‘New tests show elevated radiation’ near U.S. nuclear site — ‘More airborne radiation detected’ around WIPP — Gov’t issues press release on ‘radiological event’ (MAP)

Published: February 24th, 2014 at 6:40 pm ET


Albuquerque Journal, Feb. 24, 2014: New tests show elevated radiation near WIPP — New test results indicate “slightly elevated” levels of airborne radiation near a nuclear waste repository in southeast New Mexico, the U.S. Department of Energy said Monday. […] The DOE said the data show a potential dose of less than one millirem — a calculation of radioactivity exposure — at each of the sampling locations. […] WIPP has been collecting numerous air and soil samples since a radiation alert was sounded on Feb. 14.

ABC News, Feb. 24, 2014: More Radiation Detected Near New Mexico Nuke Site — More airborne radiation has been detected in southeastern New Mexico from a leak at the nation’s first underground nuclear waste dump. The U.S. Department of Energy said Monday the results are from samples collected last week at numerous air monitoring stations […] Last week, DOE officials confirmed the first-ever leak at the facility. It stores plutonium-contaminated waste  […] The results are consistent with the kinds of waste stored at the plant […] Carlsbad’s mayor has scheduled a community meeting Monday evening.

U.S. Department of Energy Press Release, Feb 24, 2014: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today reported new environmental monitoring data […] Results indicate slightly elevated levels of airborne radioactive concentrations, which are consistent with the waste disposed of at WIPP. The samples taken demonstrate these concentrations remain well below a level of public or environmental hazard. The samples were collected by WIPP radiological and environmental monitoring personnel February 17-18 […] the release data showed a potential dose of less than one millirem at each of the environmental sampling locations. […] WIPP is continuously monitoring the environment, and the latest air monitoring results ranged from 1.3 to 4.4 DPM [disintegrations per minute] based on preliminary analyses. […] Numerous air, soil and water samples have been collected on and around the WIPP site since the radiological event on February 14 […]

Update: [intlink id=”radioactive-contamination-reported-city-20-miles-leaking-new-mexico-nuclear-site-10th-largest-population-state” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

See also: [intlink id=”official-4400000-disintegrations-of-alpha-radiation-including-plutonium-detected-at-leaking-u-s-nuclear-site-highest-recorded-level-santa-fe-briefing-serious-incident-involving-radi” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 24th, 2014 at 6:40 pm ET


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66 comments to ‘New tests show elevated radiation’ near U.S. nuclear site — ‘More airborne radiation detected’ around WIPP — Gov’t issues press release on ‘radiological event’ (MAP)

  • Speedy

    The DOE is still deceiving the uneducated public comparing x-rays and background radiation to particles floating in the air…They should be shot…..

    • We Not They Finally

      They actually should be "shot." With sodium pentathol. Publicly. Live on air.

      • Speedy

        I couldn't stand it any longer…I sent an email off to the DOE through their .gov website, calling for them to retract that statement..I suggest everyone does the samething…they need to be called out on those kind of lies…

        • Vince Vince Ivey

          Radiological Event

          Man this is richer than double-chocolate ice cream.

          R A D I O L O G I C A L E V E N T

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          That's commendable of you Speedy and I totally agree since the contaminants they called "Transuranic waste" was recently translated by stock as "a nice way to describe Plutonium" and unlikely to be highly detectable using standard Geiger units is dangerous at any levels! I do however hope that Tyvek-suited G-men don't hop out of a black SUV announcing "Hello we're from the govt. & we're here to "reach out" to "help you" before everything goes fuzzy & then dark??!! 😐 Good job though!! TPTB need to know that both their data,findings claiming "harmless" and finally their feigned concern with public health risks over their agenda to keep WIPP up & running & any claims that it's "fixed" now are ALL suspect! 😐

          • dosdos dosdos

            It was the DOE that publicly adopted the BED in the late 90's, establishing the Church of the Holy Banana. Praise the Banana and put one in your ear, Holy Ion!

            They know nothing but double talk. Keep it under wraps is their knee jerk.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    Looks like 4.4 disintegrations per minute might be the same reading misinterpreted as 4.4 million……strange that it is same number. That would be 4.4 counts per minute alpha – lower, but still not good. How do we know if Jessica, tweeting from the WIPP meeting, got the number right, when here is an extremely similar number from the same press conference, which is completely different?

