Japan Times Interview: “Tokyo is still in danger of being lost and the gov’t should be acting accordingly”

Published: June 11th, 2012 at 11:51 pm ET


‘Flyjin’ feel vindicated, worry for those left in Japan
The Japan Times Online
June 12, 2012

Ivan Stout, Former Ibaraki resident


Faced with a seemingly unimaginable nuclear crisis brewing in northeast Japan, Stout remembers trying to downplay the situation at first after reading a news article saying that there was zero chance of any radiation getting out of the nuclear plant, company emails reassuring everyone that there was no danger, and statements from the Japanese government.

“However, at a certain point, this view of the situation no longer seemed to reflect reality,” he says. “At that moment, there was no turning back and I no longer trusted those sources anymore.”


Stout, though, feels he will only be vindicated for leaving Japan once the “criminals responsible for this accident” and the “ongoing gross negligence of the situation” are brought to justice.

“Tokyo is still in danger of being lost and the government should be acting accordingly, prioritizing the safety of its residents,” he says


“I miss every little thing about Japan,” Stout says. “I was planning to live the rest of my life there, but the nation has been sabotaged by criminal politicians and a toxic nuclear industry.”


“Had the Japanese government been forthcoming a year ago and provided support to evacuate western Japan, instead of trying to contaminate the rest of Japan by burning contaminated debris, I would still be in Japan today, even if it meant living indefinitely in a refugee tent,” he says.

Published: June 11th, 2012 at 11:51 pm ET


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16 comments to Japan Times Interview: “Tokyo is still in danger of being lost and the gov’t should be acting accordingly”

  • lam335 lam335

    The last paragraph says, "Had the Japanese government been forthcoming a year ago and provided support to evacuate western Japan …"

    Shouldn't that say "to evacuate eastern Japan," OR, alternatively, "to evacuate TO western Japan …"

    Actually, it looks like it's in the original, so perhaps it should just say "to evacuate western [sic] Japan"?

  • Sickputer

    Smart guy to leave…hanging on in a certain dead zone is a tough decision, leaving is not much easier. But I don't think I would defend my house if I were within 1,000 miles of a triple meltdown that remains out of control. The wind has to blow serious radiation on a near weekly basis. It doesn't always blow toward the gaijin.

  • Max1 Max1

    Sort of OT…
    … Maybe not.

    Earlier today Fukushima Diary had a headline about high radiation readings at the Royal Palace. Was at work and could only browse by the headlines. Shortly thereafter, unaccessible.

    Lori was already identified and shut down on Fb…
    … I hope nobody got to him, so to speak.

    • I am VERY concerned about the disappearance of Fukushima Diary from the web.

    • Fukushima Diary is still online …

      Read what he says today:


      Quoted from that page:

      Fukushima diary at http://fdiary.nodes.org


      Today I had a major pain in the middle-left side of my chest. I hope it was nothing serious but it was the same place as last year before evacuation.

      It wasn’t the pectoral muscle. The pulse was 73 per minute, a little faster than usual but still in the normal range.

      Unlike normal pain in your arm or leg, pain in your chest doesn’t let you escape. and the more you worry, the worse it gets.

      It felt like someone was picking my heart. Don’t even want to recall it.

      More and more people are dying in Chiba or Tokyo. It’s easy to think it won’t happen to me, but I don’t want to be too late.

      I mean, Fukushima Diary is against media blackout. but that’s only for the Fukushima battle line.

      Media blackout is everywhere. Media is almost only to conceal the world from you.

      so I expect everyone to fight against media blackout on your own battle line.

      Battle line is everywhere, and you can fight with a little bit of bravery and passion.

      Don’t let them dominate the information. Enlighten the people and help them make the better choice.

      • richard richard

        "Media, almost only to conceal the world from you"

        Scary and brilliant observation. This is not the world I expected when I was younger.

  • Max1 Max1

    O.K. going back on topic…
    How ignorant can people be?

    To think radiation can't be swept up by a wind storm and bring the radiation home…
    … Or picked up over the Pacific only to rain down the next day.

  • Max1 Max1

    "[…] but the nation has been sabotaged by criminal politicians and a toxic nuclear industry."

    That sums up many nations…

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    Fukushima diary still down.

  • Peaceismyfriend Peaceismyfriend

    Majia / Max1
    Worried about Fukushima Diary as well.. can't establish a "database connection".. Hope all is well.

    • I think it absolutely critical that we post comments at relevant sites, asking him to respond so that we know he is ok.

      Hopefully his site has simply been taken down for "copyright" violation and nothing has happened to him personally.

      (not that it actually did violate copyright, but this legal excuse can be used broadly)

      If something has happened to him personally, then we need to raise our voices loud and clear to demand his safe release.

      To the best of my knowledge, his readers are his only protection.

    • HamburgGeiger

      I can open fukushima diary now (from Germany). Please try again from USA.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Thanks HG. I can access it too. Admin, can you add the feed again below?

        Perhaps it was blocked originally due to articles like this one today, revealing high radioactivity at Koriama schools:

        "1.04 million Bq/kg at the poolside of a school in Koriyama Fukushima"


        Surely it is a CRIME to force school children to continue to go to contaminated schools like these, knowing full well the serious health risks they are being exposed to? Justice must be done, and these children MUST BE SAVED!!!

  • Gotham

    "Tokyo is still in danger of being lost."

    Why the concern about Tokyo when residents are allowed to return to "lost" Fukushima? Danger is everywhere and the government has decided that the future is to tolerate the risk. People will die, people will suffer but life will go on as if the disaster never happened. A slow death march ensues…