Japan’s Leader on 3/11: Most don’t know, but Reactor 1 melted down in 5 hours; We almost lost 1/3 of nation due to Fukushima — Tepco: Reactor 3 melted earlier than reported, water went in wrong pipes — NHK: Investigation into how such massive amounts of radioactive substances were released (VIDEO)

Published: December 13th, 2013 at 9:39 pm ET


NHK World, Dec. 13, 2013: New findings on Fukushima accident to be released [Tepco] says the early breakdown of a reactor cooling system, coupled with failed attempts to inject water into the reactor, likely led to the meltdown of the number 3 reactor […] water injections by fire engines started shortly after 9 AM on March 13, but they could have been ineffective because of leaks from the piping. TEPCO plans to disclose the findings to the public later on Friday. The utility says it will continue its investigation to find out why massive amounts of radioactive substances were released and how this happened.

Jiji Press, Dec. 13, 2013: TEPCO admitted the possibility that the failure speeded up the unfolding disaster at the plant.

Kyodo, Dec. 13, 2013: TEPCO […] said it has confirmed that water supplied by fire trucks flowed into some pipes not leading to cores at the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors.

See also: [intlink id=”tepco-we-should-have-told-public-this-sooner-we-failed-to-cool-molten-fuel-after-meltdowns-began-experts-fukushima-cesium-release-could-have-tripled-chernobyl-photo” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Naoto Kan, Former Prime Minister of Japan, Dec. 12, 2013: (at 12:30 in) [People think it was March 12th but] the first meltdown occurred 5 hours after the earthquake […] (at 47:00 in) If you have a severe accident and it continues to grow and grow and grow in severity, then the consequences are enormous. If we consider what could happen in Japan, 1/3 of the land of Japan could no longer be used. 40% of the population might be affected, have to move. That is the situation that we were facing, the worst case scenario that we were facing and we escaped that worst case scenario by only a hare’s breath.

Watch Kan’s presentation here

Published: December 13th, 2013 at 9:39 pm ET


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131 comments to Japan’s Leader on 3/11: Most don’t know, but Reactor 1 melted down in 5 hours; We almost lost 1/3 of nation due to Fukushima — Tepco: Reactor 3 melted earlier than reported, water went in wrong pipes — NHK: Investigation into how such massive amounts of radioactive substances were released (VIDEO)

  • Ontological Ontological

    16 hours after power loss I knew the cores had melted. Surprise was however, that all 6 reactors and all fuel pools did not burn/melt. When R3 detonated I knew such a nasty, dirty, dusty explosion would be bad for the Pacific & N Hemisphere perhaps leading to a multi species ELE. Any and all out here that knew R3 was a nuclear blast first off, Kudos to you. It's a shame they forget to teach proper science in schools for at least the last 3 decades.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Also I found this prediction of the damage Earth will endure in 100 years. It failed totally to include any damage from FUFU however so much of this predicted devastation will have all the nice surprises from toxic radionuclides in the food chain etc. will bring on top of the already bad future estimates. An ever rising, radioactive methane generating sea is not much of a future.

    • Toadmac

      Hi all, I've been around just not been posting. I did a lot of research on temperatures, melting points of materials etc. at the beginning of this horror. I posted my conclusion here in the first months after this SH%T all began. Here it is again…….
      Melt-through of a reactor vessel may take from a few tens of minutes to several hours. During the interaction between corium and concrete, very high temperatures can be achieved. The decomposition temperature of the Fuku concrete is around 1100 °C. The corium can reach temps of 2800 °C (some scientists and researchers suggest the possibility of much higher temps 4000°C+). At this temp decomposition of concrete can reach 1m an hour. The possibility of total melt through in HOURs and days, not weeks or months seems very likely to me!
      My theory is that the first explosions and fires were caused from the coriums hitting ground water in the following hours and days after the quake & cooling was non existent.
      To think some "EXPERTS" (so called?)told me my limited knowledge and research was obvious and my theory was way off & almost laughable???

      • lovE lovE


        I agree with your analysis.

        It is just endless bullshit for TEPCO to say that they don't know where the corium is. Within the first 24 hours it was already burned through the concrete floor. So it is somewhere in the ground underneath the reactor buildings. The NRC knows this as does anyone of any substance working in the nuclear industry. You cannot have any other outcome when there was a lack of any cooling for days.

