Emergency meeting in Yokohama City after gov’t tests confirm strontium-90 on Kohoku-ku rooftop

Published: October 14th, 2011 at 8:14 am ET


EX-SKF, Oct. 14 — Just In: Yokohama City Just Confirmed Strontium-90 Existence in Rooftop Sediment

[…] Details to be announced later in a press conference, according to a Yokohama Assemblywoman (Ms. Sakura Inoue). Right now the city is holding an emergency meeting of the radiation countermeasures staff.

Read More: Just In: Yokohama City Just Confirmed Strontium-90 Existence in Rooftop Sediment

Published: October 14th, 2011 at 8:14 am ET


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206 comments to Emergency meeting in Yokohama City after gov’t tests confirm strontium-90 on Kohoku-ku rooftop

  • kx kx

    where is that rooftop, did they test any other….

    • Human0815

      “Both samples were taken from the same rooftop of an apartment building in Kohoku-ku in Yokohama City”

    • kx kx

      it’s constant the killing spree complaining in all post and people going to all different subject, yes i’ll be with the pitchfork at TEPCO entrance when people decide it’s time to give the rule of law a fast ruling, i’m actually in japan so I can do it

      ACTUALLY I’m IN YOKOHAMA so I would like people keep to this subject in thread and get the answers of how many rooftops have they tested and where is this famous 1 roof top.

      to the rest use the other threads if you must to repeat what you said like 9402 times since march lol. yes there is 10 more seconds of fame has I skip over the repetitive comments…

      Fuck Nuclear, Fuck tepco, Fuck the idiots, Fuck radiation Fucking idiots thinking its ok to have 56 reactors in their shaky country after all those cold war movies, Chernobyl and the rest of the shit warning, fucking ignorant always grabbing me while they drawn, I just wish they had my education and I bet my father wishes that too…

      Fuck you pro-radiation doctors and and the shills that believe panic is worst then the silent poisoning of the LARGEST CITY IN PLANET EARTH.

      • kx kx


      • CB CB

        Go Kx! Best rant I’ve seen.

        • kx kx

          well I have it all the air filter , special water filter, some masks and suits(lol…), 3 geiger counters(1 inspector+) and never found anything over 49 cpm, except the old bathroom porcelain that hit the 120 CPM but so they do in my homecountry lol so I was hoping only have to concern with food

          • TheWorldIsBlind

            is what you cant see/hard to measure that will get you. and the accumulation has only yet to begin. i’ll be willing to bet that geiger counter will go nuts after some fresh rain and a paper towel swab. give it a try.

          • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

            Attention….can anyone help me with this? I turned my Geiger counter on a minute ago, and it immediately started beeping like crazy…measured up to 1.72 uSV per hour! And saying dangerous background radiation… this was in my room! I had just gotten it out of my car.

            But then it slowed down considerably, and now is reading very low! What is going on? This thing is almost brand new, and should work fine.

            I have a few theories: it detected something high in my car, and was beeping because of that, or possibly it has something to do with my friend testing a radioactive lens with it a while ago; maybe something was left on it from that? It is covered with plastic, though, and I’ve used it since then. It’s never read anything that high lately.

            Does anyone know? I was kind of freaking out there, now I’m wondering if it’s not working right or something.

          • kx kx

            I checked the wet spots but the count is normal, never did the 1 square meter wipe though, ill try next rain.

          • TheWorldIsBlind

            Is it raining??

          • westcoastgirl,
            Have you tried to do another reading of your car, or outside area in the driveway ?

          • TheWorldIsBlind


            You might even be able to try that test with your tap water, or hose water if you have it since I would assume your tap water source may be contaminated…

          • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

            I think it might have done that because it got wet, actually. I did try going back out to my car where it was, but the numbers were already going down. I’ll check again, though.

            Now it seems to be working okay, at least reading the way it usually does, which is in the normal range, but somewhat high. I took the batteries out and tried to dry it off as much aspossible (it didn’t feel wet), and put new plastic over it.

            I hope it is reading accurately. Is there a way to fix a digital device like this, or reset it? It seems like it’s reading normally now.

          • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

            I had the Geiger counter in one of my bike panniers with a water bottle in there, too. There was a napkin in there that was slightly damp. I am testing the napkin, now, not too high. So I think it might have had an issue from being wet.

            I hope it is reading accurately now…that really freaked me out!

          • kx,
            If you can get out of Japan, I still have that open room !

          • westcoastgirl,
            Your bike panniers may have gathered amounts of radiation on rides ? The wheels may be picking up and throwing rads all over them from the roads/paths you ride on.
            *Photo* bicycle with panniers … http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a3/Loaded_touring_bicycle.JPG/300px-Loaded_touring_bicycle.JPG


      • Anthony Anthony

        I hope you can get some distance from the poisons. We need smart people like you in the world.

      • pg

        The British are controlling TEPCO but still, TEPCO is 1/2 the problem. The British money men put most those reactors in place.

        As for testing, I am willing to bet they are testing inside rain gutters or rain collectors. Everything on the roof collects there.

        • staycalm

          The BRITISH are controlling Tepco? Where is that coming from?

          @westcoastgirl that was quite probably Radon.

    • Mack Mack


      This link may be helpful to you:


      “Radiation Defense Project”

  • CB CB

    The Government confirms the people’s findings, and the people unconfirm the governments findings.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Very well said. +1

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Another meeting to “save face”.
        Protect false honor….falsely calm the public.
        Believe me ..many of the experts and officials know what is going on.
        Strontium-90..is the “bone-melter”
        May they go home at night ..and clutch their chests in terror…
        That’s it … all alone…away from friends and family…
        May they be afraid….

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Can’t wait to hear what comes from this emergency meeting. Oh wait! More spin, more lies and less REAL info. I think TG is right. Why is O so quiet? The shit has hit the fan. We’re toast. No doubt in my mind.

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    It’s just some leftover bottles, turns out they left a lot of radioactive bottles all over the country, whodathunkit.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Oh yeah and somebody’s finally having an emergency meeting about something only 7 months later. That’ll help.

      • Human0815

        As far as i understand the News a few Minutes ago
        they hold a Meeting with “Tokyo” for a further Investigation!

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Or some old roofing material or flashing that was adhered to the roof using radioactive materials. Geez, old paint bottles, yet they are finding hot spots everywhere. Do they really think people are so gullible.

    • CB CB

      Gullible is easily fooled; naive. The officials told them Plutonium is as safe as table salt. So yes, they really do.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    As of October 13 they are still finding I-131 but amounts are considered ND. Personally I think re-criticalites continue. I hope I”m wrong but these numbers would seem to indicate otherwise. Detection limits of nuclides on the West Gate of Fukushima Daiichi are as follows:
    Volatile: I-131: approx. 1E-7Bq/cm3, Cs-134: approx. 3E-7Bq/cm3, Cs-137: approx. 3E-7Bq/cm3
    Particulate: I-131: approx. 7E-8Bq/cm3
    Detection limits of nuclides on MP-1 of Fukushima Daini are as follows:
    Volatile: I-131: approx. 2E-6Bq/cm3, Cs-134: approx. 3E-6Bq/cm3, Cs-137: approx. 3E-6Bq/cm3 Particulate: I-131: approx. 9E-7Bq/cm3, Cs-134: approx. 2E-6Bq/cm3, Cs-137: approx. 2E-6Bq/cm3

    • I find it hard to see a constant vapor of steam coming out of Reactor 1 (to date). Without a Constant criticallity taking place.

      Hence why there was such a rush to re-contain it…

      It will pop its tent soon… Trust me.

      • CB CB

        The far side of 4 looks like steamy foggy to me always.

        • I notice that. My guess.

          A. Spent fuel pool collapsed… (not likely but still a possibility).
          B. Heat and steam exhaustion from the coolant decontamination unit.

          I Feel it is B.

          Hence why people are dieing standing right next to it.

          1 drop of that water evenly distributed could kill 100 people…

          So the steam is highly radioactive..

          Up the jetstream it goes where it will stop nobody knows.

  • TheWorldIsBlind

    Reality has set in with me.

    The disturbing thought of so much land mass in Japan being contaminated, and the whole on-going Fukushima crisis, just absolutely blows my mind. I feel helpless – this is real – this is happening right now – Japan is being overruled by radiation – so so sad – do you people feel it, in your gut now? How bad this truely is? This is horrible, so horrible..

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I’m speechless really. Strontium goes directly to the bones and teeth. Outnow @ hp said THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER. This is bad bad news. BUT YOU KNOW THAT. I do too. Just speechless…

      • TheWorldIsBlind

        Yeah whoopie, things are gettin real – quick.

        I’m so far away from Japan, and I feel like people where I’m from don’t give a sh!t, only because its not directly affecting us (thats what they think), but of course it is.

