Japan TV: Talk on Tepco tapes “doesn’t seem fit to come out of the world’s worst nuclear accident” — Should I write IOU for batteries? asks Fukushima chief (VIDEO)

Published: October 8th, 2012 at 11:34 am ET


Translation uploaded by treesneedco2 on Oct 7, 2012:

At 1:45 in

Narrator: The conversations that do not seem fit to come out of the world’s worst nuclear accident site continue.

From RocketNews24:

Akio Komori, Managing Director (at the time): “I wonder if someone’s using the helicopter today. Who’s using the helicopter? We can use a helicopter to carry the cash.” […]

Masao Yoshida, Fukushima Director (at the time): “Okay, I should write an IOU for this, right?”

Komori: “No need. I’ll take your word for it.” […]

Off-Site Center: “Today we went to Iwaki to get a battery but couldn’t get one.”

Fukushima Daiichi Materials Team: “Tomorrow we’re going to a home center to buy stuff. If there’s anything you want bring us a list or tell us… whatever… just come down.”


Published: October 8th, 2012 at 11:34 am ET


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9 comments to Japan TV: Talk on Tepco tapes “doesn’t seem fit to come out of the world’s worst nuclear accident” — Should I write IOU for batteries? asks Fukushima chief (VIDEO)

  • dosdos dosdos

    IOU one radiation free nation

    • lam335 lam335

      How about one radiation-free planet?

      Though not completely radiation-free before, there is a whole lot more of the stuff swirling around in the oceans and the air currents post-3/11 than before. And we'll all be inhaling/ingesting little bits of it for the rest of our lives (and those of our children and grandchildren and …).

  • My observation:

    Seems like most of the people initially involved all have the prefix of 'ex-' next to their work title. hmm…?

    I wonder how long it will take for some marketing genius to come up with a 'Die Hard' battery commercial where a Nuclear Plant is saved by a car battery. Hey, you never know. Probably would not be aired on NBC though.

  • Myme

    It doesn't matter even if they had 100 functioning batteries or generators on site, when there is no piping left to hook up to.

    The cooling pipes were destroyed/damaged by the earthquake (The Atlantic Wire published the workers' testimony on this). Then less than half an hour, they lost the ultimate heat sink, the sea water heat exchange facility which was totally wiped out by the tsunami.

    TEPCO and global nuke industry want us to believe that Fuku1 meltdowns were caused by unavailability of a generator or batteries, but in fact, mother nature like earthquakes can easily knock down the lifeline of these nuclear facilities. They just wouldn't admit it.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Both true, I think, Myme – the specifics of the clown show, but also the inability to be prepared even had they done their "due diligence".


    • patb2009

      things slowed down, once they got some fire engines on site to pump water in.

      with destroyed piping, they needed to go Open Loop and start pumping sea water in right away.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    There is a huge disconnect for people doing any work that is so compartmentalized as nuclear power generation, and i'm glad this is being reported, because that disconnect feeds the denial of the very real urgency and danger that should be felt, but, often isn't. We look on aghast and horrified. Many nuclear engineers and technicians yawn. It isn't that they are evil…just very, very shut down to outer stimuli they are trained to ignore. My neighbor worked for the nuke industry. Now he helps build military drones. He was pulling our of his driveway in his convertible and hollered to my dogs if they wanted to hop in and go for a ride while the car was in motion. Nice guy, just very clueless to the real world around him, which allows him to do the science he loves without having to worry about the consequences. That is the other guy's job. I can choose to hate him or be grateful that i am not as shut down as he is. He is still responsible regardless, but he is not so different from the other Americans all around him who use the nuclear energy, or buy the gas, or ignore the wars. I read enenews and wonder how to help and how to maintain my sanity. He is happy to be a well paid cog in a larger wheel.