, and as Pacifistic has said, one does not have to go about it so dramatically. My interpretation is that of a reference to a greater truth, beyond this temporary manifested physical existence, at this time, in this "system". The freedom is that which is internally based and is completely independent of external factors, in addition to this temporary manifested physical existence. This freedom is infinite. It is crucial to look within and seek it there, rather than focusing one's attention on the external. The external is a distraction. A necessary component to start to see real truth and freedom, is to practice detaching oneself while observing everything, both outside of oneself and within oneself. I could go on, however, I'll exceed the character limit. I'll leave it there and invite you to ask any questions you wish. I will do my best to clarify and answer. I cannot give you the answers for yourself specifically though, I can only share my own personal experience.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Interesting perspective where the true freedom we seek is not of this physical realm. My comments where specifically tailored to this real world physical realm, since this is the only realm we humans know as real. This is the realm we live each of our lives in and we participate inside this physical realm on a daily basis.

                      If such other fantasy realm exists after death and it mirrors anything like what we see here on Earth at the present time with the world's modern day enslavement, I doubt any of us will feel free there inside this awaiting fantasy land realm either.. 🙁

                      My point is we should fix what is broken in this physical realm where 7 billion people/humans now live and countless other species are now becoming extinct due specifically to our human behaviors/actions.

                      It's a rather complicated created Zeitgeist Matrix problem that I am afraid hasn't any presented solutions for the majority of those now enslaved by others masses..

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Russia has had huge nuclear accidents. Also fallout from huge nuclear bombs atmospheric testing and high altitude testing. Nuclear waste all over the place. Gorbachov attributes the end of the Soviets because of nuclear fallout from Chernobyl.


          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            “…By the mid-1990s, Russia's death rate had reached its highest peacetime level in the twentieth century. Curable infectious diseases such as diphtheria and measles have reached epidemic levels unseen since the Bolshevik Revolution, and the rates of tuberculosis, cancer, and heart disease are the highest of any industrialized country.
            “In 1993 the incidence of a number of infectious diseases increased significantly over the previous year: tuberculosis by 1.25 times, brucellosis by 1.9 times, diphtheria by 3.9 times, and syphilis by 2.6 times (see table 14, Appendix). In 1995 the Russian health system was overwhelmed by the return of epidemic diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever, even as it faced chronic staff and equipment shortages. In the winter of 1995-96, Russia suffered its most severe epidemic of influenza in decades. An estimated 1 million people were infected in Moscow alone, and numerous schools and public institutions were closed to prevent the spread of the disease. Experts attributed the virulence of the epidemic to the generally low level of resistance of much of the Russian population, the result of poor overall health care and stressful economic conditions. Other causes were the uneven availability of influenza shots and the population's general belief that injections enhance rather than decrease an individual's chances of becoming ill….”

            • PaciFistic PaciFistic

              …..you forgot to mention vodka and alcoholism, mainly among men, which will seriously lower immune levels, increase blood pressure, etc…bad health all around and shorter lives. This is a big factor in the poor general health picture of current day Russia. There's nothing particularly esoteric or insightful about this.

              And btw, to go with the illustration of my previous comment, there is a knack waiting to be discovered by those who might understand its potential…the art of entering the "crack in the universe," and once through, while we may not be invisible, we are not buffeted by the hard knocks of life or seized by misfortune and disasters as we might had we not so entered. In so doing we will realize a need to cooperate with Fate and not be 'against.'

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Russia announces enormous finds of radioactive waste and nuclear reactors in Arctic seas
            Enormous quantities of decommissioned Russian nuclear reactors and radioactive waste were dumped into the Kara Sea in the Arctic Ocean north of Siberia over a course of decades, according to documents given to Norwegian officials by Russian authorities and published in Norwegian media.

            Russia Dumped 19 Radioactive Ships Plus 14 Nuclear Reactors Into the Ocean

            “…In 2010, Russia passed its first bill to regulate nuclear waste disposal. …”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            5 Worst Russian Nuclear Accidents of All Time
            Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant …
            Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant…
            Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant…
            Tomsk-7 Nuclear Complex…