        The feeling I get when I think of all the nasty radiation floating around Japan right now, and how all of their water will be contaminated.

        All this talk about contamination – but whats happening at the plant??

        Where is the corium now? How far in the ground is it?

        Oh my god Japan is so, so, so screwed.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          It’s either melted reactors or melted Rods. Or both. Game changer. EVACUATE! Easier said than done for soooo many.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          TWIB – I feel the same. I can’t stop thinking about some time ago (May? June?) when all of us here observed closely the wind projections, showing the wind rotating all over Honshu island, taking the deadly mess to every possible direction…. now we get a first glimpse of where it landed.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Yes, it is horrible but I believe these dire events happen to make us stronger and unite us as ONE. I know how this sounds…but try to take a spiritual view and find the spark of change as beneficial as it is not our place nor possible to control but we can use these events to reach a higher plane as acceptance fills us with a new reality contingent on how we choose to react.
      Forgive the unforgivable, embrace the misunderstood with understanding and become free from bonds of frustration, resentment, fear and shed the worry into a state of freedom as you become still, quiet and beautiful. We cannot change the world until we change ourselves. IMHO

    • Anthony Anthony

      Yes TheWorldIsBlind I completely emphasize with your thoughts, it is what I felt from day one. This is a most significant event for the planet’s own constitution. I think we have entered a darker period in humanity. Personally I am trying to pursue the things in life I appreciate the most while I can. I pray everyday the effects will be minimal where we live. I feel deeply sorry for Japan and am angry they allowed this to pass. It is time to dig deeper into ourselves.

    • mungo mungo

      @theworldisblind… i have really felt this since about May, it’s just a waiting game

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    BTW the measurements are from TEPCO. Also I hope any women on this board will vote next year, if for no other reason, to honor the women who took on the administration (costing lives) so that we could have the right to vote. Please don’t just throw away this hard won honor just because you don’t agree with the action of the current administration out of frustration. Please Vote for those who fought so valiantly to obtain this status. Just like we fight to end the use of nuclear power polluting our air water and land. Please cast your vote next year.

  • Just thought Id put some spin on this…

    Did you have metal mouth in March?

    Its no new news in reality that they detected strontium from a nuclear meltdown…

    The real reality is when the United States and Canada will admit the mass strontium Contamination to the public…

    The Real proof is right in front of your noses.

    Our water supply is by now affected in masse, as well as food, soil, and wildlife…


    Because strontium is only 1/7th the weight of Cesium. It reached from WA state, to Rhode Island. (minimally).

    Harmful levels of radiation is in our country. A harmful level of radiation is anything containing toxicity. Not an amount but a trace. We have severe nuclear contamination here in the united states. Worse off the pacific drift is slowly easing its way into the West California, and Alaskan currents. By winter levels will be thrice the amounts detected (as of current). Even worse off, after snow pack has arrived soil contamination will be significantly worse…

    How much worse?

    Think about it.

    Soil soaking in anywhere between 4 to 80 inches of freshly radiated oceanic breeze. All winter a continually distributed radiation source…

    By spring, all plant life will have already began to absorb the contamination; leading to highly radiated crops, and likely the banning of our international exports.

    Not to mention Wildlife and live-stock, beginning to show their first signs of cancers, and mutations. But there’s more. After Spring mating season Mutated Dna will begin to show up in our nations wildlife flourishing through each generation (until the end of time)… Birth defects, still births, and infections will escalate in a never ending ascending rate…

    • TheWorldIsBlind

      Yo tacoma, yeah i agree with you

      Right when this disaster happened I remember when that Zardoz.Nilu website was discovered, and it was showing an unreal amount of Xe and Cs coming over USA. I live on the East Coast. I was going out periodically to play golf with my friends on the nice days, (trying to avoid rain as much as possible) , and I experienced many times the “metal mouth” sensation. It was the most during April/May, I’ve only experienced it a few times since. I could only imagine people on the West Coast have experienced this.

      • TheWorldIsBlind


        Winter is going to be ugly…

        • Yes, the winter winds will blow south from the north, rain’s and snow’s, … winds will not be as they were blowing all out to sea and beyond !

          U G L Y !

      • Bobby1

        I got that metal-mouth sensation too, starting when I first mowed the lawn in April. I have sensitivity to toxic metals, and it wasn’t just an inconvenience, there was drool coming out of my mouth due to the overwhelming taste. Plus flu-like symptoms, coughing, sneezing, sore throats, cold sores on gums and lips, rashes on skin, hemorrhoids, anal bleeding, and massive fatigue. I watched my son’s cat die in May, and was convinced I was next.

        Now the same thing happens every time I eat American food, especially steak, bacon, deli meats and dairy.

        I have switched over almost completely to imported food, and some pre-Fuku items I still have.

        My mind is boggled when I see people eating things like spare ribs and pot roast. Can’t they tell it’s poison???

        • Good observation. I taste the metal every time I eat beef in WA.
          Ty for your post.

          • kx kx

            actually in April i fell the metallic taste, I was in Europe at the time that was around the predicted cloud arrival.

        • StillJill StillJill

          Yes Bobby1,….and TG,….I see any red meat,…well, meat in my case,…as having a big skull and crossbones on it!

          It is indeed hard to watch them eat, drink, and be merry,…with no SEEMING consequences! My roommates are my Guinea pigs. I can see it,…..but only because I am REALLY looking. Otherwise,…looks like I’m CRAZY as a loon,….so far. I still wish I was wrong. I wish we all were.

          • arclight arclight

            i was opposite a pub in london and happen to glance at the menu board outside….

            wild boar, wild mushrooms organic vegetables


            clotted cream and strawberries!!

            lost me appetite there for a moment!! 🙂

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            @arclight – I bet you ordered and took a reading?

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Yes, on and on it will go. Everything contaminated. And yes, I had Metal mouth then. And agree, whats in store for us IS MAJOR DEATH, ILLNESS. A contaminated food chain,water supply. A vicious cycle, affecting us for generations. DNA=effected for years and years to come. (Faving that comment TG)

    • The NRC knew the fullscale of this crisis since march 2011. Hence the meltthrough model that was released in may. The Japanese continent is completely destroyed. It has been since the fuel reached the soil below. Why is everyone being so quiet about it?

      Easy while we were sent on a wild goose chase depicting the lies of the Nrc Iaea and Tepco, they were plotting the next moves in government. Stocking on rations, completing non disclosure treaties with allies. Preparing for what they In FACT new was to come.

      We are the lab rats of the worst nuclear accident in human history. More radiation was released by fukushima than every United States Nuclear expeirment (Combined to date).

      Our children, our childrens children and their grand children will forever feel the affects of the disaster. For centuries to come.

      Meanwhile, International leaders, Corporate fat cats, and celebrities, will be paying top dollar, for their very own personal Fallout shelters.

      Hence why so many national leaders and celebrities, were abroad during the first weeks of the crisis.

      Coincidence I think not…

      Did anyone notice that the pl-dioxide and sulfur-dioxide comments got so slammed by various eneusers…
      I mention various because Most users that were against it (are not our typical crowd).

      What a great indication of how the pro-nuclear lobbists are spending their way out of this.

      Were in for the roughest winter of our existance as a species.

      If you have not stocked up on supplies, and took me for granted until now.

      Do some simple research.

      The contamination was easily calculated.

      Mass vs. Distance…

      The radiation went from Japan all the way to japan. (in two weeks. )
      So If cesium and Iodine made it all the way around the globe… Rest assured of two things…

      Strontium and Plutonium made it at least 1/4th as far…
      The bulk of it was distributed within that distance… (hence seattle to Newyork)…

      If you think Tokyo radiation levels…

      • mungo mungo

        hi taco, i didnt stock up because i dont want to survive when tshtf… all i am stocking up on is ganja, o—m, and painkillers….

    • Anthony Anthony

      You’re right Tacoma. You speak everything I try to hold back a bit inside. The I hope the unfolding time-frame is longer then I fear it may be….I would like to be wrong about my radiation worries. I find it illuminating that even with this *bad disaster* in full swing before our eyes, we ARE STILL here and standing half a year later. And the Japanese are still breathing, working… living with us too. I`m very happy about this! Collectively we have lived a lot of life since this began. Scientifically and objectively it makes me wonder if there may be a possibility of survival ahead of us despite what our guts and heads have led us to believe?

    • alexa


      It is terrible that you spit blood. You should move at least to mid US – it is much worse by ocean on West Coast or by the Great Lakes. The radiation is in the air that you breeze – it does not matter if you do not go outside the house.