        So now it is just a matter of leaching all this radioactivity into the ocean for hundreds of years.

        • mesa777

          TEPCO knows the exact location of the corium(s) and is for some reason not sharing that information with the public for fears of corium location, probably either in or about to enter the water table would be my guess…..

      • jec jec

        High temps? Sure! Fukusahima Diary showed MELTED zirconium pipes. From wiki:Zirconium's melting point is 1855 °C (3371 °F).
        A bit higher than the decomposition temperature of the concrete by about 755 degrees C.

    • Gradius

      ALMOST?!?!? Since when? Japan is done for! PERIOD. Mark my words, last day where Japan will be able to sustain life: 2015/03/31

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    TEPCO is investigating…

    I feel really safe…

    Where is Inspector Clouseau when we need him.

  • Usefulbreather

    "That is the situation that we were facing, the worst case scenario that we were facing and we escaped that worst case scenario by only a hare’s breath."

    Yeah we know, it blew offshore and fell on North America.

  • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

    Naoto Kan, Former Prime Minister of Japan:
    "…we escaped that worst case scenario by only a hare’s breath."

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      I thought his statements really presented the panic they must've been working through that morning and beyond.

      • rakingmuck

        It is so bizarre that I commented today that I have his notes from March 11-15 given to me in 2012 by someone now "disappeared". Now I read this and realize I was given the truth and wonder why I did not do more. How do I live with that? How do I live with reading the panic he felt and no one at TEPCO or Army cooperating and not feel that I could have done something and did nothing because I did not comprehend what I was reading as I would today?

        • We Not They Finally

          Shock does that to people. Suddenly every paradigm one grew up with is blasted apart. Like us (two), we thought that whatever happens I the world, however terrible, it can always be repaired and then lead to progress. Can't even THINK that now. But mentally, emotionally, that adjustment doesn't happen overnight.

        • tbg

          I saw that comment earlier, was it in this article? I read it, I just thought it was in a different thread, its so hard to keep track of whats in which article. Maybe you should redact for safety and share it somehow if that's possible.


        correct Phil Shiffley; a panic that never should've been allowed within the biosphere of this planet. Talk about a house of cards! And to think, they're still attempting to sell themselves and the public on the 'benefits' of nuclear power. Just putting a dollar value on the losses is but one way to measure this catastrophe: hundreds of billions on dollars (first years) in lost property and food stocks. Yeah…nuclear power has been a boon(doggle) to mankind…

    • Kassandra

      I think perhaps it should read: hair's breadth

      I could be wrong

      • nedlifromvermont

        I'm thinking that, too … but then I thought the "hare's breath" thing was kind of cute, too … anyway … not by much … and in fact, maybe didn't escape the worst of it after all …

        peace to all the 'newsers!

    • scottyji scottyji

      "a hare’s breath" = a hair's breadth = a very slim margin

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    This was reported long ago by Hatrick Penry in his book called Plume Gate.
    Something Wicked This Way Comes: The story of Plume-Gate, the world’s largest, provable cover-up
    The book is on research of 3/11/11 derived from information gleaned from freedom of information docs.

    • freespirit1620

      When the truth becomes too big to hide they will show you a fraction of the truth.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        The beauty of truth. Just a glimpse.

        I was in a taxi in the Middle East, when I saw a beautiful woman in a taxi. When she saw that I was looking at her, she moved the veil on her face just a little higher … so I could not see so much of her nose, I suppose.

        I assume it was a beautiful woman, but who knows. Maybe it was just a beautiful nose, eyes, and forehead set. Maybe it was Osama Bin Laden.

        Maybe the truth we see does not reveal anything beautiful at all. Which is in fact the case.

  • J.

    Naoto Kan, Former Prime Minister of Japan:
    "…we escaped that worst case scenario by only a hare’s breath."

    Might as well correct the English in this forum. The translation should be, "by a hair's breadth."

    "By a hare's breath" is interesting, though. Something to ponder . . .

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    "we escaped that worst case scenario by only a hare’s breath."?

    Sorry, but these poor Japanese people did not escape anything of a sort and they are all now living inside a Nuclear Induced/Created Forever Radioactive Nightmare! It will get much worse!.. 🙁

    Ergo: The need for the new Japanese Secrecy Laws now on the books! 🙁 Simple really..