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Another news story just said 4.4 millirem per hours, again a diff number. Wow. The confusion is amazing. EPA limits airborne exposure to 10 millirem a year. So even if filters showing 1 millirem an hour, you dont want to be there. In ten hours EPA limit exceeded, even with best case DOE usually deception estimate.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      What happened to 4.4 million bq, it IS measured in seconds
      Now 4.4 dpm—what measurement are they using?
      DPM is not standard for bq

      Whatever, I'm sure they know what they mean.

      I see a big FU coming shortly.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Whew…for a minute there I thought we had a dangerous condition; but, now I know everything's gonna be alright.

  • mt1000

    Look at this B.S.:

    as if they have NO monitors but have to do complex analyzing blah, blah. … they just need lots of time to cook up a story!

  • We Not They Finally

    And to think that the WIPP had been working just peachy for 15 years. (Or so we were told.) Oh, except maybe for the part about deadly plutonium being stored in casks only designed to last 20 years and with no plans to replace them?

    So we only ran into potential catastrophe (or at least, admitted as such) 5 years early? "Posterity" is looking like a pretty scary place.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    DOE is saying 4.4DPM equate to 1millirem per year….but they equate apples and oranges. Breathing in even one particle of plutonium can give your cells a much higher dose than that for the rest of your life. Now DOE and NRC and EPA are singing from the same song sheet and saying 300 millirem a year manmade on top of 320millirem natural is harmless. First of all, it used to be they said we were exposed to 100 millirem natural. Secondly, icrp recommends no more than 200 millirem on top of background. Ecrr has found health effects including infant leaukemias at rates under 200 millirem, or 2mSv. Dont believe them when they say 1millirem is harmless, they are talking about external exposures only. Alpha in the air means it is available for humans and nonhumans to breathe it in.

  • SadieDog

    AP report- Carlsbad's mayor has scheduled a community meeting Monday evening.

    Waste shipments to the site were halted earlier this month after a truck caught fire underground. Officials say they don't think the incidents are related.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      I would love to be at that meeting, but won't go for obvious reasons. Just imagine if some Enenewsers live in the area. They aren't going to take any shit from no one.

      I hope they post the video on the Carlsbad website.

    • SadieDog

      Concerned members of the public will have an opportunity to ask questions of officials with knowledge of the situation at the open meeting on Monday at 5 p.m. at the Pecos River Village Center Carousel House in Carlsbad. Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office Manager Joe Franco and Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center Director Russell Hardy will be in attendance to answer questions.

        • GQR2

          This should be interesting SadieDog ! Its going on right now its 6:35 MST here in NM.

        • SadieDog

          6 degrees of separation… I am in GA. This article connects us unfortunately. 2013 Carlsbad mayor meets with SRS officials. http://www.currentargus.com/ci_23531695/nuclear-officials-seek-clarity-washington

          • SadieDog

            "The problem isn't the nuclear material; we can handle that," said John Heaton, chairman of the Carlsbad Mayor's Nuclear Task Force. "The challenge is finding champions for our cause regarding nuclear waste."

            • GQR2

              Excuse me, so far they have demonstrated they can NOT handle this material. In fact its less than 5 yrs and we have a major event. So no …sorry Hardy not buying that premise at all.
              You all cannot handle it and we have a huge Public Health Crisis kindling away down there and you all cannot even get down there. You allow workers to work in no protective gear at all while they wrap this poison ultra toxic NUCLEAR wast stuffed in 55 gallon drums wrapped plastic into a damp salt mine. NO i'd say it was an epic fail at WIPP a catastrophic failure at WIPP. yeah. so the search for champions of Nuclear well a little money and it shouldn't be too hard because apparently there is a sucker born everyday.
              These people have failed the public. Failed us miserably.

              • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                But the good governor of NM said thanks to WIPP his efforts brought in 3,000 jobs to DIE for to the local economy!! 🙁 Anybody not still "sequestered in place" who would go back when they give the "all clear" signal must be "pussy-WIPPed"!!(lol,sorry!) 😉

          • GQR2

            That meeting encompasses everything needed for a sociology lesson in the Nuclear Waste Industry. What a steaming bunch of talk,no questions answered and what was answered was just very well rehearsed lines to put people in a calm state. They use their hands,they use the fact they go into the plant (well then that's enough for me…NOT.) and above all NONE of these guys answered a single question with a straight answer.
            but being good sheeple,they were told they could ask anyyy questions they wanted to,"be sure to" of the DOE and others in the hallway awaiting their questions. wow,just,wow. They couldn't even directly answer if how much experience they have had with an "event" such as this. well rest easy folks, the head of the "mine" has an engineer working there who worked at Hanford. and yes the Mayor had to assure i don't know exactly who,that Carlsbad and the people…love..love love their WIPP site. He said in his Armani sport coast and 400 eyeglass frames. What a clown show.

