Japan Times: Radiation level in Fukushima town 400 times higher than in Tokyo — 10 kilometers from Daiichi

Published: May 18th, 2013 at 7:19 pm ET


Title: Fukushima photos focus on what can’t be seen
Source: Japan Times
Author: Ken Kawashima
Date: May 19, 2013

[…] Returning to the base of [Mount Higakure] overlooking the manmade lake behind the [Sakashita] dam, we find a public radiation-monitoring post indicating a reading of 0.44μSv/hour — roughly 40 times the level in Tokyo on the same day.

Moving on from there, before heading back to Tokyo we decide to drop by the abandoned tsunami-ravaged town of Tomioka, which had been off-limits until just recently. There, a mere 10 km from the nuclear plant, we were chastened to find the radiation readings were almost 10 times those by the dam — some 400 times Tokyo levels at the same time on the same day. […]

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Published: May 18th, 2013 at 7:19 pm ET


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20 comments to Japan Times: Radiation level in Fukushima town 400 times higher than in Tokyo — 10 kilometers from Daiichi

  • Lion76 Lion76

    This would seem to "lend credibility" to that reading


    • Jay

      Great point about the fact that fluids/air move also in Vortcices/Vortexes which act as Concentrators .
      Note the unscientific luck of Wind data at that time …

    • Jay

      Not do fast , one thing leads to another , things that we may not even know .

      Here is a simple test , from Kyodo News:

      " …. A possible solution to the increasing amount of contaminated water inside the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant could be to pump groundwater into the sea before it gets into the reactor buildings, as planned by the plant operator, the head of international inspectors has said … " .

      Now , with the blessings of 'common sense' to divert the ground water around the contamination source , LET'S SEE IF TEPCO WILL DO IT 'hopefuly' not encountering 'terminal' sytuations where diverting the ground water is 'imposible' …
      What I am driving at is What else is there in storage under those reactors ?? …

      • Ground water at the site is likely already contaminated. Japan's Fish Industry in Fukushima opposes the move to divert ground water until its established that the ground water is not extensively contaminated.

        Yesterday I wrote down a summary of the ground water situation at the plant for my project.

        It looks as if 800 tons of contaminated water are produced daily, on average, from ground water flooding AND the water injections used to cool core.

        The water in the units is highly contaminated and there is no place to store it all.

        De-contamination cannot eliminate tritium. I'm not sure whether they can get the strontium out.

        There is no way to keep contaminated water from being produced in huge amounts and no way of dealing effectively with the volume of water that is produced.

        Radiation contamination of air and sea are going to continue at an alarming rate, indefinitely.

        No way to avoid it that I can see.

        • Jay

          Majia , the explosions spread the 'stuff' around on the Surface including the Spent Fuel rods .

          By now the three coriums are dispersed in micro-particles in a plume underground probably beyond the shore line , to far to mix with the under-ground water .

          Anyone , what it supposed to be left in the bassement to cause the radioactivity and under-ground water contamination after two years ?

          Japan's secrete nuclear weapons project ?

          • Yes I've wondered about that also. The evidence is rather strong that Japan has weapons capabilities. Does it have a just-in-time system complete with weapons labs?

            The TRUTH will never been disclosed, even if humanity were to suffer severe, measurable consequences from this disaster.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Animals And Low Level Radiation Effects

      Bioaccumulation Of Radiation In Fresh Water And Salt Water Fish After Chernobyl And Fukushima; via @AGreenRoad

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    Lots hotter than that. Here's a google map


    Let the scripts run

    0.5mc Sv/hr is the criterion for the evacuation zone at Chernobyl.

  • Sickputer

    Of course there is no problem with 2020 candidate city Tokyo.

    Just don't eat the eels. 🙂

    "High cesium levels discovered in Tokyo river eels, local governments make belated study"

    "A worrying phenomenon has been discovered in Tokyo river eels that have been caught by local residents living near the Edogawa River – the eels that they have been catching, and may have eaten at one time or another, have very high cesium levels, in most cases higher than the safe levels required by the Japanese government."


