Japan TV news program films plant life mutations in Tokyo — Fasciated dandelions reported “very often” (VIDEO)

Published: April 26th, 2012 at 6:36 am ET


Asahi TV’s Morning Bird via Fukushima Diary:

The reporter of a NEWS TV show “Morning bird” on TV Asahi asked audience for information of mutated dandelions in Tokyo, but he found some by himself on a walk in Chuoku Tokyo. He comments he found fasciated dandelions very often.

Fasciation can be caused by a mutation in the meristematic cells, bacterial infection, mite or insect attack, or chemical or mechanical damage. Some plants may inherit the trait. Fasciation is rare” –Source

See also: [intlink id=”report-asahi-tv-show-airs-photos-of-mutated-plants-in-tokyo-same-program-to-feature-dire-situation-at-no-4-fuel-pool-asked-audience-to-send-in-more-examples-photo” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]


Published: April 26th, 2012 at 6:36 am ET


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43 comments to Japan TV news program films plant life mutations in Tokyo — Fasciated dandelions reported “very often” (VIDEO)

  • Carbon 14

    Okay, clearly, there's evidence of something fishy here. Did they test the dandelions take samples of surrounding soil (ala Arnie Gundersen)? What did they show?

    • DannieJ DannieJ

      More lies by omission. I suppose this media outlet has realized the magnitude of the catastrophe and hopes to avoid accountability at a later date.

      They should be calling for the information and evidence that Tepco is withholding. They should also sample soil and if they were serious they'd be out én masse with Geiger counters. They should be furious that 30.000 counters donated by the world has 'disappeared.'

      They should be outlining the mushroom cloud at reactor 3 and the ring vortex as well. They should have named said atomic event and called for a general strike or protest or any kind of action really.

      Where are the journalists on site? Will no one go there?

  • http://www.flutrackers.com/forum/showthread.php?s=4df092346d7ce54c226b86b387c214e1&t=185834

    Dispersion of artificial caesium-134 and -137 in the western North Pacific one month after the Fukushima accident
    Makio C. Honda
    1Research Institute for Global Change, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology,

    Abstract: In March 2011, an accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (FNPP-AC) was caused by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Here we show the distribution of artificial caesium-134 and -137 (134Cs and 137Cs) in the western North Pacific one month after the FNPP-AC. In surface seawater, 137Cs concentrations were from several times to two orders of magnitude higher than before the FNPP-AC. 134Cs was also detected, and in many seawater samples the 134Cs/137Cs ratio was about 1. These findings indicate that radionuclides from the FNPP dispersed quickly in the western North Pacific. 134Cs and 137Cs concentrations in suspended solids and zooplankton at stations K2 and S1 were also one to two orders higher than before the accident. Numerical simulation results show that the higher caesium observed in the western North Pacific one month after the FNPP-AC was transported not only by diffusion and advection of seawater but also via the atmosphere as an aerosol.

    • Key point of the above post: The admittance of contamination being released in aerosol form. Playing a large role in the WESTERN / North, Pacific Ocean. (this only one month from the crisis).

      I am sure we were peppered with many other Aerosols.

      Do tell>

  • Records show Japan gov't knew meltdown risk early

    TOKYO (AP) — Just four hours after a tsunami swept into the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japan's leaders knew the damage was so severe that the reactors could melt down, but they kept their knowledge secret for months. Five days into the crisis, then-Prime Minister Naoto Kan voiced his fears that it could turn worse than Chernobyl.


    U.S. Uninformed of Tokyo Evacuation Scenario: Ex-Official

    Washington, March 10 (Jiji Press)–Jeffrey Bader, a former senior official in the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama, has criticized Japan for failing to inform Washington about a worst-case scenario of Tokyo having to be evacuated due to the nuclear crisis.


    High radioiodine levels found in thyroids of Fukushima residents post-meltdown

    HIROSAKI, Aomori — Radioactive iodine levels exceeding international limits were detected in the thyroid glands of five people who lived near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant during the meltdowns there, researchers here have revealed.


    Great articles here: http://www.flutrackers.com/forum/showthread.php?s=4df092346d7ce54c226b86b387c214e1&t=179993&page=3

    • rooks rooks

      The Obama admin is complicit. I wonder what the response will be when it happens in the US?

      • stopnp stopnp

        Like TMI of course. They'll just say it's not that big of a deal. I have a feeling it will be the same as it is in Japan right now. We will end up footing the bill for it too. With her money, with our health and with our children's health.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Thanks TG. Grim and frightening.

    • Apparently I am blocked from posting comments on youtube, despite having 2 accounts.

      Would someone who can post comments please post my response to the video that Tacoma linked above. I would be grateful.

      This video is summarizing factual information known about the state of Fukushima

      Enenews.com has been documenting the crisis through headlines.

      I have been linking the data together. E.G.,

      This is a global crisis that's been censored to avoid public panic and to protect nuclear.

      However, we must demand TRANSPARENCY and GLOBAL COOPERATION in the handling of the crisis and the mitigation of its effects.

