Japanese gov’t report on Fukushima: “The situation has become extremely severe”

Published: June 14th, 2011 at 9:21 am ET


Japanese government compiled report on Fukushima nuclear accident, Denki Shimbun, June 14, 2011:

The Japanese government prepared a report on the accident at the Fukushima I nuclear power station (NPS) of Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (TEPCO) and submitted it to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on June 7. The findings will be reported at the IAEA ministerial conference due to start on June 20. […]

The report consists of 13 themes. In the introduction, it points out that “the situation has become extremely severe” in dealing with the Fukushima I accident, due to the circumstances where the accident had to be dealt with in parallel with reconstruction work following the disaster caused by the great earthquake and tsunami. […]

Published: June 14th, 2011 at 9:21 am ET


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23 comments to Japanese gov’t report on Fukushima: “The situation has become extremely severe”

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Oh good, they’ve packaged the lies in a nicely formatted document for IAEA to coo over.

    • CaliMom

      Thanks for the laugh! You’re absolutely right. Why would we start believing their numbers all of a sudden, considering the continual stream of lies from day one.

  • arclight arclight

    anyone got a link to the report??
    “Japan is now responding to the situation, with the relevant DOMESTIC ORGANISATIONS working together, and with support from many countries around the world.”
    interesting development..mmmmm
    now lets see them put thier money where there mouth is, so to speak! peace

  • alasanon

    Fukushima situation is “extremely severe”… NO KIDDING!!!

    I live a full continent away and I’ve noticed that for some time!!

  • Ariana

    Decent article:

    It is so infuriating to be sitting here so pissed off at the powers that be and know that there is not a damn thing I can do. Let’s face it: no matter how many letters we send to the White House, we will be ignored.
    Think about it: The government knows that this will kill us eventually, but even after we are dead, they continue to make profit off of nuclear power. They don’t give a rat’s ass about our safety, our health, or our lives. What they should give a damn about is the children. They are the ones who will decide to continue the nuclear legacy of death or to put a stop to it.

    • Steven Steven

      Nice find Ariana. There’s also a video of the interview at that link, looks like it was put to air on TV here in Australia around 10th June. At one point the guest states:

      “the Austrians, who used the CTBT (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty) monitoring data, the test ban treaty stations in the Northern Hemisphere, they determined within the first week to 10 days, that the contamination levels around Fukushima, within 20 kilometres, were probably going to be higher than that of Chernobyl.”

      Place this alongside the recent disclosure that the spread to the southern hemisphere has been greater than expected, and I think we have a case for a major release back in March, well beyond what has been estimated/disclosed.

  • fromtokyo

    ironically, I cannot find a japanese version of this
    article on the denki shimbun website.
    maybe I’m blind?

    experienced this before with NHK news, too…
    no wonder the Japanese think everything’s allright!

    • Anthony Anthony

      Wow interesting point FromTokyo… interesting and potentially very disturbing. May ask if you have made any decisions yet for yourself? You have really put a *soul* to this situation for me and I`d like to believe there are still happy endings to be had for us all.

  • Burncycle

    Really, extremely severe? Like the detonation in the spent fuel pool in #3 didn’t tip me off….

  • Anthony Anthony

    I appreciate this statement in the report:
    ***The report consists of 13 themes. In the introduction, it points out that “the situation has become extremely severe” in dealing with the Fukushima I accident, due to the circumstances where the accident had to be dealt with in parallel with reconstruction work following the disaster caused by the great earthquake and tsunami. The report also includes an apology in relation to the nuclear accident, stating, “Japan sincerely regrets causing anxiety for people all over the world about the release of radioactive materials.”***

    • Misitu

      That’s it in a nutshell, Anthony.

      The word “anxiety”.

      Evincing a complete disconnect from the real physical effects of this event in Japan and elsewhere.

      Let’s try removing the following words
      [causing anxiety for people all over the world about] and see how it looks:

      “Japan sincerely regrets the release of radioactive materials.”

      Is that not better?

      Shorter version: shows responsibility, compassion.

      Original version: shows levity, evasiveness.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Hello all,

    Gracious blessings and good wishes to you all on this blue sky day.

    The garden grows well under mini-greenhouses. The river flows beautifully, and all appears normal and nice.

    But is it?

    Not sure if you all saw this, but here is a sad note and possibly only a beginning of what is coming for many Japanese people as they realize just how serious this disaster is.

    Fukushima I Nuke Accident: Dairy Farmer Commits Suicide in Soma City, Fukushima:


    One major reason the criminals have been able to continue the COVER-UP of the slow radiation poisoning of the entire northern hemisphere is because no one can actually see graphically what is happening. A picture tells a thousand words and dis/mis-information media throws everyone off the trail of knowledge.

    All the tracking organizations were ordered to take down the animations and plume models that actually gave us all an idea of how much fallout was going around the world. Towards the end, they(NILU) were showing the situation was worse then what had been previously shown. People were panic buying Potassium Iodide and that caused an immediate shut down of all media and scientific information, especially the visual graphics that were floating all over the net causing the panic.

    Here on the German ZAMG site we read this:

    “Due decreasing levels of radioactivity in the air measured in Japan, we discontinued the following services

    * Daily weather forecast for the region
    * Daily forecast of the spread of radioactivity in the atmosphere

    Should the situation warrant a change, these services could be reinstalled at any time.”


    That was back in March.

    Well now, according to the report, “the situation has become extremely severe.” Does this now warrant a change since the situation is now said to be extremely severe compared to the time when they said that there were “decreasing levels of radioactivity?”

    More shockingly, we find that they actually have been secretly doing a map (link below) and have been covering it up and hiding it from the public up until the 8th of June, which is INSANELY CRIMINAL after saying they discontinued it back in March!


    ALL CONCERNED PEOPLE must write to ZAMG and blast them harshly for hiding this truth from the people of the world. This is a life and death situation! Write to ZAMG, NILU, IRSN, and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty people and DEMAND they publish this information not only for Japan, but also for the rest of the world.




    Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty:



    As the situation worsens and the criminal cover up continues, we may sadly see more of these people die because they just do not know what is really happening. We cannot actually see the plume forecasts that can warn people to at least hide or cover up to protect themselves. If you can see the storm coming, you might do something to prepare for it. It is all We The People WORLD WIDE can do for ourselves since the EPA/FDA/UN/NRC along with the main stream media dis-information services are all doing nothing to protect the people of the Northern Hemisphere from this slow death.

    Peace be with you all.

    • risabee risabee

      Well, “they” do think there are too many of “us,” after all. Looked at in this light, their actions make sense in a kind of sociopathological way. As long as those of us who understand this remain few enough in number, things will go swimmingly for the bunker crowd.

      Peace to you as well.

      • alasanon

        Today I learned that Facebook “erased” some comments I included to my own post in my own regular social account re: nukes, health & preventive methods that I set forth for friends & colleagues… THAT was a little creepy. Evidently, the U.S. is heading toward what life was like in that amazing movie, The Lives of Others (under Stasi control in East Germany…interesting parallel!). Even then, as now, many will slip through the cracks–fully intact! 😛
        **Has anyone else had hang-ups or censoring from FB when there is such a major crisis?**……

  • Anthony Anthony

    Iranian nuclear agency chief critiques IAEA, says agency head should focus on safety issues
    The Canadian Press By George Jahn, The Associated Press