Kaltofen shows effect of plutonium on lung tissue: See single particle cause fibrotic nodule in lung — Eases fears on West Coast (VIDEO)

Published: May 9th, 2012 at 1:31 am ET


Hot Particles and Measurement of Radioactivity
Fairewinds Energy Education
May 8, 2012

Fairewinds’ Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen and Boston Chemical Data Corporation’s Founder Marco Kaltofen have an in-depth conversation regarding the challenges of measuring radiation exposures to people around the globe. Kaltofen explains the scientific methodology involved in accurately analyzing and measuring radioactive releases from Fukushima Daiichi, including the impact of hot particles on human physiology.

~At 13:30 in

Does it stay stuck in the lung? In the case of plutonium oxide, a hot plutonium oxide particle would cause a fibrotic nodule in the lung. It would actually damage some of the surrounding lung tissue…and then some of that tissue might even be killed, but the surviving cells are possible… cancer-causing sites.

Published: May 9th, 2012 at 1:31 am ET


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131 comments to Kaltofen shows effect of plutonium on lung tissue: See single particle cause fibrotic nodule in lung — Eases fears on West Coast (VIDEO)

  • Noah

    Seattle Air Filter Sampling is too small and randomly selected to represent Seattle or the entire Pacific Northwest as a region. (What we can say is that nothing showed on that one sample.)

    I do not consider a car in Seattle to be a air particulate sampling device.

    The size of the radioactive particles in Fukushima City and Tokyo are substantially larger (micron range) than what has traveled in the jet stream from Japan to Seattle (Nano scale). These extremely small nano size particles are simply too small for entrapment in a cellulose car filter. The flow and behavior of the particles are similar to gas, and would flow through, not be trapped in this type of filter.

    This is why such comparisons used by Kalofen between air quality of Japan and the US are erroneous.

    In the US you must sample air particulate on the nano scale. In Japan particles in the micron range would appear in car filters but not in the US. The great distance of travel makes the larger micron sized particle "fallout", leaving the lighter nano particles floating on, to travel to the US and beyond.

    This is why here in the US, I am concerned with nano filtration and extraction, rather than be concerned with micron sized particulate.

    I am not surprised that the Seattle filter is clean, nano particles would simply pass through the filter with no finger print.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Agree Noah..Good to see you..

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Noah, your intelligent insight is much appreciated here. Perhaps you can contact Marco and discuss this issue with him and report back to us here?

      It would be fascinating to hear his response.

      Thank you!

    • Wreedles Wreedles


      Can nano particles of plutonuim pass through capillaries? If these things act like a gas, then lung cancer may be the least of our problems.

      "The capillary wall is a one-layer endothelium that allows gas and lipophilic molecules to pass through without the need for special transport mechanisms. This transport mechanism allows bidirectional diffusion depending on osmotic gradients and is further explained by the Starling equation."

      • RutherfordsGhost

        Define what you mean by nano?
        Any fine gold particles which we use for cancer research under 1.5nm are renally excreted within 72 hours.
        Large particles lodge in anionic connective tissues (depending upon nano particle charge structure) and linger. Many cause fibrosis and cancer.
        Workers with sharps injuries report skin cancers at site of injury for larger particles.

    • Anthony Anthony

      You are right.

    • mem mem

      In this video last year Arnie Gunderson said that those of us in the Seattle area had breathed in 5 hot particles a day:


      This scared the hell out of me at the time. So Arnie, were you lying then or are you lying now? Why in the world has your story changed?! And now you call it whining???

      Why do you look so confident in last years video, while in today's video you look so unsure?

      • mem mem

        My apologies for double posting about this below, and for being overly hysterical and negative about this video. Now that I've calmed down, I realize I was upset only because of how much I have relied upon the wealth of information you have given us over the past year when the rest of the scientific community has been mute.

        So thank you to the Gundersens and Kaltofen for bringing so much attention to Fukushima. I really do appreciate your work 🙂

        • NoNukes NoNukes


          I don't think that you have anything to apologize for, you ask important questions…"please talk about more than cesium…tell us about the plutonium"

          People were able to study and analyze and report about plutonium in Lithuania…but this is impossible for people in the U.S. for some reason:


          so why can't people in the U.S. seem to handle this?

          Thanks for your work, mem, please don't stop asking such important questions.

          • mem mem

            Thank you, NoNukes. I do think information about plutonium is a very important question, we need really do need answers about radiation levels in the air, sea, dirt, food, water, ourselves, et cetera. We should have had these answers right from the start, and the injustice that it's been withheld is maddening.

            But I did still want to apologize, because the Gundersens and Marco Kaltofen don't actually owe me a single one of the answers I was ranting about and demanding. I was kind of having a tantrum like 'I want my mommy and daddy to tell me what is going on in this nightmare!'. In reality, the Fairewinds folks have given us a lot of information and answers, but it's not their job to make up for the lack of information from our governments. I just felt like my anger was displaced, and so I just hope Arnie and his friends keep posting info for us.

            But thank you so much for the nudge NoNukes, it's much appreciated in this crazy daily process of trying to handle knowing (and not knowing) about Fukushima.

  • Sam Sam

    After watching the interview I momentarily felt re-assured that things were not that
    bad over here on the West Coast. Gundersen's was not doing critical thinking in this
    interview which makes him part of the cover-up unfortunately.
    Am I to believe that all is okay here after Reactor 3 blew sky high–that it is not so bad
    but the fall out will come later on from the Ocean and the transpiration cycles. Nice
    attempt at tranquilization. At least Kaltofen did not use the banana comparisons
    though the car filters come close. Noah is righty on. Nano particles need to be measured
    differently. .
    No mention in that interview about what would happen when the SFP go critical.

    I would not be surprised to see all who are rightfully alarmed by the continual degradation
    of Fukushima to be labeled hysterical and the threat minimized and ignored further.

    Looking at what is seems to be so difficult for most to do.

  • mem mem

    Last year Gundersen was in a video saying that those of us on the West Coast were breathing in 5 hot particles a day, and that it wasn't too far off from the 5-10 hot particles a day they were breathing in Tokyo. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I thought those were results from Kaltofen that he was quoting at the time, and it was based on air filters too. So why do they now say the opposite and show a totally clear air filter from Seattle taken during the 'peak contamination' in April? What about the farmer that he spoke of (in another video)in Oregon who stopped farming due to significant findings of radiation? If he doesn't give us the facts he knows and just alludes to it, it's nothing more than spreading rumors. In yet another video he said 80% of the radiation went into the sea-well how much is that? What does he base that calculation on?