    • Sickputer

      Obewanspeaks typed these prophetic words of wisdom:

      "these poor Japanese people did not escape anything of a sort and they are all now living inside a Nuclear Induced/Created Forever Radioactive Nightmare! It will get much worse!."

      SP: +311 🙂 Kan can be such a pompous ass. He must really think he saved the people in Tokyo when actually he has doomed so many of them to an early pain-wracked death from radiation contamination by his reassuring words that are completely false. He saved no one. The only ones who are saved in central Japan are the smart naked apes who fled far away from the worst contamination.

      None of the nucleorats will escape the verdict of history.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Rabbits breathing on you is more of a health hazard than radiation from a nuclear accident. We know that from studies back in the 50's and 60's.

  • Jebus Jebus

    "NHK World, Dec. 13, 2013: New findings on Fukushima accident to be released [Tepco] says the early breakdown of a reactor cooling system, coupled with failed attempts to inject water into the reactor, likely led to the meltdown of the number 3 reactor"



    Ya, it melted down like a cold shutdown…

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      NOoooo, not That, that was just the soda machine in the break room. Shaken too hard during the earthquake, it exploded. …Mostly due to structural failure because pressure in the cans was just too intense.

  • We Not They Finally

    Naoto Kan probably wants to THINK that they escaped "the worst case scenario," maybe because it is still unbearable to think otherwise. But they didn't. And apparently, neither did we.

    • Bones Bones

      Yea, the worst case scenario has happened and continues to this day. So, considering Japan is eventually going to be uninhabitable in huge areas, it's food will almost all have some type of contamination, all water will be sketchy, and at the pace they are going just expect more and more isotopes depositing all over Japan, the Pacific, N.A., and the whole freakin world. That sounds like a worst case scenario to me, no?

      • Ourself Ourself

        Denial is apparently easier than facing the truth. Of course, the only reason reality is hard to face is because it's been ignored for so long.

  • razzz razzz

    When you can't afford (at any cost) to control nuclear power generation and rely on wind and (sea) water to save us from ourselves…or something like that, better to not to build nuke plants and put yourself in harms way, don't ya think? Or has that not dawned on them yet?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Everyone here on Enenews can relax now. The PM just said what you have been saying all along. I'm sure the NSA knew it too. If some of them didn't know it, they sure got an education here.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Next thing someone in power will admit just how bad this is and maybe others in power will take a good hard look at themselves and join us in crying about it.

    • jec jec

      Wonder if that is why the rush for Obamacare. Then the administration can say..you will have healthcare for the radiation illnesses such as cancer. It will be covered…of course, without enough doctors, they will tell you have an illness, need surgery immediately and schedule it for five years later….IF you can even find a doctor available for diagnosis….

      • Speedy

        Think about this through the insurance companies eyes..they had to do something, the caculations to remain solvent were going to change very quickly. The government gave them a way out, with subsidies and guarantees, even if the public didn't go along with the ruse..Why else would the insurance companies, as a whole, accept Obomacare knowing that actual policy numbers would drop…Better to keep it confusing as long as possible…getting clearer and clearer all the time…


          actually Speedy, the ACA (Affordable Care Act) was in motion long before the Obama junta came into being or Fukushima occurred. And while I'd agree that there is a conspiracy of big money interests behind the ACA, linking it to Fukushima and the paltry health care that working class Americans will be receiving from it, is 'premature'…

          • mairs mairs

            Big monied interests are trying to bypass the ACA by cancelling insurance policies and "offering" much more expensive policies outside the exchanges to replace them, in many instances automatically enrolling their customers in those. Big monied interests paid Republicans to try to repeal the law 40 times. It's laughable to think that the party that most represents corporations would be trying to repeal a law and spending billions of taxpayer money doing it, wasn't doing it at the behest of the insurance industry which owns them.

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            Maybe they knew of something else that might be going to cause massive health problems that we were, and are, not being told about…

            BTW, I think I might have started that rumor about Obamacare and Fukushima in a sarcastic comment. At least I deserve the notoriety of being one who said the same thing.

            My comment was not based on facts or research. On the other hand, you never know… maybe they knew that there were sloppily designed , shoddily built nuclear power plants sitting on an active earthquake fault zone; in an area prone to massive tsunamis, and if built under sea level, the odds of disaster would be increased and bring in the New World Order a little sooner. Just maybe a little bump by HAARP could increase the returns on a big fat insurance policy taken out on the plant.

