Yomiuri: Tepco estimates cesium-137 release from Fukushima at 360,000 terabecquerels

Published: May 23rd, 2012 at 6:00 pm ET


TEPCO estimate sees more radiation than NISA’s
The Yomiuri Shimbun
May 24, 2012

Tokyo Electric Power Co. has estimated the total amount of radioactive substances discharged from its Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant measured 760,000 terabecquerels, 1.6 times the estimate released by the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency in February.


There are two ways to estimate the amount of discharged radioactive substances.


TEPCO combined the two methods and repeated its calculations under different conditions. It reached a final estimate of 400,000 terabecquerels of iodine-131 and 360,000 terabecquerels of cesium-137.


Published: May 23rd, 2012 at 6:00 pm ET


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55 comments to Yomiuri: Tepco estimates cesium-137 release from Fukushima at 360,000 terabecquerels


    Which means it is probably really 10X that amount…..

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    "final estimate" makes it sound like it's finished. It has only begun, fourteen months in but with no end in sight, and no way to know whether the rate will increase, decrease, fluctuate or stabilize, as I understand it.

    • ion jean ion jean

      Final estimate meaning the nonsense TEPCOspeak has spoken?? I keep rereading their statement because it makes NO sense to me!

      TEPCO states total radioactive substances released amounts to combining I131 and C137 figures?!? Are they speaking to juvenile squirrels? Cause there are over a thousand other radioisotopes in a meltdown, plus all those new ones created, like radiochlorine, that were created by spraying saltwater.

      "TEPCO combined the two methods" (Let's just add the two together that people talk about the most and ignore the rest…like everyone can see someone has five fingers, while they insist they only have two fingers!!

      I would really like to know now just how much we survived in the bomb test years for comparison.

      • aigeezer aigeezer


      • Final… I don't think so. More like a complete fabrication.

        "I would really like to know now just how much we survived in the bomb test years for comparison."
        – ion jean

        Just take a look around you. Especially, if you live in the USA or the Northern Hemisphere. How many people do you know that have suffered from cancers and 'other' undetermined illnesses. Answer: Too many!!!

        The statement… "It's of no immediate concern", really seems sort of okay, until it's YOU. At least, that's what 'they' would like you to believe.

        We can only guess at the severity of the genetic damage that potential future generations will suffer. But we know it will come.
        (Don't forget to include ALL LIFE forms.) 🙁

        How many new cancer treatment centers are now in your local area is another indicator. And now, the cost to treat these illnesses… you get the idea.

        I can't really say "how much we survived", but I can say those of us still alive, are suffering and will continue to suffer, one way or another, until we 'most likely' die from a toxic contamination related illness. You may not ever be able to 'prove it', but you'll know.

        • ion jean ion jean

          This brings to mind my poor mother, uncle and father who all passed in the last decade…sure they lived the prdicted avg. Lifespan…but what CAUSED their deaths?? Heart attacks, strokes, cancer (and that was just my Mom!) Which were NOT hereditary in the gene history, in fact their parents lived 5-10 years longer!) I know the synergistic effects of fluoride and other HM toxins were at work, but bottomline, I agree that we do know RADIATION, internalized over decades, is the obvious conclusion.

          We are all learning how to speak the truth while retaining credibility…I've learned to carry lots of articles printed out whenever I talk to the "professionaLs" I come in contact with…I always say "Don't take MY word for it!" "Here, read this!" "And that's just the tip of the iceberg!"

  • The truth has a way of coming out on top.
    And the horror show continues unabated with no end in sight, or on site for that matter.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    lol! "final estimate" lol! Fukushima already is Chernobyl on steroids+speed. Where to next?

  • What-About-The-Kids

    Oops! Someone forgot to tell the nuked scientists at WHO about this.

    Why, just this morning, we were all reading their latest report on Fukushima, downplaying its size and projected impact on Japanese children's health:


    "Referring to the world's worst nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986, the report said: (SORRY, CHARLEY. READ TEPCO'S REPORT ON CESIUM AMOUNTS RELEASED BY FUKUSHIMA ABOVE. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SPIN IT, FUKUSHIMA IS NOW THE WORLD's WORST NUCLEAR DISASTER.)

    "The experience of the Chernobyl accident was that about 30 percent of the lifetime dose was delivered during the first year and about 70 percent during the first 15 years.