    He seemed to be one of the only people bringing Fukushima into the media, but giving a bunch of morsels of vague information and then going back on it later is as useless as the silence of every other agency. It's also very irresponsible.

    If you're reading this Arnie, either give us true detailed info, or just stop with the vague videos full of half truths. It's already confusing and scary enough as it is. We have mutated dandelions even in Ontario….tell us how much radiation is in the environment for that to occur! And please talk about more than cesium…tell us about the plutonium.

  • mem mem

    Here is the video I was talking about from last year. I still appreciate all the work Arnie has done, I just don't understand why his video today contradicts this one.


  • openeye openeye

    IMPORTANT NEWS FOR OUR WELL-BEING: Mike Adams will be interviewing Arnie et al regarding impending / increasing Fukushima radiation dangers to No. Hemisphere when he hosts the Alex Jones show this Friday. Knowing Mike, he won't mince words / will ask hard questions. I only hope Arnie is clear as clear can be, especially as he could get nailed in the follow up by infowarriors. Details at http://www.naturalnews.com .

    • Cindy Cindy

      I went to the link you have posted at Natural News.com. I couldn't find ANY headline or side article about Mike Adams being on InfoWars & talking about this subject. Could you tell me What Time (Pacific Time) he's going to be on?
      Thanks OpenEye!

      • StillJill StillJill

        Cindy, here it is: Dear NaturalNews readers,

        I was up pretty late last night, delivering a 2-hour LIVE event which turned out to be a 3.5-hour live event full of excellent, active questions from all the participants. I want to say THANK YOU to all those who participated.

        Many of the questions were about Fukushima fallout and what might be happening in the USA and Canada. To help answer those questions, I've invited nuclear industry expert Arnie Gunderson to be the featured guest when I host the Alex Jones Show this Friday on national radio.

        It all starts at 11am central time (12 noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific) and Arnie joins us roughly 30 minutes into the show. You can listen to the entire show at no charge at http://www.PrisonPlanet.com

        The show also features Dr. Len Saputo, who will be discussing holistic methods for radiation protection. This is sure to be one of the best shows I've ever done for Alex, so don't miss it this Friday!

  • glowfus

    the biggest radiation and possibly terminal catastrophe in the history of the world and less than one half of one dozen experts discussing it. facsinating.

    • Sam Sam

      glofus; It truly is fascinating observing all this. Where is todays Ken Kesey to write
      a One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest about this insane Mental Institution we all are living in today.

      How many centuries did people believe the Earth was flat?
      In Florence the Church burnt Giodorno Bruno for heresy?
      Homeland Security will label individuals as Terrorists and they
      vanish into the American Gulag.
      Maybe Scientists are afraid to speak out as they will be put on
      the no fly list.
      The silence and denial around Fukushima is truly astounding and
      yet not surprising.
      Go read Freud about Defense Mechanisms!

  • What-About-The-Kids

    I too am somewhat confused by what seems to be contradictory claims and findings about what exactly people in Seattle and the PNW were breathing during the heaviest fallout last March and April.

    Arnie and Marco, if you are reading this, perhaps you can explain why your air filter findings seem to be out of sync with the findings of the Pacific Northwest Labs, which found up to 40,000 times the amount of typical background levels of radioactive Xenon gases in the PNW, just 4 days and over 7,000 kilometers away from Fukushima:


    "Elevated radioxenon detected remotely following the Fukushima nuclear accident"

  • jukfuku

    Kaltofen’s easy, sing-song delivery reminds me of the background drone in a casino. Seems like someone who’s managing a longer career than his past outlook would have indicated. Wasn’t his thesis on the long distance flight of nano-particles? Suddenly they are too small to count- they pass right through the lungs! Where do they go? Where does strontium, the bone seeker, go? Or all that cesium?
    To show an empty slide of a Seattle air filter does not represent the truth. Isn’t that what this sort of visual aid is supposed to accomplish? It indicates to people what their level of concern should be. Nothing there. Look. Empty. Nothing showed up. That’s propaganda. Those particles were there a minute ago! We’ve seen other slides. Read about other studies, other statistics. Is this supposed to be sleight-of-hand, like Copperfield, or bait-and-switch, like another sleazy salesman? Let the people handle their own level of hysteria, for fucksakes! If we were getting actual information there would be less hysteria, and certainly more action. The West Coast needs to ‘lower the stress level’?! Really? So that’s our fault…?
    “I call this my stop-whining graphic,” Kaltofen informs us with his empty Seattle slide.

    • Bobby1

      Arnie & Marco: "Stop whining"

      They are saying what was detected or not detected in vehicle air filters (not a professional device) in April 2011 has something to do with radiation exposure in May 2012.

      No useful information.

  • What-About-The-Kids

    (continued)…Does not the possibility exist that this cloud of radioactive Xenon-133 gases could ALSO include other isotopes and "hot particles" or "fuel fleas?"

    Do the laws of physics and weather show that Xenon-133 somehow magically separates itself from all other radioisotopes when moving through the air, thereby making it impossible for such hot particles other than Xenon-133 to be present at the same time?

  • What-About-The-Kids

    Here's the abstract of the report by the PNW, from the above link:

    Here's the abstract of the PNW Labs study found at the link provided above:

    "Elevated radioxenon detected remotely following the Fukushima nuclear accident"

    Bowyer TW, Biegalski SR, Cooper M, Eslinger PW, Haas D, Hayes JC, Miley HS, Strom DJ, Woods V.

    "Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, National Security Division, PO Box 999, Richland, WA, United States. ted.bowyer@pnl.gov

    "We report on the first measurements of short-lived gaseous fission products detected outside of Japan following the Fukushima nuclear releases, which occurred after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. The measurements were conducted at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), (46°16'47″N, 119°16'53″W) located more than 7000 km from the emission point in Fukushima Japan (37°25'17″N, 141°1'57″E). First detections of (133)Xe were made starting early March 16, only four days following the earthquake. Maximum concentrations of (133)Xe were in excess of 40 Bq/m(3), which is more than ×40,000 the average concentration of this isotope is this part of the United States.

