Korean TV news director exposed to 148 milliSieverts — Chromosome analysis shows 7 cells out of 1,000 damaged

Published: May 19th, 2011 at 11:46 pm ET


KBS earthquake coverage from the director of photography, more than permissible exposure limits, Yonhap News, May 11, 2011:

Summary via Anonymous Tip

Headline: High radiation exposure to news directors returning from Fukushima.

News crews from KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) were sent to Fukushima to cover the earthquake. 1 director received an estimated radiation exposure of 148 milliSieverts who visited Fukushima from 12th to 15th March. A different director who stayed near to Tokyo 15-17th March (doesn’t say how long he was near Fukushima) received an estimated exposure of 103 milliSieverts.

Translation Excerpts via Google

Headline: KBS earthquake coverage from the director of photography, more than permissible exposure limits

New KBS KBS labor union’s national press, according to headquarters from March 15 were examined by the director of photography covering the Tokyo area on the 17th, was estimated radiation exposure of 103 mSv. The analysis of chromosomes, out of 1000 cells, abnormal cells are found 5.

Prior to this, three days taken by the director of radiation exposure (148 mSv) of the cells by 1000, has been diagnosed with seven cells are damaged. […]

Director of photography covering the Tokyo area were “able to see even more scary. To stay in Japan during the earthquake, rather 恐Kunakatta. But the frightened exposure, become a reality,” he said.

Meanwhile, KBS public relations department said, “These things happened in a very regrettable, to take necessary measures. However, I take for test results and how the position is still cautious. The examination I need to know, “he said.

Translation Excerpts via Yahoo Babelfish

Headline: The KBS photographing supervision and others of earthquake disaster collection of data and being bombed allowable limit it exceeds

Photographing supervision and others of the KBS image production bureau which undertook the collection of data of the east Japanese large earthquake disaster which occurs in March, the radiation dose which exceeds reference level having been bombed you understood to 11 days.

According to the nationwide speech labor union KBS headquarters of KBS new Union, the result and the radiation exposure quantity which inspect the photographing supervision which collected materials near Tokyo on March 15 – 17th were presumed 103 millimeter sievert. With the analysis result of the chromosome, among 1000 cells, abnormality was found in 5 cells.

It preceded this, that among 1000 cells, 7 cells received the damage, another photographing supervision radiation exposure (148 millimeter sievert) with on the 3rd it is diagnosed. On March 12 – 15th it collected materials the same supervision near Fukushima. […]

As for the photographing supervision which collected materials near Tokyo, “we fear more not to be visible. When staying in Japan, on the other hand we did not fear earthquake. We feared being bombed, but it became actuality”, you said.

On the one hand, as for the KBS Public Relations Dept., “such situation occurring being very regrettable, devises necessary measure. But, how you catch inspection result value, vis-a-vis still it is prudent standpoint. When precision inspection is necessary, it has grasped”, that you commented.

Korean version: http://www.newscham.net/news/view.php?board=news&nid=61381

Published: May 19th, 2011 at 11:46 pm ET


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121 comments to Korean TV news director exposed to 148 milliSieverts — Chromosome analysis shows 7 cells out of 1,000 damaged

  • Mike D

    Who else thinks it is a good idea to make death row inmates, pedophiles and every other nasty type our version of the Chernobyl liquidators???

    Someone is going to have to clean this mess up, why should good people die?

    • Id prefer to see the people that supported and profited from nuclear power go first…

      The Nuclear industry is responsible for this disaster. They are the sole people who should be held accountable for their actions.

      • ocifferdave

        If those directly profiting from the greatest man engineered disaster (how do you say it better to explain something like building a house of cards in a wind tunnel that will turn on someday) would then forgo their ill gotten wealth and actually put their lives on the line I would say they have redeemed themselves.

        • tony wilson

          for 40 years big corporations have been paying off corrupt scientists.
          along with the International Atomic Energy Agency the world health organization.
          look at big tobacco in the 60s and 70s and 80s, scientists and field specialist who said no connection with smoking and cancer smoking is not addictive.
          i say a corrupt bending of the truth they would say conclusive findings from are studies.amazingly the findings are usually a positive outcome for the company paying the scientist.
          the turds who support this nuclear technology starting with george mombiot of the guardiam. and all the old men living very well off the technology,they need to step up.
          they should fly to japan be given a shovel a mop and a bucket and get cleaning.
          if it is under control lets have deeds not words.

      • Cassie

        I would like to nominate our US congress.
        Being part of the clean up crew may impart some
        valuable lessons on the sin of taking bribes from corporations.