            Has anyone dug into the insurance angle? We are dealing with psychopaths and anything is possible. It sounds crazy, but crazy is as crazy does, and remember the terrorism insurance on the WTC Twin Towers taken out by Larry Silverman. Psychorabble.

      • mairs mairs

        It was passed in 2010, and the schedule of rollout was set then.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Obamacare designed to track the failing health of the national.. while taking very dime they can from the American public.. via illegal contract.

    • mairs mairs

      This is for my brother who died uninsured because no insurance company would offer him insurance do to a heart defect he was born with.
      This is for my friend who took on $100,000 of debt because no insurer would touch her since all the women in her family eventually got breast cancer. She eventually did too, and had no insurance for cancer treatments.

      This is for another friend who got breast cancer and was thrown off of her policy when they discovered that the weight she was when she signed up for insurance wasn't the weight she was when she got breast cancer. Didn't think of that did you. Everything had better be the same on your application, forever, or they could practice recission and take your policy away from you when you needed it. They can't do that now.

      • mairs mairs

        This is for yet another friend who got breast cancer while working for a Christian college that didn't have to abide by workers laws since they're exempt from all of that. They promptly fired her and she had to go on COBRA which is extremely expensive. When that ran out she couldn't get insurance at any price since she had breast cancer.

        Real-life consequences of how it used to be before the ACA.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Why would anything change?

          Does the pre-existing condition program foretell broader problems for Obamacare?


          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            PS.My husband died of MS..I know all about the insurance racket and incurring tremendous personal debt.

            • mairs mairs

              I'm sorry about your husband, Rose. I guess we'll have to disagree about the efficacy of this law. So sorry.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                There is no efficacy in this law.. 🙁

                • unincredulous unincredulous

                  Can we sign up old mother Gaia for Obamacare? I know she has a pre-existing condition now. She has radiation acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and some terrorists strapped her in a chair and detonated nuclear bombs on and below her skin. She ain't what she used to be, but now there is Obamacare! Hurrah!

                  Funny thing about Obamacare — It is the law now that you MUST sign up for health insurance. That means you MUST have a social security number. You MUST have who knows what else. You must have ID and if injured you MUST have these things and insurance. So you must pay for these things and it makes a criminal of being born, basically, into a situation that is less than desireable.

                  If Jesus was born into a society like this, Herrod's army would have found him. His mother could be incarcerated for bearing an unborn illegal immigrant and flagrant violation of Federal law. (no insurance) and an enemy of the state in her womb.

                  If you don't have Obamacare by the date mandated, are you going to be a felon? It is a federal law, isn't it. Good or bad intentions aside, I just don't think it is right. It doesn't feel right. It feels like an unfunded mandate. Even if it were free, you would have to have the SS number. You would have to have "papers." We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Well, now if a cop asks you for your ID, you will have to do so. Failure to comply will be like having no tags on your car, and you will be impounded. I can…

                  • unincredulous unincredulous

                    Damn, I need comment length insurance.

                  • unincredulous unincredulous

                    Will this be the legal basis for forced chip implants containing medical information? Will this be the legal basis for forced "tags," barcodes, gps monitoring? You see NSA looking into everything we say or do. "Minority Report" movie style ads.

                    "Hello! Sir, you were pulled over for doing 36 in a 35. Please hold for a word from our sponsor. (crappy music) Tired of speeding tickets before you even leave your driveway? Tooo bad, Froggy! Well now, you can speed up the process of incarceration with our new patented driveway jail." We just build a jail next to your driveway. Stylish and clean, the new Jailorama from ObamaCorp. satisfies the requirements of jail time. Did you know that inmates are exempt from ObamaCare? That's because inmates are satisfying the goals of the law, and now you can too! So avoid the embarrasment of getting "hauled in". We just pour cement and steel bars over your walls and windows. That's it! Obamajail — don't leave home without it.

                    • unincredulous unincredulous

                      Obamajail reduces insurance costs for the insurance companies. DON'T teach your children to ride bikes, because it's safer to stay at home. Don't drive to work, it's safer to stay at home. Don't eat. What you don't eat can't hurt you. Don't sleep, some people die in their sleep. Don't breathe, you might inhale a hot particle*.

                      *Breathing hot particles is good for you. You will be billed for inhaling hot particles. Freedom is not free.

