Japanese Experts: Effort is in danger of failing… and reactors too hot to cover in concrete — TEPCO admits there is no end in sight

Published: April 10th, 2011 at 3:06 pm ET


Improvisation, frustration mark Japan’s nuclear crisis at 4 weeks, CNN, April 10, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

… A month into the crisis, the utility acknowledges, there is no end in sight. …

Some Japanese experts now say the effort is in danger of failing unless Japan seeks more help from international experts to bring it to an end. …

Tokyo Electric officials told CNN they can’t say when they’ll be able to restore those normal cooling. …

Satoshi Sato, a Japanese nuclear industry consultant, called the current line of attack a “waste of effort.” Plant instruments are likely damaged and unreliable because of the intense heat that was generated, and pumping more water into the reactors is only making the contamination problem worse, he said. “There is no happy end with their approach,” Sato told CNN. …

[Tetsunari Iida, an engineer-turned-industry critic] said Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors remain too hot to pour concrete, but he suggested pouring a slurry of minerals and sand over them to carry away heat before encasing them. …

Read the report here.

Published: April 10th, 2011 at 3:06 pm ET


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73 comments to Japanese Experts: Effort is in danger of failing… and reactors too hot to cover in concrete — TEPCO admits there is no end in sight

  • Moco

    The agony of defeat.

  • klaatu moreno

    such a monster that cannot be properly controlled. chernobyl on steroids was a gigantic understatement.

  • Dael

    “unless Japan seeks more help from international experts to bring it to an end”

    Why is this only considered? Why is this not not done? All possible resources have to be used, whether public or private, Japanese or foreign.
    Why focussing on the “no end in sight” instead of “international help needed”?

    • It is a placebno. They already have what help there is, the problem is that the science was always lacking as to what to do in this sort of scenario.

      Hate to be a party pooper, but this is what the anti-nuclear activists were always saying. If your only answer to what to do in the event of a catastrophic meltdown is to say we’ll be very very very careful never to let that happen, then they all forgot the most basic ruile of engineering. It is usually called Murphy’s Law and it is infallible, no engineer who ignores it deserves to be called an engineer, he is just an idiot with too much power.

  • whimbrel

    Dael: Here are some possible answers to your question: 1) because the very evil and powerful want to kill off most of the people on earth (this was without a doubt the reason the Gulf spun out into a planet killer that is still killing as we speak), 2) because Japan is being punished by same for not playing ball or something (as in this was not a natural earthquake) 3) because THEY are planning to go underground (maybe they have some way to decon after we die?alien technology, who knows.4) Or it could just be stubborn pride and stupid incompetence on the part of the men in charge of nukes in Japan. Of course that doesn’t explain the rest of the world’s rulers being HANDS OFF does it? You’d think our dear pres in the US would be worried about the rad levels. Or that his counterpart in Canada would. Well guess again, both are as corrupt as they come. This is totally a Gulf of Mexico repeat and weep scenario. Maybe humans just have gone too far. A friend who wrote a story about a mining area in the Northern Territory of Au which was a very sacred site said that during her research the elders of the area told her that if the land was disturbed, the serpent would destroy the world. Some of that uranium went to Fukushima.



      TYPES OF
      IN NEVADA ENDING IN 1963!!!



      • xdrfox

        Fallout from a nuclear explosion is very different end results then a stream of particles that has not been through a nuclear reaction, but make no under estimate of this with plutonium and MOX fuels added, we are receiving different end elements now then during blast ! If what you saying was true, why did almost a million die from Chernobyl fallout and still dieing and the areas are still being monitored and animals are still affected and can not be eaten. ! You should Read Up, there are some really good links posted here all the way back…and beyond to get everyone up to speed and not be fooled by the mis-informations, this is a KILLER and NO Gov. would be doing any testing if it was NOT !

    • vivzizi

      When I hear people claim “elites” are trying to kill off huge populations with these incredible destructive things like a nuclear power leak now poisoning the whole world and an oil leak with corexit that also poisoned the whole world – I must point out it makes no sense because those “elites” would also have to live in the poisoned world.

      This nuclear radiation from Fukushima is covering all of the USA and Europe now.

