Coalition requests UN intervention to stabilize Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 at Fukushima — Endorsed by nuclear experts

Published: May 1st, 2012 at 9:26 pm ET


Title: Urgent Request to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
Source: Green Action Japan
Date: May 1, 2012

To: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

An Urgent Request on UN Intervention to Stabilize the Fukushima Unit 4 Spent Nuclear Fuel

Recently, former diplomats and experts both in Japan and abroad stressed the extremely risky condition of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool and this is being widely reported by world media. Robert Alvarez, Senior Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), who is one of the best-known experts on spent nuclear fuel, stated that in Unit 4 there is spent nuclear fuel which contains Cesium-137 (Cs-137) that is equivalent to 10 times the amount that was released at the time of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Thus, if an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain, this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire involving nearly 10 times the amount of Cs-137 released by the Chernobyl accident.

Nearly all of the 10,893 spent fuel assemblies at the Fukushima Daiichi plant sit in pools vulnerable to future earthquakes, with roughly 85 times more long-lived radioactivity than released at Chernobyl.

Nuclear experts from the US and Japan such as Arnie Gundersen, Robert Alvarez, Hiroaki Koide, Masashi Goto, and Mitsuhei Murata, a former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland, and, Akio Matsumura, a former UN diplomat, have continually warned against the high risk of the Fukushima Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool.

US Senator Roy Wyden, after his visit to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on 6 April, 2012, issued a press release on 16 April, pointing out the catastrophic risk of Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4, calling for urgent US government intervention. Senator Wyden also sent a letter to Ichiro Fujisaki, Japan’s Ambassador to the United States, requesting Japan to accept international assistance to tackle the crisis.

We Japanese civil organizations express our deepest concern that our government does not inform its citizens about the extent of risk of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool. Given the fact that collapse of this pool could potentially lead to catastrophic consequences with worldwide implications, what the Japanese government should be doing as a responsible member of the international community is to avoid any further disaster by mobilizing all the wisdom and the means available in order to stabilize this spent nuclear fuel. It is clearly evident that Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool is no longer a Japanese issue but an international issue with potentially serious consequences. Therefore, it is imperative for the Japanese government and the international community to work together on this crisis before it becomes too late. We are appealing to the United Nations to help Japan and the planet in order to prevent the irreversible consequences of a catastrophe that could affect generations to come. We herewith make our urgent request to you as follows:

1. The United Nations should organize a Nuclear Security Summit to take up the crucial problem of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool.

2. The United Nations should establish an independent assessment team on Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 and coordinate international assistance in order to stabilize the unit’s spent nuclear fuel and prevent radiological consequences with potentially catastrophic consequences.

30 April 2012
Shut Tomari (Japan) […]
Green Action (Japan) […]

Endorsed by:
Hiroaki Koide Kyoto University Nuclear Reactor Research Institute (Japan)
Mitsuhei Murata Former ambassador to Switzerland and to Senegal
Board member, Global System and Ethics Society (Japan)
Akio Matsumura Former United Nations diplomat
Robert Alvarez Senior Scholar, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, D.C. (USA)
Masashi Goto Former Nuclear Plant Engineer (Japan)

Signing organizations: 72 Japanese organizations have signed this petition (as of 30 April 2012)