      • norral

        amen to that

      • Arizonan

        Yes, as I see it, even damaging seven cells in another human body is an act of criminal assault. The nuclear industry, its proponents and CEOs and stockholders, have been cruelly insensitive and deliberately and actively denying that their industry could ever possibly cause any harm to anyone. Their industry is the most harmful industry humans have ever created. The incalculable chromosomal damage to the Japanese, to all humans, to marine plants and animals, etc, will go on for thousands of years. I do not want anyone to have to go in and clean up this mess, because it is a suicide mission, and I remain totally unclear HOW it could be done at this point anyway. However, if we had to elect people to go in and clean up, I would definitely nominate the corporate CEOs of the nuclear industry. It is criminal to go on making a profit while others are and will suffer physical damage because of it.

        Maybe we should quite talking about cancer all the time and focus on the immediate damage to human tissues caused by low level doses of internalized radionuclides.

        For more info on health issues/theory of low-level rad, see http://www.llrc.org

    • also food for thought…

      What you said there was premeditated murder…

      Go get your shovel.


      Thats why btw….

      Because most the people in jail are greater people, than the people that maintain the system that puts them there…

    • Anthony

      Would you really trust them to do a good job and give it their all? Your intention is excellent and practical, but can it be carried out? Wouldn’t that be merging two (the dangerous plants and the convicts) both so uncontrollable & unpredictable together and hoping for a good outcome?

      • SteveMT

        Agree with you. Such people would lack the training, the background, and especially the motivation to get the job done correctly. The only thing on their minds would be to escape.

        • I completely dis agree with the last two comments. Either way. What would you offer the inmates. Freedom?

          Lets let a bunch of child molesters and murderers free…?

          Well I mean tepco’s staff is still walking the streets.
          I think you are all targeting the wrong criminals.

          Those that are responsible should attempt (smirk). to fix the smirk giggle hahahahhhahahaha… Et et et emm.. em.. Problem… 😉

          • Anthony

            Agreed – I think for the heinous behaving people, to live in a cell, for their sins, dealing with radiation is the right place for them to stay. I cant imagine freeing someone who might snap under pressure of their life being zapped away in a criticality…allowing a free desperate serial murderer might be like building a reactor on a fault and tsunami line of fire!

  • ZombiePlanet

    How many people have a swimming pool?

    Is mid July a good time to jump in for a little “refreshment?” Hummm…

    Water proof sun screen, and I’ll be just fine in the long run. 🙁

    (Someone posting here using my ID. Appreciate if you cease and desist.)

    Check it out people.

    Go to 12:27 minutes into the lecture.

    Streaming –

    Download –

  • anderson cooper must be pissed!

  • HardLeft

    Yo, Zombie,

    I am slightly (though not much) less alarmist than you, and I am out of town and it will take me several days to troll through the video. I surf hard physics and engineering sites vigorously on this crisis. I like taking chances, but only calculated risks.

    I do have a backyard swimming pool, I’m in Hollywood CA, and I am a body boarder and (terrible) surfer who is tolerated on the lineup because I am injured and can’t do it too much longer anyway. But swimming is a critical part of my fitness routine.

    My back-of-the-envelope hunch is that it is no longer safe to lap swim in my pool– or won’t be soon– due to danger of getting water in nose and/or mouth during hard lap swimming. I’m figuring on a hot day, quick dips to cool off are okay, but I’m showering off vigorously.

    I’m figuring all surfing in the Pacific should probably cease in approx 18 months (I am hoping for two more seasons and want to hit it hard) because consensus seems to be that the water’s gonna take about that long to get here.

    Let me know your thoughts. Mothra and Xdr, you seem to be doing your homework, would be interested in your opinion as well. Anyone else: If you don’t know the halflife of I-138 or can’t convert Bq/L to PCi/l, please don’t bother responding, no offense, I’m not interested in random opinions or wild guesses.

    Thanks, — and major props to enenews…


    • ZombiePlanet

      Hello HardLeft

      I do not consider my self an alarmist but one who examines data, while incorporating possibilities, which logically leads to probabilities.


      With statements indicating a “no end in sight” concerning the radioactive fallout (which this is),

      how long before “particle accumulation” (within a small body of standing water), becomes unsafe for human contact. Swimming pool filtration equipment will absolutely not remove such contaminates. Not in a dream.

      With isotope half life reaching into thousands of years for some of this garbage, how long before air circulation and rain water cause a standing body of water (i.e. swimming pool) to become dangerous for human association?

      Or should I say “human consumption?”

      Pacific is much larger and will require an instrument of “accumulation” i.e. fish, plant life. Swimming in such a large body of water on west coast of USA should pose little danger until, currents become more saturated with contaminate.

      As far as surfing in the Pacific… 18 months… requires more intricate data. And I do not accept what I may hear in any form of media. Neither should you.

      You are now on a timer.

      Best wishes & Peace

    • xdrfox

      Reported Radiation Exposures / Illnesses / Fatalities

      Pets and Animals in Eugene Oregon thought to have radiation poisoning from sniffing debris on ocean shoreline washing up from Japan. – March…

  • shizam



    all that radioactive water dumping into the collision of two Pacific currents and headed westward?


