Kansas air filters had Iodine-131 above highest levels detected in California by UC Berkeley

Published: November 9th, 2011 at 9:24 am ET


Report of Radiological Environmental Monitoring of the Environs Surrounding Wolf Creek Generating Station, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, July 2010-June 2011:

“Radioiodine was detected in air filters collected March 25, March 31, April 7 and April 14, 2011. Levels detected were 0.047, 0.137, 0.043 and 0.004 pCi/m3 respectively. Air filters collected before and after these dates had no detectable radioiodine.”

0.137 pCi/m3 = 0.000137 pCi/liter; Divide 0.000137 pCi/liter by 27 to get Becquerels/liter, which equals 5.074e-06 Bq/liter.

  • I-131 on March 31 in Kansas = 5.074e-06 Bq/liter
  • I-131 post-Fuku high for UC Berkeley (Mar. 23) = 4.3e-06 Bq/liter

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See also: [intlink id=”just-in-govt-report-kansas-detected-iodine-131-in-grass-at-over-2000-pcikg-attributed-to-fukushima-around-700-higher-than-highest-levels-reported-by-uc-berekely” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 9th, 2011 at 9:24 am ET


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15 comments to Kansas air filters had Iodine-131 above highest levels detected in California by UC Berkeley

  • arclight arclight


    the initial article is interesting about testing!! lol.. uc berkely huh??

  • Oh but the plutonium what about the plutonium.

    You know the long half life radiation. Shouldn’t we be detecting more severe isotopes by now?

  • Net

    Are there any independent monitoring stations in CA? I wonder how accurate the Berkeley reports are? It would be good to have more sources to compare information and test results. I wonder if anyone has tested for plutonium in the US?

  • stock stock@hawaii.rr.com

    Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore, gosh golly, I wonder what the wizard will say.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Well Toto won’t touch his Kibbles~n~Bit’s for 2 days now,the Wicked Witch of the East parked her broom & hopped on the vacuum cleaner & headed South to her sister’s place in Rio & my ruby slippers didn’t shield my feet enough to prevent 2 toenails from falling off my left foot(really!)-But meanwhile the tin man has gone missing & the cowardly lion told me the scarecrow-(my heartless dope fiend brother)took the tin man to the scrap yard & bought another bag of china white which explains why the raggedy MF’er is yodeling,howling,barking as the gorilla on his back is beating his chest & nodding out with lit cigarettes burning holes in the beds & furniture while “The Hand of Doom”(Black Sabbath)is one “hot” bag of dope away from oblivion….(sigh)-“again”~”welcome to my world”

  • lam335 lam335

    re: picocuries:

    “How Big is a Picocurie?”

    “The curie is a standard measure for the intensity of radioactivity contained in a sample of radioactive material….

    The basis for the curie is the radioactivity of one gram of radium. Radium decays at a rate of about 2.2 trillion disintegrations (2.2×1012) per minute. A picocurie is one trillionth of a curie. Thus, a picocurie (abbreviated as pCi) represents 2.2 disintegrations per minute.

    To put the relative size of one trillionth into perspective, consider that if the Earth were reduced to one trillionth of its diameter, the “picoEarth”would be smaller in diameter than a speck of dust. In fact, it would be six times smaller than the thickness of a human hair.”

  • lam335 lam335

    more re: picocuries:

    “Is there an easy way to distinguish “millirems” from “picocuries”?
    Yes there is. A fireplace with a nice fire burning in it is a good way to explain the difference between these two terms. In a fireplace, the burning wood or coals radiate heat. In this case, the amount of burning wood (fuel) in the fireplace is analogous to the number of picocuries of radioactivity. The amount of heat (energy) given off by the fireplace is analogous to the number of millirems of radiation energy.

    Is there another example that is an analog to the term “picocurie”?
    Yes. This time, picture yourself sitting in a stadium watching a sporting event. When something exciting happens, you are likely to see a lot of flashes coming from the stands where people are taking pictures. If you could somehow count the number of flashes over a particular time period – say 10 minutes – you would know the “flash rate” from all the cameras that are in the stadium. This measurement is similar to how the amount of radioactivity in a particular collection of atoms is determined. In this case we count the bursts of radiation (flashes) being given off by the atoms (cameras) per unit time (10 minutes). When we see 22 bursts in 10 minutes, we know we have measured a picocurie of radioactivity.

    How does the term “millirems” fit into this analogy?
    Let’s say that while you are in the stadium, you take out your light meter and measure how much light is coming from the flashes in the stand over a one hour period. The amount of light measured by the meter is a measurement of the amount of “energy” coming from the cameras in the stadium. This measurement is similar to the radiation dose (energy) from a collection of atoms (cameras) per unit time (one hour). The units of this measurement would be “millirems per hour”.”


