Jiji: Residents continuing to flee Fukushima — People also leaving Tokyo

Published: June 28th, 2012 at 3:01 am ET


Residents continuing to flee Fukushima one year after disasters: ministry
June 28, 2012

Residents continuing to flee Fukushima one year after disasters: ministry

Fukushima saw a net outflow of 9,779 residents between March and May this year, indicating the prefecture is continuing to lose residents more than 12 months after the nuclear crisis started, according to data compiled by the internal affairs ministry.


Meanwhile, the number of people who moved from the Tokyo metropolitan area to urban areas in and around Osaka and Nagoya between March and May this year increased 9.1 percent from 2010, while the number of new arrivals fell 5 percent.

Published: June 28th, 2012 at 3:01 am ET


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79 comments to Jiji: Residents continuing to flee Fukushima — People also leaving Tokyo

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    Run quickly
    or play with your live
    radiation will go higher and higher ( same like the risk of sickness)so long the radiation can go out from Fukushima ,and R.-aktive water coming out .
    for my it looks like as a gate to Hell
    nobody in Jp can fix this
    and the only way to do a fix is to expensive for Jp alone

    built a big contain with steel or titan closed under and over, all days where they dont start it the contain will (must) be bigger and larger so all day where they dont do it more live will be sick and more range a getin dangerous for all living creature

  • arclight arclight

    "…Residents continuing to flee Fukushima one year after disasters: ministry.."

    should we feel guilty here at enenews for our small part in informing the japanese of the dangers of low dose radiation? i think not..

    the question is now, how to change the situation for the internally displaced persons and help them to get full refugee status.. also, the children of fukushima have NO LEGAL RIGHTS under UN charter.. something should be done about that!

    i wonder if the statistics include the wifes and children of remaining fathers?? in fact i wonder how the stats were gathered..??

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      We already know the UN and the WHO don't give a damn about this.

      Guilt? For telling the truth? No, I don't think so. And it's not a small part, arclight, that you and the others here have played. We are part of the vanguard that brought the full depth of this horrible situation into the world's consciousness.

      You can all be proud of the efforts you have made here. They have not gone to waste.

  • DanielKahl

    I think it needs to be pointed out that Fukushima's population has been decreasing for a long time. It's a predominantly agricultural prefecture. As efficiency in this sector has improved, fewer jobs are available for young people, so, after graduating from high school, they head to either Sendai or Tokyo in search of work.

    Fukushima population 1/1/2001: 2,128,333
    Fukushima population 1/1/2009: 2,054,095
    Fukushima population 1/1/2010: 2,041,051
    Fukushima population 1/1/2011: 2,027,138
    Fukushima population 1/1/2012: 1,982,991

    As you can see, the Prefecture had been losing between 9,000 and 14,000 people per year BEFORE the tsunami struck. Of course, the drop from 2011 to 2012 was huge, about 45,000. Nearly 2,000 of that figure were killed by the tsunami itself. The majority of the rest are women and children who moved to neighboring Prefectures, including the largest proportion of 12,500 who came to neighboring Yamagata Prefecture.

    The MAIN reason for the outflux of people from Fukushima Prefecture now is unemployment.
    A large portion of the farms in the original 20~30km exclusion zone have given up farming due to radiation "fears" stirred up by irresponsible blogging like this.

    [ADMIN: I didn't know Jiji was 'blogging', interesting]

    • pure water

      Thank you for the information. And what about Tokio? You say people listen to us. Thank you for the compliment! I just thought they see what is happening. Any statistics on sudden deaths?

      • apostrophes

        I would like to hear from Japanese morticians / funeral directors on here.

        Any waiting lists?
        Are you hiring refrigerated containers to cope with the tsunami of bodies headed your way?
        Or is it just business as usual?

        • or-well

          an unusual angle apostrophes…
          We know, here in N. Amer. that the dead and embalmed are posing an enviromental risk to water supplies.
          (Yes, I read that somewhere. There's a move to reduce chemicalising dead bodies.)
          So what to do with the "glowing" Dead?
          Cremation is problematic, from both environmental and some faith-based perspectives.
          Standard burial simply distributes the contamination geographically and through a time-line.
          A segregated burial ground in a no-go zone would mean admitting the problem -unlikely.
          Dry-casking bodies is even more unlikely.
          So, I suspect, it will be business as usual.
          Just one more horrifying aspect of the dangers of nukes, including the use of depleted uranium munitions.
          It's madness.