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              Other countries provide healthcare without signing on to a relationship..with the insurance industry.
              But what about the people that can not afford it now..or in the future?
              Fines..until death as well?

              How Other Countries Do It


          • mairs mairs

            LOL at the Examiner. It's owned by Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz who is as conservative as you can get. I would call him a conservative activist. I couldn't care less what wealthy Right Wing political activists think about the ACA.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          We needed a single payer covering all Americans for free…or at base minimum costs.

          There are 9 million people in LA proper and only 104 hospitals. This is simple math and a simple problem to solve as there is no need for any insurance company to ever practice inside this country. With single payer all workers comp disappears..

          We have all been poisoned and then scammed by all those that have direct control over the Civil Authority since the day we were all born… 🙁

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            "Is the Affordable Healthcare Act – aka Obamacare unconstitutional? Darn right! Not only is it is economic wealth redistribution, rationing and increased government control it is a bypassing of a longstanding individual mandate stipulated by Americas founding fathers not to dictate the precise economic behavior of it's citizens. It is saying you MUST buy only this product or pay a penalty."

            ObamaCare Unconstitutional? You Betcha!

            ObamaCare Unconstitutional – Still – Supreme Court Only Calls Penalty a Tax


            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              PS..A song..

              Give It Away-Red Hot Chili Peppers



              • unincredulous unincredulous

                Red Hot Fukushima Peppers

                Red Hot radiospermuclide mobility

                Giving it away now

                Last chance offer to you and you and you and you now

                Last chance offer to your children's children's children

                Tokyo ELEctric powering up your jive now

                What we got you gonna get it in you

                What we got you gonna get it on you

                What we got you gonna see the menu

                Giving it away giving it away giving it away now

                Free nuclear love.

            • ftlt

              HotR: What do you suggest for an alternative to Obamacare???..

              The old way??? = no healthcare for the poor and disenfranchised at all???

              I believe in a single payer one like Canada's at a minimum – where they have a much better system.. $ for $ far far more going to actual medical service and not into profits..

              There is NO American educated doctor who was/is not funded with an extraordinary public largesse (never to be paid back) to be trained… Socialism for the rich again… They all owe the American people.. It sickens me, when I hear them complain about socialized medicine..

              Healthcare is an important question on here..

              To me, its recurring discussion reflects the freaky approach of many to the issue of energy on here too..


              You cannot be a conservative "private property" libertarian and be for the environment and real change at the same time – they are oil and water…

              Conservative Libertarian-ism is about as reactionary as one can be..

              Their earth, energy and food issues dialogues are all bluster and lies that cannot be supported by their core beliefs = their anti-social ME AND MINE FIRST beliefs..

              Libertarianism is unsustainable – it embraces a reactionary past and the extreme rights of the wealth of individual – first, foremost and always..

              Libertarians = Slavers = Antebellum Dixiecrats = Calhounism..

              Big Energy is all about the abuse of ownership and private property.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                No..I have no suggestions at the moment,.And I've grown weary of the conversation.
                I would like to say something lasting and meaningful..about the 'snake in the grass'..Mr. Kan.
                Words escape me..at the moment.

                • andagi andagi

                  Dear Heart of the Rose,
                  “It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
                  Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,
                  It lies behind stars and under hills,
                  And empty holes it fills,
                  It comes first and follows after,
                  Ends life, kills laughter.”
                  ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                The Native Americans..used to call it "make paper".
                "Make paper with Washington..see what happens.."

              • unincredulous unincredulous

                Except for the last sentence, that was the biggest bunch of shit I have ever read.

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  I wish their PR people would quit trying the use American phrases.. when 'paraphrasing' for the Japanese speakers.
                  It's hair's breadth…not hare's breathe.

                  Ok..I'm laughing…

                  Note the use of the word ..'cool' in the text..
                  It's all so lame…

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    PS. Can we be anger ..because it's all so lame???

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I wonder why people do not understand..that anger can be a natural thing..
                      "Stand for something or ..you will go for anything".
                      What people do not understand is that above and beyond anger..it control.
                      We can be angry and calm..
                      Appropriate behavior.

                  • Cindy Cindy

                    Hi Heart..
                    I just noticed your post on the same "hairs/hares breath/breadth.
                    I had to laugh…you are SO spot on!

