AFP: ‘Fukushima reactor site engulfed by steam’ — Kyodo: ‘Something like steam’ coming from unknown source at Unit No. 3 — Tepco: ‘Continuously wafting through the air’ — Work to remove rubble suspended

Published: July 23rd, 2013 at 4:11 am ET


Kyodo, July 23, 2013: [… Tepco] said Tuesday it has confirmed “something like steam” is coming out of the No. 3 reactor building again […Tepco] said one of its monitoring cameras showed what appeared to be steam coming out of the building’s fifth floor just above the reactor container at around 9:05 a.m. Tuesday. The steam continued to be seen at 10:30 a.m.  […] TEPCO has suspended work to remove rubble at the reactor building due to the apparent steam emission, they said.

Washington Post, July 23, 2013: […] Tepco also said in an e-mailed statement today that steam from an unknown source that was first spotted near the fifth floor of the Fukushima plant’s No. 3 reactor building on July 18 was seen again this morning. […]

The Australian, July 23, 2013 (h/t RadChick): Fukushima reactor site engulfed by steam […] Workers at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan have reported steam inside a battered reactor building for the second time in less than a week. The operator said today steam was seen around the fifth floor of the building housing Reactor No 3 shortly after 9am […] Steam was spotted in the same area on Thursday […] with TEPCO saying it did not know for sure what had caused it. […]

TEPCO Press Release, July 23, 2013: Steam Found Near the Central Part of the Fifth Floor (Equipment Storage Pool Side) of Unit 3 Reactor Building at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (Follow-up Information 9) […] This is a follow-up report on the statuses of steam found wafting through the air near the central part of the fifth floor (equipment storage pool side) of Unit 3 on July 18. At around 9:05 AM today (July 23), we found steam coming from near the central part of the fifth floor (equipment storage pool side) of Unit 3 by a camera. […] The steam is continuously wafting through the air as of 10:30 AM. We will continue to monitor the status closely.

Watch the latest Fukushima nuclear plant videos here

Published: July 23rd, 2013 at 4:11 am ET


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108 comments to AFP: ‘Fukushima reactor site engulfed by steam’ — Kyodo: ‘Something like steam’ coming from unknown source at Unit No. 3 — Tepco: ‘Continuously wafting through the air’ — Work to remove rubble suspended

  • vital1 vital1

    Possible fires seen on Fukushima webcam in early July, plus huge levels of Tritium, Cesium and Strontium detected from recent tests of water from bore holes at Fukushima nuclear plant.

    There also have been lots of large steam events recently caught on the Fukushima live webcams.

    This all points to the possibility that underground criticalities are occurring, or have occurred recently at the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster site.

    Thanks to enenews webcam forum commenter ‘pure water’ for the screen shots of the possible fire at reactor 3 in early July. One other suggestion put forward, was it was not a fire. They were burning off tritium near the reactor 3 building.

    For recent reports of the huge detections of Tritium, Cesium and Strontium at the site, go to the Pacific Ocean heading, under the International detection list at,



    Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      I'm with you, Vital1: Probably "underground criticalities" are venting through corium lava tubes, and into Containment3, which may have a gap in the lid after the detonation that destroyed the reactor. TEPCO says that it is rainwater falling on the Containment Lid, since it is raining today. (Temperature of the lid is 40C. Does rain steam on a 40C surface?) They also say no change in radiation at this location. If you believe TEPCO, how would you like to buy a nuclear reactor? 😉

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Replace "underground criticalities" with "ongoing underground fisson" per PattieB's post in today's Webcam Forum. Pattie explains it like this:
        "Fission goes on THE ENTIRE TIME. When you have water flowing through the CORE of a rod, it acts as a moderator. The water AROUND all the rods acted as a reflector. You MELTDOWN a core set of rods..? ALL YOU NOW HAVE IS WATER REFLECTOR !!! This causes more HEATING and more UN-MODERATED FISSION !!! With right concentrations.. like #3 pool with the Plutonium… you get super-critical EVENTS… BOOM !! You now have underground nuclear explosions happening.. see the wave-forms for the quakes.. they are not earthquakes! You have radioactive steam volcanoes now.. and for decades to come."

        Corium1,2,&3 are probably continuously surrounded by water. Groundwater flows down corium lava tubes, seawater flows through earthquake faults, and the corium encounters deep aquifers as it sinks into the mudrock. Perhaps we should take a closer look at those earthquakes right near the plant.