          • apostrophes

            That's interesting, and also problematic.

            I was against cremation of radioactive bodies, because [say] the plutonium particle that did the business just goes up the chimney, and down again into someone else.

            That indicated burial as best course of action.

            But now it seems that the plutonium particle can escape via the ground water into someone else's drinking water.

            Hmmmmm. I guess we will have to bring back Saturn 5, and and dispose of all bodies in the sun.

            • Time Is Short Time Is Short

              The crematories on the West Coast have been exploding with business after 3/11. There will never be any attempt at proper radioactivity reduction strategies here in the US. It would mean there's a problem, and that the government had been lying all along, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people (give it less than a decade, trolls, you're included). They will never admit this.

              Nothing but lies until we are all gone. A lot of trolls here lately. Must be the increasing readership of truthseekers looking for answers.

    • patb2009

      if you believe it's so great Daniel Knight will you volunteer to eat only food from Fukushima for a year? How about your kids? Relatives?

      I'll pay for a years supply of 100 KQ/KG food for you, if you commit to eating it in a monitored public manner.

      • apostrophes

        Sorry to nitpik, but his moniker is Daniel Kahl.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Didn't work so well for the Japanese folks that did this. But, hey, we'll just ignore that, OK?

        I'll offer to pay for a full sushi dinner, with lots of green tea. My treat. Please excuse me if I have chicken.

    • Sickputer

      My grandfather always said: "Liars figure, but figures don't lie".

      To blame the Internet for spreading the truth is indeed a compliment to the intelligentsia of this forum.

      Please feel free to read anytime what you call "irresponsible" postings that you say make the Japanese people refuse to buy the most contaminated food stocks grown closest to the worst toxic radiation releases in recorded history. And still gushing into the ocean and wind currents. Things will get worse.

      I refuse to stand by and let bureacratic bastards serve up radioactive tea for Fukushima school children to gargle. I refuse to believe fish are safe to eat from Fukushima coastlines.

      One thing the liars in Japan saying things are safe will never escape is the verdict of history. Things are not safe. Japanese citizens are facing a slow death of a wonderful country. They are doing their best to survive and fortunately they can get information on blogs and forums to counter the lies of the nuclear cabal.

    • richard richard

      hi DanielKahl – good to chat.

      I wondered if the population of fukushima precinct was already decreasing simply because people didn't want to live near a nuclear power plant in a tsunami zone. In which case they already were/are aware of the 'danger' and so the influence of sites like enenews is probably mute.

      On the point of 'fears', there seems to be over 50 years of information on the dangers of leaking radiation – or are you saying there is no leaking? No sure where you coming from, I mean Chernobyl is some kind of yardstick to measure the current predicament – which hasn't stopped – so it does look dire.

      Lastly, if you think that the 'irresponsible blogging' has had an influence then I am very impressed with the fifth estate and the influence it holds.. we may hold more power then we think here. I mean, CNN ratings are in decline, gee, I wonder why. Could enenews and ex-skf et al be 'stealing' the viewers 😉 ?

      Power to the people. (ah, renewable power that is).

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        People can't eat when they are suffering from radiation poisoning. Radiation poisoning causes starvation.

    • I would say the reason people were moving away initially was because they did not want to be near so many Death Machines (NPPs). Those who moved early were the lucky smart ones.

      It's a FACT, that those who live NEAR these monstrosities, especially children, get leukemia at a much higher rate.
      (that's just one of the no brainers)

      1. TRUE (sort of) – "The MAIN reason for the outflux of people from Fukushima Prefecture now is unemployment." – DK
      (unemployment, CAUSED by 3 Core MELTDOWNS = MAIN reason)

      2. FALSE! – "A large portion of the farms in the original 20~30km exclusion zone have given up farming due to radiation "fears" stirred up by irresponsible blogging like this." – DK
      (They have not left due to 'fears' stirred up by bloggers. They have left because their farms are contaminated and they can NEVER return.)

      With Fukushima… PLUT0NIUM was aerosolized and chunks were blasted into the Pacific ocean. Far worse than Chernobyl, which is horrible enough. Still, nobody farming there either and they're not going to.

      I usually don't respond to the 'DanielKahl' type of comments as I know they are usually a 'one time' commenter who most likely own stock in a utility company or are employed by the Nuclear Industry, so he probably actually 'believes' the comparisons to x-rays and bananas.
      (tip: It's not a comparison to ingested 'hot' particles.)

