Email from Japanese gov’t officials says high density radiation will be released May 8 if situation continues

Published: May 6th, 2011 at 5:55 am ET


The Phantom Draft Energy Agency, Taro Kono, member of Japan’s House of Representatives, May 5, 2011:

Google Translation

The three went through the mail came from the bureaucracy of young attachment energy agency.

Sono Hazime

Integrating the entire TEPCO Group meeting minutes of May 1 the government.

Release is made with a high concentration of 8 days will be like this.

From assistant Hosono, this case is very important on the go to the next step, such as installation of heat exchangers, and (the future in terms that can be discharged out of the radioactive material) during discharge of contaminated water avoid repeating mistakes, officials close to the sharing of information we want working with high sensitivity, which was said.

An ENENEWS reader adds:

My partner who is Japanese brought this blog post to my attention. It is from Taro Kono, who is in the house of representatives (LDP, opposition to current government):

In particular this section:

“エネ庁の若手官僚から添付ファイルが3通ついたメールが来た。 その一 5月1日の政府・東電統合本部全体会合の議事録。 『このままいくと8日にも高濃度の放出が行われる。』 『細野補佐官から,本件は熱交換機の設置といった次のステップに進む上で非常に重要である,また,(今後,放射性物質が外に排出され得るという点で,)汚染水排出の際の失敗を繰り返さないよう,関係者は情報共有を 密に行い,高い感度を持って取り組んで欲しい,とする発言があった。』”

Translation (non-literal and our understanding):

I received 3 emails with attachments from junior government officials in the energy department.

The first email:

Minutes of meeting between TEPCO and the government on the 1st May. “If the current situation continues, high density radiation will be released on the 8th May.” “Mr Hosono said: It is very important to go to the next step regarding the installation of the heat exchanger machine. For the concerned parties, be careful of the sharing of information with high sensitivity so that the same mistakes aren’t made again like the release of the radiated water previously.

The second and third emails aren’t related so we didn’t translate it. It isn’t clear from the text the way the radiation will be released. ie airborne or via water.

The aforementioned energy department English homepage is this:

Perhaps those who are following the work and/or parameters of the reactors could hypothesise what they are thinking about doing.

Published: May 6th, 2011 at 5:55 am ET


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83 comments to Email from Japanese gov’t officials says high density radiation will be released May 8 if situation continues

  • kx

    No HAARP or ChemTrails in this thread pls just stick to the news subject in your comments.

    So what you guys think they mean and why?

  • radegan

    “If the current situation continues, high density radiation will be released on the 8th May.”


    • WindorSolarPlease

      That is exactly what I was thinking.

      It’s a Mother’s Day Gift, that No Mother Wants!!

  • tony wilson

    A means of escape or release from confinement; an outlet.
    better to vent than have another hydrogen or nuclear explosion.
    the toy robots cannot start works on the heat exchanger machines,so they need humans.
    the levels of radiation are at impossible levels for to work in.
    a venting of high density radiation into the atmosphere they believe will allow them to carry out work.this is bullshit.
    even a suicide mission involving thousands would not get this work done.
    tepco have between 1200 -1500 workers on site,instead of 10s of thousands needed.
    millions may die and these shits are still thinking of keeping costs down.

    • Cuia

      That’s right. The fox is guarding the chicken coop and the sheeple are saying OK!
      Japan’s goverment, which to some extent is suppose to represent the people, should have stepped in and said how things should be handled. But they decided to defer to the almighty yen, follow USA’s example in the gulf and let the corportion do what was in only their best interest.
      When the EPA let BP fill the gulf with millions of barrels of chemicals that BP did not have to release the contents of the chemicals…that’s a problem.
      As Americans we should have stood up to BP and their buddies in the EPA and Japan has to take out tepco if they want to move forward….2 months and the situation has only gotten worse…..

      • jess

        Every time govt pulled one of these incidents, and the citizens did NOTHING to stop our govt or demand redress, we got double the dose on their next crime. What will it take for people to get off their asses and DEMAND this stuff stop? DEMAND it be solved? If we dont work for our survival, who will? the perps?
        Obviously, we value our comfort over our very lives. Astounding how spiritually sick and apathetic this nation has become. Life or death, and its sad what we’ve chosen.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Lets see… somewhere between the kettle blowing and this..