      • We Not They Finally

        I second (and third) the comments of the above two posters. RE-criticality is almost like the "duh" conclusion. Of course there are RE-criticalities. But thanks to those more scientifically trained than me for spelling it out.

        • We Not They Finally

          I don't understand what "water reflector" means, though, And it's in caps! Can someone explain this. PattieB seemed to think that it was important, but I haven't a clue what it means.

          • it makes the neutrons bounce-back.. and increase the fissioning. when it flows THROUGH a rod, it keeps them from fission a bit.. so controls the process.. meltdowns give you a glob with no inside channels to slow reactions . That's why no water got put on Chernobyl… understand.?

          • Stlouieishot

            if you watch some of the documentaries on Chernobyl the Russians went through a lot of trouble to drain the water from the basement levels below the reactor. there were 2 reasons for this.
            1- they were scared s–tless of a massive steam explosion. if the white hot corium had hit water the steam explosion would have been powerful enough to blow the building completely apart and possibly damage/destroy the remaining reactor still operating next door.

            2- reactors require water to act as a moderator to slow neutrons down enough to maintain constant fission. when you remove all the water from a reactor fission basically stops. since the Russians had drained all the water from beneath the reactor where the corium ended up, once the stuff settled out fission stopped and the corium began to cool. if water had been present in the area where the corium was it would act as a moderator to slow down neutrons and maintain constant fission, and the corium would not cool, it would keep releasing massive amounts of fission byproducts into the air and keep melting through whatever was below it.

            Tepco did not drain the water from basements of the reactor buildings. they did the opposite- pumped more water in.
            basically they are sitting there pumping water in like the reactors are still in one piece. " oh we're keeping it cool, everything is fine.."

            • Stlouieishot

              if you melt down a core but do not lose containment you want to pump water in there to help cool it down to prevent further damage or loss of containment.

              if you melt down a core to the point where it melts through containment you want to remove all water to prevent the sustained uncontrolled fission.

              fukushimas cores have melted through containment and they are pumping water in on top of it, and that is why there are constant ongoing fission events when there shouldn't be at this point in the timeline of the disaster.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                I don't think the water they are dumping on it is providing all the contact with water.
                It(corium) is now and has been in constant contact with the groundwater and the ocean.
                I think it's hydrovolcanic activity.

              • WRONG! Once a rod melts, your water only HEATS the result. PERIOD!

                Water only cools a rod when it can flow through the center.. cools it, and moderates the fissions.

                That stops? Your adding a reflector that points all the neutrons back at your nuclear fission materials… and making the generate more neutrons and HEAT !!

                • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

                  Yes the water becomes fuel. More water more heat more melt, no moderation.

                • AntonButler

                  To PattieB
                  Hydrogen nuclei in water may reflect some of the incident neutrons but it certainly does not point ALL the neutrons BACK at the fissile material.
                  Why? The nuclei which scatter the neutrons of the hydrogen atoms have a very small cross sectional area, as percentage of common surface area with the fissile material.
                  so what will occur is scattering of neutrons, and further scattering of the scattered neutrons etc……..
                  As you know scattering occurs in many directions, and certainly not all back into the fissile material.
                  Second the water does not become fuel for the fission process.
                  Water will cool the fissile material to a small degree…, certainly better than air or a vacuum.

    • Maybe there is still hope? We were smart enough not to build millions of these;

      Video – Nuclear Powered Cars; Ford Nucleon, Atmos, Mystere, Studebaker Astro; via @AGreenRoad

      On the other hand, if Chernobyl was this bad, and FuKU is 10-1000 times worse, what does that mean in our future?

      IPPNW – Health Effects of Chernobyl 25 Years After The Reactor Catastrophe (69 million casualties); via @AGreenRoad

  • pure water
    I think the report does not fit well with the camera record. Check and find out.

    • pure water

      Reactor 3 is the dark gray building behind the moving crane in the middle of the screen.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Infrared pix taken on a clear day (not raining) of steam area are inconclusive, says TEPCO.


    unaccountable releases of radioactive contaminants into the sea and now plumes of radioactive 'steam' rising from the complex. This later 'phenomena' is known as the "scythe of death", as it carries radioactive-contaminants low to the ground and condenses on everything. This may be the beginning of the worse case scenario…

    • Teddi Teddi least the beginning of a new Godzilla like creature movie series – Fukuzilla…

    • We Not They Finally

      Aftershock, you speak of "the scythe of death" like it is a known phenomenon, not just a phenomenon from Fukushima. Where else has that been seen?