    2011. Published by Elsevier Ltd."

    • What-About-The-Kids

      And what about the 40,000 microsievert estimated one year dose to California children's thyroids by U.S. gvt. agencies as discussed by the NRC last year?


      Were California children not breathing in radioactive Xenon gases too, and other possible radioisotopes? If not, did this estimated isotope deposition somehow magically bypass the air passages of Californians, and just somehow fall on the ground, thereby the pathways to this projected exposure children's thyroids would be solely through internal exposure via ingestion of radioactive food and water?

      "R. HICKSMAN: This is Tom Hicksman. Could you please repeat the DITTRA projection and our calculation for the thyroid dose rates in California, please?

      "MR. LEWIS: Well, our calculations are not done.

      "MR. HICKSMAN: But you thought that they might be 1,000 times less, or that they are –

      "MR. LEWIS: Yeah. The DITTRA result was four rem [40,000 microsieverts] to the thyroid of a one year-old child based on one year integration of uptake. They –"…

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    I'm certain there is more discustion taking place than we are aware. I the last 8 months I have grown several nodules in my L lung. Have had every test imaginable, every one. The last thing the doctors said to me was, "we don't know why you are growing fibrotic tissues in your lung." It was not there 7/1/2011 but misteriously appeard at 1.3 cm in less than 6 months. Know this because of surgery, wedge resection to the Right lung, with pet and ct scans every 3 months. There were two now there are four nodules in L lung. It is painfull to breath but the doctors don't think so in fact they told me our lungs have no feeling type nerves.

    UCSF doctors are in charge of my care, you would think they could be honest with me. Thank you Enenews, learning more here than at the hospital in San Francisco. How many hot particals are floating around?

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Tumrgrwer, I am so sorry to hear about this. It sure makes you wonder. As we've discussed in the "Possible Fukushima-related Anomalies" section of enenews, those of us living on the West Coast have witnessed an incredible number of friends and family who have had virulent upper respiratory illnesses lasting over a month, including pneumonia in people who previously never had it, as well as sudden onset of cancers (at least two people I heard of succumbing to their cancer after only a few months of diagnosis), and strokes and heart attacks taking the lives of both elderly and otherwise healthy young athletes as well.

      These add up to too many occurrences to be coincidental, don't you think?

      As we've discussed, many here believe our immune systems were compromised by our initial exposure to breathing in the 40,000 times background Xenon-133. Breathing in such radioactive gases, no matter how short lived, surely must have some affect on one's lungs.

      In fact, my own child had TWO separate incidents of anaphalaxic type reactions last Spring (April and early June), both times after exercising outside, after previously NEVER experiencing such symptoms ever! The doctor never did come to a conclusion as to what caused it, despite allergy tests, etc…

      Only a non-thinking person would not at least TRY to see if there are any health issues resulting from our early exposure to fallout and ongoing exposure to "low levels" of radiation fallout which may be in our…

    • StillJill StillJill

      Tumrgrwer,….ask them how many rads you've gotten? Watch their head spin,…they will tell you,…"I don't know". Ask them if that number can be extrapolated from your file. Watch their eyes glaze over. Ask them if ANYONE knows, or is keeping track of how many rads you are getting,….and watch them squirm in their seats. My friend,…do YOU KNOW how many rads are in a pet scan? You get one every three months,….need to add it up!
      Add them all up,. (include mri,s, xrays, all NUCLEAR studies),……..and DEAR FRIEND,…there's enough there to grow NEW tumors,….TO BE SURE!

      I say you are where I was two years ago when their TREATMENTS almost KILLED STILL JILL!

      Walk away!

      • StillJill StillJill

        I was down in SF too,…UCSF I think. I was there a dozen times in 18 months for their DEATH dealing treatments!

        Then,…I walked away and took my care back into my own hands,….and the cosmos sent me two Naturopathic Doctors, who treated me for $50 a month,….the Mother's of the Universe will heal us!

        • What-About-The-Kids

          That is so wonderful that you can share this important information with Tumrgrwer, StillJill, since you went through some similar experience! It is great to see enenewsers being able to help each other! Makes my heart happy! Bless you, StillJill, for your thoughtfulness!

          Tumrgwer, let us know how it goes! You're in our thoughts and prayers!

      • jec jec

        @Stilljill Agree..the MRIs are not as much a concern as the CT scans, xrays, all those studies with "injections" to allow organs to be visable. Those are RADS! And I am just waiting to go to the Airport for a scan..cause I am wearing my RADTriage badge. And I plan to have the sticker attached to myself during the next xray/scan I have at the hospital. We will see.

        • StillJill StillJill

          Good for you jec! You're onto them! 🙂

          Just like being our own media,…we must become our own doctor's too!

        • Auntie Nuke

          Jec, I'm going to be flying for the first time since the TSA tyrants were allowed to go all Nazi on us. Where can I get a RADTriage badge? Between being irradiated and being molested, there is no good answer for me. Currently leaning towards the scanners, as I don't fly often, don't get xrays, pt/ct/mri/any other kinds of radioactive scans. But either way is icky.

  • What-About-The-Kids

    Open letter to Steve Herman in S. Korea regarding your recent coverage of Fukushima in today's Voice of America online article:


    While we appreciate your efforts to reassure your readers that everything is hunkey dorey there in Japan, your lack of knowledge and information on the subject of the health affects that the radiation exposure is having on Japanese citizens is quite glaring, and your article borders on irresponsibility.

    Please take time to read through the articles here on enenews from the past year, and fix the glaring errors in your article, and apologize to all the Japanese who are indeed suffering from symptoms of radiation exposure.

    How can you publish this with a straight face and good conscience, Voice of America? I quote:

    "There has been no credible scientific evidence presented that any humans have been sickened by radiation in Japan following the March 2011 reactor meltdowns. Japan's government also says no one has been harmed by radiation exposure because of the accident."

    Pure blatent propaganda at its worst. For shame!

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Continued from above re: Steve Herman's VOA article:

      Steve, quoting an American expat living in Japan who is equally ignorant of the facts does not help support your case one iota. In fact, the use of that same ol' 'no immediate danger" BS (for that is what it is) is laughable:

      "Another American living in Inzai is not worried.