      “elites” would have less permanently damaging ways to kill masses of people if that was what was going on.

      • Xor Nor

        The “Elites” have contingency plans (Arks) for saving themselves; and, perhaps, are willing to risk a few of their own to achieve the goal.

        Some revelations indicate a desire to reduce world population by around %80 — that requires a LOT of people to die. To achieve this will require multiple catastrophes like we are witnessing currently — more to come I am sure…stay tuned.

        Also, explains why with each life threatening catastrophe we are told it’s safe to eat Gulf sea-food and no concern for radiation from Fuku here — lies… they wouldn’t want their sacrifices to put-up too much fight now, would they.

        I wasn’t too much in favor of Bible preaching in blogs but suddenly it appears that there is a correlation between prophecy and current events. “12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12.

        It is true that being a dissenter of the “powers that be,” in public, attracts dangerous attention but the time for cowering is past as, I now believe, the four horseman are kicking down the gates.

        For those who are willing to know the truth — prepare. Those not willing to know the truth shall live in strong delusions.

  • The USSR could launch a response against Chernobyl because it was a dictatorship. Soldiers were forced to do the work. It’s not like anyone is lining up to work at Fukushima – it’s a death sentence. I think they should dump the Goldman Sachs boys there,as their relation to cockroaches might actually protect them from 100 Sv an hour radiation!

    Who is going to be part of the effort to resolve this? This isn’t even about countries – it’s about an unwillingness to sacrifice one’s life in an effort that will make no difference. Sand and cement is the only thing that makes sense as a temporary solution, but that will take months to cover the reactors. Meanwhile, radiation will pour into the atmosphere and the oceans.

    I couldn’t imagine anything worse that the Gulf of Mexico disaster. This is catastrophic.

  • Not good. I hope these people who perpetrated this disaster be the ones who also find the solution. It’s like Igor chasing Frankenstein.

  • SAND and CONCRETE You have to get it under the problem or you are going to have a real evil on your hands,That is why they cannot contain a damn thing it is leaking out the bottom. I say NUKE the DAMN thing get it over We live we die who gives a fuck we are all slaves anyway. No one is going to do anything of any substance. Not to save you or I.

  • xdrfox

    I think many of us saw after the first week that this was a catastrophe that would not be readily dealt with and would take a huge toll. Part of the reason we are not seeing it covered main stream news. If our world governments knew a comet was coming and would wipe out the earth, would they tell us ?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Would they tell us? Why would they, if they don’t have enough bunkers for the people?

      • informed

        I can see it getting bad and never was anything anyone could do and EPA will stand beside the President with other dumbfounded elite saying, It is beyond our capacity to help you, This Is Unprecedented !
        The last statement is a lie because they have been doing little to nothing for many disaster victims !

  • WindorSolarPlease

    When I still see this is not under control and that we are getting non stop plumes, you cannot tell me all is ok and that it is safe.

    We are getting layers and layers of this, eventually it will be to much, if it isn’t already.

    • Noah

      “Safe levels” of radiation consumed in food and water over years of time bioaccumulate in human and animal tissue. Disease will result. The smaller the body, the more danger to the person. The smallest person is the human fetus. IMHO if my wife Mrs. Noah were pregnant I would move with her away from the northern Hemisphere countries now being effected by “safe levels”. There is no other option.

      • Xerox

        There is nowhere to run, it will be in the Southern Hemisphere soon enough !

      • Noah

        From my experience and knowledge, low levels of radioactive poisoning and heavy metal toxicity in adults and children present sub-clinically and are misdiagnosed as other diseases.

        • Noah

          Because of the sub-clinical nature of the long term effects of low levels of bio-accumulated radiation in situ. It is impossible to accumulate accurate data. Therefore these low levels of radiation within the human body are considered safe, absent any data. However, because there is no statistical data it does not mean that radiation within the human body is safe. To my knowledge there is no safe level of ingested radiation. Here is the problem, ingested radiation. Through drinking water and food.

      • xdrfox

        “Safe levels” ? I hope that is sarcastic !

  • Xerox

    This all comes down a future and what it will be !

