Xenon known to cause dramatic increase in lung cancer — Bombards humans with very powerful x-rays — Turns into cesium — Xenon from Fukushima most ever, 2.5 times Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Published: November 14th, 2011 at 5:07 am ET


Title: Arnold Gundersen with another Fukushima report as radiation levels rise in Japan

Program: If You Love This Planet

Date Aired: Nov. 11, 2011

Description: This week, Dr. Caldicott once again chats with Arnold Gundersen, a nuclear energy consultant with Fairewinds Associates, about the ongoing situation at the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. […]


At ~20:00 in

  • The xenon cloud bombards people with external gamma rays which are really powerful x-rays… as they decay, they turn into iodine, cesium.
  • Dramatic increase, a measurable statistically meaningful increase in lung cancer in people that were in that cloud [during Three Mile Island]. That shows up about 3-5 years after the accident.

Most, if not all, reports on this subject did not mention that xenon posed a health risk. In fact, it was the opposite:

  • “Xenon 133 has a half life of 5.2 days and is relatively harmless, Tetsuo Ito, the head of Kinki University’s Atomic Energy Research Institute, said by phone.” –Bloomberg
  • “Xenon itself is harmless as it’s not absorbed by organisms or by the environment, and is dispersed in the atmosphere.” –Nature.com

Download or listen to the program here:  http://ifyoulovethisplanet.org/?p=5219

See also: [intlink id=”just-in-nilu-study-release-of-radioactive-xenon-from-fukushima-is-more-than-double-chernobyl-largest-in-history-started-immediately-after-quake” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 14th, 2011 at 5:07 am ET


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24 comments to Xenon known to cause dramatic increase in lung cancer — Bombards humans with very powerful x-rays — Turns into cesium — Xenon from Fukushima most ever, 2.5 times Chernobyl (VIDEO)

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I never believed the stuff was ‘harmless’.

    I wonder…what about the animals, fish, and plants? If humans get lung cancer from this poison, what about everything else on the planet? Did anyone ever do a study of the animals and plants at Three Mile Island? I believe one was done at Chernobyl and the results sounded pretty discouraging.

    • ben ben

      Hi all,

      could someone tell me what is the list of all radioactive isotopes that were released into environment and also:
      is it known how much of each was released.
      What is official estimation?

      I know some already:
      – iodine-131, half life 8 days, quantity=?
      – cesium-137, half life 30 years, quantity=?

      Later maybe we make a comparison to Chernobyl numbers, i’d like to do this to have some perspective on what Fukushima means.

      • mungo mungo

        ben, let’s put it this way….this is equal to, or worse, than chernobyl.
        all the questions you ask have probably been discussed on here, use the search bar this site provides, there is just too much info to be able to answer in one post! what continent are you on?, i am in europe

    • ben ben

      milk and cheese,
      the research study that you mention is a paper and also video,
      google: chernobyl million casualties

      • pure water

        This link is well written general information
        It is better than wiki IMHO
        And this one is information about the elements found in air filters in Seatle just after the accident”
        There are a lot of contradicting data on the quantties. Search in the old posts. I do not believe things will become clear soon.

        • Mack Mack

          From the link that pure water provided:

          If I’m reading it right, they conclude that the radiation detected in Seattle came from “contaminated steam.”

          Aren’t the reactors still STEAMING?

          Therefore, are we still getting radioactivity in the U.S. ???


          • pure water

            I just have a little mental exercise about this:
            The filters can catch only so called hot particles, and this means comparatively big atom assemblies, and this leads me to the conclusion that the water had been poured directly over extreamly hot fuel in order to take out them and carry out in the athmosphere. I may be wrong, but it seems to me they bathed the lava during the first days. The rest of the emissions with the size of a single atoms will be missing from the filters and people will inhale them even in cars and rooms. And air conditioner can even be harmful, because it makes the air circulate constantly. Think about it and pick up better airconditioner, or just get rid of the old system.

    • Mack Mack

      “…fissioning atoms in nuclear power plants and bombs is increasing dramatically the background level of radiation in a most artificial way which will inevitably induce deleterious mutations which will be passed on through the generations…”

      Helen Caldicott @6:00 in the video.

