Japanese mayor says students are gaining knowledge by eating radioactive food in school lunches

Published: September 11th, 2012 at 12:34 am ET


A Tokyo newspaper reported on the comments made by Kawasaki City’s mayor regarding lunch items served to students including frozen tangerines (9.1 Bq/Kg of cesium) and canned apples (1.6 Bq/Kg of cesium), translation by Fukushima Diary:

It’s important for children to know that they live in danger.


It’s wrong to educate children to be conscious about this level of radiation. There is a risk of being hit by car, there is also a risk of being stabbed by passerby. Should we teach students not to pass by anyone ?

Published: September 11th, 2012 at 12:34 am ET


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21 comments to Japanese mayor says students are gaining knowledge by eating radioactive food in school lunches

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Just bring a banana that was grown in Peru, or anywhere down there, and say "no thanks" to school lunches.

    • vital1 vital1

      We have been getting numerous food contamination detections, but there has been no centrally compiled list to keep track of them all. "The Food Lab" now has a list of the latest International detections of radioactive contamination foods.


      This is by no means a complete list. If you know of a detection that is not on this list please lets us know, by posting a comment.

      Hopefully, this list will also be helpful to those of you who can't afford expensive test equipment, so you know what foods to avoid.


      Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
      quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or podcast (or create your own), hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.

      Put it everywhere, libraries, notice boards, web pages, forums, Facebook,
      and tweet! Think outside the box.


    • robertsgt40

      This mayor would have made a good cheerleader for Kamikazi pilots

  • richard richard

    And the lesson today is how to die.


    Boomtown Rats – I Don't Like Mondays

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    In "Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch", Henry Miller asked, "Is there any salvation in adjusting to a society which is insane?"

    I've remembered this since reading it 55 years ago.

    Unfortunately, it seems to become more true and relevant all the time.

    What a sorry spectacle of human nature we contemplate.

    • neminis

      "What a sorry spectacle of human nature we contemplate."

      Believe me dharmasyd, I feel ya. It's SO disheartening. Anymore my *dreams* are the best part of my life BY FAR. How pathetic is that?!

  • The_New_Normal The_New_Normal

    His logic is clearly flawed. There is a risk of being hit by a car. Even of the risk cannot be removed, it's a good idea to mitigate that risk by not running in front of the flipping car.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    "…There is a risk of being hit by car, there is also a risk of being stabbed by passerby. Should we teach students not to pass by anyone?"

    Teach them well the ways of a Ninja. They will fear neither mad slasher nor Toyota Land Cruiser. Remove fear. Yes. Prepare themselves they must to know dangers of slasher and SUV both. Not an easy task.

    Tangarine? Ninja will know the becquerels he must. Canned apples? Give me – mine. Mine.

    YO-da! [WAH wah waaaaa]

  • gr81 gr81

    And on Wednesdays, bring some very absorbent napkins: stabbings will be served for lunch.

    Thursday's lunch is of a more international educational value and just a little touch of the Ebola will be served.

    Just continuing with Japanese educator's train of thought? =(

  • or-well

    Bodily ripped from his chair by the delegation
    of JDF fathers prompted to action
    the mayor screamed for police but they saw the risk
    of professional soldiers in uniforms crisp
    and large caliber guns with safetys released
    so any intervention was ceased.
    The mayor broke loose and in traffic went running
    in city streets with traffic humming
    dodging the risk he'd be traffic fatality
    forgetting the risk posed by his venality.
    Bystander citizens let loose a yell –
    "There he goes – get him and send him to Hell!"
    He burst into a food store – apples, tangerines –
    "I'm the Mayor save me I'll finance your dreams!"
    He saw by expressions great risk was impending.
    One mother screamed "So to risk our kids you may be sending?"
    Shielding his head from objects flying
    he flew out the door, risk re-classifying.
    Down an alley he pounded, by fear and risk hounded,
    then through a gaming club door he bounded.
    "Ah, it's the Mayor, on the run for his life.
    He knows risk means more than political strife.
    Dealing time, Mayor – your life, our protection.
    I suggest you assess the risk of rejection."
    Some time after, with new identity,
    indebted forever, a Yakuza entity
    arrived at a nuke plant for risky work,
    a free dosimeter the former Mayors only perk.

