Mayor: Fukushima “an unforgivable murder’s act” — Reality is the disaster has not been contained

Published: October 31st, 2012 at 10:55 pm ET


Watch the mayor describe his health problems here

Futaba Mayor Katsutaka Idogawa, Oct. 30, 2012 (h/t Enformable):

    • “We consider this as a manmade disaster”
    • “There are some people who speak as if the accident has been contained but the reality is the contrary”
    • “Although we had unwanted exposure to the radiation, we never heard any apology from anyone. This feeling I have will never be cleared and this is an unforgivable murder’s act”

Watch Idogawa report that Fukushima Medical University is stopping hospitals from performing exposure tests on residents here

Published: October 31st, 2012 at 10:55 pm ET


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25 comments to Mayor: Fukushima “an unforgivable murder’s act” — Reality is the disaster has not been contained

  • We really need to BAN Nuclear Power.

    It IS insidious and murderous!

    • Mack Mack

      There ARE people trying to ban nuclear power.

      For example,

      The Ecology Party of Florida is working to stop two nuclear power plants being built in Levy County, Florida.

      They do this with little $$ and little fanfare, and they are up against the deep pockets of nuclear/electric companies.

      We all need to support groups like this who do the hard work of going to NRC meetings; going to Atomic Board hearings; filing lawsuits; doing research, etc.

    • "murder’s act" or "murderous"

      Either way…
      Knowingly or with negligence, letting people die is criminal.

      • richard richard

        We can't really say people have died. For a start, there has been little to no formal declaration of cause of death for some workers who had heart attacks etc.

        They may die in the future.

        But, hundreds of thousand have been displaced, probably for forever.

        The current, tangible crime is the lack of compensation, both financially and morally. No admission of liability, no acceptance of the terminal poisoning of the fukushima precinct.

        But it's enough of a crime to warrant swift and solid action.

        Still waiting. Only two years approaching.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          We do know that some have died of radiation poisoning, and some have starved to death which is due to radiation poisoning. And many already have thyroid cancer or precancerous thyroid cancer. Enough plutonium finely ground has become airborne and exploded miles above the earth, enough to kill every person on earth 429 times over. We know that there have been many birth mutations. But Japanese culturally don't allow these children to stay alive. There is at least 85 times the radiation released as was released from Chernobyl. And it is circling the earth every 41 days until it comes down from wind, raid, or snow.

          We know that the Pacific Ocean is decimated and that all organisms in the Pacific Ocean are radioactive. The death toll from Chernobyl is 1,000,000 so far. The death toll from Fukushima will be at least 85,000,000 is the short term future, but because of the MOX fuel, it will be much higher. But Fukushima wasn't an isolated event on 3/11. So even more radiation was released than this, and the death toll will be much higher. Also there are nuclear events all the time. And the radiation is increasing around the world dramatically with no end in sight. And it bioaccumulating.

          • richard richard

            Yes, anne, I agree fully. You and I and enenewers know.. I'm just kind of speaking for the rest of the world, who have been kept in the dark.

            Thanks for the details.

          • +1 anne

            "They may die in the future." – richard

            Should say 'will die'. We know this. It's fact.

            Many will suffer from all of this, many already are.
            (Where many = an inestimable number)

            Ecosystems and species, plant and animal, have ALL been affected. Sooner or later this will catch up to all of us and once that time is here many will say they weren't aware.

            Potential innocent future generations (of living things), whose DNA and chromosomes have been damaged, will suffer because of this long after we are dead. That's one of the worst horrors of them all if you ask me.

          • Sickputer

            I agred that the longterm nuclear deaths will be huge. But that's been true for 65 years with all the military bomb tests and nuclear plants that leak from thd first day they fire them up.

            Possibly billions dead prematurely. Unfortunately medical doctors haven't progressed to Star Trek standards of diagnosing the causes for fatal illnesses of civilians that have nuclear origins. Medical knowledge is extensive, but the human body is so complex that internal illnesses remain a mystery.

            Naked apes can take a bullet from a body and match it to the gun owner. But nuclear "bullets"…they can only guess that living next door to a nuclear plant gave grandma a rare brain tumor. So lack of evidence means the murderer goes free. Welcome to our Brave New World with Future Shock toxins waiting to kill 90% of the 7 billion inhabitants. Some quickly, even dying as babies…others hang on to their 80s before the deadly stuff finishes them off.

