Report: Journalist dies of acute lymphocytic leukemia — Was living inside 30 km zone to support Fukushima

Published: November 27th, 2011 at 2:20 pm ET



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Another man died of acute lymphocytic leukemia, Fukushima Diary, Nov. 27, 2011:

Mr. Abe Hiroto, 23-years-old

  • Died from acute lymphocytic leukemia
  • Wrote columns for a fishing magazine Rod &Reel
  • Featured on Rod &Reel’s upcoming January issue, sold on Nov. 26
  • Was supporting Fukushima by eating Fukushima fish
  • Was living in 30 km area, eating fish from the rivers and ocean
  • Grandfather was from Fukushima

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Published: November 27th, 2011 at 2:20 pm ET


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56 comments to Report: Journalist dies of acute lymphocytic leukemia — Was living inside 30 km zone to support Fukushima

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    And another one’s gone.

    • lam335 lam335

      How many more times can this happen and the nuclear industry continue to get away with claiming that no one has died from Fukushima?

      • Human0815

        There is not even a tiny piece of Evidence
        that his disease was F`Shima related,
        there is no history of his sickness in his Sources and we do not know how long he was already sick,
        this Story is very typical for Fuku-Diary!

        A medical Investigation would be advised
        and of course i am sure will happen,
        Leukemia because of this Disaster is very easy to see!

        I really doubt that we can read the reason for his
        Sickness in Fukudiary!

        • arclight arclight

          i suspect no cancer will ever be proved to be cause by radiation but your point is well taken by me… your the voice of reason on this i feel but after a few high profile similar cases.. it is worth a view in case any further evidence comes to light…
          nice post human!! once again! 🙂

          • Human0815

            @ arclight,

            we should face the facts and not the Gossip,
            we just lose our Energy and our will to Fight
            when we see only the bad stories,
            which are even without a Background!

            And yes, we can divide the different types of Cancer, in this case maybe just by a little background Information about the duration of his disease!

            Both of FD-Sources show absolute
            no Background-Info!!!

            • arclight arclight

              agreed 🙂

              • Human0815

                @ arclight,

                do this mean you can read Kanji and Hiragana too?

                • arclight arclight

                  unfortunately, i miss the subtleties and so does the googlies 🙂

                  • arclight arclight

                    i rely on the japanese translators exskf, tokyobrowntabby and a host of other bloggers as well as input from FD, japan times etc.. and individual bloggers like yourself to enlighten me!! google translate and a host of organisations that have japanese data in a better language for the google/babel software.. the japanese blog scene doesnt translate so well.. thanks for highlighting why!! if i understood you correctly?

  • dosdos dosdos

    I can appreciate a fondness for fishing and eating freshly caught fish, having done it often. However, I was very particular about where I fished and the quality of the water. There are many places I’d never fish, and Fukushima is way down at the bottom of the list, with the heavy mercury waters.

    It’s one of the areas where the shills who say that radiation won’t hurt people are causing grave harm to those who believe them. It is giving people a false sense of security, leading them into performing acts that should avoided at all costs.

  • It appears some people failed to do their homework before committing the utterly stupid and inexcusable act of living in or visiting a high radiation zone.

    I wonder how Warren Buffet is feeling these days.

    He usually gets talked about in or the Financial Times, who are the biggest disinfo- spreaders, so we might not find out right away.

    Warren Buffett: Do not give up Fukushima!

    Well, do not give up Chernobyl either. Fact is, we had to give up Chernobyl, and the children of Belarus know why.

    • john lh john lh

      Yes,people ignore the truth and facts, just wish to make the same familiar yesterday’s happy life, the one they have enjoyed or heard or read of others.

      There is melt-down of all the physical side of our living planet, and 3.11 in Fukushima just accelerated this process…

      Just read a great book about the melt-down of financial and economical system all over the world.

      I believe most of the People on this ENENEWS.COM read the word Melt-down, but I am not sure how many think seriously what it means beside of the ice cream melt-down reflection in our minds.

      It means all our familiar structures which support our life will have to gone, melt-down to its original particle structure, molecular structure, nuked structure, evaporation, or just go to heaven or hell, physically, morally, mentally,also this will lead to the melt-down of our legal system ,law and orders in all this planet, no matter we live in free world or slavery countries like China,or N.Korea.

