Japan unveils plan to develop massive gov’t “backup city” 300 miles west of Tokyo — Room for 200,000 staff — May be built at Itami Airport

Published: November 3rd, 2011 at 3:25 pm ET


Be prepared: Japanese government plans backup city in case earthquake cripples Tokyo, Mail Online, November 3, 2011:

PHOTO CAPTION: “The Fukushima power plant that was badly damaged in the tsunami. There are fears another big earthquake would devastate Tokyo and prevent the government from carrying out its business”

“Concerned about the impact a crippling earthquake could have on Tokyo, the Japanese government has unveiled plans to develop an entire backup city in case.” […]

“It could be home to 50,000 residents and 200,000 workers and will also feature offices, resorts, casinos and parks – as well as essential government facilities in case of disaster.”

“The potential site is on the site of Itami Airport” which is 300 miles west of Tokyo […]

“It comes after the operators of the nuclear power plant crippled by the tsunami were forced to deny further nuclear incidents today.” […]

Published: November 3rd, 2011 at 3:25 pm ET


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59 comments to Japan unveils plan to develop massive gov’t “backup city” 300 miles west of Tokyo — Room for 200,000 staff — May be built at Itami Airport

  • ocifferdave

    See, the gov is too busy to evacuate children from fukushima.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    this will certainly not endear the Japanese people to their government… their controllers; lol

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Forget the millions left behind, we gov’t officials need our casinos. Really? Casinos? For an emergency backup after a devastating earthquake?

    • SnorkY2K

      While I disagree with casinos, resorts are probably a good idea as they could shut done the resorts in use in the very hot areas near Tokyo

  • nohobear nohobear

    Priorities seem a little backwards. Let’s save the government bureaucrats and their jobs. The children of Tokyo, not so much.

    The Japanese people need to wake up to this self inflicted genocide by their “leaders” soon.

    Time to beef up the judicial resources of the World Court at the Hague, there’s going to be lots of crimes against humanity on trial coming up… if Humanity survives this clusterfuck of human arrogance and stupidity.

    On a different note, tomorrow’s forecast is for substantial rain in southern california. I used to look forward to the first rain of the season. Now I’ll be wondering what death is raining down from the sky and is there a hot particle in the rain with my name on it.

    • lam335 lam335

      I second what you say about priorities. It’s really quite disgusting. The country has suffered–and continues to suffer–some of the worst disasters in its history, and the rulers (I can’t accurately call them “public servants”) are worried about their own entertainment.

      They should instead invest that money in some sort of fund to help cover the medical costs of those who have been sickened–or will yet be sickened–by the contamination. They should also put it toward research, both tracking the health effects from Fuku and also searching for ways to treat radiation-related illnesses.

      Of course, they are probably not interested in accurately tracking the health effects.

  • watcher watcher

    wonder if that’s far enough to avoid the contamination. It almost seems as if they are in denial. Pretty hard to fault them when they just don’t see it.

    • SnorkY2K

      I wonder if just going west is not enough. Maybe if they drew a line from Fukushima Daiichi west to the far shore of Japan and evacuated a line 200 miles north and south of the line that they would have a better chance of survival. Rebuilding or possibly splitting Tokyo into several new more compact and better organzed cities may even be a good move for future generations economic wise

  • Can offshore customers pre buy new home construction in that new city?

    …Profits are guaranteed.

    Not me….I’m gonna buy Fukyoushima real estate for 2 cents on the dollar, move in and enjoy a “Green Lifestyle and Environment”

    Green, no pun intented.

    Party like its 1999

    • Sickputer

      Big lie by the government. Nobody can predict an earthquake with precision. This is a just a cover story to have a place to escape on the day the radiation becomes so bad in Tokyo they fear for their lives.

      And that fateful day has probably already happened for some of the smarter bureaucrats.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    It won’t matter how far the government tries to run in Japan from radiation. They will ALL get a hefty dose. With re-fission of fuel the entire island is at risk of continued increasing radiation.They can play all the craps they want until they die from all kinds radiation. Eventually the people in Tokyo who hide in this city will die. There is no avoiding having to eat food, drink water, and breathe air. You can run but you can’t hide TEPCOgovernment Pigs. It’s all documented HERE and the whole world is too stupid to watch.