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      "….. have given up farming due to radiation "fears" stirred up by irresponsible blogging like this….."

      Boy are you ever full of shit. They're quoting ENENEWS bloggers on the TV news in Japan eh? The people that move out of Fukushima are the smart ones. I'll bet you cried when they eliminated lead from gasoline and indoor paint….

    • GeoHarvey

      Daniel Kahl: "The MAIN reason for the outflux of people from Fukushima Prefecture now is unemployment.
      A large portion of the farms in the original 20~30km exclusion zone have given up farming due to radiation "fears" stirred up by irresponsible blogging like this."
      Really? The farmers of Fukushima have given up their work primarily because of irresponsible bloggers? I suppose they get up at 3:00 AM so they can log on to the internet and see what horrors the day has before they go milk their cows or plant their rice.
      Or is it possible the amount of radiation documented to be in the harvest, and the fact that it cannot be sold, is more likely to be the motive farmers have for not farming.
      If there were documentation on the MAIN reason, it would be nice to find out which pro-nuclear psychopath produced it.
      In the mean time, I think it is best not to tell people what the motives of the farmers are. A few of them have already done that, and it was not the motive you cited.
      (I am avoiding, with difficulty, an insult, which I think is well deserved for a posting that insults farmers worldwide, and in Fukushima in particular. Anyone with even a superficial view of history would realize farmers are not easily scared off their land. The idea that farmers would be scared off their land by bloggers is supremely arrogant.)

      • GeoHarvey

        There are people in this world who understand what it means to push their hands into the earth and feel the cold, fertile soil. These are people who know what it is to watch plants and animals grow and reproduce. They also understand the real meanings of such ideas as hard work, disappointment, and hope. They have been around on this plant for a time longer than history. I sincerely hope they outlast the nuclear age.
        There are other people who are so shortsighted that they stop eating eggs when they discover they drop from the bottoms of chickens, or stop eating carrots when they discover they were once buried in dirt.
        A farmer knows the difference, and is not likely to be guided by the folly of people who do not understand.

        • apostrophes

          As a life-long vegetarian, I am shocked to see you refer to topsoil as "dirt". Perhaps it's a dialect thing.

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            Hey apostrophes, he didn't. He was referring to ignorant people who do, I think.
            Slight misinterpretation thingie…

            *carrot power 🙂

            • apostrophes

              I fully agreed with the general tenor of his post. I just stumbled and fell at the thought of "dirt" !

              Apologies all round – no offence meant.

              • richard richard

                good to see us vegos all in a row here.

                hey apostrophes , yeah, i think it was a little misunderstanding thingy too.

                what it reminds me of though is as a small child I used to 'pinch' the carrots out of the dirt in the back garden. I loved chewing down on them, fresh, straight out of the soil. Hardly even bothered removing the soil as I remember 🙂 They were so delicious.

    • Chelsea_

      dk – Go watch the movie "Bitter Harvest". The one about the young farmers whose livestock were poisoned by PBB. Take a good look at how hard it was for him to finally slaughter his cows because bureaucracy kept a lid on it and refused to quarantine the farms affected to keep it from spreading. Or at least wiki "PBB".

      Farmers are not easily pushed from their land, at any rate, until they've exhausted all other options. And that's in the United States! I can't imagine how hard it was for people to abandon their (probably) generational land. Get clue, please, shill.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    If I was in the Fukushima area…I would gather my people and start walking to Tokyo..

    I would place my people in front of the Diet..and would remain until help is given to to them.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..typo..I would remain until help is given to them.
    The people need help.
    What kind of beasts are these officials?
    It is not the fault of the people…they don't deserve what has befallen them.

    Alea iacta est..the die is cast.
    Fukushima and many areas of Japan are ruined.
    PS..ruined forever.

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    One fatal dose from the air.
    One fatal dose from the water.
    One fatal dose from the food.
    How did Japan get so many reactors, anyway?
    Probably needed them to power each other.
    Japan is toast.
    Japan economy is toast.
    Japanese people are living dead.
    And on ENEnews, we are now talking about how to dispose of the bodies.
    Unreal. Simply unreal.

    • or-well

      philipupnorth – really good point!
      "Probably needed them to power each other."

      Are not NPPs large CONSUMERS of electricity?