        recalled the expression way-back during TMI worse case projections. No one had really thought through the consequences of loosing core containment and what would happen when it reached underground water. The resulting explosion from the super-heated water would eventually condense and crowd-about the exit hole. Prevailing winds would then carry it across the land and contaminate any who happened to be in its path. Sadly, with the pullback of the workers at this facility, I think we're heading into the worst of nightmares. The steam will pour out and no one will be able to do a thing. It's conceivable that this could now go on for hundreds of years…

        • fuganzi

          I recall this too; during TMI – there was a PopSci issue dedicated to exploring the various scenarios. It was a very different magazine back then. It was always rare to see such a critical article in that rag. That's why it left such an impression on me. But if I recall correctly – they outlined some of the worst scenarios, then basically said that they were impossible, sugar-coated what had really happened, and left it at that. It wasn't until 10 years later when they finally got inside and found that the core actually did partially melt.

          It just blew my mind that they run these things without any real remote instrumentation. Like: why not run some cables through the foundation, and run basic continuity checks on them after a disaster. If you lose continuity, you know something burned through the foundation, and you're f*cked. Why not; then, plumb the lining with pipes so you can dump a crapload of liquid nitrogen down there, when such a case DOES occur?

          It would even be a much cheaper retrofit than the alternative: to contaminate millions of square miles of adjacent land with radioactive byproducts for the next thousands of years. . . Don't get me wrong; Chernobyl was bad, but they were able to wind it down. What they allowed to happen at Fukushima (and what will likely happen elsewhere) is just pre-teen-level-irresponsibility.


            gotta say fuganzi, your suggestions are brilliant. Why haven't they bothered to run redundant continuity tests below the containment. You'd think this would've been foremost in the mind of planners. Then again, maybe admitting to the 'long shot' would find you filling out unemployment applications. Still, you've got some great thoughts. BTW. SciAm was a wholly different publication back then. You had to push yourself to understand the presentation. Now, it's all 'dancing with the stars'…

  • Cisco Cisco

    As the "steam" condenses, much of the fallout blankets the site. They must be close to areas that are so highly radioactive that workers cannot tread, like what exists close to units 2 and 3 where no one or no thing (robots) can go.

    Soon I suspect we will be hearing about workers collapsing on the site, and workers refusing to stay engaged. "Oh, the humanity."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Kinda sorta steaming..
    It always has been kinda sorta steaming.

    Thermal Images Reveal Scattered MOX Fuel At Fukushima Reactor 3
    March 24 2012

    It's just worse.

    • crystalwind crystalwind

      Dear Heart, Yes, and seeing this admission I consider how they've ignored and denied it all along. The fact that they now admit this publicly (as though it just started) makes me wonder with dread: what is it that has become so wildly out of control that they felt compelled to come forward now, so that in the future they could try to get away with saying, "We did inform the public." I agree with you and think it has to be something that they realized will shortly become obvious and unstoppable. (Shivers)–I wonder what it is. I hope I'm wrong…that would be a good thing. I'm just an ignorant person who doesn't know what's really going on there.

  • Usefulbreather

    " TEPCO has suspended work to remove rubble at the reactor building due to the apparent steam emission, they said." Have you seen the condition of the roof of Reactor No. 3. It is as if the disaster happened yesterday…debris everywhere. When exactly did the cleanup begin and when do they hope to start on the roof of Reactor No. 3? If the condition of the roof of No. 3 is any indicator of the condition of the remainder of the disaster site, we are doomed as a species.

    • byron byron

      Yes, doomed species, UB. Even No Fuku, Reactors built at Sea Level. Moved to higher ground in time? Ha. Build sea walls around them? Ha. Not enough people to run them and the grid goes down.

    • They are working hard… as in hardly at all.

      Busy making it look like they are doing something, when they are really doing nothing more than making it look like they are busy.

      After all, what does one do with three melted down, out of control, underground 60 ton nuclear fires raging underground?

      What is the latest at spent fuel pool #4? Are they moving stuff out of it yet? Where is it going?

  • byron byron

    Corium 3 Mox fuel. Hotter. Sinks faster into ground to meet the Lava not far down because Japan is on or close to where the plates slide. Could the Earth's Lava be warming up the corium making it go critical intermittently?

    • We Not They Finally

      Volcanoes have lava, not earthquakes, yes? But the corium itself might be the consistency of lava. And is THAT not enough to go into RE-criticality? Is it that RE-criticality is an ongoing state that has been there ever since the corium sunk into the ground?

