Japan TV: Injecting water into Fukushima reactor accelerated meltdown — Nuclear fuel rods had “reaction generating large amounts of heat” — ‘Restricted’ Data: Monitoring post measured nearly 1,000,000 microSv/hr; Within hours radiation dose spiked 30,000% far away from plant (VIDEO)

Published: August 13th, 2014 at 5:53 pm ET


NHK, Aug 6, 2014 (:50 in): Tepco officials found more problems. After the accident, crews used fire engines to inject water into Reactor 2. But the water may have reacted with the fuel inside to produce hydrogen, raising the temperature significantly — and that sped up the meltdown.

Tepco Press Release, Aug 6, 2014:  Unit 2 Pressure Increase and Fuel Melting — In an inquiry into the sequence of events leading to the melting of fuel in the Unit 2 reactor core, the report concludes that the insufficient injection of cooling water into the reactor core by fire engines actually accelerated the melting. According to the report, steam generation from the injection of water at a time when the reactor’s core had been exposed caused a zirconium-water reaction, in turn generating hydrogen and large amounts of heat, causing pressure in the reactor to rise.

‘RESTRICTED DISTRIBUTION’ – Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, ‘Best available but unverified information’ (pdf), Mar 20, 2011: Unit 2 – Emergency […] 3/15/2011: 06:14 JST – JAEA reported an explosion in the vicinity of the suppression pool tube. Reactor water level was reported at 2.7 m below top of active fuel at the time. Containment pressure dropped to atmospheric. Suppression pool pressure went off-scale low. EPRI relayed information attributed to TEPCO that a defect in the unit 2 torus is preventing flooding of the drywell. The torus may have been breached. — 8:14 JST: Identified that pressure in the pressure suppression chamber decreased from 3 atmospheres to 1 atmosphere. Monitoring post readings (location unknown) increased from 960 mSV/hr (960,000 microSv/hr) […] Monitoring post reading at Kitaibaraki […] is 4.87 […] approximately 100 times larger than ordinary […]

The next day Kitaibaraki’s radiation dose was 300 times normal:

Monitoring post in Kitaibaraki City, Ibaraki Prefecture (.xls)
73 km SSW of Fukushima Daiichi

  • 3/16/2011 – 11:40am JST @ 15.80 microSv/hr
  • 3/15/2011 – 04:00am JST @ 4.87 microSv/hr
  • 3/15/2011 – 02:00am JST @ 0.20 microSv/hr
  • 3/15/2011 – 12:00am JST @ 0.05 microSv/hr

Watch the NHK broadcast here

Published: August 13th, 2014 at 5:53 pm ET


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182 comments to Japan TV: Injecting water into Fukushima reactor accelerated meltdown — Nuclear fuel rods had “reaction generating large amounts of heat” — ‘Restricted’ Data: Monitoring post measured nearly 1,000,000 microSv/hr; Within hours radiation dose spiked 30,000% far away from plant (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    The reactors were already toast when the earthquake crushed the cooling pipes and switch panels. Nothing could stop those meltdowns or explosions. Feed and bleed from big water pumps helped after the big explosions, but at a cost of enormous wastewater contamination.

    Plant operators never had any options to stop the radiation once they lost circulatory cooling. Horribly flawed technology that they should never have started 6 decades ago. Stopping dirty nuclear bomb fallout in a commercial nuclear plant is impossible after meltdown. They knew that from Chernobyl. But Fukushima is many times larger than Chernobyl.

    The defenders of nuclear power plants don't have any answers to the problems in Japan. Perhaps that's why the Japanese have turned all 50 reactors offline despite the financial losses. They know they are screwed.

    • OldFool

      It is Very Doubtful that any reactor on earth could truly survive a direct hit by a Magnitude 8, much less a Magnitude 9 earthquake.
      All this finger pointing about how cooling water could have/should have/might have been delivered better afterwards is irrelevant. The Oil Shock of 1973 is the sole reason that made the Japanese choose to bet on nuclear energy despite the earthquake risks. But they lost their gamble on roulette wheel. Everybody else in the coming years will be collateral damage.

      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        finally someone gets it truth speaking from oldfool

      • EKO K£AP$€

        So if a sodium cooled fast breeder reactor were to fail in say India perhaps; due to seismic known causes, would that pose a severe threat to human life?

      • nedlifromvermont

        @old fool: I always appreciate your insights … but Fuku-Daichi 1 is from 1971.

        The Tokai plant is considerably older.

        It seems to me the Japanese bet on nuclear came before the 1973 embargo … not that that affair wasn't ginned up by Big Nuke to provide impetus for Japan and others to go whole hog down the dreaded nuclear power pathway …

        I think GE had Japan marked out as a target market, with liability protections in place for the Mother Ship (GE) from the vassal/client state of Japan … which we nuked into submission, unnecessarily, just to show the Russians what we had behind our codpiece (so to speak) … to make them tremble before us …

        … trouble was, the Russians remained unimpressed … and so we goaded them into scaling up their nuclear capabilities, their weapons testing … and many American babies received a lifetime sentence of leukemia from our militarist-scientist-businessmen screw ups …

        … collateral damage, perhaps … but these sacrifices were peoples' sons, daughters, sisters and brothers …

        nuclear and uranium anything are just about totally unnecessary; one Candu reactor could provide the medical isotopes for the world; a few naval reactors and the odd spaceship powered by plutonium … might have made sense.

        Nuclear scientists/businessmen: greedy little spendthrifts who definitely screwed the pooch, Big Time!

        • Old Fool and Ned. Traditionally Japan always had problems with securing an energy source as Japan has little or no natural resources compared to Russia Europe and USA.
          Secure source of energy is a non issue if your country has coal oil natural gas and other resources. Japan relies on foreign sources. This can be a security risk.
          Arguably Japan waged war with USA in ww2 because USA stopped exporting oil. Part of the allure of nuclear power is the promise of a stable power source. I think the Japanese were sold a bill of goods as they spent billions on the Rokasho reprocessing plant hoping to reprocess spent fuel into enriched plutonium fuel and have total energy self sufficiency.

          Meanwhile back at the ranch plutonium is dissolving into groundwater heading for the pacific and Japan is a nuclear breeding ground for cancer. But leaders are not the casual happy go lucky folk you meet everyday. They are the assholes of the world and we all can eat our radiation and suck it up as the banks are more important to whoever is calling the shots. Not you or I.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Japan had attacked China years before Pearl Harbor.