      “I've had independent [radiation] readings taken by Safecast and Hakette.jp. There is no danger in Inzai with radiation sickness,” says Mark Alan Williams, an international business coordinator with a Japanese corporation. “There are new homes being built in my neighborhood and a Costco [warehouse store] is planned for Inzai too. I have no immediate sense of danger at all.”

      Surely you can do better? Surely the Japanese people who are suffering deserve your respect and empathy?

      • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

        What-About-The-Kids, the death coast of California is my home also. I could be wrong, have been many times before, but I can't figure out why the doctors cannot diagnose me. I am schedualed for test through the next 3 months. If I don't have it, they surely are going to give it to me. It's hard for me to keep up with enenewsers, smart cookies they are. I read everything posted because I rely on this information. When/if sfp 4 topples to the ground, I'm thinking I will hear from here before the others. I have felt as Xdrfox many times. MJ to the rescue!!!

        • What-About-The-Kids

          I have family in CA. Three members had pneumonia this past year (two had it this past winter, one last summer). Friends and family in the Bay Area had the upper respiratory persistent virus for over a month. Three family members had nose bleeds in S. CA in late March.A friend in Los Angeles her late 40's with two children died of a massive stroke last December. Another aquaintance in his late 50's had a heart attack…and on and on…too many other such stories..

          I hope you can get your doctors to do a blood test for cesium exposure or possibly a full body scan for radiation exposure. I know they must have such equipment at hospitals, since they handle radioactive materials. Ask and see what they can do to determine if you've had radiation exposure and if it is what caused the nodules.

          Wishing you all the best and healing {{{hugs!}}}


            @What-About-The-Kids: the economic implications the potential medical costs, alone, will be toppling the global tower-of-power. Be assured, they're looking at the numbers and attempting to come-up with a strategy. They know they aren't at liberty to tell the public to crawl-off into the weeds and die. (They're not above such but just can't get away with such indifference whilst maintaining their protectionist agenda.) What we're likely to see are major policy shifts in euthanasia stances, by both medical sector and political moralist, as well. So look for three things: a miraculous resurgence of the right-to-die movement, a big push to get into space and a really big push for renewable energy systems. I'm already watching the later two being shifted into high-gear over the last six months. Making euthanasia palatable for the general public will be more problematic as they've long done their best to criminalize all of our personal rights; especially the right to die on our own terms.

            All that said (…whew!), I'd also like to send my best wishes for you and yours on the West Coast. I've noticed many on my side of the fence are also exhibiting deteriorating health conditions. Not sure if this is due to the Fuku-effect or biased perceptions. I'm not bothering to warn anyone as to why they may be getting ill. It's at the point of no return, for all of us…

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Thanks, Aftershock. I wish you and yours, and all here, well too.

              You have an interesting take on how you think things will pan out in the coming months and years. We are all witnesses here to this surreal, dark Kabuki drama unfolding before us.

              As for myself, I won't make any predictions here, as I honestly cannot say for sure what will happen with 100% complete conviction; so instead, I prefer spending my time and energy on ways to help limit and mitigate the effects of radiation exposure and focus on ways to end nuclear power for good (alternate energy, yes!!!).

              But I am definitely concerned and keeping my eyes WIDE OPEN from here on out!

              Thanks again for your well wishes. 🙂


                @What-About-The-Kids: be assured, things happen for a reason. Imagine hundreds-of-thousands-of-years of hard-fought-for evolution going down the tubes, because a handful of 'contemporaries' felt it was their privileged-right to do with us and our world as they felt. The 'gods' don't work that way. They'll allow the freedom to discover but not the freedom to impede the rights of others to do so.

                The power-elite have put into place a global infrastructure that was to serve them exclusively. They worked hard and long at this vision of absolute control over us and our world. It could never have been achieved without their secretive efforts. Little did they fathom how easy it was to remove from the control of what they created. As the common man was too fearful of challenging the abuses of the powerful, we are now forced to make amends with our collective body. This is why events have unfolded as they have. Had we the courage to sacrifice ourselves, we could have avoided what is now a necessary endgame.

                The power-elite are finished. (You didn't think they'd announce it with white flags…did you?) A new age is about to dawn upon us all. Our greatest challenge will be in how it is planned and carried out. We are embarking upon a tear-filled victory over centuries of greed and intransigence. Sadness is to follow within the coming years; from those tears, a long-forgotten promise is fulfilled…

                • What-About-The-Kids

                  You certainly weave good stories with your words and unique vision, Aftershock. You must be a writer, yes?

                  I reserve judgement on whether this particular version of The Story is true. Just my own intuition telling me that typically, there are no Grand Poo Bahs sitting down in a room, dictating how everyone and everything must happen.

                  What is more typical is that, while yes, there are certain people in powerful places with large assets backing them who hold sway over their own limited sphere of power, there are numerous others like them, worldwide, reigning over their own limited spheres.

                  Such people who are accustomed to calling the shots have huge egos typically, and as such, they are not receptive to being told what to do by others.

                  Now imagine a room full of such people. Do you really believe they can join together and agree to conspiratorily take over and control the world?

                  Yes, from time to time, they may try and work with others to keep their own sphere running smoothly. But running their spheres takes a lot of energy, time and focus. Not much left over to take part in a Grand Conspiracy to Rule the World.

                  I can understand how many people feel completely powerless and frustrated in today's world. As such, it is easy to look for someone to blame all the world's problems on, and tie it up with one nice neat little bow.

                  But I have a sense that that just isn't how the world works, or how these things typically play out. Just my two cents. 😉

                  • What-About-The-Kids

                    A couple more thoughts:

                    I do believe change is needed and is coming. After all we've been learning about since 3/11, it's a given: We need to do some serious housecleaning.

                    But change does not come easy, and to do it right requires patience, intelligent thought, incredible foresight, flexibility and a willingness to not only make mistakes, but to freely admit those mistakes so they can be rectified and improvements and adjustments in the plans can be made along the way.

                    Fortitude, persistence and a willingness to "put one's nose to the grindstone" are especially important, as most of the necessary changes cannot happen overnight by simply waving a magic wand.

                    Wisdom, a knowledge and understanding of history, of where we've come from, so we can learn from past mistakes and past successes equally, is also vital.