      I also think something is happening in Japan – radiation here in Toronto is at the same levels or higher than in April/ May, including sore throat. Tuesday, Wed, Thursday afternoons were terrible this week in Toronto. I wanted to see what the effects of long exposure are and I drove up North for 3 hours and drove back (no airconditioning in the car). I saw people who spent all day outside – they look like zombies (now I know why the zombies were in the preparadness video). The effects on me were almost an out of body experience, where I was driving the car however I felt my reflexes were at least 50% reduced, as if someone else was driving the car (as driving under drugs or alcohol may feel like, I don’t know personally, however I was seriously impaired). I could not say much and my speech was slow. My spine was hurting a bit. When I got home, I felt numb and sat on a chair and was so tired I could not move for hours,my face looked like that of a ghost; I could not do anything – like I was inside a shell. There are going to be more car accidents in the future in my opinion. Only a good sleep helped me recover somewhat.

      For those who have not read my previous posts – I am a human radiation measuring device – I feel when something is harmful. And the last few days were terrible in Toronto.

      To the posters mentioning they noticed similarity between enenews frequent posters – I agree. Most, including myself have things in common like sensitivity to environment, empathy and thinking outside the box, analytical thinking and high intelligence level (can see what’s bullshit). I find HeartoftheRose (whose birthdate is very close to mine in July) and Tacoma similar with me, however I am less social and don’t post…

  • Consider the entire mid west.

  • The reason why Russia worked so hard, no excuses to cover Chernobyl !
    They knew the “WHAT IF”, ALL COUNTRY’S DID !!!

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear dr: In the present, I believe, both nations and people know maybe even more about what’s happening at Fukushima Dai Ichi than was known by the people involved in pre-fully capitalist Russia about Chernobyl (enough to justify similar responses by governments that we saw from the old USSR, which were also inadequate, but far better and more timely than TEPCO/Jp govt. However, the responsible parties here, TEPCO and governments of Japan and the U.S. among others with their own civilian nuclear power profiteering and martial priorities problems, are just acting as if doing nothing, or next to nothing, is the appropriate thing. Why would this be? After all, these entities are, in effect, committing genocide, whether or not intentional. The bottom line and maintaining power structures are their bottom lines. Of course, these motivations are insane and are the highest human rights crimes imaginable and mean that revolution to overthrow not only the parties but the system is inevitable. Fukushima can not be allowed to persist as it is. We can’t have non-transparency, at all, when it comes to such matters.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        You said it Pallas. What now? Maybe these WSP is the catalyst for what you said. A revolution. The thing is in a short while, we’ll all be contaminated to such a degree…
        All of this just makes my head spin. I’m truly left speechless this morning.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          The WSP are doing a little better than previous generations. They have the target and enemy, and there are enemies against the ecosystem, in their sites; but so far they aren’t going far enough. It’s time to make lists of all the wealthiest and their lackeys in government and in all government, covert, military, corporate institutions. It’s time to at least put significant pressure on the top. If they respond, as they have in the past, by releasing the national guard or equivalent elsewhere, then we start killing the off the richest (billionaires) and their lackeys in government, industry, covert and martial hierarchies. It’s not rocket science; but modern media tech seems to be very effective coupled with cultural defects, in keeping the masses from devouring their enemies of late.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      (continued) Doing nothing and providing dribblings of data to the public, intentionally and non-intentionally conflicted (to confuse intentionally) is being done to make the entirety of the situation appear routine, to normalize it, and to desensitize the masses to the least palatable of all possible things, their own utter obliteration, albeit slowly—over years or a few decades rather than all at once, which is what will happen given not too much time and not too many more civilian nuclear meltdown and uncontrolled emissions scenarios.

      • Yes, playing the minds/propaganda is well rehearsed and versed in government through media/owned by the same that control government, seen so many times, come’s to mind recently, …. many oversea’s event’s and the GOM !

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      We have to remember that the very rich are the most insane, criminal and destructive by ecological standards. Ecological sustainability is the primary test, standard and judge of all life. We’ve lived for many generations lately as though we could ignore the primacy of ecology; but, there is no avoidance of such in reality, ever, for any species. We live within the parameters that our species exists for, and this is not up for debate in terms of whether or not our ecosystem is finite or not. We have to eliminate the very rich and change the system to ensure that no one ever achieves a role of head parasite. The rich are parasites; but human beings cannot exist as parasites as a species. We are not meant to be parasitic. That’s not our role. We have to correct this situation. Fukushima and related, anthropogenic thermal maximum and associated anthropogenic mass extinctions are forcing us to live sane again. There is NO choice.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi Pallas,
        first: good to see you.
        I read the result of a recent study which tested the behaviour of traders. The science staff were shocked to find that the vast majority of traders showed behaviour patterns usually found in psychopaths: total lack of empathy, trying to harm others as much as possible,…etc.

        Which comes as no surprise to people like us. I guess.

  • In response to metal mouth…

    Eventually you will not notice what is a constant.

    So in all reality you had likely had it much longer than you had noticed…

    Just like a cigarette smoker would dislike the taste at first.

    Eventually it will become unnoticeable…

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Oh God. Your right – it will become unnoticeable, whereby generally ACCEPTED. Thanks for all your posts ABOVE in this thread. I’m listening and agreeing with everything you’ve said. Fuck. We’re screwed.

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Good morning, btw, Whoopie: yep, desensitization is a big name of the game strategy for the parasitic thieving monstrous genocidal billionaire class, the heads of their hierarchy, killing off en masse their hosts (we, the public) without whom could they exist? It’s by our collective coerced, mainly worldwide, and complicit (in the U.S. and other “first” world nations) permission and approval that they even live to suck air or take a leak another day.

        • Its just unfortunate that since the early 50’s they have been preparing an Escape route from such a disaster. Hence (d.u.m.b.s.)…

          We were foolish to ever allow nuclear power plants to go into production…

          We are now paying the ultimate price for our carelessness. While the creators, are preparing to sneak out the backdoor right under our noses.

  • maaa

    I really hope something big will happen out of this meeting. Perhaps evacuate whole of Tokyo. Hopefully this will bring nuclear power down.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Maaa: as long as the people defer to authority, no such thing will happen. It needs to happen; but it will not happen without a meaningful change in power and decision making switching from top-down or status quo control to control by the citizens directly with complete oversight of all clean-up and remediation by the citizens with final say-so being by the citizens.

  • Human0815

    Why you Guys in the America don*t do a private
    Sample Test like the People in Yokohama,
    this is not sooooooo expensive and after this Test is positive you could increase your Pressure to stop the S..t!

    PS; Japan is not total poisoned,
    there are many many Part which are unaffected by F`Shima.

    I am here in Setagaya/ Futako Tamagawa and the readings are not too high, the only Propblem i see at this moment is our Food, what the next years bring is still unknown!

    I still think the Numbers 1 in ca.4600 People will develop Cancer because of F`Shima are realistic,
    it is a high Number and painful but it is not the End!

    • TheWorldIsBlind

      what about water..

      can’t live without water..

      the corium has hit the water table

      its getting distributed everywhere in Japan – it may take a while to reach you – but trust me – it will reach you..

      • Human0815

        When do the Corium hit the Water Table?
        And which one done so or are you talking about all?


        • Misitu

          The term Water Table refers to the depth of the surface of the underground water at a locality. This underground water is constrained by the topography and the geology. Like any other water it will try to flow, if the bed of the porous rock containing it is inclined (if not the latter, the level of the water will increase as water percolates down from the surface following rain, etc.). If there is a slope, say towards the sea from a mountain range, then given a layer of porous rock strata the water table will incline towards the sea and the underground water will flow from the mountainous area.

          Caveat: clearly the detail matters but not for this post. I just want to correct what seems to be a mistaken impression.

          Water is flowing towards the sea from the mountains west of Fuxu. Any locally-generated radioactive contamination must go towards the sea. Due to gravity, contamination of the groundwater cannot realistically go anywhere else.

          It is quite bad enough that all this stuff is going into the sea, but it is not necessary or logical to be concerned that underground waterborne contamination of Fuxium could flow uphill towards the mountains or laterally north of south of Fuxu [leave that to the winds].

          Hoping that this might help.


      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        TheWorldIsBlind, I have no expertise in geological issues whatsoever, but honestly I doubt that the corium which might have hit groundwater, will spread contaminated groundwater from the Fuku coastline all over the country / islands.

        you say “trust me – it will reach you” – what makes you so sure?