    "On the basis of environmental activity concentration data, it can be expected that the fraction of the lifetime dose beyond the first year will be lower for the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident than for the Chernobyl accident," it said."

    Looks like its "back to the drawing board" for WHO, so they can use TEPCO's newly revised, and much HIGHER readings to fix their low-ball projections… figures released today.

    Ah, but great strategic teamwork, guys, having WHO release their report FIRST (yesterday?), based on the low-ball September 2011 estimates, before TEPCO released their revised estimates today.

    That way, WHO can still go on record saying, "Nah, it ain't that bad. Nothing to worry…

    • What-About-The-Kids


      …That way, WHO can still go on record saying, "Nah, it ain't that bad. Nothing to worry about. Our studies prove it." (wink, wink)


    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      Impeccable timing. I suppose WHO will be rushing to retract their report in light of todays Tepco data release. And Reuters too will be making regular news flashes just to make sure the WHO report is known by all to be total BOLLOX…….(in a world where people come first)

  • CaptD CaptD

    And how about the other radionuclides?

    What are all the other readings?

    What a Nuclear Waste!

  • This is outright propaganda again. Great catch Enenews Admin.

    Games are being played in the text of the "TEPCO estimate sees more radiation than NISA’s" by the Yomiuri Shimbun article

    What is missing from the recent Shimbun article is an estimate of TOTAL amount of radiation released.

    The Shimbun article combines the Cesium-137 and the Iodine-131 figure and then compares that figure to the TOTAL believed released by Chernobyl:

    [excerpt] "TEPCO combined the two methods and repeated its calculations under different conditions. It reached a final estimate of 400,000 terabecquerels of iodine-131 and 360,000 terabecquerels of cesium-137.

    The amount of radioactive substances discharged in the Chernobyl accident in 1986 was 5.2 million terabecquerels."

    [end excerpt]

    Majia here: The Asahi article gives the same figure for the total released by Chernobyl of 5.2 million terabecquerels.

    I'm sure that is still a low ball number for Chenobyl.

    But it is not as devious as only calculating two radionuclides and then comparing their sum with the total sum reportedly ejected from Chernobyl.

    Those who cooperate with the cover-up are fundamentally GUILTY of genocide; they are evil.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      I agree, Majia. It is criminal and evil. 🙁

      The question is, do the reporters even realize they are being played as tools for the industry and government?

  • What-About-The-Kids

    Wait a minute, I just reread this quote and now I think I see an entirely different (and possibly hidden?) meaning:

    "The experience of the Chernobyl accident was that about 30 percent of the lifetime dose was delivered during the first year and about 70 percent during the first 15 years.

    "On the basis of environmental activity concentration data, it can be expected that the fraction of the lifetime dose beyond the first year will be lower for the Fukushima Daiici."

    What this could mean is that the poor children of Fukushima and beyond actually received a higher percentage of radiation exposure during the first year than did the Chernobyl children.

    So even if WHO's projections saying Fukushima children will receive a lower fraction of their lifetime dose after year one, compared to what Chernobyl children received after year one of Chernobyl, if Fukushima children even receive 60% of their lifetime dose after year one, compared to Chernobyl children receiving an estimated 70% of their lifetime dose after year one, it still means the Fukushima children will receive a higher dose over their lifetimes than Chernobyl children, based on the newly revised higher figured released today by TEPCO.

    But anyway you look at it, the situation is NOT GOOD for the poor children in Fukushima and high fallout areas of Japan, and those children need to be evacuated with their parents!


      WATK – I had to reread what you said about 3 times, but I totally get what you are saying….. now.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        LOL! I even had to reread what I wrote a couple of times, Kondy. 😀 I knew what I wanted to say, but could probably made it more concise…

        Anyway, based on everyone's comments here, I think what we gather from this latest report from TEPCO:

        1. The amounts of radiation released from Fukushima have been much higher than TEPCO originally reported.

        2. All of us here who have been following this catastrophe already knew this, as we well understood the nuke industry standard operating procedure of downplay, deny and defend. We knew to automatically multiply any figures released by TEPCO or official gvt. sources by a factor of at least 10.

        3. The dear children of Fukushima have already received incredibly high doses. My heart goes out to them.

        I still feel they should be evacuated, as saving them from future exposure may just save their lives.

