Jiji: Highly radioactive groundwater now flowing under Unit 1 — Levels skyrocket since last test, now 1,000s of times higher — 8 locations hit record in recent days at Fukushima Daiichi

Published: January 25th, 2014 at 9:36 pm ET


Jiji Press, Jan. 24, 2014: Tainted Water May Also Have Leaked from No. 1 Reactor at Fukushima N-Plant — Highly radioactive water accumulated in the basement of the turbine building of the No. 1 reactor […] may have contaminated groundwater, experts said Friday. […] TEPCO has explained that the groundwater may have been contaminated by highly radioactive water in underground cable tunnels of the No. 2 and 3 reactors […] however, 5,600 becquerels of radioactive tritium per liter was detected in groundwater taken on Sunday from an observation well near the turbine building of the No. 1 reactor. No radioactive tritium was detected in water collected in mid-November. […]

8 groundwater locations hit new highs for tritium  since January 6 (Bq/liter):

  • 0-2: 4,700 <1/12>
  • 0-3-2: 73,000 <1/16>
  • 0-4: 46,000 <1/12>
  • 1-8: 12,000 <1/6>
  • 1-17: 31,000 <1/16>
  • 2-2: 660 <1/8>
  • 2-7: 1,100 <1/17>
  • 3-5: 170 <1/8>

View the latest sampling results here (pdf)

See also: [intlink id=”expert-it-cant-be-changed-and-cant-be-stopped-contaminated-groundwater-will-keep-entering-ocean-at-fukushima-west-coast-should-be-alarmed-since-no-one-is-measuring-radia” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 25th, 2014 at 9:36 pm ET


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212 comments to Jiji: Highly radioactive groundwater now flowing under Unit 1 — Levels skyrocket since last test, now 1,000s of times higher — 8 locations hit record in recent days at Fukushima Daiichi

  • guevara3712

    i'd like to hear someone with some knowledge comment on what the tritium lvls going up means.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      That the coria is fissioning.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Tritium is a radioactive form, isotope, of hydrogen. Tritium atoms have a half-life of 12.43 years. When tritium undergoes radioactive decay, it converts to a stable, non-radioactive form, isotope, of helium, helium-3. The half-life is the time it takes for half of a given number of radioactive nuclei to be converted to helium-3.

        Although tritium occurs naturally in the environment, the amount is too small for practical recovery. Therefore tritium for nuclear weapons must be produced artificially. There are two ways of producing tritium, both involving nuclear reactions using neutrons. In the first way, neutrons are made to strike a target consisting of a lithium/aluminum material. The neutrons react with the lithium, producing tritium and other byproducts. This technology has been used to produce tritium for several decades at the Savannah River Site (SRS) in South Carolina. In the second method, neutrons react with helium-3 to produce tritium and normal hydrogen as by-products. Although this process has been demonstrated, the helium-3 method has not yet been used in any tritium production system.

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          The production of tritium requires the generation of energetic neutrons. There are two suitable ways of producing such neutrons: nuclear reactors and accelerators. In an accelerator, neutrons are produced by a process called spallation. Protons, accelerated in a particle accelerator to very high energies, strike a target made of tungsten. The energetic protons then knock neutrons and more protons off the tungsten atoms like billiard balls. These neutrons and protons then knock off more neutrons in a cascade fashion. In a nuclear reactor, energy is produced by nuclear fission, or splitting, of uranium and plutonium atoms. Neutrons are used to produce the fission in the first place, and a byproduct of this reaction is more neutrons. Most of these neutrons are used to create more fission reactions — a chain reaction — but some neutrons leave the reaction region — the reactor core — without initiating a fission reaction. These neutrons are available for other nuclear reactions including those that produce tritium. In both cases, the quantity of neutrons produced can be controlled by adjusting parameters inherent to the accelerator or nuclear reactor.

        • loneranger loneranger


      • Arizonan Arizonan

        Tritium has a half life of 12.4 years – meaning half of it transforms into something else in that time. This of course means that the tritium we see today is yes the product of coria fissioning, but it could also have been made at the beginning of the accident, in 2011. Why wasn't in this sample area in November? That is the real question. Someone needs to produce a 3D chart from the location, depth and reading across time from the avalanche of numbers TEPCO has given us.

    • patb2009

      1) Tritium could be rising because the corium has recently broken out of the basements and is being
      washed out of the corium.

      2) Tritium is rising because the SFP's are leaking badly

      3) We are having little random fission events and it's producing a lot of tritium.

      4) Some nuetron source is rocking out.

      I hope it's 1, i worry it's 2, it would be bad if it's' anything else

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      It is getting worse as it continues to fission and will do so for many moons. Unreal that other countries are not getting involved and putting the pressure on but once again it's much too late. Sometimes I can't believe the ignorance of the general populace or perhaps people prefer not to think about the consequences as it is very dire and nothing can be done but I digress Tritium indicates fissioning and that nasty MOX ahh they should outlaw that stuff. IMHO

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      "Asahi, Oct. 13, 2013: TEPCO measured 320,000 becquerels of tritium […] per liter from water sampled from an observation well on Oct. 10 located near a storage tank, from which the leakage of 300 tons of highly contaminated water was discovered in August. […] highly toxic water left after being used to cool the reactors. It marked the first time that water containing 300,000 or more becquerels of tritium per liter was detected from groundwater sampled from the compound of the Fukushima No. 1 plant." That was last Autumn.

      • Cisco Cisco

        And keep in mind, All of TEPCO's testing and particularly its reporting has been forever fudged and aggressively under reported.

        I believe most of us here, understand that the conditions at Fuku are much worse than TEPCO reports. The entire industry is built on ignorantly plausible half truths and distortions of the data and past discredited ideology that only models external radiation's effect's on biological systems.

        It had been well established since nuclear power's infancy, that ionizing radiation at any level is disease causing and destructive to all biological systems. The IAEC knew the correlation of disease and ionizing radiation. It was known as early as 1902.

        The IAEC chose the risk versus reward model. The dangers of nuclear experimentation and proliferation were an acceptable risk for the disease of a few, for the benefit of the overwhelming majority. Too bad for them and us, they went to far, too big, and too wrong with that application.

        For some history about what one of the most "official" sources, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, on what was known and when, check out the article, "No Safe Dose of Ionizing Radiation: Oak Ridge Institute-US National Academy of Sciences (BEIR" article at http://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/no-safe-dose-of-ionizing-radiation-oak-ridge-institute-us-national-academy-of-sciences-beir/

    • Is There 'Natural' Plutonium And Are There 'Natural' Fission Reactions? via @AGreenRoad

  • dka

    Why are they keeping measuring Tritium nowadays?
    They use to measure cesium for example, and measured many other radionuclides, why this recent obsession with measuring specifically tritium?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Given the circumstances, would it be safe to assume, that even though tritiated water has been leaking from every pore of the nuclear icon for fifty plus years, that this is probably the largest continous release of tritiated water in human history?