      Last Spring some time a knowledgeable commentor – "JoyB" (I think) – mentioned exploring whether or not NPPs were actually NET contributors to the electrical grid after all was said and done.

      Did anyone ever see a post about that?

      After all the energy spent mining, refining, processing, fabricating, transporting, maintaining and operating, is there really a return on all the energy invested?

      (I know there's ample reasons to shut them all down NOW anyway even if they aren't net energy losers.)

      • apostrophes

        I believe it has been well proven that if you include decommissioning energy, glassification and long-term storage energy, they are profound losers.

        Sorry no links, just what I accumulated over the years.

        • apostrophes

          I know it is obvious, but I should have drawn attention to the fact that all Japan's reactors are now drawing energy from the grid for their cooling functions, and will do so indefinitely.

          One consequence of this might be that there will be wind farms built next to each NPP to ensure it doesn't melt down when the grid collapses. Ironic,what?

        • or-well

          apostrophes, I agree, the phase where they no longer produce electricity nails them. Well, as does the economics, what with hidden and not-so-hidden subsidisation, not to mention (but I will) the TRUE costs of accidents.

          I was/am hoping that during my absence from here, something damning might have emerged concerning a strictly bottom-line
          economic argument against them during their operational lives that could be stuffed in the face of supporters! (In a nice logical way, of course.)

          Maybe JoyB or whoever is still working on that…it seems like quite a daunting task.

          Thanks for bringing that longterm aspect out.

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            What's the cost of the end of the human race? The end of pretty much every lifeform still existing?

            We're going to get a taste, a very small taste, this fall when the European/US axis collapses. Prepare well.

            And if there are any doubts, research 'end of world currency status consequences'. Not for the faint of heart.

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        Paducah Kentucky Nuclear Enrichment Plant; Dirty Global Warming Secrets; via A Green Road

        Renewable Energy Usage And Costs Compared To Nuclear And Coal; via A Green Road

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I had decided to quit posting music…going to break my ban for this…
    Long May You Run..
    Run..people ..run…

  • Sickputer

    I mean no disrespect toward our gaikokujin tarento poster (assuming you are the DK formerly from California), but you did piss off the forum with a single adjective. But you are entitled to your opinion even if I think you are either woefully misinformed or have ulterior motives to try and promote your view that Fukushima food stocks are safe to consume.

    Most of us here feel that Fukushima prefecture should be evacuated and residents sheltered as refugees from the toxic releases that contaminate their farmlands. The dangerous radiation in the air and water makes it even more deadly to survive and 300,000 children have been exposed to a death sentence.

    I care not that your horrendous government is financially insolvent. Tragedies can't be washed under the bridge by claims of empty wallets. A country that has leadership will find the means to make room for displaced refugees. Just because the radiation threat is relatively invisible does not mean it can be ignored or the consequences denied. Your countrymen are highly educated…now act like it!

  • weeman

    Where are they going to move to the moon, they may move throughout Japan but that is only going to lower your exposure to radiation but still contaminated through air and food and only till the next big earthquake destroys another reactor were you moved, shut them down go geothermal.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Without at the very least.. expanding the evacuation zone.(no official evac is going to be called)..you are asking the people to "absorb in place".
      You are dooming the children in the immediate area to suffer like the children of Chernobyl.
      No… the peple must be encouraged to move away on their own..
      If only one family moves…because of my words..
      ONE…I'm good with that.

  • or-well

    Japans' demographers know the score –
    Japans' population will shrink some more.
    There's a bulge of the aged all over the nation
    and too few young to take up their stations.
    Now besides young womens' existing concerns
    fears of damaged babies will make more birth spurn.
    That bulge where it's rural more impact makes –
    as the young to cities do more migrate.
    It's no wonder the J-Gov wants farmers to stay –
    without them for more food imported they'll pay.
    Short of immigration at unimaginable rates
    Japan's a clear case of a shrinking State.
    If there's an upside – they'll need less energy,
    they'll shrink by enough to make moot NPPs
    and could create jobs by promoting renewables,
    with wind, tide, geothermal and solar do-able.