  • Heart of the Rose

    What..we supposed to run in here in breathless panic?

  • Deetu 3

    Yikes. When the current(admitted) emission rate is 154Tbq/day,we can only wonder what “high density” might mean.

  • ion jean

    Creepy! Those bastards are STILL trying to hide information. I say class action lawsuits all around, for us innocent victims, the people on Main St. USA trying to buy safe strawberries and cream for our children. The EPA stopped their half-ass monitoring cause they’re not worried. If it’s all about the money, then TEPCO and the EPA both need to be sued big-time!

    • incredulous

      Let’s sue Health Canada while we’re at it. They have changed the way that they report the radiation data for Canada and are now grouping the data by the week. That could be legitimate, I guess, if they didn’t post radiation readings for the week of May 1st – 7th on May 5th. Somehow, they mysteriously know what the readings will be two days before the end of the week and lump those “readings” in with the weekly data. Not very scientific if you ask me.

      So have they resorted to fudging the numbers just this month, or have they been doing it all along? Here is Health Canada’s data:
      (you have to scroll way down to the bottom of the page to see them)

    • Cuia

      Forget the lawsuit….we need a march on Washington.

      • jess

        March on Washington, like they’d give a shit.

        MARCH ON THE EPA and DURING BUSINESS HOURS, not on a Sat when they’re all out of town at their country homes. Is it worth your LIFE to take one day of work while they are in session and MAKE THEM FACE US HEAD ON!

        • Cuica

          I’m with ya Jess!!!
          Now we just need a few more folks…Or perhaps you know of some people organizing?

  • ion jean

    BTW, the two reactors 5 and 6 that we have been told were all set are NOT! Check out

    Alas, we bid a glad farewell to nuclear power as it will become a litmus test for a person’s sanity, whether they are for it or not, like 91% of the public.

  • xdrfox

    The rest of the “this”

    Numbered three attachments from young bureaucrat from the conservation office mail came.

    Part 1
    May 1, Government and the Eastern Electric Integration Division plenary meeting.
    ‘ Continue this way, high concentration of emission is made. 』
    ‘ Remarks on hosono aide, installation of heat exchangers, such as the next step forward is very important in, also, I want (in terms of future radioactive materials get expelled outside,) water pollution emissions for failure to prevent a repeat, so closely and share information officials have a higher sensitivity to working and you. 』

    Part II
    ‘ Current energy policy was revealed in this earthquake challenges economic industrial Ministry 2011 April 24th ‘ a document

    Part three
    ‘TEPCO process measures (revised)’

    ‘S comment that “Bill in mid-April was 握りつぶさ”onto the”phantom” is attached, but very fair solution. Onto that of refers to the Political Affairs Minister 海江田 other top three in democratic party politics-driven.

    This plan to crush the mere East conducting advocacy rate raising measures in the identity of the Democratic Party).

    Below, some quotes to.
     ’ To clarify urgently orientation using the blackout of summer social concerns that Tokyo electric power company, and threatens the Government “will havoc and ruining the Tokyo electric power company” and it truly has received a lot collapse = operation is not a clear and operational assurance and as a result of funding is guaranteed by the Government that it is important. (If it is taken over time to process becomes possible)
     Shall first wrong though, because the insolvency and nationalization and government investment choice. Likely to be scapegoating to risk to the public.
     Tokyo electric power company is fundamentally different and JAL or General company, a cannot complete regional monopolies in impatient customers flee, stable fee income into a. (Talk about the electricity price hike with a straight face that tells it. In other words, that’s highlighted when you play business value to prevent the early processing payday must strongly should not worry. )

     Raw financial instability and collapse of Tokyo electric power company to leverage financial stabilization scheme any such undercutting bond market collapse feel or bond is tarnished and that is used is several trillion yen bad bonds incarnation of scale in enough can respond in the market, and even runs a lending capacity of banks to inject public funds over here and say. (Shut up because banks are absolutely disgusting should be leave. )

     Many people are buying calculation that can be gravy if Governments came into the trade price now shareholders are. Because it seems the market, starting already factored the possibility of significant bankruptcy or loss a lot from old shareholder has to judge that bankruptcy risk retention future 100% capital reduction as well as not a huge problem. 100% Capital reduction was carried out, but actually at the JAL had exactly the same discussion. Future market bankruptcy risk gradually factored will should be.


