Iodine-131 in eastern US may have exceeded EPA limit

Published: December 29th, 2011 at 11:54 am ET


Measurement of airborne fission products in Chapel Hill, NC, USA from the Fukushima I reactor accident, By S. MacMullin, G.K. Giovanetti, M.P. Green, R. Henning, R. Holmes, K. Vorren, J.F. Wilkerson, Submitted on 17 Nov 2011 [Emphasis Added]:

We first detected airborne fission products in Chapel Hill between 20:00 UTC on March 18, 2011, and 20:00 UTC on March 19, 2011. We measured a maximum activity of 4.2 ± 0.6 mBq/m3 of 131I in the interval between March 29, 2011 and March 30, 2011. […]

It should be noted that the measured 131I only represents particulate species collected in the air filters. This accounts for only about 50% of the total 131I in the air. The rest is distributed in gases […]

The maximum activity detected was 4.2 ± 0.6 mBq/m3 of 131I, which did not include a correction for the volatile iodine components. This is below the air activity limit of 7.8 mBq/m3 set by the Environmental Protection Agency […]

As the study notes, the 4.2 mBq/m3 figure “accounts for only about 50% of the total 131I in the air” as only particulate species were collected. Therefore, around 8.4 mBq/m3 was likely in the air, which exceeds the EPA limit of 7.8 mBq/m3.

h/t Link to study from Bobby1

Download the study here

Published: December 29th, 2011 at 11:54 am ET


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38 comments to Iodine-131 in eastern US may have exceeded EPA limit

    • Human0815

      @ Whoopie,

      but this was 9 Months ago
      and is not acute anymore!

      Imo. the Headline is, hmmm,
      a little bit Misleading!


      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi Human, don’t you think it’s worrying that those true levels were not published?

        • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

          Exactly. Alex Jones from Prison Planet has compiled more information on Fukushima than all of the MSM outlets combined. The same goes for Global Research in Canada. You go, alternative media!

      • ion jean ion jean

        The damage has been done and good to hear the headline as stated.

        I 131 is much more of a problem as it enters the dairy food chain, which it does by two pathways…cows, goats or sheep !BREATHING that air reading then eating and drinking it once I falls to ground…cows then concentrate 1,000 times while goats, sheeP and humans are more like 10,000x into breastmilk and into us in our volumous consumption of milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, baked goods

        Organic milk products are just as contaminated as non for the atmosphere doesn’t recognize the green USDA label

        With my appreciation and easy access to raw organic milk, I now am forced to choose ultrapasteurized because of the lower isotope content

        And don’t forget, dairy lovers, that strontium and cesium love to travel to your body through milk too

        I can’t stop, I just choose carefully with all this in mind to minimize exposure and do a little rad trading…no air travel, x rays, CT scans, no food products from the west coast and less wheat…strontium concentrates in it (anybody thinking gluten intolerance epidemic?

    • Spectrometising

      Whoopie, are you advertising for Huffington post? There was nothing about Iodine 131 in the Huffington post link you provided. I don’t see the connection with Iodine 131.

  • Bobby1

    The gas proportion amounts to much more than 50%. Refer to the CRIIRAD report for iodine-131 in France from March:

    The “cartouche” is gas and typically is many times higher than “filtre”, or aerosol measurements.

    Not to mention the study uses the “bag of water” model for iodine risk limits, which assumes there is no such thing as a thyroid.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    From the article: “The NRC limit is intended to limit public dosage…”

    I’ve been thinking about how misleading such “limits” are in a new way. Usually I think about the reality that there is no minimum safe level of radiation – these limits are just society’s way of saying it can live with some small but real level of risk, as defined by some government entity.

    This time, I’m thinking that the word “limit” lulls us into thinking that an agency can somehow actually control the thing it is “limiting”, when of course it cannot (as Fukushima demonstrates).

    It is analogous to speed limits on highways. Their existence might (or might not) limit the average speed of a population group, but the existence of a speed limit does not affect the speed of some particular driver – perhaps the one who kills you.

    Government “limits” lull us with the illusion that a government is controlling something it cannot control. Broken reactors pay no attention to government limits.

    Shut them all down. The risks are unacceptable.

    • Shut them all down
      Truth is not the friend of nuke

    • Mack Mack

      Good analogy, aigeezer.

    • arclight arclight

      hi aigeezer

      they dont always tell us when the limits are exceeded.. not one natonal newspaper told any pregnant women or young children this…..!

      repost from april 2011

      Radiation risks from Fukushima ‘no longer negligible'[fr]-A +APublished 11 April 2011

      “…CRIIRAD says its information note is not limited to the situation in France and is applicable to other European countries, as the level of air contamination is currently the same in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, for instance.

      Data for the west coast of the United States, which received the Fukushima radioactive fallout 6-10 days before France, reveals that levels of radioactive iodine-131 concentration are 8-10 times higher there, the institute says…..”

      • arclight arclight

        BREAKING 🙂
        world health organisation missed the memo!!

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        I agree, arclight: “they dont always tell us when the limits are exceeded”. Bureaucrats also enjoy nothing more than a good debate over when/whether/how much they told us, who needed to know it, who must authorize release of the data, whether it would cause panic, whether their agency’s limits should take precedence over another agency’s limits, and so forth.

        Such “limits” are a bureaucrat’s dream tool, for all sorts of reasons.

        The radionuclides never seem to pay attention though.

        Shut the plants down. (I keep saying this to help myself stay focused too – I hope you don’t find it grating).