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    or-well: 🙂
    "and could create jobs by promoting renewables,
    with wind, tide, geothermal and solar do-able."
    We need an entirely new industry to break the back of this economic depression. Site-generated electricity, which some call distributed power generation, is the right thing to do. Get rid of the grid! Saves over 10% by eliminating line loses. Make wind and solar cheap, and put it everywhere. Saves 100% on fuel costs. Wind and solar become cheap to produce as you scale up production. You can build solar into roofing materials. Makes electricity during daytime, when you need it most. On cloudy, stormy days, make wind power. Charge lithium batteries for night time power. Led lighting reduces power consumption. Fuel cell generators as backup power for cloudy, windless days. bloom boxes everywhere. Turn power strips off when not using appliances. Millions and millions of jobs. Not to mention all the people the utilities would employ to decommission all those NPPs.

    • or-well

      Japans population IS going to shrink by a greater percentage than the percent that nuclear power contributes to their grid.
      Which is 11+%.
      According to their own official stats.
      Sorry I don't have links.
      I'm not that organised.
      But the info is out there.
      Heck, simple conservation could reduce need by 11%.
      And I agree, there's a whole suite of approaches that could/should be used on a decentralised basis.
      Hoarders of profit and political clout don't like that.

    • hill hermit

      Get manufacturers to stop putting a little glowing status light on everything they sell. That is unless the consumer wants a light to tell them the stereo is off. lol

  • sworldpeas

    DK some of those farms in and around Fukushima have been farmed by the same families for over 500 years. It would take 3 nuclear meltdowns to get those people off their farms. You do them ALL an injustice to claim "unemployment" or internet bloggers are the reason to leave 500 years of family history.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sickputer is very wise!

    Bravo to all those that fight for sanity, inside a world, that is now completely insane.

    Pay attention to the words spoken by the few wise men still left on planet earth.

  • DanielKahl

    Actually, people are moving back into parts of the former evacuation zone which have been judged safe. I visited the Odaka District of Minami-Soma city on May 5, 2012, the day after it opened, and stood on the beach just 10 km from FNPP1. The area looked eaxactly the same as the day after 3/11/11. No clean-up. Many people were really upset because the gov't took so long to approve their return. And why did it take so long? Well, at least partially because there was so much hype about alleged danger to health, etc. Why was the gov't so cautious? Ask yourselves.

    • or-well

      Haha! The J-Gov said to themselves -"Oh my, internet forum commenters are warning the area is unsafe. We'd better not approve peoples return to this area."
      Who were among the most vociferous downplayers of danger? J-Gov!
      An area deemed safe by the Gov does not automatically equate to an area being safe.
      Now if all you heard from your Gov was that your specific area was safe, would you not want to return to it from your miserable existence in underfunded conditions as an internal refugee?
      Radiation aside, an uncleaned up area, with all the "normal" contaminants one would reasonably expect to find in a stew of debris such as was created could hardly be considered "safe".

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      Daniel, Daniel…You are just so wrong. The people were allowed back into the Fukuzone only because the government can't pay the bill to relocate them all to someplace safe. Only because the government can't afford to maintain temporary housing for evacuees indefinitely. Only because these people have already ingested their fatal doses, so it doesn't matter whether they are exposed to any more shit in their air, water, and food. NOT because Fukuzone is safe. NOT because standing on a Fukubeach like you did is actually safe. You are a martyr for your pronuke cause. You will probably die well before your time. Remember to "Support By Eating". This will make your passing even more speedy. (Isn't it difficult to abide fools in this Fuku'd situation, which is already bad but getting worse?)

    • It is NOT hype.

      Please open your mind and educate yourself or not.

      One reason it took so long, and it should be longer, is because they had to adjust the allowable acceptable levels first. (way up)
      Ask yourself, why on that one?

      Could you please supply a link about those people going back into the evacuation zone. People who comment and do not supply links are usually talking out their butt.

      475 days and counting with no end in sight. Low dose/high dose releases and gushing contaminated ocean water continue along with the threat of SPF4 collapsing. I forgot to mention Unit #2 hasn't exploded yet. If that does not make you nervous then you have balls of steel.

      Speaking of balls…

      When you stood on the beach and inhaled those 'buckyballs' of radiation, you may have shortened your life considerably, damaged your DNA and affected any future offspring's genetics. On the other hand, maybe you'll be the 'lucky' one.

      "A UC Davis report about Uranium filled 'buckyballs' and PROOF that sea mist carries radiation…" – Michael Collins


    • beamofthewave

      If this forum did anything to convince people to get out then I say Thank you folks of this forum for saving Japanese lives. I feel sorry for the uneducated that move to Fukushima. Please educate yourself on the dangers of radiation.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The people want to move back because they are misinformed.
    Mercy on them.

