Kaku: US must monitor tuna very carefully for Fukushima radioactivity — Warns other sea life may be contaminated (VIDEO)

Published: November 23rd, 2012 at 11:21 pm ET


Title: Exploration
Source: KPFA
Date: June 5, 2012
h/t Anonymous tip

Professor Michio Kaku: We have to realize there could be hotspots. In the future, there could be radioactive hotspots from the disaster and it has to be monitored very carefully […]

There are ocean currents which don’t mix the nuclear waste evenly, and therefore we have to watch out that tuna may actually concentrate radiation in the tissue. And this is something that we have to look at very carefully, especially in the coming years, especially in the future, as we have to monitor more and more debris washing up on our shores, and perhaps other forms of sea life like kelp and seaweed that also are contaminated by the Fukushima disaster.

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Published: November 23rd, 2012 at 11:21 pm ET


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27 comments to Kaku: US must monitor tuna very carefully for Fukushima radioactivity — Warns other sea life may be contaminated (VIDEO)

  • or-well

    "could be", "may", "perhaps"
    Kaku on Facebook
    Kaku on Twitter
    Kaku on networks –
    Kaku in glitter!
    Kaku financially liquid
    Kaku "trending" golden
    Kaku the ink squid
    Kaku the molten!
    Kaku the Brand
    Kaku emboldened
    Kaku "da man"
    Kaku beholden –
    to Media.

    • norbu norbu

      He is a smoke screen, "Warns other sea life may be contaminated" What planet is he talking about? Only tuna, sure. Everything else is safe….

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        He's saying something because the nuclear industry doesn't want to be sued later on. The sad thing is that all food and every food in the US has been and is being contaminated by radiation constantly from every nuclear reactor and all the nuclear waste in the world. This radiation is accumulating and will never go away.

        When he focuses on tuna in the Pacific, he is drawing attention from all the radiation in the world from other sources of which there are many.

        There is no way to make any new nuclear reactors safe.

        Does he mention that the nuclear energy which Bill Gates is developing with huge US governmental funds signed off by Obama will be equally unsafe?

        Does he or his supporters say that research into future nuclear reactors must be stopped immediately? Does he say that we have no way to cope at present with nuclear waste and that there will never be a solution to nuclear waste?

        I can look for past statements of his supporter(s) who think that there is a future for nuclear research and nuclear energy if anyone wants me to.

        • "This radiation is accumulating…" – anne

          Yes it is!

          Dr. Kaku has to know that fact. 😉

          He also has to know that it's not going to stop and there is a high probability of things getting far worse at any moment.

          Initially, a long ago now, he talked about a 'ticking time bomb'.
          Well, haven't 3 of those bombs/meltdowns happened.

          Okay, now what?

          Please speak more clearly Dr. Kaku, for some reason, I cannot hear you.

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          I say YES to every word you wrote. They are only doing what they do because they don't want to be sued. They had better have a plan for when everyone knows exactly what they have done; and the plan can't be for here.

  • garjackson

    At least he talks about it. how about something about the other 99.99999% of media personalities who say nothing?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Yes, garjackson. I am really tired of people shooting the messenger so they can look so …………(fill in the blank)!

      • or-well

        dharmasyd, am I shooting the messenger or saying listen closely?
        Why is Kaku a Media personality to a far greater degree than Helen Caldicott?

        • norbu norbu

          correct I have been listening to Dr.Helen Caldicott since 1987. She is awesome!

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          I hear you or-well. Actually I knew both Helen and Michio back in the antinuke days of the 1980s. I apologize if you think I said something untoward. Nothing personal intended.

          • or-well

            dharmasyd, this is a frustrating medium for communication.
            I've composed several long posts around this but scrapped 'em all. Can't nail it satisfactorily.
            So, first, I'm sorry you thought I thought you thought etc.
            Second, I want – ("I want" means it's about me) – even Honey Boo Boo speaking out. And M. Kaku. And and and and.
            What is the dynamic process involving mass media and M. Kaku? There are elements we can't know without knowing intimately M. Kaku's desires and motivations.
            He has a multi-media platform, one (greater, more far-reaching, more mass-mediated) than Caldicott or Gundersen.
            How "telling truth to power" should he be? "should"? Or "I want"? Only he can translate "should" into action through the process of his own perceptions and awareness.
            I'm failing at this again.
            The incredible power of corporately concentrated mass media to shape and influence public perception and opinion is a threat to us all. M. Kaku both uses and is used by that mass media.
            I suggest, that were he to become more outspoken on nuclear issues and less of a science populariser and media personality, his opportunities would become more limited.
            He's dancing with devils. I object to certain minimisations he's committed. I want him to speak more carefully on nuke issues. For the specific broadcast above I both boo and applaud him.
            The nuke and media issues are entwined like siamese-twin snakes. We ignore either at our peril. peace.

