Fukushima Daiichi workers ordered to cover dosimeters with lead plates (PHOTO)

Published: July 21st, 2012 at 1:24 am ET


(Subscription Only) Title: TEPCO subcontractor tries to underreport workers’ radiation exposure
Source: Kyodo News
Date: 21 July 2012 at 12:23a ET

Source: Asahi

An executive from a Tokyo Electric Power Co. subcontractor tried to force its workers at the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to cover their radiation monitoring meters with plates made of lead in an apparent attempt to underreport radiation exposure, sources close to the matter said Saturday.

The executive in his 50s, who works for a company based in Fukushima Prefecture, told around 10 plant workers to attach the plates to the alarm pocket dosimeters that the utility known as TEPCO had provided them with to monitor their radiation exposure, the sources said. The ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has started investigating the matter.

The workers were hired for about four months through last March to wrap pipes at a water treatment facility with heat insulators.


July 21, 2012 report in the Asahi Shimbun with summarized translation by Fukushima Diary:

Fukushima workers were ordered to shield their dosimeter with lead covers to make the integral dose look lower than actual.


Some of the workers admitted they covered the dosimeters with lead cases in the interview with Asahi newspaper.


On 12/1/2011, 10 of the workers were ordered to shield the dosimeters called APD, but 3 of them rejected it. In the evening of 12/2/2011, those workers and 3 managers had a discussion at the hotel, where they used as lodging house. The workers recorded the conversation by mobile phone to publish the fact that they were to shield their dosimeter. The manager (54) who gave them order is denying the contents of recorded conversation. He’s denying that he ordered them to shield or some of the workers actually covered it with lead case.


Published: July 21st, 2012 at 1:24 am ET


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38 comments to Fukushima Daiichi workers ordered to cover dosimeters with lead plates (PHOTO)

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Yeah lead! Way lower methinks! >>>"…to make the integral dose look lower than actual."<<<

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  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Dr. Gorden Edwards PhD; Nuclear Power, Hope or Hoax Speech; via A Green Road Blog

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    This is a new way to define 'coverup'.

    Literally, COVER IT UP.

    But the cover up continues to happen all around the world, from the start of the nuclear cycle, all the way to the end.

    Uranium Mining Legacy; Toxic Waste For 1,000,000 Years; via A Green Road Blog

    • JustmeAlso

      Hello AGreenRoad
      This article added a WTF (pardon my English) feeling to many i have with Tepco in how ''professional'' they are with covering up and how amateuristicly they handle the nuclear disaster.

      on a side note an article from the USGS about nuclear waste's toxicity:

  • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

    You must commit slow-motion suicide, for the good of your company and your country. Smile and be happy.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    Now that is one heck of an example of a sociopath. I am so sorry for these workers.

  • shockwave shockwave

    Cover my eyes and you can't see me

  • Sol Man

    How will TEPCO continue as a functioning corporation if many workers get sick and die, when no new people apply to get the jobs done? Will the clean up ultimately fall to military?

  • mungo mungo


  • mungo mungo

    Japan to probe Tepco radiation cover-up claim http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-18936831

    mungo wonders why the bbc picked on this, out of all the other shit that happened?

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    So, how many have done this? I guess if you are stupid enough to use the lead shield then….. But it only helps the shameless, murderous criminals at TEPCO and their shameless, murderous criminal buddies.

  • chrisk9

    This is the mother of all crimes that a nuclear utility can do to it's workers. If this has a connection between the sub contractor and Tepco in normal conditions Tepco could lose it's licence. But since they have thrown away all the rules and regulations it probably means nothing.

    Most likely there will never be a link to Tepco because it was the subcontractor acting alone to maximize his profit, or it was done with a wink and a nod from Tepco and never verbalized

    Shameful disregard of workers and their safety.

  • Sickputer

    I know many of us heard rumors for 16 months on this practice and I commented on our suspicions five days ago:


    Excerpt: "You're right Ned, but the billowing emissions and disappearing buildings from radioactive "fog" probably means the levels are even much higher on many days. But the nuclear cabal has tricks to help the workers keep making a decent wage to spend in the company honky tonks. Lead-lined purses for dosimeters makes the work force stay under the limits for many months, maybe years."