  • jec jec

    I see EPA–tap dancing, whistling, singing..and smiling..Americans have to wonder WHO the Environmental Protection Agency is really protecting? The Nuclear Lobby? Why no front page notices..or emails..or ? With the fancy new cell phone control channel now put into our cell phones–without a persons permission–why no effort to keep us informed. So–its just there to let us get a “message from the President”?????? what kind of message is that? So even if folks block text, etc, their cell phones will be controls via a special override application — and its in all the new phones already. We are keeping our old and reliable new ones with the software/access channel installed. Of course NO ONE would ever abuse this capability-or listen in on private conversations..would they? Because the channel application is installed and on..and a person is told (small print) about the app..wonder if governments concider this persmission to listen…..

  • WindorSolarPlease

    “May” have exceeded EPA limits, cough cough!!??!!

    We know they had already contaminated this world with nuclear power plants, nuclear arsenal, uranium mines, waste dumpings, toxins, oil drilling, and so on.

    This disaster just pushed us over ledge. It’s laughable that they used the word “May”..

    EPA limits are a joke anyway, there are no safe limits especially when it comes to this MOX fuel radiation.

    • I did, thanks for finding and posting these.

      I believe the tide is turning, seriously, I believe that public opinion is swaying against nuke, I feel in my bones

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi stock, I wish…Pronukers will throw all cards on the table:
        “Job losses!”
        “Skyrocketing energy bills!”
        “Collapsing grid!”

        Even here in Germany, we see the first tendencies to turn the tide again towards nuclear, believe it or not. The conservative politicians delay the necessary changes in the grid, offshore windpower idles,….”they” will give it another try – i feel it in MY bones!

  • Bobby1

    My thyroid-o-meter tells me that November was much worse than March-April around here on the east coast.

    Ongoing coverage of the nuclear industry’s war on the human thyroid here:

  • Mack Mack

    Fantastic job, Bobby1. Thank you.

  • or-well

    From reactor, to containment,
    then escaping for a time,
    dwelt a fuel rod gone a’melting
    with isotopes of Iodine.

    Falling starlings, dying sea things,
    isotopes of Iodine –
    Tepco lost you now I own you
    isotopes of Iodine.

    Hard to avoid, lodged in thyroid
    am I annoyed – you would be too,
    insane nuke-swine
    and their death-tech
    killing more than just a few.

    Maybe I’m losing it…the last three years have been…too “interesting”………….

  • Mack Mack

    Today’s news:

    Argentine President diagnosed with thyroid cancer

    Argentina has had nuclear power since 1974.

    Two reactors presently. A third one to be completed in 2012.

  • Bobby1

    Chavez muses on U.S. causing leaders’ cancers

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is questioning the rash of cancer cases among Latin American leaders and asking whether the United States might somehow have a way to induce the illness.

    “Would it be strange if they had developed a technology to induce cancer and no one knew it?” he asked Wednesday, calling the medical coincidence strange.

    • Mack Mack

      I think I read somewhere that when scientists do lab experiments on cancer, they withdraw fluids from mice that have cancer and inject it into cancer-free mice and it gives them cancer.

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      “Would it be strange if they had developed a technology to induce cancer and no one knew it?” We did.. atoms for peace aka nuclear power..sorry couldn’t help myself.. please forgive me 🙂

  • James2

    So has anybody demanded that the EPA leaders be arrested for felony charges for breaking their duty to inform the public of known problems?

    • Lee Binder

      anybody can – by filing a police report with the objective to press charges against them. Depending on the police’s findings, the prosecuting attorney (state/ federal/ public etc.) would have to sue, or not. Less financial risk than a common citizen like you and me suing. Absolutely common procedure in Europe. Basic rights and means in a functional democracy – which have to be relearned in the US, because the average US citizen has successfully been lulled into apathetic decadent complacency and ignorance over the last few decades ..

      There needs to be a wave of legal report filings in countries like the USA and Japan that lost touch with how democracy is actually meant to function in a Republic: law pretty much equals right(s) – laws are there to ascertain justice. Beyond a shadow of a doubt many laws have been broken by gov. institutions in Japan, the US and Canada – by these institutions consciously/ purposely/ willingly withholding data, which led to citizens potentially (and probably) having gotten exposed to more radiation than if they had had the withheld data, which will cause diseases in the future.

      We’ve seen the exact same criminal failures of officials e.g. with Contagan etc. The police needs to be flooded with citizens filing reports, the more and sooner the better, so as little of the alleged criminals can escape. Sorry judiciary and executive branches but that’s your job! At some point in the near future there will be dozens of collective class-action lawsuits in regards to all these alleged crimes – and that’s good and needed.

      People all over the world are getting more and more fed up with how this planet has been mis-run in the past decades. The more peaceful the ongoing perpetuating revolution is unraveling (with as little blood-shed as possible, best none), the better!

      (I hope I’m not proven stupid that I still believe in [at least parts of] the legal system …. in addition to local demonstrations with a global context)

  • Toadmac

    Does this mean they possibly had two times that amount? This could mean there could be a little more radiation coming from natural sources than they thought? Wonder how that Fukushima thingy is going? Wonder if that leaked some extra natural healthy exotic zero harm no side effects stuff that was not detected with there 1900’s type of techo machines that would not detect the zero harm thingies because of the extra natural background type of I-131? This may be what all the hype is about? There maybe some sort of misinterpretation in these data reports? Could it be possible for the EPA to not understand how there equipment works and therefore reporting wrong amounts/isotopes. It seems to be the best answer IMO?