Roof collapses at Chernobyl nuclear plant — 6,500 square feet — “Partial failure of the wall slabs” (PHOTO)

Published: February 13th, 2013 at 8:29 am ET


Title: Roof collapses at Chernobyl nuclear plant: Ukraine
Source: Agence France-Presse
Date: February 13, 2013 7:45 EST
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Roof collapses at Chernobyl nuclear plant: Ukraine

A section of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine has collapsed under the weight of snow […]

“The preliminary reason for the collapse was too much snow on the roof,” the agency said, adding that the radiation situation is “within the norm” and nobody was harmed in Tuesday’s incident. […]

The area of the accident is estimated about 600 square metres, (6,500 square feet), the emergency agency said.

A statement on the website of the power station described the accident as the “partial failure of the wall slabs and light roof of the Unit 4 Turbine Hall”. […]

See photos here

Published: February 13th, 2013 at 8:29 am ET


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9 comments to Roof collapses at Chernobyl nuclear plant — 6,500 square feet — “Partial failure of the wall slabs” (PHOTO)

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    At least it's the turbine hall and not the sarcophagus. Kinda illustrates the need to get that replacement sarcophagus built before the old structure fails.

    Nations around the globe pledged financial support for the project over a decade ago, but the last thing which I read was that the money wasn't coming in.

    • guezilla

      Shamelessly from Wikipedia: Continued updates from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) state the NSC will be assembled by "summer 2015 and subsequently be slid over the present shelter", with an updated cost of completion estimated at €1.54bn, and a funding shortfall of €600m. Some project milestones, including infrastructure and preparatory work such as the NSC pilings, have been completed as of April 2011. Steel erection began in April 2012.

      Originally slated to be completed in 2005, so it's only 10 years behind of schedule so far. Many delays have been technical in nature, such as finding out the radiation was too high to safely construct the foundations despite it being purposefully built away from the actual reacotr. It seems it's being constructed despite coming short on funding, and finally some progress can be witnessed: (Those images also give some idea of the magnitude of the project, world's largest movable structure ever. The Statue of Liberty would fit under it with ease once complete).

      Once completed, however, it is only projected to protect the remains of Chernobyl for the next 100 years, and is not a containment but more a weather cover and work-shelter. Judging from the state of the funding, it's slated to only push the solution to Chernobyl four generations down the line.

  • Sickputer

    Oh the Chernobyl NCS (New Safe Confinement) is ambling along (just not ready for prime for another two years).

    But if you hurry you can catch the buffet luncheon today (vegetarian option available):

    • Sickputer

      BTW… Look at the bottom right photo in the link above for the nucleocrat meeting today.. How classic.. A man with a tiny wheelbarrow against the structure in progress which will be taller than the Statute of Liberty.

      This makes me think back to 1986 Chernobyl:

      "And what about the soldiers who worked on the roof of the reactor? Two hundred and ten military units were thrown at the liquidation of the fallout of the catastrophe, which equals about 340,000 military personnel. The ones cleaning the roof got it the worst. They had lead vests, but the radiation was coming from below, and they weren’t protected there. They were wearing ordinary cheap imitation-leather boots. They spent about a minute and a half, two minutes on the roof each day, and then they were discharged, given a certificate and an award—one hundred rubles. And then they disappeared to the vast peripheries of our motherland. On the roof they gathered fuel and graphite from the reactor, shards of concrete and metal. It took about twenty to thirty seconds to fill a wheelbarrow, and then another thirty seconds to throw the “garbage” off the roof. These special wheelbarrows weighed forty kilos just by themselves. So you can picture it: a lead vest, masks, the wheelbarrows, and insane speed."

  • guezilla

    The Object Shelter or Sarcophagus as it's colloquially called was originally "designed" (in as far as such a thing can be designed – really it was more "toss some hundred thousand tons of concrete and steel together from distance, and hope for the best") to last 15 years.

    Here we are nearing 30 years, and the current replacement is still an ambitious dream. Yet the debris of the reactor needs to be confined, not for 100 years, but at least 20,000 years. That will be 200 New Safe Confinement shelters, each larger than the last one to contain the previous ones just like a giant Matroshka doll if they continue with current ways.

    But this is not ancient history, you know. You don't have to "picture" the liquidtors, for example, they're readily found on Youtube: "The Sacrifice (of Chernobyl Liquidators)" is probably a good one. I've also seen some videos from the recent Sarcophagus repair works, which feature similar running. Hope nobody trips!

  • Chernobyl Liquidators on roof (color photo)

    "The radiation situation,
    [With no variation],
    Is “within the norm”,
    And nobody was harmed…"

    _ 😉 (It's almost musical.)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Europe got slammed with tons of fallout from Chernobyl. United States gets it from Fukushima ..the effects from both nuclear disasters will last a thousands years. Never ending nightmare, nuclear is.

  • TearsOjoy

    'The Place You Must Forever Remember to Forget' Nuclear Waste-the film

    Download it while it is up and repost.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Free Ebook; Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment; via A Green Road

    Chernobyl Coverup And Denial Of 1 Million + Casualties; via A Green Road