Rice planted 10 miles from Fukushima Daiichi — Residents can’t stay in town overnight — “Intended for sale”

Published: May 19th, 2013 at 4:52 pm ET


Title: Rice planted in former no-go zone
Source: JIJI
Date: May 20, 2013

Farmers in the city of Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture, have begun planting rice in a district once designated a no-go zone because of radioactive fallout ejected by the disaster-hit Fukushima No. 1 power plant.

It is the first time since the March 2011 core meltdowns that rice intended for sale has been planted in any former hot zone within 20 km of the power plant.

Saturday’s rice planting was carried out in Tamura’s Miyakojimachi district, about 15 km [9.4 miles] from the plant […]

Residents can enter without permission during the daytime but aren’t allowed to stay overnight […]

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Published: May 19th, 2013 at 4:52 pm ET


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34 comments to Rice planted 10 miles from Fukushima Daiichi — Residents can’t stay in town overnight — “Intended for sale”

  • Sickputer

    People can't stay overnight because of the radiation fallout. But rice plants aren't so mobile.

    Madness in Japan…

    Anybody on this forum want some rice products from those farms? Somebody will eat it up just like the Belarusians.

  • Jay

    " … Residents can enter without permission during the daytime but aren’t allowed to stay overnight … " .

    Why , is that when TEPCO does Venting ?

    Hmm , opportunity to see differences in Cultures : observe Japan how it handles it's polution compared to China :

    Ministry refuses to release soil pollution info

    Updated: 2013-02-25 19:23
    ( chinadaily.com.cn)

    The Ministry of Environmental Protection refused to release data from a national soil contamination investigation launched in 2006, saying it involved national secrets, the Legal Daily reported on Monday.

    The response was given in a letter on Sunday to Dong Zhengwei, a Beijing lawyer, who asked the ministry via an e-mail on Jan 31 to release information about the 2006 soil pollution investigation.
    After the investigation, the ministry said it would release the results after an approval by the State Council, but Dong believes that the ministry didn't release the data because the pollution is severe.

    Also :

    Heavy metals in Rice :
    China Shielding Businesses Producing Toxic Rice

    Nearly half the rice and rice products on sale in Guangzhou contain too much cadmium, a toxin and carcinogen that can damage the kidneys, a three-month investigation by the city’s food safety authorities found.


    Ya , the Chinese gift :


    • Jay



      Fukuoka’s PM2.5 levels off chart as China’s toxic smog smothers city


      Feb 24, 2013

      The Fukuoka Municipal Government reported Saturday morning that the average amount of PM2.5 particulates — an air pollutant found in the toxic haze that enveloped 25 percent of China last month — is estimated to have reached 50.5 micrograms per cubic meter in the city Saturday.
      The Environment Ministry’s maximum permissible level is 35 micrograms a day …

      OK , so both Japan and China sell contaminated food to its citizens and foreigners , both polute the hell of their lands and Planet , both try to hide the pollution they cause and both have no plans to stop it !
      The only difference is that the Chinese are led by a Communist Party while the Japanese are Capitalistic , which shows that you Can fool a Billion Chinese … and the rest of Six Billion …


        also shows Jay, the economics of an organization do not necessarily determine the morality of its participants. Couple what the Soviets did to their environment, with-what the Americans, Europeans, Chinese are doing and it becomes evident, selfish expediency is at the core of all crimes…

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    Sorry if this sounds a little…crass… but these farmers must have shit for brains.

    • Jay

      eatliesndie , you can point as you did to luck of IQ , and generally we should never be condenscending to IQ or luck of talents/coordination , for a good reason :

      One more time , for the monkey , we already have the proof that Genes that created the geniuses of Newton , Mozart , Michael Jackson , Da Vinci , etc, CAN exist , therefore we Must WANT them because IT IS possible ! Jeeezes , I Want to be able to play the piano !
      We can't be that dumb not to !!
      No ?
      Hence Fukushima .

      • eatliesndie eatliesndie

        …come on Jay. I'll be the first one to admit that I'm lacking in the IQ department, and the proof lies in the fact that I don't really understand your point, but I can tie my laces.
        And if these farmers genuinely don't know that there is a problem with growing food where they are, then I doubt that they will be offended by anything I have to say(or be able to tie their laces). They simply won't have the mental capacity. So who is the victim of my initial comment?…perhaps you….sorry…

        • Jay

          No , no , sorry , it's my English , actually I was covering for your remark about the farmers , I was agreeing with you .

          My point was all about our DNA , what we inherited from monkeys and the fact that we can improve it .

          Here is a scarry reminder of the Natural posibilities , the real outcome of the dice that parents roll with their children's lives , hence the need to improve our DNA ASAP :

          " …. It was the sight of a young male Adélie penguin attempting to have sex with a dead female that particularly unnerved George Murray Levick, a scientist with the 1910-13 Scott Antarctic Expedition. No such observation had ever been recorded before, as far as he knew, and Levick, a typical Edwardian Englishman, was horrified. Blizzards and freezing cold were one thing. Penguin perversion was another.