1. Shut Tomari, Hokkaido
2. Green Action, Kyoto
3. Citizen’s Nuclear Information Center, Tokyo
4. Osaka Group against Mihama・Ooi・Takahama Nuclear Power, Osaka
5. Aging Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Group, Tokyo
6. Stop Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant!, Shizuoka
7. Espace des Femmes, Hokkaido
8. “Let’s learn Pluthermal” Shiribeshi Citizen’s Network, Hokkaido
9. Hairo Action Fukushima, Fukushima and Evacuation Areas in Japan
10. STOP MOX! Fukushima, Fukusima
11. Fukushima Moonlight, Fukuoka
12. Yawatahama Women’s Group to Protect Children from Nuclear Power Plant, Ehime
13. Ikata People Against Mox, Ehime
14. We Do Not Want Plutonium! , Tokyo
15. Genkai Nuclear Power Pluthermal Trial Support Group, Fukuoka
16. Genkai Nuclear Power Pluthermal Trial support Group, Fukuona
17. Pluthermal and 100 Years of Saga Prefecture Group, Saga
18. No Nuclear Plants! Yamaguchi Network, Yamaguchi
19. Food Policy Center・Vision21
20. Genpatsu Yamenkai, Fukuoka
21. Japan Environmental Law Lawyers Association (JELF)
22. Nonviolent Direct Action Network (HANET)
23. Anti-Nuclear-Power and Nuclear Fuels Reprocessing Protest Advertising Group, Tokyo
24. Kochi Green Citizen’s Network, Kochi
25. Kaku-no-Gomi Campaign, Chubu, Nagoya, Aichi
26. Aloha from Hawaii
27. Tohoku Asia Information Center, Hiroshima
28. No-Nukes Citizen’s Network, Tokushima
29. No-nukes Net Kushiro, Hokkaido
30. Fukushima Meeting for Environment, Human Rights and Peace, Fukushima
31. FoE (Friends of the Earth Japan), Tokyo
32. Citizen’s Group on Nuclear Waste, Horonobe, Hokkaido
33. Team From Now On, Hokkaido
34. No Nukes! Protect Children from Radioactivity
35. Concerned Citizens for Children’s Human Rights, Ehime
36. Protect the Sea of Sanriku from Radioactivity, Iwate
37. Iwate Organic Farming Study Group, Iwate
38. Dandelion House, Tokyo
39. Decommission All Nuclear Power! Women’s Group for Protection of Kariwa Village, Niigata
40. Sapporo Shoku Machi Network, Hokkaido
41. Citizens Wind for Peace, Tokyo
42. Together with the Earth NPO, Osaka
43. Kawauchi Tsuyukusa Group, Kagoshima
44. Group against Construction of Kawaunchi Nuclear Plant, Kagoshima
45. Hassei Group against Ikata Nuclear Plant, Ehime
46. For Citizen’s Autonomy, Hokkaido
47. No-Nukes Women Group・Hokkaido, Hokkaido
48. Hokkaido Peace Net, Hokkaido
49. Future for Fukushima Children, Hokkaido
50. Good Bye Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Project, Niigata
51. Weaving A Better Future Mothers’ Group
52. Group Aozora MeeMee
53. Mothers and Fathers’No-Nukes Declaration 2011
54. Southern Osaka Network for Protection from Radioactivity, Osaka
55. Kansai Network on Protection of Children from Radioactivity, Kansai
56. Journey To the Future
57. Morinokoya
58. Kaburaya
59. Nishiyashiki
60. Dandelion Fortress, Fukuoka
61. Dohatsuten Wo Tsuku Kai, Fukuoka
62. Global Ethics Association
63. Buppouzan Zenngennji
64. STOP Nuclear Plants BEFORE Huge Quake Strikes!
65. Lee Group to Prevent Earthquake Disaster and Nuclear Accident
66. Rokkasho Village・ Home of Flowers and Herbs, Aomori
67. Anti-TEPCO-Nuclear-Power Consumers Group, Tokyo
68. Miyazu Mitsubati Project, Kyoto
69. Citizen’s Plaza, Minoh , Osaka
70. Monoh Citizen’s Group on Good Bye Nuclear Power, Osaka
71. Campaign Fukuoka against Nuclear and Uranium Weapons, Fukuoka
72. Seeking for Japan-US Security Treaty Termination Notice, Tokyo

Read the letter here

See also:

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Published: May 1st, 2012 at 9:26 pm ET


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109 comments to Coalition requests UN intervention to stabilize Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 at Fukushima — Endorsed by nuclear experts

  • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

    This has to reach MSM.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      TWEET! #genpatsu #BBC #PBS @maddow #LAW #HumanRight

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        I am impressed that a leadership coalition for Fuku containment, coming 12 months too late, may have at last finally emerged.

        And underwhelmed, that their request is to the facile, vaporous United Nations.

        Compared to the massive, undergoing, $1 BIL multi-national European-Ukranian Novarka "new arch" containment/decontamination project underway at Chernobyl (below), this Fuku request to the U.N. smacks of not much more than political posturing and perception management.

