Paper: “Now evidence has emerged that the radiation in Canada was worse than Canadian officials ever let on” — Radioactive coverup?

Published: October 20th, 2011 at 7:57 am ET


VANCOUVER, Oct. 20 — “Now evidence has emerged that the radiation in Canada was worse than Canadian officials ever let on,” Canada’s largest urban weekly, The Georgia Straight out of Vancouver, reported today.

“Public officials in Japan and Canada alike jumped straight into Chernobyl-style damage-control mode, dismissing any worries about impacts,” writes The Straight’s Alex Roslin.

The paper has obtained Canadian government data showing a monitoring station in Calgary detected an average of 8.18 Becquerels per liter of radioactive iodine-131 in rainwater last March. This “exceeded Canadian guidelines” according to the paper.

Health Canada’s data on rainwater is “puzzling” because the test results it reported are much lower than the data of Simon Frazer University professor Krzysztof Starosta. “He found iodine-131 levels in rainwater in Burnaby [near Vancouver] spiked to 13 becquerels per litre in the days after Fukushima. That’s many times higher than the levels detected in Vancouver by Health Canada.”

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Published: October 20th, 2011 at 7:57 am ET


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47 comments to Paper: “Now evidence has emerged that the radiation in Canada was worse than Canadian officials ever let on” — Radioactive coverup?

  • Steven Steven

    I remember seeing in one of Helen Caldicott’s vids that Canada (like Australia) is a big exporter of uranium. Nobody expected the radiation to come south (to Australia) so fast and heavy… looks like we all have to take our medicine.

    Did I hear someone say ‘karma’ ?

    • a_beautiful_nightmare

      Hi Steven
      Call me naive, but I never realised Australia got much of a dose (though I’m never going swimming in the pacific again!). Do you have any readings?

      • Steven Steven

        No readings, but there was some mention of an early and unexpected (albeit supposedly ‘safe’) increase due to events at Fukushima in the mainstream media here. Unexpected because the atmospheric currents of the northern and southern hemispheres usually oppose transport of airborne material across the equator.

        There are a couple of hypotheses relating to this, one suggests that unusual weather patterns caused a rapid spread of radioactive contaminants southward, another suggests that the sheer volume of contaminants released from the Daiichi plant meant that some of it had to find it’s way here. Take your pick.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    US Not Any Better In Warning The Public.

    • Human0815

      I don`t know the Regulations in the US but i guess it is International;
      they have to type of Laws,
      Nr.1 for the “normality”
      and Nr. 2 “after a Nuclear Accident”,
      Nr. 1 allowed only very low Levels of Radiation
      Nr. 2 allowed a much higher Rate!

    • Anthony Anthony

      At least Obama has mentioned it! Bizarre times we live in.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Exploring Busby’s Website, I noticed this:
      “CBFCF, we recruit people who do litigation in joint names”
      Any Lawyers here? Get ready, there’s gonna be LAWSUITS up the “ying yang” now. 🙁 TRILLION DOLLAR DISASTER very very soon.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Have you got a link to Busby article? I could search for CBFCF, but a link would be easier.

        I’d like to send the info to Mike Pappangeorgio (sp?), Robert Kennedy Jr. and the “Ring of Fire” radio show. The hosts are environmental attorneys,

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    EQ at Mito 4.7M, depth: 14km 20/10/2011 06:21

  • selfsovereign

    Canada commits crime against humanity to its own populace

    They premeditatively withold information that would modify a persons state of health, without that persons consent?! WOW………

    Does the canadian population need to declare war on their own government so that the people can be offered the due protection of the nuremburg accord……..?

  • OneWhoRelates

    People do not matter to most, money is like a drug for many. Enough is never enough.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Good morning OWR,

    People do not care that they do not matter. It is self and self only for most of the 99%.

    Money is god for most who were never taught that we are of two worlds. The spiritual one where everything matters and is permanant, and the temporal material one in which we the spiritual being is only passing through learning the lessons of the soul one day at a time. Balance between the two is harmony and what we all seek for real happiness.

    It has always been that simple.

    Lay up your treasures where they count the most.