            • Don't get us started on Drugs, Medicine and GMO's

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Reform of the insurance industry is definitely needed. I still don't like the idea of being forced to buy insurance though.

          People cry about how smokers get cancer and drive up costs. Smoking is not the only thing that causes cancer. And I have a simple solution to the cancer that IS caused by smoking. Manufacturers put coupons in cigarette boxes all the time. Just add a (very) small cost to the cigarettes for putting health stamps in the package, redeemable for cancer and emphysema and other likely diseases. Not everyone would keep the stamps out of laziness. (Profit for the insurance company) People can save them up for coverage, or trade them in to others. A black market might develop, but so what? If you don't smoke you can still use them. Like I said other things cause cancer.

          I would suggest a health tax on power consumption. If you are on the grid, some of your power comes from nuclear power, which causes cancer in it's different forms. Charge the nuclear companies this tax (make it big, and not possible to pass on the cost) Nuke company CEOs should be shot, stabbed, murdered, killed, beaten, abrased, smashed, stoned, hung, scuffed, spindled, mutilated, and forced to commit suicide for any leakage of radioactive material.

          • Nausicaa Nausicaa

            Change to UK private health insurance cover:

            2012: Exclusion – Contamination, wars, riots & terrorist acts
            We do not pay for treatment for any disease, illness or injury resulting from nuclear or chemical contamination, war, riot, revolution, terrorist act or any similar event.

            2013: Exclusion – Contamination, wars, riots & terrorist acts
            We do not pay for treatment for any disease, illness or injury arising directly or indirectly from:
            • war, riots, terrorist acts, civil disturbances, acts against any foreign hostility wether war has been declared or not, or any similar event
            • chemical, radioactive or nuclear contamination, including the combustion of chemicals or nuclear fuel, or any similar event

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            We could start with that for bargaining power, and at least maybe they won't get bonuses for killing, diseasing, poisoning, and worrying US all to death.

      • zogerke zogerke

        thank you for these posts.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂

  • Cindy Cindy

    Had to comment on Naoto Kan's statement. Not sure if it was the translators or the actual comment that got twisted in the translation: "we escaped that worst case scenario by only a hare’s breath."
    It actually should be a Hair's Breadth. Meaning the thickness of a hair strand.

    Just a little different post from the usual..Thanks!


  • Aye, they've escaped nothing. Mass die offs from now until doomsday.
    When the US has pissed everyone off, then nuked them because the NSA heard conspiracies brewing…
    except the US are the ones frying.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yes, if designing a nuclear plant like you would a car, at least design like you MEAN it. Meaning: The brakes work at all times. ALL times. Repeat: The brakes work at ALL times. Not just when the tires are on the ground. Not just when the tires are attached to a microprocessor through a wheel and brake assembly. The brakes still work when gravity fails. The brakes still work if the laws of friction fail. The brakes work. Translate to nuke talk: The pressure relief valves and vents work in an emergency situation. Repeat: the pressure relief valves work when you have unexpected pressure in the valves' environment. If the radiation gets out of the building, the power to the radioactive particles is removed, and they fall to the ground like NEO is in the matrix. If ya can't then don't design it. Period .

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Whoops, I was trying to post to Shaker1's comment below. I should have got a job at a nuclear design studio. Maybe I can put this on my resume.

  • Shaker1

    Some of you might have some objections to the physicsforum site, but there is an interesting discussion with posts of a design engineer regarding the safety systems and in particular the engineering attitude when beyond a design-basis accident. One might begin here: http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?s=178d8763ad00c1df0a57f44c1efced46&t=711577&page=4 and proceed through the next 8 pages or so. The poster 'hiddencamper' is the one to which attention should be given.

    The point here, and made over and over, is that out-of-control is exactly that, that none of the systems, be they human or otherwise, can be relied upon in this sort of scenario. One can talk about poor decisions and reactions within this particular time-frame of the accident, but when one gets right to it, the fault is at the engineering level which expects and accepts that one will lose control and have no way to even monitor the situation to obtain the ability to make what might be informed decisions, or even responses for which the worth of the response can be evaluated in real time. One must be a better judge of the stakes involved and not design with the attitude given to airplanes and automobiles.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The only manmade created technology that has the ability to go out of control on the surface of this planet and which is a non stoppable event forever, I believe is only our Nuclear Technology.