  • DanielKahl

    Some people around the world who have never been to Fukushima, or Japan for that matter, think that it would be prudent to evacuate the entire Prefecture. That is not really necessary. Simple geographical numbers will debunk this argument.

    Please Google some maps, both of the entire Prefecture, and of the most affected areas including Namie and Iitate. You will find that the areas considered to be "dangerous" (by scientific standards established by WHO, ICRP, CDC, etc) for long term occupancy consists of roughly 400 square kilometers (154 square miles) near the Plant and stretching to the northwest.

    Fukushima Prefecture itself comes to 13,783 square kilometers (5,322 sq mi).

    Hence, the "no-go zone", in other words, the TOTAL AREA within Fukushima Prefecture considered to be from "slightly worrisome" to "totally uninhabitable" comes to roughly 0.029% of the ENTIRE Prefecture. When calculated against the land mass of Japan, it comes to roughly 0.001%.

    Now, of course, these numbers will depend upon your definition of "dangerous".

    Is 100 mSv/yr (combined internal/external exposure) alright with you?
    Or is 10mSv/yr alright with you?
    Or is 1 mSv/yr alright with you.

    THAT should be the crux of our debate. Otherwise, we will just be talking in circles.

    • or-well

      Is upping limits deemed safe in excess of what is used in most of the world alright with you?
      Is testing for one or two isotopes to the exclusion of other alright with you?
      Is regarding the human body as essentially a bag of water alright with you?
      Are suspect testing protocols alright with you?
      Is blending debris to achieve averages before incineration and atmospheric dispersal alright with you?
      Is the refusal to test for radioactive contamination alright with you?

    • You are over-simplifying the problem Daniel.

      How are these exposure levels being determined?

      The Japanese government has been calculating exposure levels, as far as I've seen, purely in relation to environmental exposure, as measured by radiation detectors (often located above the ground).

      What is not being addressed is the internal exposure from ingested alpha and beta emitters.

      Ingestion of radioactive cesium, iodine, plutonium, uranium, etc pose special problems for both plants and animals.

      Cesium is a potassium analog and therefore it is absorbed actively by plants and animals, including people.

      Strontium mimics calcium.

      The exposure levels you've listed do not address the contamination of food and water and the subsequent internalized body burdens.

      It is rare that a politician or government agent will discuss the real threat here.

      A single alpha particle can break DNA bonds. A single alpha particle can kill a person over time.

      How much fallout is in our food and water?

      Japan's insistence on incinerating radioactive debris is helping to spread the radiological apocalypse.

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      DanielKahl: Let me make this as simple for you as can be:
      Fukunukes have already killed you.
      You, personally, have ingested a fatal dose of Fukushit.
      Evacuation of Tokyo and western Japan should have already happened.
      Didn't happen only because of money.
      Those who did not evacuate on 311 are most certainly walking dead.
      You think that because you can't SEE radiation that it doesn't exist.
      You've got another think coming.

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      Daniel: So why is Japan Government negotiating with China for access by Japan to China's Ghost Cities?
      So why is Japan negotiating with Russia for the return of the North Islands? Because Fuku has doomed not just Fukushima, but all of Japan. Japan it toast, and must evacuate, or face the destruction of your genome, and the extinction of Japanese culture. A terrible loss to Planet Earth.

    • Dangerous. No debate.

      ANYTHING above normal background. Especially for Pregnant women and children. Already sick or have compromised immune system and you're right up there too.

      BEIR VII Report: Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation

      One only has to inhale or ingest 1 'hot' particle for damage to be done.

      It is NOT worth the risk.
      It NEVER has been!

    • or-well

      Where it would have been prudent to evacuate is those areas where there was any possibility of the residents being exposed to plumes of radiation as long as any of the reactors where not under control and their emissions contained.
      As we know those reactors are beyond "control" and emissions continue the above applies at present.
      In future where it would be prudent to evacuate is where a third party without a horse in the race had done thorough testing for a full range of radioactive contaminants using credible protocols throughout the environment and having found risk factors based on biological reality and not nuclear industry propaganda.

    • apostrophes

      And if the wind direction changes, a whole new area will be contaminated.