        • Good luck with getting any meaningful information out of them.

    • The two incidents are probably related.. They covered up the radiation being released for five days, which is close to when the 'truck fire' happened.

      Radioactive Plutonium Plume Coming Out of New Mexico's WIPP – Geological Nuclear Radioactive Waste Isolation Pilot Plant; via @AGreenRoad

  • vicky13 vicky13

    Good article at SimplyInfo,, just posted,,


  • weeman

    Lack of information leads to speculation, speculation turns to conspiracy, why is the data not freely available?
    Is it not our right, I believe it is.

  • Ontological Ontological

    I still say if that was a cave in, all the fracking nearby may be the culprit.

    • GQR2

      Onto i totally agree. The frickin idiots. Just unbelievable. Today we bought respirators at a home improvement store. People have little to zero awareness of this in Santa Fe. One person turned red as a beet when i mentioned it. Mostly it was a repetition of the word WIPP with a quizzical look on their faces.

      it meant nothing to them. TPTB – the thieves and liars making these fracking deals and the Nuclear deals are people who are willfully ignorant – greedy Zombies that just want nothing to change in their Zombie lives

      willful ignorance. One young hipster type a little new agey maybe working at a Trader Joe's .said he didn't want to know. A person implying its just too much. This is what information overload of useless info does to people…When new meaningful information comes in,there is no room.

      • bo bo

        So true on the useless info overload, GQR2. I sympathize. Stay safe. 🙁

        • GQR2

          No worries bo we are prepared as we can be here. Just doing what we can nothing extraordinary. i used to tell the younger folks working in the stores, buy yourselves some extra staples,then if the SHTF,at least you have something to trade or bring if you have to go to a friends house.
          I think of all the elders also living alone,just watching tv,enjoying their knitting or whatever who are gonna be just lost for having depended on the Lame Stream Media.
          when people get a cancer diagnosis i give them non GMO alphafa seeds to sprout. we are vegan too.

          • bo bo

            So many enenewsers are vegan !

            • GQR2

              i think its an overall awareness thing. Many here are willing to face the appalling truth about where our food comes from,how heinously adulterated it is and the methods by which it gets to our plates. enenewsers are willing to be awake. My new neighbor and i were having a little chat,and i point blank asked at one point so what do you spend your money on …

              and he said "meat" i said ohh,then he went through every reason why he could not eat many veggies – from horrendous gas to sugars. at this point looking at the gut,its about compassion. Its a shame too because his wife is willing to cook lots of great veggie dishes. sigh. i will display patience but i really don't have to much anymore. People are in a deep trance.

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              Going vegan isn't such a bad idea(?)! I wish I'd been able to make the shift myself after my wife's diagnosis & feel like it's still a bit late in the game now to put my fair hands-on skills growing something other than food hydroponically to good use in retrospect. Hindsight is always nearly 20/20! NHK newsline had a segment on the post-311 surge in indoor hydroponic vegetable gardening in Japan ranging from personal grows to commercial production but if they cited or even made mention of 311 I either missed it or it was edited out of the USA English language broadcast(?)! Makes me wonder if it will become the shiznit here in the USA post-WIPP,etc.??!! When the shiznit does hit the propeller blades following 311,WIPP,etc.etc. & so on all that funky stuff is gonna create a whole bunch of purple people-eaters when the lack of food,if one may call (most of)it that(?)!! 😐 ! Good for youse though! I never thought of "staples" as a trade/bartering item though? I do believe you meant the kind for shelterin place as in tacking up plastic sheeting,etc. though right? not as in "food" staples? 🙂

              • GQR2

                Hi JB i did mean food,like big jar of peanut butter or large bags of rice etc. soup paste etc. Indoor gardens are a must even if its just scallions which will grow in water,basil,whatever a person has room and light for – i got a simple set up today for small grow space. Every little thing done can help to feel some illusion of control against an enemy we cannot see, taste or smell. Radiation Exposure.

    • This facility is DESIGNED to cave in and enclose the waste.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Dr. Goodheart…they just had a show on H2 about WIPP the dome was supposed to last for a 1000 years then collapse, but the area would be dangerous for 50,000+ years. Leaching high levels of radiation into the air for 28000+ years. The Grand Bayou Salt Dome is collapsing; it started bubbling today, it is southwest of the Corn Bayou.