            Japanese threw Chinese into furnaces during WWII
            “BEIJING, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) — Japanese authorities killed sick Chinese miners by throwing them into iron ore furnaces during World War II, according to the latest in a series of publications of confessions by Japanese war criminals.
            “The written confession by Yuichi Kashiwaba, a Japanese officer stationed in northeast China from 1932 to 1945, was posted on the website of the State Archives Administration (SAA) on Thursday.
            “In 1932, Kashiwaba was assigned to the military police in 'Manchukuo,' the puppet state established by the Empire of Japan in northeast China, and then took the post of police chief of the state's Fushun City….
            “This is the latest in a series of 45 Japanese war criminal confessions the SAA plans to publish. It has been issuing one a day since July 3.…”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Japan has a natural resource in off shore wind.

            • moonshellblue moonshellblue

              Yes, Japan is perfect for wind power. I just posted my concern about the use of water on a meltdown, especially saltwater. I know they were in quite a quagmire with the triple whammy but to use water on a meltdown was not the answer from my research. If you watch the PBS special it's amazing how much sand and seaweed remain in the electrical boxes under the PCV at Reactors 5 and 6. What a mess.

          • Well said, indeed energy is important, I am on the side that the US embargo of oil to Japan was a MAJOR factor in the Japanese start of war.

          • Wyakin Wyakin

            Mark- good insights. Consider a complimentary view which Anne alludes to above.

            You understand that those in control of language define reality.

            The myths of resource scarcity (and useless energy conservation) are the nuclearists’ hollow anthems.

            “Japan thinks of itself as famously poor in energy, but this national identity rests on a semantic confusion. Japan is indeed poor in [traditional] fossil fuels—but among all major industrial countries, it’s the richest in renewable energy like sun, wind, and geothermal.”

            Not to ignore progress made in methane hydrate extraction technologies being pioneered by the Japanese.

            “Despite …big utilities’ self-inflicted woes, Germany adopted a coherent and effective strategy of boosting efficiency and renewables,…ensuring their full and fair competition. In contrast, Japan replaced its own, larger lost nuclear generation almost entirely by increasing its imports of costly fossil fuels. These opposite policies produced opposite results.”

            Policy makers in Japan chose the FF course, because they intentionally avoided permanent erosion on the energy production base by using a temporary fossil fuel based fix.

            “Japan’s latest rules reiterate utilities’ right to refuse renewable power that would displace such legacy ‘baseload’ plants.” cont.

          • It's really too bad that "Those Clever Japanese" (a regular saying about inventive Japanese tech back in the olden days when I was young) never determined to harness their overabundance of geothermal power resources. Those volcanoes and close-to-surface magma domes are good for something other than putting Godzilla to rest until the next movie.

            Even more too bad they're not in crash development on that needed technology today.

        • OldFool

          Ned, you are certainly correct in that they had some nuclear reactors before 1973 (their first one started in 1966 and they had five by 1973). But it truly was the Oil Shock of 1973 that made their leaders bet the farm, the homestead, the tractor, the cattle, and the family cat and the pooch on a vast nuclear reactor building binge. It seemed to them to be the right decision at the time, despite the frequent big earthquakes. But at this point, it is all water under the bridge. Or perhaps it is better said to say it all radioactive bilge water into the Northern Pacific food chain now. But even this did not seal our doom – but leaving a profit-seeking TEPCO in charge of all remediation most certainly did seal the Northern Hemisphere's fate.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Another note on reactor two.

        It was a fresh fuel load, having just fired up after a refueling outage…

    • Shaker1

      This is old news, really, as the release of the document that supposed this was a couple of days ago.

      But it's obvious it would have melted at any rate. LOCA, mechanic and electrical set-points used in running a plant and trying to avoid a melt-down, not do too much in the event of one; beyond-design accident in which little might be trusted yet there is nothing else to trust; humans attempting to cope with a flow of events that, despite simulation, has unique events or sequences.

      It's all a moot point. Unit 2 was gone. Somehow they feel unlucky that the building is still standing and there might be some actual limit to atmospheric emissions. I believe that at least Unit 1 & 3 would have exhibited the same high rads and form of those rads as Unit 2 if they hadn't blown the tops off the buildings.

      They're talking about because they wish to try to gather information to improve what they have (a good thing, but it does betray an expectation of such a thing again) and to make themselves feel good about knowing. Otherwise, for some, or for the perception of the public, it may have just been a lover leaving with no words. There's an obsession with an answer that knowing might soothe, but for others they'll ignore or get paid to ignore it to the best of their ability. Especially the betrayal of expectation.

      Can't have anyone thinking they're dirty bombs, can they?

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists


    what they knew
    what they should of done and said they would do

    They knew long ago


    Due to the excess of 500uSv/hr at the west gate area, the incident was judged under the Article 15 of the Nuclear Disaster Special Action Law

    Article 3 (Responsibilities of a Nuclear Operator)
    A nuclear operator shall be responsible for taking full-scale measures for the
    prevention of the occurrence of a nuclear disaster pursuant to the provisions of this
    Act or any other relevant Act and for taking, in good faith, necessary measures with
    regard to the prevention of the progression (expansion) of a nuclear disaster
    (including the probability of the occurr
    ence of a nuclear disaster) and nuclear
    disaster recovery efforts.

    And now their gonna chop my head off so you all have a fun time.

    • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

      This is real read these documents before they go down and seriously read them and search and destroy this industry that trys to bind itself to every industry like a cancer. Nuclear fusion and Fission research should be separate and never though of the same way of though but two separate paths converging.

      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        Information from the Office of the Prime Minister.

        Restricted Distritbution copyright 2011 by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations. Not for sale or for commericial use. Reproduction of this report without the prior written consent of INPO is expressly prohibited. Unauthorirzed reproduction is a violation of applicable law. The persons and organizations that are furnished copies of this report should not deliver or transfer this report to any third party, or make this report or its contents public, without the prior agreement of INPO and, if applicable, the member of INPO for whom the report is written. All others rights reserved.


        it is encrypted so do not copy past you have to rewrite… sadly..

      • johnnyo

        bots write garbled mess
        we get enough from nuke pukes
        thirty thou percent

        • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

          how about you read the document dumb ass not a bot

          • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

            stupid fuckers like you are just about as bad as being stupid gets! how am i bot that showing you enenews document doesnt show everything and i give you the document that shows you what they are bullshiting everyone with… retard….

            • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

              ones a older report ones a newer report you figure it out im sick of trying to help people

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              document says unit 1,2,3,4, achieved cold shutdown by 3/21

              earthquake had maximum acceleration of 0.35g at epicenter, 0.18g at fukushima

              control rooms and refuel floors at 10 to 20 Rem

              holes cut in unit 5 and 6 to prevent hydrogen buildup

              But I stopped reading because it would take forever to get through this TEPCO party line release.

              • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

                thank you keep searching! now we started something!

                • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

                  Thank you MBHP ! nice reply too Johnnyo!

                • Jebus Jebus

                  McCann, Edward
                  From: Quails, Phil
                  Sent: Friday, March 11,2011 2:39 PM
                  To: McCann, Edward
                  Subject: RE: japan
                  I would not bet on anything helping after a 8.9. I hope that the operators are good at improvising.

                  From: McCann, Edward
                  Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 1:36 PM
                  To: Quails, Phil
                  Subject: RE: japan
                  I hope Japan developed an AIA and Beyond Design Basis Procedures and Incident Plans they would help now.

                  From: Quails, Phil
                  Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 2:31 PM
                  To: McCann, Edward
                  Subject: RE: japan
                  Probably beyond DBE. How do you design for a 8.9? However, even if DBE was 9, there is a likelihood some
                  multitude of things failed. Offsite power is gone for the forseeable future as the grid is down. I think the weak
                  link is the "median fragility of ceramic insulators in the electrical grid" NUREG CR 4910 (I have a copy from the
                  old days from somewhere).
                  With an 8.9, if a pipe support or snubber fails, pipe whip would probably cause a LOCA. EDGs must function.
                  With 8.9 they may not for a whole lot of reasons. I have a hard time believing we are transporting water in to a
                  facility on the coast. I hope the news article is wrong. I saw the story on MSNBC website and I know how
                  accurate their US political reporting of our beloved President is.

                  • Sickputer

                    Interesting…thanks for transcript reporting Jebs:

                    "With 8.9 they may not for a whole lot of reasons. I have a hard time believing we are transporting water in to a facility on the coast. I hope the news article is wrong." —NRC spokesman Quails on March 11, 2011

                    SP: The Japanese nucleoapes and Americans also apparently felt saltwater would ruin the nuclear units at Daiichi. But circumstances conspired that there was not enough time to wait for freshwater barges so Yoshida ordered pumping seawater from the Pacific lagoon.

                    Of course we know now that cooling possibly saved Units 5 and 6 and the fires at the spent fuel pond at 4 and maybe the CSFP.

                    But the bad press over West Coast testicular accumulation of radiactive sulphur from the input seawater picking up contaminants led to the barges coming in strong in week two. Soon afterward the land line fresh water pipelines were re-established.

                    Many, many sub stories came out of Fukushima in Year One. And still do.

                    This is after all a new era in North American human history…the Fallout Age. We are all downwinders.

                    Eventually the ocean contamination effects will impact the entire world. Despite the many ocean and sea names, there is but one ocean on earth.

                    The nucleoapes want to bury this story of global disaster and localize it to Japan. But their own scientists predicted long ago the terrible global contamination from a major nuclear megaplex meltdowns (plural). And Daiichi was a huge complex.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  From: Kammerer, Annie aZ1•
                  Sent: Tuesday, March 15,2011 11:04 AM
                  To: Ake, Jon; Munson, Clifford
                  Cc: Meighan, Sean; Nguyen, Quynh
                  Subject: RE: Earthquake
                  Jon/Cliff: another request, but something we can do later today. Quynh and Sean preparing a response to the questions, "what if an 8.9 happened at one of our plants." This is an obvious question from the public who
                  doesn't understand tectonics and one that we are going to be asked over and over.
                  I'm suggesting the approach to developing the response:
                  1) Explain that an 8.9 can't happen at the plants
                  2) Explain that plants are designed to ground motions and not magnitudes
                  3) Figure out the distance from the plane to the plants in Japan. Try to determine rough estimates of the
                  ground motions at the plants (note, we have some numbers on the shakemap, but they are too low based on the recording of 0.58g at onagawa) (Jon do you have a subduction model at your fingertips?)
                  4) use that estimate to compare to the ground motions and to say "this ground motion is only expected
                  every XX years on average at this plant. However an 8.9 can't occur because it requires a subduction zone…."
                  This needs to be written up so that the public can understand.
                  Again, this is not the top of the list, but something to do today when we get a breather.
                  Sean/Quynh: we'll do our best.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Vera, Marieliz
                  Jain, Bhagwat
                  Sunday, March 13, 2011 11:31 PM
                  Hawkins, Kimberly; Chuang, Tze-Jer; Ma, John; Park, Sunwoo; Patel, Pravin; Tegeler, Bret;
                  Thomas, Brian; Thomas, Vaughn; Valentin, Milton; Vera, Marieliz; Jeng, David; Kazi, Abdul;
                  Xu, Jim; Shams, Mohamed; Chakravorty, Manas
                  Bergman, Thomas
                  Japan Earthquake and Fakushima plants seismic design basis
                  All: FYI
                  The earthquake that hit Japan last Friday resulted in the ground shift of 8 ft ; i.e., roughly the site PGA of
                  2.67g. The site experienced a peak ground acceleration that was more than 2.5 times the upgraded PGA
                  capacity of the Fukushima units.
                  In March 2008 TEPCO upgraded its estimates of likely peak ground acceleration (PGA) for Fukushima to 0
                  .61g, and other operators have adopted the same figure. In October 2008 TEPCO accepted 1.02g PGA as the
                  new seismic design basis for Kashiwazaki Kariwa, following the July 2007 earthquake there. Reportedly, the
                  Fukushima units were upgraded to 1.02 PGA in 2009.
                  By comparison, the certified designs of new reactors in the US are based on PGA of 0.3g.


                  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

                    OK, this is why I cuss too much.! *&€«'=*+@# idiots!!

                    • Angela_R

                      Oh dear..I generalised.
                      MM, Stock, johnnyo and….
                      Personally, I find many of you amazing, you congregate here absorbing horrifying news and all you do is swear.

                      Luckily for me, I reached a different philosophy many years ago, otherwise,.. well best I do not say

                      My daughter and son both swear; generally not within my hearing range; but sometimes my daughter slips up.

                      I smoked, drank and gambled but I guess I wanted to hold onto one 'no-no'.

                      Go ahead MM, and I will smile, because I understand.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  "The earthquake that hit Japan last Friday resulted in the ground shift of 8 ft ; i.e., roughly the site PGA of 2.67g. The site experienced a peak ground acceleration that was more than 2.5 times the upgraded PGA capacity of the Fukushima units."

                • We are onto what?

                  A bunch of lies… we knew that already..

                  What are you bringing to the table?

      • Haidagwaii Haida Gwaii

        Upon further review. This response is not plausible.
        MBHP is a BOT.