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            The Most Contaminated Spot on the Planet
            “…In the late 1940's, about 80 kilometers north of the city of Chelyabinsk, an atomic weapons complex called "Mayak" was built. Its existence has only recently been acknowledged by Russian officials, though, in fact, the complex, bordered to the west by the Ural Mountains, and to the north by Siberia, was the goal of Gary Powers's surveillance flight in May of 1960.
            “The people of the area have suffered no less than three nuclear disasters: For over six years, the Mayak complex systematically dumped radioactive waste into the Techa River, the only source of water for the 24 villages which lined its banks.The four largest of those villages were never evacuated, and only recently have the authorities revealed to the population why they strung barbed wire along the banks of the river some 35 years ago.Russian doctors who study radiation sickness in the area estimate that those living along the Techa River received an average of four times more radiation than the Chernobyl victims.
            “In 1957, the area suffered its next calamity when the cooling system of a radioactive waste containment unit malfunctioned and exploded.The explosion spewed some 20 million curies of radioactivity into the atmosphere.About two million curies spread throughout the region, exposing 270,000 people to as much radiation as the Chernobyl victims.Less than half of one percent of these people were evacuated, and some of those only after years had passed.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              “The third disaster came ten years later.The Mayak complex had been using Lake Karachay as a dumping basin for its radioactive waste since 1951.In 1967, a drought reduced the water level of the lake, and gale-force winds spread the radioactive dust throughout twenty-five thousand square kilometers, further irradiating 436,000 people with five million curies, approximately the same as at Hiroshima.
              “In the past 45 years, about half a million people in the region have been irradiated in one or more of the incidents, exposing them to as much as 20 times the radiation suffered by the Chernobyl victims….”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            "The Kyshtym disaster was a radiation contamination incident that occurred on 29 September 1957 at Mayak, a plutonium production reactor for nuclear weapons and nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in the Soviet Union. It measured as a Level 6 disaster on the International Nuclear Event Scale, making it the third most serious nuclear accident ever recorded, behind the Chernobyl disaster and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (both Level 7 on the INES)…."

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            A Readiness to Harm: The Health Effects of Nuclear Weapons Complexes
            “On September 29, 1957, at 4:20 p.m., an enormous explosion in a tank containing highly radioactive waste occurred in the Mayak nuclear weapons plant in the southern Ural mountains of the Soviet Union. The fallout plume spread strontium-90 and other dangerous radionuclides over about 15,000 square kilometers, which remain contaminated to this day….”

  • I need some help locating a simple graph/chart…somewhere I had been clicking around, Thought I bookmarked it at the time but it's not in my collection of screenshots or files. 🙁

    It had 2 lines on it, representing all nuclear proliferation starting with the first bomb tests…and also the rise of cancer til present times. The two steeply rising lines almost matched perfectly and was such a great undeniable visual.

    If anyone knows the chart I'm talking about, I'd be grateful for a link. I really need to show it to folks where I live and get the *radioactivity/implications* conversations going.

  • Shaker1

    Well, as for me, I'm really getting pretty tired of these multimillion-dollar pontifications and studies that could be much better spent upon remediation. What contribution is this number that, after all, is just guesswork from what in itself might be compromised data? At this point, it seems to be moving no one to action, if that might be intended, or is it just more busy-work for the educated who may never realize that, if they were truly smart, this busy-work may have never been necessary? I do understand their (the study's) point, but they do little to attack the real problem, which is the physical reality represented by this 'accident'. Too many may be like a bystander watching a kid on the railroad tracks while a train is rolling toward it, smug like some god in their 'objectivity' and given to offering predictions of where each piece of its body might settle after the train has run by. Since it seems rather rare that there are those who might bend spoons with their mind, might I suggest that it's considered that we might pay them their same salary, but hand them a real shovel instead?

    Sorry. I guess I'm in a bad mood today, and maybe it's time to leave, stick my head back into my poetry and books and music, comfortable with eventually leaving little footprint that feels no need of exposition and is careless of appreciation.

    • what sort of remediation do you think will help?

      • Shaker1

        Iterated and reiterated over and over on these pages and others by many.

        Do you honestly think honest effort has been made at the site itself? While 'something' is being done, is that 'something' all that can be done? Hardly.

    • Shaker1

      Whistling Past History


      While a pick and shovel
      assist in exhumation,
      speculation seems born
      of its own discipline,.
      created specifically for its story,
      to a depth of time that geology may find minute
      yet we find daunting to recall.
      The story is clear
      in subtle unconscious stains
      and chevrons of curious hue.
      What was so 'subtle'?

      Could it be that examination and expectation
      seem opposed in the strata?
      The manifestations elusive
      to conventional time-sense?

      The story is there
      in all its intricacies,
      though interpretation of events
      may have the sequence confused in exposition.
      I choose straight-forward acceptance,
      that description of particular instances
      may have occurred before the event itself
      just as easily as afterwards.