    • arclight arclight

      i just thought that tepcos lies and obfuscation might have been done to allow the reports to come out so the media could use a "trusted source" to dispel all this nasty talking about nuke!

      now the update comes out and the western media wont cover it…
      how convenient!

      free the fukushima 350,000 children
      no nukes

    • Chernobyl’s Evacuation Zone was 5 millisieverts a year. Japan has set their evacuation zone at an incredibly high 20 millisieverts per year http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20110610a6.html

      Japan Times reported in June that Greenpeace measured 9 microsieverts per hour in many public spaces in Fukushima with a high of 45 microsieverts an hour near a school yard

      “Whole body doses received from external radiation from the Ukrainian part of the 30-km exclusion zone showed an average value of 15 millisieverts.” (source OECD, 1995) http://www.iaea.org/Publications/Booklets/Radiation/radsafe.html


      @What-About-The-Kids: "…and those children need to be evacuated with their parents!" Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's already way-to-late. There's no longer any point in getting anyone out of that region. I know most won't like what I'm saying. They would've had to implement emergency measures within the first few days of 311 to have made any difference. From here on out, evacuation would be synonyms with rearranging the furniture while the house burns.

      Recall the premature lymph node swelling that's been found in about thirty-percent of the children within the Fukushima region after-only the first year. This portends an eventual mortality rate of eighty-percent or more of these children within ten years.

      This is now far beyond evacuation of Japan. You won't even have to factor in SFP4 burning-up to arrive at a world-wide death toll that exceeds anything that's come before.

      Look for more resignations like Jaczkos in the next few months. Most of us already know, this is just the beginning…of the end…

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Hi Aftershock. Not that this excuses TEPCO, WHO or the nuke industry, but I have read that thyroid cancer is highly treatable and has a high survivor rate. (Something WHO touts in their ridiculous apologia report on Chernobyl, which is replete with numerous lies and questionable fudging of statistics and data, so I take their claim with a grain of cesium that "most of the Chernobyl children with thyroid cancer survived"). Unfortunately, doctors have to remove or completely "kill" the thyroid, and living without a thyroid can create other health problems.

        Not that any child or their parents should EVER have to worry about getting thyroid cancer due to needless, senseless and criminal exposure to MAN-MADE radiation from death-spewing nuclear power plants.

        And I wonder if any studies have been done following up with the thyroid cancer survivors in Chernobyl to see if their other organs had been doused by other radionuclides as well, which is likely given their food was contaminated as well.

        No mention of this, of course. It is as if the children who were thyroid cancer sufferers magically dodged the other radioactive bullets in their environment and food. I-131 isn't the only deadly radioisotope, only the one whose health effects typically show up first.

        • What-About-The-Kids

          Anyway, my point in my post above was to say I don't believe that Fukushima is necessarily a death sentence for every child in the fallout areas…IF they are evacuated soon! At least I hope and pray this is not the case!

          Ratical.org has some good articles on the follow up studies done on the children of Chernobyl who had thyroid cancer. Note however the ones quoted in the link I provide here were "sanctioned" by the WHO, so again, you can probably multiply any numbers you read (one is a Reuters' release from 1999…funny how things never change, huh?) 😉


          " . . . the number of children and grandchildren with cancer in their bones, with leukemia in their blood, or with poison in their lungs might seem statistically small to some, in comparison with natural health hazards, but this is not a natural health hazard–and it is not a statistical issue. The loss of even one human life, or the malformation of even one baby–who may be born long after we are gone–should be of concern to us all. Our children and grandchildren are not merely statistics toward which we can be indifferent. "

          — President Kennedy, June, 1963

          "Thyroid cancer 10 times higher in Chernobyl kids"
          Wednesday, June 30, 1999

          "WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The rate of thyroid cancer remains 10 times higher than normal among young Ukrainian children 13 years after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, researchers…

          • What-About-The-Kids

            (continued from above)…

            …"WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The rate of thyroid cancer remains 10 times higher than normal among young Ukrainian children 13 years after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, researchers said Wednesday."

