Japanese Author: “Extreme increase of mortality caused by cardiac disease” in Fukushima — Death rate “might give the creeps to some people”

Published: July 28th, 2012 at 4:13 am ET


July 27, 2012 post from non-fiction author Ryuichi Akiba translated by Dissensus Japan:


It’s a report of the investigation on population shift and causes of death of the year before and January and February of this year.


It can provide valuable figure how much the extremely large amount of fallout released from Fukushima Daiichi damaged public health and life.

The “cause specific death rate” deserves careful attention.


The figure might give the creeps to some people.


In fact, the data shows that the number of death increased by 12.5% and the number of death caused by cardiac disease increased by 14.6% after the Fukushima nuclear accident.


What does the extreme increase of mortality caused by cardiac disease mean?

Dr.Yury Bandazhevsky of Belarus examined the people exposed to radiation and the people who had died of Chernobyl and clinically identified the association between Cesium radiation and cardiac disease.


We can’t either determine or deny the morbidity and mortality increased only because of radiation released from Fukushima Daiichi.

We need to pay attention to the next months’ vital statistics to figure this out.


What is needed most is clinical or epidemiologic study; statistic or report by independent doctors and researchers. We need many Bandazhevskys to save the children of Japan and all over the world.

The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry yesterday released its monthly vital statistics of February 2012: http://www.mhlw.go.jp/toukei/saikin/hw/jinkou/geppo/m2012/02.html

  • The number of death was up 12.5 percent (=12695 people) compared to the same month of the year before
  • The number of death caused by Malignant Neoplasm was up 7.7% (=2066 people) from the same month of the year before
  • The number caused by cardiac disease was up 14.6% (=2585 people)
Published: July 28th, 2012 at 4:13 am ET


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41 comments to Japanese Author: “Extreme increase of mortality caused by cardiac disease” in Fukushima — Death rate “might give the creeps to some people”

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Hello CDC…Hello DOH&HS, Hello US Public Health services:
    What will it take to get you to study this very relevant and important situation? If I write to you, will it matter?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Has it ever dharmasyd?

    • fuckyoushima

      why do you expect the government to spend money to ruin the food economy?

      would you do work for the opportunity of doing more work?

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        fys…I certainly expect no such thing. I'm too old, and have watched my criminal government for too many years to ever expect them to do what is right/

  • dosdos dosdos

    I'm sure that those in power will find a way to bury this data in tales of reporting error and statistical probability. It is their nature to hide the truth from the people.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi dosdos

      There has always been things hidden from the public. I think you are right, this will be also.

  • Seitsukie

    Those fucks (CDC, DOH, GS, WHO, your-favorite-health-organization-here) have known about this since the day it happened. Don't forget that the U.S. government had an internal memo which acknowledged that Fukushima in the U.S. would require a no-go area at least as far as Tokyo. I'm willing to bet Arnold Gundersen's soil samples from Tokyo that registered as nuclear waste that had to be sent to Texas for special disposal didn't get past the U.S. government's notice.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Seitsukie

      There has been data from day one. Not only the US Government knew, but other Countries knew also. U.S. is not the only Country to have that type of technology. The only ones who don't really know is the public.

      • alasanon

        Yeah. It's beyond creepy. Living near D.C., I was subjected to non-stop warnings urging me to get vaccinated for the "swine flu" BS "epidemic." Flu?–big woopie do! But, now we're facing the worst nuclear meltdowns ever and those agencies and non-profits are suddenly ASLEEP at the wheel!!! Public Health anyone???….

        You really don't want to know how many organizations and agencies are designated to address these issues…not to mention the environmental groups?…

        But, if the Feds & media ruefully dismiss it all as a non-issue that sets the tone. However, in reality, it is so HUGE…Crimes of Omission can be as dangerous as crimes of commission!

        • alasanon

          Seriously, I was about to scream if one more person nagged me about the FLU shot….Flu. Give me a break!

          But, I could see the efficiency of their machine when they DO want to make it happen, led by CDC authority, etc.

          It is crazy to obsess over a flu, but totally ignore this catastrophic risk (and then call yourself a health agency?). ???

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            The 'flu' or influenza is a respitory tract infection and NOT what most people refer to as the 'flu', vomitting, fever etc. Influenza is a respitory tract infection that, if it is a 'new' one and you have never been exposed to it before, will make your lungs fill with fluid and you will basicaly 'drown' on your own fluids. During WWI more people world wide died of the 'Spanish Flu' than all of the fighting during the war. It has been estimated that the next influenza pandemic, be it swine flu or avian flu, once it mutates to go from person to perswon easily will result in world wide deaths upward of 1 BILLION.

          • In the US, most vaccines no longer contain mercury (but still have aluminum, formaldehyde etc.). Except most of the flu vaccines still have mercury in them.. they even inject them into pregnant women.

            It causes autism and autoimmune diseases in the children.

            And they are not effective for the flu either, since the viruses mutate faster than they can design new vaccines. With Fuku radiation around, they will mutate even faster.