      What I was thinking is that maybe since water cannot directly cool what TEPCO cannot even LOCATE[!!] (the coriums) that RE-criticality will keep occurring with nothing to stop it.

      I mean, maybe the explanation is just that DIRECT. (Again, I'm not a scientist. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

      • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

        @We Not They Finally yes it is that direct. Even if the melted corium is uniformly shaped like a pancake, there is NO WAY to get water into the very middle of that pancake…of course it will have melted into different thicknesses… So yes re-critically will continue until the end of time IMHO.

  • nedlifromvermont

    @byron … we don't need to speculate on corium/mantle interaction … since the groundwater/seawater – corium interactions with water moderating (as per Pattie B.) is bad enough and happening now on live web cam … deadly steam events; steam explosions;

    but your point about all the reactors built at sea level, soon to become stranded nuclear assets, with no apparent hurry up to remove even the five-year-plus-cooled fuel assemblies, this is just plain asinine (and I'm talking about you, Jeff Immelt, Allison MacFarlane, Barack Obama) …

    If you do a casual Google search on "Antarctic ice melt" or "Greenland ice melt" you will find out that sea level rise of five to fifteen meters within the next few decades is a virtual certainty, which our "scientific community" is busy digesting and dissembling …

    Gianni Versace's mansion in Miami's South Beach is price-reduced: Asking price was $125 million … then cut to $75 million … now about to go to auction with a starting bid of $25 million (furniture and paintings included) …

    Cuba is going to start looking better and better …

    Thanks to all the 'newsers for persisting in the truth telling …

    It does not go unnoticed. Keep your spirits up, folks, the world needs us.

    Stupid smart people … my mother always said …

    peace all …

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, the Miami water probably also has COREXIT in it. Why would we ever assume that there is just one way to poison the populace?…..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, by all means, a By Force Highly Educated (Indoctrinated) "Doomed Species."

  • Umm.. if the pole melt-out… try 200+ Ft sea rise. The lesser one is for just the ice shelf that sits in water and has 1/3 out of it… the poles have ice MILES DEEP. Yes.. it's melting off the LAND PARTS now.. so..

    Water is the last thing you want post-core melt.. it makes the stuff fission like mad… that's what they prevented with Chernobyl.

  • The stuff Fuku dumps into ocean… is binding-to, and desalinating the Pacific. That's why disease is running wild in sea life. The gulf is where they run due to salt wash-out from under salt domes.

    The corexit will kill-off what makes it there. I have loads of space-orbital data saved..:

    One is ocean salinity and shows this.

  • AntonButler

    50 BILLIONS DOLLARS for Fukushima clean up.
    new estimate.

    Nuclear power must be the most UNECONOMIC form of power generation, as well as the most dangerous for public health

  • nedlifromvermont

    More like $500 Billion to $5 Trillion … so you are only off by one or two orders of magnitude … still a way better guess than the clever nuclear scientists are willing to admit to … and Charlie Forsberg, MIT Professor of Nuclear Physics, smirkingly claims on TV (post-Fukushima) that managing the nuclear fuel cycle at least guarantees steady employment to these lucky workers !!! No shit!!! It made me want to puke up my Harvard degree when I heard this. The unbridled and absolutely blind hubris of these nuclear monster-begetters … Oh well, he's just a silly college professor … Forgive him, Lord, for he knows not what he doeth …

    … or something like that!!!

    peace …

    • AntonButler

      YES,the Fukushima clean up estimates can only go up and up.
      it could be 50 trillion USD, 50,000,000,000,000,
      The people of Ukraine ,and Belorus now 2012
      say CHERNOBYL IS A MONEY BLACK HOLE, a (wealth eater).
      27 YEARS post accident, WITH clean up 100+years to go.
      and may last also hundred+ years.
      The Belorus government officially states:
      80 % of all children in Belorus are sick from radiation.
      The other 20% probably do not feel that great either.
      basically the entire country is sick,
      This may happen in your country USA.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Its like the money becomes meaningless as the ability to recognize and execute the task of cleaning and repair becomes the only important question to answer. Money ultimately is not going to save our lives or heal the damages of this on nature.

  • Sickputer

    SP: Fukushima's mounting financial social costs will get worse. The Japanese government suppresses nee costs by not relocating people in areas that are definitely toxic by Chernobyl standards.

    What cost would be estimated for relocating 40 million central Japanese citizens? Just a few dollars a day for each dislocated person's needs would bankrupt Japan in a matter of months. So the government is going to massage the radiation data to prevent any more evacuations, especially with the stakes involved over potentially losing the largest city on earth to a deadly poison. Figure the real estate values of losing Tokyo alone. Trillions of dollars. A 2020 Olympic city finalist that could host real Hunger Games.

