Japan gov’t to drastically reduce allowable level of radiation in food — 100 Bq/kg expected by April

Published: October 28th, 2011 at 9:34 am ET


Oct. 28 — “Health minister Yoko Komiyama announced Friday that the government will lower the allowable amount of radiation in food products from 5 millisieverts per year to 1, but some experts are puzzled,” writes Jun Hongo for The Japan Times.

“The current limit of 500 becquerels per kilogram of radiation for meat, fish and vegetables is also expected to be lowered by about one-fifth in April.”

The upcoming change is welcome, though why is it ‘safe’ to eat food contaminated with 500 Bq/kg of cesium now — and not six months from now?

And why were some experts still puzzled?

“Experts question the focus solely on internal exposure from food and drink, while ignoring external exposure from radioactive materials, such as fallout on the ground, roofs and in ditches. ‘I can’t think of a reason why they decided to omit external exposure as a factor in the proposal this time,’ said Dr. Eisuke Matsui, who heads the Gifu Environmental Medicine Research Institute.”

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Published: October 28th, 2011 at 9:34 am ET


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31 comments to Japan gov’t to drastically reduce allowable level of radiation in food — 100 Bq/kg expected by April

  • radegan

    “Why is it safe now? Well…the uh….cesium is fresh now. In a few months that cesium will be moldy and unsafe for human consumption.”

  • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

    That’s ok. If something has 500 becquerels per kilogram, just add 4 clean kilograms and you’ll be ok. Dilution works in the body too right?

  • many moons

    It didn’t take them 6 months to raise the limits, why the wait in lowering them?

    I’m tired of their bullshit! We need to forget about these fucking agencies and pass them by! We need to decide how much radioactivity we are going to feed our kids each day not some paid off scientist whore. That goes for every country not just Japan!

  • many moons

    Untill Hillary Rodman Clinton buys a Japanese import car that hasn’t been checked for radiation, she shouldn’t expect the rest of us to be riding abount in them!

  • fuckyoushima


    some sanity in an insane world is always welcome.

  • Does this mean I won’t be able to sell my radioactive green cesium sprinkles to all of the Faux News true believers, who believe Ann Coultier when she says; the more radiation the better… you get healthier with MORE radiation..?

    Darn! I was going to get RICH… and help all of those true believers get REALLY HEALTHY!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    How is this fair? It isn’t. It’s disgusting:
    TEPCO eyes 30% cut in pensions to raise funds for nuclear compensation
    “a 30 percent cut in corporate pensions for retirees aged 80 or older”
    If I were a retired Engineer, I’d be UP IN ARMS over this!!

    • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

      So much for Japanese reverence for age.

    • richard mancer

      if you are a retired nuke anything – you deserve to lose it all and more. any person who helped in the construct of these evil monsters should lose it all, everything, their children, their home, their head.

  • suzie-Q

    What does it matter what the allowed internal/external amount is when the amount should be zero and the measurements are not the least bit accurate! One other thought, the “good” news is always promised in the future and the reality is it’s getting worse by the minute, how stupid are we supposed to be to buy this “good” news?? Were we not promised some “good” news last spring to be reality by now??

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Correct, Suzie, the point is definitely something other than “government” (no one is defining “government” yet and we need to be doing that, too, for any change in how this is being handled to occur) defined “limits”, which are not meaningful as you point out. Part of the point is that we need to demand, by overthrow of the current hierarchies or occupation and disruption of the hierarchical command centers AND media dissemination, full, 100%, public oversight of all activities related to this matter, Fukushima and other failing nuke plants. We must also have full public oversight of all OTHER civilian nuke power plants.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Nuclear Ambiguity: Israel’s “Secret” Arsenal (Eyeopener)
    From: corbettreport | Oct 28, 2011 | 134 views

  • dosdos dosdos

    People in Japan aren’t smiling as much as they should, so government figured that the standards have to be dropped on next April Fools Day.

  • Cindy

    I’m worried about the Japanese gov. checking on the rice in Fukushima, saying it’s safe, any food being grown inside the most contaminated area around the plant should be banned form sale !!

    I’m also worried about the free trade agreement of the Pacific , Japan will no doubt send irridated food to Hawaii, and other countries … Nobody is double checking the food … GRRR !!!