    • Sparky Sparky

      MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists (MBHP), 'Newsers: I'd like to "hear"/read what MBHP has to say. From my perspective, (s)he is bringing some new and interesting information to the table–possibly at some personal/professional risk.

      MBHP, I appreciate your frustration, but cursing at other 'Newsers will not endear them to you or make them any more receptive to what you have to share. However, it does at least suggest a human is behind your posts, rather than a bot. 😉

      Many 'Newsers and this site have had their share tussles with trolls, shills and bots that are bent on disrupting and derailing Enenews and 'Newers' conversations. Quite frankly, we're pretty sick of it.

      But most 'Newsers are open to other views and new information, but not all translates well via internet posts and language differences. This site's functional quirks add to the communication difficulties.

      MBHP, I'd like you to continue to post your comments and links, but without the rancor, please. Likewise, I hope 'Newsers will remain respectful when weighing the content and merits of MBHP's and all 'Newsers' posts.

    • All lies.. Do YOU believe this stuff? Why are you spreading it around here?

      Cold shutdown is their claim of all reactors by 3/21.

      Completely shut down the information flow to the outside world, hide 99.9 percent of what happened.

    • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

      Remediation of waste? Burning and compaction? Sounds like a plan.

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    compared enenews




    they really probably gonna get me this shit seriously got people tripping in the scientific community like people don't even usher to comprehend talking bout this.

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    let me teach you the code just change the number infront of mL to get to a different directory. Use it as a time stamp understand the flow and the event logs get the information out the public simple..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Injecting water into Fukushima reactor accelerated meltdown — "

    I have a bit of a difference of opinion here..as to this man's position …and legacy.

    Surely ..he must of known that seawater would accelerate the melt-down .. but chose to do it anyway ..( what?.. do any damned thing?) .. actually enhancing it.

    Bad call.

    "Multiple disaster of unprecedented scale

    The Fukushima nuclear disaster, which involved more than one reactor stricken simultaneously, was a multiple disaster that humankind had never experienced.

    The No. 1 reactor, where the suspension of water injection for cooling the core was overlooked, was the first to succumb to a hydrogen explosion on the afternoon of March 12, 2011, the day after the quake and tsunami. Water injection efforts subsequently failed in the No. 3 reactor, which exploded on the morning of March 14. That made it impossible to suppress pressure in the No. 2 reactor’s containment vessel, which spewed radioactive substances onto land areas on March 15 at higher levels than at any other time during the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

    The No. 4 reactor also exploded on March 15, raising concerns about a potential loss of water from its storage pool for nuclear fuel. A loss of water could have spewed even more radioactive substances."

    The Yoshida Testimony


    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      How much clearer does it have to be?

      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        heart of the rose i think some people just dont ever get it… 🙁

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          "i think some people just dont ever get it…"

          Yes..many ..many by willful ignorance.. and many by innocence.

          The innocent ..need the truth to exist ..even if it never reaches their ears.

          • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists


            I did all I could do now I just can hammer them with their own documents till they crumble

          • EKO K£AP$€

            Truth comes in the form that the ordinary can understand, those whom tout their works in pride and fail to reach the ordinary are like demeaning dulces. Is there a perception evident?

            I'm not here to win friends and proudly boast my works, I'm here to try to save lives and reach the lowest in the kingdom.

            I admit I'm not perfect like these atomic murderes, and scientific traitors protecting General Electric Hitachi and other Pluto worshiping corporation murderers. They knew, as such are guilty of their crime. If humanity won't judge them mother earth will.

            Ignore that.

    • We Not They Finally

      Is Yoshida the one who died of pancreatic cancer? Did he have ANY choice about WHAT kind of water to inject? Maybe sea water or NO water? He gave his life. Bravely, tragically, maybe in vain. What ARE You saying???

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        I'm saying it was the scientifically incorrect thing to do..as it accelerated the event as I suspected.
        What did he prevent from occurring while enabling?

      • Sickputer

        Yoshida had throat cancer. And this is the first post-death report that said he succumbed from a brain bleed after throat surgery:


        • Yeah Yoshida had throat cancer a year after he managed a triple melt down. Authorities said the throat cancer was not related to elevated radiation exposure from Fukushima. Funny how even though they don't officially know what causes cancer they could in this one instance scientifically state what didn't cause it. Yeah I don't buy it either.
          But I thought given that the earthquake probably shook up a failing cooling system plus tsunami wiping out pumps opening valves to let in seawater was a last ditch attempt to cool down meltdown. Yoshida defied orders when he used seawater to cool meltdown. Some called him a hero. Not arguing maybe I'm wrong but from memory I thought he did the right thing. As no one can get close to the cores to do a crime scene investigation and we can surmise that Tepco will hold back key info it's all conjecture isn't it? All we know for sure is a lot of radiation has/is escaping into our world and those responsible are avoiding the flogging they deserve.

    • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

      Yeah kill the low income wage earners and depopulate Hobbs to extract U3O8. What a plan. Can't think of better way to spend money than to spend it removing the useless eaters of the world. Uranyl oxide to be sold to the highest bidder. The waste, and there always is, will be for other people to worry about.

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists


    "I am very much opposed to your plan to "recycle" and "reuse" radioactive materials."

  • Haidagwaii Haida Gwaii

    Dear MBHP,

    Ease off on being such a dick to others. You are quick to judge. Accused me of working against ending nuclear. You seem like a bot at times due to your frequent copy and pasting. I will say you aren't a bot, your writing is much simpler when not copy and pasted. 🙂 Comparing me to Mfoe. I'm someone who moves forward and doesn't stand still. I will say thanks for working at spreading information. Have a good day. Our energies are better used against nuclear.

    • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

      i dont care i dont have to be nice i am here to give information i dont know any of you so i dont know your past present future

      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        I am sorry for being a dick im sick of being called a bot because i dont want anyone to know who i am

        • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

          this radiation make people sensitive and I was raised the truth is the only outcome even in science even in the observed universe. sorry if i came off mean i been hiding for a while i wont lie they really made it serious to tell people to not tell anyone unless they approved we got all their directory's now so just search them and bookmark them save pdfs convert files even if we have to hand type I noticed if i copy pasted sometimes the encryption made my words different and science and I am sorry if at times that sounded wrong; I do not look at the past just the now continue on and fight this cartel against knowledge and wisdom I am not hear to say I fighting them because of nuclear I am hear fighting them because they have down right lied to everyone in the name of the atom for peace project. if i die i die if world ends it ends but I would never ever condone any concealing of any thing because all actions make ripples that cause and effect and some happen almost infinitely such as nuclear disasters. The main purpose is that they created an organization that cannot be trusted with anything of knowledge that takes mens wisdom and morals and guidelines; they took that knowledge sealed it away and acted like foolish children that were told by their parents that this is wrong.