      Ergo: The solution is to shut them all down until we humans master the technology…

  • Nick


    Nick asks his sons if they had seen The China Syndrome?

    They had not. Watched You-tubes of trailer and TMI.

    3/11/11 …..

    later when we saw vids of Unit #1 going kaboom.

    "Dad, whoa, this is real time we were just talking about this."

    To this day they think I was/is haunted.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a nuclear shill-leader to tell your lying eyes that Units #1 and #3 were bad news, from the get go.

    So yeah, I'm a bit haunted about premonitioning Fukushima, but we are all haunted by a past that took our future away.

    Twas but a hare's breath that blew the falling wing of the butterfly.

    I will confirm that a strange chill went up my spine when watching #1 and #3 go kaboom.

    De ja vu is a powerful soul searer (sp.).

  • Shaker1

    I was once assigned a project which, in discussion of production, I asked "How can the salesman bid and win this contract when no one here, including myself, know how it will be accomplished?"

    I was politely told that the salesman had done his job, and now it's my turn to do mine…

    Pissed off, as I truly don't like failure, I retorted, "While he's done his job, did he possibly think of his stake and status in this organization as I must? Will he be willing to share the responsibility if I fail?"

    The reason that I cite this is that it's not even about social responsibility and ethics, but about personal responsibility and ethics. Sometimes I truly feel that we are culturally inept on even the most intellectually respected levels. Will one accept the murders of genius because they're ingeniously done?

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      "Sometimes I truly feel that we are culturally inept on even the most intellectually respected levels. Will one accept the murders of genius because they're ingeniously done?"

      Google Acquires Boston Dynamics, Adding To Its Fleet Of Robot-Makers
      Dec 14 2013


      "The company was founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert, a former professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and currently has multimillion dollar contracts with the U.S. military's advanced research division of DARPA. The New York Times notes that while Google will honor Boston Dynamics' existing contracts, it has no plans to become a defense contractor "on its own."

      One DARPA-funded project is the Atlas, a 6-foot 2-inch, 330-pound robot with 28 hydraulically actuated joints and two sets of hands capable of many natural human movements. The Atlas is part of Boston Dynamics' DARPA Robotics Challenge, where seven teams compete to create a robot that can navigate rough terrain, drive a car and in DARPA's words, "advance the technology necessary to create robots capable of assisting humans in disaster response."

      No plans defense contractor..BS.
      Google… part of the government..
      Look at the money spent..for what?
      Toys..more toys.

  • Jebus Jebus

    The failure of a nuclear plants safety systems is inherent.
    The issue is the layered or swiss cheese model of failure analysis.
    Plant is designed and then failure analysis applies another layer.
    Risk analysis is done and another layer is applied, rinse, repeat.
    All layers are full of holes. Risk is hoping holes don't line up.

    Swiss cheese model

    "In the Swiss Cheese model, individual weaknesses are modeled as holes in slices of swiss cheese. They represent the imperfections in individual safeguards or defences, which in the real world rarely approach the ideal of being completely proof against failure."


  • mushroom

    I just want this to be over. If Fuku is going to kill me, get it over with so I NEVER have to read or hear the acronym TEPCO again! Any story with TEPCO in it is bad, horrible, hopeless and Fuked up.
    GAAAAWWWWWD save me from the stupid humans that populate this planet.

    • tarpus

      "If Jesus saves, he'd better save himself" – Ian Anderson

      • deedles deedles

        Oh Father high in heaven — smile down upon your son
        who's busy with his money games — his women and his gun.
        Oh Jesus save me!
        And the unsung Western hero killed an Indian or three
        and made his name in Hollywood
        to set the white man free.
        Oh Jesus save me!
        If Jesus saves — well, He'd better save Himself
        from the gory glory seekers who use His name in death.
        Oh Jesus save me!
        I saw him in the city and on the mountains of the moon —
        His cross was rather bloody —
        He could hardly roll His stone.
        Oh Jesus save me!

        Jethro Tull- Hymn 43, from the album Aqualung.