      There is no return,but melt-down, melt-down…

    • zardinuk

      Perhaps he did know it was toxic and was trying to make a point, martyred himself to bring attention to the problem, sort of like the people who light themselves on fire in protest.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Warren Buffett is a fool.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Warren Buffett could have used all his money and moved south and taken all his family. But he is so driven to make money he didn’t take the chance to escape. He can now die of anything, heart, stroke, leukemia, and pneumonia in less than a year. He could have influenced the US government to tell the American people the truth and how best to protect themselves. He could have fough6 for evacuation for the children and pregnant mothers in Japan. Hard to understand.

  • Ann Coltier of Faux News would probably say that people like this are not eating ENOUGH radioactive foods. They need to INCREASE the amount of radiation that they are consuming, in order to stay healthy, or to get even healthier.

    More radiation according to her and these many scientists that she refers to say that MORE radiation is better for you. Maybe they should send Fukushima basement water to all of these sick people, and have them drink that, in order to make them better.

    Maybe Fukushima can be turned into a health spa with her name on it the Ann Colter Fukushima Health Spa… According to her, the mass media is against her and all of these scientists who are saying this is the truth, and everyone else is lying.

    These scientists say that Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused NO deaths from radiation. I would venture to say that they say the same thing about Chernobyl and Fukushima… no deaths at all from any nuclear accident..

    • Tanuki San

      I don’t think Ann Coulter is about to put her money where her mouth is. She’d probably never go to Fukushima and eat the food produced there herself. The only reason she’s on TV is she looks nice and is always willing to say something controversial. That’s her job, she probably doesn’t even agree with half of the points she argues. That’s what’s disgusting about the “news” these days. It’s more like a theatrical performance.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      God, I haaaate Ann Coulter…she is one of the most arrogant people on the planet. I’m glad O’Reilly had some clear things to say to dispute what she was saying.

      Unfortunately, it’s obvious she has good genes, from her looks. A lot of people are not as blessed with her health, and are maybe more susceptible to disease. But she probably can’t relate to that…

    • stopnp stopnp

      Wtf? This female is insane. Does ahe still have a job after this.

  • So, who are YOU going to believe? Ann and the nuclear industry, that says all nuclear accidents actually release only health giving radiation that is promoting health?

    Or, scientists who are outside of the industry, who are reporting things like this?

  • Mauibrad Mauibrad

    Look at those pictures. Youthful overconfident ignorance.

  • This is what Fukushima kids can look forward to…

    It is sad, when people like Ann can spout off things that are directly contrary to what is really going on, such as the statistics in this video… Reality seems to have no impact on the nuclear industry or Faux News types.

    Of course, Faux News would say that none of this is due to Chernobyl, just like in Fukushima, none of what is happening now, or what will happen in the future will have any connection to the radiation released.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Eating anything in an exclusion zone will kill you. Often times being within 50 miles of a nuclear accident can increase your chances of death simply by breathing. This journalist is a sign that within 50 miles of the plant people are at far greater risk of fatality. This means those living close will have a lethal dose within the next few months. I guess this is getting into the population on a serious level now. Lets see how the world starts to react in the next 3 months when more people have taken in a high amount of contamination.

  • May I say that I have not enjoyed serving under Humans. I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant.

  • dpl dpl

    a moment of silence

  • dosdos dosdos

    The rivers are the most polluted part of Japan right now. The runoff from the watershed condensed into the volume of one river which hugs the coastline once it hits the ocean. The fish that he was eating was as hot as anything at the Daiichi plant.

    Get used to this. We’re getting very close to the first wave of health issues breaking big in Japan. This is only the preface, unfortunately.

    • I am having a hard time focusing on words because all I can think of are bodies of the walking dead. I am so sad for Japan and for humanity. I wonder how many more people have already died from radiation poisoning and we just haven’t been told the truth.

      I don’t want to get used to the idea that this is only the beginning of the first wave. I look at the radiation maps and I just cry. There is a certainty about Japan’s future. Sadness, despair, melancholy, anger, frustration…and there isn’t anything I can do. Sometimes I wonder why I keep coming back to Enenews a dozen times a day (probably more) because the new gets worse and worse and there is all beyond my control. In the end there isn’t anything we can do, is there? Is that why Edgar Cayce said Japan MUST fall into the ocean? Is shutting down the other reactors before there is no one else left alive to shut them down our only option?

