Journalist interviews sickened Fukushima author: 8 teeth lost — Nails fell out — Going bald (VIDEO)

Published: January 10th, 2012 at 10:57 am ET


Live : Minamisoma blogger is on Ustream, Fukushima Diary, Jan. 10, 2012:

Translated Transcript Excerpts

Iwakami Yasumi:

How did the symptom go?

[intlink id=”already-many-cases-mysterious-illnesses-fukushima-hear-malformed-babies-born” type=”post”]Numauchi Emiko[/intlink]:


  • From June to August, had diarrhea like water


  • Fingers (except for the thumb and pointing finger) got numb
  • More and more area started feeling numb
  • It hurt too
  • arms and neck didn’t have numb
  • one month and half have passed since the beginning, numb feeling disappeared


  • From 8/18, my jaw started having terrible pain
  • In October, felt like something was stuck between the teeth, and 3 teeth fell off
  • After all, 4 teeth fell off
  • had remaining teeth pulled off too because they hurt too much
  • lost 8 teeth in total

More Symptoms

  • My hands got bladder [???] on 10/20 (not itchy or painful, grew every 10 minutes, yellow water is inside) […] my legs got bladder too


  • Next symptom was fatigue
  • Couldn’t move for 3 days
  • 11/9, extreme fatigue — Couldn’t even open the eyes
  • Felt too tired to sit on chair
  • [Met old friend (42)] She and her husband both were suffering from fatigue

High Fever and Blood Pressure

  • 10/26, got fever — Average temperature was about 35℃ but it went up to 37℃
  • Blood pressure increased too (140,93)

Hair Loss

  • Started losing hair from November — Niece told me I was balding.
  • Kept losing hair in December too
  • Had my hair cut to be 3cm but still kept losing
  • Met old friend (42) — She had hair until October but had to wear a wig in December

Nails Lost

  • Nails dropped off too


  • Husband had nosebleed in the toilet
  • He has hardly had nosebleed

Full transcript here

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Published: January 10th, 2012 at 10:57 am ET


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51 comments to Journalist interviews sickened Fukushima author: 8 teeth lost — Nails fell out — Going bald (VIDEO)

  • goathead goathead

    Sounds like Midlife Crisis!!

  • BerndLauert

    If this happens to people 20-30miles away from the nuclear plants, then what is happening to those unlucky fellows they practically force to work AT the destroyed plant itself.. I wouldn’t be surprised if those ridiculous low numbers Tepco comes up with (3 atm) are faked as hell and the actual death toll at the plant is already going into the hundreds..

  • Human0815

    This Women should visit a special radiological Clinic in Sendai or here in Tokyo
    instead of giving Interviews!

    When she is so sick she belongs into a Hospital!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter


    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Don’t rush her along there…Human0815….

    • StillJill StillJill

      Where she won’t be HEARD from again. Nice try! (Not!)

      • Human0815

        C’mon, she can blog from the Hospital too,
        every Hospital here hold a Internet Connection!

        And there is no killing of F’Shima People!

        • Well, there was that highly impressive “suicide” of the anti-nuclear town official last week. Plus, didn’t we read that hospitals in the area aren’t taking anybody suffering from what might be radiation poisoning?

        • StillJill StillJill

          Nope,…No babies being ‘Euthanized’, no workers mysteriously disappearing,…nope Human,…you’re not a shill,…..

          • Human0815

            We can make a deal if you want,
            i will support Enenews with 1.000 USD
            when you bring accurate Evidence
            that the Japanese Medical Community
            violating international Medical Laws!

            The same when you bring sources
            that the Ex Workers get killed because
            of their radioactive Dosage.

            When you fail the money need to come
            from your own Pocket and you bow to me
            or i will call you a Busby Shill!

            • I sure hope you are smiling a lot, in order to ‘protect’ you from the radiation, as the chief medical doctor says. I am sure this does not violate any medical ethics… Hmmm, on second thought, maybe it does…

              I hope you spend a lot of time eating Fukushima produce, meat, eggs and living in the highly contaminated areas. Drink the pure water straight out of the rivers there. Filter the water through the sand found at the bottom of the rivers. Report back to us in a year about how you feel. I am very curious personally.