        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Bread: GM and LTNS (my fault, school) Technically you’re right. The contamination from the Fukushima Dai Ichi corium won’t directly communicate throughout Japanese water table geology unless such are directly connected to the same local water table geology holding the corium(s). However, emissions, still very high and daily, rained down or blown over and settled on watersheds (of various concentrations after dispersion in air) will eventually contaminate all Japanese water sheds and water tables. The same is true, contamination by rain and dry fallout, for all watersheds and water sources everywhere else in the world by Fukushima, though at a somewhat slower rate, maybe. Clean drinking water, decreasingly available due to Fukushima, is one of the main reasons that Libya was so hastily and sloppily invaded, since Khadafi, had just finished the infrastructure for extracting non-radiologically contaminated fossil water (deposited from the times of previous glaciation periods) from the Nubian Sandstone deposits found in Libya’s (and connected to the same in Egypt) southern deserts. Khadafi’s aim was to profiteer off of a cheap water source for agricultural purposes. However, using this fossil water (largest deposit of such on the planet) for that purpose would wipe out that deposit in about 20 years. If saved for drinking water as ALL our drinking water from surface water sheds and tainted watertables becomes too radiologically toxic for consumption, these deposits might last hundreds or thousands of years, particularly if the masses who are not billionaires funding and initiating sloppy invasions and wars manage to keep the rest of us in the dark about it.

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            I meant at the bottom, if the billionaires/military/covert/corporate top of the pyramid manage to keep the masses in the dark about a) the problem of all drinking water becoming increasingly radiologically contaminated, and b) the existence of the GMMRP, or Libya’s fossil water.

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            Dear Pallas,
            I agree with you concerning the contamination of watersheds via snow / air / rain.
            I just questioned TWIB’s statemant above claiming
            “the corium has hit the water table –
            its getting distributed everywhere in Japan.”

            Which I think it’s not.

          • I made that connection the first week, posted it here, with in days of explosions @ fuka !
            To be a fly on the wall in the meeting room of these discussions !

          • arclight arclight

            “…..from the Nubian Sandstone deposits found in Libya’s (and connected to the same in Egypt) southern deserts. Khadafi’s aim was to profiteer off of a cheap water source for agricultural purposes.”

            first they bleed the libyan desert clean of the easy oil and the use the aquifer to frack libya into oblivion!! there doing it to america and there is BIG profit to be made….the corporations dont want that water drunk or it would drop the price of water….simple economics and common sense points to that!! …unfortunately!

    • Anthony Anthony

      How do you believe you will never and have never had the wind-borne radiation sweeping over your landscapes? You don’t think the rains that form over your contaminated ocean will ever bring radiation to your umbrella, really? I think we have it way over here in Vancouver and I think you are much closer to the source than I am.

    • The Typhon’s and heavy rains/flooding that have been this summer/and on have gathered much of the contaminated sea from the east and drowned thew land in the south, sure if testing is done there will be more surprises and it may be already known by official’s !

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      “Why you Guys in the America don*t do a private
      Sample Test like the People in Yokohama,
      this is not sooooooo expensive and after this Test is positive you could increase your Pressure to stop the S..t!”

      Good point, methinks.

      • Human0815

        Look, when you do this with some Friends it is not hyper-expensive;
        “Isotope Research Institute didn’t start testing for radioactive strontium until August 20, according to the Institute’s website. Thus the time lag.
        At the Institute, it costs 65,000 yen (US$847) (pre-tax) to test one sample for strontium-90 (no separate testing for strontium-89), and it takes one week. No volume discount, the webpage says.”

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Human0815: You’re advice is CORRECT. Unfortunately, the level of critical thinking or even basic literacy in the U.S. is much lower than in Japan. You’re correct that if a group of neighbors got together to either informally or scientifically test for radionuclide contamiantion, the costs could be minimized. Unfortunately, the U.S. is the lowest context, most selfish, culture on the planet, which is one reason this is not a common possibility here. Also, because of the problem of effective dumbing down and resultant low critical thinking skills, even low literacy, in the U.S., the few of us who realize what is going on with Fukushima AND that the U.S. (everywhere) is effected, are VERY spread out, in most cases. Most of us here do not live anywhere near each other that participate on this website. Where a Japanese citizen might culturally shame another bringing up the issue for the sake of control and other cultural reason, but still really know that, of course, there is a problem. In the case of the U.S., probably as much as 99.9% of the population doesn’t have the faintest clue. it’s like talking to a brick wall. However, I am willing to employ your strategy and I have never given up annoying my neighbors with this reality that they have no right to be ignorant about though I will try harder to get people to wake up. We do all owe this to each other and to the ecosystem.

          • Human0815

            Sometimes it is possible to do such Tests at the University for cheap but the best way is via a Laboratory because only them are under Oath and the Result can be used for a Prove!

            Just don`t give up,
            look for example for a Sponsor or Mentor
            (Photo-Voltaic Companies)

            A Town in the North bought their own Laboratory with the help of a Sponsor,
            they collect also Money through a Membership Fee!

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Human0815: Tacoma has another point, that is correct, and that is that official entities that test are sometimes likely, due to political pressures, produce spurious results, probably understated results (and I’m paraphrasing Tacoma, I hope I got that right). If you would like to explore examples of this sort of thing, I’m sure there are plenty of examples in Japan too, I recommend analyzing the publications from U.C. Berkeley post-Fukushima. Most of the data collection and analysis is cartoonishly minimizing and skewed to disinform. This is unsurprising given the fact that U.C. Berkeley is where Plutonium was first created, and named. U.C. Berkeley has been in the nuke research business from the Manhattan Project days to the present with weapons and civilian nukes being areas of research dollars for the institution. Not to mention that U.C. Berkeley also has huge grants, $10B+, from entities such as British Petroleum, from the Macondo Well Gulf Petroleum Gusher of summer 2010. Much or most of U.C. Berkeley’s research dollars and, perhaps even its operating endowment, are majority influenced by Department of Defense, and Department of Energy by the U.S.

      • Anthony Anthony

        It IS a good point….

    • If you believe that any part of japan is un-contaminated you are dead wrong…

      The entire planet is contaminated…

      Japan is just more so than other nations…

      You are foolish to believe that anywhere in japan is safe.

      • Because private radiation tests are fixed, much like voting. Take a head of lettuce to your local dentist. They will be able to assist you in finding burns in the material via xray. But you cant exactly expect anyone that has anything to do with radiation monitoring to be forth right and frontal about the information…

        Hence why Berkeley university isn’t doing more and more tests…

        They are all being paid and pushed away from monitoring and publicizing results… When adequate results are found with high radiation results they are debunked, because hte equipment is either faulty, or the person detecting it is unqualified.

        Check youtube… There are tons of videos displaying HIGH background levels, and samples. (including the findings of strontium). However we all look away because Arnold gunderson and Cnn didn’t say so…

        I’ve been telling you all for months, how bad it will be. Reluctantly I was told I am wearing a tinfoil hat, that I didn’t understand basic science, and I was intentionally fear mongering…

      • Human0815

        No one, at least not me, said that Japan is safe,
        i wrote that it is not the End!

        Japan is not a deadly as parts of the former USSR,
        the Australian/ Canadian Uran Mines or some parts of Polynesia and some part of Japan are even unaffected by Fukushima at all
        (i know it sounds unbelievable but it is true)

  • How long can you beat this dead horse? Get out, abandon ship, save yourselves if you still can. Japan from now on , is a gorgeous nuclear garden.

  • Vancouver in a slow bake. First the Canucks and now cesium for breakfast. Too bad – nice city.

  • I want to spell out two things…

    One Geiger counters…

    Unless you have an Alpha detector, you will see nothing within a glass of water in respects to alpha radiation. In fact inside the water you can not detect elements like plutonium at all.

    Secondly, When using a geiger counter you must first survey an entire ares, So you can establish a constant background reading. Without any proper surveying (you will not know the true count). To establish the true count. Make a 1 meter by 1 meter zone with a tape measurer. Take a 10 minute count from each corner of your zone) Marking the radiation in 1 minute intervals. Now find the lcf (lowest common factor) of each corner per of your zone per 1 minute interval. That is the true cpm. (or background radiation.) Everything else you detect (high spikes even just one millisievert). Is radiation flowing all around you.

    This is also how you survey the ground… However… You still need to do a true background count before you survey the ground… The only difference is you monitor each corner of each foot inside the square meter (10 minute reading)… So one square meter has 9 different sample points… (each 1ft apart)… My advise is do the Arial zone first, then do the floor. As you will know the true background count…

    If you do this, I am sure your results will shock you…
    As radiation is accumulated on the ground. Hence why we see higher levels there than using a gamma detection unit in the air… You will only sense a particle if you know the background count. Further more when you are doing air monitoring, you are essentially trying to catch a flee with a human hair…

    The slightest jump is radiation. It is only that the isotope is the size of an atom thus the detection generally is impossible to have a constant reading of…

    The second issue will be on the comment below this one… (sorry I ran out of room).

    • The second issue is very important:

      Radiation exposure in humans is very dangerous. However my main concern is comments from inexperienced users, who make comments like: well no one has died.