    Priority challenges
    1 Convergence Island nuclear power plant accident
    2 During the summer, including electricity supply (avoidance of sudden blackout)
    Pharm. conducting financial anxiety caused by financial crisis
    4 Fu immediate implementation of Island nuclear victims compensation
    5 Country people burden minimization
    6 Realization of equitable burden of stakeholders and the public truly acceptable acquisition (vital for smooth processing)
    Including 7 induced earthquakes, the Coast Guard Academy behind nuclear regulatory overhaul
    Radical rethinking of power regulation 8 DEP. including power isolation
    9 Playback processing including the separation of the Tokyo electric power company decision and implementation

    Review of the nuclear power plant regulation
    1 Nuclear safety regulation is economic must be completely detached from the province.
    Abolish 2 nuclear power safety and industrial safety agency and the nuclear safety Commission fundamentally reorganized and enhancements (personnel also increase) and high isolation article 3 Committee.
    Introduce measures to ensure independence of the three committees, fairness. (And the power companies, such as the publication of information on funds provided by the relationship between organizations and support organizations)
    Four civilians including the foreign Secretariat appointed in large quantities. It post specialized knowledge is required to place suitable employees. If necessary make special pay scale. Expertise in this area is extremely high, but compared to the U.S. and France, such as public and private sectors both extremely low levels that turned Japan level. Same was uncovered in bubble level of personnel of the financial sector. Human resources liquidity of public and private sectors is needed. Promote the internationalization of Galapagos of this nuclear power plant regulation areas of manpower and sophisticated. Yamaichi, ltcb bankruptcy and became a breakthrough in the increased mobility of human resources as well as East electric breakdown will be their breakthrough.

    (Hereinafter stands for) ”

    Kan regime is not ready advantage for bureaucrat abilities might not.

    • Heart of the Rose

      I just took a look at the MSM.
      Just like children telling a lie.. they keep elaborating on the story.
      Bin Laden is dead ..
      The well is fixed.
      No radiation.
      CONSPIRACY says CNN…the conspiracy is on their side…and has been on their side for years.
      They knew all about the situation on the Gulf of Mexico..and they abandoned the people.
      Send Gupta over to ask them if they feel sick…get the consensus…it helps to know what other people think as they work up the fairy tale.
      Of course FOX refused to listen at all…the complicity is beyond the pale.
      Black ops beyond black.

    • The Hanford List

      Pls what are these:

      – the rest of “this” ???????
      – Priority challenges to whom?
      – WHERE is this: ? nuclear power plant accident

  • Cuia

    Tepco hiding the truth on a lot of levels. These reators had a lot of problems before the earthquake. They know they are dead at Tepco, so they are just trying to prolong the lie to extend the TEPCO existence. Japan’s goverment needs to take over, get the millitary involved. Tepco is a dead company, they need to leave to let the survivers have half a chance. Japan knows TEpco has lied…then they lie again and say, “well yes honey we lied to save you from stress” and Japan obviuosly is going along with this ridiculously stupid postion…maybe the world at large needs to step in…if Tepco was considered a lying terrorist threat people wouldn’t let them continue…it amazes me….what people will do for money….yet can’t eat YEN!

    • xdrfox

      When the people there and around the world become ill in a short time they will declair, : “It wasn’t from our accident !”

      • Dbug

        Some of them may be right since they may not feel it until later. There are still some people getting sick from the nuclear testing between about 1952 and 1972 (people young at the time, mostly women).

        This site can calculate thyroid risk from that testing alone. Try being a woman born in 1956 from South Dakota who drinks a lot of milk.

        And even though only 1% of the Chernobyl material landed in North America, that’s still enough to cause more cancer (thyroid and breast cancer still rising, more so with women).
        The percentage affected is small so not everyone notices, but it adds up to many people. It is much worse for people with higher exposure. It’s mostly people where the air was bad when it rained on the grass that fed the cows that made the milk… since Iodine 131 does not last long, it usually happens during the event. The last week in March had the worst levels the U.S. The air alone wasn’t that much, but light rain can be very concentrated.