          Worse was to come, however. Levick spent the Antarctic summer of 1911-12 observing the colony of Adélies at Cape Adare, making him the only scientist to this day to have studied an entire breeding cycle there. During that time, he witnessed males having sex with other males and also with dead females, including several that had died the previous year. He also saw them sexually coerce females and chicks and occasionally kill them.

          Levick blamed this "astonishing depravity" on "hooligan males" and wrote down his observations in Greek so that only an educated gentleman would understand the horrors he had witnessed … " .


          • Jay

            Cont …


            Moral : the handful of rogue , murderous penguins in that colony is a perfect representation of the 10 % or less of OUR human population that terrorizes the rest of us : the murderers , the rapeists , the psychopats , the criminals , the corrupt politicians and the Banksters … all a Minority !

            • eatliesndie eatliesndie

              …agreeing with me…right, proving my point! lol.. And I agree with you wholeheartedly. I LEARNED to tie my laces therefore reaching a higher level, but some just get stuck at the first loop…

            • We Not They Finally

              Jay, what is your point except confusion and idiocy? Glad to hear from you once you have something coherent to say. Otherwise, there are lots of people posting who actually constructively CARE. By the way, if you really want mutant genes, go to Fukushima. I'm sure they will be glad to give you a tourist's pass.

              • eatliesndie eatliesndie

                That's not very nice…or constructive. Just saying…

              • Jay

                'We Not They Finally', ask if you don't understand genetics , it's a hard subject and you show all the signs of being a victim of it .

                Be precise , what does escapes your grey matter :

                – that the human genome can be altered ?
                – that all our traits are determined by genes ?
                – that less lucky people born with a low IQ are afraid of Transhumanism and stupid as they are , will try to label the human improvment as 'idiocy' or 'confusion' , simply because they do not understand it so it is 'uncoherent' to them ?

                Where do You fit , You Are Not There Finally ?

        • Trawling4Trolls

          You're right on the farmers, eatliesndie, but I suspect it's even worse than your characterization. In super-jaded, super-cynical Japan these farmers are internecine warfare specialists.

          See many Japanese who aren't heavily afflicted by cedar pollen? How many don't have strong opinions on Chinese pollution? And it's ok to feed children known radioactive food. They had strong opinions on U.S. Mad Cow. Behind their supposed reputation of cultural politeness is militancy that takes the place of rational sense-making. Abenomics after the Fuku awakening, wtf? They appear intent to return the favor, again.

          They've rendered themselves as international curiousities.

  • m a x l i

    Well done, paddy farmers in Tamura! And don't forget to grow pigs! I know a guy who needs plenty of that stuff, so he can prove he is able to 'stomach' the hardships of his office. Now he can demonstrate daily on camera what a great patriot he is.

  • ftlt

    That poor tiny over-crowded now super toxic country…


      agreed ftlt. Sad to think, to shore-up their fallacious economic infrastructure, they now have to resort to poisoning their children…

    • Trawling4Trolls

      .. beleagured by cedar pollen plantations decades before the rise of the "gift" of China ..

  • See humans are intelligent and emotional. Is an unresolved debate as too which motivates us the most. Seems the rice farmer was most happy to be working his farm. Wants to find a way to sleep in an area close to a triple melt down. I think in this instance his emotions are governing his decision process. So he welcomes the news that he can work his farm not because of poor intellect (sh!t for brains) but thats what he wants to hear. An emotionally charged decision he's probably ignoring the nagging doubts in the back of his mind. He likes his farm he probably worked many years before the nuclear disaster. I'm sure he'll be eating the rice he grew. Maybe you will be too. Because food labelling rules are such imported rice won't be labelled if it is one of many ingredients in manufactured foods like a tv dinner. Or a restaurant,why I havn't been to any sushi restaurants since 311. As to above comments comparing China to Japan. Why not add USA and Canada. We are all eating unreported genetically modified foods because of labelling laws that favor Monsanto and others. You have to quit your job in order to keep up with all this stuff but you won't pick up a decent WiFi signal sleeping under a bridge.

    • Sickputer

      Mark sez: "I'm sure he'll be eating the rice he grew. Maybe you will be too"

      SP: Thanks to Ms. Clinton General Mills can buy all the rice flour Japan sells, no detectors needed. So if I don't want radioactive Rice Chex or GMO foods from General Mills (who spent 1.1 million dollars to defeat the GMO labeling provision in California) then I can choose alternatives.

      Boycott ocean fish or any unknown fish sold. Dairy products are risky…but we aren't cows and your kids aren't calves so go easy on milk products. Asian tea and tobacco is suspect (who knows where Liptons and tobacco companies get their imports). Any ground surface water supply is suspect from nuclear fallout and lots more toxins and many underground aquifers are quickly becoming death traps.

      If you read today the disturbing report about Camp Lejeune victims of toxic water…there but for the luck of the draw go you and I.