            Because the unexpected death rate is spread out over decades and the scientists usually can't differerentiate a plutonium lung cancer victim from other causes (smoking, farm chemicals, city pollution, radium in water pipes. Perhaps one day forensic science will uncover the answer to identifying radiation-induced long term illnesses and deaths. For now they profess ignorance and just keep using their own hospital radiation just like Madam Curie. We know how that worked out for her.

            • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

              The can't identify the "bullets" emanating from a nuke plant because they don't want to. The technology has existed for decades.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    That will never happen until you can measure and prove how much radiation you are being exposed to. Your left only with the confusing and unverifiable government measurements (when the equipment is working or they care to publish the results). Or else you can buy expensive, but uncalibrated (in an official sense) equipment that shows far less about the radiation, and then attempt to convince someone that your numbers are better quality or more accurate. Which they'll ignore. It should be the government's job to ensure readily-available, accurate and standardized meters are always available to the public.

    Dates, times, lncidences, plume disperson models, type of aerosolsl all need some facility for reporting and measuring them.

    Food testing sould be easy and cheepl

    Exit routes from the cities should be marked real-time based on plume modleing.

    That wouls be a start.

    • guezilla

      While we're dreaming, the tables should be turned on this. The onus should be on the nuclear (and whole lot of others) companies to prove that they HAVE NOT contaminated and caused cancers. Of course, some would try to falsify their own records, but it'd be easier to show they don't match those of outside watchdogs, and even now they can roll out doctored measurements to fight any claim.
      But it is just impossible to expect the common man to be aware an able to reliably measure everything they're exposed to. I don't know if there's any existing laws or precedents along those lines, I would assume nuclear plants already have some measurement requirements but doesn't seem like it's comprehensive or available to the public.

  • arclight arclight

    Public Outcry! -Japan nuclear and tsunami victim aid spent on whalers, officials and fighter pilots -RT

    “Yoshimitsu Shiozaki, an academic specializing in urban planning at Kobe University, who has conducted his own survey of the spending, believes that little will be done to reverse the spending priorities.

    “Legally speaking, there are no problems with these projects,” Shiozaki told the Japan Times, noting that before signing off on huge subsidies, bureaucrats only had to prove that a company was in some way connected to the disaster area, even if it is through a single supplier.

    He also pointed out that previous relief efforts in the country, such as the Kobe earthquake recovery in 1995, have also been marred by similar scandals.

    “But this time the funds are being used in a more deceptive way,” said Shiozaki.”

    Georgia, South Carolina called ‘Silicon Valley’ of nuclear power
    “He said the growing stockpile of spent fuel stored at nuclear plants – including two that have halted operations – is like constipation blocking the progress of the industry.”

  • Sickputer

    As an English teacher let me clean up the translation from JiJi press.

    The mayor is probably referring to a "murderous" act or more likely the plural form: the "unforgivable murderers' actions".

    In a country of fair and equitable law, private citizens could bring charges of criminal negligence for the suppression of radiation plume information held by the government on the days of March 14-15, 2011 when 30 million Tokyoites were not warned of the approaching dangerous radiation. This is just one example of the corruption in the Diet and Tepco that caused millions of innocent victims to be exposed to deadly fumes when the guilty parties possessed the scientific data confirming the approaching MOX clouds. There was time to warn the citizens, but the Diet and Tepco decided the economic fallout from probable massive evacuations superceded any concern that 30 million people would become infected with lethal inhaled plutonium vapors.

    Unfortunately there will be no citizen redress because the Japanese citizens do not possess freedom to bring the accused to justice. The country is a puppet still under US military supervision since 1945. The puppet Japanese government does not admit and never will admit to any crimes related to Fukushima Daiichi and will stonewall any legal efforts to pursue justice. For the Japanese people there will be no justice, only sickness and death from radioactive poison.

    • Maggie123

      SP, others – on legal redress: I know international courts and UN appeals often can't get beyond token in outcome but are they a possibility for Japanese citizens, (or for any citizens in any nation), say for instance based on international human rights documents – whether or not a nation has 'signed on'?

      My thinking is that the human rights documents (agreements) exist out of a kind of consensus that there *is* such a concept. They confirm 'intuitive' (inborn, inalienable) value of indiviudals. Drawing international interest/players into the conflict seems valid and a form of activism that raises (pushes) awareness, consciousness, etc. (??)

