Japan Times: ‘Records shattered’ at Fukushima — Radiation levels surge after typhoon — Tepco “doesn’t know why” this is happening — Warning “crisis could get worse” as 180 km/hr storm heading to area

Published: October 12th, 2014 at 12:16 pm ET


Original Japan Times headline: Tritium surges tenfold in groundwater at Fukushima nuclear plant; typhoon effect suspected

Altered Japan Times headline: Tritium up tenfold in Fukushima groundwater after Typhoon Phanfone Tritium up tenfold in Fukushima groundwater after Typhoon Phanfone

Japan Times (Jiji Press), Oct. 12, 2014 (emphasis added): The radioactive water woes at [Fukushima] got worse over the weekend after the tritium concentration in a groundwater sample surged more than tenfold… [Tepco] said Saturday that heavy rain caused by Typhoon Phanfone probably affected the groundwater… [The] 150,000 becquerels… is a record for the well… [Beta ray emitters at the well] also shattered records with a reading of 1.2 million becquerels… close to the plant’s port in the Pacific… [Another well had] a record 2.1 million becquerels of a beta ray-emitting substance, nearly double the level from a week earlier… The cesium activity in the sample was 70 percent higher at 68,000 becquerels… Readings hit record highs at three points after the heavy rain caused by the typhoon, but the utility said it does not know why.

Perhaps it has something to do with this report just after the typhoon hit last weekend: [intlink id=”officials-warning-alarm-at-fukushima-plant-triggered-by-typhoon-leaks-at-reactor-3-and-reactor-1-turbine-building-camera-captures-images-of-water-pouring-in-after-very-heavy-rain” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Japan Times (Jiji Press), Oct. 12, 2014: The water crisis could get worse… Typhoon Vongfong… was still packing winds of up to 180 kph… The Meteorological Agency said it [would be] gradually losing strength as it races north toward Tohoku [which includes Fukushima.]

In fact, officials at the Japan Meteorological Agency forecast Vongfong’s wind speed to lose just 5-6 mph from it’s current level by the time it reaches Fukushima prefecture. See:  [intlink id=”winds-110-mph-expected-fukushima-all-govt-forecasts-show-typhoon-passing-nuclear-plant-maps” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Although not mentioned in the Japan Times’ report, a spike in Cobalt-60 was also seen after Typhoon Phanfone. The Co-60 concentration more  than doubled the record high for any well since Tepco began publishing results. See: [intlink id=”officials-typhoon-caused-significant-increase-radioactive-releases-fukushima-record-levels-highly-toxic-nuclear-material-found-ground-reactor-among-poisonous-substances-plant” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: October 12th, 2014 at 12:16 pm ET


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317 comments to Japan Times: ‘Records shattered’ at Fukushima — Radiation levels surge after typhoon — Tepco “doesn’t know why” this is happening — Warning “crisis could get worse” as 180 km/hr storm heading to area

  • WesternKyMan

    You have to wonder about the motivations of people who post here constantly when they know they aren't going to change the mind of a single person.

    It makes no sense to keep on posting hour after hour day after day…unless your being paid to do it.

    Watch the times of the posts and all shall become clear…that's the one thing they can't change on this site…the time of the posts.

    Especially using the same links as "other trolls" have used in the past.

    Just ignore them and keep on with your conversation as if they did not exist. I can't stress enough that all they want to do is distract you from talking about Fukushima or to cause you to fight amongst yourselves. Look at the replies he made to VanneV posts last night. Constantly trying to bait people is an old old tactic that most people should be able to spot by now… just go back through the last 3 days of MBP's posts.

    How many of his post have nothing to do with the topic but are instead either personal attacks or attempts to change the subject to another direction?

    Its not real hard to see what is going on here people…that's why they will create a new name…eventually the pattern will be clear and that's something they just can't change.

    Don't believe me? Go back and read all his posts for the last three days and you will see an obvious pattern emerge.

    Just ignore them.

    • Yes! Boots on instead, People!

      Jet streams and ocean currents… toxins travel the world.

      Guess who is effected the most?

      Now, Get the Rad Word Out, Folks!

      Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

      These nifty cards are easy to print and pass out.
      Or leave randomly, where ever you please. Distribute liberally.
      Post to all social media. Side 2 stands alone with links

      Other easy resources and getting up to speed
      (The combat rads forum is also full of remediation protocols)

      While Y'All print and snip, Dana's Fuku voyage continues in B.C.

    • I was surprised he popped up on this particular thread, since those who wish to profit through nuclear energy might not want to minimize their rhetoric as a typhoon passes over a crumbling structure and somewhere over the three missing coriums.

      I feel like we are living in The Simpsons cartoon, just in 3D.