        Here’s a report for the central valley of California. Other places show the same thing happening, doubling or more and still rising. California got very little from Chernobyl, but it still shows up.

        for thyroid graph see page 53 of pdf (marked 46 on page)

        And of course lung cancer from Cesium and other things may take many years and be less obvious since smoking and other things cause it too.
        The damage is real, but takes time to show up unless the dose is really really high.
        The people who are about to be born or are young now will be the most likely to have effects from Iodine 131 in 10 or 20 years.
        Very sad when I think of the young people, especially north-northwest of Fukushima NPPs.

        Many in Sweden got cancer believed to be from rain one just one day, when the wind was a certain way and the rain was light (heavy rain washes some away) A Chernobyl report shows what hit where and when.

    • Anthony


    • anne

      TEPCO is being held up by its U.S. partners. Just who are TEPCO’s partners in the U.S.?

      The Money behind education reform
      From Mike Klonsky’s Small Talk Blog

      Disaster capitalists Gates, Buffett…

      Whenever there’s an environmental disaster in the world, I always look to see how deeply Bill Gates, his partners, and his foundation are involved. The Gates Foundation’s investments in Nigeria have helped turn much of that country into an unlivable, oil-polluted wasteland.

      Gates got off scott free after the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf, even though his foundation owns millions of shares of BP and his hedge-fund school reform partners Warren Buffett and Whitney Tilson own NALCO the company that makes COREXIT, the dispersant that is even more harmful to the environment than the oil.

      Now comes the horrific nuclear disaster at Fukushima which has even greater world-wide implications. Gates has been among the loudest champions of building more nukes in this country. He and his foundation have billions of dollars invested in nuclear development, here and around the world.

      The reactors at Fukushima were built by Gates partner, G.E. and operated by TEPCO. TEPCO, which is being bashed by the Japanese government for spreading lies and misinformation in order to protect themselves and their investors from liability, is currently building more nukes down in South Texas. Partners in the South Texas project include–yes, you guessed it– Gates and Buffett.

      Gates is also the largest single owner and board chairman of TerraPower, Washington state’s nuclear energy company. Other TerraPower investors include, Microsoft, Apple and Intel to Sony and Nokia to Google and eBay — that have poured about $5 billion into Gates’ nuke projects.

      His partner in the nuclear power industry is the Japanese company, Toshiba and Toshiba along with NRG Energy and G.E. are the direct partners with TEPCO in the U.S.and Japanese nuke business.

      Warren Buffett, owns Constellation Energy–67% of which is nukes.

      Gates recently put $35 million into Charles River Ventures and Khosla Ventures to build nukes.

      It it any wonder then that U.S. politicians, including Pres.Obama are still singing, “NUKE BABY, NUKE” and “DRILL BABY, DRILL”? There’s lots of reasons for Gates and his nuke partners to exert influence over pols in both parties. Among them, huge corporate tax breaks. G.E., the nation’s largest corporation, paid zero percent of its earnings in taxes. Don’t you wish you were taxed at that rate? Gates does them one better. By investing so heavily through his $36 billion foundation, he is taxed at about a 1% rate on profits from corporate investments. Bad news for Gates–the rate may soon go up to 1.9%.

      Finally, it’s worth thinking about how much public school reform and public schooling itself, have become dependent of these non-taxable profits gained from these dirty and destructive Gates Foundation investments.

  • Lily

    I don’t understand why countries down wind of Japan are still leaving it up to the Japanese government to decide our fate.

    • mark V

      World markets don’t want news like “there’s still problem in japan”. Actually it will get out loud some day anyway, and I guess it is not going to be pretty.

      • Anthony

        There is no world market anymore. Feeling so powerless in this situation makes me see the only place to make the Governments listen and do what the people want is to stop the markets.

        I am serious, like a stubborn child with their lip out in the corner. Don`t buy anything…grind the machine to a halt until we are listened to.

        I know, pie in the sky thinking, but let it flow in your mind for awhile and see if the Government would change gears if the money belt was tightened by its people.

  • FanJapan

    Looking at monitoring figures of the reactors, there are basically only two noticeable recent trends in the data.

    First, the pressure in the reactor 1 is increasing little by little. If I am not wrong in the unit conversion, we are now at about 12 atmospheres.

    Second, the temperature is steadily increasing in reactor 3 for a few days now.

    Is there something going wrong there?

    • radegan

      If they’re holding pressure, that means they’re not cracked. But since they’ve already admitted they were all melted down, the fuel on the bottom and it won’t hold forever.