        If the reuest to the U.N., and that agency's responce, leads to anything substantial (such as Novarka), color me astonished:

  • dodge

    This is good news… that the bad news is finally being taken seriously. This coalition needs also to realize that the risks are growing greater every day that we do not address these same problems in the United States are all around the world. No new license renewals or construction until permanent safe long term storage is developed.

  • irradiatedinbako

    Agree .. want some numbers to try out?

    CNN 404 827 1500 opt 1

    MSNBC 212 664 4444

    FOX News 888 369 4762 (no option for breaking news; unless u find better source call this number and leave msg under questions and concerns .. #3 as I recall)

    LA Times 213 237 5000 (negotiate ur way thru various transfers unless u know specific reporter)

    Steven Chu 202 586 5000

    Hilary clinton 202 647 4000

    Oregon Senator Wyden 202 224 5244

    CA senator Boxer 559 497 5109 (or washington #)

    CA senator Feinstein 202 224 3841

    YOUR senator reps .. a google click away!

    Couple more newspapers following: have to get urls.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Yep, some help and intervention to square away problems with that spewing mess would be nice. Cesium is everywhere. And those in the nuclear industry (worldwide) have mud on their face. They're confused. In fact, they can't stop a single reactor from spewing. Can't do it. But they might be able to figure a way (not them, they'd have to hire expertise outside their field) to remove some of the spent fuel. But of course, we don't really know whats up there in the spent fuel pool anyway. And that's the paranoia that surrounds this industry. It's what nuclear is. And what must end. Radiation plants, (all of then, every single one) is an accident waiting to happen, as proven by past and present disasters. Only a fool would consider this failed technology for creating something as simple as electricity. And even bigger fools to be forced to coexist with this failed technology.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Some of the heatlh physics people in government are under the impression Robert Alvarez has a political axe to grind, of all things. They just don't get it. It's like they are delusional and just cannot get it through their thick skulls this is a potential ELE.

      Am wondering if many of them DO get it. Told a CA Dept. of Public Health official about Robert Alvarez' statement (Chief of the Radiological Division) and he downplayed the risk.

      Why don't they get it? Are they brainwashed? Do they go through Manchurian Candidate school en route to their advanced degrees? MK Ultra?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        You know I'm not sure it was the Chief of the Radiological Division, so I don't want to say for sure it was. But it was one of the Division Chiefs. Scarey, scarey stuff. These people are making and implementing policy. They are supposed to be protecting us!

        • It is ARROGANCE

          The arrogance of humanity (especially men–sorry guys) for thinking they can control the most powerful forces of nature is why we now fear an ELE

          And if Fukushima and nuclear do not achieve our demise, our chemical contamination surely will, albeit more slowly as our fresh water supplies dwindle and are increasingly and irreparably polluted.

          Scientists are often the most arrogant of all. The academic process of educating graduate students inculcates hubris, both personal and professional.

          Same goes for medical doctors.

          So, I am not surprised they trivialize Fukushima. They were able to deny Chernobyl.

          They will not acknowledge what they have done until it is far too late…

          • CB CB

            I hear you!

          • vital1 vital1


            Yes, huge male egos have got us to this point, lots of arrogance, and no compassion!

            • Time Is Short Time Is Short

              It isn't male egos. It's big giant paychecks.

              Your married, wife/husband, two-three kids heading to college, big mortgage underwater, new cars, big home equity loan payment, maybe some big medical bills, looming expensive divorce.

              How much would it cost to pay you to lie? Lie knowing that other people would die?

              At the end of the day, most people would lie just to keep their job. Let tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people, die horrible deaths just to keep their paychecks.

              People tracking me know it's all true. And they know their bosses will let them and their families die, too, to keep their paychecks. What a sick life.

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Yes, majia, I think of Mary Shelley suggesting that the arrogant scientist will create a monster that will kill everything he loves.

          • majia,
            Things can go terribly wrong when we play GOD !

      • What-About-The-Kids

        HoTaters, perhaps JoyB may have some insight on this, as she worked as a Health Physicist for the Three Mile Island meltdown.

        I also have some input based on an interesting phone conversation I had with two employees with a state Office of Radiological Protection. Upon calling their offices a few times to inquire about Fuku fallout, they referred me to a nice grandfatherly gentleman who had obviously spent much if not most of his career there. Each time I spoke with him, he kept reassuring me that the amounts of Fuku fallout were negligible and "not to worry."