    Next element…

  • Daisy207

    Seems like this is one of the first tables produced with a map (somewhat of the area) –
    1st – when analyzing ground water samples you need to know the depth at which the sample was collected. Are these wells drilled 20 feet below grade with 10 feet of screen or are they drilled 100 feet below grade with 10 feet of screen – or are they full penetration screen deep wells.
    2nd – tritium is a beta source – gross beta should =or be > tritium levels – ??? Don't understand.
    3rd – Lots still being analyzed – will they update the table?
    4th – this is three years into this – where are the historical data – should have a link to a web site showing all data to date with well construction details.
    5th – reported levels of tritium seems extremely low given the magnitude of what would be expected with three melt downs and exits of containment. EPA's limit is 740 Bq/L (20,000 piCu/L)- not that I would want to drink a beta source that high.
    My guess is that one of two things happened – either they were not measuring tritium historically (although this is one of the easier ones to look for) or they simply didn't have the wells in place to measure it until recently.
    6th – it would be interesting to see the levels in the tanks that are "leaking" as this is circulated water through the cooling system and probably in contact with the fuel – I would expect thousands of orders of magnitude higher – and the same in concentrations of multiple uncontrolled discharges from the site.

  • Jebus Jebus

    If you think about what tritiated water means, then you see that the whole world will eventually become one with Fukushima…

    Three multi-ton, below sea level, on the beach, nuclear isotope generators…

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Jebus…maybe this is why the government just ordered 14 million children's dosage of thyro-safe….for delivery by Feb. 1, 2014? They were ordering it to be delivered to Pacific Rim area….maybe Hawaii and Japan?

      It seems like the headlines are coming faster and faster now, and I wonder if they know that soon the workers will have to walk away and leave the Daiichi to evolve….


      • Vince Vince Ivey

        I think this situation is The Big One, and the Media Blackout is a symptom of the hidden monster: the orchestration of the Panic that is coming. The Media is with-holding the juice until the time is right; when the contamination is obvious the plug will come out of the drain and all the water will run out. The panic is the problem, and it also comes from the REAL problem: Fukushima, and the fact that Japan/TEPCO has remained in control ever since the beginning. When the reality of contamination hits the Mainstream, there will be outrage and maybe panic – the people will demand a solution so that "this can never happen again" . . . "how could we not have a World Government Body to stop nations from concealing environmental damaging situations???" . Reaction gives fuel for cementing of solution: World Government; the end of National Sovereignty.

        • GOM GOM

          Department of Homeland Security, Nuclear Detection Division and National Nuclear Security Administration[?]: Recent [this past week] flyovers, [radiation sniffing helicopters] measuring/monitoring "background radiation levels" in Berkeley and N. Oakland [San Fran] Feds say data to be used for 'future assessment of radiation levels'. The writing is on the wall Vince. http://www.berkeley.patch.com if link fails google it.

        • Sol Man

          OoC, so nothing will change the outcome, regardless.

      • Daisy207

        Won't protect against tritium exposure – they must be expecting a big event involving fission and a massive release of radioactive iodine.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Daisy207…that is what I was thinking another explosion, fission, or that things have deteriorated to the point they are walking away and leaving the reactors to melt down..run dry…whatever reactors do when there is no water, not containment….

        • deaddolphins simonhhh

          Which one? there are 37 of them…
          Of the 37 known isotopes of iodine, only one, 127I, is stable.
          The longest-lived radioisotope, 129I, has a half-life of 15.7 million years. This is long enough to make it a permanent fixture of the environment on human time scales, but far too short for it to exist as a primordial isotope today. Instead, iodine-129 is an extinct radionuclide, and its presence in the early solar system is inferred from the observation of an excess of its daughter xenon-129. This nuclide is also newly made by cosmic rays and as a byproduct of artificial nuclear fission, which it is used to monitor as a very long-lived environmental contaminant.
          The next-longest-lived radioisotope, iodine-125, has a half-life of 59 days. It is used as a convenient gamma-emitting tag for proteins in biological assays, and a few nuclear medicine imaging tests where a longer half-life is required. It is also commonly used in brachytherapy implanted capsules, which kill tumors by local short-range gamma radiation (but where the isotope is never released into the body).
          Iodine-131 (half-life 8 days) is a beta-emitting isotope, which is a common nuclear fission product. It is preferably administered to humans only in very high doses which destroy all tissues that accumulate it (usually the thyroid).Most isotopes of iodine, [with exception of medical used iodine 125 etc], in small amounts are highly carcinogenic… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iodine

    • razzz razzz

      Jebus: That was an interesting read at the link above you supplied.

      I am guessing they have no idea what is going on. Besides the huge amounts of the melts, the melts are not high and dry but reacting to freshwater and sea water and free to interact with soil either directly or indirectly. Not to mention the exotic metals used for the fuel rods themselves to begin with.

      There is fission going on but doesn't mean there is a continuous chain reaction, neutrons flying around for neutron capture events which I guess is considered third level events. The possibilities seem endless without containment to keep things under control, or somewhat under control. Enough radiation to cause water hydrolysis creating hydrogen pockets and further explosions.

      Remember a report that scientists working near Daiichi's fallout zone were finding elements existing in subatomic condition that they thought could exist but were never seen before, more than likely due to the fuel melts acting with saltwater. They were trying to back test or back track to confirm their suspicions. In essence, reconstructing the explosions and everything leading up to the explosions. A daunting task due to the complexities.

      I think presences of noble gasses would be the telltale of actually ongoing criticalities.

  • Daisy207

    Ran out of space above.
    Tritium is nasty – as it behaves like water (because it is water) and can't be filtered. Once in the ocean, or other surface water, it enters the hydrologic cycle – can evaporate into clouds and rain out anywhere it pleases. You don't want to breath it in salt spray at the beach. Water – that is not encased in a heat exchanger – and that is in direct contact with fuel – should be nearly 100% tritium – there is no saturation solubility limit- so once again I would like to see measurements in mg/L – which is a mass concentration. I wish these people would not water down the reports – but simply link those of us who know what we are looking at can see details. One detail I would like to know is who on earth is handling those samples. I would not touch one with a ten foot pole. Although not really a metal – but a gas- hydrogen is chemically considered a metal and is included in the activity list of metals (for those of us forced to study inorganic chemistry) so its treated as a metal just as is Cs,
    Pu, Sr and all the other metals – why on earth are they looking at Mn ? Other metals I'm not sure why they are on the table. For what its worth – I'm printing the table to study it a little more closely.

  • WesternKyMan

    Water soluble is a favorite phrase of the pro nukers…it sounds so good at face value, but like the post above, when you look into it, water soluble is actually very bad. a Tritiun radionuclide attached to an hydrogen molecule make tritated water…is still just as radioactive and spreads even easier.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Tritiated water is a radioactive form of water where the usual hydrogen atoms are replaced with tritium.

    Tritiated water contains tritium; as a low energy beta emitter, it is not dangerous externally (its beta particles are unable to penetrate the skin), but it is a radiation hazard when inhaled, ingested via food or water, or absorbed through the skin.[1][2][3][4]

    Hows that work, can't penetrate skin, but can be absorbed?


    Before someone brings up short biological half life,
    we need and drink water every day, single exposure incident,
    does not apply…

    • Daisy207

      The beta particle can penetrate the skin – the water (tritium) molecule can't

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Daisy…"Tritiated water contains tritium; as a low energy beta emitter, it is not dangerous externally (its beta particles are unable to penetrate the skin), but it is a radiation hazard when inhaled, ingested via food or water……… or absorbed through the skin."

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Beta p[articles do penetrate the skin.
          “…Some radioactive substances give off beta particles, or electrons, as they release energy and seek a stable atomic state. These are small negatively charged particles which can penetrate skin but cannot penetrate through the whole body as do X-rays and gamma rays….”