            "They reported 577 cases of thyroid cancer in Ukrainian children between 1986, when the accident occurred, and 1997, compared to 59 cases in the same age group from 1981 to 1985…" (continued at link above)…

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Another great link on ratical.org to more detailed updated info on the health effects and genetic damage caused by Chernobyl worldwide, including an article by Dr. Janet Sherman, editor of "Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment," and Alexey V. Yablokov, author of the book:


    • aigeezer aigeezer

      WATK "… will receive a higher dose over their lifetimes… based on the newly revised higher figures released today by TEPCO" – I think it's even uglier than that. The TEPCO figures seem to imply "case closed", "past tense", "emissions finished", "let's add up the score"…. Nobody knows what the lifetime dose will be for these children because the emissions are ongoing and at unpredictable rates (I think).

      Also, the concept of "lifetime dose" allows for a lot of nasty spin. Child X died after one year, so in years 2 through n got a lifetime dose of zero units. Add those children to the mix of all children for 15 years and the total lifetime dose of all the children is lowered. Put another way, the "measurements" can be manipulated dramatically to tell any story the spinners want to tell, certainly including the interpretations you have sleuthed.

      At another level… what does it matter which part of the dose was delivered in which year, especially if the dose caused mortality or morbidity? I would expect this theme to morph into the "low dose radiation is harmless" ploy. What doses did we observe?… ah, good, that's just below the threshold for unwanted effects. Tell your grandchild to wipe his eye and blow his noses – everything will be all right.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Exactly, Aigeezer. It's all how they want to spin it, and spin it they do and will continue to do until they finally get called out on the carpet with the rest of their nuke mob cronies at La Hague or another soon-to-be-created World Nuclear Crimes Court…

  • Dear Tepco…

    Please consider building an emergency pool under the SFP 4. So that when the building collapses there will be a pool under it to catch the remaining fuel fragments.

    We all know you constantly check this site. I feel it is a small request in respects to the situation in which your company has created…

    You can easily build a 30 foot C shaped wall from the center of the reactor building's east and west walls. Allowing the bulk of the fuel rods to tumble into once the next large quake impacts the existing / failing reactor building…

    Lets be real.

    We know that the reactor 4 is near its demise.

    So Please: Get your act together. Taking precaution to the unavoidable events in which all humanity will meet its demise; Should you choose not to…

    All you need to do is build a wall 30 feet high surrounding the outside of the fuel pool to have a secondary safety system in place, to avoid an apocalypse…

    Should the fuel fall before you take precaution… It will literally be the end of the world…
    So Get your asses to work… Pronto…
    Thanks a bunch…


      @Tacomagroove: it not a bad suggestion. I do foresee the possibility of the upper level's collapse rupturing the secondary pool. There's likely tons of debris (as well as the rods) that this pool would have to capture…

    • SnorkY2K

      I would like to fill the area under the pool with bismuth. Falling fuel would melt into it and cover it to reduce skyshine. The bismuth would seal the bottom allowing cover with water that would be an intermediary that would allow heat removal to the water without evaporating so many hot isotopes. Once water is flowing over the bismuth the surface will be hard. That will buy us 100 years to develop a permanent solution.

      There would be an argument that it would leave thousands of tons of bismuth that would need to be disposed of. Not really. Nothing there is going anywhere for thousands of years. Why not just leave it? Tepco and Japan still seem to be operating in the mode where they think that they can rapidly restore the area and safe nuclear power.


        @SnorkY2K: brilliant suggestion! I hope the 'watchers' are paying attention…

        • SnorkY2K

          Thank you. I wish that it would stay up. Most of my suggestions are taken down within hours or minutes

          • bluebonnet bluebonnet

            @SnorkY2K excellent solution! Maybe Admin might create a permanent thread for engineering solutions.Please ?

    • SnorkY2K

      Tumbling can be bad. First nuclear accident happened when a brick was dropped on a pile of fuel. This is spent fuel which is not a stable or predictable. But, falling into water is far better than falling onto other spent fuel.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Amen-ski to that!

  • many moons

    What could that word mean…..total???? Is that like, the total and there won't be anymore cs-137??? That's the highest total we are willing to record…that's the total for the year…is that the total to date????? And if that's the case why don't they say that????? The total they have leads reader to believe there won't be anymore and that's not true.

    They never give up with the down play….what will it take for these people to get on board to find a solution…they must realize that the cover up BS is shoveling snow against the wind….