    "The cost of a worst-case nuclear accident at a plant in Germany, for example, has been estimated to total as much as $11 trillion, while the mandatory reactor insurance is only 3.7 billion.

    The 3.7 billion will be just enough to buy the stamps for the letters of condolence," said Olav Hohmeyer, an economist at the University of Flensburg, who is a member of the German government's environmental advisory body.

    In Switzerland, the obligatory insurance is being raised from 1 to 1.8 billion Swiss francs ($2 billion), but a government agency estimates that a Chernobyl-style disaster might cost more than 4 trillion francs — or about eight times the country's annual economic output."

    • IMO – If NPPs were really 'safe', then we shouldn't need disaster insurance.

      😉 The insurance does NOT cover damage to future generations and our DNA.

  • fuganzi

    Yeah, well; there it is.

    I have commented multiple times, that there is far too much alarmism about "china syndrome" (etc) because, all-along, there really has been no evidence. As far as anyone could tell, the Fukushima situation looked like Chernobyl, where the fuel had melted, spread out into the basements, and was cooling off in a horrible messy blob over the next few hundred years.

    However, with this latest development, I think it's pretty obvious now. Fires. Radioactive steam. Spiking byproducts in the groundwater. I think this pretty much DOES confirm that there is at least one active molten core burning down through the bedrock. I don't think there's any other way to paint this, and to believe otherwise is to be in a state of willful-denial.

    The only question left is: what to do about it?

    This proves that "china syndrome" does, indeed, happen, in-practice. It proves that there's no technical means to stop it. It proves that much of our nuclear power industry's designs and methods are fundamentally flawed. It proves that our regulatory agencies are filled with sociopathic liars. (people with access to technical information here, can't possibly remain in-denial on this matter).

    God: can we at least get some honest epidemiological studies done now? Can we get some real data on the poor lab rats living over there?

  • what happened at TMI.. was that the melted core got separated in the tubes that the control-rods ride in, and also the fact that it never went dry, and it was bleeding steam to OUTSIDE with a valve stuck OPEN.

    The difference here was that Fuku showed a different flaw in the design.

    Once you start a "Venting" to the torus… and build up enough pressure in it, you CAN NOT SWITCH the system back over to the secondary "VENT OUTSIDE" system again! There isn't enough pressure in the control system of the valve to do a change-state.

    That's why you had explosive buildups of hydrogen… the water split to oxygen and hydrogen, broke containment.. ignited! This also allowed the cores to melt with NO WATER IN THE CORE !! JUST GAS!!

    That changes the entire core-exit paradigm! #1 broke-out via core fittings on the bottom. #2 actually ruptured and entire torus-leg assembly. #3 core had Plutonium.. the top melted over, forming a ad-hock GUN BARREL then it got the needed 10 kilos one place, and went super-critical and BLASTED it's way out the bottom! #4 didn't have a lid on it.. so it just BURNED for 2 days and gassified the entire cores contents.. exiting as smoke out the top! What went out the north-side of #4 was the cask-load of breeder rods that exploded! That's what broke the water lines to her core, and drained the #4 reactor completely. That left only about 2 foot of water over the #4 pool rods, started the fire in the cask pool.

  • They know these system have a major weakness in the bottom where the control-rods are mounted.. but.. their rationalizing of the risks, the "Fault-path-logic" is just pure FANTASY for the most part, and only takes what happened at TMI… as the way it goes down. Well… that's NOT how it went down @ Fuku.. and the system was shown to have whole entire SERIES of other MAJOR original design faults, issues, flaws, and paths to destructive outcomes that they will ever admit to! These HAVE been seen in the investigations post-event… but they "Beat-around the bush" as you simply CAN'T fix them, as it requires re-building an entirely different reactor design! SO!.. they don't exist in their head-space.!

    THEY CAN'T !!! As then they need to take responsibility for what's been done, and so what happens!!

  • norbu norbu

    PhilipUpNorth, I respect you and your work. you said… "Anunnaki were definitely here on Earth, with the Virgin Mary in the garden, approximately nine months before the birth of Jesus, if you get my meaning, understand?"
    where did you get this from? link? Virgin mother Mary in the garden? Really? You must show proof of this, I have researched this subject for years, never have herd that one. The garden of Eden was thousands of years before Jesus.

  • irhologram

    The Immaculate conception was to have occurred in Mary's bedroom.