      • FanJapan

        There is high pressure in reactor 1 (not the vessel!) only. Both reactors 2 and 3 have basically no pressure.

        They admitted that vessel 2 is cracked in the donuts-shaped part. For reactor 3, I don’t remember what they said exactly but they admitted that water is leaking…so there must be a hole somewhere!

        I just hope that a new airborne release will not lead to another explosion.

      • xdrfox

        For now ! But a crack may come in an instance with an explosion !

  • Tricky Dick

    The only thing denser than the radiation is the heads of the officials.

  • mark V

    so it will be a 0.000000001 % more into the environment on that day, thanks anyway

  • Novamind

    This sounds like a pressure problem that is not related to the compromised reactors in the news to me. Pressure venting what and where? Seems to inply a possible control. Did I miss something here? Is there another location or reactor implied?

    • xdrfox

      Pressure venting could led to hydrogen release also and if a spark or enough heat nearby,….BOOM again !

  • Novamind

    This is on the Russian news Its a Good Call, but the lack of power output has to hurt!

    • xdrfox

      @ Novamind, UR LINK=Malicious threat IE page, may be a drive-by download, BEWARE !!!

  • Heart of the Rose

    BP isn’t responsible for the gulf oil spill either.

  • Novamind

    Report of explosion and fire at fukie #3.

  • Is this for real? Alexander Higgins is reporting a FIRE at reactor 3, maybe 4?
    Did the FINAL domino get FLICKED?

    I’m feeling “yes”.

  • Godzilla

    So there should have been a release by now, if the email was accurate. Has anyone seen any indication of it? I suppose if it was airborne we’ll see in about a week’s time …… from privately owned radiation detectors, seeing as how the EPA has judged it to be too much effort to monitor fallout from Japan.

  • Dbug

    While there are other legitimate things to be concerned about, like recently rising temperatures at unit 3, this item is not something to panic over.
    There were previous complaints when inadequate notice was given prior to the contaminated water release. So now they’re trying to advise of any choice that involves a release. If you’re all going to panic every time they do tell you what’s happening, you’re giving them a reason not to tell people. The May 8th release amounted to opening the reactor doors so people could go inside. They’ve been running air filtering which hopefully reduced the amount of exposure/release. Whatever the amount is, they’re doing something that has to be done. Inaction would be worse.

    I suggest that people work to better handle what does happen. We could have be better prepared for the strongest releases in late March. When Iodine 131 is expected in rainfall, perhaps cloud seeding could be used to cause it to fall over the ocean instead of in pasture/farm areas. Farmers should have backup clean hay to feed cattle so they can be taken from pastures during periods where rainfall has brought I-131 to the grasses.
    Milk with significant Iodine might not have to be thrown away. If it can be processed into powdered milk and stored it’d be safe after a suitable time. (I’d certainly trust it more than the milk with melamine in it…)
    For most areas far from Japan, contaminated milk is the primary exposure path with some potential long term effect for children (especially female) the highest risk group.

    Concern and protest is fine, but be informed and try to act in a constructive way. We’re all in this together.

    • Heart of the Rose

      Exactly which doors doors did they open?
      Did they dust the desk tops while they were at it?

      • Heart of the Rose

        @Warloc.. I have lost the live vid link to reactor 4..when you get a moment please post.again if you have time.
        I am also looking for data concerning the components of reactor 4…
        It’s a different puppy too.
        Can’t find it.. damn it.

      • Dbug

        It was apparently a set of double doors that goes between the second floor of the unit 1 reactor, and the turbine building. It looks like conditions are good enough to do work in there. The first floor has spots of very high radiation, on the order of 700 mS/hr, and throwing down lead pads made only a small improvement. That problem is apparently from the contaminated water that seems to be all over the place. Supposedly they don’t need to do much on the 1st floor, so I guess they can still work on setting up an actual cooling system.

        I think if they try to “dust” and clear out contamination on the first floor, they may need to resort to robots. With places being contaminated and things that have to be done, I can see why the Russians felt the need to expose many workers to obviously damaging doses. Sometimes there are bad choices and worse choices.

    • Heart of the Rose

      Why on earth would you step in here and try to lessen the impression the people have of this disaster? When in truth many of us can’t even come up with the words to express how bad it is.

      • Heart of the Rose

        “We are all in this together”
        Comraderie is often a false flag.

