Jiji: School outside Fukushima reports sharp increase in headaches, stomachaches; Visits to nurse up big — Kids easily losing concentration and become irritable, says govt psychiatrist

Published: September 15th, 2012 at 5:13 pm ET


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Title: Disaster-area kids under hard stress
Source: Jiji
Date: Sep. 12, 2012


At a junior high school in southern Miyagi, the number of students who were frequently unable to attend class because of headaches and stomachaches and visited the school nurse increased sharply this year.

Also, the effects of the disaster are manifested in different forms.

Child psychiatrist Hiroaki Honma, 62, chief of the children’s center of the Miyagi Prefectural Government, said children are easily losing concentration and becoming irritable.


Published: September 15th, 2012 at 5:13 pm ET


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19 comments to Jiji: School outside Fukushima reports sharp increase in headaches, stomachaches; Visits to nurse up big — Kids easily losing concentration and become irritable, says govt psychiatrist

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Spin alert: "And in Fukushima, fears of radiation among adults appear to have had an impact on children."

    The spin of course is that it's a fear thing, not a radiation thing.

  • jec jec

    You can only "spin" so long..if mass illness strikes..I guess they will call it the FLU. Remember the rules/procedures put into place for crowd control in the case of a flu epidemic. Well they said for FLU, think really its for radiation sickness. But should the government implement those draconian shutdown of all public roads/transportation/ask people to stay home/inside..it will be not the FLU that will be blamed. Those poor children. I wonder how mad the parents are going to be if their children get leukemia/cancer and the government was(IS) the cause of the "misinformation on radiation safety:…Guess the governments helping Japan with its info mangement will try the same with us.

    • Sickputer

      Big Brother (Japan variant) tries so hard to instill the fear of fear (quite a feat).

      Mothers and dads know better, even the proverbial overworked Sunday dad in Japan.

      You can't fool humans about physical illnesses. Maybe you can't even fool animals. Do seals fear radiation? Perhaps eventually their smarter survivors do fear radiation and try to migrate or eat different food not so toxic and swim to less polluted shores. Humans learn eventually to know what kills their children. Even the most ardent advocates of staying put in contaminated homes will at times concede and leave.

      After all, the government did manage to evict most of the people within 20 kilometers of Fukushima NPP. Certainly that magic demarcation line is not magic. People far beyond the evacuation zone are getting sick. But Japan has a track record of ignoring risks (witness the timeline of Minamata disease).


      "15 October 2004 The Supreme Court of Japan rules that the national government was responsible for not preventing the spread of Minamata disease after 1960"

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "I guess they will call it the FLU"

      No, in the US and Canada they are calling it a 'whooping cough' epidemic, and has now spread across the continent.

      Strange that it all started in the Pacific Northwest last year. Hmm.

      Soon to become a 'pandemic'.

  • Urban27

    School personnel tends to know when there is something out of the normal. They know what is a difference. They see the children year after year.
    The official readings of radioactivity are concentrated on Caesium and maybe Strontium. But what comes out of these four reactors is much more than that.
    And it continues to evaporate radioactive nuclides as long there is cores that are heat. And there are two cores that are heat, and are releasing to the open air. Reactor one and two. What happens inside there with the spend fuel pools – ?
    The third reactor is probably not so hot – as it seemed to have explode all of it. And the fourth pool is relatively safe.
    Authorities don't say to people the truth – because it would be the same as admitting.
    The nuclear industry wants to survive, at any cost.
    People should know that as long the cores are hot they emits radioactivity. It follows with the air, the water damp from the water that is let in.
    The authorities and companies think they can hide the sick people. Saying it is they who are causing themselves their illnesses. The people should not be there at all. Just like Chernobyl, but more.

  • arclight arclight

    look! its so simple a child can understand!

    "Most such genetic damage heals, but the addition of human-made radiation can make it harder for the body to repair broken genes, according to Master Pritvik Sinhadc, the world’s youngest author on palaeontology, the earth science that studies fossil organisms and related remains.