              If you experience any health issues during this next year, be sure to see a medical doctor and see what they tell you the cause is… Do not be very surprised if they refuse to test you for radiation, and then tell you all of your problems are in your head, due to ‘stress’ and ‘worry’, as they are already doing around Chernobyl, and possibly also in Fukushima as well. I wonder what the medical ethics boards here in the US would say about that, or what Dr Caldicott MD would venture to report?

              Be sure to tell us all about your experiences over the next five to ten years. Maybe you will be the miracle that walked directly into the ‘furnace’ and did not burn… We will see. You sound very sure of yourself.

              Time will tell. Good luck on your journey.

        • James Tekton James Tekton


          YU SED:

          “And there is no killing of F’Shima People!”

          YOU LIE!!!



          • James Tekton James Tekton


            “And there is no killing of F’Shima People!”


          • Human0815

            we can dance around in circles here,
            where is your evidence that People get
            killed in a Hospital?

            You have none, so why i should belive u
            or still shill, please tell me?

            Why i should not mention that i think
            your statement is wrong?

            This is afaik not a Nazi Place!!!

            • Human0815

              maybe my english sounds more rude
              than i am!

              all i search is the truth,
              nothing else,
              by the way i am on the Road to Fukushima!

            • StillJill StillJill

              Be gone shill–I shall not waste my time answering your distracting questions! Good Bye!

              • Human0815

                than stop to quote me in a wrong way!

                Sayonara, you are an Ignorant and unable
                to communicate with other real People!

                • arclight arclight

                  hey thats a bit hard on human guys! hrs said in the past that he would be prepared to live in the area if it got up to 0.50 microsieverts/hr.. hes an olser gentleman and can afford to take the risk!!

                  mass hospital die offs and fukushima diary hasnt got that one yet!! maybe they are covering it up.. theres only two million comletely compliant people and censorship is super effective in that area and human has been fooled?

                  dont think so, why are our readers one third japaanese.. and these same japanese are trying to do activism in a country that doesnt give any rights to activists..

                  if you peel back the blog over the week or so human and i have been letting each other know each others political social views.. was brief butt alot of info was exchanged…

                  i think human is a useful resource for us on enenews, he is down to earth and on the ground with a gieger.. he will be one of the first people to be effected/killed in the event of sp4 going critical.. i trust his judgement in this area though i dont agree on the details.

                  can we ban the word schill here? at least for people who contribute and have hung around without ruining the posts and providing us with info!

                  and hes got to be a bit careful about that as has green action japan and others when i contact them!!

                  dont mind people having there views! its good! but i couldnt bring myself to attack human in this way.. i would just politely argue and move on!! as i do!

                  admin will sort out anyone who creates havoc.. but even though admin has disagreed on occsion with human… human is still here? says a lot..

                  food for thought here.. be nice to have more japanese in the house… direct source of info.. udeful!

                  and for the activists amongst us.. very useful to build up these contacts!! its a news site.. thats how fukushima diary gets his info.. should be the same here!!

                  just some observations, dont mean to annoy anyone. i trust human enough to believe he believes what he says.. peace all here

  • StillJill StillJill

    Damn, damn, damn! Have had tooth pain now for a week. Did not connect this symptom! Have resorted to holding hydrogen peroxide in my mouth a few times a day to deaden the pain.

    Here we go folks,…..the rotting away has begun,….sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly–but IT will always materalize.

    • Bobby1

      Yablokov Chernobyl book:

      Thyroid gland pathology in the Chernobyl-contaminated territories correlated with diseases of the gums and teeth (Konoplya,1998).

      Data concerning the influence of Chernobyl contamination on the osteomuscular system are scarce, not because these diseases are insignificant but because they attract little attention in terms of survival. Bone and muscle diseases are not insignificant. The loss of teeth leads to deterioration in a person’s ability to eat and secondary adverse dietary effects.

      In contaminated territories, where Cs-137 was easily detected, it was accompanied by Sr-90, which is taken up during intrauterine development and deposited in teeth and bones. Sr-90 decays to Y-90 via release of a beta particle, which is harmful to the developing teeth, and the resultant decay isotope, Y-90, weakens the structural integrity of the teeth.