  • TEPCO announced on May 15 that it started to use boric acid in the reactor cooling water for the Reactor 3 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant to prevent recriticality from happening. Boric acid absorbs neutrons.

    TEPCO plans to do the same for the Reactors 1 and 2.

    Recriticality is when the nuclear chain reaction is restarted. There is salt in the Reactor Pressure Vessels of the Reactors 1, 2 and 3, as TEPCO initially poured seawater to cool the RPVs. TEPCO thought the salt would absorb neutrons. TEPCO has decided to use boric acid in the cooling water because the level of salt in the cooling water may have decreased since TEPCO switched the cooling water from seawater to regular water.

    In the meantime, the temperature at the top of the Reactor 3 RPV has risen rapidly. TEPCO increased the amount of cooling water to 12 tons per hour on May 12 using two water feeding systems, then to 15 tons per hour on May 14. However, the temperature at the top of the RPV increased by 46.5 degrees Celsius in 24 hours to 297 degrees Celsius as of 5:00AM on May 15. TEPCO thinks there’s a problem with the pipes that feed water into the RPV.

    In the latest measurement data (11:00AM 5/15) released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) , that temperature (the 4th column) appears to have dropped slightly to 291.7 degrees Celsius, although the data table is put up sideways and it is a bad scan and hard to see. The second digit could be 9, 8, or 3. An age-old trick by bureaucrats to discourage people from seeing the data… (My neck is hurting from trying to read the number.)

    • Concerning the unit 3 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the temperature of the core has risen repeatedly from last month. Several persons related to the Japanese government have reported to JNN that it is thought that a meltdown has occurred at unit 3.

      Tepco continues has increased the amount of injected water and continues injected water by using other pipes. However, the situation remains unstable.

      Now, in the nuclear reactor, water is poured through a gap between the pressure vessel and and a wall called a “shroud”. But it has been newly understood that this gap is blocked and the possibility that not enough water reaches the fuel, which has melted end fallen down, is high. If this state continues, specialists say that due to the high temperature of fuel, it is possible that the bottom of the pressure vessel may fall out and they call it “a very serious situation”.

      Tepco has for objective to raise urgently the amount of injected water in unit 3 and to continue monitoring the situation.

      On the other hand, this morning, for the first time since the March explosion, workers could enter in the reactor building of unit 2. In accordance with inspection by robots, both temperature and humidity are high and work has been performed for 14 minutes inside the building.

  • Mark

    You don’t need a degree to see that it is very bad

  • ^^^ In relation to my posts located just above ^^^

    Here is another “food for thought” session from: Tacomagroove…
    As you will likely see my theory is coming to life in good time;
    In fact its happening now… Right before your very eyes…

    First off.

    Boron is being injected as of May 15th… Its now being “inserted into the fresh water”, before being pumped into the reactor… This was initially through the RPV line. Though, it is now coming to your attention that they are pouring the water threw a gap in the wall? This is obviously because there is a problem…

    Q. What’s the problem?

    Select one…
    A. The temperature of the fuel likely damaged the intake system.
    B. The excess salt that had accumulated from sea water injections inside the core of reactor 3 plugged up the system…

    Well which was it?

    A. ←-And here is why…

    In the event the salt plugged off the line, the fuel would also be layered in the same accumulation. So the fuel wouldn’t be cooling much at all… If the salt accumulation could stop a “high” pressure “’fire engine” from pumping water through an intake system… The fuel inside would be completely covered in a mountain of salt… That would mean that the fuel would not be sufficiently cooled; “Reactor 3” would already be either core through the floor, or blown sky high…

    The good news is the reactor 3. Isn’t Either…Well what’s left of it, has not blown sky high. (yet, again lol).

    Bad news… This means that the fuel has now obviously skyrocketed in temp. “Damaged the intake watering RPV system”. (Which by all means is a critical system in avoiding a meltdown, And repairing and stabilizing this reactor)…

    So, basically: When “Tepco” says: “We hope to go inside and fix the reactor 3 cooling system thus ending this crisis”…

    It is in “fact” a bold faced “lie”. One simply “cannot” replace the RPV system with a hot molten nuclear core inside…
    This would completely drain the reactor of coolant…
    This is equivalent to repairing your radiator on your car.
    (“While your car is running”)…

    While you might be crafty enough to do this in an hour or so in your Volkswagen… The reactors cooling system would likely take weeks, if not months to repair. Mind you: “A reactor with no coolant would last merely a few hours tops”…

    Next issue…


    Well, let me start off by asking…
    Q. Why is the fuel so hot?
    A. Boron being injected into the reactor is not sufficiently stopping a chain reaction. This is a clear indication that we can assume two events have happened…
    1. Over the past couple months the spent fuel has now become a molten lump. As cooling is now becoming obsolete… (hence, the rising temp)…
    2. The “fission” occurring inside the reactor fuel is now likely creating an excess of more neutrons, than the Boron can absorb…

    What does this all mean?