        I think he truly believe it. But I don't think he had much of the facts and even mentioned that their offices had not gotten "much cooperation" from the Federal gvt. (Remember the NRC transcripts: "Tell them to back off", in reference to scientists at the National Labs who were anxious to do their own testing of the fallout?)

        And then I spoke to someone who wrote grants to do projects like theone helicopter flyover to do a baseline test for radiation last summer. When I asked when the follow up flyover will happen, to determine how much additional radiation has made it over to the West Coast, he said they didn't have any money. I asked "What about our taxpayer dollars? What are we paying you for?"

        He answered: "We don't get taxpayer money." When I inquired where they got their money from, he said: "the nuclear businesses like those transporting the nuclear waste to Hanford" etc."

        • What-About-The-Kids


          He also mentioned getting grants from the DOE (who I believe paid for the aerial testing).

          It all became clear to me then: The "Office of Radiological Protection" is paid by the nuclear industry not to protect citizens, but to protect the nuclear industry. Silly me, I had been fooled into thinking that we CITIZENS were being protected. Just as I had been fooled into thinking the NRC was regulating the NPPs with strict safety oversight to protect citizens, instead, as we have learned over the past year, they have been protecting the industry all along, and citizens' health be damned.

          Needless to say, I am walking around with eyes wide open now. It has truly been one rude awakening.

          • StillJill StillJill

            WATK,..YOU ROCK for those phone calls and 'gutsy questions'!
            Wow! Mama Bear,….watch the hell out. 🙂

            So glad you came here, FINALLY!
            Where were you, BTW, young lady? 🙂

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Hi StillJill, Sorry I missed your comment from May 2. This forum's format is sometimes hard to follow up on "conversations" in forum threads.

              Thanks so much for your supportive comments about my efforts to dig for the truth. Early on, I frequented the UC Berkeley nuclear forum last Spring, searching information on what we were being exposed to (as they were the only ones posting any food testing data, etc.) so I could protect my family as best I could from radiation exposure. I also spent time contacting our regional EPA offices and our state health dept., etc.

              Soon after, I also discovered this site, but am a busy person with little time for posting to online forums, so like most who frequent enenews, I just lurked for several months. 🙂

              But over the ensuing months, I realized the REAL, unadulterated truth was to be found here, at enenews, while spending too much time at UC Berkeley's nuculear forum was exhausting, as there was a constant ongoing battle between pro-nuke propagandaists and anti-nukes, calling them on the carpet. No time or patience to weed through that!

              So enenews became my main source of Fuku and nuclear news, and I've been here ever since. 🙂 (That's not to say that I don't check out what the weather's like at the Berkeley nuke forum from time to time… 😉

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    Mobilizing all the wisdom… i like that strategy !

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    New Tweet – heard of this before?
    Just learned (first hand) American company "Power Plus" is cleaning up Fukushima. Anyone reading this know?

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Trivializing Fukushima » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names:

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Hmmm, doubts…. from their website :

      When the recent BP/Gulf Oil Spill incident happened in the Gulf of Mexico, PowerPlus was chosen to be the number 1 provider of clean-up and decontamination equipment with the equipment and knowledge that is far beyond the competition (20,000 vendors to be exact). Having been awarded a five year contract that many said it would take to complete the majority of the work, we cleaned up that area in two and a half months with 95% decontamination. We still have small roving technicians that are doing spot clean-up work for any lingering bits of oil that wash up, but the land is open again to the public and no noticeable oil can be found in those areas.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Go to Florida around Pensacola and stick your hand in the sand. It comes back out covered in oil and Corexit.

        The seafood industry will never recover. No one in their right mind would eat anything out of the Gulf.

        Anyone notice how sick all the Gulf oil rig divers are?

        What a crock.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Is this the company someone posted about here, earlier today?

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Oops sry HoTaters, yes it was about Whoopie link :

        "New Tweet – heard of this before?
        Just learned (first hand) American company "Power Plus" is cleaning up Fukushima. Anyone reading this know?"