        • Cooter


          Your not sorry at all. All the information you have given us is a compilation of crap from the federal gov. your home town of cyberspace.

          This information was given by Hatrick Pennry a year ago. Changing the format of how to access a government doc. is first grade entry level secretary gov. internship requirements.

          I have read every doc you have presented and am not impressed with you exposing it and taking the credit for others works.

          I would like a nice conversation with you on the Non-nuclear thread, that is if your handler can find it. Any time my friend, as I know what you are and can prove it.

          I'm waiting.


      • Homolumina Homolumina

        Dear MarineBiologistHealthPhysics,
        please do not be offended. We are all a bit raw here I think, alone reading the latest news of today makes me feeling sick to my stomach, my heart is physically aching, and I am sure many of us feel that way, outraged, desperate and edgy… Many of us are just jumpy, and we have had quite some bots and trolls here on this site. Please forgive. I can feel clearly your sincere intentions, I very much appreciate your contributions and I want to welcome you.

        You mentioned that medical marijuana is a remedy. That is something that caught my attention. I have been studying the plant and our endocannabinoid system, the ECS, and have come to that conclusion myself. Now you confirm ist and you point out studies. Those I would love to obtain, and I wanted to ask you if you can help me access those studies.

        Please feel a warm thank you and please do not hold grudges to anybody here. All the posters on enenews I got to know over the past 2 years are just wonderful people with the best intentions and a persistence that is exceptional. I love each and everyone of them and it hurts me when we have a war going on here in this forum. We should not, since we all share the same love for pour home planet, this beautiful garden Eden, that was given to us as stuarts and caretakers.

        Please let us NOT fight – we need to stick together, integrate everybody who is part of the solution.

        My love to all

        • dunkilo

          "my love to all"what a great and powerful thing to say Homolumina …United we stand 🙂

        • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

          thank you please read my upper post i am sorry for getting mad at everyone for I don't even hate those that persecute me many of these scientist i know… many of them like albert einstein many of them like alberts friends and though he knew what they were doing was morally wrong he didnt chose to sit at their table and eat their cake for he knew it was serious blood money. I love cloning plants and understanding the differences of genetic markers when certain forms of radiation is introduced; thought their are forms that I can not see any benefit in these markers to state that any benefit out weighs the damaging effects for after 7 generations we see large changes. exponential damage ever generation it is a downward spiral in decline; though the clones are very clone to the original they are not the original. But what can I do about it? They playing like they GODs and simply yes we were given knowledge to change plants and stuff but we were never given knowledge to hurt our own and to hurt those around us for life is entangled and every loss of life is a deep loss to all.

          • The bad english, the bad grammar, the incomplete and runon sentences.. Maybe that is why many believe there is a bot involved here.

            Talks like a person in the nuclear industry, but then again, would they hire someone like this?

            Links posted so far seems to be dead ends going nowhere.. time wasters or outright lies, like cold shutdown of whole site by 3/21.

            Trolls like to confuse, attack and amuse themselves.

            So far, the profile fits..

            • danger kitty danger kitty

              Dr. G, good to see you're not fooled by MBHP. All good questions for 'it'. Doubt you'll be answered. It still slips in whoremesis now and then. Still no there there.
              Could it be socref/ mfx/ etc. ad nauseum, given his 'interest' in psychology? A little role playing?
              Or something more sinister? Remember, Enenews crashed just after MBPH's first appearance, when he was completely incoherent. Quantity not quality from him– I wonder if it's possible to imbed micro amounts of malware in each character; I came across a reference to "bit destroyers" somewhere—got nothing from a search of the term; could indicate it's new.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                I think MBNP is a fusion energy proponent and also a supporter of transmutation, both of which are extremely dangerous and a scam besides.

              • danger kitty, i came to a similar conclusion. Bit torrent hacking or bit twiddling, normally used to embed code within downloads to make them run faster on multiple sites at once, but, also useable as Trojan horses. No way to say for sure, but, my sense is that if this poster were a hidden whistleblower, they would have their information organized and already decrypted for fast dispersal. The links go to "apparent" non-descript sites of FOIA documents and pdfs allegedly sent to or from the NRC without going through the NRC portal, so i always get a little squeamish when asked to download links from untraceable sources. The tags in the site names have all the tags that would draw a crowd – nrc, FOIA, "Nu" instead of "new" regulations, etc. – all either incredibly slow downloading files, or honey pots for collecting data mining from hapless responders, or virus or spyware downloads hidden in bit torrent code which is a more complicated code and not always identifiable to most people. But, bit torrent needs the remote computer permission, so, if it is a hack or attack, most antivirus or anti spyware or malware programs are blocking it. So, it leaves the next honey pot. I'd put this off to someone hoping to make a buck through the selling of data mining by getting access to personal email lists, address books, any banking info or whatever else it can grab. Too bad. I was rather looking forward to seeing the science on the seven generations of irradiated cloned…

            • Haidagwaii Haida Gwaii

              Hi Dr G,
              It's funny how mghb sometimes uses capitals WHERE it doesn't have to and does where it shouldn't. Yes it is a bot.

            • Dr. G, i pasted some of the non-loading links into the browser and they took me to a non-descript site of listed links. They bog down, too, which either means the files are massive, which they would not be, or they are downloading embedded code and both our and google's antivirus software are detecting it and stopping the download from completing. All suspect right there, i'm thinking. NRC uses their identifiers on every page as a floating image. Someone built this list and left off any trace backs.

              I suppose it could also be bit torrent hackers using the half a minute they get from thousands of users to run programs kinda like a mosquito coming a taking just a little blood, or maybe trying to leave a cookie on our machines so tat they will work for them later, crunching data. That would be some university students or some such borrowing people's RAM and processors remotely to run large computational programs back at the campus.

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              Geez I'm really out of my league here ..I don't understand what you folks are talking about , and now I'm a bit embarrassed by my slaughter of the English language .
              I know a little about a lot but I'm lost on this one .
              Carry on newsers

          • razzz razzz

            You haven't stumble onto the Rosetta Stone. Most of the data stops at monitor red lines because they can't read radiation any higher. Pressure sensors will still record pressure even though the containments are leaking like little teapots because the offgassing pressure is so immense that the gauges should be reading zero but a full fledged meltdown is in progress that even a sieve can hold some pressure resistance. The blacked out or stricken sentences and paragraphs of US Congressional hearings would be the tell all but they act like nothing bad ever happened to this day.