                    While we need to remove those in power who exhibit criminal behaviors, lack of empathy or a conscience, let us not forget that such evil and criminal behavior exists at all levels of society. Though, because the actions of those at the highest levels of society have the power to adversely affect the highest number of people, such evil becomes magnified.

                    • What-About-The-Kids

                      And finally…

                      Ultimately, however, like Anne Frank, despite my knowledge that such evils exists, I still believe that people are basically good.

                      It is for that reason that I hold out Hope that we, as caring and concerned citizens of the world, will rise to the formidable occasion at hand and work together to find solutions to our challenges.

                      If not for ourselves, we will do it for the innocent among us, our children and future generations who are counting on us to do the right thing.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      @What-About-The-Kids: I could not agree more with your closing thoughts [May 9, 2012 at 5:51 pm]. You're simply wonderful…

                    • What-About-The-Kids

                      Aw, shucks. Thanks, Aftershock! You are too. 🙂

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    @What-About-The-Kids: and an invaluable "two cents", they are!

                    Without risking too much here, there are well organized entities (behind the scenes), whose primary function is to work towards predefined goals of control and domination of resources. It is not for me to 'out them' within this forum. Many out here already know (from their own research) who they are and what they've been up to, over the last hundred years. I'll leave such disclosure to those who feel inclined towards enlightening others to the details of these entities.

                    Just entertain the idea that the success of these entities is realized through the art of deception. Central to that deception is the myth that 'they' do not exist. They never look for approval or acknowledgement, as they are the standard whereby all 'success' is be measured. Had you the opportunity, you'd be pleasantly surprised by their unassuming presence. It is those who serve them that aren't always so amenable…

                    • What-About-The-Kids

                      Thanks, Aftershock. 🙂

                      I have spent some time perusing some of the conspiracy theory websites and while many have interesting and quite imaginative narratives they tell, I typically come away from those sites a bit empty-handed.

                      Furthermore, I don't have patience for reading what I typically find on such sites to be terribly ugly racist, prejudicial comments from some small-minded folks who seem to lack a deeper intelligence and tend to target those "elites" by name, never failing to make sure to take a stab at their religious, ethnic or racial heritage…as if one person (or even a family of persons) of wealth who have had powerful positions in their lives therefore represent an entire race of people.

                      Then there are those diversions into the topic of aliens…and they lose me at that point. 😉

                      Yes, I've read about some of the "elite" organizations you allude to, but again, most of what I read is lacking substance and is rife with paranoia. It is just not interesting to me.

                      Elite or not, we are all going to have to learn to live together on the beautiful, but finite planet called Earth. Skipping town for a life in space just isn't going to happen in our foreseeable lifetimes, and anyway, who really would want to live such a life away from our blessed Mother Earth?

                      And I doubt many "elites" who are used to living in the lap of luxury are excitedly anticipating a live as rats in bunkers as so many of these conspiracy theorists seem to think. Not…

                    • What-About-The-Kids

                      (Continued from my previous comment…)

                      …Not likely…

                      Ok, 'nuff said. Again, this is just my own take on things. I appreciate the fact that enenews allows for the diverse range of philosophies and beliefs and opinions here. What a true democracy is all about. 🙂

                    • What-About-The-Kids

                      Oops! Make that "…a LIFE as rats…"

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Damage control, anyone? This attractive man with his smooth, easy, smiling delivery reminds me of a used car salesman. And Arnie the brave stand-alone truth-teller here resembles a dog on a leash. Suddenly, he's all humility and ready and eager to learn from an 'expert.'

    Calling CONCERN about the biggest nuclear, environmental, and industrial accident/event in the history of the world 'WHINING' — this is not science.

    One thing on my mind is that people who cause too much trouble for TPTB have a tendency to end up dead (Silkwood). When I see such a big turn-about in the song Arnie is singing, it makes me wonder what pressure might have been applied to get him to tone his act down. (Of course, this assumes that he was not controlled from the get-go, as some have suggested).

  • lam335 lam335

    I'm confused. In this video and in his presentation from last fall, Kaltofen suggests that the car filter from Seattle indicates that very little was being breathed in by people there in April of 2011. But Gundersen has several times mentioned the finding that people in Seattle were likely breathing in at least 5 hot particles/day during that time, and I thought that that estimate was probably based on Kaltofen's work.

    So were people on the West Coast likely to have breathed in a significant number of such particles last spring, or were they not?

    • arclight arclight

      hi iam

      on my you tube videos i seem to be getting to the air pollution bit

      turns out that the smaller particles that are ignored can enter the blood stream more easily than as first thought! smaller than pm10

      its likely that pm10 are more effective on health and disease issues too!

      kings college london is discussing this new information as we speak while london authorities are trying to hide the pollution with dust suppresant (like they used in daichi!!)

      no one is talking about the heavy releases of nuclear power plants like they dont talk about medical scientific reactors in japan??!!??
      know what i mean 😉

      so the smaller particles are more damaging and can enter the blood stream more easily, especially if they pretend to be things like zinc, calcium etc.. and they have only just figured this out?? the discussion on this topic in kings college is not made public knowledge though?? not even the guardian will touch it!!

      so its a new science?? lol!

      and when marc lets his copyright off the fallout book so it can be looked at properly, maybe we might be able to draw some conclusions…

      hate copyright me! like marcs work but would like to see more info from him on explaining the nature of fallout and how it develops through the half life cycle.. and some difinitive data on what comes out of the reactors during there "legal emmissions" .. i would also like to hear his view on why the radioactive monitor staff are not doing there job properly/at…

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Good stuff, Arclight! You are one very clever ol' chap, aren't you? 😉

        I think by now you have earned your degree in nuclear radiation fallout modeling! Surely there is an accredited institution who will recognize your Master Thesis and give you a degree, yes?

        Brilliant as usual. Keep up the good work, my friend!


        • arclight arclight

          took an enenews degree in nuke bashing… still waiting for my certificate 🙁 cost me a fortune as well 🙂

          • What-About-The-Kids

            Yes, you did earn your enenews nuke bashing degree as well! Sorry it cost you so much…but the rewards of helping others through your amazing efforts are priceless! 🙂 You can be very proud! Thank you!