  • Cat101

    Think its already too late…with each passing aftershock , more damage. The president is strangely silent on this unprecedented global catastrophe. Who can we look to? I think no one.

  • Do you know the Queen of England owns all kinds of uranium mines in Canada, Australia and elsewhere? She is profiting from every nuclear plant in the world and indirectly even from this nuclear disaster as she made money on those fuel rods. She is also profiting from all those nuclear bombs and bullets used that contain depleted uranium. Now we must ask what kind of intelligent person would develop a technology they cannot control? Only a full or a homicidal maniac. Why aren’t we all marching and demanding the immediate decommissioning of every nuclear plant in the world and treat as irresponsible criminals those who want to proliferate this monstrous technology further. This is war for survival.

  • Do you know the Queen of England owns all kinds of uranium mines in Canada, Australia and elsewhere? She is profiting from every nuclear plant in the world and indirectly even from this nuclear disaster as she made money on those fuel rods. She is also profiting from all those nuclear bombs and bullets used that contain depleted uranium. Now we must ask what kind of intelligent person would develop a technology they cannot control? Only a fool or a homicidal maniac. Why aren’t we all marching and demanding the immediate decommissioning of every nuclear plant in the world and treat as irresponsible criminals those who want to proliferate this monstrous technology further. This is war for survival.

  • xdrfox

    Time check:

  • jerry

    It would be better for everyone if the Japanese authorities would show more concern for their own people and the rest of us, in swallowing their pride and let others nations have an input into solving this ever increasing dangerous problem before it becomes absolutely uncontrolable.

  • Mamamaya

    Our poor beautiful planet is just going to sh*t. First of all, who’s the brainiac who thought of the brilliant idea of building a nuclear plant of a major fault line?? If the most technologically advanced country can’t get this under control, what the flying H? Generally speaking, might be a nice idea to have FULL control of our nuclear plants in the wake of disasters, especially when it’s hugely detrimental to human life and environment. These world leaders are like giant kids playing with perpetual firecrackers and matches, but on a mass life threatening scale. Can you imagine if this happened at a level 6 or 7 in San Diego or the plant ridden East Coast? For the love of Mike, decommission these damn things. These are the repercussions we endure for taking the cheap, short term & dangerous solution to having energy.

    I truly believe the laws of Sovereignty should be exempt when something this catastrophic reaches the backyards of the world. We are far too complacent with the idea of having nuclear power. The extremities far outweigh its benefits. The human race and all life in existence could easily go extinct. If this happened in the U.S. (and we’re in no way exempt from an occurrence), we would be SO ill prepared.

    To further the matter, they’ve now mixed sea water as a last resort which we’ve not done before. We’re in unchartered waters with this situation. Who knows what kind of baby we’re making now!! We have no idea of the long term effects of mixing sea water with nuclear chemicals. This is why I’m so angry and disturbed about this, but hey, that’s the ego and greed of the human race…creating things bigger than us that will ultimately and potentially see our demise. Screw nuclear power, I’ll light a candle. I’m not ready to be a dinosaur. The human race REALLY is a consuming virus on this planet.

  • why not use the proven scalar (energetics) interferometry to eliminate the radioactive waste in 10 minutes to 1 hour.as explained in http://www.cheniere.org?
    transmutation of radoactive neuclei at a distance

  • Fig. 18 illustrates an embodiment that may add or remove spatial energy from a distant target, and/or deterministically alter matter in the target zone, by means of interference of conditioned scalar potentials. Scalar interferometer transmitter system 1600 is preferably comprised of transmitter systems such as 1520 or 1605, and a controller 1200. Antennas 1710 may be of a conventional type suitable for transmitting a selected carrier wave frequency such as a radar frequency. The output of each antenna is a carrier wave with selected spacetime curvature engines modulated upon it, as previously described. In the Fig. 18 example, the target zone 1800 may be a storage area for dangerous or environmentally harmful substances such as hazardous chemicals, nuclear waste, pathogens, and so forth. By selecting suitable spacetime curvature engines and causing their carrier waves to interfere in an interference zone 320 within the storage area, the substances may be altered from a safe distance by converting them to materials that are not harmful. It will be apparent to one skilled in the art that the Fig. 18 technique may be applied to a variety of materials, which may be located at remote distances from the site of interferometer transmitter 1600. It will also be apparent that the alterations may consist of the breaking of chemical bonds by heat; transmutation of an element to a different element or isotope thereof by flipping of quarks within the element’s nucleons, causing protons to change into neutrons or vice versa; and so forth.