    In my opinion, the main thing is: TEPCO is on the brink of losing this reactor completely… This is a mixed oxide reactor (MOX = I.e.: PLU, UR mixture…). This is a very dangerous type of nuclear fuel… So: “Tepco’s” inability to contain the situation paints a very dark grim picture…

    The worst part about it is “Tepco” isn’t planning on telling you this at all… They have been fighting tooth and nail to have no one tell you this…

    CNN HeLLLOOOO000ooooo……..????? Are you there?
    EPA??? Hellloooooooo???


    Q.Why don’t they want you to know this?

    A. “Because the current situation will force the abandonment of fukushima daichi.” With “No” more possible / viable options to repair the situation, the chances of containing and controlling these reactors is utterly hopeless… Fyi: “It always has been”…

    Now, with that in mind…

    Q. What is Worst Case Scenario?

    A. Because to the best of my knowledge, and correct me if I am wrong; It’s Truly “beyond” any capable fathoming…
    “In fact, I would personally say”: “it very much indeed is an ELE.”
    (Extinction Level Event).

    But Apparently and pathetically:

    “That would just be “Fear Mongering”…← that isn’t a term btw.
    That’s right If I told you that, Than Automatically I am obviously just trying to scare you”… (/sarcasm)…

    After all…
    There is no way that a large stockpile, weighing thousands of tons of uranium and plutonium would have the power to wipe out humanity…. Right?

    “Tepco” does in fact have a fully scaled: Worst Case Scenario, estimated damage analysis…
    “They have had these documents in their possession as early as March 15th”… Ask yourself…


    I can assure you that It did not accidentally get sent back, because they had a problem with the cover letter.

    It’s sitting in their hands. Right now… Just ask for it…

    According to the news. The usa has them to… In fact I bet every nation on the planets military intelligence has a copy…

    Welcome to reality 😉

    Your welcome.

    p.s. “Anyone proved my boron theory wrong Yet?”

    • toots

      Again, you’re making a lot of assumptions without verified data and not taking into account the interaction of a lot of variables….
      But, I give you credit for attempting to comprehend what could happen!…Tragically, that’s sure a lot more than those in charge appear to be doing.

      • toots. I do welcome you, and All for that matter to personally debunk me. As well as comment on the article…

        I sometimes am weary of people that say what I didn’t do. (the lack of data and math, for example)…
        I appreciate your tone and do consider your opinion…

        however… It makes me feel that you are demeaning my intelligence and your own for that matter…

        This is why: The lack of data, and lack of calculated variables, are assumptions on your part… So your initial comment Technically not only insults but seeks to demean the whole paper…
        While I do know that your trying to be helpful… Your statement provide’s no real content in proving the author wrong…

        So I am wondering… Isn’t an argument countered???

        In my opinion It is an insult to the author. I have personally welcomed every person on the planet to debunk me. Through a fact based scientific, mathematically proven argument.

        & so… I do truly thank you for the reply, And feel you had the best intention when writing it… Though I am aiming to have people discredit me in the form of a strictly “scientifically based argument”.

        So I suppose I wish that more people would stop telling me what isn’t (in a baseless claim). And start telling me what is. (in a tone) 🙂
        After all This is the very way I learn to become a more effective author. 🙂

    • Anthony

      I think you are more right than wrong with how you see the whole thing. I found this on yahoo yesterday:
      ‘The utility also said it has decided to suspend development of the Fukushima Daiichi No. 7 and No. 8 reactors.’ – and I couldn’t believe there was-is #’s 7 & 8!!! They cant successfully manage even ONE from what I am seeing! Successful operation means entire management of the endeavor, especially the dangerous aspects and without prejudice one can surmise TEPCO has failed to manage their endeavor. Bizarrely we have in turn entrusted the survival of our species in their same hands and yell at them to get it fixed. The runaway reactors and the potentials of all you share are very much a danger for us all. You are not fear mongering in my opinion.

      I personally wonder if the miracle in fact is that it hasn’t blown shy high like we fear, even in the last TWO MONTHS!!!! It is like we have skirted danger for weeks. I hope you are wrong that it will be an ELE. Not to argue with your point at all, I just want you to be wrong so we can all survive and live our lives instead, you know what I mean?

    • DuckNCover

      Well the addition of Boron 10 to the water is to slow any reactions that may still be present. The use of Boron 10 actually looks something like this: it absorbs and goes to Boron-11. B-10 undergoes an n,alpha reaction producing alpha + Li-7

      The problem they are running into is that the Boron is not “wearing out” [as you put it]..it is that by pouring tons of water each day into the reactor the Boron is diluted to the point of loss of its effect.