  • pure water

    I did not like to post this before, just because emission does not mean imminent damage. With this remark for the sake of truth, I will post it now:

    The emission “semi formalized” in Fukushima of 1.67 E19 Bq gas Xe133 have meant the spread of 2.411 kg. This emission is equivalent in terms of internal radiation lung 400.8 million in potentially lethal doses by inhalation. As shown, 2.4 kg of material having the power to kill only transient 400 million people, the Xenon 133 is classified as very low radiotoxic. It’s not beautiful science!
    I used google tranlate for the post,because of my poor French.

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    Ad at top of page:

    “GE employees are making things that matter. Watch survivors meet them.”

    Florida bore the brunt of that Xenon cloud in March. Look for many cases of lung cancer in 3-5 years.

    It’s true. We can thank GE for this, but the meeting between the survivors and GE may not be exactly what they expect. GE: the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Mack Mack

    Remember this from Enenews on March 21st:

    “SURFACE forecast shows radioactive Xenon-133 lingering over Florida”


  • Mack Mack

    From video:

    ** 16.7E becquerels of Xenon-133 released from Fukushima
    ** Largest release in history
    ** Released from March 11 through March 15

  • What we have is a RAGING OUT OF CONTROL NUCLEAR FIRE, IN at least THREE and possibly SIX nuclear reactors.

    These 3-6 out of control radioactive FIRES have SPREAD OUT OF CONTAINMENT, and they are all most likely outside of the reactor vessel. (Somehow, nobody seems to want to find out where it is, or what it is doing exactly. I wonder why not?)

    Since this has never happened before, it is anyone’s guess what happens next.

    At Chernobyl, the Russian government dumped helicopter loads of boron on top of the melted reactor core. The melted fuel mixed with huge amounts of sand and boron, forming a kind of glassy substance, which melted down through several floors underneath the reactor.

    The boron and sand mixture slowed down the out of control radioactive fire and nuclear chain reaction in the melted material. As the melted mass melted its way downwards, it slowed and cooled, forming massive radioactive pools, piles and streams.
    You can watch the documentary movie at Youtube.

    At Fukushima, they are doing little or nothing to stop the out of control fire, little or nothing to dilute the radioactive material coming out of the reactor, and little or nothing to prevent the CHINA SYNDROME.

    At Chernobyl, they ordered hundreds of thousands of people to cleanup the mess, and dug a huge tunnel underneath the reactor, to fill it with refrigerated concrete, in order to prevent the melted fuel from reaching groundwater and causing a second, much larger explosion, which they estimated would KILL EVERYONE ON THE PLANET.

    At Fukushima, they are doing NOTHING by comparison, for up to SIX TIMES the melted radioactive fuel and up to 6000 tons of spent nuclear material around the plant, that could go up in a groundwater/melted fuel explosion…

    This is potentially a global life extinction event, and the government/Tepco plus the nuclear industry watchdog agencies are ‘massaging’ the news to make it look like they it under control and near shutdown.

    • radegan

      The time where you could do anything that might matter was seven months ago, if then. But if the reactors melted down before the tsunami hit and then melted out within hours, what exactly could’ve been done? Hire some drunks to pick up here and there and clear paths for robots. Check. Drink a lot of saki. Check.

      • many moons

        AND they could have told the rest of the world to stay indoors to minimize contact with radiation….that would have been something they could have done….but they (like so many these days) Only thought of themselves. You Me and everyone didn’t matter.

        There is something we all have a responsibility to do in responce to their attitude….we nned to at least ask for some justice for the victums to come. The people who decided to cover up what they knew insuring mass suffering need to pay for their crimes.

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    Xenon-133 has a half-life of 125.8 hours. Xenon-133 decays into stable cesium-133, which is the only stable isotope of cesium found in nature.

  • Bobby1

    The great Texas blues and soul musician Doyle Bramhall Sr. died Sunday in Alpine, Texas at the age of 62. It was reported that he died from complications of pneumonia, though a friend saw him a week before and he was fine.

    I guess we will never know if his death was due to xenon, cesium, plutonium etc. or not.