        • Deetu 3

          Agreed….and who said anyone was “panicking” anyway?

          “this item is not something to panic over.”

          it all sounds so reasonable it reminds me of the guy from berkeley who was also very sorry about upsetting anyone with his obvious disinformation.Expect more.

          • Dbug

            Hmmmm, are you guys high or something? Some sound almost paranoid, and I get the feeling I’m the one here that doesn’t have an agenda. I’m half expecting that some of the rest here are people having fun with memes, or stirring up a little fear to help sell radiation detectors or magic stay-healthy pills on the side.

            I don’t think much of the U.S. media outside of P.B.S. these days, but I’m really surprised when I see posts on other threads calling RT (Russia Today) impartial. It didn’t take seeing much of that before I was thinking, oh… looks like a Fidel Castro version of the Fox network. They may occasionally cover something others ignore (especially if embarrassing to the West) but they sure are loaded with judgmental biased commentary with guests that sound like something out of low budget UFO invaded A.M. talk radio (the land of people not taking their medications??). Best to look for additional sources to compare…
            I thought they were SO bad, that maybe they were actually something the U.S. produced to make the Russians look like idiots. I mean really… they like to portray Americans as a bunch of dumb people being evicted from motor-homes.

            I’d seen coverage that made me think there was a possibility of a release on going into unit one, but I wasn’t sure about it being the air. I saw mention above of venting. Beyond venting some still enclosed areas in the bottom of the building. (the unit 1 pictures on NHK were NOT full of rubble down that far). They could need to vent, or get a surge of steam if they inject coolant at a different point. The might blow out some nasties if they try to power up the original recirculating pump.
            The might encounter broken pipes. The also might make a mess removing dirty water from the heater exchanger (how much storage space is left???) So there’s plenty in the way of alternate release possibilities theories.

            But here we are, three days later on the two month anniversary of the quake, and no credible reports of any new big release. There’s plenty of credible well published monitoring in Japan. The data doesn’t suggest anything new. (the areas to the northwest still have stuff on the ground).

            20 km out

            all around the various towns/prefectures

            Considering that the detectors people buy are generally worthless for alpha particles, I was wondering if any motivated tech types here tried making their own detectors. I was thinking that an open air cat-whisker germanium diode (like people made for homemade crystal radios 80 years or so ago) on top of a couple of stacked peltier-junction solid-state heat pumps that over-clockers sometimes use to cool CPUs. Couple the output through a capacitor, maybe through a preamp (one could listen to the clicks) and then maybe feed into a commercial counter instead of the existing sensor. Yeah, it sounds weird, but it’s really quite simple. A regular commercial germanium diode probably wouldn’t work because the glass or bakelite casing would stop the alpha particles. Hmmm I wonder if a silicon or selenium solar cell, open to the air but in the dark might work.
            A mantle from an old Coleman lantern is probably a good alpha source for testing since those contain some thorium. (don’t inhale the dust if you break a used one)
            One of those Ionic-Breeze air fresheners with a resistor in series with the return from the grounded set of plates could produce an audible countable signal for gamma ionizations, but there’d be some extra clicks if other ions from smoke or something were in the air. If the power supply isn’t regulated, cranking up the A.C. line a bit with a variac might help sensitivity (could also burn it out, wouldn’t advise going up more than maybe 20%). Basically any time something using high voltage decides to crackle (even an old tv set) it’s because of particle ionizing radiation ionizing the air. It might be good to have a steel plate up above to block some cosmic radiation. I think even some EPA monitors had junk in the data from that shown by regular fixed-frequency (day/night) bumps in the graphs.

            So there’s some out of the box original thought for ya all. Call me uninformed or false flag if ya want, but I’m just a guy who’s smarter than the average bear, and digging deeper because it bugs me when the fluff on the media doesn’t add up…

      • Dbug

        I don’t mean to lessen the impression, a level 7 event is defining by a massive amount of material being released. I just think some things deserve more attention and others less. I think the likelihood future thyroid and breast cancer cases far from Japan due to rain in pasture areas has been understated. Even the dairy unit at the college near me in California found Iodine 131 in the milk. Studying NRC inspection reports I see some disturbing things in the U.S. Some utility companies are sloppy and I fear possible hidden problems from things like Stuxnet.
        I don’t think enough is being done to protect children North-Northwest of the units in Japan. I think it’s outrageous that they’re telling fishermen it’s okay to go to an area where the hourly exposure equals what’s normal for a year.