    • mff

      Hey Tacomagroove, prove your boron theory is correct and we will prove how its wrong. waitin on you

  • This is an interesting and informative blog site that always has something nice to offer through its posts.Keep posting similar interesting posts on your site.Thanks for sharing.

  • Sorry I got all heated earlier… btw.

    It is very hard to write these pieces, and argue their validity, which is quite overwhelming when multiple users are addressing them… while progressing in creating more insightful tidbits…

    I am working very hard on several more pieces, So I am happy to answer, any questions, and even argue over the integrity of what I write… However it is very hard to do this, 24 hours a day. So for now on when you have a question, or insult lol… please understand that it may take me time to respond…

    So that does not mean me taking time =’s I am speechless. I am probably on another forum, digging for information…

    Also I am very interested In your opinions. Please keep me informed of corrections or suggestions, or even complications in and to attribute to new articles…
    As well as important factors that I may have left out…

    Thanks again I hope I am doing a service by dedicating my time and opinion to the situation. The pride is technically the only pay I receive:)

    • mark V

      I know tacoma, had been going through this myself. You have awesome talent. Add real numbers to this, and we may still be able to win the case. Sorry for some harsh words yesterday.

    • I am currently making a video project in regards to my findings. This will include all obtained data in relation to my theory.

      The reality, is I have this data, it is a tremendous amount. There were many factors graphs and slopes included into my equation… If I am to be aiming at anything, its my soul and only intention that the information should be presented professionally, as it should be taken very seriously…

      It should be packaged in a nice tight presentation… As the magnitude of the subject needs to compliment the integrity of my intentions…

      I am merely not posting it… I couldn’t if I tried right now. Its a maze of statistic’s and factors, that I have been compiling since early march…

      I have very specific reasons why I am waiting, whilst still working forward and gathering all that I can to finalize my documentary…

      The reason I have posted the information baselessly Is the lack of time, I am finding I have to complete my project… The information to me is very crucial… I have to establish and release the information… as soon as possible and I do in fact welcome anyone to disprove me, or better yet Prove me right… As it will likely help me meet my ever approaching deadline…

      Though much of what I will release in the video will be to the tune of what I have already fed out… The data will simply show you how I came to the conclusions… Plotted my graphs, and plotted my points vectors and slopes…

      I do these equations quite constantly at work. Though as mentioned above… This specific problem had so many misleading, speculative, unknown, withheld factors… Its quite honestly the biggest challenge I have ever experienced…
      I advise anyone to help me (by proving me either right or wrong). As I will honestly mention. I am surely running behind my deadline, hence why I began posting here…

      The information is crucial in giving all of humanity insight and a possible leg up should the situation / crisis continue in this manner.

      • Moco

        But taco, you can not do any calculations with underreported or false data.
        The six sigma has already been breached.
        Most of what is left is physics, of the true spew rate, which we don’t have and wind currents and exactly what the hell is the spew is comprized of.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Continuous upbeat tone.. and an ELE ..don’t mix that well.
    We laugh here, we cry here..we get angry here.

  • A healthy family learns how to ‘fight peaceably’.
    It’s not an oxymoron, as we’re indoctrinated to believe!

    • Cassie

      Yes Jill, I would think that given the gravity of the situation,
      there would be some coming together in the hopes of preserving the species and planet. That petty politics and personalties could be set aside for the moment, to do the right thing. That we would rise to the occasion, instead of sinking to the lowest common denominator.
      But I suppose if we could do that, we would not be in the present situation.


  • Cassie

    The comments come so fast, hard to keep up with them.
    And I know I am missing important information.
    And miss responses.
    Wish there was a forum of sorts attached to this site??

  • xdrfox

    I saw so many of the top reporters/news casters go into the hot areas spending days and saying here then and now, what are the leaders of the news companies thinking to put these people as risk for exposure, unbelievable, no we will see in time takes leave of absence for some ill down the road ?

    Did we learn anything about first responders to a critical site and what may happen ?

    • Cassie

      I thought the very same thing Xdr.
      I wondered at the time, what the heck are they thinking.

      At the same time a pregnant friend of mine flew with her
      5 yr old to Japan. She thought my expressions of concern were
      nonsense. 🙁


      • Anthony

        I hope your friend is right for her sake. For me the information suggests otherwise, and I know it does for you too.

        • Cassie

          I am hoping the baby will be OK when it is born.
          We shall see.
          Yes I so hope I am totally wrong.

    • Ian

      They believed the Japanese that the situation was minor, a Three Mile Island type incident, even though four reactor buildings were blown up, something that’s never happened before. I hope people learn from this catastrophe. The Japanese have a culture of presenting a good face and duplicity.