        My reponse : Hmmm, doubts…. from their website :

        BP OIL SPILL
        When the recent BP/Gulf Oil Spill incident happened in the Gulf of Mexico, PowerPlus was chosen to be the number 1 provider of clean-up and decontamination equipment with the equipment and knowledge that is far beyond the competition (20,000 vendors to be exact). Having been awarded a five year contract that many said it would take to complete the majority of the work, we cleaned up that area in two and a half months with 95% decontamination. We still have small roving technicians that are doing spot clean-up work for any lingering bits of oil that wash up, but the land is open again to the public and no noticeable oil can be found in those areas.

        My sleeping tablet must have been kicking in while posting sry.

  • irradiatedinbako

    Toronto star (large distribution)


    More ..

  • irradiatedinbako

    San Franciso Chronicle



    • irradiatedinbako

      Statesmanjournal (yea I know who are these guys? But thought it important enough to send them Senator Wyden's press release about "grave concerns" of SFP 4)


  • I think maybe the UN should attempt a mass evacuation, to China's empty cities perhaps and to the US's foreclosed properties…

    If Tepco is really evacuating, there is not much time for mitigation and evacutation

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Nope Majia…Yes to the first part, the empty Chinese cities, but no to your foreclosure idea. The foreclosed properties should be given back to those from whom the banks stole them.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Like this tweet: RT @Anne_R_u_Ok: "@woodywood143: If Radiation cured Cancer Everyone would be flocking to Fukushima right now dont Ya think ?"

  • ruth

    YES!!!! Finally some international attention to this world wide catastrophe waiting to happen! Posted to FB and sending to senators Boxer and Feinstein. I have been deeply disappointed in these two senators from California who have acted complicit in the government mandated silence about the titanic perils of Fukushima when it has so clearly negatively impacted their state. In my opinion they have spent too long in DC and need to be retired so CA can get some senators with brain cells who care about CA.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      One look at Barbara Boxers gigantic wardrobe of gigantic pearls is enough to speak volumes ….

      Diane Feinstein has or had herself a pretty swank house near the Presidio in San Francisco — very close to her local synagogue.

      Money talks and ….

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        People who may consider themselves aristocrats may not have the best interest of the common man at heart.

        IMHO Congress Critters should not be able to vote themselves pay raises. They should participate in the Social Security system like everyone else, and should participate in the same health plans as everyone else. For starters.

        Serving in Congress used to be considered a privilege, a service to the people. Now it has become a means to enrich one's self via salary and lots of perks.

        I don't like either of the two Senators from California, and it isn't because they are Democrats.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Could be wrong, but I heard Di_Fei is the richest Senator. She and hub bought their Pacific Heights home a couple of years ago for $32 mill; I believe I read in the SF Chron.

  • irradiatedinbako

    and sorry if I misthreaded all my posts.

    They were all intended to answer MSM Media Should Know About This!

    Just some of the MSM contacts shortcuts I have on my list .. add your own ..

    Make some calls .. send emails .. it ain't over til it's over.

    Peace all.

    • vital1 vital1


      I managed to get some MSN coverage of your situation in Bakersfield on a radio show in New Zealand. The show has been to air. When you are trying to convince friends and relatives how serious the situation is a radio program seem to carry more weight. It has with mine. So if you can use it as a resource please do. The more people who wake up to how serious this situation is the better, because more pressure will be placed on the world community to do something.

      The podcast link is at the top of the page, and the interview starts after a bit of an introduction on synchronicity.–NZ.html#00000193

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Thanks to you both vital1 and bako! I feel like we should all be sending these emails from the airport on our way for a little vacation in the Southern Hemisphere.

      • irradiatedinbako

        TY .. TY!

        Stay strong .. who will we answer to if we do nothing?

        Peace, blessings .. faith.


  • CB CB

    Ideas ~
    Build a Frame with a large base around it, and fill it up with concreate and Boron Carbide & Boron Carbide Powders!
    High Rise Concrete Construction
    Modular Form Systems

    • CB CB

      Largest concrete pour for Brisbane's Airport Link Project
      Level 6 Concrete Pour

    • SnorkY2K

      concrete is to insulating. However, placing cooling circulating pipes into a pit with walls built up then filling with tin and bismuth would allow heat to be extracted from all the parts without radiation emissions and buy us 50 years to implement means to slice up core pieces suspended in bismuth. The bismuth is extremely heavy and will flow into the bottom and mix with the core reducing likelyhood of more prompt criticallities

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Beautiful, CB. I was wondering if there was some kind of borosilicate ceramic which could be used to do the job. Good find!