  • lam335 lam335

    “What does the term “picocurie per gram” mean?
    This refers to the amount of radioactivity in a particular solid substance. … if you wished to describe the amount of radioactivity that typically exists in soil throughout the United States, you would say that it contains about “one picocurie per gram” of radium, one picocurie per gram of thorium, and a host of other radioactive elements. This means that for every gram (about 0.002 pounds) of soil, there will also be one picocurie of radium and one picocurie per gram of thorium present, along with the rest of the radioactive elements commonly found in soil.

    What does the term “picocurie per liter” mean?
    This refers to the amount of radioactivity in a liter (about a quart) of liquid substance, such as water.

    Water directly out of the tap contains about 0.01 “picocuries per liter” each of uranium, radium, and radioactive lead. It may also contain between 100 and 400 picocuries per liter of radioactive hydrogen, between 100 and 500 picocuries per liter of radioactive carbon, between 10 and 30 picocuries per liter of radioactive beryllium. and a variety of other radioactive elements such as aluminum, chlorine, silicon, lead, bismuth, polonium, and argon. It can contain several hundred to several thousand picocuries per liter of radon gas, particularly if you get your drinking water from a well.”


    • lam335 lam335

      But I’m still having difficulty visualizing how many little particles might be floating around in a cubic meter of air if there are .137 pCi/m3 of I-131 floating around in it. How much would a person breath in if they were walking through that?

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Also how much would they(lungs) retain after exhaling said quantity & concentration?!!~I meant to quit smoking by now but it may not make a difference at this point in the game! Second day coughing up blood now & it’s my own damn fault…

        • Bobby1

          From the Philip Morris USA website (manfacturers of Marlboro cigarettes):

          “Once the stems are removed, the tobacco is compressed into boxes or porous wooden vats called ‘hogsheads’. These will be stored in special warehouses for approximately two years, while the tobacco undergoes a natural aging and mellowing process.”


          So the Fuku radiation won’t show up in Marlboro tobacco in a big way till 2013. But there are still radioactive particles that get into the warehouses, plus radiation gets into the additives and manufacturing processes.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    On a serious note-I wonder how much effort would’ve been put into testing,health precautions,& all the other things being regarded as too costly for consideration if the global economy wasn’t so screwed right now?!! At least back in ’86 they told people to stay out of the rain on a couple of MSM outlets when Chernobyl tossed its load into the air…I’ll admit that I’m decidedly narrow-minded when it comes to “conspiracy theories” that run amuck every time anything catastrophic happens due to human activities,error,poor judgment & greed! I make no apologies for my response to wild accusations & implications made by anyone either because the “conspiracy” that is PROVEN is the reality of the incompetence shown in nearly every facet of the handling of a horrible event that shouldn’t have happened or even been a remote possibility! The implications of that “which we know” is horrible enough without allegations of intentional acts,rather than a natural disaster setting in motion the sequence of events leading to the nuclear catastrophe that should be expected given the half-tamed technology,flawed design & construction of obsolete facilities which were built without regard given to terrain & geological,seismic activity,location of sites,etc.-that would’ve led to this catastrophe without any “help” from evil terrorists,illuminati,bad monkeys trained by US & Mossad agents,etc.!!We now have a trickle of the damning truth coming out via MSM finally,and more “lemmings” waking up & stepping away from the abyss with a chance to educate & win their support & add to our numbers!Should they find ENE.com & its content with caring,”mostly” down to Earth,dedicated people with high degree’s of intelligence willing to share facts surrounding the issue re;what happened,is going on now,and can be expected.I’m drawn to the truth & I speak the truth-even in my nonsensical rambling’s & less than flattering self-descriptive revelations displayed under times of…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      …duress,especially in fact during such periods of angst & confusion or lack of direction. So if I seem to interject inappropriately at times or try to change the direction of a topic hijacked by those who have their own way to vent or deal with issues that bring out their own bad qualities while foaming at the mouth with unsubstantiated allegations,accusations,& implications that serve to undermine any personal efforts to get my own unenlightened friends,family & aquaintances to take a peek at this site and the interesting stories,links & unique,diverse members of the group here who usually don’t refer to race,creed or culture and generally stick to the facts aside from some good-natured humor added to the fray when it serves to allow a quick laugh to break the monotonous stream of bad news which worsens by the day. Again-I may be wacky & off the wall-but I will NEVER refer to an ethnic group or allege that anyone or any group intended to see the Fukushima nuclear disaster happen!! I concur that the criminal way it was/is being handled,the shoddy way these companies operate with little regard for safety or possible victims and the Governments complicit with allowing these things and more are a “reality” which must be addressed without the “disinformation” that distracts from the “known” issues. I won’t be adding my stupid fucking comments anymore no matter how offensive or disgusting I find items or their sources & I hope my own worthless albeit harmless interruptions didn’t send away anyone who was here for their 1st time-but won’t say any more than that if the incident I’m referring to hopefully went largely un-noticed even though my part was more stupid than anything,as compared to the way some might’ve taken the “other” party’s lousy comments & attitude towards people in general.I would’nt have wasted time mincing words had the encounter been in person! ~lol~ok,I’m done with that crap~PEACE~