  • GeoHarvey

    This will not be noticed until the politicians discover their power bases are threatened by it. I think this is going to happen soon, but not for reasons relating to health. The reasons are economic, and have to do with the fact that the price of photovoltaic systems has dropped to the point that poor people in remote areas, with no electricity, can afford to install them, and the efficiency of photovoltaic systems has increased to the point that they are practical to install in Germany.
    Wind is far less expensive than nuclear, has a smaller carbon footprint, and is far faster to install.
    Geothermal is less expensive than nuclear, has a smaller carbon footprint, and is far much to install.
    Hydro is far less expensive than nuclear, has a smaller carbon footprint, and is faster to install.
    Biomass is less expensive than nuclear, has a smaller carbon footprint, and is far faster to install.
    AND NOW solar is far less expensive than nuclear, has a smaller carbon footprint, and is far faster to install.
    The idea of baseload power is a myth, because you can buy renewable power generated at a distance. In 1980, line loss was 8.9% for high voltage AC, limiting its range to 2500 miles. By 1995 the line loss was reduced to 6.8%, and the latest technology makes it 2.5%. You can generate power from wind, economically, in the Aleutians, and sell it in Miami.
    Nuclear will go down, but not becuase they care about people's lives.

    • GeoHarvey

      Sorry for the typos. I can chew gum and walk at the same time, but only barely. Anger and typing don't go well together.

      By the way, a research group at a government lab in California said they discovered a way to produce a PV cell that was undoped, from almost any semiconductor. That will drive the price of PVs down further, if it works.

      • GeoHarvey

        Look ma, no doping! Solar cells from any semiconductor material


        • andagi andagi

          Dear GeoHarvey,
          Thank you for this, your passion and brilliant poetry. I'm so inspired now and will learn more about what you've brought to ENENews today! Yhank you.
          I would like to ask, can we invite the developers and researchers of these wonderful energies to post here? I am privileged to personally invite any and all to join us as we steadfastly persue our goals of crushing NP, saving lives and salvaging our lovely planet.
          My immediate thoughts were of creative marketing and helping families in Japan (keeping those NPP's DOWN!). I found this source for portable solar generators:

    • 6feetunder 6feetunder

      Quote from GeoHarvey
      This will not be noticed until the politicians discover their power bases are threatened by it. I think this is going to happen soon, but not for reasons relating to health. The reasons are economic.

      I disagree. Clearly there is a policy of Eugenics going on with Western Governments these days. Politicians are sock puppets and darker forces are using them. We are not the power base.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Yes I agree there are safer ways to get energy. As long as there is more money to be made from Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons, than that is what we will have, and what they will sell to other Countries.
      It's all about the money and power.

      Yes the darker side likes sock puppets, and I agree we are not the power base. We don't mean a thing to them, we are their work force, fighting force, and they don't mind experimenting on the environment, us, or on anyone else. Most every government does this.
      Look at the war crimes and what has been used to destroy others and the environment. Look even at our own vets and their health.

      A comedian once got laughs because he said they don't care, we are not invited to their club. Even though people thought it was funny, it is the truth.

      They have even made education a joke, our schools are in trouble. You don't see them sending their kids to the same schools, as your children go to. People are getting blind to what is happening and that's the way they like it.

      When the time comes, they will be in their lavish bunkers and we will be out in the mess that they have created. Nuclear Power and the weapons are destroying our environment.

      This is one world, the jet stream eventually brings everything in full circle.

    • patb2009

      they still have to eat and breathe.

      You are well on point to mention that low cost PV is the real
      disrupter here.

      The real money maker for a Electrical company is the
      Peak power market. low cost PV eats into their best market
      add in some small wind, and the utility loses their best business

  • rambojim

    Cesium-137= half life is 30.2 years

    Contaminates whole body and muscle. (Our heart is a muscle)

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      It's a little more insidious than just that. Cs beta decays. Each beta decay sends a high energy electron into the mix.

      The heart is an electricly timed two-stage pump. Shooting random electrons into that can't br good.

  • nedlifromvermont

    Thank you GeoHarvey for the info!!! Keep it coming …

    I say it again, "Any government which remains pro-nuclear, post-Fukushima will lose the support of their sheeple."

    Go Japan!! Go Anti-nukers everywhere!! Nuclear power is a big fat lie from fraudsters, who hijacked nuclear physics from its rightful owners. Militarization of the power grid!! Such a not good idea!!

    Saikado hantei!! Death to nuclear power!!! Wind power from the Aleutians for a better tomorrow!! GE criminals … are you listening???

    peace to the newsers! …

    • andagi andagi

      Dear nedlifromvermont,
      ROCK ON!!
      Thanks to everyone here for all you do! This is the most creative energy forum I've seen! Just think what we can do… Thank you Admin!

  • arclight arclight

    an intersting discussion about cesium studies and cesium non studies by the japanese with imperial college university london claiming no knowledge of data


    "..heres some of that reply from imperial college university

    “Belarus was an original partner in the project, but one of the conditions of the project was that each centre would provide samples to researchers. The Institute in Belarus did not do so and this is why they are no longer a partner.