            • Shaker1

              This also may help: http://www.ccnr.org/tritium_Fairlie.pdf

              These are major misconceptions. In radiobiology, so-called ʻweakʼ particles in fact have higher radiobiological effectiveness than more powerful emitters. Paradoxically, the lower their energy, the more effective they become. For example, β particles from tritium are actually two to three times more damaging than γ rays (explained later). Therefore to describe β particles from tritium as ʻweakʼ is misleading: it is better to term them ʻlow rangeʼ.

              The reason for the greater effectiveness of low range particles has to do with the track structure of ionizing radiations. So-called ʻstrongʼ radiations (such as γ rays from cobalt-60) have very long tracks in tissue, but most of their energy is
              frittered away in small amounts over their long tracks. Damaging amounts of energy are deposited only at the ends of tracks. Low-range β emitters such as tritium effectively consist only of such track ends, and therefore are more damaging per disintegration than higher energy emitters."

              "Humans can become tritiated not only by skin absorption but by inhalation of contaminated water vapour, and by ingestion of contaminated food and water. When tritium enters the body, it is readily taken up and used in metabolic reactions and in cellular growth: over 60% of the bodyʼs atoms are hydrogen atoms and every day about 5% of these are engaged in metabolic reactions and
              cell proliferation. The result is that a proportion of the…

              • Shaker1


                "The result is that a proportion of the tritium taken in is fixed to proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, and most importantly to nucleoproteins such as DNA. This is called organically-bound tritium (OBT), which is non-uniformly distributed in the body and which is retained for longer periods than tritiated water
                (HTO). (All ICRP dosimetric models assume the opposite – that nuclides are homogenously distributed in the body/tissue organ of interest). Doses from OBT are therefore higher than from HTO. The longer people are exposed to tritiated water, the higher their levels of OBT become until, in the case of very lengthy exposures lasting for years, equilibrium is established."

                • artika rama

                  shaker1 Thanks shaker ,, great info ,, keep posting ,, i enjoy your posts a lot 🙂

                • Radio Radio

                  Thanks, Shaker1 and everyone else helping us understand the different aspects of radiation, how it is explained, often not understood at all or very little, and how low dose radiation is the real long term danger. This is the best summary i've read on that, Shaker 1.

                • Arizonan Arizonan

                  Thanks Shaker, I like your posts as well. Good info. There is a lot on tritium if people are willing to learn.

                • KidIcarus KidIcarus

                  Thanks shaker. I always believed tritium was harmless. Just another lie! Shocking 😉

                  • Shaker1

                    I'm just trying to contribute, and must admit that I'm not an expert and hardly have the patience to sift through the impressive array of documents and links as anne, maija, PhillipUpNorth or so many others do, or the direct experience of JoyB. In this situation, it's dedication to reading everything and anything since a child, and also as a child, experiencing the drills in school in the 50s and agonizing efforts to fall asleep that I'm sure so many of us here had at that time.

                    But one should definitely take a good look and spend some time at the site from which the quotes were taken. It's http://www.ccnr.org. It's been on my list for years as casual (if one can term it that) reading.

              • deaddolphins simonhhh

                Shaker…good post

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          The Navy specifies lining the inside of their crap GE reactors with gold as it's the ONLY thing that can contain it(?)!! I'm getting sick to my stomach thinking about tritium for the 2nd time today.The 1st thought of it accompanied by waves of nausea was during my daily shower,I wondered how much of it was present in the Chicago tap water & exactly how much stays with me and still thinking again of all of the things that used to be "refreshing" & felt "clean"-even the rains which I felt helped cleanse the grimy,urban cityscape & dirty little Crook County border suburbs while replenishing the trees & grass & plant life & wildlife that inhabits it but that's all gone now and everything is now foul,dirty and/or suspected of being contaminated & therefor harmful & disgusting to me now since the onset of the 311 ELE 🙁 ….Everything's changed for me now-it truly is a "one day at a time" existence since I don't see a future that even slightly resembles anything that I ever used to imagine to myself to get through the times I thought couldn't be much worse. I was wrong and in retrospect I know now that the era I assumed held the worst kinds of events spawned by the actions of the worst kinds of assholes was the time I should've enjoyed myself more and prepared for the rainy days ahead where I'm at now & which are far worse than my worst Cold War nightmares! Why wouldn't I logically assume that the cancers striking down everyone close to me are direct results of…

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            cont'd-311??!! TPTB & their nuke-puke sponsors disgust me almost as much as the products of their corrupt existences and the world today that they altered from what it was & could've been does not inspire me to survive the sickening acts of genocide & greed they live to commit & thrive from! I try not to do anything to enhance or contribute to The System,even though this choice comes at the cost of being able to better myself & provide more resources for my loved ones,but I still do my best to at least "get by"…. The one thing I'm not is afraid of dying though at least,at times I even seem to look forward to the peace & lack of worry it would bring??!! To anyone who came here to hear something hopeful & get some positive vibes somewhere-I apologize for my negative rant,but if you do find something CREDIBLE that gives one hope & brings them a sense of relief-PLEASE share what you've found because almost 3 years since 311 began & my post-311 being has been molded & solidified along with my bitterness & a bit of well-earned hatred for the deserving entities and all I got left to shoot for is the hopes & prayers that my two,20-something children are & remain well and in good health since I feel pretty well FUKuD speaking for myself!! Everyone take care & hope you have a nice weekend despite my doom & gloom BS! 🙂 PEACE

          • GOM GOM

            Johnny. Carbon shower filter. $40 @ Home Depot online [only] I cant use whole house filtration. And when I move it's easy. Same for kitchen.

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      Tritium is radiated hydrogen

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      The River Thames going into London is slightly tritiated because if the upstream Aldermaston nuclear weapons facility.

  • Daisy207

    Tritium is the mixer – the other nasties like Cs, Sr, U, among the 100's of other radionucleides are the hootch. One hell of a cocktail. And those hootch components – that emit neutrons – keep making more tritium as they decay – sort of self sustaining. The tritium will rain out into reservoirs, farm land, etc., become incorporated into fruits and vegetables and enter the drinking water supply. You don't have to be near the ocean to come in contact with it. Its one of the reasons I don't understand why NETC is not showing gross beta in their numbers – mostly only gamma or just counts.

  • tsfw tsfw

    What do you folks think will happen if they have to walk away from the plant? Not counting the obvious scenario in the case of a huge earthquake. Not sure I even want to know, but for curiosity's sake…

    • Daisy207

      The day they started dressing up homeless people in tyvek, masks and hard hats – they walked away. They can't even enter three buildings on the property. There is no solution – they can just monitor at a distance and play theatrics with the homeless PR sacrifices. Unlike Chernobyl, where they could encase it – the location near the ocean does not allow for this to be done – because they can't get underneath it. Huge tunnels were bored under Chernobyl – every mining company in the country was brought in – and the tunnels were filled with borated sand. Chernobly is high above the water table – Fukushima's ground surface can be no more than a foot or two above the water table – it never should have been located where it is – and all of them need to be shut down and decommissioned before all humans are extinct – at that point I guess it does not matter anyway.