      • arclight arclight

        heres a video i did about contamination issues and the way that water and land are dealt with seperately concerning pollution and air is dealt with seperately!

        radiation is dealt seperately to "other" larger contaminants like lead and other metals…. more than 50 percent of lead comes from "energy use"

        there has been a cover up of severe contamination issues, the story broke by the guardian recently… bottom line was that the british ministry of defence was blaming BRITISH NUCLEAR FOOLS 🙂 for part of the contamination of up to 1000 sites.. begs the question …

        where did the rest of the reactor emmissions end up?? the mountains of norway for example? , amongst others of course…. dilution is the solution???? not!

        links to pdfs and articles on you tube description…

        a heady read..;) videos quick and painless though!

        sunday thoughts 3– 6/5/12 air water and land radiation coverup!


        • arclight arclight

          dilution is hot spot creating!! imo

        • What-About-The-Kids

          Good work, Arclight! It is interesting how by not measuring the smaller particles, they are likely missing some…including what is coming out of NPPs.

          And yes, dilution must create hotspots elsewhere…the radioactivity lasts as long as 10 times its half life! Just "kicking the proverbial can down the road" so to speak, no?

          Anyway, you are doing important work and I hope your fellow Brits get with the show and join your YouTube channel soon! Your followers should continue to grow as the word gets out that you are providing such a valuable service. Keep up the good work, Arc! 🙂

  • Sam Sam

    How come do we get this video now when it was presented last fall?
    How come we are being told now that Seattle hot particles Gundersen reported earlier
    is of no health concern?
    I think a psy-op is occuring at this time to no surprise. With all the drumbeating
    about the potential catastrophe of SPF 4 etc. we are being told not to worry,
    radiation is not harming us here in America even with Reactor # 3 blown sky high.
    Even if SfP 4 goes down ,life will go on. Don't worry, be happy and don't think about
    Fukushima. Time to move on.

    • CB CB

      I hope he's not in duress.

      • CB CB

        EPAs RADNET Laboratory Data March 2011 for the states to include sample types from Precipitation, Milk, Drinking Water and Air Filter Cartridge.

      • I am also concerned about duress.

        In the US our national in/security laws would easily enable our government to censor individuals, or to threaten them with indefinite detention should they pose "security" risks.

        Fukushima is a national security risk. Bobby1 posted links to a NRC designated national emergency status due to Fukushima yesterday.

        It could cause civil unrest if people knew what has happened, is happening.

        Civil unrest would probably be worse if people thought they had been lied to.

        By failing to act transparently, governments have produced the risk of that which they fear most

        I expect censorship and duress.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi majia

          I agree once people realize, that information has been withheld and they have been lied to, the outcome could very well cause civil unrest.

          Then, marshal law could very well be put into place, not something that I would want.
          Laws have been put into place for a reason.

    • NoNukes NoNukes


      Thank you, excellent points!

  • glowfus

    the dominant control variable right now are the missing reactor cores, the sfp#4 and possibly the reactors at daini, onagawa and tokai. are there and "reactor whisperers" in the audience? yes of course people could add to this mess, but can we stop this mess?

  • NukeProof

    Please get your facts right before you assassinate someone's character. Here is what Gundersen said from the transcript on the Fairewinds site…..

    Hi, I'm Arnie Gundersen from Fairewinds.

    It is October 31st, 2011. This is a video that contains scientific information that we have been wanting to share with you for a long time. Today, in Washington D.C. at 8:30 in the morning, scientist Marco Kaltofen gave a presentation to some doctors who are part of the American Public Health Association. The paper is now on our website, next to this video.
    Now Mr. Kaltofen did not just look at Japan. He set up monitoring stations in the United States as well. Two of the three monitoring stations in the United States did show hot particles in the air in April. Since then, there have not been any hot particles. But in April, it is clear that, at the worst of the accident, hot particles were wafted across the Pacific and deposited in Seattle and in Boston at least…..

    Gundersen and Kaltofen have been crystal clear for a year… GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

  • Sam Sam

    Another commentator talked about nano size plutonium particles that can pass through
    those air filters Mr. Kaltofen was using to collect his samples in Seattle. We
    The People of America and around the world are being denied the full truth of what is in
    the fall out coming daily from Fukushima and what is already in our soils, water, air AND FOOD.

    Where are you NukeProof in helping us get this information? Do you know how to run
    a lab to test for all these particles? Would you be part of a program in doing this?
    People are dying and getting very sick from Fukushima.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Good one Sam,….it was Noah!

      Here's a repost of his comments,…..dispelling our safety from hot particals! Bam!
      May 9, 2012 at 2:47 am · Reply
      "Seattle Air Filter Sampling is too small and randomly selected to represent Seattle or the entire Pacific Northwest as a region. (What we can say is that nothing showed on that one sample.)

      I do not consider a car in Seattle to be a air particulate sampling device.

      The size of the radioactive particles in Fukushima City and Tokyo are substantially larger (micron range) than what has traveled in the jet stream from Japan to Seattle (Nano scale). These extremely small nano size particles are simply too small for entrapment in a cellulose car filter. The flow and behavior of the particles are similar to gas, and would flow through, not be trapped in this type of filter.

      This is why such comparisons used by Kalofen between air quality of Japan and the US are erroneous.

      In the US you must sample air particulate on the nano scale. In Japan particles in the micron range would appear in car filters but not in the US. The great distance of travel makes the larger micron sized particle "fallout", leaving the lighter nano particles floating on, to travel to the US and beyond.

      This is why here in the US, I am concerned with nano filtration and extraction, rather than be concerned with micron sized particulate.

      I am not surprised that the Seattle filter is clean, nano particles would simply pass through the…

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Alaskan airline attendants are losing have rashes and are losing their hair. They are placing the blame on the uniforms but with all the wildlife anomalies, i.e. polar bears, seals, I think it is from Fukushima radiation in the jet stream. JMHO

    • do you have a link for that story about the Alaskan airline attendants Moonshellblue?

      I am hoping to document symptoms…

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        There is one video but I'm having trouble locating it but here is one of many http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/05/09/hundreds-flight-attendants-fall-ill-hair-falling-131171/ If you goggle alaskan airline attendants losing hair many sites pop up. Thanks again Majia I enjoy reading your blog, well not so much enjoy, as find it very informative and well written.

