Japanese doctor after woman’s thyroid cancer diagnosis: “I can’t help expecting that we are going to have a catastrophic health hazard caused by the accident” at Fukushima

Published: June 6th, 2012 at 5:22 pm ET


May 15, 2012 post by Dr. Shunichi Ono, a medical doctor in Kyushu, translated by Dissensus Japan:


I got contacted by a woman in her early 30s who evacuated from Fukushima (Kôriyama) to the west Japan. She was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and is going to have an operation. She gave me a permission to introduce her note on this blog. We can’t determine that her cancer is caused by the accident, but we should certainly take it as a warning sign.


May 3rd

Third time to the clinic again.

She had an uneasy feeling when she received a phone call from the clinic 4 days after the diagnosis, giving her an appointment to discuss her results, which was supposed to take 2 weeks. She was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

The 6 mm tumor appears on the right side of thyroid.

The doctor told her about the diagnosis while showing the image of cytological diagnosis.

Doctors with less experiences could have determined the tumor as benign, but her doctor was the one who specialized in treating persons affected by radiation, and did some study in Chernobyl as well. He also understood that she was from Fukushima, and radiation could give a health damage.


However, as it was written, she had 10ml of Isodine after the accident, left Ko-riyama quite quickly and also no abnormality in her thyroglobulin level is found. Considering all those facts, I should not prejudge but I can’t help expecting that we are going to have a catastrophic health hazard caused by the accident.

As for the Thyroid cancer, Dr. Shunich Yamashita, who calls himself as an leading authority, gives this lecture introduced below. According to him, thyroid cancer won’t increase for the 3 years after the accident.


Don’t we need to rethink this situation?

Published: June 6th, 2012 at 5:22 pm ET


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19 comments to Japanese doctor after woman’s thyroid cancer diagnosis: “I can’t help expecting that we are going to have a catastrophic health hazard caused by the accident” at Fukushima

  • glowfus

    that poor ladies tyroid cancer was not caused by the plutonium found in every sample tested, was not caused by the plutonium in found in every sample tested. was not.

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Ah but they can detect for rearrangements characteristic of radiation induced thyroid cancer, they simply choose not to…

    • What-About-The-Kids

      You're right, Farawayfan. They only need to contact the German researchers in Nuremberg who last year discovered a genetic "radiation fingerprint" in the DNA of the thyroid cancers contracted by children of Chernobyl:

      "Neuherberg,- Scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum München have discovered a genetic change in thyroid cancer that points to a previous exposure of the thyroid to ionising radiation. The gene marker, a so-called "radiation fingerprint“ was identified in papilliary thyroid cancer cases from Chernobyl victims, but was absent from the thyroid cancers in patients with no history of radiation exposure. The results are published in the current issue of PNAS.

      "The research team, led by Prof. Horst Zitzelsberger and Dr. Kristian Unger from the Radiation Cytogenetics Unit of the Helmholtz Zentrums München, in collaboration with Prof. Geraldine Thomas, Imperial College London, studied thyroid cancers from children exposed to the radioiodine fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion. The team compared the genetic information from these tumours to that found in the same type of tumour that arose in children born more than one year after the explosion, after the radioactive iodine had decayed away. The number of copies of a small fragment of chromosome 7 was found to be increased only in the tumours from the irradiated children, establishing this as one of the first genetic markers that indicate a radiation aetiology of cancer."…(continued)

      • What-About-The-Kids

        (continued from above)…

        "This breakthrough is the first time since the reactor accident in 1986 that scientists have been able to discriminate between the cancers caused by the radioactive contamination and those that arise naturally."…

        Here's a link to the article about the study:


        Link to the abstract on the PNAS website:


        Who to contact about the study:

        To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: unger@helmholtz-muenchen.de

        Participating scientists and authors of the study:

        Julia Heßa, Gerry Thomasb, Herbert Braselmanna, Verena Bauera, Tatjana Bogdanovac, Johannes Wienbergd, Horst Zitzelsbergera, and Kristian Ungerb,1

        Author Affiliations:

        1. German Research Center for Environmental Health GmbH, 85764 Neuherberg, Germany;
        2. Human Cancer Studies Group, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Hammersmith Hospital, London W12 0HS, United Kingdom;
        3. Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Academy of Medical Sciences of the Ukraine, 254114 Kiev, Ukraine; and
        4. Department Biologie II, Anthropologie und Humangenetik, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, 82152 Martinsried, Germany

        • What-About-The-Kids

          Following up on this: A bit of caution here, as I noticed that Geraldine Thomas of the UK was part of this story, and Arclight and others here have pointed out what may be her pro-nuke bias…

          Note the article claims the study was able to determine the thyroid cancers in the Chernobyl children who were exposed to the initial I-131 and claims that the other thyroid cancers found in the children who were not initially exposed to the I-131 from the reactor explosion the year previously ("it had decayed away") had occurred somehow "naturally."