    • MayorofNYC

      Dan K what are you smoking? Or are you just a booster boy for the nuke industry? Fukushima had 3 nuclear reactor core meltdowns. Not to mention the broken fuel rods leaking radiation from SP4. The total amount of radiation released by Fukushima dwarfs Chernobyl which was just one reactor and presently has an restricted exclusion zone of over 2600 sq.Km (1650 sq.mi) more than 25 years after the event.

    • doctorwhowhatwhere doctorwhowhatwhere

      Daniel, 400 is 2.9% of 13,783, not .029%. Apparently your knowledge of math is as good as your knowledge of radioactive elements and their effects on living organisms, and almost as good as your knowledge of the culture of lying so pervasive among politicians and corporate shills these days.

      Just as your math was off by a factor of 100, so too are Tepco's and the Japanese government's figures off, by that much and in many cases more. Watch the cancer rates in Japan over the years to come, and the rate of miscarriages, and of newborn deformities, and of abortions due to fetal malformations… if your government allows these figures to be viewed by the public, that is (my guess is that they won't, or they'll only show fabricated pseudostatistics).

      Shortly after Daiichi suffered catastrophic failure you said that the situation there "is not a Chernobyl… isn't even a TMI." Can you still believe that well over a year later, with Daiichi radiation in the food chain in the Pacific and conditions at the plant no more under control than they were a month after the accident? Can you possibly still believe that Tepco and the government are being completely honest? Will you still believe, even after they've upped their version of "safe" levels of radiation to numbers even you know must be dangerous? Will you still believe, even after you see the number of cancers and miscarriages and stillbirths and birth defects increasing?

  • CB CB

    Great post majia.

  • Sickputer

    Our Enenews poet becomes a teacher like Socrates also….


    Daniel K….please don't encourage people to move back when the radioactive kettle is still boiling and getting ready to blow!

    I guess you think this looks stable? (6 hours ago):


    As for your pie in the pie estimate of the contaminated zone…I trust Hiroaki KOIDE far more than your low ball conjecture:

    Hiroaki Koide: http://enenews.com/japan-nuclear-expert-almost-8000-square-miles-like-radiation-control-area-after-fukushima

    "About 20,000 km² (7,700 mi²) of land show levels of contamination equivalent to that of a Radiation Control Area."

    That is thirteen times the size of the Houston metropolitan area.

    SP: You are good in your Godzilla movie part and video game translations. Leave the radiation estimates to the few unbiased scientists brave enough to speak the truth. They are the true patriots and will survive the test of time.

    • aSpadeisaSpade aSpadeisaSpade

      SP, the view of the plant afforded by the link you gave definitely does not look good. But I do not know how to interpret what I see. Can you comment? What is the bright white flickering light? Which building is it that is producing all of the steam/smoke?

      • Sickputer

        You are lucky I saw this query as the format here does not allow notification of followups to posters. I had a reply on my phone and the webpage ate it just before I finished, but I will reconstruct my comments on my laptop now (less chance for the grief of a longer posting disaster!).

        ASIAS typed these pixels of light: "SP, the view of the plant afforded by the link you gave definitely does not look good. But I do not know how to interpret what I see. Can you comment? What is the bright white flickering light? Which building is it that is producing all of the steam/smoke?

        SP: That smoky view is actually pretty mild from many of the past 450 days and nights of this crisis. On at least 10-20 days there has been a total Fukushima station whiteout (sometimes in technicolor radiation shades of pink and yellow). No buildings visible…just the lonely little light pole. Here is one of the most recent examples from early June with prime examples at Fuku1live on June 2, 5, and 9:

        Here is June 2:


        The huge light was installed about December 5, 2011. It helps workers see at night and also blinds the camera views somewhat so it was a good deal for Tepco.

        The smoke question requires more words…TBC…

        • Sickputer


          "Which building is it that is producing all of the steam/smoke?

          SP: All of the crippled Units 1-4 are smoking/steaming 24 hours a day. Not always visible in the daytime, but you can usually see passing clouds being burned into nothing as they pass over the hot rising radiation in the daytime. That radiation is so hot much of it reaches the lower jetstream (did the math on it long ago…I am sure the eggheads have better data).

          At night we see it better with colder night air creating visible condensation from the rising plumes. Unit 1 with Pee Wee Herman's tent cover is a real bitch up on the upper right roof with massive releases 24 hours a day. Unfettered and unfiltered access to the atmosphere.