    Sadly, it appears that this generation is too far gone and the plan is to completely eliminate it. Face this truth. It is only a matter of time until the evil that rules the world using ignorance and money to control those 99%ers has it’s way.

    This will never change until the world of people release their dependence on the god money, and goes back to the foundations of a real civilized society. Take any Indian tribe of a few hundred years ago and use that as your template for the next generations. That is if the environment permits life to sustain. At this time, long term humanity is in the arena of extinction. Ignorance and money it’s demise.

    Are you OK with you…and your Higher Power?

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Canada is controlled by the nuclear industry as is every country. Evidence of control by the elite which is now global or the illuminati, whatever you want to call them. You have to wonder if every election is totally fixed across the world.

    The sad thing is that the elite is destroying the earth even for their own children. Is there a worse moral lapse than eating your own children? Is there a worse case of child abuse than polluting the whole earth with radiation that will never go away? Nuclear chain reactions are definitely the destroyer of worlds.

    I read another blogger’s belief that we came from another planet. Hoping for escape to another planet sounds like a myth created by those who would exploit and destroy the only planet we will ever know. Why couldn’t people have been satisfied with the gift we were given with this planet?

    • StillJill StillJill

      I think the ONLY thing worse Anne,…is to DO SO, while looking your victims DEAD IN THE EYE,…and lying to them,…that they are NOT BEING KILLED,….when THEY ARE!

      That’s a new level of evil in this Ol’e Gal’s book!

      Human evil so much worse than this ol’e negative, conspiracy minded old soul can even fathom! 🙁

  • Why couldn’t people have been satisfied with the gift we were given with this planet? I’m sure most people want to live a simple life raise children eat well have good sex and drink some wine every so often. But a small group of people are total psychopaths. They want power and control. Its not about being rich its about controlling everyone else. Take it right back to the buffalo. Millions roamed the prairies. A minority of idiots, namely the government of the day put a bounty on those animals to encourage their decimation. Buffalo meat is leaner and healthier then cow meat. So basically we traded a better quality, self maintaining food source for a poorer quality food source requiring maintenance. They want us to pay for everything including water. I don’t know what the answer is. Revolution is out of the question when 95% of the population is in a trance induced by mass media indoctrination, over work, time starvation, an artificial economic system and governments ( pick any country ) infiltrated by special interest groups guided by sociopaths. God Bless Everyone.

    • Misitu

      The buffalo were bountied to remove the food supply of the Plains Hunters to finish the process of coercing them into the “Reservations”.

      I am ashamed of what my race (the Europeans) did to the Americas and Americans.

      What has followed has been more of the same and yet more.

      Perhaps now an implosion is beginning. Nemesis.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes Mark,…and the people,….like any good mushroom,…’kept in the dark, and fed bullshit’

  • Sorry more to the demise of the buffalo then my original post

    Based on greed. But we have been destroying Mother Nature throughout the history of man. The masses get lied to and hooked into the Rulers games through war economy etc. No surprise my government lied to me. Not the first time.

    Just don’t know what to do. No time, must get back to work.
    Must pay debt payments, pay for food, mortgage, diapers, toys,
    car payment, insurance, gas etc etc. Slavery has evolved, the chains are now invisible. Kids are beautiful, don’t know what to do.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      I agree that many humanoids have done a bang up job of destroying the world, but your statement:

      …we have been destroying Mother Nature throughout the history of man…

      …is just too big a blanket. Not all men (sic), groups, societies have been hell bent propelled by greed to destroy the planet in order to get what they mistakenly think is theirs.

      The history and psychology of sections of humans destroying the planet is very complex should be studied, researched, and understood. We should look to the cultures who respected Nature and therefore respected life. We should practice that wisdom.

      We need to evolve in consciousness to match the technological evolution we gained with the splitting of the atom. That’s the mandate. The next evolution, if we make it, is the evolution of consciousness. I see signs this is happening, people’s thinking is deepening, becoming more spiritual.

      Will it happen in time? Or is it too late? I don’t know, but not to try is to engage in a self fulfilling prophecy of doom. Good luck to all of us.

  • Edward Edward

    Coverup? Hey just like the united states government and news media.