  • Cuica

    I think this is a wonderful site, it’s the only place I feel there are like minded and concerned people trying to make sense of this situation.
    I feel that even if the worst happens I want to go out fighting. When Chernobyl released it’s deadly radiation and injured many people, destroyed a large part of the planet that can never be returned to…I did nothing. I listened to the talking heads and believed them. I’m older and wiser and now I’m also mad as hell. So everyday I’m doing a little something like…joining green peace, calling and finding out how representatives in my area are voting on nuclear expansion and talking with others about the realities of fukushima. Each day I do a little more and in numbers there is strength. If there is nothing I can do I can at least fight to rid the planet of nuclear energy and weapons…after all itn’t that THEIR biggest fear, NO nuke rallies…I think the TEPCO execs would rather have a picnic at fukushima than see the masses descending on them…let’s GO!

  • still shining

    Emmy – thanks for all the work you do and share.

  • xdrfox

    Radiation Poisoning Being Kept Under Wraps In Japan
    I must admit while researching the developments at Fukushima, I am often baffled by the lack of news on the effects of the radiation being released from the 4 compromised reactors. With levels as high as 2,000 mSv outside of Reactor 1, workers would only be able to work in these areas for 30-60 minutes before receiving the max dose of radiation allowed. One of the reasons that we may not be hearing about all of the cases of radiation poisoning, is that the Japanese Government is sending people exposed to high level radiation to select hospitals across the country.
    There are “”over 800 workers at Fukushima Daiichi, hundreds of which sleep on-site”” in a building adjacent to the reactors….

  • xdrfox

    After Fukushima: An Interview with Dr. Robert Jacobs
    There’s been very little transparency from the beginning. The event has been downplayed from the very start. The explosions in Reactor 1 and Reactor 3 were followed by statements that the explosions were planned and that the levels of radiation had gone down after the explosions. Now we know those explosions were associated with very large releases of radiation into the environment. So that was a complete lie….

    • Cuica

      And where was our leader? Days after the Nuclear release from Fukushima, Obama and his wife took their children to South America! The trip had been scheduled earlier in the year but was postponed with no futher notice until Fukushima, when suddenly out of the blue the trip was on! The Brazilian goverment scrambled around making hurried preparations for the last minute visit…. they spent in total of about 8 days in SA …now I know why.

      • xdrfox

        First Family, They first went to the Islands in the Atlantic for the weekend then to Bazil, I posted the link somewhere back when it happened.

  • xdrfox

    Reported Radiation Exposures / Illnesses / Fatalities

    1.15 people admitted to hospital with symptoms of radiation poisoning on March 13th 2011
    2.2 workers found dead in reactor basement- March
    3.3 workers replacing cable in Reactor 3 worked in waters containing radioactive iodine, caesium, and cobalt at 10,000 times the normal levels – March
    4.17 total workers reported exposed to over 100 mSv of radiation – March
    5.Japanese tourists from Tokyo traveling to China found to have levels of radiation that “seriously exceeded standards”. the pair lived in an area 125-200 miles from the plant. – March
    6.Pets and Animals in Eugene Oregon thought to have radiation poisoning from sniffing debris on ocean shoreline washing up from Japan. – March
    8.2 workers found with INTERNAL and EXTERNAL radiation exposure over 200 mSv – May
    9.Radiation found on Japanese Cars shipped to Chile – May…

  • I AM TRUTH or Whoopie

    The graph shows that this monitoring station was one of the units actually running on 3/11 . The readings were significan­tly higher prior to 3/11 and drop to a much lower level afterwards­. This is an indication that the units were running in an uncalibrat­ed condition and were adjusted only after the events at Fukushima.
    No Bid Contracts – skewed Data!

    • I AM TRUTH or Whoopie

      This is outrageous!

  • Cassie

    What US news anchors were in Japan at the time?
    And are they being tested now?
    If so, we will never hear the results?

  • Darth

    @Tacomagroove – regarding your earlier posts on this thread and elsewhere…

    I have a digital subscription to Scientific American magazine. Here is a quote regarding the amount of spent fuel in the USA for its 104 reactors vs the 54 in Japan. Still don’t see how you can say there is 600,000 tons of nuclear fuel in Japan.

    “Americans need clarity from the federal government, too. Reactors across the country have accumulated 72,000 tons of spent fuel. Some utilities have packed four times as many spent fuel rods into temporary holding pools than the structures were designed to contain. Scientific American, June 2011, p. 14”

    The reason I harp on this point is because if you can’t get something elemental like this straight in your data gathering then one can only imagine what else is flawed. Like this you have NO CREDITABILITY. Your boron analysis does not deserve comment.

    I guess you take such an interest in this situation because it pushes a psychological button like it does in all of us. But yours is over the top. I suggest you go back to your main expertise of planning white weddings and not try to theorize how the black weddings being produced by Fukushima will turn out.

    “Tacomagroove: I myself am a special event planner; I host huge events concerts and weddings.”