      • Maggie123

        Beyond that – have we (the general citizenry of any/all nations) any organizations in place that might serve us as our "citizens' court". Wonder what it would take for us to create such a structure – not with hope to gain actual redress, but to make clear our intent to stand together across nations. (??)

  • richard richard

    I've been trying to say for a long time (since 3/11) that the tepco and japanese officials are criminals and need to be prosecuted, in the most direct, forceful, non-negotiable way possible.

    But no, I keep getting told to take it easy, let 'politics' and company policies and regulators manage things.

    Well, the criminals are sure managing things, to their advantage.

    The mayor is right, no apology, no support, I've heard very little of compensation. It's (another) major crime of the century.

    If I was a victim of this crime you would not stop me from trying to avenge for the life I had lost. If it was my homeland.. what the mongrels have done would be considered an act of war.

    Dear World, stop pussy footing around with these criminals. Arrest, prosecute. Decommision. ACT. ACT. freekin ACT!!!!!!!!

    it's deplorable where the world stands today. the gansters are in control and the people are spun into inaction.

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    I am adding this here for those that have not read or heard about the studies done that show how Low dose Radiation causes DNA damage most especially to children & more so to females.

    Please look below the video for the links to the studies that this video reports on.

    Fukushima Radiation NOT SAFE!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Radiation from nuclear plants causes cancer. We'll all get it.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    I have a few very close friends here in the US that came over from Japan, have raised families here and go back and forth from here to where they were born, mostly the Tokoyo area. They are following Fukushima very closely for safety reasons but also because it is challenging Japanese mores and customs. They've talked with me about how difficult it can be for people that are not Japanese to comprehend the pressure from all aspects of Japanese society to follow the rules. Businesses like TEPCO have always taken advantage of this, even when they, themselves break the rules, because they are protected by the rule givers. Yet, many Japanese government officials, experts, and citizens are standing up, which is a form of breaking the rules, and publicly speaking out, taking action in protest, or suing. In doing so, they risk losing their standing in society and within their families. Whistleblowers are not heroes in Japan, they are traitors. Each has also agreed that the Japanese are very uncomfortable with outsiders and will reject outside help and intervention at all costs. They will handle the meltdown precisely as the book says and never stray unless a superior invites them to be more creative. This article is about tremendous personal courage to make public outcries.

    • Maggie123

      Thank you for this description, VicFromOregon, Having been raised in a family culture that had similar rules, although originating from a different source, (Calvinism), I can relate to the power of "disapproval" when one speaks up! In the US we have a more subtle form of this – in some ways our belief that here we freely speak our minds is an illusion!

  • Sickputer

    Andrew Kishner at (of the famous "Kodak moment in nuclear history) pegs it right here:

    "In the Fukushima-era, Why No One Notices the Gagged Scientists

    In the wake of the meltdowns at Fukushima, websites and blogs cropped up in abundance and over 18 months later these online watchdogs still play a crucial role in linking the news-hungry public with expert perspectives and data ignored by the negligent mainstream media.
    …Although their efforts at filling in news gaps left by our out-to-lunch mainstream media are commendable, the watchdog community has been neglectful in its own part.

    …Scientists are being eerily silent and this huge issue isn't being addressed by activists.

    This is perhaps to be expected. We usually subconsciously shy away from the topic of government coverups in fear of the conceptual collision between rational thought and personal allegiances. It's easier to focus on nuclear disasters and not 'see the forest,' or the fact our government took our power to 'go wild' with nukes and then silenced scientists to keep the wool pulled over our eyes.

    … Our.biggest problem isn't a delinquent media. We've got government censorship and intimidation, which are tools of tyranny. We ought to use our freedom of speech more wisely than we're currently doing."

  • Can history ever stop repeating itself? You can take it back to the Titanic. The experts said it could not sink. Everyone marveled at the modern technology. Until it sank and basically it was called an accident and no one went to jail. Apparently the BP gulf oil spill was an accident no criminal charges and no "full value" compensation. But much was learned in disaster management and employed at Fukushima. Which is why you don't hear about it anymore on mainstream. Kim Kardashian is more news worthy in her see-through black lace top and leather leggings. Here in BC they are pushing a crude oil pipeline down our throats. Nobody wants it. Except for the politicians and oil companies. Why do they call it democracy? This is not a Japanese problem. It is global. The idiots are in charge.