  • pure water

    Hi, Mark and Jill,
    People are not so helpless. Besides forming a community of like minded, we all of us have the free choice. Use it for good, for what makes you filled with joy! We may not have the time, do it now! No one can stop you from reading a book, talking with a friend, listening to music, walking in the wilderness, whatever! They may make you work like an idiot to pay for something you did not choose, but it is up to you to avoid thinking about it and make your own dream world of things you love! We are may be short of time, let`s do first the right things!

  • Kevin Kevin

    When is the occupy movement going to pick up this issue!!!????

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      When? I believe OWS has understood and picked this up. I’ve got to look for their first manifesto. Too tired, too late now. But I will try to find it. No. They aren’t dropping everything else and saying we want an End to Nukes Now! I think concentration on a single issue would dillute, weaken and create divisiveness.

      But if you read their overall philosophy you will see that, in their statement decrying the greedy destruction of nature, they certainly will stop nukes ASAP.

      ASA they acquire enough power to really demand changes be made. So, instead of criticizing them, study and support them, and add you voice for NO Nukes Now!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I have no idea …but until they do ..OWS sets out without the facts…
    This is not just an issue…but an emergency state.

  • CB CB

    When we/they do, it will be a definitive/defining moment of the true nature of the corporations and Gov.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      And this is why OWS must move carefully. TPTB have the ability to snuff out any definitive action with which they disagree. Their tools of suppression are massive.

      We must be very, very smart. We must be wise.

  • CB CB

    This weekend should price interesting. All the pawns at in place.

  • jdstone1

    This is from connectingdots1 a reading from Winnipeg Manitoba on Sept 3rd. Manitoba is the actual center of Canada far from Vancouver and the Province of BC. Check it out. That is why I moved myself and my family out of Canada. In the words of the Canadian Musician Bruce Cockburn “if I had a rocket launcher some son of a bitch would die” Anyways here is Connectingdots1 vid

    And Bruce Cockburns song if I had a rocket launcher. Listen to the lyrics and relate it to what is going on with our governments in relation to this Fukushima cover-up

  • Anthony Anthony

    ******Food is another big question mark. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency briefly tested Japanese food imports from the area around Fukushima, but it dropped those measures in June. Canada now relies on Japanese authorities to screen contaminated food.

    But Japan’s food inspections have proven to be highly controversial since Fukushima. The country has no centralized food-inspection system, and poor monitoring after Fukushima allowed food contaminated with radiation to be sold to Japanese consumers.

    Meanwhile, it’s becoming clear that the radiation has spread much farther across Japan than government officials have acknowledged. Citizen monitoring groups have found 22 “hot spots” in Tokyo where radiation levels are higher than the level at which zones were considered contaminated near Chernobyl, the New York Times reported on October 14.

    The CFIA also told the Straight it has no plans to monitor food products from the Pacific Ocean fishery. You’d think this would be a concern, because many fish caught in the Pacific still have large amounts of radiation months after the accident, according to data reported on the website of the Japanese government fisheries agency.

    In September, 21 Japanese fish catches exceeded the Japanese radiation ceiling—the same number as in August. Two catches in September exceeded the ceiling for radioactive cesium by more than four times.

    Even fish caught far from Japan are contaminated. ****

    So in Canada we rely on the export country to guarantee Canadian citizen’s food safety?

  • Anthony Anthony

    Maybe this is why Canada aint sayin’a damn thing….
    Canada may buy nuclear submarines
    CBC – 1 hour 9 minutes ago

    Article: Request for cost of Canadian Forces ‘Royal’ name change faces 150-day delay
    The Canadian Press – Tue, 25 Oct, 2011
    Article: Royal Navy sailor pleads guilty to murder in nuclear sub shooting
    The Canadian Press – Mon, 19 Sep, 2011
    Article: Ottawa announces details of $1B program to improve army light armoured vehicles
    The Canadian Press – Fri, 21 Oct, 2011
    CBC News has learned the Harper government is considering buying nuclear submarines to replace its problem-plagued fleet of diesel-powered subs, all of which are currently awash in red ink and out of service for major repairs.