            They are not going to tell us the entire Daiichi radioactive inventory released or recorded which would confirm re-criticality. Or will they show us the medical records of the USS Reagan crew which would confirm how much radioactive uptake. Cause of death of Daiichi workers will always be a mystery.

            Yoshida could have succumbed to neutron bombardment for all we know.

            Periphery details and facts and figures are all very interesting and telling but without official conformation, its only a guess in conclusions.

            Lying is standard operating procedure for governments. Truth would reveal all their faults and fallacies.

          • EKO K£AP$€ OP YELLOW CROSS

            Oh really MHBP! Whom gave such permission? I never saw that in the book, but there was the punishment for those whom did drug sorcery and attempted to destroy nature.

            For someone claiming to speaketh thy truth. you speaketh in tongues of lizards and Babylonians.

            Repent for the time is at hand.

            ps: Have a nice day.

            • EKO K£AP$€ OP YELLOW CROSS

              Oh dear, MBHP

              Don't yah just love electronic keyboards.

              For clarification because the comment got pinged to the bottom….

              MBHP SAID….
              "They playing like they GODs and simply yes we were given knowledge to change plants and stuff but we were never given knowledge to hurt our own and to hurt those around us for life is entangled and every loss of life is a deep loss to all."

        • Homolumina Homolumina

          Oh jeez, I guess I am way to naive… The answer that I got from the MBHP just confirms what you say. Well, thank you all for taking the effort to make it clear – once more again. And – my love to all the real people – my community – here.

      • Haidagwaii Haida Gwaii

        Upon further review
        MBHP is a BOT. Please disregard all future postings.

  • Sickputer

    I don't think they ever got any significant amounts of water into the reactor vessels in those first 4 days. Piping access was crushed. They even had trouble getting water to the spent fuel ponds (and having the cracked ponds hold water).

    Dealing with 6 units so close together complicated containment issues. Dealing with a single building would have made a difference (maybe they would have considered building a dome covering like Chernobly.

    But the terrible mudstone subsoil at Fukushima certainly made containment a very difficult task.

    Still waiting to hear them reveal the true location of the coria. I imagine they don't want to do that because if those huge corium deposits are out of building (melt-out) then the prospect for containment is very bleak indeed. Such a revelation will constitute a longterm human health hazard for a very large part of Honshu. Everyone will be afraid of eating any piece of seafood, every ball of rice, every drink of wine, beer or water.

    • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

      yes the melted mess is long gone im sure it melted faster than they could imagine they needed to pick it up.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Unit 4 ..received the bulk and duration of the sea water dumping …
        which I believe added to the nuclear corrosion of the SPF ..leading to an accelerated activity.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          a zirconium hydrogen reaction responsible for blowing the huge building to smithereens. Anyway, that was the official explanation, as far as I can gather

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        what is the porpoise in life that drives marine health physicists to find 1999 flotsam?

        ignore accusations of Boorish Obfuscatory Tangles. Curse those that do and forever keep the piece, I mean peas, er fleece…now Im confused…

        • Confusion is the goal of all trolls and bots.

          Keep em confused, so they won't take any actions.

          Helpless and disempowered.

          That way, the nuclear lions and tigers have easy prey, and they can feast as much as they want.

          The helpless critters just stand around, looking dazed and confused, as the lions and tigers tear them to shreds at will.

  • We would all be DEAD if they had not built FUKU where it is. The Pacific is taking the bullet yet again. Were all dead soon as Barium in the air will do the job quickly from Mesothelioma like symptoms, as Cs137 turning to Ba137 in the air gets in your lungs.

    Added a new mutated garden crop site called Garden of ELEden, am looking for good NON photo shopped images of mutated critters, bugs and ghoulish garden harvests. No people in any contributed images please for your own safety.


    • dunkilo

      What pretty flowers…pretty fracked up

    • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

      I can not release any images of plants radiated by the radiation forms though I can tell you that the c4 plant grew like a bat out of hell and strange strange things happened stem cell concentration increased on some plants some died; some grew roots on fruit or bud nodes; some expressed deficiency's in days because of environmental changes from the radiation. photochemical plants(green ones) seem to not die at the moment. I would if I could get the images on a website or a disk drive but at the moment is is only physical and physical position to time measurements in mm they are trying to see the relation to accelerated growth or accelerated decline. Their not mine; ideas is that they need to do this because more people here gotta make more food but I do not believe quantity replaces quality ever. Science is being restricted like it has never been before.

    • Sickputer

      O typed these pixels of light: "We would all be DEAD if they had not built FUKU where it is. The Pacific is taking the bullet yet again."

      SP: Possibly. But another opinion might be that if the plant had been inland they would have been forced to try other methods (digging with Liquidators or building 6 domes). They really have used the cooling power of the Pacific to hide their dirty hot masses of Doomsday poisons.

      The trillion dollar question is did they make the wrong containment choices early in the disaster that can never be undone? The future (or lack of it for mankind) will answer that question.

    • Jebus Jebus

      "We would all be DEAD if they had not built FUKU where it is. The Pacific is taking the bullet yet again."

      Yes, the Ocean is the venue this time, with this nuclear disaster.

      I want to add respectfully that the lifes future viability is most at stake here and that each and every day that goes by advances a tragedy so vast, so destructive, so final, for all of life's future viability.

      Nature only chooses those who survive for the future.

      Failure to thrive is a dead end…

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Can you email RadChick about some of your pictures? She would like specifics about one of them – "That conjoined JackInThePulpit is a stunner. Do you know where it was taken? Who the photo came from?"

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      We had beans grow with the roots up. It's like some just forgot how to be a bean. Well, I read the secret life of Plants, so it just breaks my heart to see something like that. Poor flora and fauna, poor sea life, poor everything. There is no excuse under the sun to continue this course. Can they not see? A good proportion of our state flower are now 2 headed, red clover. I had a 2 headed squash bloom. Bee balm with 2 flowers. Where is this all going to end? And now the drums of ww3. Are they mad? Will nothing satiate them but the whole world in flames? I'm trying not to, but I really freaking hate them. We're just already doomed and they want to use their billion dollar killing toys. Is that it? Are their depleted uranium stockpiles irradiating their brains? I don't remember voting in these Dr Strangelovian psychopaths. Do they need a systemic collapse of everything before they think in their idiot, asshole little heads, maybe, just maybe we made a mistake and shouldn't be messing with forces of nature we can't control and don't understand? Evacuate Japan and send them them all there. They won't mind, after all it's just like smearing yourself with bananas while licking your cellphone.