      Radiation is a toxin…
      It has the ability to kill you in an instant (from an over exposure)…
      It also has the ability to kill you very slowly. (this is an overdose)…

      When you overdose on radiation. It can take you years to parish. In all reality you may never die directly in attribution to the isotopes in your body. However The main point of this post is to explain that an Over doseage. Is exactly that. A dose that is over the recommended dose rate of a living being…

      In America depending on how often you were ‘outside’ (Mainly between March and May). Its very possible and even Highly likely, that you had received a dose rate which could be considered past your dose rate. Meaning you quite possibly already have an overexposure inside you…

      This does not mean you are in immediate danger. However limiting your exposure from now on should be in your best interest for now on…

      If you continue to ‘up’ your internal dose rate your odds of becoming ill and perishing are heightened. Significantly for that matter.

      It is very important to protect yourselves until the radiation surveying information in your local vicinity is publicly known. If your local representatives are not giving you this information forth right, you should begin consulting other concerned citizens in your community and either do the surveying yourselves. Or petition / strike and engage your local court houses and demand the local governance take action…

      You are theoretically in great danger, until proven otherwise… Its time we all began to take action. We should be rallying our communities to Demand adequate Food air and water inspection, as well as performing your local ground monitoring (surveying)…

      If you do not take action, and you are living in a dangerzone. You…

      • will soon regret doing so…

        This is especially because you have no way to determine your already existent (eternal) dose rate.

        Which may indeed already be more than adequate in affecting you for the rest of you possibly shortened life.

        • “…and you are living in a dangerzone.” – Tacomagroove

          We are ALL living in a danger zone!

          “Its time we all began to take action.” – Tacomagroove

          It’s far past the time that we should have taken actions.
          Although, better late than never. 🙂

          Words well said… Thanks Tacomagroove

          • I feel somewhat more secure knowing that the Puget Sound is a main outlet, for the puyuallup river. So I expect The actual coast will see more radiation than Tacoma will. (for the time being).

            I fear winter…

            I am being honest. I am actually afraid of the fog and snow.

            I am sticking it out, as long as I can… I have a large collection of pre-fukushima food and water. (very very large). I have a below ground basement, and all the supplies I need to stay indoors, (all winter).

            However If people in my immediate area begin to experience signs of Severe radiation exposure, I will flee like there’s no tomorrow…

            To be very truthful to you all, I have probably only been outdoors 20-30 times since March 11th… For very little amounts of time. (4 hours max).

            I had a vast pre-existing knowledge of physics in respects to space exploration, energy and magnetism. So I have a good feeling that I am not in anyway
            over-reacting in any of my posts.

            I do feel there is a sense of urgency in the crisis that needs be implied. I also often get angry when I see little to no results (this being so far into the crisis)…

            So take my posts with a grain of salt if you will. However I have never tried to step outside my comfort zone nor felt I was overly / protective or experiencing a phobia.

            The situation is simply dangerous.
            I advise anyone to take adequate protection.

            Adequate means Adequate…
            It does not mean minimal…

            That is my honest opinion. Id rather be protected than vulnerable… Until the USA is forth right with the radiation / surveying. I will continue to limit my exposure to the best of my abilities.

            I advise you all to do the same.

          • ocifferdave

            This is my favorite TacomaGroove comment–ever!

      • Irritated Kalifornian


        If the general opinion now is the USA is being dishonest about radiation/ surveying, how will anyone know when they are not being dishonest? If they came out & said yes there is a crisis & yes take adequate protection would you believe them? If you would, then why decide to believe them then? Regards, IK

        • Well

          I feel they would release the seattle aerial radiation surveying, as well as turn our radiaiton monitors, back on (also canada could as well). For starts, then provide real time monitoring online, of all monitors, using a private company like faire winds. To ensure adequate testing.

          That would be a good indication that the data isn’t of concern.

          Also they could endorse Adequate food monitoring, do a nation wide city sweep for radiation surveying. Locating and surveying all cities and states. (which would create tons of jobs in our country).

          Which tepco could foot the bill for as it truly is their problem…

          In fact the United States should actively be pursuing tepco for these exact reasons. Using of Course sources from our nation as Tepco has countlessly failed in providing Adequate information in regards to their performance in the matter…

          But I can go on and write A whole paper on this question. But that should be enough to suffice answering your question.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Irritated: “How would we know when they are being honest?” This is an excellent and reasonable question. We must have citizens educate themselves about the matter. Nuclear physics, nuclear power, dosimetry, fallout, corium, radionuclides, daughter radionuclides, types of radiation, nuclear waste management and best practices, and nuclear reactor, are complicated topics but not at all impossible to learn to the level of being able to judge for ourselves whether or not we’re being lied to, and we are btw by all U.S. and Japanese corporate, government and covert (military/CIA and equivalents) interests around the Fukushima Dai ichi issue. An educated public needs then to give itself permission to assume popular masse public oversight over the professionals and mouthpieces for a fowl and terrorist, essentially, industry and related institutions, which under globalization are behaving in extreme worsening and irresponsible ways.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          We must, as citizens and yes it is our obligation and duty, not a choice, judge those individuals and entities that intent to inform us the least or the least honestly or accurately despite having the best equipment to provide accurate test results. Fukushima Dai ichi, without question and not debateable, is the most egregious failure of capitalism and science and the worst cataclysm to befall man in at least the past 75,000 years. If you are or anyone reading this is unaware of this, please start studying the literature about Chernobyl and all the areas of study, I mentioned above. It will be hard work. It will take months; but we MUST. We are obligated to learn and to judge. The fact that this pretty obvious and effective perspective on our role as a public citizenry in this matter is such a dark mystery to most Americans should tell you something about the intellectual and political cultural defects of our culture. We do, for example, have martial law at our airports, at the very least, for no reason whatsoever, yet we Americans do nothing. We have been ripped off by billionaires increasingly and each several months more intensely for the past 30 years due to deregulation of greed, privatization run rampant and off-shoring of all jobs that are most easily unionized, and yet we U.S. Americans do NOTHING. I recommend reading “Lies My Teacher Told Me” by James Loewen and please study the article, it’s not a long one, by Garret Hardin, 1968, “Tragedy of the Commons” easily found online. Do not allow yourself to be disempowered or desensitized. Revolution is always based on having your OWN mind.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Here’s more ‘tin-foil’ fodder,….I CAN FEEL my hot particles, once they’re embedded! I have one in my lumbar spine already,…..that I don’t think I can chelate out at this point. I had one in my left lobe of my lungs, and one or more in my liver,….but I worked like the dickens to evict them,…and I seem to have been successful.

    I broke my own rule Monday,…went out in the rain. My umbrella wasn’t enough,….I KNEW something happened. Sore throat like razor blades,….full on SICK, virus sick. This is my first ‘battle with a virus’ in three years,…post cancer 6 months,…scary. So far so good. Tough cookies never crumble! 🙂

    • I have felt a sharp pain in the interior of my left elbow since mid march…

      My left arm often feels, numb painful or even paralyzed…

      I often wake up to it in pain. Sometimes it wakes me up.

      The feeling is as if I lost circulation. (like I had a rubber band wrapped around my elbow all night)…

      That is the only constant problem that I am experiencing.

      Mainly more sore than typical joints.

      • You should visit the doctor and get a referment to a heart specialist, these may likely be onset of a heart anomaly !

      • If you do not take a aspirin every day, now is the time to start, but still go to the doctors !

        We need you, and I am sure others closer to you do too !

        • I have been doing that lately. (as you may or may not have guessed). When I said last week that a friend of mine was coughing up blood (I was referring to myself). However I will admit I am a 6year smoker. Although my arm and heart have been bothering me lately. (specifically since I had flu like symptoms in march).

          All symptoms and dates were documented here on enenews btw.

          • StillJill StillJill

            Our ‘signs and symptoms’ Emme,…are as predictable and concrete as your math. What goes up,…must come down. See how smart I am! 🙂

          • I think a visit to the hospital would be more beneficial at this point if you are still coughing up blood or not, and in distress !
            Do monkey around with these things, not get stress, just get up and go to you hospital and tell them you symptom’s, many people want to go into denial over symptom’s, and my Friend, YOU HAVE ALSO !

            “When I said last week that a friend of mine was coughing up blood (I was referring to myself).”

            Take a day away from all this madness your reading and typing and take care of yourself with some care !

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            You should stop smoking immediately. I think everybody should….

          • mungo mungo

            why stop smoking? so we can extend our lives?!!!! lol!

          • BreadAndButter,
            That may induce extra stress at this time and could produce un-wanted results, best just to keep all things normal and see a doctor for test ! Referral’s take weeks if not longer, his condition I would think warrants a trip to the hospital now !