    Although Belarus is not included in the Tissue Bank, the incidence of thyroid cancer in Belarus is the subject of on-going research, including studies in Belarus supported by the Japanese.”

    anyone have references to this japanese data.. imperial college university doesnt seem to have it either???????…"

    ".Thank you for your email regarding Professor Geraldine Thomas’s work with the Chernobyl Tissue Bank.


    • arclight arclight

      "Thank you for your email regarding Professor Geraldine Thomas’s work with the Chernobyl Tissue Bank.

      “I have consulted Professor Thomas and answers to the questions that you have raised are as follows:
      1. In your email, you ask about Professor Thomas ‘hinting that she would destroy vital evidence of tissue samples.’

      Professor Thomas is actually explaining that researchers will be able to access existing research data as well as the samples themselves. Professor Thomas and her colleagues in the Chernobyl Tissue Bank are not planning to destroy tissue samples. To clarify what Professor Thomas says in the relevant section of her lecture, I have transcribed her words below (the words in bold represent my emphasis)………."

      "…Professor Thomas says that that there is no evidence for an increase in heart disease in the general population as a result of the radiation leak at Chernobyl. She has provided the following information, which may be useful:….."

      more of the reply from imperial college here with some comments


      and heres a worker from the japanese mission to chernobyl talking about similar symptoms being found at fukushima last year..

      Radiation Causing Unusual Changes: What's Happening to Children


      • Seitsukie

        arclight, thank you as always for your information and illuminating additions to the conversation here. If I may trouble you for some clarification: I read the full comments you linked to above that you received in the email response pertaining to Geraldine Thomas' work/remarks (both of which I'm woefully ignorant of), but I don't get it. The remarks Professor Thomas apparently had passed on to you don't sound even remotely based in reality, like saying "Caesium does not accumulate in any tissue" or "[…]whereas the majority of the population that lived around the area near to the plant received […] the equivalent of a CT scan accumulated dose of radiation from Caesium." Neither of those statements can be factual, since Cesium as we know collects in muscles, and therefore its total dose to the human body can only build over time.

        Is Professor Thomas just (according to whoever quoted her) lying through her teeth? Or am I missing something obvious here?? 🙁

        • arclight arclight

          hi seitsuke

          i have got quite alot of background on G thomas, R wakeford and the small band of friends that support their support of nuclear

          the point geraldine was trying to make was that Cs137 the isotope, does not cause heart problems, and she goes on to state that stable caesium does have an effect..! hmmm!

          also her wording of "destroy the thyroid samples because we dont really need them, we just want the statistics to work with" (my take on her general point) and in the link is her exact wording..

          it took nearly 4 days in an university to "properly" phrase the reply 🙂 lol! and richard and friends helped her with the statistical facts that they had to put in..

          i respect geraldine for replying actually.. at least she seems to have conviction, even though misplaced imo!

          after hacking and tracking me they mistook me for a journo.. that might have helped craft thier reply.. it was an interesting little project.. though the police officially opened an investigation into me instead of the hacker who cracked my vodaphone account.. vodaphone still have their IP 🙂 lol!

          anyway back on topic.. here is the comments on the fukushima symposium in sept 2011.. a trade fair for oncologists and statisticians yearning for japanese tax pater dollars/yen/euro
          local activists were not allowed to attend but its caught on video 🙂


          read down column

  • arclight arclight

    1140967 – CHERNOBYL HEART


    the above is the object as stated at the charity commision website…
    and theres this

    Chernobyl heart

    “In Belarus, only 15-20% of babies are born healthy. Roche comforts children who are born with multiple holes in their heart, a condition known in Belarus as “Chernobyl heart.” A lucky few will have their heart problems fixed by Dr. William Novick, who heads the International Children’s Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with congenital or acquired heart disease in developing countries throughout the world.”
    See video here

    and if you want to see the update documentary
    return to Chernobyl







  • alasanon

    Strange–I just learned that a co-worker had heart attack…He had seemed fine, not so old either…but I noticed that he ate up those dairy products. I was actually jealous b/c it looked so tasty. hmmm. We do KNOW Cesium (most prevalent traveling radioactive isotope other than Iodines and Strontium) is here! :[

  • NoMoreBlackout

    Thank you Arclight !

    I have heard of a plant called Hawthorn which i am reading about it strenghtens the heart and improves quality of circulation. My Mother recently gave me a jar of a liquid of many different things such as Ginger, Garlic, Honey and some more ingredients and to take 2 teaspoons a day, it is to 'clean the pipes' to your heart. Many heart attacks in Japan are probably being caused by stress of what is happenning and of course the spewing of radioactive garbage. I will ask my mom for the ingredients of the mixture and it tastes great ! Kids wil love it but just two teaspoons a day is enough as i am told by mom.

    Here is a link for Hawthorn very recommended to read, it seems Dr's in Europe know all about this and there are medicines based on it, i never heard about it but a few days ago. We need to take every natural supplement that is good to fight off the problems from this problem.

  • patb2009

    what is needed is a analysis of death from cradiac disease amongst age groups.

    The young are more affected by this then the elderly.

    What's bad, is this will make japan more top heavy, every year.

    they are already one of the oldest countries in the world,
    if the young start dying at a faster rate and being sicker, the whole country will be a mess.