      • zogerke zogerke

        though the article that wigee- oh i am getting his name wrong (sorry)- his avatar is a cute japanese cockroach – he posted this morning, early, kind of makes it seem to me like TEPCO hiring the homeless is a natural extension of their policy of hiring amateurs to do nuke work. here is the link: an expose from a retired japanese nuke worker:

      • Sickputer

        D207 typed these pixels of light: "the day they started dressing up homeless people in tyvek, masks and hard hats – they walked away…"

        SP: Well-put indeed. That and the low numbers of workers who are transported in each day. Tens of thousands of hours of video has rarely shown more than 10-20 workers at any time within 100 yards of the affected units. The early months that were so radioactive had those small groups working about 90 minutes a day (as admitted by Tepco). Larger groups worked clearing land and setting up the rows of sludge tanks and radioactive water holding tanks.

        The government has refused to order Japanese soldiers to their death like the Soviets did at Chernobyl.

        The charade of work at Fukushima has mainly concentrated on putting up tent panels to hide the wrecked buildings. Have we seen large numbers of workers trying to build up mounds of fire suppressing chemicals in case the plant experiences a major blowout above ground? Nope. They have no contingency plan for when they finally totally abandon the plant. You will know when that happens because the video feeds will be halted.

        • Shaker1

          "The day they started dressing up homeless people in tyvek, masks and hard hats – they walked away."

          Not to disagree, Daisy, but in just about any large project one has a hierarchy of individuals, and there is/was a vast amount of work there that can be performed by the basically unskilled. Believe me, I've been on both sides of the stick in situations such as this. I'm sympathetic and think it's horrid the lack of justice on the part of Japanese society to accept the method by which these low-level people are employed.

          Please don't get me wrong about what I'm going to say next, though. They never had near enough of these low-level workers for the tasks at hand at the site. I've said it before, and will again, there should have been people crawling around like ants at that site pretty much from the time they assessed the worst contaminated areas. And Sickputer, yes, the military, which in essence would have been no more than these lower-level workers. They even turned down the honorable efforts of elder volunteers claiming they weren't fit enough, when the reality is that there are areas where even the most fit would only work a few hours at best. Those turbine buildings, all the unnecessary equipment and accessible rubble should be gone. Whatever survives (something will) they'll have to live with the spectre of shame that will haunt these ruins, a gross, glowering apparition that I hope scares the hell out of them.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Chernobyl was a child's "owie."

        Fukushima is a gangrene infected leg ripped open, broken and chewed up by ditch digger.

        Chernobyl was operated on in the hospital.

        Fukushima is lying in the mud, face down, stuck there. There will be no operation, but decay, fungus, mildew, rot. Media coverage will be a happy face or fukuppy face and "It's ok, don't worry be happy."

        • bo bo

          Unincredulous, you wrap-ups always have a unusual way of clarify things. Thanks.

        • tsfw tsfw


          "Fukushima is lying in the mud, face down, stuck there. There will be no operation, but decay, fungus, mildew, rot. Media coverage will be a happy face or fukuppy face and It's ok, don't worry be happy."

          I do wonder how it's holding up to salt water damage. Not only are they by the sea, but they have been pouring sea water directly over everything for years eek. I live by the sea and I have had 2 ovens and 2 microwaves blow up. Laptops last 9 months if we're lucky. Toasters, fridges, taps, everything here dies prematurely, whether it's labeled rust proof or not. The salt caused a mini Chernobyl in my freaking kitchen on a 1 year old microwave- what in the hell were they thinking putting a plant there in the first place!

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          unincredulous….Best appraisal of the situation I have heard.

      • GOM GOM

        Daisy. What a great post.

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Hi Folks,,

      Fuku Diary is reporting that Tepco is saying the “Seaside of the reactors is getting too radioactive to work”.


  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    I don't believe they'll walk away not finishing their plans unless something catastrophic happens. Tepco must complete the creation of the subsidiary which will take the fall leaving Tepco unharmed should this happen. I don't know the details of the hydrology there other than there's subterranean water flow to the ocean via an aquifer fed by the surrounding mountains. I find their idea of building an in-ground refrigerant system to create an ice barrier/diverter is novel considering the instability of the geology. An earthquake cracks the ground breaking the barrier, it freezes sealing back up – a self-healing barrier. And in an ironic twist, they could build a solar concentrator using amonia as the refrigerant into a passive system not requiring outside power to do the cooling. In any case, all this is a temporary solution till someone can extract the coria and dispose of it. So, once the plans are completed to divert the water and all the other things associated with this, then they're done. A considerable amount of time may pass before extracting the coria since they'll wait for a more cost effective means to be developed to do so.

    • WesternKyMan

      That brings up something that has been on the back of my mind…we are going to build an ice wall!!!

      cesium radionuclides react violently with cold water forming cesium hydrochloride which is strong enough to eat thorough glass along with being radioactive… I would think that with an ice wall there would be condensation….cold water… see where I am going with this thought? anybody got any ideas on this?

    • tsfw tsfw

      Will they not eventually run out of workers? Assuming they are able to locate the corium, what are the odds of them being able to extract it? 3 years later and we have conjoined whale calves -I don't believe it's related to anything else, at this point that would be moronic. 3 short years! What the hell is next. Could the corium have already plooped (technical term) out and be in the sea? If that's possible, is it then easier to locate with heat sensing satellite imagery? Or is the only route it can take straight down? How hard can it be to at least locate the giant boogers ffs.

      • GOM GOM

        tsfw. German Marine Science Institute report was ignored last year after saying the entire Pacific will be contaminated in 6 years. It's still on You Tube….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLYxaqbWnTY

        • tsfw tsfw

          GOM for some reason that video made this all feel very real again -I say 'again' because I spent the afternoon in denial, sometimes it's better there, it just never lasts very long. Did you read the comments? I'm so pleased to see how the attitudes re Fuku related material have switched from people poking fun at the 'conspiracy' of it all, towards one of total acknowledgement and awareness. I think we're in the wakey wakey phase, it's starting to unfold. I'm glad I'm not in a city- now it's just a matter of convincing my mankids. I'd like to shake them senseless some days.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      "An earthquake cracks the ground breaking the barrier, it freezes sealing back up – a self-healing barrier"

      Never will happen. The ground at the Fukushima site settled some FOUR FEET vertically. All pipes buried in the ground broke if they traversed the fault. The next quake could cause more or less vertical movement, but any settling that is more than a few inches will most likely cause pipes to rupture and release any refrigerant contained within them. Remember, the ground under the reactor complex, the ENTIRE SITE, is 'made ground' subject to liquefaction during earth quake events. Highly unstable and prone to great movement when shaken by an earth quake.

      • We Not They Finally

        FOUR FEET? That's a really high scary estimate. But thanks for all your technical expertise. We need it.

        • Sickputer

          "The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake moved the Daiichi plant site 8 feet laterally and 2 feet vertically. The lateral movement was somewhat defended by the floating concrete earthquake pads which formed the key building foundations.

          The design was a double-edged sword…critical subsidiary turbine buildings were on separate floating pads. The result…crushed cooling pipes and electrical switching gear in between the buildings.

          All industry reactor vessels had been deemed "immune" to rupture by the head of the IAEA on March 15, 2011:
          "Nuclear reactors have layers of safety features designed to prevent radiation from reaching the atmosphere… Steel ingots are formed to contain the radioactive fuel inside of seam-free containment vessels immune to rupture. A pressure-resistant, airtight containment vessel is built around the reactor."