    BTW – why not take your theory over to the http://www.physicsforums.com and open a thread there to discuss all this. They will help you get your numbers right so you can base a theory on some facts.

    • Darth

      … I meant to say 600,000 tons of fuel at the Fukushima reactor site in Japan.

      72,000/104 = =692 tons per reactor

      For 6 reactors that would mean Fukushima could have about 4,154 tons.

      It’s this elemental calculation knowledge you show that is lacking in your approach.

      • mark V

        600.000 is a fantasy. Around 4.500 tons is also the best information I could gather. But the information is scarce, who knows. They had foolishly put spent fuel pools too close to the reactors. And we don’t really know how much is in these pools. You know, save a buck. With everything being out of control, the spent fuel pools become a bigger concern for simple reason the the amounts could be very large. And bad news about #5 and #6 starting to trickle in are very worrying.

        • Cassie

          To save a few bucks they lost the planet and those inhabiting it.

        • Heart of the Rose

          I think th 600,000 sum has some thing to do with the hydrogen..
          I had a link and lost it..nor did I read it well enough to recall.

          • Jack

            Darth made the error, then spent paragraphs going on and on. It’s 600,000 fuel RODS total.
            They have been totally packing the spent-fuel pools over
            capacity for years and years. At every plant in the World.
            Guess they can’t make Depleted Uranium munitions
            fast enough to consume the overflow.
            C’mon Darth,
            Accept Jesus Christ, and give up your Demonic Iron Mask.

        • Darth


          Darth didn’t make the error – it was Tacomagroove who got his head turned around on this tonnage business. He reported at first it was 600,000 fuel rods. Then he said it was 600,000 fuel cells with each cell weighing 1 ton. He then assumes the atmosphere of the planet will blow off due to the 300,000 tons (assumed only half would blow it seems).

          I am trying to show that this fellow needs to stick to doing entertainment gigs for weddings and concerts.

      • The total reported number of fuel rod assemblies at Fukushima Dai-ichi at the time of the disaster (in-use, expended, and new) was 14,225. There are 64 fuel rods per assembly, so the total number of individual fuel rods on-site was 910,400, of which, 730,496 rods were not inside reactor cores at the time. Of those, 408,000 rods were in the common pool, and 31,744 were new rods.

    • xdrfox

      Maybe he meant to say 600,000 rods ?

      • Heart of the Rose

        Here’s what I think…
        The initial explosions were caused by an hydrogen accumulation.. by the reaction of the melted rod’s zirconium with steam from the coolant water.
        One of the concerns… radiation induced decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen.
        More and larger explosions…
        Nitrogen injection on reactor 1… fail.

    • Anthony

      Here was my understanding of the situation:
      ‘The Fukushima Daiichi plant has seven pools dedicated to spent fuel rods. These are located at the top of six reactor buildings – or were until explosions and fires ravaged the plant. On the ground level there is a common pool in a separate building that was critical damaged by the tsunami. Each reactor building pool holds 3,450 fuel rod assemblies and the common pool holds 6,291 fuel rod assemblies. Each assembly holds sixty-three fuel rods. In short, the Fukushima Daiichi plant contains over 600,000 spent fuel rods – a massive amount of radiation that will soon be released into the atmosphere.’

      • Heart of the Rose

        Thanks for this explanation.

        • Anthony

          To be sure this was cut from an infowars article who in turn reprinted from a source I remembered from the beginning of event. It was a simple way for me to grasp the enormity of the challenge. I think one reactor blowing up on itself would consist of 4 rods being in use within itself. So 600,000 fuel rods represents potentially MANY reactors out of control.

      • xdrfox

        Wait when it starts raining, drying out, then raining, drying out at the plant/area with all the exposed rods, dust, clumps, and pieces laying all over the grounds breaking down for more then a mile diameter and they start deteriorating !

  • Case Example:
    He had worked in Fukushima 1 and 2 between 1977 and 1982 and received a cumulative dose of 70 mSv or 700 mRem. Starting in 1986, he began experiencing all sorts of symptoms, lost his teeth, and in 1998, doctors diagnosed multiple myeloma.
    Just for arguments sake we consider a very healthy average age non-smoking person not working around any other radiation sources and we say there is a reasonable chance of early death starting at about 1,000 mRem or 100 mSv cumulative dosage beyond background normal.
    So in conclusion; anyone getting 100 mSv cumulative dosage will eventually have a shortened horrible death?
    Can someone equate 100 mSv to CPM and post here?

    • Dbug

      “Can someone equate 100 mSv to CPM and post here?”

      No. It is like trying to compare having gone 100 miles with what the speed of your car is right now. They may relate, but they are not measuring the same thing.

    • Dbug

      “So in conclusion; anyone getting 100 mSv cumulative dosage will eventually have a shortened horrible death?”