      • mem mem

        Hi, here is a link about the uniforms:


        I agree moonshellblue, my first thought when I read this was that it might be the radiation too! But then I wondered why they weren't itchy before the new uniforms….also, I've noticed some pretty gross fabrics in the past couple years that make my hand itchy right away (sometimes they even say 100% cotton when it's obviously not!). A worthwhile observation all the same either way.

        PS- I enjoy your blog too Majia!

        • Plan Nine

          Umm… This article says the problem began in March 2011. It also says that three labs failed to confirm any toxicology. One symptom of the fall of the Soviet Empire was the trumping of science with ideology. Farewell, my fellow subjects!

          • mem mem

            Wow…I posted the link to this article myself but somehow I misread it-I thought it said the problem began in March 2012, but it actually started in March 2011! Whoa. Thank you for picking up on that Plan Nine!

            If anyone knows an employee of Alaska Airlines they should pass this on.

  • ENENews

    Let's try and have a discussion about Fukushima radiation without some questioning the motivations of others.

    Debating provable facts is preferred to speculating about someone's personal motivations.

    It seems to me Gundersen and Kaltofen are in agreement that there are no more hot particles being transported via air from Fukushima to North America.

    However, they don't appear to be disputing that hot particles made it to America in the weeks after March 11.

    On Oct. 31 Gundersen said:

    "Kaltofen […] set up monitoring stations in the United States as well. Two of the three monitoring stations in the United States did show hot particles in the air in April. Since then, there have not been any hot particles. But in April, it is clear that, at the worst of the accident, hot particles were wafted across the Pacific and deposited in Seattle and in Boston at least.

    There is also data that indicates contamination on the ground in the Cascades, which are a mountain range right up against the Pacific Ocean.

    […] we can be sure that the radiation did reach here and that there will be an increase in cancers, especially on the West Coast where the Rocky Mountains stopped most of the radiation and deposited it on the ground."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Gundersen and Kaltofen are in agreement…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Then there is no point discussing ongoing criticalites.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Nope,…nuttin' to see here Heart,….Pheeew,…we sure dodged a bullet that time, huh?

      Everything's hunky dory now! Say "Cheese"! 🙂

    • Bobby1

      If something happens to you, like your thyroid swelling up, it's all in your head. The Official Spokesman for the Fukushima Truth Movement has spoken.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    No criticalities..cold pancake..no ongoing fallout.
    I yield to the consensus of Mr. Gundersen and Enenews.

    • ENENews

      Does Enenews have a consensus? My comment above discussed the statements by Kaltofen and Gundersen.

      • mem mem

        No matter what points we argue about, we all know that we have been surrounded by radiation for 14 months now and I think Gundersen and Kaltofen have done a HUGE service in terms of getting the word out there in an official way. Gundersen is referenced in Akio's letter which was a big attempt at getting UN help for Building 4, and he is referenced again today in this Guardian article which is a good summary to pass around to people who want a more 'official' media source. Everyone who is actually trying to help is pretty alright in my books.


        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I believe I explained my position yesterday.
          And I'll repeat it.
          I appreciate what Mr.Gundersen has done on the social awareness scene.
          I do not agree with his summation of the conditions of Fukushima.
          I do not appreciate the "what if" something happens to SPF 4..situation..
          I don't have for it..
          And in my opinion neither does the world.
          " […] we can be sure that the radiation did reach here and that there will be an increase in cancers, especially on the West Coast where the Rocky Mountains stopped most of the radiation and deposited it on the ground."
          I can't agree with this.

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          Amen to that also I found it interesting that they could identify where the contamination came from thus they discussed the different signatures of Fukushima and Chernobyl, etc. I hope some day they can apply this to humans that develop cancers, heart disease, etc. But of course the nuke companies would not want such id to come to fruition. Just thinking thoughts

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Dear Admin..i have no idea..

  • Kevin Kevin

    The takeaway from this for me is as follows.

    A person who visits this site has done exhaustive testing here where I live. His results where provided to the University here that has done the testing, including a dozen or so Salmon. They reassured us all was fine. However the results we provided were tested by the same person who found cobalt 60 in significant amounts. He told us that it must be from a local medical facility as there is no way cobalt 60 could have come from Fulushima. Gunderson and the other fella here have also detected it, so that throws into qustion the local "expert" who went as far as asking what cancer treatment facilities were near the area we got the sample from. As he was adamant that cobalt 60 is not a by product of the nuclear power process and could not have come from Fukushima.

    • Bobby1

      Cobalt-60 is an activation product, not a fission product IIRC. It comes from neutrons interacting with structural materials, like blown-up buildings.

      • Kevin Kevin

        yes, sorry I should have been more clear, however in this vid they seem to suggest Fukushima as source.

        • Kevin Kevin

          Point is, if we were getting signficant Cobalt 60 readings, with no alternative source in the vicinity, than it stands to reason other products would have also reached us. Further, there must be little cobalt 60 when measured against the release of strontium ceasium and plutonium etc… all of which are surely more in magnitude than a "activation product" resulting from structural explosions.\

          Another concern it raises for me personally is that, the testing was performed by them, and they did release the cobalt 60 amounts, largely because they felt they could reassure us it was not a Fukushima byproduct and given the above could the results he returned be skewed to only reflect products that could be discounted while remaining, well lets say, hush on other findings.

          Its all very unsettling.

          • Bobby1

            If we're getting cobalt-60, then we must be getting europium and other isotopes too. Who knows if they test for the 1000+ possible isotopes. Strontium and plutonium must be around in force if cobalt-60, which is produced in very small amounts, has already crossed the Pacific.

            • Kevin Kevin

              Precisely my point.

              The fact is we were getting off the chart readings. As high as 8-900 cpm. So they had to identify a source. They came back with Cobalt 60 nothing else of signfigance. Then they dismissed the cobalt as coming from Fukushima. You see what I am getting at?

            • Bobby1

              Arnie and others have tested for cobalt-60 in Japan, it's not controversial. If it is there, why wouldn't it be in North America? Sounds like they are doing the ostrich thing, with their heads in the sand.