    • affter333


      Stilljill, are you still in pain

      I use this to cure my terrible
      toothache. it always works.
      don’t know if it works for others

      water : white_vinegar : salt = 6:3:1

      mix it up, soak your tooth/teath in it.
      for like 5 min, don’t swallow.
      repeat a few times, and the pain goes away
      never comes back..

      if you try and if it works please tell me

      • StillJill StillJill

        Bless your hearts after333, Bobby1, and Markww!
        I shall try both suggestions,….I happenen to have all the things necessary! Am I still in pain? Is the Pope Catholic? Bear crap in the woods?,…::-)

        Not for long though,…off to get relief! Thanks friends! 🙂

        • ShineTheLight

          Still Jill – I’ll post some info on the radiation effects forum regarding your teeth/bones. Want to help admin stay on topic.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          Hey SJ,

          How close are you to Yuma, AZ and is it worth your time to go get fixed deluxe for cheap?

          There is a lady dentist there that has to be the best ever and the costs of dental are very minimal compared to the ripoff american dental industry. The service and quality cannot be beat and this all from someone who has had extensive dental works done throughout life.

          If interested, I will give you a phone number to call and inquire so as to help you make a decision about making a drive there or not.

          If you live far, the costs are prohibitive. If within an 8-12 hour drive, it could be worth it driving a economical car.

          Just some thots.

          Colloidal Silver Plus and lots of Oregano helps kill infections. I used to gargle with a very watered down hydrogen peroxide. Clove works to deaden the pain in gums. Ibuprofen for mouth pain is best. Pen VK 500 mg from an emergency hospital visit works to kill off the infection until you can get it fixed.

          Sending you healing energy now…

          • StillJill StillJill

            Will she take all my mercury leaking fillings out too? 🙂
            Think I’ll go for pain relief,….this, “Ol’e grey mare, she ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be”,…sing it with me folks!

            Roommate offered to buy me a wig yesterday. Poor darned guy doesn’t want me to croke,….but he’s even starting to believe in FUKU now, from watching me these past 7 months he’s known me.

            • ion jean ion jean

              Hey jill fluoride can damage teeth as well as s90 and y90

              I had quite a few come out in the last few years and more are breaking…while I worried about my mercury fillings at first, and many remain, I’ve heard the vapors are gone after twenty years…then its easier to get mercury out of your system than strontium out of bone and teeth since it FUSES WITH CALCIUM

              Anyway in my experience, once I reduced my intake of fluoride to almost zero…many wonderful things happened in my brain and body…after suffering with the same “three days of pain and weakness” like the article subject above (keep in mind I’m built with isotopes) I realized I had a much stronger immune system cause I didn’t get major tooth infections after that…when they did bother me I took…

              Echinacea extract rubbed on gum and tooth
              Also internally
              Any form plus raw Garlic

              Even if you don’t have fluoridated water, you’re getting too much if you

              Drink a lot of tea, wine from CA that’s not organic
              Beer, grape juice, sodas (any bottled beverage is a risk, even some spring waters)
              And lots in certain processed foods and drugs (paxil, prozac, other psych meds)

              Getting on topic again, when I hear teeth falling out in a matter of months, it can’t be Strontium or Yttrium 90, its GOT to be URANIUM or PLUTONIUM…

              • StillJill StillJill

                Thanks ion jean,…it’s plutonium. I remember the day, the hour,…how it burned my throat,…smelled gas, burned nostrils, felt dizzy, faint almost, sweated profusely,…need I go on. I was called down to a nearby town under false pretenses,…and that was a day with the thickest FOG I have ever seen.

                It was plutonium.

                I have used the vinegar/salt/water deal-e-o,…twice,..helped, but pain came back. Did the clove oil, helped more. Doing another natural cure online, baking soda and Himalayan sea salt on a dry tea bag. Have decided on a slight change in plans,… Vicodin after many years,…and a dentist in the morning, maybe. Hurts like Hades!

                Only fluoride I get, none in your helpful list,…is from toothpaste. (I am too lazy to make my own with hydrogen peroxide/baking soda),…but you’re making a believer out of me my friend!