    SP: Word to the wise… even the pompous illiterate asses in Tokyo running that scam… air monitoring means very little when dangerous nuclear fallout is already embedded into water sources, lakes, rivers, and Tokyo Bay sediments, and every inch of your former pristine city. Your city is NOT safer than New York, Paris, of London! Internal ingestion of radiation is far worse at the present time in Tokyo. Air monitoring is a magician's trick.

    The Japanese people are victims of a government that slants every news. Smart citizens are trying to survive… And they don't eat sushi anymore nor any food imported from the really bad hotspots.

    Good luck Japanese people everywhere on Honshu. You need very good luck for your family to survive.

    • vital1 vital1

      "The Food Lab", has a list of the latest international reports of food contamination. I have added the Eels to the list of reports, Thanks Sickputer.


    • m a x l i

      "A worrying phenomenon has been discovered in Tokyo river eels…"

      A "phenomenon" would be if I start levitating 1 meter above ground by sheer will power and no one has an explanation for it. I literally see them scratching their heads and wondering: "Where does the caesium come from? What could it be?"

      • hbjon hbjon

        A "phenomenon" could also be how European and Soviet grown foods have grown more appealing. Or the rising price of farm-raised catfish. IE… the further you get from Fuk, the more valuable the food.

        • Trawling4Trolls

          Fish oil capsules, how many of these are sourced to Russian waters? With their history of dumping those capsules are one of the stupidest risks going.

  • "…after just two years, people are finding it more convenient to simply forget the issue,” Imai points out.

    * 3 Nuclear MELTDOWNS that continue to spew daily, nonstop into the atmosphere and ocean with no end in sight.

    This IS an event like no other!

    Fukushima's meltdowns and unprotected spent fuel pools threaten the planet with a potential for further, far greater destruction.

    🙁 The numerous possibilities for an even larger catastrophe looms over us every second of the day.

    * How does one 'simply forget' that issue?

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      I think they mean "forget" the same way a victim of a grievous assault "forgets"

      And it WAS (is) a grievous assault. An assault by gross negligence against the world and the worlds next 8 generations.

  • CODEX and food safety? The hidden world of radioactive food!

    Published by nuclear-news.net

    By Arclight2011

    19 May 2013

    The Japanese limits are based on the assumption that 50% of nationally distributed foods are contaminated


    A suggestion of a member to introduce additional values for food corresponding to non-accidental situations,such as releases of radioactive effluents,was not supported, as it was noticed that such releases are under regulatory control.


    One member suggested reconsidering the previous situation of the GLs in 1989 with a single food category, as that was protective of both infants and adults. Other members of the eWG did not support this proposal, stating that society expects infants and young children to receive better protection.Another member proposed to add the category of dairy foods. There was also no support for this suggestion. Both members withdrew the proposals



  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Workers say safety takes back seat at Monju reactor

    "The Nuclear Regulation Authority has effectively decided not to allow the Monju fast-breeder nuclear reactor to resume operations, after finding its operator failed to regularly check nearly 10,000 devices at the plant.

    The NRA's investigation has found the operator Japan Atomic Energy Agency was preoccupied with work to restart the trouble-plagued reactor in Fukui Prefecture without paying heed to input from on-site workers, as well as lessons learned from past mistakes.
    The latest decision also reveals a gap in awareness about safety and the approach to nuclear power projects between the regulator, revamped after the Fukushima crisis, and the operator stuck with an old-school mentality."


    Oh dear

  • Jay

    " … after finding its operator failed to regularly check nearly 10,000 devices at the plant . " .

    Oh , dear , if this would be a Police investigation the first thing to be determined is : the 10,000 uninspected parts were not inspected because :

    a) the managers/person-in-charge didn't ask the employees to do it , or
    b) the employees were asked to do it but they didn't

    The difference is between being lazy or corrupted …

    So , Why didn't TEPCO ask those questions and reveal the answers ?? Lazy or Corruption ?
    Should we take this as a hint : the Media already revealed a few days ago the involvment of Yakuza in Japanese Nuclear industry :

    How the Yakuza went Nuclear


  • CB CB

    Is it better to be stabbed by a double sided sword rather than a butter knife?