      The typhoon motivated me to spend the money for a Radiation Alert InspectorEXP Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector with External Detector from Amazon. It is more than I can afford right now and I had hoped to put it off until December, but I want to know what I am eating. I am returning to the US tomorrow for nine days and I am sure there will be radioactive rainstorms headed my way.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      After you called me a bitch last night, I went to you post on AboveTopSecret. You just very recently decided that Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl. But you declined to say how much worse. And why did it take you over 3.5 years to come to this conclusion?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        October 12, 2014 at 9:32 pm • Reply
        Look… for the last time… anybody who doubts who I am or what my intentions are… you can go here:
        That's the Fukushima forums on ATS… I have been a memeber there for years and my user name is RickinVa.
        I just post on the thread called.."Goodbye Japan" and even gave a shout out to VanneV.
        Read through my post history there and I will let that stand for itself.

        Fukushima and Chernobyl… Is the internet the difference in perception?
        “…honestly believe at this point that Fukushima has passed Chernobyl and will be remembered as the worst nuclear power plant accident in history… so far…as of 10/3/2014 ….everything could change tomorrow!…”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          So when you say that we shouldn't answer MBPig's attacks, I wonder what your motivation is.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            @WKyMan, and do you really think that bragging about using 3 different accounts to post on the same blog gives you credibility?

            October 12, 2014 at 8:02 pm • Reply
            Just a misunderstanding, nothing else.
            Anybody wonder but me why Factchecker quit posting and suddenly MBP active? Same person, different tactics. I did the same exact thing one time on a message board to see if I could fool people…it was very easy to make them think that three separate accounts were three separate people when it was me the whole time.
            I would bet money on it that its the same person. he will probably switch back to the FC account to try and prove its two different people.

            • Bones Bones

              We love all your posts all these years! [WOW, sad.] Much appreciated to see your posts as they are always full of quality content. Just FYI.

            • WesternKyMan

              VanneV… I have no choice but to ignore anything you post from now on,,, your clearly paranoid delusional.

              Get some help…you need it.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Lets all try to get along and we are all suppose to be on the same team… 🙂

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  Here's what WesternKyMan says about enenews and netc.com

                  Making money off Fukushima

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                    "…I am willing to bet that they are both owned by the same person…… someone who is willing to accept a little cash from a screwed up situation.

                    1. enenews.com…

                    2. netc.com… "

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Very unfortunate statement and yes everyone needs to make money, since this is the slick sick way the world has been created around each of us.

                      The key words are "a screwed up situation" and that statement is correct and this screwed up situation will never go away… 🙁

                      Many people think there are opportunists out here and the only real opportunists around Nuclear Technology are the peddlers of such technology and then the governments who financially support this technology along with the heath care systems that bleed the dying human populations/animals dry through extracted taxes, energy rates and ever increasing treatment health care costs.. 🙁

                      Everyone wants to make a buck and the/any bucks made should be from the good things and not the bad things brought into our world by such technologies like Nuclear.

                      Enenews.com is one of the good guys along with millions of others that are starting to wake up from their cast by others Dark Side spell! 🙂

                      We must shut down all Nuclear Reactors quickly! 🙂

              • Gabe Gabe

                Actually, VanneV seems extremely sane, and provides superb information and links.
                You would be well served to understand the psychiatric definition of the terms you put out………there is nothing about VanneV that fits that descritptor.
                Your post, as linked by VanneV says all I need to hear. As well,calling someone a bitch, on a forum like this……really?
                Just agree to disagree and respect the valuable posts from VanneV.

          • Sickputer

            Old school was to ignore inflammatory rhetoric, but at times different tactics are needed to deflect the calm soothing Big Brother-style posts. I will not let 25 years on the Internet reading 20 million posts and writing a half-million posts on Usenet myself dictate my Internet style. The competition is a moving target and yet they have so little to offer upon intense debate about this latest massive worldwide nuclear contamination in Japan.

            Columbus Day and Indigenous People's Day Quotes:

            A few seconds of well-chosen words trumps a century of half-truths and deceptive lies.

            Europeans gave the Indians smallpox and coffee, and received in return syphilis and tobacco.

            Americans gave the world nuclear bombs, commercial nuclear power plants, and defended it to the Last Beach in Tonga.

            Comparing natural radiation sources to the Dr. Frankenstein alien brew is like comparing a hang nail to a hand amputation.

            Some people say there's great good in nuclear technology, yet 125 million Japanese are having second and third thoughts.

            The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is a lot of soldiers, machine guns, and willing financiers.

        • WesternKyMan

          you conveniently left out this that I posted on that on that post:

          "This post proves once and for all why you should never post while drinking. Typed pretty good but I don't even remember making it or why. Fun times indeed."

