LINK TV: Physician thinks lung cancer from Fukushima will begin in as soon as 2 years (VIDEO, Part I)

Published: October 21st, 2011 at 6:16 pm ET


LINK TV, Oct. 21 — Dr. Helen Caldicott appeared on the LINK TV program Earth Focus to discuss the Fukushima crisis and other nuclear issues.

Caldicott received her medical degree from the University of Adelaide Medical School. In 1977 she joined the staff of the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston, and taught pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School from 1977 to 1978. She worked to establish the group International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. –Wikipedia

At 2:00 in: We’ll start seeing lung cancer, I think, 2-5 years from now

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Published: October 21st, 2011 at 6:16 pm ET


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  • Anthony Anthony

    Journalists strived to get truth about nuclear fallout to public (Part 2)

    The question of how much and where radioactive materials were dispersed by the hydrogen explosions at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant have been of the utmost importance to residents of both Fukushima Prefecture and beyond, and one we began to pursue soon after the nuclear disaster started to unfold.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Journalists never truly strived to get the truth. Just calling it “hydrogen explosions” and not what it was: prompt criticality is a disservice. Journalists are humans, just as vulnerable to the terror of financial retribution as any of us might be. But strived to get the truth is a complete lie.

      The question of how much radioactive materials were AND ARE BEING dispersed even now is the question that should vex every able-bodied and able-minded person able to make a difference. But it won’t. Precisely because of these yellow-bellied journalists and the sheeple that follow them. And so, Japan, the Pacific Ocean, and possibly everyone, is doomed.

      Don’t speak to me of “journalists”….

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima: Towards the Formation of a Radioactive Graveyard in the Pacific Ocean?
    Japanese Officials & Experts Late Decision to Expand Testing Around Fukushima Daiichi

    by Lucas Whitefield Hixson

    • Anthony Anthony

      ****In September, scientists from the government’s Meteorological Research Institute and the Central Research Institute of the Electric Power Industry announced their findings at a meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan, adding that some of the cesium will also flow into the Indian Ocean and, eventually, reach the Atlantic.****

      • Anthony Anthony

        **“We have a rough estimate of 5 to 20 million tons of debris coming from Japan,” said UH computer programming researcher Jan Hafner.**

        • Anthony Anthony

          **Findings throughout the summer challenged experts and officials however, as radiation levels found contamination in some parts had risen over 3,000 times the normal levels.

          “This is a relatively high level,” nuclear safety agency official Hidehiko Nishiyama said in a televised news conference.

          Drinking 500ml of fresh water with the same concentration would expose a person to their annual safe dose, Mr Nishiyama said, but he ruled out an immediate threat to aquatic life and seafood safety.

          “Generally speaking, radioactive material released into the sea will spread due to tides, so you need much more for seaweed and sea life to absorb it,” Mr Nishiyama said.**

  • Erin

    Just a reminder: October 23rd is the last day to collect signatures for the White House petition to end tax payer subsidies for new reactors, and October 30th is the last day to collect signatures for the petition to end the use of nuclear energy.

    The petition to end taxpayer subsidies is only 839 signatures away from their goal of 5,000, so please get your signatures in right away! We need to force the White House to talk about these vital issues!

    Again, here are the links: and!/petition/end-taxpayer-subsidies-new-nuclear-reactors/nx1cDPsK

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    uh oh… so sad.. there are only 50 signatures on the end nuclear energy petition…that is the one I am #41 on.

  • kintaman kintaman

    I will simply add that as much as I think Fukushima is a disaster beyond anything we can fully comprehend and the effects of this will horrific even beyond Japan, I think that Helen Caldicott is a bit of a nutbar simply trying to forward her anti-nuke agenda by means of scaremongering (not that it is needed for Fukushima). I will add that I do not disagree that we may very well see widespread diseases cropping in the very short term 3-5 years (much sooner than the idiot Japan government is expecting). May those who are responsible be hung high for all to see.

  • alasanon

    I think Dr. Caldicott is incredibly perceptive, brave, and on point.
    I’m beginning to think that some of this is totally out of our hands, maybe destined. I tried to warn so many people, but they stubbornly refuse to take heed. Maybe it’s their destiny to tough it out?!…or maybe the tide will turn and they will find a great, lucky loophole. Yes, I think that there are larger things at work.
    I have to say that my atheist or non-believer friends are bound and determined to ignore the problem, despite their intelligence and advanced degrees in science. I think that is so odd and I’ve practically begged them to be careful. To no end! How can you know science and not worry? I think something bigger than the tangible, material world is going on here.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      “I have to say that my atheist or non-believer friends are bound and determined to ignore the problem, despite their intelligence and advanced degrees in science.”

      Question: Do they watch the evening news on television? Is that their main source of news? If so, there’s your answer. The news anchors amount to movie stars and real news is never given.

      Question: Has ambient radiation already reduced the intelligence level of humans? Maybe that’s your answer.