      As it gets worse, the resources will dwindle and the remaining population will be left to fend for themselves in a radioactive wasteland. More than anything, it is the children that make me lose it. I cannot stand the thought of millions of dying orphans, but that’s what will happen, won’t it? What hope do any of those children have for a beautiful future? It’s just so unfair – and the government and Tepco sit in shamed silence, abandoning the children, abandoning their future. The first wave is just beginning. What will we see a year from now? I cannot begin to fathom this layer of darkness that will envelope the world.

      I hate that there isn’t anything I can do to stop millions of people from dying from this catastrophe. I don’t want to get used to this reality.

      • Kelly Ann, may I re-post your comment here on my blog using your name as posted here?

        I feel exactly the same way you do.

        I have tried to get people I know to pay attention, but few will–and I hang out with academics.

        I cannot believe the world would let this happen to the Japanese children without demanding evacuation.

        Basically, it seems that if a country wants to slaughter their own, the world’s most powerful nations are content to let that happen without raising a word of concern.

        Americans and Canadians better look closely because they are next.

      • Thank you for your heart felt words Kelly Ann Thomas. They ring with an inner truth.

        I also agree with majia, “Americans and Canadians better look closely because they are next.”

  • tony wilson

    can someone send george joe Goebbels mombiot and the head of news at the bbc some of that yummy life giving fish and some water to make a nice winter broth.

  • arclight arclight

    more appropriate post here from tokyobrown tabby

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Thanks, arclight. made me cry. My husband was born in the Ukraine. His mother died of breast cancer.

      • arclight arclight

        my sister and mother were caught with breast cancer too! its a sorrow we have to carry, it is the main drive for me to see that this doesnt happen to young children…. the oncologists in the world believe they can cure cancers effectively, so there is no worry… the truth is that you have a good chance of survival if you are rich and can afford the quick and effective service that is possible only for a limited amount of the population.. the reality is the rest/majority of us have longer odds! when you realise this oncology isnt the wonder treatment in my opinion! in fact in my experience it unduly stresses the patient and his support network…

        being on this blog has made me cry too! i hope you find a happy thought to go to sleep with anne
        god bless you

    • The records told at the end sound very familiar !

  • gagal gagal

    Hmmm…maybe the people of Japan will start waking up to reality soon. Unless they have a sooner-rather-than-later death wish. Thank you ENENEWS for keeping up with what is continuing to go on in Fukushima.
    On a side note…do any of you posters live in Hawaii? I was in Maui back in September for a couple of days. Was up a ways on the volcano there and it started sprinkling. Got a few drops on my left arm and thought nothing of it. The next day, I had small red spots on my left arm. No itching. No bug bites, to my knowledge. Just my left arm that I recall being exposed to the sprinkles. The spots got bigger over the course of the next few days (raised and red) but no itching. They disappeared in about 10 days. I’ve been bit by mosquitos and noseeums. But there was no swelling around the red areas. I just wonder if anyone else has had this experience; just throwing it out there. I live in GA, and no problems here so far. Fingers crossed.

  • arclight arclight

    and this…

  • arclight arclight

    Fukushima – This Used to Be My Playground (Madonna) / Save the Children

  • goathead goathead

    The fact is, this is a death slowly moving in everyone’s direction! from the plankton upwards, little fish eaten by bigger fish and then eventually by us all. This poison travels the world via anything that will transport it to our kitchen tables.

  • tony wilson

    if you look on the live cams the way the cranes are positioned all in a line between the reactors,looks like thats the end of the mission.

    and yet those evil fucking tepco monsters carry on taking billions of yen from the sick government.
    mafia government kickback payments to mafia corporation.

  • Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Yoshida’s Message to Plant Workers

    Yoshida, head of Fukushima I Nuke Plant, issued a message to the plant workers as follows: “An illness was found during the medical exam, and I have no choice but to leave the plant, despite the on-going plant accident. To have to part with you like this is gut-wrenching, and I …

    Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Head of the Plant Yoshida Is Hospitalized, Will Resign as of December 1st

  • …If the back ground radiation of your place is 0.5 micro Sv/h and it’s stable,it’S ok. It’s mostly from Radium or the sun.

    But, if the background radiation of your place is 0.02 micro Sv/h and it goes 0.1 micro Sv/h sometimes, it’s the plume. The radio meter caught 0.08 micro Sv/h emission from radioactive plume. This is when it jumps into your lungs and causes severe internal exposure. …