Japan Engineer: Radiation doses at Fukushima Daiichi to increase dramatically in several years – “But no one talks about that” (VIDEO)

Published: September 30th, 2012 at 6:45 pm ET


Mr. Yastel Yamada, a retired engineer and founder of the Fukushima Skilled Veterans Corps
Uploaded by: OccupyUkiah
Filmed: July 30, 2012
Uploaded on: Sept. 27, 2012

Mr. Yastel Yamada, a retired engineer and founder of the Fukushima Skilled Veterans Corps: Just after [the Three Mile Island] accident there was some exposure, then in 3-4 years it decreases, then during fuel removal you have much more exposure.

Annual radiation doses at Three Mile Island

That’s quite normal. Meaning as you can imagine, workers work very close to the fuel.

Now we have to consider what will be in Fukushima, this is Tepco’s estimation, they estimate only 5 years [into the future]… they say now last year they needed such number of workers, but now the future necessities are much less. But if you compare, those periods [Tepco’s first 5 years] are only this period [left half of Three Mile Island chart].

After 10 years when the [fuel] debris removal starts, then the exposure to radiation must be serious, but no one talks about that.

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Published: September 30th, 2012 at 6:45 pm ET


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15 comments to Japan Engineer: Radiation doses at Fukushima Daiichi to increase dramatically in several years – “But no one talks about that” (VIDEO)

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    In my fantasy world…

    The Japanese government would appoint people like Mr. Yamada and his Fukushima Skilled Veterans Corps to a special engineering audit group. They would periodically be sent to the Daiichi unannounced and have unlimited power to temporarily halt work, inspect anything and question anybody they wanted for a few hours. Anyone lying to them would be taken off site permanently. Any whistleblowers automatically get three years of salary and benefits, plus the salary of anybody in management above them they ratted out.

    The only purpose of such an audit group would be to report back to the Japanese people two things:

    1) Does TEPCO seem to be doing the right thing now in your opinions?

    2) Have they told the public the truth and disclosed everything they should have so far regarding the accident/cleanup?

    That's it, really. Simple. Nothing like a bunch of grumpy old engineers used (and abused) by the system to shed a little light into TEPCO's private hell. No 'fines', no criminal charges, nothing like that. Just the honest word of a truly independent cranky engineers.

    And then I woke up.

    • DannieJ DannieJ

      That's not a fantasy world my friend. That's 1980.

      In 2012 however, energy is peaking and the system that used to have room to deal with these types of crisis is overtaxed, there is no north slope Alaskan oil or north sea oil to save us this time around.

      We've used half the earth now (roughly speaking). The other half is going to be harder to exploit and therefore we cannot have economic growth and also deal properly with catastrophes of this magnitude. We barely made it through chernobyl and most of that crises was averted by sheer dumb luck.

      The BP oil spill and fukushima daiichi are both great examples of an economy that does not have leeway to deal with unforeseen consequences.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Here Are The Best And Worst States For Infant Mortality

    Posted: 09/26/2012 3:25 pm EDT Updated: 09/27/2012 4:05 pm EDT


  • arclight arclight

    President Yamada back from his visit to the United States
    2012年9月5日 🙂

    "..The “Fukushima Response”, a local activity group established by people who are concerned about the present situation of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, offered overall support for President Yamada, assiduously setting up meetings with decision makers of the United States, members of Congress and media representatives during the three week stay, as well as arranging more than ten lectures in cities on the West and East Coast; these lectures drew a lot of attention and sympathy, and were very well received on each occasion…"


  • Birdseye

    This guy Yamada is fantastic. He's one of my personal heroes. He doesn't care about disrupting the wa (group harmony) to go out and say it as he sees it. He's also obviously made a huge effort to learn enough spoken English to communicate with people outside Japan. From his accent, I would guess he's not had experience of this before Fukushima. As the others say, Yamada for Prime Minister! He's truly the voice of the suppressed – that's ordinary people here in Japan.

  • Mack Mack

    It takes courage to speak up. Thank you Mr. Yamada.

    Another courageous man speaking up is Yoshinori Kobayashi, a comic book artist.

    "Mr. Kobayashi deviated from the ranks of most Japanese conservatives with the publication of a manga titled “Datsu Genpatsu Ron,” or “Exit Nuclear Power.” "


  • razzz razzz

    I really don't understand this mis-direction talk. These are GE reactor designs, built with GE oversight. Any modifications were done with GE's approval (including shroud replacements, MOX fuel usage, overloading Unit 4's spent fuel pond with an entire working reactor core, etc.).

    Only Japan runs pretend tests and modeling? GE has no clue what goes on in their own reactor design? Do you think O'bummer was demanding Japan stop using sea water for cooling, ordered boron to be sent, wanted the evacuation zone expanded?…That was GE calling all the shots, they knew how serious the situation was/is, esp. after getting drone flyover and satellite shots and readings. The US sent a German made concrete boom pumper, on a Russia transport, from a US nuke construction site so Japan could fill the SFPs with water.

    This is more or less a US operation and the Japanese government is just a puppet regime.

    In the meantime if it hasn't already been linked to in the past…


  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    "Is Fukushima radiation killing infantsin the US?"


  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    as i started last friday here onboard in the webcam-corner to post about that the failed fuku1live-hours are now will be done by me again….and no really feedback cames out…..i named the readers there
    Natuerlich in a lovely way!

    but on friday i didn't ever knews that on monday i will find much more of these little "schnarch gurckies" at all.


  • nuckelchen nuckelchen


    sorry for splitting my comment
    but for a moment
    i was just fascinated
    by "SIT IN THE SHIT".

    please don't get me wrong, but it looks to me like we should anticipate THAT WHAT in chernobyl already happened:


    credit & special thanks to elenafilatova*****

    • Hi Nuckelchen

      The latest videos you posted are alarming.

      It never ceases.

      I agree we "sit in the shit" and revelation that much fuel may now be POWDER demonstrates that we are literally in it- in our water and in our air and in our food….

      Fujioka Atsush states, “The 2,000 tons of nuclear fuel at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant is estimated to contain about 20,000,000 tb of radiation.”

    • norbu norbu

      you are amazing. Thank you for your being here now. That is some scary shit, that we are sitting in.