          State it all…not just parts.

          It's up to anybody to make their own decisions. Trying to compare Fukushima and Chernobyl is apples and oranges .. two clearly separate scenario's that are so far apart.

  • got message;

    "This page is temporarily not available and will be available soon.
    Currently the wp-login.php script is under a heavy brute force attack. We have temporarily blocked access while the attack is present. Once the attack subsides access to this script will be restored.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience."

  • WesternKyMan

    I meant to post this earlier but I forgot.. I wanted to make a comment about the title of this thread.

    "Radiation levels surge after typhoon — Tepco “doesn’t know why” this is happening"

    I am pretty sure that any idiot with an IQ of above 10 can figure out that when you have a groundwater contamination problem …adding a lot of rain to that is going to increase the problem.

    I am pretty sure by now that the names of the three top people at Tepco are Larry, Curly, and Moe. Hey that rhymes!!

    • Shaker1

      It's the 'idiot's defense'. Or is it an idiot's offense. There's no honor there whatsoever. Better an idiot than admit gross failure. There are just too many egos at stake.

      Tepco has likely been instructed to make such claims by the lawyers and handlers to cover for their lack of honor and dishonesty. Admitting any measure of culpability would lead to liability. Even Abe can't print enough money for that.

      You can be forgiven forgetting, WesternKyMan, as you were in direct contact with the 'troll fever' that has gripped some here. Personally, I find it exhausting and avoid contact. I would have dropped it as soon as Vanna played stupid as to your original sarcasm while ignoring those who attempted to correct her. I'm quite amazed that she, after all this time, doesn't get how she herself can effectively hijack the discussion of posts as she did this one.

  • Troll pychopath empathy / humour test

    Where da coriums?

    Went Fission!

    get it?

  • Dick Shenary

    Nuclear power and nuclear weapons have been discussed infinitum on this site. The overwhelming majority of posters on this site oppose nuclear technology in no uncertain terms. I think it is past time to out all those political leaders who support this insanity and keep shoveling money to this deadly industry. Now if you had to take a wild guess, which American political party has shown almost unwavering support for the nuclear industry? Still not sure? Here is a direct quote from a sitting American president as a hint. “Nuclear power helps us protect the environment. And nuclear power is safe. For the sake of economic security and national security, the United States must aggressively move forward with construction of nuclear power plants. Other nations are.” It was that last sentence fragment (monkey see – monkey do) that gives the riddle away. Yes, the source is a speech given by G.W. Bush during a tour of the Limerick nuclear facility in Pennsylvania. But, don’t forget John McCain, Senator Lamar Alexander, and Congressman Devin Nunes have introduced legislation that would promote 200 more nuclear reactors by the year 2040 within the US. And, these are the people who are sworn to protect us? One more point, the Democratic party, while a bit more cautious about nuclear power, is “all in” when the pot is large enough (sell-out gambling metaphor).

  • Let me make this real easy for the pHD eggheads who are torturing data to find Waldo.

    The sun is our primary weather influence, and sunlight is just part of it. Solar spots, storms, and related magnetic and electrical effect in combination with our magnetosphere create varying cosmic rays striking the earth zone and these greatly effect cloud nucleation which greatly affects heat absorbed from sun.

    Repeat after me, man is not all powerful. Man is not the center of the solar system.

    I left this comment at Forbes, Forbes is a direct mouthpiece of the globalist banker effers


  • Dick Shenary

    Stock – I have great respect for your nuclear views and comments but do not share your take on climate change. This forum is dedicated to nuclear issues and yes nuclear intersects with climate change. You are correct when you say man is not all powerful, if we were, we would not be having this nuclear discussion nor would we be concerned with the climate.

    • @DickS, I appreciate your comments also.

      My view on climate change is that we are having climate change and a cooling trend. We are also seeing wider extremes of weather whilst at the same befuddling time the standard deviation of the temperature departure from normal is going down.

      Although a cooling trend is not confirmed at this time, if it happens, those not ready for it (prepared) will be hurt more than those that are prepared for it.

      Look at the data.

    • @DickShenery

      Here is the actual spreadsheet and source data of Global warming.

      May be redistributed but only with credit to Nukepro


  • Dick Shenary

    In 2008, the Energy Department estimated that to construct a new power reactor would cost approximately $9 billion dollars. Hmm – let’s see – $9,000,000,000 would buy how many solar panels (@ $2/watt) or wind turbines? In solar, this money would finance approximately 20 million 225 watt solar panels, which is enough to provide truly clean power for 10,000 American homes indefinitely. I say indefinitely because solar panels have no known lifetime and will not need to be re-licensed in the future and will not contaminate the environment. The evacuation zone around a solar system is considered to be 20 feet so that they will not fall on you during high winds.