  • Jebus Jebus

    People at my work suggested this, for the Anunnaki thread…

    • irhologram

      Jebus, the Pied Piper kids in your buddies' Annunaki thread "dis"…(irrationally) reminded me of the Sandy Hook kids, for some reason. And you may not have been as far in left field as you may have intended. Just a question: why do you treat ideas you don't agree with in a mindset of disdain? I don't know if gene tampering jump-started humans, but I know that our DNA and blood types point to a few mysteries in origin. I know that Sitchin was an adventurer in his Summerian text translations, but I ALSO know that sightings of UFOs are escalating. I know that medieval painters depicted UFOs, as did cave paintings of early man. I know that pilots, government figures, and the Vatican ("they" don't have original sin and should be treated as our brothers…2011)…all believe in some form of nonhuman presence, whether interdimentional or physical craft operating through portals or wormholes, using point to point propulsion, possibly through magnetics and antigravity. IMO it's not useful to label WHO they are, because we can't possibly know which of the…is it 22 alien species (?)…may already be here…Niburo or no Niburo. (But Patti's link from NASA saying they've found 100 brown dwarfs is interestin'.) We're about in the middle of the expanding Universe, right? So there are likely a whole lot of life forms a whole lot ahead of us in development. I'd really like to discuss this, but on the off topic non-nuclear thread.

  • Jebus.. I think I know where you confused.

    Your not removing the entire 5th floor deck.. as that went up in the first blast.

    look at the picture of the setup pre-blast, then the distance from the pool-edge.. to the actual edge of the PCV INSIDE the dome-over area.

    It's MUCH longer distance than seen in that picture your seeing the hole is gaping. Also, that side-view I showed.. you can see that the PCV is HIGHER than the remains of the pools remaining rim. Again, rather conclusive of the pool being what got blasted.

    • Also, it wasn't until the SECOND BLAST, that the roof truss stuff got blasted off the area over the PCV. That happened when the actual plug on the PCV got sent in 2 halves 3/4 of the way airborne to the front gate… and landed beside the road.

    • Jebus Jebus

      The best and most civil way that I can answer you pattie, is that I never tell others what they see, I only ask them to look for themselves…

    • After the first blast, the PCV still held water, and was pissing steam out the crack in the plug… that's also clearly shown. It couldn't have done that if it exploded, nor could the PCV STILL have a top rim on it, it the blast went UP like the first one did. The first one couldn't have sent the floor up like that, as that's what happened, without having destroyed the top of the PCV.. and the thing is right there post-#1 blast.

      The damage is to stuff BELOW the top of the PCV in the blast that went up..? HOW? If it was the core…? HOW did it destroy BELOW the top, yet not destroy the top? This is rather straight-forward and can't be mistaken.

      • razzz razzz

        I see the talked about (blast) hole and now they have covered it along with the fuel pool (red boxing or plating).

        You shut SFP gates, pump the water out of the well and install the barrier wall sections. That would be the weak spots>>>the fueling chute and well wall sections. Of the many weak spots like either of the lids and o-rings under tremendous pressure blowing out through the slit left between the vessel(s) and cap(s) like a steam jet. Would eat through just about anything until it finds daylight creating a pathway for an explosion to travel or vent out of.

        Simply Info has a nice store of pics. (pg.1??) has a side drawing of the pools and well (with the well wall sections drawn in). Also has pics of the current steaming leak and pics of the same leaking area just after Unit 3 blew up, still leaking today 2+ years later.

        • RAZZZ !!!! +1

          Way to go!… THAT set shows the cask-pool hole, and the distance between the PVC and the pool… VERY CLEAR CUT !!!

  • In the end, can anything be done to stop the criticalities or have they now lost all control at the site?

    • could TRY to pour a slurry of the same stuff the put on Chernobyl down the hols.. stop the nuke-quakes.. if not all the rads… it would be a positive step in right direction.. stop total..? I don't think we can.. more minimize the output.. while it's getting pushed to the core of earth… and that's going to take decades.

      • Vegemite, boron, some lead, and all the Pu-240 we can round up.. that and anything else we have that would absorb the neutrons and stop the blasts.

        • Even beach sand would help a lot… with keeping the water off it.. as it would turn to glass.. coat it..

          • the #3 was down 4 kilometers by April of 2012… so is many ways that it vents now. and has caused a great many quakes.

            We need to coat it until hit subduction zone.. and pray we don't get lava-flow coming back up the paths.. or we got BIG PROBLEM