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          Maybe because he's better looking. Sorry to be so blunt or crude, but truth is truth. He makes a better-looking spokesperson.

    • or-well

      24/7 &365, AC360 & talkinghead jive –
      The less facts we give you –
      the less room for error!
      Be glad you're alive and safe in TV-Land
      a drone in the hive, well spun & rinsed –
      until you're convinced
      all you need is a smile!
      (Or so goes our ditty,
      remote control pretty
      with 60 inch Precious)
      Don't trouble your Kiddies
      it's other "THEM" that are bad,
      "IT" can't happen here
      and "over there" it's just sad.
      Send us a tweet if you think we are full
      of journalistic impurity.
      We'll pass it along –

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Can't trust eating any seafood.

    • norbu norbu


      • jump-ball jump-ball

        My family has stopped laughing at my pre-3/11 canned tuna and salmon stack, which I quadrupled during April-May-June 2011 to 500 plus long-dated (2015-2017) cans. Now I don't trust much of anything in the CA groceries or restaurants.

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          What a smart thing to do. I wish I had – had your foresight. I really-really miss Salmon and so does my daughter.

  • "The solution to pollution by dilution when it comes to radiation if fallacious.”
    ― Helen Broinowski Caldicott

    DR. Kaku is dead wrong on the 'dilution' statement.

    Maybe for Dr. Kaku it should be "the solution to pollution is his delusion".

    The future? It's accumulating and spreading nonstop!

    What about more testing right NOW Dr. Kaku?
    What about a year ago?
    Why not 'speak up' about the overall 'lack of' testing.

    Ocean Contamination Map…
    …at 623 days since 311.
    That is TODAY?!

  • or-well

    garjackson's question @ 11:44PM above is important.
    I'd break it down further.
    Leaving aside the entertainment industry personalities, where are the news media personalities, for whom the news is their job?
    Where in Media are we to find those from the Scientific, Medical and Faith communities who are speaking out?
    Where are the YOUNG scientists speaking out?

    Is it that the Media are denying us those voices? Or are there none?
    No one gets on TV as a talking-head specialist without being ALLOWED to get on TV.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Real news is NOT their job. Try viewing the print and broadcast media as 'the corporate press', not main-stream in any way, but rather a perception-management based corporate PR department, hiding in plain sight.

  • Don't get me wrong I like Dr. Kaku. He's cool and I don't think anybody has to know Nuclear Physics to be expert knowledgeable in order to have an opinion on this subject.

    I am for anybody who speaks factually about Fukushima or radiation. He does that most of the time. However, I won't hesitate to say when I wish he/they should say more or if they've spoken an inaccuracy.

    I would also 100% agree that more celebs or academics or whoever should be speaking up. I hope more will soon.

    My guess as to the primary reason why there are not more speaking up is due to the mainstream media's ignoring/blackout and misinformation campaign/propaganda, concepts which appear to be working.

    There is the peer pressure factor too. Meaning many are afraid to be called 'fear mongers'. (I think that's been programmed into us.) Many are afraid they may scare someone who has a weak emotional personality and cannot handle bad news. I understand all that. I don't have a lot of answers.

    My personal belief on this is…
    'Word of mouth' is the best way to break the media's stranglehold on what people are aware of. It is a method that has worked for thousands of years. When will people put down there iPhones long enough to verbally communicate? I don't know.

    “Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.”
    ― Jacques-Yves Cousteau

  • JHewes76 JHewes76

    IMOHO you don't have to have a PhD to figure that one out – I stopped eating all seafood months ago.

  • amberlight amberlight

    Prof. Kaku is not entirely straightforward, but there is not much he can do about it if he wants to continue to say ANYTHING in the mainstream media. There is a reason why he gets all the airtime while Helen Caldicott is largely ignored. She is uncompromising and adamant in her anti-nuclear stance and Kaku hedges his bets in order not to be shut out by the MSM. Is he doing it in his own self-interest or is it his way of keeping an urgent issue before the public or a little of both?

    When Kaku talks about "hotspots" or contaminated tuna and seaweed or "more and more debris washing up on our shore" it seems like he is trying to raise the alarm without crossing over into forbidden territory. In any event, like garjackson I'm glad that at least he TALKS ABOUT IT.

    • JHewes76 JHewes76

      I waiting for him to say this : "What would you be if you were attached to another object by an incline plane, wrapped helicly around an axis?" That would get by the censors, LOL

  • Sol Man

    You are aware inside that we can't stop the spread of the bucky balls. There are enough.

  • sworldpeas

    What are the current radiation levels in Tuna? If they were at a low dose in May, when this was originally broadcast, what are they now?