      The mythic character is unmistakable,
      but it is required that one live the myth in its entirety.
      I, and my circumstance,
      could do that.
      I can live in dreamtime
      and innocently function.

      • Shaker1


        And now I (unconsciously?)
        observe from on high
        the study of the strata,
        the remnant of interest
        left to the story,
        but remain, always,
        the crumbling, ever-renewing stone.
        Examine too long,
        too intently,
        and even lacking an epochal moment,
        eventuality will cover it all over.
        I cannot
        (or will not)
        stop the crumbling;
        will not create barriers
        to spare the valley its fill.
        Mark your vigilance as you will,
        circumstance, in the end,
        will level it all.
        The last stubborn molecule will settle
        and normalize the incline,
        will merge with multivalent complements
        to raise new mountains;
        shed their strength again
        in strata confusing,
        that 'the unconscious' may become
        theory's only shelter against the landslides.

  • Believe MSM … shorter life expectation.

    I'm not all that well off and I am making the lifestyle change required to avoid Fukushima Disease (heart attack, cancer, thyroid disease, DNA destruction/retardation, etc). Send your children far from the fallout if you care.

  • Fukushima isotopes were found in strawberries, arugula and spinach in San Francisco three weeks after the meltdown. They were also found in milk in Vermont. Two years ago Thailand (?) rejected dairy shipments form France and two other countries because they tested too high for radiation. What ignorant, lying assholes. And if I see the word "accident" to describe this catastrophic meltdown, I might have to drop kick my computer!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    END OF AN ERA . . .

    I doubt anyone believes main stream news anymore.

    • itsanuclearwar

      It is sad but I think most people believe most of the MSM. What percent of the population know that the Federal Reserve is privately owned and ALL of the federal income tax collected every year goes in the pockets of these bankers. A very low percent. They still believe the MSM.

  • slayer454 slayer454

    I knew this 3 years ago. I only wish I had a voice that could be heard by sheeple… I gave the truth but they only understand Bahhh, Bahhh, Bahhh. and they say " You're an ALARMIST, FEAR MONGER or CONSPIRACY THEORIST !!!

    Fukushima facts and how to protect yourself


  • I feel like quite a bit has been relayed outward with the info everyone's been networking, in small ways and places however they can. There's a certain feel to judge correctly who can take a hard reality check and who will suffer even more from *knowing*. I constantly balance on a teeter totter of timing and expediency with my moods fluctuating as well.

    I'm really grateful for the connections when they do happen….my emotional sanity meter gets a little boost. Sometimes I get so angry I have to force myself to chill before I go postal. (And yeah, I often swear like a sailor too….depends on the crowd. So I'd never be worrying about anyone else's *French, lol)

    I think after 3 years of all this…I know I won't give up. Every day I watch for any new news or documentation but I'm also at the point of trying harder to influence everyone I talk to about strengthening their immune systems, then adding the "why of it" if they can handle it. Ironically, GMO's, pollution and a million other despicable things have trained us well.

    People should follow their gut about moving I guess. Frying pan…fire…all that. It's tough.

  • Seraphine Seraphine

    Note also how the CBS report makes no mention of Treasure Island, offshore dumping by the military, etc…only Fukushima – yet says the coastline is safe anyway.
    This is irresponsibility in the highest. At best, it's ignorance. At worst, it's first degree murder.

  • Sol Man

    Without the money and power behind the effort for 70 odd years it would not have happened. Now the world has hell to pay. How to explain this to the children?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      By telling them the truth and the truth is everywhere around them and it is easily accessed today. 🙂

      We have no right to protect the/any children from the real truth about their unfolding Nuclear future that still comith this way and that was purposefully created by many educated others..

  • Sol Man

    Divide 400,000,000,000,000 Bq by 533,215,000 population of N. America for number of Bq person.

    • itsanuclearwar

      Those Bq numbers are way to low. You can't believe the article by MSM Japan Times.

    • Sol Man, I posted this the other day, but somehow it didnt post up.

      Nuke Pro (aka me) calculated the Cs source term at Fukushima as
      These calcs are conservative, the real numbers are undoubtedly higher, but not by an order of magnitude. These are in the ballpark.

      18,835,350,053,520,000,000 Bq

      400,000,000,000,000 (the article number) by the source term

      And that implies that only

      Made it to North America. I think that by seeing 100,000 lbs of inventory or more completely aerosolized we conservatively saw 2 to 5% of inventory arrive on North America. So they are off by a factor of 1000 to 2500 times. Usually they don't even lie that much.