      Dr. Majia Holmer Nadesan

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Maggie just Tweeted this NEW Very detailed report. The Pro-Nukes won't like this one at all. 15 points they will have a hell of a time addressing…good luck!
    RT @DrHCaldicott: Very important article. Lessons of #Chernobyl and #Fukushima: #Nuclear Safety is an Oxymoron http://t.co/bgr2MCLi

  • I did want to point out:

    Tepco announced the start of a 100 foot underground wall.

    (this is likely due to the already (unspoken / talked about). China syndromes taking place (obviously reactor 1).

    This is far far beyond chernobyl guys. Were talking thousands of times worse than chernobyl.

    Dont feed into the media hype.

    Truth be told, the russians were able to dodge the feared "China Syndrome".

    However Japan was not able to avoid this situation.

    While the mainstream media has kept you focused on the possibility of reactor 4 collapsing. Leaving the site to almost unspeakable end game.


    It slid right under your noses.

    The contamination must be unbelievable in respects to the pacific ocean. Enough to entirely abandon most important tasks to build a dam…

    Think about that. Shouldnt the japanese be doing dry casks / before they build a wall?

    Ya see we all know that a melt through is the end. That its good bye fresh water table, hello cancer.

    Well Why do you think the most important task this year is completing a dam.

    Because the reactor 1 is what they are avoiding talking about.

    We know and knew reactor 4 was in this condition.

    If I were you, I would start considering what is happening under that tent…

    Its basic manipulation/ Something is seriously wrong. Tepco is Building a Wall vs idk A new reactor 4 building…

    Something is very very wrong!

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Great points. Like a "look over here" scenario, when we should be looking elsewhere. 🙁 lord help us

      • Thats my point exactly whoopie.

        What did the senator say about reactor 1.

        JACK SHIT.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          All I can think is WHY isn't anyone addressing this? Now we know. It's much much worse than anyone is admitting. 🙁

        • rooks rooks

          Senator Wyden made his statement and that is it. He may appear on MSNBC and dumb down the democrats. To me, he just said the dog house was on fire while the house is in flames.


          @Tacomagroove: good analysis on you part. While I agree with the China syndrome thing, it's likely they're building the barrier-wall in response to the toxic effluents. While I welcome any-and-every action to get this catastrophe under some semblance of control, I have serious reservations as to the efficacy of this barrier. There are doubtless many logistical issues that we're not being made privy to. Given the quantity of material contained within SFP4, I doubt they're using this story as a diversion from the meltdowns…

          • BillyRaz

            barrier concerns- U mean like…I say potato u say open-aired Cauldron of super nasty death aka a dam- Also Taco yea great points whats under the Big Top?? Hmmm if the 100 foot high wall doznt contain a lid then there is no possibility of containment period game over- Well guess we can still live in Logans run i suppose

    • rooks rooks

      I do not know how much you know about Japanese culture but building the wall whether or not it is useless is a success in their minds. Sadly, the MSM will feed this to the tv box audience.

    • pure water

      In fact the tent just modulates the emissions, and recent few days make me suspect the corium has made a crack on the seaside of the reactor. There was one in front of the reactor from the camera side, but now the steam comes from behind. I know these are speculations based on the poor quality camera, but what will happent if the whole place cracks here and there when the coriums obble underneath?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        When I looked at the TEPCO webcam recently it look like the emissions were coming from the ground to the left of one of the windows. It was a night shot, the last night in Japan or the night before.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      TY, Tacoma. +1000000000000000000

    • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

      The key to being a great magician, or to pull off deception is the art of missdirection

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      Tacomagroove: You are so right. The WALL is supposed to keep the ground water that flows around Corium1, 2, &3 from draining into the Pacific. Rant: The greens told us, and told us, and told us that the earth is not endless, and human pollution is not meaningless in such gigantic ecosystems. But we went full steam full employment growth economy ahead and destroyed the earth. Fuku is a direct result of nuke power, just as BP's destruction of the Gulf of Mexico is a direct result of offshore drilling. Fuku and BPspill are on a scale that has overwhelmed the ability of Earth's ecosystems to accommodate human activity. The price End Rant. Back to the WALL.

      THE WALL is just part of the story. TEPCO will pump ground water out of wells placed inland from the Fuku nukes, and will pump that ground water directly into the sea. The WALL will block remaining ground water from going into the Pacific. They will probably draw it off and try to decontaminate it a bit before it, too, goes into the ocean. Relatively cheap, and relatively effective. While the Coriums continue to sizzle and pop, steam and burn, in the ground underneath what used to be a nice little row of TEPCO NPPs.

