Japan TV: Failure at Fukushima — Cement not stopping highly contaminated nuclear waste from flowing out of reactor buildings — IAEA: Radioactive releases from plant into ocean “a challenging issue” — Officials: Don’t know what to do next, or how this will affect whole ‘decommissioning’ project (VIDEO)

Published: February 11th, 2015 at 1:14 am ET


NHK World transcript excerpts, Feb. 9, 2015: Managers of Japan’s damaged nuclear plant are facing another delay in dealing with a major source of contamination. They’re working on blocking the flow of radioactive water from reactor buildings to underground tunnels. TEPCO officials met with members of the Nuclear Regulation Authority [which] approved a plan to delay the project… Workers were supposed to remove the highly radioactive water… and after that they would have filled in the tunnels with cement. However, efforts to block the flow of water failed. Engineers need to fill in some gaps that may be left in the area where the tunnels and reactor buildings meet. The setback will likely affect a second project to build an ice wall around the 4 damaged reactor buildings. Tepco officials say they’re already 2 weeks to a month behind schedule on that work.

NHK, Feb. 9, 2015: The workers poured cement into the tunnels while draining contaminated water. But blocking the water was not successful as it continued to flow through the buildings… They say they do not yet know how the latest delay will affect the whole decommissioning project. They are still studying the next steps they need to take.

Kyodo News, Feb 2, 2015: … the project to build a huge underground ice wall — a key measure to prevent radioactive water from further building up at the site — and other operations will likely be delayed by up to a month, it added… TEPCO initially planned to finish constructing the 1.5-kilometer frozen wall around the buildings housing the Nos. 1 to 4 reactors…by the end of next month.

Al Jazeera, Feb 9, 2015: The UN’s nuclear watchdog* says contaminated water leaking from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant is still “a challenging issue”. The IAEA is reviewing work to decommission the plant… Tepco is criticized with its handling of radioactive water leaks into the Pacific Ocean.

* IAEA the “UN’s nuclear watchdog”? CNN, ABC, Harvard researchers, and even the UN itself, say yes. Perhaps they should consult with the head of the IAEA on the matter: “I have tried to address some widespread misconceptions in the media about the IAEA’s role in nuclear safety… we are not a ‘nuclear safety watchdog’.” A Bloomberg report on the IAEA notes, “The agency’s safety division garnered little respect in US diplomatic cables that described the department as a marketing channel for countries seeking to sell atomic technology The IAEA’s own mission [is] to promote atomic power.

Watch: NHK | Al Jazeera | Tepco PR video

Published: February 11th, 2015 at 1:14 am ET


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231 comments to Japan TV: Failure at Fukushima — Cement not stopping highly contaminated nuclear waste from flowing out of reactor buildings — IAEA: Radioactive releases from plant into ocean “a challenging issue” — Officials: Don’t know what to do next, or how this will affect whole ‘decommissioning’ project (VIDEO)

  • This video is really good. It shows what was known at the time. It shows that the commanding officers really got up to speed really fast on what was needed to be done, and the risks involved.

    They sent in troops, AND hired civilians to perform a 45 second task of taking 1 shovel full of rad debris, and then running to edge of roof and throw it off. They had to use humans because the robots were getting killed too quickly on the roof. After that the human would be "retired" they took their maximum lifetime dose or more. However, I also heard that some of these bio-bots as the liquidators were sometimes nicknamed, went back for 10 of these 45 second visits.

    This video is both entertaining and enlightening.


    • name999 name999

      stock, that is difficult to watch but very moving and stunning. Bio-robots and liquidators.
      And the realization of the ongoingness of Chernobyl and Fukushima and all the rest of it.

      Will look forward to your next contributions as you share them.
      Thanks so much for posting this

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      Highly radioactive fallout is still present in freshly falling snow years after the triple nuke reactor melt downs and explosions at Fukushima. It is indisputable that Fuku is continuously emitting rads into our air, water and food. Both Geiger counters are registering counts so high that the danger alarms are going off in the video linked below. Show people who doubt the danger of nuclear power this video and the Fuku reactor 3 giant dirty bomb explosion and explain that cancer rates are up 6000% in Fukushima Since 2011.
      Ban Reactors Forever. Serve Justice to the Criminal Nukers. Clean up the toxic radioactive messes!!


  • I'll be heading to Hawaii next week, I will try to get airborne radiation data, and water radiation data.

    I'll be low key, and/or gone from here. try not to let itsa get out lf line, lol

  • dan dan

    My uncle advises us that he wants to donate his prostate to solve the Fukushima leakage issue.

    He further informs us that NOTHING leaks through that prostate. Hmmm.

  • razzz razzz

    SoCal Edison along with the Ex-President of (California's) Public Utilities Commission are caught with there pants down concerning SONGS. Extended all the way to Warsaw, Poland. Bunch of liars and thieves.