  • name999 name999

    …the discussions here about healthcare are probably the least informative of this site. Mainly because this focus on "obamacare" is so far from the center of the problem. Unfortunately we live in an era where trying to fix systems like healthcare in the U.S. will take generations…where to start? There is no good place to start but where we are. and I credit anyone who tries. I would have to agree with all here on one main point…it sucks and it has for a long time. Making it better offends the right wing who control the markets, wealth and jobs. They have an investment in no healthcare for Americans and this has been true for the last century. The details of our healthcare debacle gets very dirty and into clandestine operations that I won't go into here…can be found in senate records at the public library for the diligent researcher…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    So you are saying that a legislative bill containing 2700 pages that nobody read that congressman voted for which has now morphed into over 1 million pages of gobbledygook is the sole fault of the Republicans? Everybody's hands are filthy in this current debacle.. 🙁

  • "None of the nucleorats will escape the verdict of history."
    to the best of my limited knowledge that is incorrect when reviewing history to this point.
    the despots may get a naughty naughty in their bio's but they usually still come through with exactly what they seek, fame. the nastier the better so far. The hidden history shows they all had handlers however.

    all I have now is but a temporary possession of things, whether its fuku or a swat team that takes me out seems irrelevant now. at least to me.
    even odds on the fuku=swat scenario is real, the fascists are openly waging war on peace and truth, again. what shook me was finding out tyranny was the usual state of states and empires. idiots or psychopaths the resulting genocides still count. now we face it ourselves instead of shuddering while reading false transcripts from the scribes paid by the cannibals that rule. there is no spoon , just knives and forks wielded by the worst of the worst. fukushima the event that slays us all or not, the books will not hear our cries when they are found ten thousand years from now.

  • Tung Jen Tung Jen

    Colateral Damage!

  • name999 name999

    Obewan, I don't believe it is about Republicans or Democrats. The extreme right wing I am referring to is maybe more represented by Tea Party people, and those that fund them. Even Boehner wants to distance himself from them. I guess I don't think it is exactly fair to say everyone's hands are filthy. The process of getting healthcare in this country has may people working very hard to this purpose, good people who get it just like you do and many on this site do. But it is true that the Republican party has gone along with these folks just to thwart Barack Obama…stopping him is their goal and the Republican party has voted in a block with this extreme agenda that I don't think many elected officials even understand…they tend to be blockheads…I am rushing at the moment but wanted to at least connect on this…more in the ensuing conversations I am sure…ACA is not what it was meant to be, but where to begin…must begin somewhere!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Certainly this was not rocket science and did not need to be difficult to fund or to even roll out…

    It has all been controlled by pure greed of all the parties concerned and of the politicians whom have been bought and paid for by various special interest groups..

    When one program starts up other overlapping government programs must end…

    Which marbles are mine and which ones can I keep has always been the American way..

    • Care for a couple of trinkets in trade for that million square acres of land?

      The Indian says "sure" why not? Because they know you cannot 'own' land, sky, water or the Great Spirit…

      That was the beginning of problems, and it will be the end of all problems.

  • I think it is time to move south! I moved to Chile and I can help you.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    So you disagree with this, as your nation is now heading towards 200 trillion in debt?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sure it does…:) Wonder when everyone else is going to move?

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    There this one guy on you tube who has made some the best videos I have ever seen on Fukushima, radiation sickness, how to protect your family & it's BeauifulGirlByDana on you tube, he is very smart & he is not scared to get down to the nitty gritty unlyness of what has & will happen if we do not press this issue the world is coveing up! Please watch, copy a page of the head lines of enenews & put the links your local paper or hand flyers so people will wake & see the truth!
    Thank you enenews & all that comment!

  • name999 name999

    Obewan, thanks for all you do here.
    Regarding the Tea Party platform, good god, no I don,t agree with what these people are trying to do. Some of the goals sound noble but the application is dreadful. and I absolutely despise the way these people take an important event! the REAL boston Tea party and co-opt it .

    The presentation of U.S debt is and has been for many decades, filled with much deception about where huge amounts of $ goes. I am unsure how much to say in this forum about this, but I will say this…the first budget for the COI
    Authorized in 1941 or 1942 by FDR was in the range of $10,000,000. That is a shitload of money. This not $ that gets reported to most elected officials and certainly not the American people…oh So Secret…

  • name999 name999

    Yawn…no, bozzy54 all my questions aren,t answered, are yours? Typing on this ipad is tricky so I apologize for errors in spelling, etc. and we are now this very moment not only owned by the banks but are also under 24 hr surveillance. Our environment is virtually destroyed and anyone who really calls bullshit on this is in danger.
    Sorry to be rude…maybe you also have a job on the internet that pays $600 a minute …haha