  • Sam Sam

    The question seems to be whom can we truly trust to tell us the truth
    of the what is in our food, in our air , in our soil, in our water. Who is
    going to tell us about the composition of the ongoing releases from Fukushima?
    Credibility is at issue. To Gundersen and Kaltofen we must give credit for all
    the work they are doing. How come do we not hear from other experts?
    Has the US Government shut them all down out of fear?
    Without credible information we are left to speculate.
    The only conclusion I can come up with is that it must be really serious the levels
    of contamination here in America and elsewhere. No news is not good news.
    Japan is so deathly contaminated in so many areas just from what has been released
    so far. I want details when Gundersen says a farm in Portland Or. stopped farming!
    Details build trust.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Ay, "provable facts," Admin, there's the rub. Whose "facts" do we trust? The claim that no radiation has made it here since last year is so hard to believe. We need a lab. Can we build an Enenews one? Many thanks for posting a diverse range of sources, including those that contradict each other.

    • arclight arclight

      hi no nukes

      antiprotons has made delivery of lots of lead!!

      he is allowing the rain washout to degrade then doing a more accurate test for other isotopes.. hope his floor is strong… the tests might be a little while.. i will post his video findings to admin first in case it might be worth a headline when antiprotons has posted…

      hope he uses enenews red!! 🙂

      should be interesting??

  • Sickputer

    Admin typed these pixels of light:

    "Kaltofen […] set up monitoring stations in the United States as well. Two of the three monitoring stations in the United States did show hot particles in the air in April. Since then, there have not been any hot particles. But in April, it is clear that, at the worst of the accident, hot particles were wafted across the Pacific and deposited in Seattle and in Boston at least."

    SP: Couple of observations. One is we have a very small sampling of non-government air monitors (the feds wouldn't tell us if their monitors found anything). The second is that there was a window in time when emissions were lower (new heat exchangers, typhoon season ended, coriums were still being cooled, fewer earthquakes, fresher better trained workers). That golden window was from late September until late November. My observation.

    But in early December things went bad in s hurry (earthquakes, corium releases) and we saw the big spotlight about December 5. Wild days of emissions in January, some days of respite and then terrible emissions again in March, April, and of course the recent huge emissions on May Day to the 3rd.

    I will revisit another time when I am not on my phone about the dynamics of heat, rising particles, and the jetstream. We also know dust from Mongolia travels across the ocean on a fairly regular basis. Phoenix had a hellacious dust storm yesterday in case you missed the news. Ciao.

  • CB CB

    2:15 – Sampled car filters in large numbers. It's a nice quality monitoring.
    1 of 4 methods used.
    Where is all the data? How was the data collected, sitting outside a Pep Boys? Was the samples from vehicles at idle in a garage or driving around then parking? Was sampling on a daily basis or weekly?
    To average must have exact numbers to add & divide, the photo representing Seattle did not represent Arnie's earlier post of 5 hot particles per day. Was that photo of the air filter from a daily, weekly, or monthly use.

    I agree with Noahs post here.
    May 9, 2012 at 2:47 am

    • CB CB

      3:21 Seattle stop whining graphic at April 2011 car air filter photo.
      Gunderson stated 5 hot particles per day in Seattle.

      Mid April – highest rise – almost doubling of background levels that lasted for about 2 weeks.
      -Independent observations made are not supporting this statement.

  • CB CB

    4:13 – Lung retaining particles are .5 to 5 microns?

  • CB CB

    4:55 To big or to small they are less of a problem.
    -What about the aerosolized isotopes?
    It don't make sense to me.

  • CB CB

    6:38 No radioactive samples on kids shoes in the U.S.
    -Where and when were these samples taken?
    Off the shoe store isle after watching the kids try them on? From orphans, from a thrift store?

  • CB CB

    7:45 Natural or industrial radiation, can we tell the difference? Uranium is natural isn't it? Is Cesium a finger print? That does not make sense to me.

  • CB CB

    9:05 Self test with Geiger counters have nothing to do with Fukushima.
    -Neither does the EPAs radnet, so shut it off.

  • CB CB

    9:38 Radiation is ambiguous and is part of our natural background.

  • CB CB

    11:02 Equilibrium with Potassium.

  • CB CB

    11:16 Is the alpha , beta, or gamma em-miters less carcinogenic between the flavors?

    Dr. Caldicott stated in tests that -.000000009 of PU or something similar was carcinogenic when given to the animals being studied. Does this include daughter produces?

    and finally ~ 13:12 Some researchers have said hot particles are better for you.

  • Sam Sam

    I am so proud of the critical thinking of the community here on
    EENews. Always question Authority. even the wonderful administration
    of this website. Long live EENews.

    I enjoyed your rant CB.

    • CB CB

      It wasn't a rant, but really as I saw it. I wanted to say look at the eyes, and position of the camera during their speaking. Arnies scratching his neck, and the bearded guy looking up and to the right.
      This is why I stated possible duress, and was worried. But ENE didn't want to lean that way, so I broke it down.
      Watch the eyes and itching, body language, and the attention the lesser expert gets from the experts.
      The recent shooting of the knees and accidents in overseas nuclear folks also ways on my skepticism. Just my opinion, not fact.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Oh, CB, I thought that you were just providing a transcript, which is helpful to a lot of us. The sound on my laptop has been wonky, and I could barely hear with the volume all the way up, but I just went back to watch the body language and my sound worked.

        I think that you are absolutely right that the body language is strange. Also, it is bizarre that at the beginning he says that "we're not seeing it" and then at the end he says that "we're seeing very small particles coming here to the U.S." Does he know that the people he is afraid of are not going to bother to watch to the end?

        3:27 we're fortunately not seeing it (discussing "non-existent" hot particles in Seattle)

        3:48 this sample was taken during time of maximum exposure…in April

        13:09 (pause..rubs nose) some researchers have said that hot particles are actually better for you."(NoNukes: who? Ann Coulter?)
        Very closed body language here, much less animated than discussing the plutonium in the lung slide.

        15:30 we're seeing very small particles coming here to the U.S.

        If you want to have an idea of who might be putting the pressure on, look at the titles right behind him on the shelf.

      • Sam Sam

        I take back the word rant. I did not realize that you were doing a running commentary
        with a time line. Your perspective on the interview is much appreciated. That interview
        still raises many valid questions and concerns. Body language tells a lot. Thanks for
        breaking it down.

  • CB CB

    I just wanted to point out my perspective of the video, I believe it might be cast. My eyes have played tricks on me before. Others may view it from a different stand point. If it was not a cast than it was 3 professionals talking, listening to each others views honestly.