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            xdrfox, you’re probably right. I just find it strange if people worry about the effect of radiation on their health, and at the same time inhale substances which are proven to cause cancer.

            Makes NO sense to me, but not everything needs to make sense…

          • Au Au

            Anyone having symptoms should see their doctor. Ok, got that out of the way. Speaking of bleeding, I have looked at these nose bleed videos on youtube. They have something in common. The blood is bright red and it is coagulated. Seeing that the jet stream was dropping particles on them on the day of filming- perhaps we can say it might have been triggered by radioactive fallout. So, anyway back to my research. I did a search in an extensive library, cross-referencing Epistaxis, bright red and Epistaxis, coagulated. 72 substances came up for bright red and 53 came up for coagulated. I researched every substance that was in both rubrics. Aconitum nepullus was one and oh, so amazing- Strontium carb. Those are Strontium carb nosebleeds. What is interesting also, is that Aconitum causes and therefore can deal with (as long as it is not frank organ damage), in a HOMEOPATHIC form the numbness and tingling of the left arm (see your dr) and also heart various heart symptoms, especially if the person was frightened by the symptoms and feared death. That would be the “flavor” of the case that would respond to Aconitum in HOMEOPATHIC form. I repeat that, as Aconitum in crude substance is poisonous. But, in homeopathic form- you are only getting the “hologram” of the healing information.

            I am not prescibing on line. This information is only meant for educational purposes.

            So, let me continue- big subject- but stick with me if you can. The beef against homeopathy has been that (shilled) science cannot prove that anything exists in the remedy because of it’s ultra-dilution (they always forget to add the important info on the step of the remedy preparation and that is that it is also succussed between dilutions). But, the work of Dr. Shui Yin Lo, particle phys., proves that the basis of homeopathy can be found in particle physics and they have been able to detect it now since the atomic force microscope has been out for some 15 years or so. Read the book, Double Helix…

          • Au Au

            So what is my point? My point is to fight fire with fire. If I had those symptoms and doctors could not help me I would go after them with sub-atomic remedies because crude substances can only help so much. For crude substances, I would for sure I would be looking at Co Q 10 or Ubiquinol and Hawthorn for supporting heart health.

            If I tasted metal and had increased saliva and flu like symptoms like Bobby1 describes- homeopathic Mercurius fits that symptom picture. So interesting in that it does, seeing that it also is on the destructive end of the Periodic Chart. Remember, homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars or like treats like or really it is similar treats similar.

            I, myself (I am not telling you to) would take Aconitum nap. 30c if I was having fright, nose bleed, numbness of arm and tingling on the way to the hospital. I would take one dose and let it dissolve in my mouth. If the symptoms subsided I would not take any more because it is not needed anymore. The body got the “information” and sorted itself out. If I was just having the nose bleed and Acon. did not help and I was not having all the other symptoms I would go to homeopathic Strong carb 30c (remember it is only a “hologram” of the healing info captured in water that the remedy is made out of). Again, I would try one dose and that would probably be all that was needed. Same thing for the metal taste in mouth WITH exessive salivation (should have that symptom)- Mercurius 30c one time. Repeat as needed up to 3 times a day. Space out dosing as improvement comes. If no change in 3 doses it is the wrong remedy and you will carry on with your symptoms.

            I am only coming forward with this information for educational purposes. It is a time to come forth with information. Homeopathy has been very controversial and I can totally see why. cont.

          • Au Au

            Big pharma does not want to see anything that is helpful BASED on ultra- dilutions that cannot be patented! And to all of the homeopathic nay sayers- save your breath and typing. I am not the least bit interested in a debate on the subject. Work in the field for 20 years and then we can talk.

            The point is, at this point, we need everything we can use, safely, to get us through this unsolvable hell. Maybe my points are mute. Dunno. But, I cannot in good conscience keep this info to myself.

          • Au Au

            The book is called, Double Helix Water.
            And I will tell you something veery interesting I missed the first time I read the book and it has to do with technology that can safely burn radioactive waste.

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            Hi Au, thanks for your input. I’ve made good and bad experiences with homeopathic meds (the “bad” being it not “working” like I hoped – but no side effects, either). I think it’s always at least worth a try – I know lots of people who never wanted to go for it and were then amazed by good results…and it’s so cheap (at least compared to the big pharma stuff).
            I personally just try to take care of myself – I don’t take any supplements (never did) and go for exercising and a gamma-ray-banana a day. All is fine.

          • Au Au

            Remember you can stop the action of any homeopathic remedy by sucking on a really strong mint- like a Fishman Friend Mint. I say that because if you are doing good on the remedy you don’t want to kill it. OR if you feel more crappy on the remedy you can stop it with strong mint. The mint has a very strong vibration that wipes out the remedy.

            Next post will be on the radioactivity burning technology.

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            Technology to safely burn radioactive waste? Well… I’m an open-minded person, but that sounds a little far-fetched.
            We’ll see. Make sure to send a copy to Tokyo, they need it.

          • Au Au

            The book Double Helix Water page 7-8, I’ll sum it up:

            Yin (Shui Yin Lo, PhD) had been teaching at the University of Melbourne several years prior when he and the university jointly filed a patent on a revolutionary new type particle beam. The patent was soon discovered to be outside the comfort zone of the uni so the uni. pres. handed it back to Yin. Rightufully so, as shortly after the filing, the Australian Secret Service told the patent attorney and Yin that all the info about the invention had just become “Top Secret” and any disclosure would be a violation of the Australian Treason Act. Disclosure could result in their execution.

            This particle beam was a laser that Yin called Baser. It was potentially capable of extreme high-energy levels and was invented for the purpose of destroying nuclear waste (!) while at the same time providing clean pollution free energy. Anything powerful enough to burn nuclear waste has also a great military potential- hence the Secret Service visit. Once the patent was filed in the USA he also got a visit from the US State Dept.

            So, the point is, that there are people in the govt. that know that there could be something done to help with this toxic sludge burning in Japan.

            It is time to to mobilize this technology.

          • Au Au

            Correction: “would go to homeopathic Strontium carb 30c (remember it is only a”

          • Au Au

            Correction: Fisherman Friends Mint not Fishman hehe
            Altoid is another one that will knock out a remedy.

            You are welcome Butter Brot ; )

  • shaktasna

    Wait until it starts to really rain. Wait until the wind starts to blow. Or until the hot snow comes.

    As I have been constantly saying-full court press every newspaper and blog you can; Especially the small town papers and the ever-moronic yahoo. Register and let people know.

    It’s the small town news that can spread like wildfire before the mainstream news can bury them.

    No one will of course listen-until people start getting visibly sick. Wait until you go into work, ashen faced and coughing. I hope your bosses like you as your coworkers will not want whatever it is you’ve got. (Denial is scary to watch) California is an “at-will” employment state.

    A couple of months to go and by January 1st-everyone on the globe will be on the same page. By the first day of Spring-everyone will be trying to figure out why so many health insurance companies have “changed pre-existing conditions” for qualification for their insurance. People will be discontinued from their insurance, placed on “hold” for 12 to 18 months due to “benefit changes” or your premiums are about to go through the roof.

    Japan.Europe, and America are never going to pay for your cancer care or hospice. Forget about it.

    Look at your policies for open enrollment people. They will be forever changed. As will Medicare.

    • if any of you have access to universities, the enenews link can be shared through listserves. the whole campus here just got a dose

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        @ chemfood:

        …the whole campus here just got a dose…

        Please say the location. Please don’t just say here. Thx.

        • @dharmasyd …of info. not radiation, at least not more than most. as for location…somewhere in the wild west where it will soon snow and snow. Give ya a hint or 2: Mikhail Gorbachev just spoke here. i couldn’t make it, but i am sure he made no mention of Chernobyl vs. Fukushima. oh …and the proud alma mater of mr.cheney and no it’s not yale :).

          apologies … didn’t mean to scare if that was so. no one speaks aloud of nuclear anything here. we do have an over abundance of uranium, after all. Do educated people want to know? maybe not, for some knowing somehow makes them feel responsible. Happy thoughts all!

  • StillJill StillJill

    The bone seekers seem to be eclipsing the cesium’s muscle damage–a friend of mine has a terrible pain in one thigh. It is now keeping him awake all night long. He thinks it’s a bone bruise from a log split-er mishap in early spring.

    Many are complaining of insomnia. It’s as though something is keeping them too keyed up to get into anything near REM sleep. Adrenal insufficiency will be the order of the day,…while these ‘hot, slicing disco balls’ wreck their havoc on our immune systems,…thereby allowing cancers to make their Grand entrance! 🙁

    • “cesium’s muscle damage”, may be affecting people heart muscle’s as well !
      There was the Chernobyl heart and reports of people in the 30’s dieing of heart problem’s !

      • “people in the 30′s dieing of heart problem’s !”