      I have come up with a saying that comes to mind when I’m driving and it comes to mind now: If 50% of the population is above the others in intelligence and 50% are below, I’m obviously driving today with those who are 50% below.

      In truth, I have found that the ones who are difficult to convince of the truth can’t let go of their world view. They still believe that government has their best interests at heart and can be trusted. For those of us who deep-sixed that idea long ago, these people drive us up the wall. They have actually become part of the problem and do nothing to bring about a solution.

      Here’s one of my favorite songs by Flo Bots that perfectly expresses for me the way this country is going:

  • Fall out man!

    The first casualties have already happened in the form of a spike in miscarriages. This has been well covered by enenews before. “Scientific” (yeah right) American magazine tried to do a debunking of this, and that debunking was debunked proving the case further.

    Info on miscarriages in USA from Fukushima fallout – Debunking “scientific” American mag’s cover up…

    Note this video looks at the effect on birds in the USA from Chernobyl fallout. This is really chilling, a must see. The US Uni Professor goes on to recommend a book that looked at the effect on people and babies from Chernobyl as opposed to birds. Its a must see. Babies and the elderly will be dying all around the world right now as a result of Fukushima Fallout. Covering this up will ensure many more unnecessary deaths. Its murder.

    Oh, and there will be a very obvious round of new casualties when the first Fukushima babies are born 9 months after 3/11. Deaths are easy to cover up. Horrible deformities speak for themselves. Radioactive Cesium is the worst for that as it distributes through the flesh and hence the testes and ovaries (unlike bone seeking strontium, or thyroid seeking iodine).

    • Anthony Anthony

      You’re right – good one…
      ***To date, not every living system has been studied, but of those that have – animals, birds, fish, amphibians, invertebrates, insects, trees, plants, bacteria, viruses and humans – many with genetic instability across generations, all sustained changes, some permanent, and some fatal. Wild and domestic animals and birds developed abnormalities and diseases similar to those found in humans.

      It takes ten decades for an isotope to completely decay, thus the approximately 30 year half-lives for Sr-90 and Cs-137 will take nearly three centuries before they have decayed, a mere blink of the eye when compared to Pu-239 with a half-life of 24,100 years.***

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      @Fall out man:

      I stopped reading Scientific American for that very reason!

      A couple of nights ago, I wanted to watch Nature on PBS which was presenting a program on Chernobyl today. I was elated because I thought they were actually going to explore the reality of the effects of Chernobyl and present to the public the problem of what to do about the sarcophagus.

      Actually, the program dealt with the health of wolves living near Chernobyl. According to them, they are in obust good health except for a few abnormalities!! They showed one brief picture of a wolf pup with six digits. This program was sponsored (paid for) by David Koch and it was dishonest.

      After about 30 minutes of hearing how wonderfully thriving the wildlife is there I had to turn it off I became so angry. No mention was made in the first 30 minutes of birth defects caused by Chernobyl. I have seen the pictures of these children and it is unforgivable that they would have not mentioned them. In the time I watched they made no mention that a new sarcophagus is needed and that no money is available to pay for it.

      In all fairness, I did not watch the rest so they may have compensated later on. My automatic crap detecting machine was going off full tilt, which requires me to turn it off. I am finding that the programs I used to watch like Nature, The Newshour with Jim Lehrer, and even the BBC evening news are becoming more and more like MSM. I now consign PBS to the same trash heap as the MSM. Like Scientific American, all have failed us.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Nicely complied Fall out man-thank you,….I’ll send this one out!

    • Fall out man!

      Thanks StillJill, If sending it on, I would say the first link should be ignored. It refers to comments (including mine) way down that page. So to see them people have to read irrelevant stuff first. The other links get right to the point straight away and give instant information.

  • Fall out man!

    In a sense the focus on cancer is a side track. The radiation in Chernobyl affected most people in other ways. Chernobyl stomach, Chernobyl kidney, Chernobyl Heart. Every part of the body is affected. 80% of kids in the Ukraine prior to Chernobyl were said to be 100% healthy. Now, only 20% are said to be free of health problems. Allergies and asthma are common, as are digestive problems, and of course much more serious complaints. Remember we have seen very useful scientific information based on Chernobyl from Professor Chris Busby on this site pointing out that most deaths from Fukushima (as with Chernobyl) will come from radiation induce stroke and heart attack.

    The average life expectancy of people living within 200km of Chernobyl is 10 years lower than it used to be. Busby expected a similar result within a 200km radius of Fukushima.

    Cancer is just one part of the damage. Damage to the genome passed on through the generations, and things like heart disease are far bigger problems. Problems conveniently ignored.

  • StillJill StillJill

    I wonder what the numbers were/are in Chernobyl for early immunodeficiency? Did diabetes spike? Lupus?

    You know,….those pics xdrfox posted yesterday of that live birth deformation,…and the wailing mother in the background,….I can’t seem to forward it on. I have been telling about 30 people until I am quite literally blue in the face. Now that the proof is here,…I no longer care if ‘they’ wake up!