    SP: They are not stupid, many have no other job options. The workers are shrewd to record these corporate murderers. It's time for the Japanese people to reclaim their dignity by throwing out all the thugs in Tokyo who support the restart of nuclear plants. Reclaim your country!

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    TEPCO and subsidiaries can try to put lead over dosimeters to keep them from ticking from radioactive fall out, but, i truly believe they have nothing any longer with which to cover their behaviors. These stories are coming out now because they are being independently confirmed by many whistleblowers and because, as all media does, they smell the blood in the water. The feeding frenzy is beginning.

    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      "The feeding frenzy is beginning." Bring it on!

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        After a 16 month water-cooling charade and news coverup, Japanese and maybe world demand for real containment may be reaching 'critical mass': time to get the lead out tepco…

  • or-well

    Cover rad-meter with plate of lead –
    a procedure worthy of Barney or Fred
    and one possessed of a flint-stoned heart.
    Why any surprise?
    It's but a part of quarrying lies
    from the deep pit in which Nuclear sits.
    Cover the Workers with fulsome praise!
    Leave them naked to lurking nuclear haze,
    their bodies being baked for all their days.
    Cover evacuated people!
    Make certain return seem the lesser evil,
    deny compensation, fake remediation,
    studied falsification, treatment pleas unheeded.
    Cover those living where they should leave
    with every assurance they've been trained to believe
    from experts appointed, ignore future grieving,
    annoint those wary as mentally disjointed.
    Cover the nation with mythology!
    Only when forced, have some make apology
    for some partial reason that includes obfuscation
    but never exclude nuclear justifications.
    Cover Nuclear Industry! Cover the Truth!
    No matter how deep and wide the river of lies
    they'll cover it root, trunk, branch and fruit
    until the will of people makes their lies moot.

  • arclight arclight

    "Call center for the non-contacting persons who didn't take an examination of internal exposure in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Workers"

    Among those who engaged in the emergency works at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in the period from March to June, there are some people whose internal exposure doses have not been measured and who we cannot contact (10 people as of December 17, 2011).
    It needs for security and relief of identical person to evaluate the radiation exposure. If you know something about the person who can't get communication, please contact to our call center.

    [Phone Number] 03-6373-1111
    [Office Hours] 9:00am – 6:00pm on weekdays


    then this

    Documentary "Nuclear Ginza" – Part 1

  • arclight arclight

    1961 Nuclear Reactor Meltdown – The SL-1 Accident. United States

    "…The event is the only known fatal reactor accident in the United States. The accident released about 80 curies (3.0 TBq) of Iodine-131, which was not considered significant due to its location in a remote desert of Idaho. About 1,100 curies (41 TBq) of fission products were released into the atmosphere…"



    "…not near center of population…"

    thinking more downwind population here…
    u gotta luv the nuke mob.. nothing changes…

  • weeman

    Tepco supplied these dosimeters, wonder if tepco calibrated them and at what dose, then the subcontractor puts lead shield over meter, what is their real exposure, someone should get a dosimeter to one of these workers, so that we can trust reading.

  • Max1 Max1

    What would be the purpose of shielding true readings?
    Protection of the workers?
    Or protection of operations?

    Collusion, coverup, lies, and deceit…
    … Coordinated efforts still!

    Let me guess, TEPCO is retaining this subcontractor, the government will do nothing to punish the subcontractor for placing its worker's lives at risk, and regulators won't fine.

    Again, what did the investigation find?
    Are we really THAT surprised?

  • shiverca shiverca

    WFT is wrong with them??? Lying slime balls trying to SAVE THEIR ASSES that's why.

    I thought the japanese were an HONOR NATION.

    What's the point of BOWING TO EVERYONE if you end up stabbing your entire nation in the back with lies??

    • Seitsukie

      Look closer- it's a system of shame masquerading as a nation of honor, as a dear Japanese friend of mine has been telling me for years. Don't mistake those murderous fucks in office (which includes TEPCO now) for the people who cry out day and night for some kind of salvation of themselves, their neighbors and their children.