    • @Dick Shenery

      FYI the "world" of PV has seen a sea change from 2008.
      The standard panel is now 280W and costs are down by about half.

      The average family can completely offset their electricity usage with 20 to 30 panels

      So that means 1 million homes for "free" electricity for 30 year for the cost of 1 nuke plant.

      Except nuke is costing more and more, the recent UK approval put the rate payers on the hook for $30B USD and a doubling of their electric rate. not joking

      stock out

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Shut all Nuclear Power Plants down..now! 🙂

    We do not need them! They all spew poisons 24/7! 🙁

  • Dick Shenary

    One more point since I have the access secret (Shush – we don't want certain shills back). Nuclear power plants take ten or more years to construct before they can begin to produce power. One specific plant took over 40 years to construct. Solar power systems at most take a couple of weeks to construct and produce power. So while the construction crews are making good money for years(and I am not against that), solar power systems will be cranking out power that people can actually use without fear of consequences.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Ontological and Stock: I wonder how and if the weakening of the sunlight has an adverse effect on solar power ?

      • Dick Shenary

        HL – Perhaps we can increase the efficiency of solar panels in the future to compensate for declining solar energy reaching ground level.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Maybe that was the goal of chemtrails and HAARP — to be able to charge to let in sunlight for people's solar panels. Access fees because you just can't let people have stuff for free, except those that already have everything. Flip a switch and 1/2 acre gets sunshine. Only rich people have tans…

        • melting mermaid melting mermaid

          I've always said, if they could find a way to privitize air they would probably do it. Been reading Under the Dome and that didn't work out too well for those people. I sure wish there was a profit in fixing this disaster. Then maybe the nuclear industry would clean up their mess instead of just covering it up and sending their idiot shills to torment the opposition. But alas, the only people that could save us won't even admit a triple China syndrome is a problem. And they think the fish is just fine, so they probably won't be around too long anyway. I feel like I'm trapped in the middle of a herd of lemmings stampeding off a cliff. Every nuclear expert should be on this like white on rice, for free, for the sake of mankind, for their own sakes. I just don't understand the lack of fight or resolve to save ourselves. When is our instinct for survival going to kick in? We are suffocating ourselves in pollution from every quarter and the brakes don't seem to work on this crazy train. Maybe it's just our time. I'm beginning to think we've left the cliff and it's just a long fall.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    His presence allows the truth to be blown right out into the open! 🙂

    He hurt his cause drastically by posting here, since all that he states, not only can be refuted, but can be verified as lies with our presented facts.

    Not a good thing for somebody trying to change people's minds about Nuclear Technologies.

    Nuclear is very bad, has been very bad and will always be very bad for all the life residing on this planet.. 🙁 This fact has already been proven!

    Fukushima should have been the final "death blow" for this entire industry and now we all know and it's very plain to see..that we have morons in charge everywhere… 🙁

    We ground all fire air support for one plane crash, yet allow these Nuclear morons to continue to operate Nuclear Power Plants unabated.

    If this is not proof enough that none of these people in charge have any brains then I am not sure what reality we all live in, but it's not a truthful one, that fact is for sure.

  • Alan Reid Alan Reid

    Please everyone try to keep in mind at all times "the trolls are here because we are WINNING". They are a reaction to our success. A gauge if you will. Can you smell the desperation driving them? i sure can. Toothless and desperate. good job everyone.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Alan, agreed. And the numbers of enenewsers are steadily rising… and I do all I can as a single person to raise awareness and lead people to this site. Everyone counts. I am waiting for the outrage of parents when they realize the fizzing monstrosities that are sickening, mutating and killing their children and grandchildren and the entire planet ! Where is that UPROAR people ?!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, we are a legion, trying to save the planet from ourselves.. 🙂 Good Job!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    What I want to know is — When did the "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" change their name to "Tepco?"

  • byron byron

    What if admin were to charge a credit or debit card $10? A ONE-TIME MEMBERSHIP FEE for most of us. But trolls would have to use a new credit card (with another real world name printed on it) each time they switch identity! The understanding of course is that the $10 charge for using the website is a contribution which carries no provision for permission to post. Other services do this all the time. If a member of .. service doesn't follow the rules they get kicked out and the money is Not refunded. So here, If the poster becomes troll-like they are gone. Their silliness just gave the website another $10. Maybe we could even do away with the two silly advertising spots..
    Imagine, trolls having to go through another $10 on a different credit/debit card each time they switch identity?..
    How many of you would put $10 on your debit card to do this? Please note that I have no difficulty with handles shown as who posted a message. Those would remain. This merely applies so that Admin can fix the website.

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