    Sorry God,… said your people were a little soddish. Well, that’s why you’re God and I’m not! They’re retarded!

    • Fall out man!

      Hi Jill,

      Unfortunately people believe what they want to believe. To be fair, few people have time to evaluate evidence or even think logically about things such as a nuclear disaster (apparently far from them). People are trained from an early age to believe the government and media (though everyone says they don’t), and if presented with a nice lie, would sooner believe that than a disturbing fact.

      Of course, sometimes it really is better not to know. I’m more cautious about what I say to people now. Few would believe what’s going on. In my view, the cover up has been wildly successful. And with so much money to employ so many reporters, bloggers, posters, shills, academics and officials, the Nuke industry can carry on as if nothing happened.

      At least you’ve told them. If you didn’t care about them, you wouldn’t tell them. But you do and you did. I see you spoke of God. Remember, its not much use someone avoiding fallout, only to go to hell. There are other things people need to know as well.

    • Bobby1

      Yablokov suggested that immune deficiency started within 45 days of Chernobyl exposure in Belarus.

      “Apparently, impaired immunity triggered by Chernobyl radionuclides adversely affected all of the individuals, without exception, who were subjected to any additional radiation.”

      So EVERYBODY that is exposed to radiation gets immunodeficiency.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Thanks a lot Bobby1,…that helps me connect my dots. Just as I feared,….ruin the immune system first,…than all other DASTARDLY deeds fall right into place,…seemingly on their own. No ‘murderer’ seen here! Stupid person,…must have ruined their own immune system with their sloth! (not)

        • Bobby1

          I believe that I was exposed to radiation in the womb, this was in the 50’s. I have scoliosis and a sever autoimmune disorder. I watched my mother develop huge bruises on her arms and legs, she died of leukemia. It was probably strontium-90 that did it.

          So people right now are developing the same symptoms that have made my life a living hell for decades. Spinal damage, chronic pain, and chemical sensitivity so acute that you can’t take painkillers for it. Things like the sensation of have your chest being impaled on a spike while your skin is itching from a billion mosquito bites. And there is nothing, repeat nothing, that reverses it, without having toxic consequences worse than the disease itself.

          Immune system damage is much more than being more likely to catch a bug going around. It affects every organ of your body.

          • StillJill StillJill

            Thanks for sharing that Bobby1,…Yup,…you’ve been fighting (this) your entire life too.

            Your words are so chilling,….and I so relate. Before the cancer I was almost killed in a crash resulting in three spinal surgeries. The last was a halo bolted to my head for 14 weeks and 3 days. They severed my vagus nerve during that 3rd surgery, leaving me an instant diabetic,…and a month later gastroparesis. No culpability, except for the tarditive dyskonesia from reglan. Living with the constant pain and sensitivities has made us stronger to handle what we will ALL have to handle. There has been a reason Bobby1,..,.right?

            Thanks again for being vulnerable,…my prayers are yours.

          • Bobby1

            StillJill, thanks for the kind words. You have your own version of this, and it’s not easy.

            At least I am still functional, able to walk (kind of) and drive… my biggest fear is becoming bedridden like others, and being forced to eat the toxic waste they call food. That would put me on a downward spiral, and I am always trying to keep one step ahead of this thing.

            Toxins of any kind cause more symptoms, but radioactive toxins are different, they not only cause symptoms, they make the disease itself worse.

    • Unsafe at Any Dose
      …But this is dangerously ill informed and short-sighted; if anyone knows better, it’s doctors like me. There’s great debate about the number of fatalities following Chernobyl; the International Atomic Energy Agency has predicted that there will be only about 4,000 deaths from cancer, but a 2009 report published by the New York Academy of Sciences says that almost one million people have already perished from cancer and other diseases. The high doses of radiation caused so many miscarriages that we will never know the number of genetically damaged fetuses that did not come to term. (And both Belarus and Ukraine have group homes full of deformed children.)…

      • Genetic Effects
        … media attention and our openness in discussing these sensitive issues, first and second generation women hibakusha (atomic bombing survivors) approached us with stories of the cover-up which continues to take place in Japan over the genetic damage caused to their children. After speaking in Nagasaki, a young woman called Kimie, aged about 23, gave me photos of her young son and asked me to share his story with anyone who would listen outside Japan. She told me that she was a second generation hibakusha, and that during her pregnancy she had been warned by two older doctors that her baby might be deformed. When her son was born with a deformity to his hand, …

  • StillJill StillJill

    + a kazillion!

    Indeed,…..FAR more vital to them,….and they are ‘Captive Royalty’. Thank you friend,….I had forgotten that part! 🙂

    Nite all!

  • Human0815

    Lung Cancer is already the Killer Nr. 1 here.
    One in 16 Men is at Risk to die because of this form of Cancer and one in 47 for the Womens,
    Lung Cancer itself is responsible for ca. 20% of all Cancer Diagnosis!

    Source is the Japanese Cancer Association