JMA: A “rare” situation — “This is like the core of a typhoon, but it is staying for a long time” — 135 km/h winds recorded due west of Fukushima (VIDEO)

Published: April 3rd, 2012 at 7:26 pm ET


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Title: Typhoon-strength storm kills two in Japan, brings chaos
Source: AFP
Date: April 3, 2012 at 6:37pm ET

A typhoon-strength storm brought travel chaos to Japan on Tuesday, as violent winds and rain killed at least two people and left tens of thousands of people stranded.

Gusts of up to 150 kilometres (93 miles) per hour have been recorded in western Japan, with coastal areas likely seeing even stronger winds, Japan’s weather agency said. […]

Forecasters said an expanding low pressure system in the Sea of Japan (East Sea) was forcing a cold front over the country, where it was bringing heavy rains and strong winds.

“This is like the core of a typhoon, but it is staying for a long time, whereas a typhoon usually moves rather quickly,” a spokesman for the Japan Meteorological Agency said, adding that it was a “rare” situation. […]

Read the report here

Title: NStorm passes Tokyo, heads for northern Japan
Source: NHK
Date: April 3, 2012

[…] Wind speeds reached 130 kilometers per hour in a Tokyo suburb and 106 kilometers per hour in the center of the capital.

The winds died down in the late evening, but seas along the Pacific coast are forecast to remain rough for some time.

Winds of up to 135 kilometers per hour were observed on Sado Island in Niigata on Tuesday evening.

The region will have stormy weather and rough seas until Wednesday afternoon. […]

Watch the report here

Published: April 3rd, 2012 at 7:26 pm ET


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59 comments to JMA: A “rare” situation — “This is like the core of a typhoon, but it is staying for a long time” — 135 km/h winds recorded due west of Fukushima (VIDEO)

  • bincbom

    PERFECT for spreading the radiation..

  • StillJill StillJill

    O.K.,….I'm paranoid.
    Everytime a storm 'stals out',….and just 'sits there',….I think,…….wait for it,…haarp. Are there circles,….before I get harpooned? 🙂

    • omniversling

      I hope that Admin will accept that this is a direct contribution to the topic, especially as it's a repost from one of the other respected FUKU blogs…

      For evidence of human intervention in the form, size and speed of the 'typhoon' see

      The 'frequency rings' are identical to published evidence of HAARP. See

      Dutch monitors similar High Frequency radar signature exactly like that all over the US before major weather events occur. Many examples are posted in the ‘weather modification’ sect of his blog.

      His introduction to the subject is at:

      The modelling shown in the intro is US Navy issue. It is not 'crank conspiracy theory'. Stanford university research has verified Dutch's observations. (see:

      For other evidence of 'earthquake timing coincidence' see:

What is so significant about the signal over Fuku is that it indicates human influence over the storm system there…why? I respect Admin's right to keep topics 'separate and relevant'. I hope that these links shed some light to the subject of this post.

      Thank you all for being here for…

      • omniversling

        (continued…got truncated!) …support. The sense of community that arises from all of your heartfelt posts is the best antidote to overwhelming pessimism that as a species we seemed to have failed the 'intelligence experiment' that the 'Living Lifeboat Earth' has gifted us with…

        For those of you who haven't seen this I sincerely recommend it, and it's a lecture that you can send to friends and family who are not yet 'awoken'. Very simple, very credible, and very informative lecture about the basics of NukePuke and the Industry, as revealed by an unyielding nuclear researcher Hiroaki Koide of the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, who has been an opponent of the industry for 40 years:

        love and light to you all..

        • Spectrometising

          You have not even begun to consider the nano-violins.
          I hear they are much, much worse.
          Perhaps you might speak about the nano-violins? At this time, there is very little information about them, but perhaps you have sources??

          • omniversling

            Spectro, not sure if you're being mischievous…I've never heard of 'nano violins', nor am I a 'scientist'..but I believe that EVERYTHING in the omniverse is a complex hum of infinitely complex harmonies (and disharmonies). In short, everything affects everything on a nano molecular level. I found this truly delightful, amazing animation yesterday which shows the relative scales in/of the universe:

            Knukelchen has posted some clips of cloud anomalities directly above the Daiichi plant, both 'evaporating' and forming. Some anomolies such as mutations manifest in plants and animals. Why not other molecular groupings…We have only a basic knowledge of what the direct, let alone the indirect, effects of radiation are. CERN in Switzerland is trying to find the Higgs Bosun in the hope that some of the unkknowns that govern attraction and gravity can be detected and measured.

            What we do know however is some of the destructive consequences of radiation, and here is a clip that simply and clearly articulates some of the current knowledge of the EFFECTS… What is less known however, is how the MECHANICS it temperature? Vibration? 'God particles'?