                I thank you sincerely! ::-)

                • NoNukes NoNukes

                  Oh no, StillJill, I missed this, sorry that you are in such pain. Hope that the dentist can help. There is an fabulous holistic dentist in Fremont
                  who might be worth a call/email:
                  I don’t think that you are nearby, but she is knowledgeable, honest and caring, she might have some advice by phone.

                  What day was it for the plutonium? Probably the same one as my “metallic taste” in San Francisco. Maybe we should have an anniversary party this year.

    • affter333

      if it works for anyone please drop me a mail

      just need to know..



      • StillJill StillJill

        Your tooth cure worked, but not the email address. I wanted to thank you friend! 🙂

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          @Still Jill: You say

          …it’s plutonium. I remember the day, the hour,…

          NoNukes asks (above) what day it was. I would like to know also and generally where you are located.

          I have been using colloidal silver for years, but only in small doses and with breaks of a few weeks from time to time. I find it valuable for fighting infections. Good luck with your teeth and all else! Blessings.

          • StillJill StillJill

            Yes, thanks,…it was Wednesday, October 19th, 2011. Location was Chico, Ca. down by the airport storage shops,…cold fog. 10:00-11:00 AM.

            Thanks for the well wishes also friend,..I mean it, helps a lot! 🙂

            • StillJill StillJill

              You know,…this is actually good news.
              My research has taught me that ARS, “Acute Radiation Sickness” has three sub types, if you will. They differ by exposure volume and duration, Yes?
              In the worst one, I think 6-10 Gy, whatever that is, you’re toast. (Correct me if I’m wrong,…there’s a POINT here somewhere). The medium type, if you will, was like 4-6gy? That one had 4-6 weeks for the 50% death, as I recall. The least one was 1-4gy? And, it had a 6-8 week ‘window’. If ONE lived past the ‘window’ of weeks, they had/have a 50% chance of surviving. I was gassed over 10 weeks ago! 🙂 I truly believe that I have that 50/50 chance!

              I lanced my own abscess today, like a good little pioneer woman. Then I used all the great ‘suggestions’ here! 🙂 Guess what? They work!

    • markww markww

      i took a cotton q tip put vanilla extract on it rubbed gun and tooth pain went away in a minute or less

    • vivvi

      Jill, have you tried using colloidal silver to kill the infection? Personal experience says it works. Also, you might try CLOVE OIL applied directly to the hole in the tooth. It is extremely effective antibiotic and pain killer. Tastes pretty strong, but it beats having a toothache. You should be able to get it from any drug store or health food shop. Sooner or later you will need to get to a dentist, though.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Yes,…I will eventually I know. The problem is, they put you on antibiotics,…and they won’t touch me with mitral valve prolapse, without a course of antibiotics! I do not want that. There is abscess,….and I already have a GI bleed and an UNKN infection.

        I will get clove,…you guys are AWESOME! Had heard of cloves before for this,…but my ‘thinker’ is all F’d up!

        • vivvi

          The colloidal silver water is very safe and works very quickly. Must be why the pharmacidal maniacs want it banned. You can actually get it from animal feed stores, as it is used alot to treat sick animals. Cos it WORKS. I had a neighbour used it to treat a horse with equine influenza, and the horse recovered well. Other local horses died. I strongly recommend it to everybody battling infections. (No. I am not selling it. 🙂 )

      • StillJill StillJill

        Thanks vivvi,…I just started colloidal silver about a week ago. We make it here with a silver machine. No dose given. I drink about 3 ounces three times a day???

    • skizexq skizexq

      I had some dental work done around the time this occurred (FUKU-Dusty all –>>THREE ONE ONE) A couple of my fillings have started to loosen, two falling out, in NW WA. WTF.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    For ‘bladder’ read ‘blisters’. This is a textbook description of radiation poisoning.

  • StillJill StillJill

    “Unknown white lesions on organs”,….(reading that one a lot lately!) UNKN,….yeah right!

  • ItsJustMetal ItsJustMetal

    Everything is gone. No link

  • Radio Radio

    Hope that media will perceive this protest, which she hopefully wont carry out until death.

  • brilli

    the ustream link doesn’t work at all, and when i’ve reached it thru other websites, there is NO archive of the actual interview.

    is jgov leaning on ustream or am i missing something???

  • brilli

    the video is completely missing. we need better media distribution (mainly, offline/old school) of such vital information.