  • many moons

    If Fukushima's devastation hasn't changed the course of the Nuclear industry then what will? We have to do it. We have to educate each and every person as to what is really happening and then try and enlist their help in the battle against the Nuclear regime.

    • weeman

      I posted about Fukushima on my Facebook account, gave them links to enenews and a plea to investigate them selfs, so far one response at same time put joke up had multiple responses.
      Laid it on line told my friends if they do not reply, they are no longer my friends and will be deleted from my account, let's see if we get response.
      People are to wrapped up in own live, mankind is selfish, self centred and out to lunch, disappointment, we are doomed less we can change peoples prospective now.

      • Max1 Max1

        Try dealing with a family who's concept of protection fails to extend to their children, grandchildren, or soon to be great grand children. The levels of ignorance in society is so great. So much so that self intrences do not include or extend to others.

        I don't FB. Too jaded to think online strangers might truly care about me. Besides that, far too easy for Uncle sneek-a-peek Sam to pry unwarranted into my private life in violation of my Constitutional Rights, or what is supposed to be a protected Right. I thought people took Oaths to fight for Our Rights. Guess that Oath now means to compromise Our Rights… Who knew?

        • weeman

          We are a pitiful species MAX1, but if this was front page news as it should, I believe people would have a different opinion.
          FB is for narrow minded people that are full of them selfs.
          It's a shame we have ruined the Internet with these trivial matters and games and forgot about its real purpose to inform and educate and keep a eye on big brother.
          Pry if you want I am a mild mannered human that has done no wrong, Scottish by birth and like superman love a good argument and fight and I will fight injustice to my last breath.

          • jump-ball jump-ball

            "Normalcy Bias" will continue to prevail, right up to the moment the non-believers suddenly decide to load up their vans and flee somewhere to safety; none of my CA family or friends will hear anything about the impending doom, but I have and will continue to stockpile the food and supplies that will give our extended family of 15 people a chance of protection and healthy survival.

      • vivvi

        Facebook has this new trick, where if you haven't interacted with the people on your list recently, it wont show them your posts. Do not assume that everybody has seen your posts. You have to do stuff like share their posts or like what they put up in order to get your stuff shown to them. I think its part of their new drive to have people pay to have their posts highlighted and/or put in a priority position to be noticed.

  • This is typical of not just Japan and the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis but of Big Business and the corporatist elite we all serve. Labor laws at least in Canada and USA (don't know about Europe, is it better?)do give workers some protection but they are crafted to not inconvenience business too much. In BC there are lots of good laws on the books but very few inspectors. Industrial deaths happen. The economy works for the rich and the poor have to deal with low paying or non existent jobs. People aren't stupid but some are desperate. Earlier on Enenews reported some Fuku temp workers would trade off dosimeters to falsify results so they could get more work. Also some of these sub-contracters (read temp agencies) recruit from druggie poor neighborhoods. People with serious drug habits criminals alcoholics and other "hard to get a good job" types tend to migrate to temp agencies. I have witnessed a serious industrial accident which left a poor temp worker, an immigrant and Father who couldn't speak English, a Father who was left a paraplegic due to the carelessness of a self centred selfish manager who did get a $10,000 fine. Big deal poor temp worker is now a paraplegic living off of whatever Workers Comp pays him based on 10 bucks an hour. Fukushima only highlights what is wrong with our so called democratic free enterprise system.

  • Japan probes under-reporting of Fukushima radiation dosage
    Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:28pm EDT


    "TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan's health ministry said it would investigate reports that workers at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant were urged by a subcontractor to place lead around radiation detection devices in order to stay under a safety threshold for exposure.

    The Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported on Saturday that an executive from Build-Up, a subcontractor to plant owner Tokyo Electric Power, told workers to cover the devices called dosimeters when working in high-radiation areas."

  • jec jec

    True About Radioactivity, long documentary but EXCELLENT description in easy to understand terminology..

    Not sure it this has been highlighted yet, but good data..clear..

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    It was even mentioned on the dutch news yesterday !

  • Fukushima Workers 'Allowed' 250 mSv/yr, Compared To 20 mSv/yr For US Nuclear Industry Workers; via @AGreenRoad