    The eight-year-old gifted child, a student of Dubai British School,
    was speaking recently about “the impact of radioactive waste on marine
    and land species” at the Emirates Environmental Group’s (EEG) 9th
    community lecture of the year held at Dubai Customs premises.

    His book on palaeontology, titled When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth, was
    released on June 21 at Magrudy’s bookstore at Jumeirah.

    “Radioactive waste – the source of which is mostly human-made, like nuclear power plants, nuclear testing, wrong disposal of nuclear or radioactive medicines by hospitals and so on — can cause serious impact on marine and land species,” said Pritvik….."


  • Maggie123

    These children and other members of their families should be expected to have physiological symptoms of both exposure to radioactivity *and* chronic high stress due to the frightening nature of a dangerous situation they don't feel they can escape from. They and their families, and other adults who genuinely want to serve needs, have been living in these conditions for 18 months or so without relief, and must be exhausted as well as stressed and exposed to radioactivity. It's my guess that everyone over a fairly young age knows precisely what their situation is – which only adds to the stress. I don't know that my observations are useful at all – Urban 27 is right, "the people should not be there at all."

  • weeman

    Question at the present time how many off you have at the present time constipation, cramps etc, just a question please put your location.

  • arclight arclight

    psychological huh?

    psychologicalise this IAEA

    Published on Mar 13, 2012 by criirad

    "…This video shows radiation levels on May 29th 2011, in Fukushima city (Japan) about 60-65 km from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors.
    Measurements are made by a CRIIRAD scientist (Bruno. Chareyron, engineer in nuclear physics) during a meeting between CRIIRAD and Japanese citizens : M. Wataru Iwata (co-founder of Project 47 and CRMS) and persons in charge of the network "Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation", including M. Nagate (ex-representative), Mrs Marumori (now Executive Director of CRMS) and Mrs Sato. CRIIRAD is sharing its experience of independent radiation monitoring with the Fukushima citizens.
    In this video, CRIIRAD researcher is using a gamma radiation detector (DG5 scintillometer) to show the intensity of radiation rates, even inside the office at floor level. Radiation rates are given in counts per second (c/s). With this device, normal values should be about 50 to 150 c/s depending on natural radiation…."


    • weeman

      Truly mind boggling, he even admits that level of gamma rays will distort his DNA and he is a scientist and knows, but no evacuation and continued recriticality at plant ensures further contamination.
      I just don't understand it and their response to the accident is not exactly stellar.
      Love your work some do listen but love life be happy and don't let it get you down, we will overcome.

    • When he's outside it's over 2200 c/s.

      A simple, 'don't do this at home', example of radiation absorption.

      (at about 2:35)
      When he places himself between the 'detector' and the 'outside' and the measurement reading drops, it demonstrates just how much your body is absorbing.

  • arclight arclight

    Chernobyl AIDS

    Virtually every doctor in Ukraine and Belarus has noticed a strange thing happening in public health. Simply put, people are getting sick more often, and their sicknesses are worse than they used to be. Allergies are more common and more serious. Pregnant women suffer more complications and earlier in the pregnancy, and more women die during childbirth. Pulmonary problems, from asthma to cancer, have increased tremendously. Simple illnesses such as colds and flu are worse and last longer. Surgical operations are riskier and more difficult because the body has trouble recovering from surgical wounds and minor infections. People report vague dizziness and temporary blackouts and loss of consciousness.

    The problem is affecting children most of all. Only 35 percent of school children in Kiev are free of health problems. Twenty-five percent of children evacuated from Pripyat have weakened heart muscles. Such common childhood diseases as measles and chicken pox take much longer to cure. Nose bleeds are far more common than in the past. Minor wounds take longer to heal. Stomach aches are almost constant. Children come home from school so fatigued they can hardly walk.