          These "nuclear reactors have multiple safety measures," International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano said in Vienna."

          SP: We know that vessel myth was shattered…and the cracked foundations leak like a sieve to this day. Convenient egress route for coriums."


          • Shaker1

            Sickputer commented:

            All industry reactor vessels had been deemed "immune" to rupture by the head of the IAEA on March 15, 2011:
            "Nuclear reactors have layers of safety features designed to prevent radiation from reaching the atmosphere… Steel ingots are formed to contain the radioactive fuel inside of seam-free containment vessels immune to rupture. A pressure-resistant, airtight containment vessel is built around the reactor."

            I guess the IAEA, and I might add so many techical agencies and defenders, genuinely believe people are stupid. Or like I wrote in one of my poems:

            It seems to become a god
            one musn't mitigate the tension,
            but maintain bias at all costs.

            As a metal fabricator, my retort to such claim would be to simply ask about all the penetrations necessary in the vessel. The vessel is only good as integrity of those penetrations. Break the pipe in or out, and the vessel is compromised even if its overall shape is unharmed.

            • Sickputer

              S1 sez: "As a metal fabricator, my retort to such claim would be to simply ask about all the penetrations necessary in the vessel."

              SP: The Mark 1 reactor vessels that hold the fissile fuel rod assemblies has holes in the bottom for the main boron rods (stops the active fission when desired by the plant operator during normal operations. Very dumb location in my opinion, but since the reactor vessel were deemed "immune" to rupture by the nucleorats it is understandable about their arrogance in design.

              Those boron holes in the bottom of the steel vessels of Units 1-3 at Daiichi that were running full operation at the time of the Great Earthquake on 311 were probably a facilitating route for the melted cores to melt-through the thick steel bottoms. We may have to wait a few hundred years to confirm that because the radiation insides Units 1-3 is far more intense than the much smaller melt-through at Chernobyl Unit 4 in 1986.

              RVs have other issues in the world-wide fleet:

              Page 10: Manufacturer Fabrication issues with RVs including units in America:

              "USA: NPP Catawba-1, NPP McGuire-2, NPP North Anna-1 and -2, NPP Quad Cities-2, NPP Sequoyah-1, and-2, NPP Surry-1 and -2, NPP Watts Bar-1.17"


              SP: The Unit 4 RV at Daiichi was supposedly offline during 911 which was a good thing:


      • tsfw tsfw

        Mexico City is built on similar ground and for that reason earthquakes feel stronger and cause more damage.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        They're gonna have to get clever so that any shifts in the ground within a typical spec. won't break any equipment.

  • tsfw tsfw

    I was just watching a new show called RAKE and that has got to be the 5th time in the past 2 months that Fuku has been referenced in a tv show. Modern family keeps showing a starfish framed on the wall that wasn't in previous episodes …there are more, I should start documenting them. If you download RAKE season 1 episode 1 they even use the word Fukushima at about the 20:00 mark. Jesus Christ they're prepping us.

  • Sam Sam

    Not looking forward to tritium in the ocean spray, in the
    fog and in the hydrologic cycle world wide. Read somewhere ocean
    mist can travel 800 mile inland. Tritium production sounds like a
    perpetual motion event as the "hootch" cocktail emits neutrons making more tritium.
    This just may be be the coup de grace. Time to go inter-galactic
    with Virgin Airlines. Enjoy life each day and max out the
    credit cards at the right time.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    They should rename TRITIUM to SHITIUM!

  • Vince Vince Ivey

    Problem – reaction – solution

    The reality of Fukushima's fuk'd nature WILL lead to mass panic, if it is real enough.

  • Ontological Ontological

    One of the charts of Pacific hot spot concentrations is parked right where we get our moisture feed here in the Mojave desert almost all year other than monsoon effect. This will pick up and move over the mountains. The other night is was spitting "stuff" from weather forming over the LA Basin. It was nasty, and drove us inside. SONGS and Diablo are along the precipitation feeds also. So much for clean air. They hydro fractured the aquifer, so the water is already becoming bad. People here have been screwed on their mortgages, and now forced to pay more taxes for this bullshit?
    Next the miserable fools will "evacuate" us all here, and force us to keep paying obligations, while the banks demand 29% compounded every second of every day for eternity for "unsecured" rates.

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    A refrigerated wall will be quite an undertaking.

    They would be better off just drilling holes, building an air separation plant, and dumping liquid nitrogen in them. Fast, simple, effective. This of course is a very brief explanation.

    They must have thought of this, it is so similar to fracking.

    There are air sep plants operating in Japan, liquid transport trucks, etc,etc. At least a pilot project should already be in the works with all the media hoopla and bullshit of some hope of containment.

    They just continue to push the shit in a circle, and report there is no improvement. Or worse.

    • artika rama

      airspetech But a refrigereated wall is good ,, it will need a lot of electricty though ,, like E for electricity ,, as E in T"E"pco 😉

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        HAHAHA…..That is true.

        That is the comedy of the situation.

        Once you have relative cheap equipment in place, your ready.

        Add power and air. It will be -300f in no time.

        If they REALLY want an ice wall, they are stalling.

  • razzz razzz

    Keep going over it (Tritium). Over and over again until it sinks in. It's like an intervention or reeducation to rid yourself of years of brainwashing, mostly through media.


    Dr. Caldicott mentions if an 'inversion' takes place over a nuke plants' cooling towers. That is like smog getting trapped in the Los Angeles basin due to an air temperature inversion but the good Dr. is referring to radioactive pollutants/fallout (Tritium is one) from working reactors getting trapped in an inversion with you in it near ground level instead of the radioactive condensation wafting high and away or having it blown further downwind in a good stiff breeze.

    Then she notes Euro testing done in a 2 1/2 mile radius of nuke plants there where increases of all kinds of cancers are found within the radius because of working nuke plants' fallout.

    If a Tritium molecule can pass thru glass and most all metals, why would human skin stop it?

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    "I am…in a world..of SHIT"(ium) 😐 !~Private "Pyle" to "Joker" in "Full Metal Jacket"…. Good Night ALL

  • razzz razzz

    All the things Arnie and Helen talk about on Aug 5, 2013 is true and still true today…


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A little leak from unit 3..now one from the turbine building near one..
    EIGHT groundwater testing locations show increase..and it's coming from a leak from where?
    A new leak or did the duct tape give?
    Which leaky-poo ..did you say ..TEPCO?

  • jec jec

    Look at the night view of Reactor 1 webcam,

    and tilt back the screen (LOOK UP AT THE SCREEN) to highlight colors of radiation emissions. Now you can see the GREEN glow on the ground level of Reactor 1. Could that be part of the flow of water issue? That can not be good. Either is the orange flame color on the second floor(s).

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Rain, rain go away come back another day
    Yea' a t.v. lets go watch
    Rain, rain go away come back another day
    Yea' what a cool ad lets go buy that
    Rain ,rain go away come back another day
    Yea' look the man in the white coat said it is o.k.
    Rain, rain go away come please don't come back another day.