      • CB CB

        We need suppliers, manufactures, and logistics now! Anyone who can help is greatly appreciated! Help the UN!

        • SnorkY2K

          I was a manufacturing engineer that developed exotic manufacturing processes including experience with zircalloy and americium. When I tried volunteering at multiple organizations I was consistently told that they were not interested in anyone without reactor operating experience that could help get the reactors back online. When I volunteered to help the mayor of Minamisoma, I was told that my synopsis was too extreme according to what Tepco and the Japanese government were telling them. I believe that they need to get operating engineers out of control and put people with manufacturing and toxicological expertise, especially with waste containment and exotic cutting experience, in charge. As for suppliers, if they speak up they will be black listed and go bankrupt. I can only speak up because I am switching industries anyway.

          They need to get as much heat away from the reaction material as well as dilute it with materials such as boron, cadmium, and gadolinium to slow down the reactions. This will create an enormously expensive amount of waste that will also need to be treated over the next 10 to 50 millenia. The intermediate step will need to be oxidizing the metals and mixing them with sand to make a glass and store the glass in caskets for a millenia until they can be reprocessed again. Just the cost of vitrification would drain most economies so such an option, although necessary, is probably not even on their radar.

          • SnorkY2K

            Slicing, retrieving, and properly disposing of trainloads of intensely radioactive material is a challenge far more extreme than putting someone on the moon, mars, or pluto. However, it will never get done if we do not start. If we lay out the issues and start tackling them one by one we could get there just as Apollo did. First, we must have the desire to fix the problem and adjust our attitude from "it is imposssible" or "we are dead anyway" and instead start thinking "this must be solved, and cost savings is not the first consideration"

            • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

              SnoekY2K: 🙂
              Going to be expensive, this is for sure. However, gotta be done. Nice post.

  • norbu norbu

    I hope they hurry. There is not much time. If they spend to much time, wait they already did waste to much time, please hurry for humanity, animals, EARTH. All this talk about Tepco leaving means the end is near, I am praying, please respond, they need a million workers on it yesterday.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Thank God.

  • bigfatscaryman bigfatscaryman


  • truthseek truthseek

    I just posted this message to The Chicago Tribune.,0,2569758.customform

    – –
    General media and news services NEEDS to begin reporting on the Nuclear Industry! Please BE come aware and share this with the public. Speak on this.

    Grumble… we are in absolute peril with unresolved SFP issue. If [WHEN!] this thing goes… human life extinction event begins. The entire WORLD needs to get involved to manage this… off with the blinders and international media block on reporting ALL nuclear news, let the full scale human panic begin before this out of control nuclear industry kills all carbon based life forms.

    We are in a dire state – ALL OF HUMANITY!

    Please help promote awareness…
    – –

  • richard richard

    I just sent a copy to the Sydney Morning Herald. When I get a reply I will publish it here…


    I'm writing to you due to my ongoing concern regarding the state of Fukushima Daiichi and the ongoing meltdown crisis that is occuring and yet it gets no media coverage.

    Below is a Coalition request for UN Intervention in the matter. That is my primary cause for writing in this instance. My seceondary and never ending question is why is the media so silent on this extremely grave matter. This silence of the press is jaw-dropping and a strong indicator of the intertwined conflicts of interest between the media, the corporations, the government and the nuclear industry.

    I look forward to seeing the following request for intervention published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

  • andii

    Good for the coalition but why would UN wants to save lives? They have Agenda 21 which clearly says that the population needs to be reduced drastically so why would they go against their own grain? Just sayin'

  • wildcatty

    Hey, everyone!

    We created this petition for U.S. Congress, 5 days ago, on


    The reason I addressed this to the U.S. is because my friends and I were calling senators' offices for a few days and they would always ask us where we lived in the U.S.–and if we were "constituents." Most of the staff were extremely nice–just following orders…and some were very well-informed and helpful.

    Anyway, here is our petition. Please sign it and circulate it on social media and in any way possible.

    This petition has telephone numbers of all senators on the 2 energy committees, which handle U.S. involvement with Fukushima.