  • thelili

    NOW they’re trying to run? What are they going to do about the radioactive rain,snow, and wind in their “new homes”?

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    I have read the plans to have a “back-up” capital have been discussed for several years (if not decades).
    The scenario was the big Tohoku earthquake, which is already or almost overdue and would be a serious threat for Tokyo.

  • NO no no….Japanese people very smart…they offering unemployed Greek citizens to swap their Greek homes for two homes in Japan…one in Fukyoushima, the other in Tokyo plus free food for two years.

    very good deal…wish i was a home owning greek citizen

    party like its 1999 friends

    red red wine

  • Kevin Kevin


    50,000 “residents”
    200,000 “workers”

    hmmmm 4 slaves per 1 elitist, well that oughta help maintain lavish lifestyles and the Casino, well you can see the benefit of that in an emergency, I mean how else are you going to suck the mondy out of the pocketes of the “workers” to ensure theri slavery.

    Oh yeah and what of the other 127 million Japanese people?

    Right, Georgia Guidestones. Do they have the equivalent in Japan?

    What outrageousness.

    • SnorkY2K

      It is not unusual in Japan to commute hundreds of miles each way to work every day since they have trains that go 250 miles an hour. Their trains are full of commuters large portions of the day and they think of getting on the train as easy as we consider hopping in the car.

  • Sun Rising

    I will be out of Topic here…

    According the french most famous news paper “Le Monde”, Israel have tested their computer virus Stuxnet (developped in collaboration with USA intelligence…) on israelian Nuclear Power plant DIMONA the 16 of january 2011.
    the article here: the 17 of january 2011 (in french…)


    Quote from the article:
    “Detected a few months ago, Stuxnet infects software Siemens industrial automation control, widely used in the water, oil rigs and power plants. Its function is to modify the management of certain activities to bring about physical destruction of facilities affected, experts said.

    Stuxnet would mainly hit Iran, which suggested that it was designed to sabotage its nuclear facilities, but it also seems to have hit India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

    The New York Times stresses that there is nothing to say for sure that these computer attacks are over, because, according to some experts, the virus code Stuxnet contains information necessary to enable it to evolve and trigger new attacks.”

    You have also to be aware that the private compagny responsible for the safety of Fukushima nuclear complex, was the Israeli compagny MagnaBSP:

    And everybody is aware of the existence of a guy named Benjamin Fulford, who seems like a lunatic…
    Well he is Zionist secret agent, who is here to spread misinformation, about the real perpetrators of this mess… He blames Rockefeller/illuminati (if this exists…), while he is working for the Rothschild/zionist…

    Sorry about this post, so far of topic.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Japan’s new capital will probably be a massive protective bio-dome, fulfilling all sorts of manga prophecies.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Hey Enenewsers, reading some of the comments above in this thread, I know I’d feel quite uncomfortable to read this as a Japanese citizen who’s looking for information and support.

    I feel the same, but please let’s try not to sound too bossy.

    *my 2 cents

    • Sun Rising

      hi BB, genki desu ka

      here is a link toward a japonese resume:

      you can find in it also excerpt from Pr Koide Hiroaki, that still don’t get why there was a new explosion ??!!!
      According the chemical reactions and datas they got, it is just impossible.. And the guy is anti nuclear for 40 years, not willing to take the defense of incompetent nuclear administrator.. So there is really something odd about that, according him…


    • Kevin Kevin

      Yeah valid point.

      COG is nothing new and facilities are all over the world.

  • thelili

    Understood B&B. It’s not as if Americans are any better. We have the access and the science and still are arguing.

    They’re just trying to get someone to be honest with them.

    I will reduce my ranting.

  • Anyone else think that the location says it all?

    300 Miles from the dangerzone.

    If you still live in japan.