      No there too. It is about statistics and probability. There’s no certainly, nothing kicks in at any magic dose. Many people with that level of exposure will live to die of heart disease or anything else, but more of them will get cancer than if there had been no exposure. Some cancers may be treatable, others not. That dose is far from a death sentence, but if I remember correctly the added risk of dying from cancer is about 6%. While that may seem low, it still means that about 6 out of 100 workers getting that exposure can be expected to be affected which is tragic.

      The 6% number may be off, I’ll post links to the studies if I can find them again. The whole point in having worker exposure limits is to reduce exposure to where there is no short-term sickness, and a reduced but still good chance of staying healthy later.
      The limits are routinely set lower, but are raised in emergencies when the added worker risk is helping to save the lives of others.

  • fuckyoushima

    we all have cancer cells in us right now, but we evolved an immune system to kill them and other stuff.

    these numbers lack context, what is baseline

    • Dbug

      “we all have cancer cells in us right now, but we evolved an immune system to kill them and other stuff.”

      There sure are many misconceptions and over-simplifications out there.

      No. Since the tissue that is growing more when it becomes cancerous is part of your own body, the body generally does NOT fight it. It is not like an infection (foreign other stuff). There are some experimental therapies that do attempt to insert something into the cancer so the body will attack it.

      The immune system may fight off some of the things that cause cancer such as certain viruses, but don’t expect it to fight the cancer itself.

      Although given one name, cancer is really over 100 different diseases. The causes, possible prevention, and therapies are far from being all the same.

  • Jack

    Cassie, your question about “spent” fuel rods…
    They need to be Hot enough to give the desired maximum energy for the design of the water-heater, which, ridiculously, is all this big-ass
    deadly machine is meant to do (besides the sinister top-secret military
    by-product hush hush stuff). Eventually,
    and I’m sure we got lots more informed folks than I here at enenews,
    the temperature, the energetic state is depleted, though not dead,
    and the possibility of a dangerous Critical Mass forming is defeated by
    cooling and separating the rods, otherwise the bad things happen.

    • Cassie

      Tnx Jack, I was also wondering if the reactor site was a storage bin for old rods. That is what I think I am reading but I am not sure.

      • kx

        the genius of GE made the garbage bin right on top of the reactor. so if the reactor blows its more fun for the robo-liquidators…

      • Dbug

        Mark I manuals say NOT to store fuel in the ponds.

        GE made design mistakes, but it was not their plan or recommendation to store old fuel in the ponds. They’re only for loading.
        When nobody wants the old fuel in their backyard, it should be no surprise to have some bad choices made.

        • mark V

          Dbug if you talk to me, we might know very soon or with the delay, who decided to build spent fuel pools that close to the reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, and keep so much of the nuclear waste there. It is now no longer cooled and out of control, the great experiment is going on. And yes, building and maintaining nuclear waste facilities properly cost money. This is the point. Bankers you know the end is close.

          • Dbug

            While the fuel is certainly an added complication, I have seen no reports of it being anywhere near out of control right now. Without circulation the water does warm up and give off some steam. Because of the high humidity in unit 2, one of their next projects is to add external cooling to avoid the steam.

            Not to say something bad couldn’t happen with the ponds if unit 4 collapses, or another big quake jumbles things up there wrong way….

            (starting to wonder if any online are short-selling Tepco stock. Doing that and putting “out of control” rumors out there may be illegal)

            If I wasn’t clear, we KNOW who built the ponds in 1 and 2 at least GE, but for LOADING and UNLOADING only, not storage. It is in the manual. The choice to store there was made later by others, as was the choice to re-rack reducing the spacing to hold more.

  • I watched Shepherd Smith from Fox news report from Tokyo for at least 6 or 7 days. He’s missed work a few times lately–not that I notice,…or watch,….Yeah, he’s eye candy but too bought and paid for. Fox covered the initial quake and devastated waters quite well,
    then,… snip ——8><8———- snip

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    As you wish…..sweet mary…

  • Heart of the Rose

    because i know… i can come and go from here..and when i return..the sheeple will be in the same spot.

  • Heart of the Rose

    This is a country of faith..
    Allow people to express it.
    You want straight up science..I’m the gal.

  • “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”. I wish you nothing but peace friend.

  • Heart of the Rose

    I’m not the one bringing all the religious talk in here..I put in my two cents..
    as is our right in America.
    I’m not even good at praying…i’ll leave that to do from others to do for your dumb arse.

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    Jill, you are one dumb broad!

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    You can buy lead jock straps and panties.

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    I see there are some new trolls here today!

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    Wow. Poor Chris Jansing of MSNBC. They stationed her in Tokyo, but she appeared mostly indoor on a hotel balcony during the nuclear explosion amd right before the “yellow pollen rain” fell on Tokyo.

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  • I made a comment about ‘fiends’ very early this morning,…and I may have inadvertently woken them up—Sorry, rest of the forum! 🙂

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