      "Marines failed to test Camp Lejeune water, possibly a million subjected to cancer-causing toxins"


    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      I see your point Mark, and understand the emotional aspect, but I stand by my original comment(shit for brains)(not you Mark, the farmers) and feel empathy without sympathy. Too much potential for harm to others : Brain – turn – on – farmers! You have a responsibility to the people you are feeding above your emotional/financial delusion. WAKE UP!

  • mairs mairs

    When Chinese manufacturers were forced to stop putting lead in the little girls' jewelry they sell to the US, they replaced it with cadmium. Some of those collectible charms and things they sell at Walmart and the other cheap box stores are loaded with it. Some of the stores stopped carrying it because of that, but some didn't care.

  • dka

    a farmer found a small round piece of broken pellet. Less larger than a nail. He put it on his cabinet at home unaware of what it is but thinking it could be a piece of a broken tool. His 4 years old daugther found it and played with it.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    I quit rice totally, thanks to nuclear.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      I eliminated rice after reading about high levels of inorganic arsenic. The kicker was that the brown rice, even grown in the US had some of the highest levels of arsenic. Glad it is pulling it out of the environment but it is not welcome no my table.

      "White rice grown in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas, which account for 76 percent of domestic rice, generally had higher levels of total arsenic and inorganic arsenic in our tests than rice samples from elsewhere."


      Now add in concern about cadmium, mercury, lead and radioactive isotopes. . . I was convinced just by the arsenic content.

      "Researchers found feeding infants twice a day on the shop-bought baby foods such as rice porridge can increase their exposure to arsenic by up to fifty times when compared to breast feeding alone.
      Exposure to other toxic metals such as cadmium, which is known to cause neurological and kidney damage, increased by up to 150 times in some of the foods tested by Swedish scientists, while lead increased by up to eight times."


      Is this possibly linked to the huge increase in Alzheimer's patients in the last several decades? Wait until the effects of radiation accumulation become evident in the current generation of children. Stay away from rice baby products if you love your children.

      • Siouxx Siouxx

        Seems we humans, just set out to poison ourselves to extinction and ruin our planet for its more intelligent inhabitants. The above is just an adjunct to the main meal. You in the US actually have lower levels of Alzheimer's than we do in Europe due to the lower acceptable levels at which you set B12 deficiency and because of the faulty and lucrative paradigm of the low fat, whole grain diet. I eat very little rice, we are on a 100% organic diet and rice at the moment is very expensive, due to low supply and high demand, it will be more so with the above news. B12 in human diet can only be sourced through pastured animals and birds, also fish and shellfish if you want to risk radiation and heavy metals, which also inhibit B12 uptake. Farm animals themselves can have low B12 due to overfarming/artificial fertilisers/pesticides/chemical pollutants from intensive farm slurry, causing pasture to be low in cobalt and deficient in the bacteria necessary for B12 formation. The mess we all made in food production started somewhere around the early 1900s, the Fuku farmers are just going with the flow. The paradox is Fukushima was one of the few areas of Japan where they had a growing organic movement already trying to stem the tide of Japanese intensive farming (2nd and sometimes 3rd biggest user of pesticides after the USA and France). If you remember one of the first March 2011 suicides was an organic farmer.


          great thoughts Siouxx. And you are right. This whole nightmare's been long in the making…

  • stopnp stopnp

    Maybe Hillary will have it imported here

  • mairs mairs

    Can anyone recommend a radiation detector? I ordered one that detects Alphas, Betas, Gammas and X-Rays, and works with my phone, but it has been out of stock for months. Someone checked regular mass-produced tea bags and found them to be pretty high.

  • Charles Charles

    Could someone please tell me how does one go about decontaminating a rice paddy?

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      I'm no expert but I think these steps might be close.

      1) Stop the source of contamination. If this is not done than any further effort is in vain.

      2) Cultivate crops which are known to be bio-accumulators of heavy metals and radioactive particles. Rice and algae are two I know of right off the bat but there are surely more options.

      3) Check harvested materials for contamination levels. If samples are found to be contaminated, burn harvest or dump in nearest body of water. By burning the harvest you will prevent genetic mutations from accumulating or causing the contamination of the gene pool remaining. Radioactive particles in the smoke will surely be below any new emergency standards so no worries there and it will only be a problem for people down wind from your burn anyway. Ocean dumping is surely the way forward, the new hope for disposal of nuclear materials. Once your contaminated harvest is in the soup no one will be able to tell if it was from you, your neighbor, or any previous releases of radioactive contamination, again it is no longer your concern.

      Ok I got into dark sarcasm mode but really I think the current best choice is to just avoid contaminated areas, plant bio-accumulators which will concentrate contamination and wait for radioactive decay to occur.

      One thing on my mind is that with all of this radioactive material laying about, might as well start experimenting with biological remediation or other technological approaches. Good luck!

  • Charles Charles

    OK, and do you think this has all been done in the last 2 years?