    • arclight arclight

      One doctor at a pediatric hospital expressed the problem well. He said that every case of illness, and its treatment, is unique. Measles in one child is different from that in another. The information in textbooks is not valid. The treatments developed after years of experiments with laboratory animals are no longer valid. Doctors must practice what they call "catastrophe medicine," offering untried treatments and waiting to see how the patient responds. In effect, the patient is an experimental animal, though without the benefits that such animals normally receive: a sterile environment, a balanced diet, and uncontaminated food, water and air.

      The doctors are calling the problem "Chernobyl AIDS." It is, literally, an acute immune deficiency syndrome, though it is not related to HIV and is not contagious. Though doctors are scientifically hesitant to blame radiation for every case of cancer and genetic abnormality, they are virtually unanimous in concluding that radiation is the cause of the syndrome.

      Radiation is known to damage the immune system. Strontium attached to the bones radiates the marrow that produces white blood cells. Plutonium and cesium, which tend to spread throughout the body. Though less concentrated than the iodine-131 that collects in the thyroid, these isotopes remain active for the lifetime of an individual. Their radiation attacks, among other things, the lymphocyte system that attacks infections.

      • weeman

        Are these symptoms appearing in north America, we need to take a survey,
        correct me if I am wrong but the first symptom of mid range radiation exposure is diarrhea or cramps.
        We can not rely the government deptments that are suppost to be informing us, we need independant data and that is what the Internet is good for, let's see how far this is impacting the world, open the general publics eyes we need something big, can we prove it.

  • pierre

    sure it's not because they are smiling too much to ward off the harmless radiation. always a side effect to extreme measures / sarcastic.

  • kalidances

    I wonder what lies Japan will tell during Sazanka Tsuyu? What lies will Americans and Canadians tell the parents during our Spring rains? Barring an "event" before then, by Summer 2013 I think there will be entirely new leaders in Japan, or none at all.

  • m a x l i

    Here's a list of words drawn out of the article:

    •trauma and mental stress
    •Mental health
    •school counsellors
    •mental care
    •mental health care
    •school counsellors
    •Child psychiatrist
    •clinical psychotherapist
    •mental health care
    •children's mental health care

    The overall message: It's all in your head!

    Radiation gets mentioned a few times, but it is always:

    •fears of radiation
    •anxieties of many families in the prefecture about radiation and its effects on children [They admit there is an effect of radiation, but say the important thing is 'anxieties' about the effect of radiation]
    •allowable cumulative radiation doses [Radiation is allowable, that means radiation is harmless!]
    •stress related to radioactive fallout
    •children studied in areas with high radiation levels are displaying spoiled attitudes [Evil little brats!]
    •radiation-related anxieties

    The message again: It's all in your head! Be happy and smile!

  • JustmeAlso

    Quacks who say the dumbest things on the MSM are great tools to keep the nuke business alive!

  • ML

    Ionizing radiation does affect the brain/nervous system even at low doses: http://www.iaea.org/Publications/Magazines/Bulletin/Bull034/03405800607.pdf An older article, but worth the read.
    "Among insects, it has been observed that ants behave wildly in an attempt to flee rapidly from an irradiated area into a ‘radiation-proof shelter’. In the course of observations on humans, it has been seen that even small radiation doses produce nervous over-excitability, changes in the normal reflex responses, and disturbances of the electrical currents of the brain which are measurable with an electro-encephalograph."
    According to this info, if an individual gets exposed to a high dose acutely it is disorienting. This means problems for first responders in the face of a nuclear disaster.
    …"presented findings concerning behavioral changes (such as distractibility and narrowing of
    attention) in monkeys exposed to nuclear radiations both in the laboratory and at the Nevada Test Site…"Referring to the fact that even at very small dose levels, the central nervous system may be involved in some way without being observably damaged."
    Could ionizing radiation be the reason for the plethora of small diameter nerve fiber neuropathy we are seeing now?