        Also been happening in Japan !

      • Dr I am concerned with my heart.
        (not to make anyone panic).

        Just a Q.

        Any idea what the time range was from exposure to death.
        Srry to use you as a search engine…

        I have no medical.

        • I would think this would rely on many variable’s, such as exposure times, amounts, and physical condition, but you may be having a normal event for you, your health, stress, work environment, eating habit’s, food choice’s and addiction’s, … coffee, cig., medications, past history of family !

          many variable’s … RELAX …

          Just take it as a sign your body is saying, I am not comfortable, pay attention to me !

        • Just what we have witnessed on news here and blogs of reports in Japan as a time-line !

        • Tacomagroove,
          When you get all your workups done, come on down to Florida for a mini vacation, relax and recoup, life is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated !

    • Almost everybody, even the non-complainers, seem a little bit sick in some unusual way over these last months. (including myself, weird sore throats and very odd muscle/bone pain) That’s my observation.

      Doctors have to be seeing an increase in these issues. But as we know the ‘expert’ doctor’s 10 second analysis will be to write a prescription for the immediate symptom and not look at the big picture. That’s what most are trained to do. Mention anything that goes beyond the doctor’s comprehension, like fallout, and he will be writing you a script for the psych medications.

      I understand ‘studies’ take time. Peer reviews take time. but, right now, we really don’t have time. We must be making qualified decisions that are prudent, in our best interest and that contain the least risk to the planet. This should be done faster than we bailed out Wall Street. (I think that took about a week.)

      I guess what I’m saying is we need a leader or leaders that will stand up and speak. (political, academic, religious, military or all of the above) So far it’s been dead silence and I fear it will continue to be dead silence until such time as those who remained silent are finally dead.

      • Digilert100 Digilert100

        I think we need to be careful with blaming everything on radiation. The radiation threat is real, but psychological stress from worrying can also trigger pains.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I consider Dr. Helen Caldicott a leader. Also Arnie Gundersen. Also other doctors who have been quoted on posts concerning how to help yousrelf combat exposure to radiation.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Yes, you’re right Doc. That appears to be what killed my friend’s 40 y.o. Aunt in her sleep! 🙁 Heart muscle stopped.

    • Au Au

      This might be interesting to him:
      Bone-set or Eupatorium perfoliatum
      “conditions where there is a great deal of Bone-pain. “

  • pure water

    Unknown disease hits Alaska ringed seals
    Ringed seals, the main prey of polar bears, and a species that rarely comes ashore, in late July began showing up on the Beaufort Sea coast outside Barrow with the lesions, patchy hair loss and skin irritation around the nose and eyes. The outbreak was reported first in the Alaska Dispatch.

    Read more: http://www.theolympian.com/2011/10/13/1837172/unknown-disease-hits-alaska-ringed.html#ixzz1andXd4h6

    Ringed seals have a circumpolar distribution from approximately 35°N to the North Pole, occurring in all seas of the Arctic Ocean. In the North Pacific, they are found in the southern Bering Sea and range as far south as the Seas of Okhotsk and Japan.
    Ringed seals eat a wide variety of small prey that consists of 72 species of fish and invertebrates. Feeding is usually a solitary behavior and their prey of choice includes mysids, shrimp, arctic cod, and herring. While feeding, ringed seals dive to depths of 35 to 150 ft (10–45 m).[4] In the summer ringed seals feed along edge of the sea-ice for polar cod. In shallow water they feed on smaller cod. Ringed seals may also eat herring, smelt, whitefish, sculpin, perch, and crustaceans.
    End of copy/paste.
    I wish someone measures radioactivity of these animals.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Emme,…are you doing the hot epsom salt/baking soda soaks?
    If not,…why not, friend? 🙂

    • I will give that a try thankyou stilljill.

    • tinkr55

      StillJill…for those that missed your earlier post, would you mind giving the ratio of epsom salts/baking soda to the bath. What is the purpose? And, if you know, are there any health conditions that would contraindicate the use of this soak. Thanks.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Hi tinkr55,….there are a lot of measurements out there, ranging from 1 cup of each,…all the way up to #5 of each!
        I have settled in the middle. I use three cups of each, about a pound I suppose. In all my readings, I have seen no written cautions, but I would add a few! Firstly, they say that sweat carries 13X’s more toxins out, than urine. I now believe it!
        Our skin is our biggest organ,…so it stands to reason we’d get greater results working with the large area of our skin, right? They say to stay in for 20-30 minutes, until the water cools way down. The first two soaks, this made me VERY nauseous! I had to get out after only 12-13 minutes. I recommend that one crack a window slightly,….or keep the bathroom door open with a fan. The half hour cool down is a must too-IMO. Also,…drinking extra water afterwards is recommended strongly.

        I put my money where my mouth was two hours ago and took #7.
        It’s an arse kicker,…..I’m not gonna kid anyone. But,…the results are in, in my mind.

  • pure water

    They tested for several known bacteria and viruses. Negative results. No more information.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Talk about a vascular dilator! I come out of the soaks with almost tachycardia. One must rest for at least 30 minutes afterwards-IMO. My face is beat red for an hour later,….and all my arteries and veins are WIDE open! Very invigorating indeed! These six soaks I’ve incorporated into my life, these past two weeks,…have been the single BIGGEST tool I’ve yet been given to date! Pretty please,..try it,…all my friends! 🙂

  • StillJill StillJill

    Not to be catty,…but,…..never stopped me before,…did anyone see Sarah Palin on Fox last week. (Not that you’d admit it, right? 🙂 )

    Anyway,…she looked like 10 miles of bad road! (I think she’s very pretty). She looked just like Shep Smith! They look like a new breed,….or the final two contestants on ‘Survivor Fukushima’!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      From what I’ve seen / heard of them (didn’t know the Smith guy, became curious after you mentioned him earlier and googled) I must say they ARE a new breed indeed.
      Not the smartest one I guess, but, well… glad at least Palin is out of the race for WH. There’s probably still worse to come, though….
      Sorry. Didn’t mean to offend, but couldn’t resist posting on that.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    I’m not sure why some on this board continue to think the ‘rich’ and ‘connected’ will escape out some imaginary ‘back door’. Escape to where, the moon? Once all fresh water has been contaminated, once all farm land has been contaminated, once the oceans have been contaminated, there is no where to escape to. We are all in the same boat, and we will all suffer the same fate. Take comfort in knowing there will be no escaping it, for any of us. If the NRC is correct in their assesment of the number 3 and 4 SFP’s burning up and reactor 2 partialy burning up, we can all kiss it good bye.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Well I feel like the air has been punched out of me.
    I’m taking a break for awhile. Probably just today.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes,….and our ‘religious leaders’, (Give me a FREAKING break!),….are not seeming to be getting any good, credible info from God. Strange! Even THE VICAR of Christ,…..hasn’t gotten the memo yet from On High?????? Hummmmmmm. Some vicar!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    RE citizen protests – well, good luck with that. It should be very clear by now that govt. regards us as livestock-not as their ‘bosses.’

    About the Wall St. protests, check out this –

    Occupy Wall Street Affiliated With Professional Revolutionary Organization OTPOR (CIA)

    This xlnt link is an eye-opener & yet could have been predicted as another application of the Hegelian dialectic ‘tried & true formula’ — divide & conquer, pit ‘left’ against ‘right’ & call for bigger & more powerful govt. as the remedy to problems created by big, powerful(& co-opted) govt.

    Their list of ‘demands’ ignores the real problems/ issues/real solutions & basically demands more socialism, govt. funding of all sorts of programs. Remedy the social/economic ills created by BIG government by creating BIGGER govt. with more powers….?

    Re collectivism (socialism/communism)-it’s a clever ploy of the planet’s wealthiest (Anglo/American corporate/banking elites) to ENLARGE government & get the foot in the door for legalized govt. confiscation of our private earnings, & also for CORPORATE welfare.(bailouts etc.)

    Historically big govt. is ALWAYS corrupt & totalitarian; collectivism necessitates & brings about bigger/more powerful government.

    At the heart of the problem is central banking & intrinsically worthless fiat currencies. Very good book on the subject:THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G. Edw. Griffin.

    Re the radiation-we’re screwed, aren’t we?

    The radionuclides R here, more R coming,& many of the worst will be around for decades/centuries.

    As Bob Dylan wrote, “You don’t need a weatherman…”

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Scanning down the news here on enenews today and seeing how ‘shocked’ the Japanese authorities profess to be at the increased findings of high readings here, there, and everywhere — it’s disgusting. They can’t really be SHOCKED. The elites have been studying and closely monitoring the effects (and fallout patterns) of radiation from the get-go.

    It’s well known that fall-out deposition depends on winds and rain/snow basically.