        • +100000

          Salt domes, salt mines; not a good place for nuclear waste.

          Unless of course, you are part of the out of sight, out of mind philosophy..

          Plutonium radiation does not like being cooped up in a cave..

  • Alpha radiation in the body ie internal radiation is far more fatal then the same dose gamma or beta. Any amount of plutonium released is bad and shows incompetence. We are at officials mercy as sophisticated expensive equipment is required to find out actual amounts. Good luck finding the truth.

  • SadieDog

    Ontario, Lake Huron, Port Huron ALERT – Nuclear activists kept out of talk about underground nuclear waste dump coming to area 1 mile from Lake Huron.This one to be built in limestone.

    • lam335 lam335

      Thanks for the link. It's helpful to have a quick guide to know approximately how much of this stuff is in each state–I'm appalled to see that my home state is #2 on the list (though not entirely surprised).

      BUT this article is also a flawed and misleading. It's incredible that the author says New Mexico has ZERO nuclear waste, considering both the WIPP and Los Alamos. They claim there's no "nuclear waste," when what they actually mean is only that there are no spent fuel rods.

      And then there is this lie:

      "There is certainly a UNF storage problem forming on the horizon, but to date there have been zero leaks concerning energy-related waste with current technology."

      Again, they can only claim this because they're talking about spent fuel rods, which don't "leak." This article was written before the WIPP incident, but every time there's a forest fire in New Mexico, there is tremendous concern about how close the flames are to piles of nuclear waste on the grounds at Los Alamos. (And of course nuclear plants leak and spew all sorts of other nasties on a regular basis that the author conveniently avoids acknowledging by focusing on the lack of spent fuel "leaks").

      The writer of this article comes across as either uninformed or dishonest. Actually, he come across as a financially interested party who wants others to buy into it too.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I already knew I won(?) this contest! 🙁 The figures given only indicate KNOWN caches without fly-dumping & un-marked,pre-regulatory figures added into the fray! I truly HATE the legacy of IL & it's puking nuke plants & radioactive refuse! I recall one less used method of calculating contamination levels being the measurement data of human feces & raw sewage which is "right under y nose & ripe for the pickin'"-if you'll excuse the pun! YECHH!! There's a place along I-55 right on the Chicago city limits with sludge lagoons that the Chicago Sanitary district.now know as Metro Water Reclamation Dist. where they have rows & rows of large,shallow pits where they dump sludge to air dry & then grade it and add more layers until it's level with the landscape! They mailed flyers describing how "safe & non-toxic" it was and yet less than 6 months ago I saw workers in HAZMAT suits with industrial FLUKE meters that I'm guessing included or aybe specifically radiation test equipment??!! I'm in the "plume path zone of at least 3 of y states 11 NPP's not counting DOE facilities like Argonne Natl. Lab 7 miles west & only 3 miles from the birthplace of Shitium=Red Gate Woods,Cook Co. Forest Dist. and I hope to get a bit further away from ALL of it very soon??!!

  • Jebus Jebus

    If all the plutonium that was released/lost into the environment, since the 1940's, was put into one pile, and weighed, I wonder how much that would be…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    And can go far, blowing radiation through parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee.

  • rogerthat

    ''these concentrations remain well below a level of public or environmental hazard''.
    Question: what is the hazard level, what is the usual unit of measurement, and what is the internal hazard level for something like plutonium, where a single particle can kill you?

    ''the latest air monitoring results ranged from 1.3 to 4.4 disintegrations per minute''
    Question: Disintegrations of what? Plutonium? In what? a cubic centimetre of air? a cubic metre? a square centimetre of filter material? what does the figure mean? is it a surface or a volumetric (air) measure?
    The number of disintegrations per minute should yield the amount of plutonium present, if it is plutonium, should it not?

    ''(the) amounts of radiation that have been detected in and around the plant offer no more risk than a dental X-ray or an airline flight''. Question: Do dental x-rays or airline flights involve exposure to inhaled plutonium?

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    I may need to take a time out from ENEnews…..things seem to be going sideways in so many venues.

    But I have to ask about the transparency issue: Is it because so many of us have chosen to be lied to, or have such a deep indifference and intolerance to reality? Or, worse yet, have we lied to ourselves to the point that there is no truth anymore?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      4Warnd… answer to your questions…Yes, yes, and yes…. when I first came to the site, I was so overloaded with truth I had to withdraw, and return incrementally. I think most of the community of enenewsers can commiserate with your feelings….