          "Naturally occurring" thyroid cancers in children? Uh…I would suggest further research into this, as I believe thyroid cancers are RARE in children…UNLESS they are exposed to radiation.

          So my question would be: For those children who the study claimed had contracted thyroid cancer "naturally" (ahem, ahem), perhaps they were exposed to some radiation from Chernobyl that DID cause the thyroid cancer: and what radioisotopes exactly WERE they exposed to which could have caused their "brand" of thyroid cancer?


          • What-About-The-Kids

            (continued from above)…

            And, as we have discovered with Fuku, SOMETHING is continuing to release I-131 (and probably I-132, 133; etc., etc…) into the environment and atmosphere an entire YEAR later in Japan! So to blindly and naively claim that Chernobyl's corium only gave off I-131 after the initial explosion, so that the children WITHOUT this newly discovered "genetic radiation fingerprint" may have indeed been exposed to radiation, possibly including I-131 and its variations long after the first dousing "decayed away."

            See my point? Do we know for a fact that thyroid cancers are ONLY caused by exposure to I-131 and not the host of other radioisotopes that end up in the food and water and environment after such an explosion and meltdown?

            Seems the scientists involved with this study have just scratched the surface. While their findings are indeed promising in the goal of being able to track one's cancer due to radiation exposure back to its original source (thereby enabling us to find the perpetrators and hold them responsible in a court of law), there are many other isotopes spewed from nuclear power plants which desperately need to be tracked as they wreak their damage on the human body…

            Kudos to these scientists for their pioneering efforts. May other scientists (not beholden to the nuclear cabal) be inspired to further this research, for all Humanity's sake.

        • For reference, there is only one non-radioactive isotope of iodine – 127. Of the radioactive isotopes (lots, all fission products) most have half-lives of microseconds to minutes to days. Except for iodine-129, which hangs around with a half-life of 15.7 million years. That makes it useful as a tracer to track fission products in the environment from bomb tests and reactor leaks/meltdowns.

          The amount of iodine-131 released by the meltdowns and blow-outs at Fukushima was definitely high enough to be a serious cancer concern for everyone exposed – and a factor in brain developmental abnormalities in unborn children whose mothers were exposed. But there is likely enough iodine-129 in the fallout contamination to be of significant risk as well. It, like 131, will tend to be uptaken and concentrate in the thyroid gland, and also in the adrenal and saliva glands, and bladder. That makes it more dangerous than many other isotopes released, for sure.

          EPA on iodine 131 & 129 –

          • What-About-The-Kids

            Thanks, JoyB. It is interesting how the focus in the scientific community is usually on I-131. I know isotopes with such relatively short half-lives can do the "most damage," at least in the SHORT TERM, with their high rates of decay bombarding the cells. So this would be "easier" to study, yes?

            But why scientists do not focus their attention on longer-lived isotopes is a mystery to me (well, not really, given the concerted effort to cover up the truth about the dangers of radiation exposure by the vested interests…).

            As you mention, children do not actually need to be exposed firsthand to the radiation to become sick from it. As we read here awhile ago, sadly, the children of Chernobyl clean up workers have become sick from the exposure to radiation either in the womb, or from the genetic damage to their parents' sperm or egg DNA, which gets passed down to their children… 🙁

            • What-About-The-Kids

              From the PBS Miles O'Brien interview with a Chernobyl liquidator and his family:


              "MILES O'BRIEN: Until he collapsed and had to be medevaced to Moscow. His wife, Maria, gave birth to a girl, Marta, in 1987. Just shy of her second birthday, she died suddenly of leukemia. In 1989, they had another daughter, Maria. She too contracted leukemia, but survived.

              Is there a lot of cancer in your family?

              VASYL KAVATSIUK: Never had one.

              MILES O'BRIEN: Never?

              VASYL KAVATSIUK: Never.

              MILES O'BRIEN: Is there any doubt in your mind that the leukemia your two daughters had, had something to do with Chernobyl?

              VASYL KAVATSIUK: I have no doubt about that."

              So it is disingenuous for scientists to suggest that children living in the Chernobyl area or in other high fallout areas (i.e. Belarus, Ukraine, etc.) born one year or more after Chernobyl exploded, must have developed their thyroid (or other) cancers due to "natural" causes.