      What should be done? THINK BIG, like the FUKU MESS IS BIG. Drive TWO STEEL WALLS 100' deep and 50' apart, all the way around Fuku 1, 2, 3, and 4. Dig out the earth and stone. Fill with reinforced concrete. Add lead, boron, and whatever else might stop corium from ever leaving Fuku for…

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        TY, phillipupnorth, +100000000000000000

      • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

        Use this dam as a foundation. Build CASK WALLS 200' high, all around Fuku 1, 2, 3, &4. If you can get fuel rods out of SFPs and into dry casks in the meantime, go ahead, but don't delay construction of the CASK. Fill Fuku buildings with concrete. Fill the area between CASK WALLS with reinforced concrete. Add anything you can think of to keep CASK from cracking and venting Fuku vapors. Drill under the CASK into bedrock, under the coriums. Inject boron, circulate liquid nitrogen, whatever you can think of that will stop fissioning and cool the coriums. THIS IS AN ELE. THINK BIG, and some of us may still make it out of this. Continue to think small, like this TEPCO WALL, and we are all likely to die from Fuku. Our choice.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    "Rarely does a year go by without my discovering fasciated stems on wild and domesticated plants. Recent finds have included dandelion, asparagus, raspberry, black-eyed susan, and the tree of heaven (Ailanthus). If you look carefully you will see them too. Finding these fascinating fasciations offers small but intriguing rewards for observing nature."


    Looks like this phenomenon has been going on forever. If the media draw people's attention to it, then people will look for the first time and then claim (here we go again) that it all started with Fukushima.

    It would be hugely important to know the rate of change in mutations, if any.

  • pure water

    Dandelions are very good indicator. Watch them, and all the plants near you. I have been doing it for a while. Radiation harms the cell communication and we see these pictures.

  • Some of us enewers talked about the exposure that must be done showing the world of the deformations taking place in the wild or in gardens food or flowers also any animals deformities of births of stillborns to expose this and keep it at the forefront of the news that is out here covering it !
    I must not be buried, pushed aside by the PTB but shown to the world live as it is happening, the mistakes of hiding as Chernobyl accident did slowed the adequate response of all needed knowledge and help that has led to untold harms !

    Japan and all that find abnormalities need to post and broadcast in all formats and ways over net and elsewhere where available !

    This must not be held in secret or shame for it was not the people choice or fault and must be laid at the feet of them responsible and outcry's for remedies and Justice for them affected circumference of the world !

  • mungo mungo

    i cant actually remember what happened at #1 anymore, 🙁

  • Plants of all kinds are affected.

    As time goes on… The spreading, accumulation and uptake will make mutations more and more obvious, even to casual observers.

    Some mutations may not be obvious to the human eye. Small changes that will compound and occur over generations to come.

    Insects are also another initial indicator of impact.

  • Sickputer

    PUN sez.. What should be done? THINK BIG, like the FUKU MESS IS BIG. Drive TWO STEEL WALLS 100' deep and 50' apart, all the way around Fuku 1, 2, 3, and 4. Dig out the earth and stone. Fill with reinforced concrete. Add lead, boron, and whatever else might stop corium from ever leaving Fuku for…

    SP: Great idea… Maybe 10 to 20 billion dollars to do that versus the 17 trillion the effects of Fukushima ard going to incur.

    But we know Tepco is not going to spend anything in that price range. Look at BP and their penny pinching response to the Gulf of Mexico nightmare.

    Anyway… Walls only helps contain water toxins, and with enough boron possibly slow lateral nuclear lava flow.

    The killer is the fallout and fof that there is nothing money can buy to stop it. We are Fukooed and it's just a waiting game now

    Got your water yet? ;-). Preppers' motto 2011-2012

  • Radiation Free Gardening and Land Remediation … tis the season

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    Pure water: TEPCO has claimed that Fuku1 was a hydeogen explosion, or perhaps a steam explosion. Hydrogen is the lightest element, and steam is just water heated up. Non-threatening, right? Not a problem, right?

    But what if: The explosions at Reactor1&3 were caused when a mixture of vapors from zirconium cladding and cesium exploded as the fuel rods melted down. Not only were the explosions at Reactor1&3 likely to have been a zirconium/cesium reaction, but perhaps the explosion that blew out the upper floors of Fuku4 were zirconium/cesium vapors from SFP4. That means that zirconium isn't safe even in spent fuel that is stored in a spent fuel pool.

    The zirconium/cesium explosions at Fuku WERE sinister. If the zirconium cladding on ALL nuke fuel rods ALL over the world are all the result of a fatal design flaw, and caused the Fuku explosions, public support for the entire worldwide nuke industry would collapse overnight, wouldn't it? Because ALL nukes are unsafe, since the zirconium cladding in their fuel rods is ALL unsafe. The same zirconium that is used in pyrotechnics, that burns vigorously underwater, that doesn't need air to burn, and that explodes when mixed with cesium vapor. Big goof, wouldn't you say?



  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Dragonfly with "cyclops eye" in middle of forehead – from my back yard. See link to Photbucket here:


    Check it out! This poor thing has what looks like a third eye (bizarre looking, like a cyclops eye) in the middle of its forehead. This is in addition to the two normal eyes on the side of its head (for stereoscopic vision). Would like to find an entomologist to look at it. Maybe UC Davis?

  • Grayfox

    I work on private residential properties, mostly within a 10 mile radius of Vermont Yankee. About 12 years ago, I saw a daisy that had a very wide flat stem and an elongated, odd looking flower. For years, I did not notice anything else unusual. Then about 3 or 4 years ago, I began to see dandelions with frequency that were clearly mutated. Last year, I saw more than ever. This year I have found only 2 mutated dandelions; I expected to find dozens of examples. The season is young though.