    • bf9 bf9

      Often times a break is needed. Doing what we all here do on this site is draining. To use a metaphor, a soldier cannot keep fighting for days at a time without a break, without rest. I myself have only been checking in one or twice a day lately as the level of stress in my life at the moment is quite something…adding Fuku, and now being within 300 miles of WIPP (upwind thankfully) while fighting the uphill battle is often overwhelming. Let's just say I don't sleep much at night lol. There are a growing number of invaluable members here and I know that we've got each others back if one is to step out for a bit to regroup.

      Anywayz, I recommend that all who are within any reasonable distance of this thing to consider investing in a respirator cause I just have a horrible feeling about this. Sad that it has come to this, but adaptation is what one has to do. Night newsers.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Good to take a break once in awhile, and yes, this is all very draining at times and I have not slept well in many years. Down for couple of hours and then bam up again… 🙁

        Many of us here see the urgency required and necessary in order to stop the institutional insanity that now surround us all.. 🙂

        Keep sending all you know here, so they can take over, while you rest and regroup your energy… 🙂

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    In 1979, as a chemistry student before the '80 elections, I remember telling my spouse that I could support nuclear energy if there was a solution to the waste problem (there was not, and is not).

    I voted socialist party, to no avail, against J.C. at that time.

    I, of course, was wrong. 3MI, Chrnbl, Fuku, and now WIPP + the countless other F.Ups along the way.

    It is not always easy to admit to mistakes, distortions in thought or self-delusional-isms. As a culture, as a humanity, this needs to be done, now, for our own sake.

    Sorry to repeat: G.Larson cartoon: ants dancing on a leaf with a mushroom cloud over NYC. Amusing at one time. Not so much, these days.


    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Excellent clear and concise understanding! 🙂

      "It is not always easy to admit to mistakes, distortions in thought or self-delusional-isms. As a culture, as a humanity, this needs to be done, now, for our own sake."

      • GQR2

        Maybe to face the "shadow" of Nuclear,the individual must face their own shadow? One ought to get a month off just to process. 🙂

        Society seems to be taking the "blue" pill
        a death culture in the entertainment media. The military glamorized.

        Nuclear is something most don't allow themselves to be curious about. the Death Cult likes it this way. Its a lucky break for them, the dumbing down has been so successful.
        docile sheep have no idea what's going on. We have been fleeced tagged and marked for slow motion slaughter.

        who knows…..the shadow knows 🙂

  • Time to take some safety precautions for yourselves if you live near the area, or have friends/family close by. If you can't move, then don't drink the tap water! Get your produce from another safer area and do regular detoxes to not accumulate radioactive particles in your body! http://scienceray.com/biology/human-biology/nuclear-radiation-survival-guide/

  • jimbojamesiv

    How is this not obviously meant to conceal the fact that it's Fukushima and not a plant in New Mexico that is behind the rise in radiation across the US?

  • ftlt

    What is and how much stuff is down there??.. Will we ever know???

    How deep is it stored??…

    Can it be sealed off for the short term??

    This is all so alarming..

    The aging of systems and used waste materials storage in the nuclear industry was always so ridiculously ignored or kicked down the road.

    This may be the be something that is going to accelerate worldwide
    as the 1/2 century and more of fatigue, corrosion, natural/biological chemical and radioactive reactions sets in on all levels of the industry.

    We're screwed… It ain't just FUFU gang.

  • jec jec

    DPM is very different than CPM..and DOE knows it. And its in Bqs..makes a big difference as well what the alpha and beta particles are–worse is PU..and that is what is there. See from Wiki..
    Count rates versus disintegration rates

    Disintegrations per minute (dpm) and disintegrations per second are measures of the INTENSITY source of radioactivity. The SI unit of radioactivity, the becquerel, is equivalent to one disintegration per second…it should not be confused with cpm. (DPM is in BQ)Becquerels is the strength of the source of radiation, but cpm is the number of counts received by an instrument from that source.
    Dpm is the number of atoms that have decayed, not the number of atoms that have been measured as decayed.

    So DPM shows what has decayed..NOT the CPM. There are lots of atoms/radiation that are not counted. Just dont know how much. What a crock to use this measurement. MUST be the smallest number possible. Wonder how long it took DOE to come up with that? So 4.4M CPM might be possible.