    In another aspect, the apparatus of Fig. 18 may be used to hasten the decay of long-lived and dangerous radioactive isotopes.

    A further discussion will explain the particular mechanisms involved in modifying the decay rates of nuclear materials. Nuclear physics models assume that, within a heavy slow-decaying nucleus, there are α particles that “rattle around” a very large number of times before spontaneously tunneling through the surface and escaping, to provide α decay. For the long-lived decay of 238U, e.g., the α particle must present itself at the barrier some 1038 times before it succeeds in tunneling through. Hence an α-decay will likely occur on the average of once every 4 billion years! The disintegration energy of this long-lived 238U nucleus is 4.25 MeV. However, the transmission coefficient of a barrier is very sensitive to small changes in the total energy of the particle seeking to penetrate it. As an example, a change in the disintegration energy to 6.81 MeV results in barrier penetration of the α particle very quickly – indeed, in only 9.1 minutes. By use of time-density charging, it is straightforward to raise the disintegration energy of an otherwise long-lived 238U isotope to 6.81 MeV or even higher, after a certain longitudinal EM wave radiation time. (In this instance, the addition of necessary phase conjugates to accomplish time-density charging happens in the vicinity of the irradiated nuclear mass.) It follows that a readily usable process can be designed to decay the long lived 238U isotope quickly, and similarly with other radioactive isotopes having very long half-lives. Indeed, “mixes” of appropriate spacetime curvature engines can be designed to minimize actual radioactive emission, with the vacuum itself undergoing energetic processes that accept the excess energy in virtual state rather than radiating it away into 3-space as observable transversely-polarized nuclear decay contaminants. Nuclear wastes can be irradiated at a safe distance by an interferometer such as 1600. Alternatively, the interferometer 1600 can condition the local vacuum in a specified disposal region by projecting the desired spacetime curvature engines, which become imposed on matter in the region by time-charging and subsequently emitted over a period of time through the process of excitation decay. Then the isotopes to be nullified can just be transported into the area and “parked” there while the conditioned active vacuum performs the necessary nullifying electronuclear interactions.


  • Big Al

    Who can stop the winds, who can turn back the tides?

    How do you explain to someone that doesn’t know what Nuclear Power is, that we decided to risk/shorten/end their life with our technology?
    Of course, you can’t.
    No rational human would ever do this.
    No rational human would ever have supported this.
    Unfortunately, we failed, for everybody.

    We must save our nations from implementing even more destructive technologies, that have no means of control in crisis situations.

    We’re all survivors now.
    As the body fails, keep your spirit healthy.

    Peace to you.

    • Xor Nor

      Poignant, Big Al, peace to you.
      Creeping-death is in the air. One gets the sense of what it must have been like on the Titanic after striking the ice-burg. No life boats for the lower-class passengers here either.

      • think

        Exactly why the News is not covering it as it normally would cover an event.

        The have slide it off to mentioning as still the tsunami and nothing more.

        They want things to continue like nothing is abnormal !

      • xdrfox

        The owners of the news does not like bad nuclear events it hurts their image at GE !

  • Nick

    This is the worst Nuclear Catastrophe in the World. Everyone jumped all over Russia for their failure to quickly admit to the world the details of the crisis at Chernobyl. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, what do we see? Denials, gross underreporting of the true extent of this crisis and politically motivated increases in the levels of radiation deemed acceptable. In Canada and the US many radiation monitoring stations have been shut down just to keep us in the dark about this. The Fukushima plant is located on the Eastern Coast of Japan and the Trade Winds are blowing huge amounts of this radioactive material over Western Canada and the Western US. The levels may drop as the winds cross over North America and precipitation carries the radioactive particles down to the ground. “Nuclear power plants present a hazard to the health and safety of the public because they are subject to accident, such as an explosion, in which harmful substances called radioactivity could be released to the atmosphere as dust and expose a large population to lethal or injurious radiation.” Some of the most dangerous substances are: Cesium-137, Strontium-90 and Plutonium, the most toxic substance known by far. A millionth of a gram of Plutonium ingested can kill. The situation at Fukushima is the worst ever! The temperatures are so hot that they can not even pour cement over it to seal off the radiation as the Russians were able to do. The Head of Tepco is supposedly sick and in a Hospital in Argentina. Curiously that is a place where the winds do not carry the contamination to.