  • m a x l i

    Mayors are gaining knowledge by telling the truth. Why not tell that radiation of any amount has the potential to cause all kinds of cancer, other illnesses, genetic mutation of your offspring…? There is always the potential for a city mayor to receive a threatening letter from nuclear shills or to be removed from office. Does he face that possible dangers head on, or is he avoiding to gain knowledge – leaving the knowledge business to students?

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The position of stating that something that is not within our 5 human senses can't hurt us is absurd. It enrages me to see such disregard for all that humanity has accomplished within the last 200 years. Radiation was discovered. Electric energy was first utilized. Both are things we can and cannot experience with our senses depending on the state of observation. Lucky for us "aka rational people with science" we have tools called Electron Microscopes, PET Scans, Footage of over 1 thousand nuclear explosions world wide, the list goes on. Yet the claim to things we can't see not having the ability to hurt human beings is still being lauded as fact, paraded as the science of anecdote and superstition. Every single sign of nuclear contamination since Oppenheimer made the term Nuclear Contamination has lead to death. The very soil you stand on and the air you breathe is death in a plutonium wasteland such as the MOX fields 500km and expanding. The more plumes that erupt contain fuel pellet molecule clusters that will break down into multiple forms of alpha and gamma emitters. Test subjects are encouraged to die quickly.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Asking for the "stairway to heaven"?
    If you "gaining knowledge by eating radioactive food",
    you will get nirvana by eating poison.

    What did they say in this ancient book:
    "Poisoners of water supplies should be drawned."

    We have to remember…


  • Urban27

    This is how it ends up: We are eating the shit!
    Three reactor cores and four spent fuel pools..

  • Hobbyhorse

    Here in Colorado I have been taking a Geiger counter grocery shopping for a year now. At first the results were hit and miss, some items hot and some showing nothing. Now there are elevated levels in just about everything. I'm talking trace amounts here but it bio accumulates.
    I have found that fruits and vegetables and even meat and eggs show different levels of contamination, even crops from the same grower from the same field. You really must have a radiation detector and check your own food.
    Contamination is now almost unavoidable but you can minimize your exposure. I drink a cocktail of French green clay, mocronized zeolites, diatoms and baking soda to bind and pass any isotopes I happen to consume. I also pray over my food like never before.
    May God have mercy on us all…

    • richard richard

      I don't need any mercy from your invisible friends, thanks, keep that stuff away from me. praying over your food will do nothing.

  • Sickputer

    Parable of the Poisoned Well

    “There was once a wise king who ruled over a vast city. He was feared for his might and loved for his wisdom. Now in the heart of the city, there was a well whose waters were pure and crystalline from which the king and all the inhabitants drank. When all were asleep, an enemy entered the city and poured seven drops of a strange liquid into the well. And he said that henceforth all who drink this water shall become mad.

    All the people drank of the water, but not the king. And the people began to say, "The king is mad and has lost his reason. Look how strangely he behaves. We cannot be ruled by a madman, so he must be dethroned."

    The king grew very fearful, for his subjects were preparing to rise against him. So one evening, he ordered a golden goblet to be filled from the well, and he drank deeply. The next day, there was great rejoicing among the people, for their beloved king had finally regained his reason.

    SP: What a gut-wrenching decision some people in Japan must make. Send your beloved children to school where the authorities make unilateral food health decisions.

    My advice…you have two common choices like every human being: fight or flight. You can oppose toxic food policy and risk losing your livelihood. Or you can try to flee to a more health conscious location.

    A third choice is you stay and have your children drink the toxic Kool-aid. Most people in Japan choose that path. It's the typical civilized response.

    • Maggie123

      SP – Great parable – thanks!!! I think there are 3 choices: flight, fight, or freeze (a response state with physiological symptoms – related to 'dissociation'). I think that's part of the explanation for what we see with "… stay and have your children drink the toxic Kool-aid. Most people in Japan choose that path."

  • CaptD CaptD

    Latest news is that Dole is going to be selling 2 Companies to the Japanese, bet they are fruit being grown in S. America, far away from Japan's radiation!