  • Cindy

    AAAH! got the story from NHK..

    500 Bequerels of cesium per kilogram is only safe for 1 year !! so this is why they are changing it to 100 milliseiverts now !!


    GOOD GRIEF !! sorry for all those in Japan…

  • pure water

    If more people go to a hunger strike, it will be double positive for them.
    And this change comes after the harvest is over. What about the next summer?

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Howdy hey pw,

      Next summer?

      We wonder the same after seeing what happened in our garden this year. If you don’t know, please go over to the radiation reporting forum and see the links to our pics and videos.

      The way it looks now, there may not be any more gardening here, but the other side of the coin is of course, where is it safe to be? Where in North. america is NOT contaminated some how with local, historical, or ongoing radiation that is obviously raucously bellowing out onto the entire planet from japan and other places still yet unknown about here in the US of a?

      Now that the season is closing, there may be the need to go adventuring out to get readings from around the western areas. That guy dutchsince failed to do this after he got so many people to give him money and Geiger counters. If you are here Michael, why did you drop the ball, and why do you ignore us when we try to communicate with you?

      Sad fail, but never-the-less, if we can manifest some extra gas money, perhaps we will finish his mission and make a fast run up the west coast in these coming months. Still hard to believe that of all the folks that surly check in here at enenews, no one has a good counter out there and is checking and posting that info here. Well, besides WCG of course. We need more info though like long counts to get CPM, especially since she is getting high readings out there.

      At this point, we are still finishing up the garden and there in no time table for that. Anyone got any good ideas about what to do with a couple of tree fulls of very very sweet apples?

  • arclight arclight

    from this pro nuke article..in the comments, some great one liners from the god of psychology…wade allison here too!

    “April 5, 2011 at 2:28 am

    Joe Giambrone

    “In seven of the other 17 prefectures, the estimated daily deposition was less than 500 becquerel per square metre for iodine-131 and less that 100 becquerel per square metre for caesium-137.”

    This is a catastrophe. Those numbers should render those regions “uninhabitable” at least for children.

    I’ve been reading studies of Chernobyl such as “Exposure and Spirometry Measures in Ukrainian Children Affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Incident” by Erik R. Svendsen et al.

    “An IQR increase in soil 137Cs (223 kBq/m2) was associated with a 34.1% (95% CI, 2.6­75.4%) increase in the incidence of “enlarged lymph nodes” and 44.7% (95% CI, 7.0­96.8%) increase in “other deficiency anemias–unspecified” in multivariate mixed-effects logistic regression models.””

    It also adversely affects lung capacity, red and white blood cell count and causes numerous diseases:

    “These findings support the hypothesis that long-term exposure to 137Cs, likely through consumption of contaminated foods and local drinking water, is associated with decrements in lung function during child development.”

    The average radioactivity level there of “223 kBq/m2″ for Cesium 137 is fast being approached around Fukushima!”

  • Human0815

    Maybe this will happen because our Japanese Citizens get/ or better got much, much older than the People in the US or Europe 🙂
    “Presuming a person’s life span is 100 years, the person’s radiation exposure should be less than one millisievert a year.”

    • arclight arclight

      cool..as my family dont much get past 50 that must mean i can have nearly 2 millisievert/year….

      this was interesting, not taking children, body size or sex into consideration…bit of a generalisation statement…plays down the real risk i think

      Nuclear radiation more harmful to women

      “27 Oct 11, Women as a group suffer significantly more from the impact of ionizing radiation than do men. Today Nuclear Information and Resource Service published a Briefing Paper that focuses on a dramatic fifty-percent greater incidence of cancer and fifty-percent greater rate of death from cancer among women, compared to the same radiation dose
      level to men. To be clear: males suffer cancer and cancer death from exposure to ionizing radiation; but gender difference in the level of harm has been to date underreported.
      The data leading to this conclusion originally was reported in the National Academy of Sciences 2006 report, “BEIR VII” which is the seventh report in a series on the Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation. The greater vulnerability of females was not the
      focal point of that publication, and the concern has until now escaped notice.”


      i hope all you guys and girls make a regular stop at muclearnews.net..theres some cracking articles going up recently!! 🙂