        I’m sorry if I offended you or seemed to trivialize your feelings in any way. I do think it is best not to be in a state of panic over this, terrorism or other problems. That emotional state can do harm beyond whatever we are exposed to.

        False flag usually refers to someone pretending to be something they are not. I’m sure there may be some with the nuclear industry passing off reassurances that amount to propaganda. But setting aside those people, I do think the rest of us ARE in this together. Nobody wants to be exposed to radiation. Wherever we are from, whatever our political or religious beliefs, I think we all want everyone to be healthy and not live in fear. If we over react in certain ways, say by not buying things from Japan, or avoiding trips to the safe areas, we may harm those people we wish to help.
        It’s okay if your view isn’t exactly like mine we’re all different, cope with things differently, and can still probably all support,appreciate and learn something from each other.
        I have relatives in Europe that died from cancer, almost certainly from Chernobyl. And a friend that had come from Japan and went to college with me in the U.S. died in the tsunami. We’re all connected to these things in some way.

        • Anna

          @Debug, I hear what you are saying and it would be really great if farmers had big cow houses, purified water in the troughs and loads of uncontaminated hay that would last for at least a hundred years but they don’t and once their feed is gone, it is gone. Radioactive iodine in milk is not the only concern. There is cesium and strontium, etc. that have significant half lives. Milk that is powdered now would not be fit for consumption in 85 years or so.

          My conclusion is that we need to detox ourselves and choose foods/water wisely.

          I am all for gadgets and your idea sounds interesting. Let us know if you can get that thing to work.

          • Dbug

            Use of clean hay a month or two beyond the end of a release may dodge the iodine problem. Dairy farmers routinely store or buy hay for at least part of the year.

            Yes, those other isotopes are a pain, very long term. If they can’t be removed or buried it is probably time to leave town. Most throw off less radiation than iodine, but you still don’t want them on or in you or it’s major cancer risk. Many radiation detectors don’t measure everything. People get fooled checking food seeing the beta/gamma readings from iodine early on, but months later when that isn’t a local problem, fail to rehister the alpha from the cesium.

            You may be smarter than the military and doctors if you know how to clean that stuff out!

            The Russians reportedly cleaned the soil by growing sunflowers (which you’d best not eat).


    • informed

      Because he is woefully un-informed, poor guy to much MSM.

  • xdrfox

    It’s real simple, They are burying us !

  • xdrfox

    Forbidden to cry, but free to tell the truth Justin Mccurry
    May 11, 2011.
    A nurse has expressed the trauma of one town after Japan’s tsunami,

  • Xor Nor

    With or w/o USinc. Harp and whatever black-ops weaponry involved — I believe USinc. was involved for a multitude of reasons — the kicker is that that they did NOTHING to try to minimize the spread of radiation across not only Japan but USA(we the people US). They could have made monumental moves as — since the USS Reagan battle group was right there to monitor (participate?) the whole disaster and sailed through the radiation cloud so they knew DAMN well how really bad it was from the start yet they did NOTHING to minimize it like forcing the radiation to rain-out over the Pacific instead of just letting it blanket N. America etc. etc. The evidence simply shows that there is no intent to spare US/we the sheeple.

    We are on our own to survive this and it wont be easy and the longer that thing spews the harder it will be to survive. But, it is still possible — the biggest danger after thyroid disease is cancers for which I believe the PTB know of effective solutions — not like the poisons they give us in the Mainstream Medical Mafia (yes! they operate just like a Mafia) but things like that “most evil of all plants” cannabis. More specifically, cannabis plant oil — not to be confused with seed oil. There are many other things but just wanted to get that one out there because for nearly a century they conned several generations to wage “War” against a plant that has potent cancer fighting properties… but some might use if recreationally and they couldn’t allow that. No, the truth is it worked too well and would have been too easy for US to become self-sufficient so the stupid sheeple have fought each other — sometimes, to death literally — to keep this plant from being available to US.
    If you can’t move to the southern hemisphere where conditions will be less radioactive, then chelate often, filter the air and water and try to find non-contaminated food as often as you can. If nothing else, a lot of us can really Piss-off some Billionaires by not dying quickly enough for them.