            Here is a link to the updated original doco on weather modification. It's directly relevant to this post on the 'typhoon', given that there are HF radar rings accompanying the storm:

            • omniversling

              For some reason the URL was truncated. It is

              By the way, the link I posted above is to the very excellent lecture given by Associate Professor Hiroaki Koide of the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, who has been issuing warnings about the dangers of nuclear power for over 40 years. He gave this lecture on March 20 just after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. "The Truth about Nuclear Power"

              • dharmasyd dharmasyd

                Dear Omni…You say you're not a scientist! Ya coulda fooled me. Maybe not a scientist, would you accept highly informed? Thanks for your inputs here, and welcome.

                • omniversling

                  Thnx DS, I'm deeply grateful to all you posters here…my main source of support, info, knowledge, hope and concern ref: FUKU..

              • dharmasyd dharmasyd

                But OMNI, it's all string theory to me–haarps, nano violins, bell's theorems–a beautiful symphony so far beyond us it is pure harmony, even the cacophonous elements like nuclear Armageddon.

                Over space-like intervals, paired photons have equal and opposite spin, the dance of Shiva and Shakti…

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Weather "research" and weather modification:


              DoE document:


              There were some published during or before 2007, but I'd have to dig for those. The one above probably discusses cloud seeding under the guise of "climate change research." Proof positive and admission by the DOE there is a "chemtrails" program. The DoE documents discuss using Aluminum sulfate (sulfide?) among other things to "ionize" the atmosphere.

              Ah, but if the DoE is conducting the research and it's ostensibly on behalf of the DoD, what is the real purpose?

              Anyone who says there are no chemtrails obviously hasn't looked at the documents from the DoE itself. The UK and several other nations have similar programs underway.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Cloud seeding not discussed in document above. Another DoE document.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                That might have been aluminum oxide and barium sulfate. I get my oxides and sulfates mixed up! Had trouble finding the original source document for this. Regardless, the barium has been very well documented as coming from the chemtrails/cloud seeding. The ionization of the atmosphere is probably directly related to H_ and experiments being done using ionized atmosphere and H_.

                Also — ionization of the atmosphere probably greatly enhances the ability to picture objects (and people) on the ground, i.e., enhances remote sensing capabilities. Am not an expert by any stretch on this, but I'd guess it all plays into the use of new technologies to "see inside" buildings, etc., too.

                No surprise at all if the weather in Japan is being tampered with. I drove from near Crescent City, CA, to about 1/2 hour north of Garberville, CA, one day in 2008. That was the day all the fires broke out in CA. The chemtrail spraying of the atmosphere was unbelievably heavy that day.

                Black vortices of water or ? were sucked up out of the earth. They looked like inverted pyramids coming out of the ground. Black as night. I could see for about 100 miles, and saw the moisture being sucked up out of the earth for as far as the eye could see. Within an hour or so, so much water had been sucked up into the air it had formed massive thunderheads that stretched for hundreds of miles. That night California had thunderstorms that started hundreds of wildfires, and caused billions of $ in damage. Go…

    • truthseek truthseek

      @SJ, entirely plausible, in fact likely in my book.

      We had a (3-4 day) stalled weather system over the midwest within the past few weeks, radar image looked just like a hurricane over land with distinct rotation and eye formed at the center.

      Funky… very strange!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi SJ, I agree with omniversling Dutchsinse gives a really good explanation of the H _ _ _ _ radar signatures. He has a YouTube channel I've been watching since 3/11, and also has a link to his website.

      I think he must be a meteorologist or some kind of scientist by training. He really "gets it" when it comes to technical discussions and interpreting technical data. He made YouTube videos interpreting data from NILU early on in the Fukushima crisis. In addition, he has posted some information re: storms, radar signatures, and even made some accurate predictions about storm conditions last summer, when Fort Calhoun flooded.

      I have a lot of respect for him and the work he does. So I think there truly is something to the H _ _ _ _ signature thing. He goes into it in some detail. If you or anyone else wanted to learn how to find and interpret that kind of info, his YouTube videos provide a pretty good explanation. You could probably even write to him for more information, were you so inclined. And thank you omniversling for the great links.

  • the yeoman the yeoman

    And God Speaks

  • bleep_hits_blades

    But Jill – that is the 'forbidden topic'… remember? Bad girl!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    In fact, I'm waiting to see if that comment that mentions…. you know…. gets deleted.

    • truthseek truthseek

      I saved it… meaty topic and links!

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      b_h_b & SJ…Naw! They would never HAARPoon our Jill gal. Besides this is not OT, imho, in a storm or EQ blog. HAARP is OT when the blog is about radiation in school children or rads in veggies. Not here.