  • Harold Hughes, Jr.


    Lower doses of radiation can cause abnormalities of the immune system and can also cause leukemia five to ten years after exposure; (other) cancer(s), twelve to sixty years later; and genetic diseases and congenital anomalies in future generations.”.”

    Nuclear radiation is forever,” It doesn’t dissipate or disappear. Jeff Patterson, former Physicians for Social Responsibility president said, “There is no safe level of radionuclide exposure, whether from food, water or other sources. Period.” In 1953, Nobel laureate George Wald agreed saying “no amount of radiation is safe. Every dose is an overdose.”

  • Izzy

    So Stop WHINING and use that yen to BUY SAND like never before….DUMP SAND, DUMB BORON, Dump more sand…then DTFC ( dump the f##King Concrete.

    You hear DTFC!! ( after the SAND)

    Stop giving them support or money ( even more foolish as they have plenty ) untill they STOP poising our planet.

  • STI18

    I have some things to say in which many of you will not like, but has to be done.

    We must at all cost take back control of all of our Governments, especially the US Government, for any real future to be likely.

    It should be obvious to anyone now, that they are either trying to kill us, or doing nothing to stop us from dying.

    This is a direct attack upon you and your families.

    I will not state what must be done, only let you think about it.

    Let you think about the effects of writing and calling your congress People.

    The effectiveness of voting. The effectiveness of protesting. Etc.

    The effectiveness of all these things mentioned is a big fat 0. And you all know it deep down..

    So if you want to even have a chance of your kids seeing 30; if even that, then DRASTIC measures must be implemented immediately.

    Can you guess what these measures are?

    Think about it. Talk about it.

    The choice is yours to make. All other solutions have failed us.

    Time for the hard choices.

    Look at it this way. If we succeed, there is a chance to possibly turn things around. If we fail, then we are no better off than we would be if we had done nothing at all, because we all will be dead.

    The clock is ticking.

  • Lucien

    So I guess this means keep taking iodine, correct? God save us from white man’s technology!



    IN NEVADA FROM 1947 TO 1963!!!



    • Xor Nor

      I wont drink the milk — or your cool-aid either!
      How can you authoritatively say that the amount of radiation released from Fuku doesn’t exceed that of the bomb testing — given that the cores are spewing it constantly and the addition of sea water which then boils off will carry even more isotopes with it?
      Enjoy your milk.

    • Mamamaya

      Sure Michelle…..What the hay. Aaaa…one more major nuclear catastrophe won’t hurt. Let’s all relax because ignorance IS bliss.

      Let’s keep our eye on the principal ball. No nuclear catastrophe (in ANY amount) can ever be afforded!

      Yes, enjoy your tall glass of milk.

    • STI18

      Your little Red Hearing is pathetic.

      First of all, you dont understand mass-to-energy conversions, and what Fission or Fusion is. You also fail to understand that in 1956 they went from dirty bombs to clean bombs. There is a major difference, you should look it up.

      Secondly, duration of exposure times is important in this instance. And if you understand Fission and Fusion, you will understand the difference.

      You apparently also fail to understand that during Fusion, the atomic properties being used are “Fused” into something else altogether. But I will let you find out all about it in your studies.

      “The most interesting data from Castle Bravo came from radio-chemical analysis of weapon debris in fallout. Because of a shortage of enriched lithium-6, 60% of the lithium in the Shrimp secondary was ordinary lithium-7, which doesn’t breed tritium as easily as lithium-6 does. But it does breed lithium-6 as the product of an (n, 2n) reaction (one neutron in, two neutrons out), a known fact, but with unknown probability. The probability turned out to be high.