    • GOM GOM

      Open letter to Timothy Bouchelle, HHS: re: 14-284-SOL-0015A According to the above order from DHHS for Potassium Iodine, I see that said order is to be delivered to Perry Point , MD. The order also states that it will be used for 750 employees. Being a concerned citizen, why are you in need of this? And being an informed citizen, this appears to be a 'maintenance' dose which indicates that this is a re-order. I am also curious as to why I do not see physcians presciption number on the order. As this information is posted on your site,


    continued [due to power outage] FedBizOpps.gov, I assume there can be further information regarding this issue, like how many other agencies are now ordering and receiving Iodine? Is a Doctor's prescription needed? Should all American's be taking this? And why? I like to be informed of government activities, and assume they are looking out for my best interest. Please reply by Febuary 1st.

  • irhologram

    What do you think of thisfr

    This purports to be a viable, cost effective alternative to the federal policy of burying nuclear waste. First, there must be a Congressional Bill passed to allow transmutation, or backwards engineering nuclear waste to a non-radioactive element. In addition to eliminating nuclear waste, the decay heat can turn the steam electric generators at each nuclear power plant to produce electricity.

    The Roy Process website – New website under construction

    No Time To Waste: E.I.S. – The Roy Process
    for Neutralizing Nuclear Waste – About 18 min.

    United States Senator Harry Reid: Amend the Nuclear Waste Policy Act

    • artika rama

      ifhologram I couldnt get any useful info from the sites you gave ,, do you have any other info ? thanjks

      • irhologram

        Attica. Dr. Roy, an incredibly gifted nuclear physicist, explains his concept in this (very old) video. He postulates that Strontium 90, Plutonium, and Cesium 137 can be changed at the quantum level to have half lives of between a couple of weeks to 45 days…by, for example, changing Cesium 137 to Cesium 136, which has a half life of 14 days.

        I'm just researching this, like you are. Apparently we pretty much outlawed this process by law (?) …which must be amended to allow a pilot plant to be built and tested

        • irhologram

          Sorry, spell check again…that post was to Artika.

        • artika rama

          thanks irhologram . I usually dont watch youtube video s for scientific information ,a lot of people make up a lot of stuff on youtube,, thats why i didnt check the youtube link ,, i was trying to find a link where its explained in a professional way , but if its Dr Roy himself explaining it on the video , then its good enough for me .
          thanks for the info , i will check it out 🙂

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          They must need the higher background readings for our visitors who must be coming to cull the human herds.. 🙂 Why else would they stuff the crap in 55 gallon drums instead… 🙁

          • irhologram

            Obewan, what if they thrive on radiation and that's why some believe telescopes reveal them so near the sun, or even passing into it…that they seem impervious, or you could even wonder if they're refueling. Their attraction for nuclear energy could just as easily be "what's in it for them?"…as it could have to do with "saving" us. Why would anyone believe what a channeled alien said anyway? Was it because they said "You can trust me?" What a bunch of pussies if governments did sell us out and then built radiation factories on fault lines, liquefaction areas, and hurricane, and tsunami exposed land… It would be insane not to realize that at some point, in the progression of time…each and every power plant will release a death payload to life on earth as we know it; .and so, building these nuclear time bombs deliberately set destruction in motion.. It was a matter of fact decision to destroy our world, potentially sooner then later. Maybe the heart of man can be that depraved without influence. Everyone attributes it to greed. But nuclear power is not cost effective, so that rules out Greed, IMO. They already have enough fissioned products to build the bombs and medical devices of their dreams. Why more plants? What DOES influence them? I can't believe I'm halfway serious in asking that!

    • Angela_R

      ifhologram, sounds feasible, but why hasn't it been done?
      Surely they're not waiting until the patent expires?
      or does the storage of nuclear waste provide ongoing monetary gain for some group?

      Will greed be allowed to destroy the earth

      • irhologram

        Angela. I'm not sure, but if the motive were greed, I would think legislating against this process would have been the equivalent to having shot themselves in the foot…no…make that…having shot themselves in the head. Like much else we discuss here, this…doesn't…make…sense… in the way we normally view what pulls the strings.

        • Angela_R

          irhologram, it is not necessary to discuss the motive but, imo, I suspect they need a quick education; survival is ultimately the primal drive, not money.

          The following link leads to an article about suppression of dissent and appeared way back in 1986. http://www.uow.edu.au/~bmartin/pubs/86spp.html

          I have only skimmed the contents of the above publication.
          Brian has written many articles and links are available through the above.

  • Nick

    Ionizing radiation is spreading across the planet's biosphere.

    The rays destroy tissue.

    White goo becomes yellow goo, becomes hideous decay, everywhere.

    No doctor on the planet will be ready for this.

    Cough it up folks.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    U.S. DOES NOTHING . . .

    While everyone gets fried from nuclear radiation.

  • Sol Man


    We hurt.
    We agonize; nobody here wanted this nightmare.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Just came aboard. Will backtrack later after the sunset.

    Quickly: was wondering why the serious uptick in our outdoor reads lately this week, besides the obvious, and here is this article that gives a good reason, among the many. Stay indoors people. Protocols! Something more than what we are discussing is happening. Up…up…and away!

    All Inspectors REPORT IN!



  • JP JP

    Now we can export nuclear power everywhere. Big plans to send the technology to the emerging markets. Hopefully they refuse it!


    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      tsfw: It appears the YouTube video has been pulled. I watched most of this last night and I go there this morning and gone. Of course it was pretty damning evidence the ocean dilution meme is BS and gov't and the nuke industry are siamese twins. Found another copy of it called, "AGreenRoad – Ocean Dumping Of Radioactive Trash And Waste Co…" Everyone better copy these before they're all gone.

  • tsfw tsfw

    And What the …


    "Some 470,000 birds, mostly ducks, have been slaughtered so far.
    Over 1.74 million others are set to be culled as the government has decided to also destroy chickens at all farms within 3 kilometers from affected farms after it confirmed the first outbreak of bird flu in chickens Saturday. (Yonhap News)"

    I have the urge to start canning like a mad woman.

    • GOM GOM

      tsfw. This is an enormous amount of birds. And someone here posted that Korea is as badly contaminated as Japan or close to it. I smell an epidemic of epic proportion. These birds, as in other animals, have compromised immune systems due to radiation. That lets in all kinds of illnesses. And the canning would be a good idea. I read that if you freeze first, the radiation decays. Do you know about this or if its true?

      • tsfw tsfw

        Sorry GOM, no idea. I googled but no dice. But wasn't someone saying something about the cold temperature or snow changing the structure of certain isotopes for the worse? Don't quote me,my brain doesn't assimilate periodic table talk. I know that soaking foods in baking soda is supposed to bind to certain radiation molecules. I've even added it to my shampoo and shower gel and use it to brush my teeth.

      • Sickputer

        GOM typed these pixels of light:

        "I read that if you freeze first, the radiation decays."

        SP: Radiation decays at a fairly constant measurable rate. If you are asking if freezing makes radiation decay FASTER, then the answer is for faster decay created by external forces the only factors researchers have identified are: solar flares; and the earth's current distance from the sun. The decay change is only measurable in a fraction of a percent. So pretty negligible.

        Credit on this discovery:


        Of interest in decay studies is the radiation being encountered by workers at Chernobyl. There is still great danger there as they work on the new billion dollar cover. Workers removing the old chimney get a year's worh of radiation exposure in just a few hours:


        "Every stage of the project has been a step into the unknown. Nobody has ever had to make a wrecked nuclear reactor safe before. Just preparing the site where the arch is being assembled required the removal of hundreds of tons of radioactive topsoil, then laying concrete foundations 8m (26ft) deep.