    Please call them all and politely explain why Congress should get involved.

    You may sign the petition if you outside of the U.S.–but as I learned, Congress will have a greater interest in U.S. voters. –v

    Our goal is to meet with several senators–and this petition will strengthen our case. We have asked *a certain well-known nuclear engineer* to be our expert witness and he has agreed!

    Thank you!

    Sending our hearts and love to Japan, we know you are suffering the most. Stay strong and we promise to do everything in our power to send help!

    <3 <3 <3

    P.S., you deserve a Noble Peace Prize for your blog. I'm not joking. <3

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    Of course, Fuku is the issue, not just SFP4. But this is a good start. Suggest the following revision:
    "The United Nations should establish an independent assessment team on Fukushima Daiichi [Nuclear Power Complex] and coordinate international assistance in order to stabilize the [Complex] and prevent…potentially catastrophic consequences."
    Need the best minds in the world working on the design of a Sarcophagus to entomb this smoking hell, that is Fuku 1-4. Need to get those small thinkers of out of the way. The Japanese are in such a state of shock, that the promises of nuke power have blown up right in their faces. Like those living amid the nuclear waste dump called Tokyo, who simply cannot bring themselves to believe what has happened to them. So, they just ignore the reality, and attempt to go on living their lives, getting sicker and sicker by the day. This form of depression, where there is no hope at all, has become the Japanese consciousness. Necessary for Japanese and all people on Earth to grow mindful of what has befallen us all at Fuku, resolve to end the ongoing contamination of the biosphere, resolve to end nuke power. This is a good beginning towards the ultimate goal: No nukes!

  • wildcatty

    Sorry! Typos:

    You may sign the petition if you **reside** outside of the U.S.– but as I learned, Congress will have a greater interest in U.S. voters.

    P.S., you deserve a **Nobel** Peace Prize for your blog. I'm not joking. <3

    Thank you!

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Yes they do wildcat! Thanks for the petition. I saw it this morning and am spreading it far and wide!
      I tweet this at least once a day: RT @enenews @FukushimaDiary @Fukushima311Watchdogs deserve #Global applause 4sticking w/& exposing desperate #Fukushima situation #genpatsu #BBC #PBS @maddow #LAW #HumanRight

  • Sickputer

    So the appeal is to the United Nations instead of the US government.

    Kind of sad considering all the military bases with 70,000 Americans in Japan still there as remnants of the occupying force in WWII.
    Obama scurries on a secret trip to Kabul to deliver in an election year a reminder he was in charge when Osama Bin Laden was killed last year, yet he has no comments about Japan's terrible situation other than to say the ocean is vast and we do not expect radiation to reach America?

    G.E's handpicked president may have the dubious distinction to go down in history as the US president who not only lost another foreign war, but also as the American president who sat on the sidelines while the Northern Hemisphere countries descended into the grim miasma of The Fallout Age.

    Nobel Peace prize winner…nuclear cabal lackey. I have little doubt which description will follow him into history after Japan and America disintegrates into chaos. He will toe the GE line as long as possible and we will all suffer the results.

    Yes, the radioactive gas as the Japanese call it (aka China Syndrome) is ramping up again tonight in Japan. Get ready for a wave of bad stuff in the next 4-10 days per the Jetstream and slower lower air currents. I felt and smelled the Metsui fire chemicals swirl through here yesterday…I am a human canary for toxins.

    • SnorkY2K

      In Japan, it would be the Brazil syndrome since Brazil is the antipode of Japan not China.

  • openeye openeye

    I agree with those who doubt the UN is the right agency to look to for hope: when it comes to saving lives. They have had a dark agenda in that area.

    So where to put all this energy more productively? Let's think on that.

    Bilderberg is coming up at the end of the month. That's one good candidate for us in terms of sleuthing and pressure. Check out Jim Tucker and I don't know what's up with Estulin these days.

    Also the NATO Summit–we should not lose sight of the agendas that do not have our interests at heart.

    I do wonder about the PTB not being concerned about their own exposure–in where they travel and in where they live. Do they have a secret antidote? Perhaps we should not underestimate the second A in DARPA?