  • nedlifromvermont

    Hey everyone …. I'm back from D.C. where I saw Obama …

    Flitting around at Tree-top leveL at the Jefferson MONUMENT …

    IN MARINE ONE …. heading off to Camp David with the G-8 while ROME BURNS …

    And I read the sharings from What-About-The-Kids … and all you other ENENEWS Posters …

    And we had an NRC Meting in Brattleboro, Vermont tonight …






    Really really interesting MEETING in Brat tonight … with all the THEATER of the ABSURD and I missed most of it … Check for footage in You-tube … lots of cameras, and the NRC was totally dissed … REALLY …

    … (NRC) "we are open to citizen disclosure" … HOW 'BOUT THEM "PLUMEGATE" Maps …

    … Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda … Perhaps…

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Awesome, Nedli!!! I can FEEL your energy and excitement! I hope the NRC is feeling the heat and taking copious notes, as I hope our current and 2-term hopeful Mr. President is as well.

      I was in D.C. for a reception last Dec., but never got close enough to the Pres to put my two cents in. 🙂 But I did get to speak to a nice gent from HS. 😉

      Anyway, speaking of wrongdoing, the evidence is mounting and it is only a matter of time before those responsible will be held accountable for killing our children and our planet. TRUTH WILL OUT!


      P.S. Keep up the great work, Nedli and I'll try and catch those videos on YouTube tomorrow. Would love to see the Nuclear Ridiculous Commissioners sweat a bit…must have been priceless to behold! 😉

  • nedlifromvermont

    Come on Guys … Don't Let Another Innocent NedliRANT destroy another OH SO Productive NewsThread …. Please!! (It Might Be Bad For My Cyber-image!!! …)

    it's Just That We've Been Had … So Very Very sad … Time to Get …
    verdammft noch 'mal

    Ein kleines bisschen MAD!!!!

    Anybody out there??? The NRC is crumbling. Coming apart on the surface. Kinda like Titanic!


    This ALL!! strains CREDULITY!!! What, pray tell. are mere WORDS ANYMORE????

    Thyroid Nodules Anyone??? Peace.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      I hear ya, Nedli! I'm here (see my response to your earlier post above.)

      I got your back, as they say! I'll be back here, rootin' you on again tomorrow. Time to hit the hay for now.


  • nedlifromvermont

    Okay What About The Kids!!! Glad you're there, and I'm hitting the radioactive hay over here ….

    We'll check in tomorrow on the threads …

    G'Nite to you to and to all the ENENEWSers online, lurking or sharing ….

    Peace and Out again … (Temple of Doom still standing, I hope!)

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    all day`s the it go higher , more and more bq are comming out
    ists not finaly

    Is it possible to Reuters and co
    not pre-empt court?
    dissemination of lies, deception, of the population,
    offending against morality and decency…
    i ask ?
    if all here will do it so maybe the stone will start to roll
    it must be a legal way to give, to do that
    we are here from many countries so maybe thre is a way to stopp the lies

  • pepperland pepperland

    its been raining here in mpls/st.paul for the last 5-6 hrs straight , jet stream right above us. i left my bicycle outside by mistake…….is there anything i can use to wash it? is there any monitoring site's active (web) in the U.S.

  • Japanese police arresting Japanese citizens who protested against taking radioactive debris
    [May 23, 2012]


  • pepperland pepperland

    hi chemfood , (great name you have 🙂 and very appropriate, sad to say), thanks for the links…I'll check them out…peace/out …have to get some zzzzz

  • pepperland pepperland

    to everyone: i just received a email from Avaaz, worth checking out. http://www.avaaz.org/en/stop_japans_nuclear_meltdown_global_b/?vl

  • many moons

    I just read another article about this fire and it stated the`same bs we are use to hearing…"the sub's nuclear reactor was shut down…totally secure etc."

    But haven't we learned this totally secured means nothing…that the reactor needs constant cooling…now was the cooling mechanism uneffected by this fire??????hmmm no mention of the details!

    They were however able to test the smoke from the fire and realized right away that it contained NO radioactive substances and that it wasn't harmful….wow that is the first time I've heard that smoke is not harmful…I'm sure all smoke contains harmful particles…LET'S NOT ACCEPT THESE LIES ANYMORE!

  • "The deposition of Cesium throughout Northern Japan is extensive."
    –Arnie Gundersen

    Radioactive Rubble Relocation to Haven in Japan/ Warning from Two Scientists