        The reactor building itself, badly damaged in the 1986 explosion and fire, is still far too radioactive for people to work there assembling the arch above it."

        SP: Fukushima has 40 times the amount of nuclear fuel as Chernobyl and much of that amount is in the or under the wrecked buildings of Units 1-4. Beyond comparison.

      • Mark Wonclunker

        "Korea as badly contaminated as Japan"

        I remember in the crazy weeks just after 311 when real info got out. It was reported that plutonium had been detected at 6 monitoring stations in S Korea.

        After that, no further mention. Maybe that info can be found, but I haven't tried.

    • Sparky Sparky

      @tsfw, GOM, "USDA Orders Mobile Gas Chambers to Kill Pandemic Poultry", Potrblog, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2z0XcCCElo.

      “In many cases, the owner will have an emotional attachment to the birds without economic considerations.” (Aug. 2013)

      • tsfw tsfw

        This reminds me that we don't only need to prep for radiation, but for biological diseases as well. Who wants to start a company building pre-fab Hazmat homes- cha-ching! Deluxe model comes with 5 year food supply. Deluxe model comes with an indoor pool that doubles as emergency H20 resevoir. All proceeds go to tracking down pro-nukes and sending them to work at Daichi 🙂

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      This is a foil to hide RAidS as disguised as bird flu , of course it could be that the birds are sick too , or they made a virus , but what? They have been killing them for years , remember mad cow ?

  • cooterboy

    James, reply

    Protocols indeed. Accuracy comes with timed 30-60 CPM in free air, outside, with 3-4 test per day min. Testing for all Alph, Beta, Gamma.

    2 weeks ago was 38 CPM avg 6 days.
    Last week, was 46 CPM avg 7 days.
    This week, was 54 CPM avg 7 days highest count of 82 CPM was witnessed. Radiation appears more constant and elevated.

    My detector is Inspector exp. I run 4-60 min. timed tests per day at the same times previously tested. Constant location, constant protocols.


    These readings were taken 20 miles North of Spokane Washington.

    I've created a spreadsheet that is not quite finished, in Excel that anyone can use on your PC. Record your information with listed protocols and you can make graphs, organize how you want to interpret the data. Scientific protocols are listed in the headers under comments for easy reference. Platform is; Windows 98 and Excel. Will post a link when I get it finished.

    • GOM GOM

      I would like to share this as it was sent to me. It doesn't get any worse than this, the full spectrum of nuclear. Print it out, hand it out. Chelyabinsk: The Most Contaminated Spot On The Planet: http://www.wentz.net/radiate/cheyla/index.htm ..[if link fails it is worth your time to google it]

      • tsfw tsfw

        "On September 29, 1957 a liquid radioactive waste storage tank exploded following a failure in the cooling system and polluted an area equal to the size of New Jersey with plutonium and strontium. The explosion formed a radioactive cloud over the provinces of Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Tyumen. A total area of 23,000 sq. kilometers was contaminated and the area is now called the East Ural Radioactive Trace, the EURT. This accident was kept secret from the outside world for military safety reasons and 10,700 people were silently evacuated. This nuclear accident released twice the amount of curies that were released by the Chernobyl accident."

        Deja Vu. They didn't learn, they will never learn. No reason for us to expect them to take Fuku any more seriously. They have had plenty of reasons to abolish nuclear in the past. What I don't get is why, when they and their children breathe the same air. I always have this feeling in the background that we are missing a significant piece of the puzzle, and we may never know the truths.

        • @ tsfw
          January 26, 2014 at 11:06 pm
          The specialist society, thats ours today will never solve the puzzle unless a normal one is ushered in. The normal recognises interconnections as fact, not the separate existences that are sufficiently reductionist as to hide the truth.The normal recognises the cumulative effects of modern civilization on itself or parts of itself created by man. Look at September 29 1957-Kyshtym nuclear waste explosion, October 7 1957, Windscale fire, March 28 1979 TMI, April 25(UTC) 1986 Chernobyl, March 30 1993 Narora Fire, January 26 2001 Bhuj quake, December 26 2004 9.3 MM earthquake and tsunami and putting out of commission of nuclear reactor pumps at Kalpakkam for years, May 18 2008 Sichuan quake, March 11 2011 Fukushima 9.0 quake and triple meltdown,all have one thing in common: The devastating CUMULATIVE effects of the world's dams as they continuously unleash surge waves through the earth. One may wave banners like no more Fukushimas and may invite Shinzo Abe to Indian Republic Day parade and do nothing about the cumulative effects of modern structures on one another and go on building catastrophic non performing omnicidal nukes. Please take notice that more Fukushimas are certain. In a growth phase of nuclear fuel cycles lasting decades in China and India power will only be consumed by nukes and society outside the nukes will only continue to feed the nuke debts while the whole planet gets converted to long lived nuke wastes.Fukushimas barren!

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        I watched that a few weeks ago , did you . I found it interesting how they covered up radiation poisoning and only noted in the files something else but a code was ther . What a dreary place to live .

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Fukushima is many orders of magnitude worse than Chelyabinsk. And we are only getting information on reactors 1-3 at Fukushima Daiichi when there are 15 commercial reactors involved, many experimental reactors at Tokai and two nuclear reprocessing plants, one at Tokai and the other at Rokkasho.

        Japan's radionuclide release is 1000s of times worse than Chelyablinsk. And we don't even hear about the problems and accidents in China or Iran or North Korea.

        And Fort Calhoun NPP was flooded out and has never been restarted, and we don't get information about that.

        • gottagetoffthegrid

          And tritium levels spiked in the ground water around North Anna after the eathquake there.

        • nedlifromvermont

          @Anne: Fort Calhoun was recently returned to service after two and a half years … and then they had a trip or a scram … but now they're good to go again …

          Nothin' like a melt out in the nation's heartland to make our point that civilian nuclear power was a bad idea … let's hope not. I hate it when people insist on making my points for me in a really loud voice or obvious way …

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    TEPCO lies like a rug!

    CBS report on Fukushima on Evening News tonight, Monday. 6:30PM EST.

    • flatsville

      I saw that teaser leader too for tonight's broadcast. This is part of the ramp up into the 3rd anniversary.

      I'm sure thr spin will make us all dizzy and want to wretch.

  • usagi usagi

    I'm on my way to Tokyo today. I got my GMC-300 on board, and will be reporting on my observations in the Yokohama area.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Thanks well be all looking forward to hearing from you , what about the plane trip are you allowed to test on the plane ? Be careful and stay safe !

      • usagi usagi

        I've arrived in Yokohama as of this evening. I had the counter on the plane, but did not get a chance to use it as my bag got gate checked due to not enough space in the overhead bins. So far I'm seeing a fairly normal reading of 20 CPM in my hotel room. I'll be taking the counter in my bag when I go to the work site and trying to gather good readings and survey any interesting objects. I especially want to capture any rain runoff deposits that I come across (the "black soil" that has high emissions).

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    usagi, Excellent! We can't wait to see the readings/reports!