      Fallout analysis revealed to designers that, with the (n, 2n) reaction, the Shrimp secondary effectively had two and half times as much lithium-6 as expected. The tritium, the fusion yield, the neutrons, and the fission yield were all increased accordingly.[49]

      As noted above, Bravo’s fallout analysis also told the outside world, for the first time, that thermonuclear bombs are more fission devices than fusion devices. A Japanese fishing boat, the Lucky Dragon, sailed home with enough fallout on its decks to allow scientists in Japan and elsewhere to determine, and announce, that most of the fallout had come from the fission of U-238 by fusion-produced 14 MeV neutrons.”

      In this situation, you have nothing but basically a dirty bomb, that is exposing 24 Hours a day Plutonium; among other things into the open Atmosphere.

      Oh, and your cap lock syndrome is deluded.


    • psiphixi

      MICHELLE: Do you want to see what this disaster is going to lead to, because you can. Look up ‘Fallujah, Iraq’. The birth defects are courtesy of the Depleted Uranium (nuclear waste) that your Uncle Sam dumps on the innocent woman and children of nations the US doesn’t like. The lucky babies don’t survive. And the same thing is going to happen in a city near you.
      Now go back to your milk and ‘apple pie’.

    • Survivor

      MICHELLE RETSOF Tell your story to my cousins who lost there Mother to Leukemia after she drank milk from cows grazing on Nevada grasslands during the 50’s. She died within 5 years. Why should anyone listen to you? You have no facts to prove anything. Just taking up space here…

  • tired of lies

    Sure our govt. lies. Psycopaths are in control. Why do the sheep keep electing these nutters? Why do they keep believing the lies?

    I think you all had better start praying for once. God says he will heal the land if his people will repent and turn from sin. It is never too late with God.

    I have small children. I am very sad this poison is still billowing into the earth for them to live with. All because mega-corp GE and others wanted to sell something and cut costs while doing it.

    We know who the criminals are, but we always let them get away. Unlike Hollywood, real life seems to have a dark ending when God is not there.

    • god

      God is not going to do shit–ask the Japanese (or does God just hate the Japanese?). Believing that we can destroy the planet and a *God* will heal it is ridiculous. Grow up and deal with reality.

  • crazygreen

    Wind mills will save us. Build more wind mills. Never mind they don’t work, just build ’em so we use up all the money they would have spent on nukes. Heck, if Reagan forced the Soviets into bankruptcy by outspending them, then a spending race on building wind should work on this evil nuclear thing, right?

    Big pinwheel spinning fast and sleak,
    Shiney, new and very high.
    Never mind that your power is weak,
    Everyone believes the very big lie.

    GE said the MarkI was safe. GE says wind is the next new thing to save us. Do you believe them anymore?

  • Hello, Milley Ways here and do I have a product for you!! Introducing the steam turbine direct drive water pump! It uses excess steam pressure from your overheated reactor to circulate the coolant without the inconvenience of electric pumps, their power lines, generators and computers… Never mind, GE has them in USA MK1 plants…

  • Kay

    Well, there is no denying that this situation is bad – as every nuclear have to be.

    Probably this was all set up too, in a way we dont understand right now.

    The net effect wanted by the criminal establishment, with the devil himself at the lead, is chaos.

    They just want to create chaos, and they want you all to get nuts over this and attack your governments etc., to smoke out the independent thinkers and imprison them.

    So just relax now and dont take the bait. There are worse things to come, and we gotta be smart now.

    Dont tip over in your head and get full of fear, and resort to violence. The devil was a murderer from the beginning, and you dont want to walk by his side. So keep that in mind, no matter how much we all get challenged right now.

    Try to keep two thoughts in your head at the same time: harmless as doves and cunning as snakes. We can act true to the divine love calling us all, and at the same time be smart and understand the situation, which is indeed a spiritual one at its foundation.

    Right now, for most of us, the best thing we can do is pray. Pray for wisdom and guidance, because things are going to get a lot worse. Dont burn out too fast, but keep your head cool and your heart warm, and you may be able to save your own life through faith. But that kind of life gotta start now, before it all breaks loose.