          Units 2-4 fight to see which one will produce the biggest plume on a daily basis. I don't know which one is winning but all four units are in meltdown. Tepco released data that showed Unit 4 spent fuel pond released Iodine 131 last March thus indicating a critical reaction. Units 1-3 are meltdowns (through vessel), melt-throughs (through concrete underlay), and meltouts (some fuel outside and underneath the buildings).

          The fact Unit 4's SPP burned at least twice and has been critical means it is a big Fukking mess in that pool and removal is going to be a nightmare. They know that the task is nearly hopeless, but they are going to try some techniques never before attempted.

          Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

          • Sickputer

            Sorry…watching the tennis…maybe a restatement on these terms (especially since we knew little of the last two before Fukushima Daiichi blew up):

            "Units 1-3 are meltdowns (through vessel), melt-throughs (through concrete underlay), and meltouts (some fuel outside and underneath the buildings)."

            SP: Actually as I understand it a meltdown or partial meltdown stays inside the steel reactor vessel.

            A melt-through is when the fuel burns through the reactor vessel, but is still inside the building and deterred by the huge concrete foundation.

            A melt-out is when that last concrete barrier is breached and the corium burns through into the soil. Then it moves with fissures, inclines, or maybe just drops like a stone.

            We have never received much data from Tepco on whether they have tried to drill directionally to see where the drill bit gets fried or maybe they just use some sort of sound imaging and termal devices to track the runaway fuel.

            If we knew the true status of the runaway 100-ton nuclear coriums we would probably really be worried. And folks in Tokyo would like to know more than me. But Big Brother knows best.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Excellent and anyone with any knowledge base will understand mankind is in the process of killing the planet called Mother Earth.

    Fukushima is just another spike driven in the back of Mother Earth, in this ongoing and continuing death process created by mankind, for our only inhabitable planet.

    Weep for all our futures my friends, because when all our natural resources are trashed, unusable and contaminated, we will be eating each other, instead of some radioactive tuna, sushi or glowing California vegetables!

    We can change the future and only through real education can it or will it be done.

  • aSpadeisaSpade aSpadeisaSpade

    Sadly, I'm afraid, DanielKahl has drunk the Koolaid. I don't think he is so much a shill, as a victim of Japanese government propoganda. DK, when you finally discover that your government has lied, it will be too late for you. But I promise that I will not add insult to injury by saying, "I told you so." We all pray that you wake up before it is too late.

  • wideawake wideawake

    Hey DanielK, have you ever seen a miracle… with just a tiny amount of uranium and plutonium you could produce your very own. http://www.mindfully.org/Nucs/2003/DU-Baby2003.htm

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Everyone on the planet will eventually have one of these tiny bundles of miracle if nuclear power is allowed to continue. Why?

      Genetics are passed on, defective or normal.

      Once a nano sized particle of plutonium, uranium, or other anium breaks your gene structure, you pass it on, and the next generation does too, ad infinitum.

      The problem will get worse with time.


  • jec jec

    Looking at Fukushima Webcams–not a lot of people moving around on a Saturday AM, or close to 8 AM. Iwaki is one example. Now I am not an expert on population, but for a facility built like this one–the numbers are down a bit. Will check again later in the week during the 9-5 or ? workdays.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Biting my tongue till it bleeds…Nuck

  • SuI33

    DanielK: I feel sorry for you if you really believe what you're saying. All exposure to any radiological contaminant is bad for you. It's all cumulative. High levels and longer exposure time kill you faster, but it kills you either way. I know it's tempting to turn away from a truth this dire but what's the alternative? Some people might say it's total futility and why bother, but I'd rather be well informed than go to my grave in complete ignorance, wondering or not knowing what the hell's going on.

  • SuI33

    The only reason these insane methods of energy production exist is because of the greedy, rich sociopath's who seek profit at the expense of life. And it's not a just problem in the energy industry either, it's everywhere; agriculture (Monsanto); medicine (Big Pharma). What we're seeing in our world now is the effects of global corporatism <b>- profit over life -</b> and unfortunately I don't see it getting any better any time soon. I don't remember the story exactly but there was a link for it here on ENE about some politician saying that they're not trying to deceive anyone, but think of what would happen to the economy if everyone knew the TRUTH? They want to keep the machine going for as long as they can, to make as much money as they can, making fools of the myopic general public in the process.

    I know I'm one of many who's very thankful for sites like these and the knowledgeable, informed people who post on them because I've learned so much of the truth that my government and much of my society would wrongly like to keep buried and hidden ultimately to its own detriment.