    <------ I no longer have sympathy for you.

  • @James Tekton

    Soon you will have mail…
    Please take pics and make an efficient report on your findings.

  • arclight arclight

    “Boric acid was injected into the reactor as a precaution, but further examination determined the xenon was produced by curium – a nuclear fuel component that causes spontaneous fission.”

    from the article, not exactly accurate in detail but full of promise maybe.. seems like the daily mail is at the cutting edge of uk journalistic excellance once again! not like nuclear then? lol!! oh and well done! how about an article on POLYGON AND KAZAHKSTAN!

  • oscar419

    Totally off topic and I apologize in advance for this….but I need to ask.

    Wuz surfing youtewb vidz and came across this: http://youtu.be/lqzR5KGteVg

    Can someone shed a little light on this for me?

    Again my apologies for being so off topic and maybe offending some people but I will never know unless I ask.

  • thelili

    Wow that video is a little bit psycho IMO. He mixes about four bits of sanity to twenty thousand bits of pure racial crazy.

    I guess you take the good with the bad. There are racists and conspiracy theorists in every culture.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      He had me going in the beginning when he addressed the Democratic Party. Then it got real strange. It’s still a new one to me.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Very strange. HP has a new Article on the Keystone XL. When you scroll down to commments, THIS IS THERE:

    “Comments are temporarily disabled as we perform routine system maintenance. We’re working through some system issues, comments will be enabled again shortly.

    All other threads comments are there.

  • Cindy

    Wondering if this new city will have a Glass / Lexan Dome over it ?

  • thelili

    Arianna(HP owner) is backpedalling fast. I posted and told her months ago that when people found out that she knew from the start and buried it that the S would HTF. I said I would save every email I sent her and let the media have them to prove that she was informed via her internal servers. So now they are scouring to find what they missed so they can spin it properly.

    Expect every major MSM broadcast to start with something like: “We had no idea the magnitude of the situation due to Japan’s cultural hesitancy to share critical news with the rest of the world.”

    They are going to have so many disclaimers and apologies to avoid lawsuits it’s going to be ridiculous. I am waiting for the LA Times and SF Chronicle(all news sites with large Japanese readerships really) to start with the ass covering.

  • thelili

    @Cindy hahahaha yep a dome made out of recycled Fukushima sand glass.

  • Misitu

    So, the government is getting out of Tokyo.

    The explanations should fool nobody. This looks very much like the beginning of the endgame.

    As someone said, moving the target is silly when radioactive fallout is the threat. And those numbers do look a bit strange. Essential Ministries and “Security Personnel” ?

  • thelili

    I am so sorry Misitu. I am. We joke here to release tension here but everyone knows exactly what is happening. We are trying many different methods of staying productive and cooperative in the face of such a world-changing event. Comedy is just one of those ways.

  • plz send a short note when deleting

  • Sickputer

    OK…this Japanese government idea for a survival city calls for everyone to rewatch the famous Survival Plan scene from Dr. Strangelove…


    After Noda sees my post he may revisit his plan and change the ratio of men to women in the new capital.

  • Novamind

    I think that they should make the new city float, it will save building the city again in a few years. Nuclear Powered of course.

  • toadvine

    The Japanese government has had plans for an emergency or back up capital for decades. The most ironic thing is that Fukushima was the leading candidate of places to have it. Just east of Koriyama in the Abukuma Heights area. I know. That is where I lived until the disaster.

  • StillJill StillJill

    toadvine,…Great to hear from you,…and I am happy that you got away!

  • kintaman kintaman

    300 miles west? What is the point in that when the wind can easily carry the fallout there. They need to DECENTRALIZE and migrate southward (Kyushu and even Okinawa) and then work to dismantle all remaining nuclear plants and then over to alternative energies.

    • arclight arclight

      i think its time for the us state department to relinquish its holdings in these areas kintaman , at least on humanitarian grounds!!

  • patb2009

    I predicted the Japanese government would bug out, when they funded the backup study, 4 months ago. I’m surprised it’s taking this long