    • STI18

      Kay, I understand what you are saying, but:

      Its “as innocent as doves” not harmless. There is a big difference. Jesus made a whip, and drove the “bankers” out of the temple. He also stated a need for a sword.

      He took action. And was not passive. Ecclesiastes 3:3 clearly states there is a time for War, and a time to Kill.

      You see God is not going to save you. God never saves anyone, but offers them a way out, if they take action.

      Jericho did not fall because the Soldiers did nothing and let God fight the battle for them as well. They had to march around the entire city 7 times, blowing trumpets before the wall came down.

      Sitting in your home and praying is not going to help you. God helps those that help themselves and take action.

      Faiths definition is the believe in the thing unseen, which has nothing to do with helping yourself, and bettering your situation. Faith would be the premise and foundation in which you would use to better your situation, not the activity used to replace such initiative and action.

      And one more thing. The Government wanting us NOT to revolt, or stand up, that is the last thing they want. It would take 20 Million Soldiers; at least, to squash an American rebellion. They dont have those numbers, stop being such a coward in this regard.

  • sundownmulerider

    Humpty dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty dumpty had a great fall.
    all the king’s horses
    and all the king’s men
    couldn’t put humpty dumpty back together again.

  • Rick Carufel

    They need to saturate the hot spots with sand and boron, throw in the TEPCO excecutives, and encase it all in concrete.

  • Ionize

    We must take back control of our US government. It is time for the Second American Revolution.

  • Lionize

    I hate to say this but after 911 which was an obvious endgame starter by the demon elite, I would deem it no longer prudent to make babies.

    IE; canon fooder. No pun intended.


  • Peter

    why don’t they find some ways to send in huge vacuum cleaners to filter the air inside the reactors before the gas leak into the atmostphere. After all electricity is already connected to the reactors.

    At least have the filters highly radioactive then the air.

    Maybe stupid idea… who knows :>)

  • Michelle

    The radioactive steam escaping the reactors should go up stacks which would help filter but they are not functioning for various reasons thus filtering the air cannot happen. I don’t know as I’m not an expert but if they could do something they would.

  • Big M

    Why didn’t these f***s in Japan have a contingency plan in place to cover the reactors in concrete within a day or two of the accident? Why did they wait until well after the incident to decide to try to do this? What in hell were they hoping to salvage from this disaster?

    From the design of these reactors, to the cover-ups by TEPCO and the Japanese government, to the imbecilic decision to place backup generators in the same locations as the reactors instead of at higher elevations, to the dumping of radioactive water into the ocean when they could have pumped it into old oil tankers or something similar, this entire thing stinks of criminal incompetence or worse.

    Seeing as how this sort of thing, especially cover-ups, has been de rigeur for the “government” of the U.S. for over 50 years, it seems that it’s high time for the entire nuclear industry to be taken apart and entombed forever.

  • heather

    There isn’t even a long term plan in effect to safely store used nuclear fuel anywhere, let alone safe contingencies for dealing with unplanned nuclear disasters. The greed of the Military Industrialist Plutocracy is not just genetically destroying the future human species, but all life on Earth, for expedient profits.

  • Jack

    Yes, Heather…
    All over America, they are full of “spent” fuel rods at these plants.
    Yucca Mtn. was supposed to fulfill the need for secure waste storage.
    Nope, aint gonna work, huge military tunneling project with
    many other goals than waste storage…spending spree.
    Down at New Mexico’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, huge amounts
    of dollars have made some Salt Caverns into another boondoggle,
    and it’s only for “Low-Level Waste”, not fuel rods.
    They have high-level academic discussions of how best to WARN
    future generations, after evolutions of language and culture,
    about the deadly radioactive poison buried in the sealed vaults.
    They will try to make hardened sculptures of Skull-crossbones, and savage carnivorous animal faces as warning signs…and hope that future Tomb-Raiders will not hack their way into
    the “Low-level waste”…

  • whiteyward

    The Humboldt Bay Nuke sits in sight of the ocean on the California fault, sisters to the 4 in Japan this also will someday be buried in concrete.

  • Anna

    @Sakata- so is there some way to get this info to officials about how to speed up the decay rates. Would it be possible to do on a global scale? Also, what would that do to humans? Would it have a detrimental effect?