    • Good photos of plant anomilies.

      Credit: Ontological

      Should repost in Forum for 'anomilies' too.

  • PattiB pointed out some time back that water is a neutron reflector.

  • Dick Shenary

    Ontological – The half life of Ba137 is 2.55 minutes according to many sources. With such a short half life it is difficult to see this element as extremely dangerous, although it is a very toxic metal while in existance. Perhaps there is something I am missing.

    • razzz razzz

      Dick Shenary: How would like to have some C-137 in your soft tissue since it is a potassium analogue and have it decay? They don't know exactly when it will decay but do know that it will. Barium-137m, which what it will decay into is all a gamma release and the fact this daughter product's half life is only 2 1/2 minutes or so or 20 minutes full life, means it is actively decaying away which for the most part is more dangerous than say Pu for 20 minutes, all gamma to the surrounding area.

      The more active the decay rate, the more dangerous it is. In other words, the shorter the half life, the more dangerous it is.

    • That is Ba137M it has a short life then becomes stable BARIUM is forever. And that is what it becomes.

      • This stuff is causing QED nightmares globally currently. I am LOLing at the lame attempts these big corporates have tried to "fix" the web cams I have been using LOL

        I can watch aircraft appear out of nowhere, then disappear in a red flash. These aircraft used to be visible the WHOLE sky across horizon to horizon just last MONTH! I have been an astronomer most of my life…I am heart struck over the loss of my STARS!

  • EKO K£AP$€

    How far away from the plant; Tokyo perhaps?

    Why would a democracy close down a democracy?

    2020 the cancer games. People must be dying to get there!

    Me thinks the great dream bubble has burst.

  • HoTaters HoTaters


    Drip, drip, drip

  • chevvvy chevvvy

    is it possible this mbhp person doesnt make much sense most the time because they are foreign language speaker, using translation bot to post??? just a thought! peace

    • byron byron

      Yes, foreign language possible by mbhp. Notice the way the English is written. How many people use ";" these days? Example sentence: "Their not mine; ideas is that they need to do this because…" Many people can't figure out that "They are" should be written "They're". To use "ideas is"? Look for other examples to see what I'm pointing out.

    • razzz razzz

      This makes sense that English is not his primary language. Fukus' Diary drives me crazy with his broken English but I grin and bear it because he schooled as a Japanese engineer and the Japanese language must be one of the most difficult language to translate.

    • But then there are other posts that are as clear as daylight and sunshine. Very good english, and no goobledigook where there is no there there.

      But those VERY CLEAR ENGLISH posts consist of attacks on other people here on ENEnews..

      So that xplaning is out the window..

      Something else is going on.

      If the language problems were consistent, that foreign language thing may work. An explanation by the poster would also help, but there is NONE.

      Consistent with chatterbot.

      Confuse, mislead, randomize, and pretend.. except for the very clear English posts where a live person may be stepping in, it matches the chatterbot/troll profile.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    NUCLEAR, 100% UNNEEDED . . .

    Messed up technology, not meant to be.

    Reactors melt, then spew radiation forever.

    Total mistake ever allowing it, then or now.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Everyone eats, everyone drinks, everyone knows, no one speaks.

    Hong Kong negative on easing import curbs on food from Fukushima-area prefectures

    Visiting Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi called on Hong Kong to relax the import restrictions during his meeting with Hong Kong’s Food and Health Secretary Ko Wing-man the same day.

    But Ko replied that it is difficult to ease the curbs at the moment. The five prefectures in question are Fukushima, home to the crippled nuclear power plant, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Chiba.


  • Jebus Jebus

    Everyone can see, if they can see, that,

    We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell

    Submitted by George Washington on 08/14/2014

    The American media hasn't covered Fukushima for a long time. But that doesn't mean there hasn't been any news. It just means that the U.S. and Japanese governments have worked hard to cover it up.

    Here’s a roundup of recent news (links to EneNews; click through to see original source material … that's how the web WORKS):


  • General User General User

    @Dick Shenary, Greetings my friend.
    While I am not yet in agreement with Ontological about the Cesium>Barium=LESS Sunlight subject. I can state that my PV-solar panels know there is less power when the pink sky condition occurs.
    On the subject of half lives of Barium please check this site
    http://radiochemistry.org/periodictable/elements/isotopes_data/56.html they list TWO barium 137 isotopes, 2.5 min and STABLE! Sorry, I'm just a tech and can not elaborate the difference.

    137mBa 136.90582738 (45) 2.552 m -87,721.23 (42) 8,391.827

    137Ba 136.90582738 (45) stable -87,721.23 (42) 8,391.827

    A treasure chest of isotope info here; http://radiochemistry.org/periodictable/NuclearPeriodicTable.html

    Peace to all

  • General User General User

    Looks like I should research more before I post.
    Here is the difference for the above post;

    […] 137Cs beta decays to barium-137m (a short-lived nuclear isomer) then to nonradioactive barium-137, […]

    {[Deity] help us, 18 months to the 2016 conversion/growing season}

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

    Japan Nuclear Evacuation Plans Expose Absurdity Of Restarting Reactors
    August 13th, 2014
    “…Restarting reactors or continuing nuclear power in Japan has been largely unpopular. The national government has continued to push restart plans as they struggle to find a way out of the old nuclear program that required them to reprocess massive amounts of nuclear fuel. Backing out of nuclear power also holds the potential for widespread financial failure of the power companies that heavily invested in nuclear instead of diversified power sources. Instead of planning a sane way out while minimizing the damage, the central government has been pushing a plan not based in reality. The resistance and inability of the rest of the country to hold up their end of this fantasy is another very clear point of the impracticality of Japan’s nuclear program….”

  • athome athome

    Most of those link MBHP gives us are on official governement site.
    Those link are certainly interesting to folow those to satisfy curiosity.
    But hte facts are more important, and what happend every day is what matters realy.
    If I was the administrator of this site I will ban this guy and delete his posts and links.
    If you look closely to a shit, what are you going to find ? Shit.
    So, ENENEWS is not in need of infiltred secret agent to live.
    We are discussing about what is happening in and because of Fukushima.
    Long life to ENENEWS.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      MBHP: vulgar language.
      athome: do not devolve, please.

      • zogerke zogerke

        respectfully disagree.

        methinks mbhp is not not not a bot.
        plenty curse more than he does and don't get scolded. just he is a newcomer.

        that site pbadupws.nrc is an impressive collection and access. weird it is so open and available, no? that is what i am not sure of.

        mbhp has given both link access to this info, and info on who he himself is, from in side it.

        and the writing difference between what he links to as emails from himself 'self' (edward schmidt or somthing) and the style of his writing here (run on sentances, odd grammar, etc) is what is …odd. hmmm.

        time will tell. it always does.

        thank you mbhp for what you have shared so far. what you shared indicates you have been in the fight for more than a decade. time will tell what your clearest motives are. meanwhile keep the information coming.