    Profound gratitude to all here for their deep caring,


    • andii

      If situation becomes worse, they can all go hide in the underground city in Denver. We don't know what kind of genes they have. It's all speculation but like some cult members, they could have been told that if they die for cause, the hell will open 😀

  • glowfus

    the u.n. interventionists could pose for the camera too, say cheese! it would also, be nice, when they're over at fuku cleaning the pool, if they could find the missing reactor cores, excavate them (the 180 tons) and place into properly labeled disposal bags.

  • openeye openeye


    You stirred up some more thought. I do believe some of the perps are indeed in a Satanic cult and believe in a sick cause–they could either be willing to die for it or believe in Black Majick spells/cures.

    But I think the radiation is bad enough now that they should be already worried about the seeds of cancer et al, like the rest of us.

    And I don't see how they could enjoy "global rule" from underground–forever, given the half lives.

    Glowfus, that was my 1st thought–this could morph into a PR distraction and/or palliative. They hate the idea of people waking up and this might be in their eyes a good diversion? Though the initiators of it are to be commended for getting SOMETHING out in the open!!! And exposing the UN if action is not forthcoming?

    • andii

      But they built it. It's there. Why did they built it in the first place if no use. It's not like they needed to spend tax money in a hurry. I'm sure they'd rather create a war with that money.

  • howardtlewisiii

    In this comments column, I see evidence of talented people who can get us out of this mess. Unfortunately, with the Rockefellers and the Bush cabal, and congress, you have little beyond criminals, prancing and mewling dandies and other corporate suck-ups with NO IDEA what radioactivity is or does when it spreads. Dr. Linus Pauling and then the U.S. government PROVED AND TABULATED radiation and the onset of cancer cases from nuclear testing back in the 1950s and 1960s. That stupid fuch in power in the U.S. has been lowered to the idiocy of his know-nothing criminal supervisors, and WE ALL DESERVE BETTER. Our country is guided by vainglorious pigs trying to have the entire world for their group only and they do not perceive their mistake with Fukushima's destruction. As the professional materials scientists above have expressed, enough mollycoddling of the swine in office. Will the military please throw their ass into stir so we can get going on this mess and hold new elections ASAP. Even Dr. Paul would think waiting for next election to get containment underway at Fukushima would be a bad idea. B.O.'s buddies do not want to get sued. The people behind the UN intentionally blew this bitch up in the first place.

  • chooselife55

    Could the ghost ship that was sunk give a clue? Would it be feasible to cover the reactor with a large metal ship or aircraft carrier that is retired? Building a large wall when the reactor, according to reports, is at an extremely dangerous level, is there time for that type of construction?

  • irradiatedinbako

    I like this thread better than the second repost!

    Sending my best.
    Bako .. who actually has another link to share; need to look it up. Brb

    • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

      I sent messages to ABC, NBC, CBS, Yahoo, and a local tv station KVOA4 news (NBC). I left messages on stories on Yahoo, Zerohedge, Business Insider
      Zero, Zip, Nada. Most responses think this is history, "That was last year" I am continuing to spread the word, but being viewed as a nut-case. Thanks again for all the links. I have put this page in my favorites to reference. Thanks.

  • irradiatedinbako

    Umm .. anyone relieved after reading this? Think Tepco has suddenly changed character?

    We have all read here that they spent more $ on PR promoting nuke safety than actually making their NPP safe.

    They have redone their website; poke around if you have some time. Is this the kinder more transparent willing to save the world not shortsighted saving their a@@ Tepco now?

    Yeah .. right. But don't you want to believe them? Please hope to keep fight.

    Peace and rest and hope.

    • Centaur Centaur

      <cite>"2) Our analys[i]s show that the building, including the spent fuel pool, will not collapse even if an earthquake equivalent (seismic intensity 6) to the Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake occurs in the area.
      3) In addition, we have improved the seismic safety margin by 20% by reinforcing the bottom of the spent fuel pool."</cite>

      … seismic intensity 6… -.-

      • irradiatedinbako

        @ Centaur .. but you believed Tepco report didn't you? Sarcasm intended.

        Tepco does what Tepco does .. cover its a$$.

        Peace .. faith .. hope.

  • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

    BAKO left alot of links to spread the word I hope you all have used them.

  • DouglasRodgers