      So at 3% we "were gifted"= 5.65061E+17 Bq Cs

      Or 1059723567
      Per person

      Fortunately, it won't all go into people right away, it will flow through all our plants and wild animals, bugs, and livestock.

      stock out

  • We Not They Finally

    The scientists will keep futzing around with "how much danger" while the marine life seems to have figured it all out.

    Maybe we don't know the true history of our planet at all. Maybe it's that a pack of marauders came eons back, hostile to every natural law here, and just wouldn't stop until they had wrecked the place.

    • Shaker1

      WNTF, it's quite obvious that we don't know the true history of the planet, among other things that it's quite obvious that we don't truly know. That 'not knowing' should be THE lesson of all those who might have an interest in history beyond the written word in conjunction with what might be the in the realm of current social conventions. I have a distinct interest in ancient history, but learned that one needs to be careful and consider the source less for what they might expose physically, but their interpretation of what is exposed. For instance, I see dates of the fall of Troy related in Homer of everywhere from 3200 BC to 1200 BC with regularity. All these dates are within the realm of the written word, too. Quite a large interval in which just about anything could have and did happen culturally and naturally of which we might not be informed that might make interpretations a bit suspect, especially concerning discussions of the 'evolution of consciousness'. It's fun, and interesting, and the subject of the poem I posted, but it's needs to be accompanied with some caution.

      Some are really rather tedious, for instance, C-14 dating. It's useful, but there are assumptions in its use beyond a certain point that may not be correct. What one puts together from these may not be actual history, but ideas of history that are informed most especially in light of the authors, their personal natures, cultures, and the physical circumstances in which they find…

  • Sol Man

    Or, divide the 400 trillion Bq burden by the 9,450,000 sq. miles of N. America to determine something that you really don't want to know.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "Inaccurate reports on social media, that’s what stoked the fears that radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster had somehow come our way!”

    What nuclear power plant disaster? Did he just admit that there was a nuclear power plant disaster at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant?

    Disaster's at nuclear power plants are no cause for concern, it's the kitty litter we need to fear. No cause for concern there, it's the bananas. That and kitty litter, the future is uncertain. Organic litter, and bananas, oh my. Follow the yellow brick road…

  • Physicist: “Cancer a certainty” if one radioactive particle ingested.

    Uhhh. That's pretty serious.

    Take your apple pectin, people. It can pull the radioactive particles out of your body.

    And these vitamins:

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yep, it's all pretty serious and if one does not get cancer and die right away, then there always is the possibility that one's offspring might be twice as smart as they were at birth… 🙁

    It's all very exciting, the future.. 🙂

  • Nick

    I was thinking the other day about atomic clocks that rely on cesium

    A radioactive cesium (134/137) atom can't be used since it decays.

    Another observation:

    I saw dark spots and dead and dying leaves in laurel, wintergreen, and holly plants last month in New Jersey.

    My gut tells me it was Fallout. Others tell me "where have you seen it written,etc"

  • itsanuclearwar

    Talk of where to live, the Bush family bought a bunch of strategic land in South America. Very interesting.

    "What is the Bush Family's Interest in Paraguay?"

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The water…since we are trashing it all over the world now.

  • BillyB BillyB

    Fukushima fallout in N. America at 400,000,000,000,000 Bq of Cesium-137.
    Natural radiation in the ocean is 1,600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 nBq

  • Alan Reid Alan Reid

    Well after some time trying to log in here i just made it through.
    I live in the Calgary area in Alberta and the obvious effects to the trees is crazy. The trees in the Okotoks area are even worse. Much mutation is easily see if one were to look. Tops of trees with leafs 3 to 4 times the size of those on the lower parts of the tree. For the last three years the top leaves hang on for months after all the lower ones fall. They are much stiffer and don't flip over before rain like normal. They also don't change color the same as normal ones.. they darken but they don't yellow at all. Seed pods looking like pom-poms all over the tips. Normal joints on the poplar branches are all gnarled and deformed. At every turn in southern Alberta the trees are screaming distress and sickness. I have many photos of fall trees that are all golden leafed EXCEPT for the tops that are still green. Many photos showing abnormal growth. Some trees that are half green and half golden for far longer than is anywhere near normal. Calgary is 750Km from the west coast and the effects i have seen range over the entire area 100Km all around Calgary. The worst i have seen is by far the Okotoks Alberta area. Nobody i tell and show thinks i am sane but i know my home and NORMAL and none of the thinks i an looking at is normal.