    This is really big – either a big ‘accident’ due to devil-may-care corruption in the industry, corruption in which the corrupt governments are complicit – and/or it was PLANNED as a big ‘thinning of the human herds.’ (The elites have long thought that there are way too many of us.)

    In any event it is way too big to be able to evacuate the millions who should be evacuated (which includes all the people in HI and the US/Canadian West Coast), and so they have to stall and lie and profess to be ‘shocked’ as the inevitable happens – like, golly gee whiz and oh me, oh my –whodathunkit?

    Travelling 250 km is nothing – and they know it. Radiation from tests in Nevada traveled all the way to upstate New York. Which all these guys at the top KNOW full well.

    They just want the truth to unfold as gradually as possible and will conceal as much as they can or profess ignorance/innocence to the bitter end.

    Some of these guys at the top must fear for their lives, if public outrage really gets ignited. The responsible parties are causing millions of deaths and any way you cut the cake that is criminal. They “knew or should have known” better.

  • Be Still My Beating Heart

    I live on the NW coast, within sight sound and smell of the bay.
    I have not had any nose bleeds or rashes, I have not tasted metal in my mouth, I did not see the orange cesium clouds that others in CA claimed to have seen last spring, I have not smelt sulphur in the air, nor have I seen yellow or black rain. My muscles do not ache, nor my bones. No one I know Has died. What I see are the usual change of season colds that if left unattended become phuemonia. Same as every year. If you drink and smoke to excess, and live on fast food and/or white breads and sugars, yeah, you will get sicker, quicker than others.
    I gave up milk, yogurt, feta, cream, and mushrooms. I am taking more supplements than ever in my life, AND I FEEL GREAT! I ate the berries and vegys out of my garden this summer too.
    Genetics, vaccination history, antibiotic use history, location, diet, environmental pollution exposure from the past, excercise or lack of, to name a few things all play in to the picture.
    I do not beleive every symptom that we now experience is FUKU caused. I will admit to a strange illness that came on me last spring, felt like the time I had polio as a child. Lasted about three days. I have since taken Pectin and alginate heavy metal detox and I feel fine.
    I am not denying that this is not serious or real. I do think however, that there is becoming this group mind think here that is starting to feel like a cult. Having grown up in one, I have some experience in that also.
    Be well, and do and think for yourself.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Very good post. I agree.

    • Bobby1

      Consider this analogy. You go out to dinner with 3 friends to a new Korean restaurant that just opened. You all get bulgogi that comes in one big pot and you all share it. While you’re eating, one of the diners suddenly turns blue, his eyes start popping out, and muffled screams come out of his throat. Do you think maybe that the dinner was infected with salmonella? Or, since you feel fine, do you keep on eating it? Do you think the symptoms are all in the guy’s head? Is it wise to keep on eating it just because you haven’t had any symptoms (yet)?

  • StillJill StillJill

    I do not agree. If you WERE experiencing those list of things, you are not,….you would be singing the same song we are.
    Since you do not have symptoms,…you are bored with our speech. Good for you. Not good for us. Those with symptoms may attribute it to anything they like. Skip the posts if you’re too well and wonderful.

    Thank you.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Sorry Jill, I think the post above was not meant how you take it. Of course you and everyone else should feel encouraged here to share stories, symptoms, and anything else!
      All Be Still said was that she (personally) doesn’t think that every symptom nowadays is related to Fuku. It must be allowed to have that opinion and post it.

      If you’re feeling bad, I really hope you’ll be better soon.


    • StillJill,
      I think it is the best way for people to express their symptom’s they have, doesn’t matter if it may or may not be, we can never make a correlation if it is never conveyed for others with similarities or not, we have to be the ones who just put it down and later more may come forward on that subject, edgewise many may write it off as a fluke or just of the mind, that speck burnings on my arms at stop lights was a little hard to put down but I knew it was not normal and should not be overlooked ! This is different from all other accident, bomb test for it is so much more, who’s to say what new problems and solution’s we may find ! How many nose bleeds that never made it to be published in Japan ?

  • bleep_hits_blades

    It does seem a bit like a clique-ish ‘insiders’ club’ here, with strokes for each other and not much for non-members. I have thought that myself. (It reminds me a bit of high school – the ‘popular kids’ and then the peons.)

    Re symptoms, I live in Honolulu and am in my late 60s and ever since shortly after the Fukushima quake and etc. I have had a cough. It is not frequent, but it has persisted. For a while after Fukushima blew, I had a strange sort of sore throat. (It took me a while to realize that it might well be due to Fukushima radiation.) The sore throat is gone (as I recall I improved my diet even more – gave up raw milk cheese – and did more juicing) but I still have the occasional cough, though it has improved a bit.

    Re my health, I am unusually strict in my diet, eating mostly vegan and a lot of raw and as much organic as I can afford. I even juice wheatgrass.

    Over 30 years ago I went on a super-powerful de-tox protocol (the Gerson Therapy) and stayed on it for over a year, and it brought back my health. Since then I have not had a cold or flu at all.

    So the sore throat and cough are pretty unusual for me.

    I did smoke, off and on, heavily at times, in my 20s and 30s, so my lungs might not be in wonderful shape.

    I am quite certain that already there have been many deaths due to this heavy outpouring of radionuclides, mostly in the unborn(spontaneous abortions), the newborn and very young, and the elderly and those with weak/compromised immune systems.

    As with all other aspects of this crime against humanity, they are covering up the data, though of course they are following it closely.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hey bleep, sorry to hear about your cough, but lots of respect for your strict diet! I wish I had the discipline…
      Do you discuss Fuku with neighbours / family / friends? Are others having health problems you know of?

  • StillJill StillJill

    The use of the word, ‘cult’ aimed at me,…or mine,…or my ideas,…will ALWAYS be met with rankor. Period!

    • Be Still My Beating Heart

      The comment and word ‘cult’ was not directed towards you, yours or your ideas alone.
      In order to not upset this status quo, I will respectively refrain from further comments.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Bread & Butter,

    Mostly I am surrounded by people in denial. It is creepy. I have a son in the Seattle area who understands what is going on.

    I am a bit of a recluse but do see and talk to some people and I have not heard of others here having problems.

    Gotta go now, thanks for the interest; basically I like this site, in fact I recommend it all the time to people, and seems like a nice group here. Just noticed the in-groupishness a bit myself, but basically I appreciate the site and the intelligent people who comment here.

    Be Still – don’t give up. Hang around! I am sure you will be treated with respect, is basically a good group.

  • Au Au

    I hate to see anyone go. Info from all over is important. Thanks for posting. I don’t post that often either. I could really be getting stoned to death over the homeopathy comments. So far, no one has cyber-bludgeoned me.

  • ocifferdave

    enenews.com has its own political correctness.

  • thelili

    @Be still me beating heart

    Do stay here and keep posting. It is amazing when the naysayers,soothers, and Tepco apologists pat themselves on the back and say: “But I’M not sick” (because of course everything is about you only. If YOU are well on the West Coast then of course everyone else is lying) so do stay and keep posting.

    When the Spring rains come be man or woman or whatever you are enough to admit when you DO get sick.

    Because you will get sick. I hope you will own it when you do. People warned others about Chernobyl and people were naysayers and apologists too-all the way until their families put them in the hospital(or the ground) and began screaming out alerts.

    People come on here and REFUSE to do any personal research. It’s like they HAVE to get sick or watch a loved one die to be cooperative and productive in group.

    So I will wait. I was one of the first people to say how bad this was and got flamed for it. So be it.

    I will wait.

    The old people know that my name is Lili and who I was on here before.

    (Lol at heavy metal detox and the “better diet” that’ll stop Strontium)

  • kimbo

    Only grassroots protests/action can break through the sundry government barriers that keep the general populace misinformed about the true severity of this crisis. My suggestion? If you have a dosimeter voluntarily offer to test the air filters in the cars and trucks of all your friends and relatives or even strangers. Internal combustion engines have been breathing Fukushima muck for months and should be off the charts. Then remind the owners that they breathe too. Cheers all.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Revolution or capitulate..or as..some guy used to come on and say.
      …lie down in rows and prepare to die.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Heart, You can’t just be against something. You must also be for something. And if you denigrate people by calling them Sheeple, you are asking them to consider themselves animals. No one will follow anyone who calls them Sheeple. No one wants to be part of a mob mentality or part of mob violence.

        Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were successful in bringing about radical change that actually helped people because they called for jot revolution, but for peaceful non-violent demonstration. People are turned off by violence including violence on the part of police officers against peaceful civilians.

        Only love and martyrdom bring about meaningful change. Not a mindless revolution that is undirected and against everything and can’t say what it is for. No one in the US will give up his or her life for a dictator or a demagogue.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    TYPE: not revolution