  • Daisy207

    Just thought I would let you know that I can't add comments other than what I did early yesterday without well completion data. The analytical data are what they are but without details describing the depths that the water was collected from I can't say anything about the ground water flow. Just so you all understand – say I put in monitoring wells at a location where assumed depth to water (dtw) was say two feet below grade and I wanted to see what shallow ground water was doing I would drill the well to around 15 feet below grade and put a 10 foot screen in it (to isolate 10 feet of ground water across the column) and not pick up the mixing zone in the first couple of feet which can distort the data. If I wanted to only look at deep ground water I would drill the well to 100 feet below grade and put ten feet of screen only sampling the bottom 10 feet across the formation. Nested wells at various depths give a good cross section of water quality. Without this information I can't offer any more comment than I already have. Sorry.

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    More details about Tritium & its dangers:
    "It is classified as a carcinogen (causes cancer), a mutagen (causes genetic mutations) and a teratogen (causes problems in the developing fetus resulting in birth defects)."

    " There are studies which indicate associations between Canadian nuclear reactors and increased rates of fatal birth defects, childhood leukemia, and Down’s Syndrome in nearby populations (4)."


    "Radiological research has found a correlation between tritium and cumulative genetic injury. (21) There was found in successive generations a reduction in relative brain weight, reduction in litter size, and increased reabsorption of embryos." (animal study)

    "Correlations have been found in epidemiological research between tritium and Down’s' Syndrome. Associations have also been found between low-level radiation and Down's Syndrome." http://www.ipsecinfo.org/Tritium.htm

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    "Radioactive tritium became a perfect marker for tracking ocean water §. Scientists sampling North Atlantic water found that tritium released into the atmosphere before the 1962 nuclear test ban treaty, mixed downward by 1973. By 1980, the same tritium had moved into deep areas off Florida. The water had taken about 20 years to travel 3000 miles (4800 km) through the sea at an average speed of less than half a mile a day, about half the speed of a snail §."


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    With all this documented information how can the world allow these Nuke Pukes to still operate anywhere on this planet's surface? This is not something any of us can control. 🙁

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    "Tritium is something we should all educate ourselves about and understand — what it is and how it hurts us. This newsletter provides an in-depth look at tritium, along with some basic background information."

    "We all need to understand tritium's peculiar interactions with biological systems. We need to understand both the quantity and the quality of the damage tritium does."

    "Is the current EPA limit tough enough? Not by a long shot. The EPA limit is based mainly on Hiroshima bomb victim studies, as are essentially all radiation-dose health-effects calculations by official groups such as EPA, BEIR, UNSCEAR, ICRP, etc.. Those studies were extremely biased. For example, ANY infant or child 5 years old or younger, who died in Hiroshima after The Bomb was SIMPLY NOT COUNTED. Stillbirths were not counted, even when the public health officials heard about them. Spontaneous abortions were not counted. Deformed babies who were born and lived only a few minutes were not counted. And yet it is from these horrifically biased studies that the 20,000 pCi/l drinking water standard was developed. For the most part, the standard for tritium is based on the effect of external radiation on otherwise healthy 15 to 40 year old males — the least susceptible of all populations to radiation's biological damage!"

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      "3He is the after-effect of the tritium decay itself — the "heavy" hydrogen atom with two extra neutrons becomes a "light" helium atom (3He) with only one neutron and in search of a couple of electrons. It's particularly damaging because it WILL pull electrons from other atoms, producing free radicals. And it starts out at about 1 to 3 electron volts. Each electron volt equals 11,650 degrees Kelvin, energy which must be dissipated in your cells. This thermally "hot" helium atom can ruin molecules it runs into, breaking them, flipping them (creating mirror images of the original molecule), and so forth, until it cools down."

      "The other important thing that is usually created when the tritium atom in HTO (tritiated water) decays, along with the 3He and the beta particle, is HO. HO is a particularly nasty free-radical because it will bounce around in your body, stealing electrons off of other things, disrupting delicate chemical processes including DNA replication in your cells, until something (such as a Vitamin C molecule) locks it up and renders it harmless.

      These two problems are particular to tritium."

      .."but HO is an especially reactive "molecular fragment" and to make things worse, in dealing with the HO, the body often makes hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which can be very damaging if it's not in the right place."

      • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

        "The effects of 3He and HO are ignored if one only looks at the "radiation" effects on Hiroshima bomb victims, and especially only the effects of external radiation. In other words, one needs to ask, how much of each Hiroshima victim's radiation exposure was from tritium? But there is no way, now, to know. Only the wildest of guesses can be made."

        "Combining these issues, this author believes that the 20,000 pCi/l limit for drinking water should be lowered to less than 70 pCi/l. This is based on the following reasoning: That the failure, during the aftermath of Hiroshima, to adequately study the deaths of infants and small children, to count spontaneous abortions and all the rest, is easily worth at least two orders of magnitude (X100) in its effect on the data the standard is based upon. Dr. Helen Caldicott has stated that infants are at least 100 times more susceptible to radiation's ill effects than adults are. Other scientists agree. We are obliged to set the standards for tritium at what is necessary to protect the most susceptible among us — our future, as it turns out — our oocytes, ovum, fetuses, infants, and children."

        "Retired Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories staff scientist Dr. Marion Fulk states: "The nuclear industry — and the Department of Energy — are not mandated by their charters to protect the human genome and the process of evolution."

        • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

          "Tritium in our environment can destroy 5 trillion+ chemical bonds in each person's body every day and that's OKAY with the EPA! The nuclear industry has advocated raising this number to 15 trillion per day!"

          "According to the Bruce Center, in 1994, an (Ontario, Canada) appointed “Advisory Committee on Environmental Standards” recommended in a report titled “A Standard for Tritium: A Recommendation to the Minister of the Environment and Energy” that the maximum permissible concentration of tritium in drinking water be immediately reduced 70-fold to 100 Bq/L, grading to 20 Bq/L over 5 years. Their recommendations were rejected by the Ontario government. (Note: 7,000 Bq/L is Canada's current limit on tritium in drinking water, about 10 times the U.S. (EPA) limit. This is presumably because the Canadian "CANDU" reactors produce about 30 times more tritium — and release about 20 times more tritium — than a typical U.S. "light water" reactor, and they could not operate with the more restrictive U.S. guidelines."

          "In 1997, it was learned that Ontario Hydro (Canada) had failed to report tritium contamination of ground water at the Pickering nuclear generating station for the previous twenty years. In 1979 the company found 2,150,000 becquerels per litre (Bq/L) of tritium in ground water, and in 1994 they found 700,000 Bq/L."


          • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

            Quite explicitly, Straume warns that health consequences from x-rays and tritium (radioactive hydrogen) may be larger by a factor of four to five than the harm from an equal dose of Hiroshima-Nagasaki gamma rays (Straume, 1995, Page 956).

            "Many studies indicate the RBE for Low Energy Beta Radiation such as that from H-3 and C-14 is greater than one and may be as high as five. In other words, this factor alone would indicate an underestimate of the population dose and the concomitant risks of radiation induced malignancies and genetic defects by a factor as much as five."

            ****"It should be appreciated that since both H-3 and C-14 deposit in the gonads and in the DNA and RNA, they are a genetic risk to children yet to be born a thousand years from now."

            Because of their reactions, 3HB+3He and 14CB+14N, one of the 46 chromosomes in a germ cell of a homo sapien can end up suddenly with a hydrogen atom replaced by a helium atom of gas or a carbon atom may be replaced by a nitrogen atom…."

            ~"Thus the way of reducing an increasing risk in weapons production plant has been to get ICRP and NRCP to relax radiation protection standards, raise the MPC values, and have them adopted by DOE and NRC."


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