Japanese study says ‘detonation’ occurred at Unit 3 — “No containment in the world can withstand a detonation shockwave” (VIDEO)

Published: September 2nd, 2012 at 5:42 pm ET


Title: Arnold Gundersen with another update on the unfolding effects of the Fukushima disaster
Source: KPFT Houston, If You Love This Planet Radio
Date: Aug 31, 2012
Description: This week, Dr. Caldicott brings on nuclear engineer Arnold Gundersen  […]

At 32:00 in

Gundersen: Interesting, there was a Japanese study calling the explosion in Unit 3 a detonation not a deflagration.

There’s no containment in the world that can withstand a detonation shockwave.

That’s something the nuclear industry doesn’t want to address.


Unit 1’s had an explosion but it was a deflagration. Unit 3’s explosion, by authorities other than Arnie  Gundersen, are now calling it a detonation… That means the shockwave travels faster than the speed of sound and it cracked the concrete or the steel


Caldicott: But it was related to the nuclear fuel?

Gundersen: Yes, but the rate it which it grew I won’t call it a nuclear explosion.

Listen to the report here

Published: September 2nd, 2012 at 5:42 pm ET


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23 comments to Japanese study says ‘detonation’ occurred at Unit 3 — “No containment in the world can withstand a detonation shockwave” (VIDEO)

  • Mack Mack

    Definition of "detonation" —>

    "The sudden and violent release of mechanical, chemical or nuclear energy from a confined space which creates a shock wave that travels at supersonic speeds. Often used interchangeably with explosion."


    Didn't Dr. Busby theorize a nuclear explosion in Unit 3 —>


  • Mack Mack

    Interesting analysis on a "physics forum" thread called:

    "Was Unit 3 a nuclear explosion" —>


  • TheMysticWizard1

    Didn't Gundersen say before it was a nuclear explosion set off by a hydrogen explosion? Something about the hydrogen explosions shock wave caused the molten fuel to go critical? I'm pretty sure I remember him talking about that theory.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Yes Arnie did initially think it was an explosion but since then he has changed his mind which makes sense because how would the SPF at reactor 3 remain and hold water. I know some think that SPF 3 is gone but you can see it photos of it after the explosion and I do think SPF 3 remains albeit loaded with the crane and lots of debris.

    • dosdos dosdos

      I think that was me that discussed the potential for molten core layer interaction (U & Pu). Arne discussed a different type of detonation in the SFP, a moderated criticality.

  • chrisk9

    A prompt nuclear event is not the same as a nuclear explosion. Thanks for the link Mack. The isotopes that were present does certainly indicate a "critical event". And the force of such an event could certainly cause an explosion such as we saw with unit 3. The most famous prompt criticallity was SR1 in Idaho.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Details don't matter at this point because man can't control nuclear power. And today, right now, the nuclear industry is 100% helpless regarding this accident.

    • +1

      I agree, the details really don't matter much.

      What matters is…

      1. What is the CURRENT status?
      Humans are currently unable to access most critical areas that sooner than later will need repairs from consistent quakes and saltwater damage. The damage and radiation contamination will get worse. Possibly, far worse! Data is either ignored or obviously misleading or inaccurate at best.

      2. What is being done about it?
      The most massive cover-up media blackout ever assisted by an onslaught of disinformation from nuclear industry controlled academic and governmental agencies. That's what 'they' are doing about it.

      Any 'cleanup' of the site is purely cosmetic at this point and mostly meaningless. Nothing can be done, it's a 'wait and see what's next' situation and none of the 'see what's next' scenarios have anything to do with stopping or slowing the releases of radioactive contamination into our environment.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    Nuclear explosion. I told you so.

  • intric8

    Radiation levels still safe in the philippines http://falloutphilippines.blogspot.com/

  • Urban27

    Not easy to translate everything.
    Actually you have to know Japanese to be able to translate, and understand the meaning of a text.

    But it is important to tell about the third unit. It blow, really strong. It was loaded with a more reactive fuel. The plutonium-Mox-fuel. It was reported to have too high pressure on the day it blew.

    The explosion was so strong it broke the concrete pillars like tooth sticks. (concrete pillars around the building were abt 5×5 feet and the same hight as the building 60 meters or 180 ft). The containment vessel had a sharp yellow cap and should be visible, if it was still there. The upper third part of the building is gone.

    So it really looks like the pressure vessel blow. The reason is probably the pressure got too high. (similar to Chernobyl)

  • Sol Man

    Watched the Japanese citizens at the town hall meeting being treated roughly by the police and shut out of the building. Who would not be moved by these events? The citizens want life and peace, but tptb deliver death and war, only.

  • TerraHertz TerraHertz

    This feels like like talking to the void. But once again:

    (the png image is an incomplete project, but makes the main point indisputably.)

    There was a hydrogen explosion in Unit 3, that triggered a series of three prompt criticalities in the SFP in rapid succession, resulting in the high velocity vertical jet – which is predominantly steam from the neutron-pulse flash-boiled water in the SFP, mixed with concrete dust. The SFP structure is intact, since it withstood the moderate overpressure pulses of the flash boils, which were free to vent upwards.
    The reactor pressure vessel and containment vessel at unit 3 are both melted out at the bottom, and the containment vessel top seal is also broken and venting steam still.

    One remaining question with Unit 3, is 'where is the missing roof truss?' The one numbered '2' in that PNG. Find that truss in the nearby rubble and get some good photos of its shape, and you'll have your proof of what happened in the #3 SFP.

    As for unit #1, it really pisses me off to hear people prattling on about 'not a detonation, no shock wave', when the video of the unit 1 explosion has a spherical shock front _clearly_ visible expanding out from the building for about 2 to 3 frames at the very start of the explosion sequence. What, is everyone blind?

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      "when the video of the unit 1 explosion has a spherical shock front _clearly_ visible expanding out from the building for about 2 to 3 frames at the very start of the explosion sequence."

      I agree. It is a huge shock wave, traveling extrememly fast.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Truth is often a stranger, while fiction is believed and adhered to with passion, to the point of stringing people up who dare to speak the truth.

    Hopefully, someday, the truth will come out.

    Hopefully that will happen before nuclear apologists kill off all life on the planet.

  • Atomfritz Atomfritz

    Arnie seems to have forgotten that there was a pressure relief by means of the reactor lid.

    See here: http://enenews.com/new-goodards-journal-did-fukushima-unit-3-fuel-pool-explode-video