  • dear jones

    All Japanese are having their fair share !!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    @ omniversling, thanks for that informative post. I hope you copied and saved it cuz there's a good chance it will be summarily deleted.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I think if we avoid getting into a discussion on H _ it's probably OK to mention it. Just no discussion! That's my interpretation anyway. If we want to discuss then we need to take it to the Forum area. I could be wrong!

      • omniversling

        HT, I would hope that as we are responding to one of Admin's posts on the specifics of the 'core of a typhoon' hovering and, quoting the title bar: "a-rare-situation-this-is-like-the-core-of-a-typhoon-but-it-is-staying-for-a-long-time-135-kmh-winds-due-west-of-fukushima-daiichi-video/comment-page-1#comment-229202"

        The topic of this page/post is unusual weather over FUKU and SFP4, which naturally ALL of us are gravely concerned about, for obviois (to us) reasons. There are radar signatures obviously embedded in the storm cell. I have posted links (above)to reputable sources, including Stanford University, that are directly relevant (and educational) to this evidence.

        I quite understand if Admin prefers to keep the discussion about WHY and WHO is controlling High Frequency radar, but this documentary sets out the history of what is now commonly called HAARP technology, the how and why it is now developed:

        It does not explain why it is being used, but the company that bought the patents and developed it for the US military (Raytheon) market it as technology to 'deprive your enemy of battlefield comfort'. Floods, droughts, earthquakes, lightning. Utilising, and pulling down 'earth energy' from the ionosphere. Draw your own conclusions.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          omniversling, "they" are messing around with some scarey, scarey stuff. I am an eyewitness to how radically "they" can alter natural weather patterns. I've never seen anything so bizarre in my entire life.

    • Spectrometising

      Me too bleap_hits_blades ….I was hoping to hear something about the nano-violins and possibly a wee bit more about aliens.
      I heard there were UFO's hovering around, which is what they do entirely.
      Maybe they are interfering with the jet-stream, which is actually a gigantic chem-trail?? The video below talks about an "Alien Famine".

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        "Minds are open now, so please, think generously!" I just love Deek, even though I sometimes disagree with his personal philsophy/theology. The guy is brilliant, and hes' a crack-up!

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      I'll call that, and raise you a bleep!

  • Each plant shut down, is a victory.

    San Onofre needs to be shut down — nice TV commercial promoting the shut down.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I watched that some time ago. VERY interesting! It made me wonder ….

    • omniversling

      Thanks for that link HotR..When I first saw this interview last year I couldn't get my head around it…with what I know now about ionising radiation it becomes more and more legible, and even probable..

      It also explains (possibly) some of the circular questions here on Enenews posts:

      1/ How did Reactor 4 blow up when it's reported to have no, or little fuel?

      I've read one report that it was partly loaded, and the the rest/part of the fuel was already in SFP4, and/or on the ground in the Common Fuel Pool. The possibility that Hydrogen communicated through shared pipework, tunnels/corridors is plausible, but I'd posit that if that were the case, it would have blown simultaneously with whichever of the other units it was communicating with. If it was already filled with Hydrogen, and somehow DIDN"T go off at the same time as it's 'twin', then what caused the explosion in U4? Fire in SFP4?

      2/ What was the 'fire spike' in the sky over FUKU during the earthquake. Similar to sky anomalies over and prior to China, Haiti and Chile earthquakes (see:

      3/ Well discussed that U3 was running MOX, which burns hotter than 'normal' uranium, and is above the spec that Mark 1 reactors are designed for. (cont…)

      • omniversling

        4/ Reported that that the complex, Unit 1 suffered a 'vertical earthquake'…!!! Had never heard of that, and apparently it only affected ONE of the Units. Why? (see:

        5/ We know that ionising radiation 'frys' living creatures that get into proximity. Interviewee refers to birds falling out of the sky burning at the NPP that he worked at. Same effect above Chernobyl to the pilots who were waterbombing in the immediate aftermath there. Knucklechen posted clips of cloud anomolies directly above the Daiich complex.

        I have been aware of the 'methane rubble' around the world for years as I am campaigning to prevent the Fossil Fuel industry shale fracking, and setting up a dangerous 13600km2 deepwater oil prospect on the coast from where I live in Western Australia. I followed Deepwater Horizon event closely because of that, and have some knowledge of subsurface geology and deposits. It's very possible that volatile organic compounds 'communicate' with volatile organic radionuclides in ways we don't know of, at a quantum level, that we'll never observe because observing changes the interaction..(cont..)

        • omniversling

          I understand that Daiichi is built above sandstone. Coal, methane and sandstone are commonly found together, as all are sedimentary formations form millions of years ago.

          Does anyone else have any connections between the content of that clip and other unanswered question about 3/11?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          omniversling, re your comment :

          "It's very possible that volatile organic compounds 'communicate' with volatile organic radionuclides in ways we don't know of, at a quantum level, that we'll never observe because observing changes the interaction..(cont..)"