        • JerryK

          zogerke: I agree, MBHP is probably not a bot. I Googled the pbadupws.nrc URL and found the documents at "pbadupws.nrc.gov – /dpcs/". Yes, it is an impressive and open collection of documents.

          As with any "official" document, always follow the money. Check out the author and his/her source of funding.

  • truthpandemic truthpandemic

    Just thought i would jump in here and post a link maybe you all will find interesting… I heard an interview on talk radio.. i think with john b wells show Caravan to midnight. anyways he is developing or has already developed some EM heating systems that can boil water… why cant we use this (new) {i doubt its new Tesla most likely had it done already} technology to boil water. shut down nuke plants!! we have the capabilities within reach to heat and power every home car and portable device airplane semi truck trains or even space shuttles with tesla technology that has been suppressed and forgotten or omitted from the younger generations playbooks. Stupid greedy oil barons from last century really doomed us all before we were born.

    • looks like induction heating system.. no mention of energy saving.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Truth pandemic, your right. It was the mindless and greedy attempt of a few to consolidate power and wealth that did the deed,that broke the camels back, that made the fat lady sing,that pushed the red button, that sold us the big lie, that put the last nail in our coffin, that killed the queen and put our king in check. And all the king's horses and all the king's men will never put Fukushima back together again. It's like some horrifying Shakespearean traumedy. Should the end of man be anything less.

  • truthpandemic truthpandemic

    oops forgot the link to what i was talking about haha

  • rogerthat


    Contact: Nancy Steinberg
    American Genetic Association
    Fukushima's legacy
    Biological effects of Fukushima radiation on plants, insects, and animals
    Following the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown, biological samples were obtained only after extensive delays, limiting the information that could be gained about the impacts of that historic disaster. Determined not to repeat the shortcomings of the Chernobyl studies, scientists began gathering biological information only a few months after the disastrous meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan in 2011. Results of these studies are now beginning to reveal serious biological effects of the Fukushima radiation on non-human organisms ranging from plants to butterflies to birds.
    A series of articles summarizing these studies has now been published in the Journal of Heredity. These describe widespread impacts, ranging from population declines to genetic damage to responses by the repair mechanisms that help organisms cope with radiation exposure. …

  • rogerthat

    sorry, left out the link to the genetic association yarn:

  • Dana 8-13-2014
    Fukushima Money Bomb: " Expedition for Life "

    "This is a fund raiser to leave in 9 days and spend 60 days documenting the missing species on Canada's Pacific Coast Line from Vancouver Island to the North Canadian Border . Its now confirmed elsewhere in BC watch this heartbreaking video (Video Response to Dana Dernford) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20HYCDKKKmg&feature=youtu.be we hope to meet up with this amazing soul in a few weeks who speaks with such humility and eloquence."

    "We need to SHOW that all the species are missing."

    Get your video cameras, wallets and the rad word out.

  • dunkilo

    I want to share this video from you-tube..George Carlin at the 1999 national press club,What a HOOT! I really enjoyed at the 33:00 minute mark .

  • Cooter


    Come out I want to play with you. You are not real. I know it. Say something and I will prove it.


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Water is indeed the key that unlocks the true horror of the Fukushima Disaster.

    Pumping water into Reactors1-3 serves only to contaminate more water.
    Tepco has no reliable means (defective ALPS), and lacks the capacity (200 tonnes per day when running), to filter most nuclides out of the 300 tonnes of contaminated cooling water produced every day.
    Bolt-together tanks are leaking tonnes of contaminated cooling water, so much that when groundwater was pumped from wells behind/inland from the reactors, the level of contamination was too high to permit dumping without filtration.

    Groundwater flows under the Fukushima reactors at a rate of 1,000 tonnes per day.
    There are from 1 to 3 corium lava tubes filled with water under the reactors, where nuclear debris in the mudrock contaminate groundwater orders of magnitude above what has been reported.
    TEP.gov has thus far failed to divert the flow of an underground river around the nuclear ruins.
    Contaminated groundwater flowing into the Pacific Ocean, MOX fuel fragments blown into the sea from the explosion of Reactor3, and "black substance" fallout from burning nuclear cores, have turned the Pacific Ocean increasingly into a nuclear desert.

    Nuclear laced water is the key to our undoing.

    Where is the missing corium, TEPCO? 😉

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Re: MBHP—could we have another ruling on the play so far, please? Loved your last.

    • dunkilo

      Welcome back sports fans!As the clock runs down ,MBHP snaps the ball….OH MY its a double reverse !!!BOOM what a hit ,for a loss of 5 yds!!It seems team MPHP is pulling out all the stops!!Oh-ooo
      theirs an injury on the play!!……

  • Where are those multiple melted out coriums TEPCO?


    Over 3 years since 3/11 and STILL NO INTEREST, and no results yet.

    TEPCO brought in equipment that was supposed to find the coriums, but no reports came out after that was done.

    There are 12 different ways to find them with no human going near anything, and yet, no interest, or results.. What's up with that TEPCO????

    12 Methods That TEPCO Could Use To Find Lost Coriums At Fukushima – Could It Be That TEPCO Already Knows?

  • Looks like another great way to record changes noticed since Fukushima's effects began.
    General User said "I can state that my PV-solar panels know there is less power when the pink sky condition occurs."

    So if a person is an experienced off grid solar panel user, they would certainly already have a familiarity with how well/how much power the panels can pull during various sky conditions in their locale.

    Now, if that person also has a geiger counter, they could record the changes in CPMs at the same time and amount of charge being received via the solar cells. (And if it was me, I'd be taking photos of the clouds colors too with date/times.)

    My son has been off grid for over 10 years where he lives and watching his gauges is such a daily part of life since there can be infrequent times when they'll need to run the gas generator to supplement power.

    However, he doesn't have a geiger counter (yet), so I'm just throwing this idea out for other people that do. I feel like it could be another important way to talk with people about actual cause/effect comparisons before and after 3-11-11.

    We really need many talking points that different people can relate to in their own daily lifestyles. Thanks for mentioning the solar panels and pink clouds General User! 🙂

  • Marushka Marushka

    the moment of change in pressure:
    "Corium ex vessel Unit 2" NRC assessment

    NRC FOIA doc 15 March 2011 http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1205/ML12052A106.pdf

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