    'An investigation of SoCal Edison brings hope to ratepayers'

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    If there was much that could be done by even a working robot to "decommission" these death dealing fission piles I would think with all the mechanical know-how available today the Japanese of all people would come up with an amazing machine that would plow right into this mess! I'm afraid they don't have a clue what to do now any wall or barrier might just be futile. The world at least has a right to know at least and given good advise on how to minimize your exposure, but TPTB don't think so obviously!

    • itsanuclearwar

      Their number one goal is to kill you and me and about 5 or 6 billion other "useless eaters". It's working too.

      • thats a silly arse comment. The globalists need plenty of slaves to finance their elite lifestyle, power, greed.

        The earthquake was not "intentional" even assuming that it could be caused by man (extremely doubtful) but if they could, they would have done it at night to maximize destruction and fear.

        • name999 name999

          stock, this is quite true. However the movement is all towards automation and automated slaves. Once that can manifest, and it may never really be able to sufficiently, but if it could, the slaves are no longer needed.

          I fall somewhere between your position and itsanuclear. I know about the history of satanic practices incorporated into psy-ops in covert operations and the momentum of mass murder that is in place by design…many examples of this in military operations and corporate dynasties as they amass wealth and create growing slave classes.

          But this all spins out of control and lots of disiniformation gets folded into it just so that no one will believe the true incredibly terrible truth. No time now, but just wanted to say this as it has been on my mind since the tete a tete the other day that I inserted myself into with you and itsanuclear.

    • Marcie

      tinfoil….I agree with you. If they would stop lying about it, maybe some experts could devise a way to solve or minimize this radiation gushing disaster. The whole world is involved in this whether they know it or not. Tepco is wasting time by pretending to know what they are doing. At Chernobyl…at least the Russian did SOMETHING. Japan is storing radioactive water in makeshift containers, putting radioactive soil into garbage bags and moving them to another location….they act like they are doing fall lawn maintenance. Nothing they have done even BEGINS to address the seriousness of this situation.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    We are all OK with 218,000 jobs added and only 300,000 left the work force through retirement, so net loss in jobs was only 82,000. Thinks are looking up!

    • Right and the Birth Death model requires 180,000 jobs to be added each month just to breakeven, so that is a 260,000 job loss…..but the spinsters can make it look like a gain.

      And the 40,000 laid off from the energy industry on oil weakness….they don't appear anywhere in those stats the big gov published….


  • Let me put this as simply as possible.

    After Fukushima, EPA was still releasing test results for a while. Their air sample data from Guam, Saipan, Hawaii, and California provides density of uranium in air. If one calculates the air volume over the Pacific, and multiplies by Density, you arrive at total weight of the uranium in the air.

    At least 100 tons of "extra" uranium was in the air. Some ungoudtedly already fell out into the ocean.

    The only way this amount of uranium could be launched and aerosolized was if the explosive force originated in the vessel containing the uranium, like a cannon.

    A hydrogen explosion would not launch the uranium in large amounts.

    So it is completely clear that a Moderated Prompt Criticality, a nuclear explosion of sorts, launched at unit 3 which was MOX fuel.

    We also hypothesize that Unit 4, which GE was at that time retrofitting with a new reactor shroud to allow it to run MOX fuel, also went prompt critical and launched. Recall that this video was 100% covered up, although I suspect that a whistleblower will release it.


  • Sol Man

    The overwhelmed body/planet burden is euphemistically speaking another way of saying that the subject has been poisoned.

    Lady MacBeth knew well that this was a fine way to dispatch of one (or all?!)

    There are so many poisons for all, from the 1,946 radionuclides, to VOC's, herbi/pesticides, GMO, other various chemical pollutants and so on. It's the program and creation has a difficult time ahead.

  • rogerthat


    … Meanwhile, a small number of antinuclear die-hards are protesting the NRA’s decision on Takahama.

    Some 30 people gathered outside the building where the NRA made the Takahama approval announcement.

    The protest’s leader said Takahama nukes are not fit to be restarted, including the NRA not assessing evacuation plans around the nuke station, local residents in Fukui Prefecture not having the details of the restart adequately explained, and the facility allegedly riddled with flaws that make it inherently unsafe… the same objections made with last year’s decision to allow the Sendai units to be restarted.


    • rogerthat


      Protesters demand more explanation
      Feb. 12, 2015

      Protesters have called on Japan's nuclear regulator to further discuss safety measures before approving the restart of the Takahama plant's 2 reactors.

      Over 30 people gathered on Thursday in front of a Tokyo building where the Nuclear Regulation Authority held its meeting.

      They said regulators have not assessed evacuation plans for residents in the event of an accident and have not fully explained details of the restart to residents.

      They stressed plans to restart the facility are riddled with flaws and that further debate is needed.

      The leader of the citizens group said residents are being neglected in the process. He said Takahama nuclear plant is not fit to be restarted.

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