              It boils my blood to continue, one year on after Fuku blew, to witness the egregious lies and ridiculous propaganda being touted so earnestly, in hopes of "winning over" the otherwise unsuspecting public. (See the other story here on the DOE MIT grant to study how to "win over" the public on nuclear power.) Ugh!

              • Not to worry, they can't "win over" the public after Fukushima any more than they could after TMI. Unless they jig the numbers in approval polls like they jig elections these days… er, hmmm. Never mind.

                The primary cause of thyroid cancer is exposure to radioactive iodine. That would definitely include 129, though 131 is more dangerous because a) there's more of it produced by fission than 129, and b) it's "hotter" (so the cancers show up sooner). Though children are more vulnerable – less exposure will affect them quicker. In utero exposure most immediately affects brain development. Women suffer thyroid cancer 2-3 times more often than men.

                Second most common cause is genetics, a family history of thyroid dysfunctions (hyper or hypothyroidism) and Hashimoto's disease – an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks thyroid cells, often associated with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The third most prevalent cause is chronic goiter (enlargement of the thyroid) which is most often caused by a lack of iodine in the diet. Goiter is uncommon among those who eat seafood regularly.

                It irks me no end that anybody would bother trying to blame thyroid cancer in a Fukushima evacuee on anything but radiation, unless there's a fully documented family history or records of chronic goiter in this person. They should NOT get away with that.

  • Urban27

    I saw a German news video, abt two months ago, where they said the community health centre were not allowed to speak to journalists. And then they went to a private doctor in Tokyo, who said there has been increase in miscarriages and malformed foetuses. And that there was large increase in thyroid cancers. Thou mostly not malign.
    I didn't save the video, it was in German, maybe someone knows about it..

  • Myme

    I pray for that woman and others who have to live in the shadows of increased cancer risk. Radiation was forced on them.

    I fear for worse for everyone living in Japan now, especially children and young families.

    On the same page, at the end of the article (right above "Don’t we need to rethink this situation?), there is a scanned copy of a letter issued by the evil Dr. Shunichi Yamashita and his colleague Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, addressed to the members of Japan Thyroid Academy.

    In the letter, Dr. Yamashita is essentially telling other thyroid doctors "Do not authorize the secondary screening or further care to the patients who have a thyroid nodule 5mm or less or a swelling 20mm or less"

    The reason? Yamashita writes that he is conducting a large scale thyroid research and it requires following up the large number of his test subjects (children?) for a long period until the subject reaches 20 years old.

    I am beyond words…

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Good catch, Myme. I remember reading about this previously (I think of Fukushima-Diary.com or another Japanese blog?)

      What a slimebag. No secondary follow up screenings? Who does he think he's fooling??? And how can he live with himself???

      Disgusting and unconscionable, to say the least. Arggh….

  • Myme

    For Dr. Yamashita's research to be a success, patients must be left untreated, no medical care given, so that Dr. Yamashita and his colleague(s) could collect the largest data in the world and published a paper in international conferences.

    That is what Yamashita's letter is saying!!

    Does anyone here have any connection to international medical and thyroid research institutions, conferences, publications? Plese urge your professional colleagues and associations to reject Yamashita's papers and research on the moral ground.

    Accepting Dr. Yamashita's membership, association, and research is going to put your professional/organizational reputation at stake, because this letter is a proof that he is openly violating the Hippocratic Oath, this may be even a crime against humanity.

  • Gotham

    These criminal Japanese elite seem to have "Death Marches" ingrained in their psyche. Not much has changed since WW II.

  • jec jec

    Sadly, like the "medical research" done in WWII, see


    Sounds just like what this doctor is asking for. The only difference, the ill are not vivisected. But without treatment for thyroid cancer, they will die a very difficult death. Has anyone seen people dying of throat cancer..this is what the doctor is sentencing their "test" subjects to.

    • ageezerofgiza

      When I was in hospital, the man in the next bed had throat cancer. He had no throat as such, as his "neck" went from
      the ear area straight out to the point of his shoulder. The flesh was nearly black. Periodically he hooked himself up to a sucker-machine, to remove fluids that would otherwise drown him. The nurse said to me that he would die that night. He did.

  • No sh!t Sherlock? It was a given as soon as we knew the fuel melted and blew. Plutonium blown for 150 kilmeters. Death and deformation can only follow. So good job on recognizing a floor full of dying and deformation.

    But it can't happen here. And every time, now we are safer. Every minute of every day the land becomes even more toxic and deadly.

    It's basic physics and it needs to be buried. It's criminal and there needs to be accountability.