          Have been wondering if such "communication" might be causing the horrible screeches and grinding metal noises coming from the atmosphere, and the underground booms people are hearing and feeling, worldwide.

          I get the feeling we have thrown things out of balance and will soon be witnessing the consequences.

          Either that or maybe we are entering a gravity well, or Nobiru is en route, or something equally bizarre! Some very peculiar things are beginning to happen.

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Past research revealed the surface motions and tsunamis that earthquakes generate can also trigger waves in the atmosphere. These waves can reach all the way to the ionosphere, one of the highest layers of the atmosphere.

    Now scientists report the Tohoku quake generated the largest such disturbances seen yet, creating ripples in electrically charged particles reaching nearly 220 miles (350 kilometers) above the Earth.

    Investigators measured these disruptions, called seismotraveling ionospheric disturbances, using about 1,000 global positioning system (GPS) receivers in Japan and Taiwan. Disruptions of the electrically charged particles in the ionosphere would lead to anomalies in radio signals between the ground receivers and the GPS satellites, data that scientists can measure.

    Scientists detected a disc-shaped rise in electron density in the ionosphere about seven minutes after the earthquake. Concentric waves of fluctuating electron density then flowed out in the ionosphere from this disk at speeds of about 450 to 500 mph (720 to 800 kph). All in all, this disruption was about three times greater than the next largest one ever seen, which came after the 2004 magnitude 9.3 Sumatra earthquake.

    The ripples that flowed from the initial disc-shaped disturbance in the ionosphere appear to be linked to the tsunami, a connection that has the potential to save lives. “This signature in space that we can see with GPS could provide early warning that a tsunami is coming,”

    • omniversling


      "…It has been determined that in the period of solar activity increase (11-year
      cycles) there increase seismic and volcanic activities in the compression zone of
      Earth and at the same time there decreases the activity in the tension zones of Earth.
      On the basis of the discovered stable 11-year and 22-year cyclicalities in the seismic
      and volcanic activities and their high correlation with solar activity there has been
      made the long-term forecast until 2018. The next maximum of seismic and volcanic
      activity with very high amplitude for the compression zones of Earth is forecasted for
      the period 2012-2015…." SCIENCE WITHOUT BORDERS. Transactions of the International Academy of Science H & E.
      Vol.3. 2007/2008, SWB, Innsbruck, 2008 ISBN 978-9952-451-01-6 ISSN 2070-0334


      *Khain V.E., **Khalilov E.N.
      *Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov,
      **International Academy of Science H&E (Austria, Innsbruck)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi MaidenHeaven,

      What you are describing is called, "earthquake flash." It almost looks like a flash of lightning (without any lightning bolts). Have seen it just prior to earthquakes in California.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Spectromotizing – your post above is a bit scattered and cryptic. would it be possible to re-phrase it more intelligibly – perhaps even including some actual CONTENT, DATA, and/or THOUGHT? Right now it looks as if by mentioning H***P and a couple of airy-fairy 'theories' that have nothing whatever to do with H***P, you are attempting to make H***P look similarly foolish and nonsensical.

    Substantive criticism is always welcome; ridicule belongs on the schoolyard – and is also a common ploy/technique of schills/trolls, isn't it?

    • Spectrometising

      Young man..It's called "troll jousting".

      You really need to look closely at the postal service to these chem-laden nano-violin exhausting jet engines.
      The postal logistics would be quite insurmountable.
      When are the jet engines re-fueled with this elixir.
      How are they able to keep so many chem-trail mechanics quiet about their secret operation at so many airports?
      Has anyone obtained a drum full of this nano-violin bearing elixir that fell off the back of a truck to look at it under a microscope or a mass spectrometer??
      Do the special chemicals hurt the jet engines or corrode them??

      My observation is that the people who promote HAARP and Chem trails are not scientifically very well educated on the lesser sciences and due to this absence, like to promote themselves so that they can delude themselves/others into thinking that now they too can know something they consider advanced.

      Perhaps due to this complete absence of the most basic scientific concepts, they find some self assurance that even without a background, can know/understand something fantastic about science without having to study many years.

      • Spectrometising

        Usually, the desire to include more disaster than we already have, real or fictitious indicates being a spoilt brat, like a child that is no longer happy with their latest game of death and destruction, usually played with a game station.

        Is radiation, and figuring out how little we know knot good enough for you??

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Satellite imagery ..Japan

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Bien qu'ils ne le voient pas. …for ils sont mortels dans leur vanité… les propriétaires deviennent des esclaves

  • Spectrometising

    The question of the design of the tent like cover placed over #1 is in question.
    The tent/cover design was for 25 Meters per Second = 90 Kilometers per Hour